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Rukario Romance by XD385


Double Anniversary

Lucy awoke with a yawn as she sat up in bed. Nearly two weeks after returning to Pallet Town, she had become accustomed to rural life with her fiancé, Ash Ketchum. But to her surprise, Ash was nowhere to be seen. "Strange... He's not one to leave me behind when he wakes up." Not thinking much of waking up alone, Lucy climbed out of bed and stepped outside the room. But she was quick to notice that the house was abnormally quiet. "Is no one else home?" Worried that something bad had occurred during her slumber, Lucy began to peek into the other rooms in the household.

"Rukaria? Pearl? Delia? Ruby?" Lucy peeked into every room she could find. "Lucash? Sapphire? Anyone...?" With all rooms on the second floor searched, Lucy headed down the hall to the stairs to search the ground floor. She proceeded down the stairs very slowly, trying to be as silent as possible in case there was an intruder in the house. But upon setting foot on the floor, a smokescreen suddenly sprain up and clouded her vision. Lucy gasped as she covered her mouth in shock. "Lucy, over here!" The Lucario maiden recognized the voice of Ruby coming from the living room. Following her sense of touch, Lucy made her way towards Ruby's location. "Ruby? Is something happening? Are you all OK?" But upon entering the living room, Lucy glanced about as the smokescreen rapidly faded to reveal all her friends gathered in the living with balloons and party decorations all over the place. They all cheered in unison, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LUCY!!!"

Lucy staggered back at the surprise. "My...birthday? It's my birthday?!" Ash laughed, "We gotcha good, didn't we?" Lucy nodded after regaining her composure, "Yes... But how did you set up that smokescreen?" Aurora smiled, "That was not smoke. It was Mist." But Lucy then asked, "But is it really my birthday? I don't even really know when it is myself..." Ash then approached her and laid a hand on her shoulder, "We don't either. So we chose today on a guess. But there was also one other reason." He then whispered into her ear, "Today marks the one year anniversary of the day we first met." At Ash's words, Lucy froze as tears began to fill her eyes. "The day we met..." She then tightly embraced her fiancé, "I couldn't have chosen a better day to celebrate..."

Ash directed Lucy to a large box in the kitchen. "I couldn't have seen that with the Mist in the way. What's inside?" Latias smiled, "You have to be careful with that. Let me open it." The Eon Pokémon's eyes glowed a bright blue as the box turned on its side while floating above the floor. "The ceiling's too low for me to lift it off vertically." The box revealed a shockingly large cake covered in vanilla icing. Very carefully, Latias set the cake right-side up without dropping it. "Phew. Haven't had to perform something that delicate in a long while." Latias giggled as she released her Psychic grip on the cake. Lucy muttered, "This cake is bigger than Kazeerah....." Zandria laughed, "I put a lot of effort into that! I hope it's to your liking!" Shadow chuckled, "And seeing how the Ketchums are big eaters, you made a wise choice in making it so big." However, Lucy smiled warmly as she walked around the cake. In bright red letters all around the middle layer of the cake read 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCY' in strawberry icing.

Chiara was about to place the candles on the cake when she suddenly realized she did not know Lucy's age. "Lucy, it shames me to ask this, but how old are you now?" The Lucario maiden shrugged, "I know this will sound silly, but I honestly don't know. I've never once celebrated my birthday, so I have never counted the years." Ash scratched his head, "So, we" Chiara chuckled, "I suppose so." She the proceeded to place candles on each layer of the cake, ten for the bottom, eight for the middle, and six for the top. "Correct or no, it will be a lovely sight once the candles are ablaze." Ashton then stepped forward, "Allow me.... Eh?" It was at that moment a knock was heard at the front door. "I got it!" Sapphire smiled as she rushed for the door. Upon opening it, she found a Lucario standing on the porch with a star-shaped present in hand. He asked, "Am I too late?"

Ash recognized their guest's voice and ran to the door. "You made it just in time, Dad!" The former disciple of Sir Aaron smiled at his descendant, "I was worried I would take too long to return from Viridian City with your special order. Is your bride here?" Ash pointed towards Lucy, "She's waiting right over here." Lucario approached Lucy and bowed, "I heard that you met my son one year ago on this day. I'm honored to be here." Lucy blushed, but soon asked, "Wait... Are you speaking with your voice?" He nodded, "I am. I've perfected my vocal skills over the past month or so." Ruby then smiled, "Looks like you're one of us now. But enough delays. The candle's are all you, Ashton." The viscount chuckled as he extended a tiny rope of fire from one finger to reach the candles that sat upon the cake. The rope's tip lit one candle after another until every last candle was ablaze with tiny flames. Delia grinned, "It's your turn, Lucy. Blow out the candles and make a wish!"

As Lucy stood before the cake, she began to ponder what it was she would wish for. "Don't worry about the ones that are out of reach. I will extinguish them for you." Ashton said with a smile. The entire kitchen fell into silence after that as Lucy closed her eyes. (The few things I want have already been given to me. Friends I can trust and a mate who will never leave me. There is but one thing I desire more... Even if I am not certain if I have earned the blessing...) She then began to circle the cake while blowing out the candles on the lower layers. (I wish for a beautiful healthy baby. I wish that my child will be born pure as the light of hope.) Thin trails of smoke rose from the lowest set of candles as everyone present applauded.

Zandria steadily served out slices of cake to everyone in the Ketchum household. The cake itself was made from a dark chocolate batter. "Mmmm... This vanilla icing goes very well with it, Grandma!" Sapphire grinned as she took a bite. The Zangoose chuckled, "I was actually debating whether or not to go with vanilla cake and chocolate icing or this one. I had to flip a coin to decide." Lucy smiled as she licked at the icing on her slice, "It turned out very well, Zandria. Thank you." But Zandria smirked, "Glad you liked it. I'll also be making your wedding cake for you and your sweetheart when the day arrives." Lucy blushed madly at Zandria's remark. But she soon giggled, "I'm looking forward to that day."

While feasting on her slice of cake, Ruby was quick to notice a faint odor in the air. "Is heat?" Pearl, who was feeding cake to her son, replied, "More than likely. We're not in heat, and Rukaria is pregnant. And I don't think Aurora, Zandria, or Chiara have heat cycles. And Latias surely doesn't. So that leaves..." The two sisters spoke in unison, "Lucy." Ruby then muttered, "I'm amazed, really. She doesn't even seem to notice her condition. Though the boys seem to be enduring it well enough." Pearl giggled, "She's gone literally years without properly mating. I'm guessing her self-control is from all that experience." With a smirk, Ruby chuckled, "She may as well be called 'Lucy of the Mountain' if her will is that unbendable..... Wait a minute. Mountain and fire? Or rather lava?" Ruby and Pearl glanced at each other and snickered, "That makes a volcano. Ash and Lucy go together well in so many ways; it's not even funny."

Minutes later, everyone gathered in the living room to hand out presents. "OK, who goes first?" Shadow asked as the guests took their seats. "How about me?" Zandria approached Lucy with a smirk while her hand reached into her pocket. "Made it myself, hon. Hope you like it." Before Lucy could object, Zandria slid something over her left arm. Lucy glanced down to see a white armband around her upper arm that bore a large red cross on it. "Is that..." Zandria snickered, "I know you're not much of a fighter, but you've got some serious skills in medicine. Hopefully this will make others realize you're more of a lover than a fighter." Lucy giggled, "Thank you, Zandria. I'll wear it all the time."

"I'll go next." Rukaria spoke as she approached Lucy. But the birthday girl's eyes were glued to the expecting mother's belly. Rukaria was slightly over halfway through her pregnancy as her belly had become quite swollen. She noticed Lucy's gaze and asked, "Like what you see?" Lucy replied with a blush, "Sorry. It's just that pregnant girls are always so cute." Rukaria giggled, "That's very sweet, Lucy. Allow me to repay you." She then handed her a small metal stick. "Um... Thanks? But what am I supposed to... Wah!" Lucy yelped as both ends of the stick suddenly extended. The stick had become slightly taller than her. Rukaria chuckled, "Surprised? That's a special weapon I made for you." But Lucy gulped, "Weapon? But I'm not a fighter!" However, Rukaria smiled, "I know! And that's why this doesn't have any blades! Since you're a lousy fighter when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, I made you a non-lethal weapon for use in self-defense. This is a bo staff, but made with modern materials. And as you saw, it can be retracted for easy storage. And to further reduce the risk of causing serious harm, the ends are capped with rubber. You would have to hit someone REALLY hard with that to actually cause serious injury." Lucy smiled gratefully, "I think this is one weapon I would actually not be afraid to use. But could you train me how to use it later? I honestly have no experience with weapons..." Rukaria chuckled, "It would be my pleasure."

Once Lucy had figured out how to make her new staff retract into its previous size, Lucash and Sapphire approached their aunt with a box in their hands. "We got this for you together, Aunt Lucy." Lucash said with a sheepish smile. Lucy grinned, "Aww, you did this for me? I'm flattered. Honestly, thank you both." She then proceeded to open the box. To her delight, Lucy found the box filled with a large 'brick' of chocolate. However, the shape baffled her. "This looks like it's more than chocolate..." Sapphire giggled, "We knew you like sweet things, so we couldn't go wrong with chocolate. That's a combination of jumbo marshmallows topped with nuts. I think the store called it 'Heavenly Hash' or something like that." Lucy could already feel her mouth watering at the scent of sweet milk chocolate. "It lives up to its name. What a heavenly scent." She then closed the box and embraced her nephew and niece, "I'll enjoy this slowly. Thank you. Both of you." The two children hugged her back with delighted smiles.

Lucius stood up next with a large flat square object in his hands. "I'm next, sis." Lucy frowned, "We're not really related, you know. I have no memory of you from my childhood." The Shiny Lucario chuckled, "I can dream, can't I? In any case, it was hard for me to think of something that you would like. But since you're my sister, I tried my hardest to find something for you..." He then handed the gift to his sister, who promptly unwrapped it. Under the paper was a record slip. "Mozart?" Lucius smiled, "It's compatible with that phonograph over at Ashton's place. You can dance to those songs as often as you want." Delia giggled, "Mozart was Beethoven's teacher, so if you liked one, you'll like the other too." Lucy smiled warmly, "A slew of masterpiece's in one disc... Thank you, Lucius. Brother or not, you chose wisely in what to get me." Much to his surprise, Lucy gave Lucius a quick kiss on the cheek as most of the other partygoers laughed in response.

"Everyone done handing gifts out? Then it's my turn." Ash grinned as he took the star-shaped package his ancestral father had brought home. The wrapping paper depicted the vast night sky. Lucy smiled, "Saving the best for last?" Ash nodded, "Yeah, but it's not just for you." Upon removing the paper, Lucy found that the present was made up of not one, but six boxes. Five of the boxes made up the star's arms while the sixth composed the central section. Each had a velvet-like texture, causing Lucy to believe that they contained jewelry. On top of each with the exception of the central box were the names Ruby, Latias, Rukaria, Pearl, and Lucy. Ash quickly snatched the box that displayed Lucy's name. "Lucy..." He then popped it open, "Will you marry me?"

Resting on a bed of white cotton was a simple gold ring. Lucy muttered softly as tears began to fill her eyes, "A wedding ring... Oh, Ash..." Unable to properly speak, Lucy threw her arms around Ash and pulled him in for a kiss. Throughout the room, the party guests burst into applause. Delia muttered while holding back tears, "My little boy has grown up so fast..." Once she broke the kiss, Lucy whispered, "My answer is the same as when you asked me the first time. Yes." Ash blushed deeply with a smile as he slid the ring onto his fiancée's finger. But Lucy then asked, "Wait! Then what's in the others?" Ash snickered, "You'll see in a sec."

Ash handed out the four remaining jewelry boxes to his four lovers. "I couldn't leave you girls out." Ruby opened her box and smiled warmly, "Oh, honey... You shouldn't have." In each of the boxes with a ring that was identical to Lucy's wedding ring except that they were made of silver. Pearl grinned with a blush, "They're no wedding rings, but they're the next best thing!" Rukaria giggled as she slid hers on, "And there's something to be said about keeping silver jewelry simple." But Latias asked, "But I don't have the kind of fingers that can wear rings..." Ash chuckled, "I know! Just take a look and see!" Puzzled, the Eon Pokémon opened the box. Her face froze in a combination of joy and excitement. Her claws reached in and lifted out a simple silver necklace with a pearl pendant in the center. "Ash... You got this for me?" The Trainer blushed nervously, but smiled, "Yeah... I know I may seem a bit...repulsed by your wild personality,'re still precious to me..." Expecting her to tackle him to the floor and smother him with kisses, Ash braced himself for Latias' imminent barrage of affection. But to his surprise, the Eon Pokémon silently slid the necklace over her head and watched it slide down to the base of her neck with the pearl just above the blue triangle symbol on her chest. Latias choked back tears as she smiled, "Ash... No man has ever given me something this precious before... I love you..." Ash nodded with a warm smile as he walked over to her and embraced Latias tightly. He then whispered, "I.... I love you too..." Having heard the words she had always wanted to hear from the boy she loved, Latias broke down in tears as she held him against her chest.

Lucy took the last unopened jewelry box in hand. "Who is this one for?" Once Ash pried himself from Latias' clutches, he took the box in hand and flipped it open. "This one's mine." Resting on a bed of cotton was another gold ring that was identical to Lucy's. But before he should slide it on his finger, Ruby spoke up, "Just a sec, dear. The girls and I gave the shop a call for some last-minute touches on yours." The Trainer glanced at her, "You did?! What was the change?!" Pearl giggled, "Take a look on the inside. And look closely." Puzzled, Ash looked very closely at the inside of the ring. To his shock, he found familiar names engraved into the gold. "Ruby...Pearl...Latias...Rukaria...Lucy..." Rukaria smiled, "That way, you will always have a part of us with you. Even if you end up suffering from amnesia, all you have to do is look at the names on the ring and you'll know who they are from." Touched, Ash slid the ring on his finger while holding back tears, "I love you all... Thank you." Much to his surprise, all five of them closed in and embraced him in a group hug.

A short while later, Ash and Lucy followed Chiara to the Crimson Estate. "Can't wait to try out your new record, eh?" The Lugia asked with a smile. Lucy giggled, "I can't, to be honest. And that house has the only phonograph I know of." Ash chuckled, "Not to mention the acoustics of that ballroom is just perfect for music. Even if did find that old phonograph at my place, it wouldn't be as good a place to dance as your place." Chiara nodded, "With that many guests, I'm certain it would be hard to get some time to yourselves in a large enough room. And with James, Jessie, and Meowth tending to the partygoers back there, you two will have the place to yourselves." Ash smiled to himself, "I'm amazed Ashton's kept those guys in line for so long. Maybe they really have turned over a new leaf."

Upon reaching the Crimson estate, Chiara led Ash and Lucy down the halls to the ballroom. Their footsteps echoed throughout the spacious room. The Lugia pointed towards the phonograph in the corner, "Do you know how to operate it?" Lucy nodded, "I place the needle on the very edge and crank the handle?" Chiara nodded, "Exactly. I recommend no fewer than a dozen rotations of the handle." While Lucy approached the antique phonograph, Ash proceeded to remove his shoes. "No fewer than a dozen..." Lucy muttered to herself after placing the record on the tray and placing the needle on the very edge. She then rotated the handle many times. Once she had prepped the device, a familiar grainy sound was emitted through the funnel. Lucy, somewhat excited, ran back to Ash's side as the music began.

The sound of a piano was the first musical sound to be heard from the phonograph, but it was soon followed by the hymn of numerous violins as extra volume was added for a moment. "Lucius picked your gift wisely." Ash said with a warm smile. Lucy giggled, "I agree. What a soothing melody..." The two lovers took each other's hand and began to dance in time with the music. As she watched her guests dance, Chiara closed her eyes as she took in the music. "Mozart... Concerto Piano and Orchestra Number 20... A masterpiece, to be sure." The Lugia scholar had to restrain herself from dancing as she took in the sounds that echoed throughout the ballroom.

Ash and Lucy silently glided across the dance floor as they reveled in the soothing tune that filled the air. Their movements were slow, matching the tempo of the music. Chiara sighed as she watched the two lovers, giggling once when she noticed that their hands were almost always touching. However, Ash had not removed his socks, so his feet slid rather fluidly over the extremely smooth wooden floor. Perhaps too fluidly. Around halfway through the song, Ash's foot slid right out from under him, sending him falling flat onto his back with a startled Lucy being pulled down with him. Chiara burst into laughter, "Oh my, that was unexpected! Are you two all right?" Clearly amused by the unexpected slip, Ash and Lucy also burst into laughter as they regained their footing to continue dancing.

After a good hour of dancing, Ash and Lucy returned home to find their friends and family playing party games outdoors. "Well, hey there, lovebirds! Have a good private party?" Zandria called out as she noticed them approaching. Lucy giggled, "A stunning selection of classical tunes. Lucius chose wisely when he picked it out. What's going on out here?" Zandria looked over her shoulder as Anabel tried to toss a spiral shell of sorts onto a toy model of a Slowbro that was missing the Shellder on its tail. "Well, the kids are playing 'Pin the Shellder on the Slowbro' after a try at 'Pin the Tail on the Donkey' ended in an accident." Ash asked, "Um... What kind of accident?" The Zangoose snickered, "Let's just say that lacking a tail made Latias a potential target." At this revelation, Ash held up his hands and shook his head, "But Latias DOES have a tail! Even's pretty short..."

Elsewhere in the yard, Shadow and Rukaria were throwing darts at targets. "Another bull's-eye? How'd you get so good at those?" Rukaria asked, stunned by Shadow's steady series of perfect throws. He chuckled, "Throwing weapons have always been my specialty." He then took three darts in each hand and threw them simultaneously. They all struck the target around the center with at least two hitting the bulls-eye at once. Rukaria laughed, "I guess we don't have to worry about someone with your skill hitting anyone by accident."

Just as the sun began to set, Delia rounded up the guests in front of her house. "This was a day to remember. But there's one last gift for you, Lucy. And for everyone else too! Follow me. And keep your eyes closed." Rukaria chuckled knowing that even with her eyes closed she could see the world around her by using her Aura. Pearl asked, "Mom, what's the big surprise? And is it OK if I call you that?" Delia giggled, "That's quite all right, Pearl. As for the surprise, come with me." All of her guests closed their eyes and formed a chain of sorts by holding hands. Delia grinned as she led them down the simple dirt road that passed her house.

"Mom, we've been walking for a while now. Are we almost there?" Ash asked, not knowing how far they had walked. Shadow added, "It feels like we've walked a couple of city blocks. Where are you taking us?!" At that moment, Delia stopped in her tracks. "OK, we're here! Now take a look to your right." As instructed, everyone turned and looked to their right. Lucy gasped, "Is that.....ours?" Standing before them was a remarkably large two-story house. Ash turned to face his mother, "Mom, they finished?" Delia nodded with a smile, "It's been done for a week or two. I've just kept quiet about it to fill it with furniture. As it is now, it's all ready. And there's plenty of room in there for you all." Lucy was on the verge of tears as she beheld the home before her. HER home. "A home of my own..." Delia giggled, "Even though you now have a house to yourselves, you're always welcome to visit. I'm just a few minutes away, you know." Lucash jumped in excitement, "Does this mean we get our own rooms?!" Delia laughed, "Yes, plus a few guest rooms!"

As Delia led Ash's friends and family into their new home to help them learn where everything was, Ash noticed that Lucario was not following her. "What's wrong, Dad? This is our home now. And I'm sure there's a room for you in there too." But the Aura Guardian shook his head, "I am flattered, but I prefer a home of simplicity. These more...modern dwellings are too much for me. I would rather reside in a place with a design closer to my previous lifetime." Ashton chuckled, "I believe he means he would rather stay at my home, Ash. Is that fine with you? You are your family are always welcome to visit." Ash nodded with a smile, "That's cool with me, Dad. It's just a short walk away, so I don't have to worry about time. But please come and visit sometime, OK?" Lucario smiled warmly as he embraced his 'son', "Of course. And let me know when the pup comes. I want to see my grandchild when it is born." Ash embraced his ancestral father tightly, "That's a promise..... Oh, right. I'm really glad to hear your real voice now." Lucario smirked as he chuckled, "Practice makes perfect indeed."

That night, Lucy continued to explore her new home as she tried to memorize the locations of all the rooms. "I'm almost afraid I might get lost in here..." Ruby's voice replied from a room adjacent to her, "It certainly has that feel. More like a mansion than a typical house. At least in size." Lucy glanced to her right to find Ruby seated on the bed in her own room with the door open. "Well...I'm sure I'll master it in time. May I come in?" Ruby smiled, "Of course! This is your home now! You're free to go wherever you want!" Lucy walked inside, "True, but I don't want to intrude on your personal space."

The layout of Ruby's bedroom was fairly basic with only a bed, a wardrobe, and a nightstand with a lamp. "A little simple, don't you think?" Lucy asked. Ruby nodded, "I'm guessing Delia decided to let us style our own places up the way we want to while still having the necessities. Can't complain though." Ruby then breathed deeply through her nose, "Hmm... Still in heat, eh?" Lucy blushed, "Yes, but I'm keeping it suppressed. I want to wait until the proper time." Puzzled, Ruby asked, "And when is that?" With a sigh, Lucy closed her eyes and spoke, "I want to wait until we are married. It doesn't feel right to have children until that special day has passed."

Ruby giggled as Lucy explained her plans. "That's an understandable desire. But do you really have to wait that long?" Lucy held up her left hand to examine her wedding ring, "Well...I have been thinking of doing it sooner now that we're engaged. But..... Part of me is telling me that I shouldn't just yet..." Ruby set a hand on her little sister's shoulder, "I understand. You're a traditionalist at heart. But still..." She then smiled, "Now that you're engaged, you're technically husband and wife. Isn't that enough?"

Lucy blushed deeply at Ruby's words of encouragement. "I suppose you have a point... Now that we're engaged, we're going to get married regardless of what happens. But it still feels..." But Ruby held her sister in a warm embrace, "It's OK if you want to start your family early. And truth be told, I can hardly wait to see if it'll be a boy or a girl." Lucy placed a hand on her belly, knowing that her dream of having a family of her own was now closer to becoming a reality than ever before. "You really would be all right if we start early?" Ruby giggled with a grin, "Absolutely. He's yours now, Lucy. And now that you're engaged, no one can take him away from you." After a moment of thought, a tear trickled down Lucy's face. "Thank you, Ruby... You always know how to give me a pep talk." The young mother nodded, "My pleasure, Lucy. A little encouragement can go a long way, right?"

A short while later, Ash stepped into the shower to bathe before going to bed. But he had hardly finished washing his hair when he heard someone knocking on the glass door. His eyes carefully scanned the glass, trying to make out who was on the other side as the glass distorted his vision. "Is that you, Ruby? Or is it Lucash?" A woman's voice snickered, "Close. It's me, Ash." The Trainer blushed, "Oops... Sorry, Lucy." The Lucario giggled, "That's all right, Ash. But in any case, may I join you?" Ash, though initially nervous, smiled, "Absolutely. You're always welcome to join me." Lucy proceeded to open the glass door and stepped inside the shower. She had already removed her clothing, her petite frame bare. Ash blushed, "You're as beautiful as always... Do you really not mind being naked around me?" The Lucario maiden smiled, "I know there's no point in me being uptight around you anymore. I trust you. You're my husband. Or rather, my husband-to-be."

Lucy took a seat as Ash scrubbed shampoo into her fur. As he washed her, Lucy began to think of Ruby's recent words of encouragement. And, ironically, the words of the Angel of Doom from months earlier. "If the thought of it moves you to tears, why do you hesitate to make it a reality?" Lucy closed her eyes as she gathered her courage. "Ash..." Her fiancé replied, "Yeah?" After a moment of silence, Lucy asked, "Is now a good mate?"

Ash froze at his lover's request. "But...didn't you say you wanted to wait until after we were married before having children?" Lucy nodded, "I did...'s so close... And now that we're engaged, we're practically a couple now..." She raised her left hand to examine her wedding ring, the only piece of clothing she was still wearing. "Ash... I'm ready. May we...mate?" Ash gulped, "Are you really that eager to start a family?" The Lucario maiden blushed, "It's the one thing I've desired the longest throughout my life. And now that I'm in heat...we can make it a reality." Ash stared at her for a moment before tightly embracing her. "Then our child will be the most precious of them all. I'd be honored to make your dream come true, Lucy."

Knowing her lifelong dream was on the verge of being made truth, Lucy shed a tear of joy as she grasped her lover's hand. "Be gentle, please..." Ash smiled as he moved behind her. Slowly, his hands groped her breasts. Lucy gasped at his touch, not the least bit frightened or worried. "I love you..." She placed her hands atop Ash's, the rings on their left hands touching. Both noticed and blushed in unison. "I love you so much, Lucy." Ash kissed her neck, prompting a shiver of pleasure from the young maiden.

Ash continued to fondle Lucy's bare breasts as his fingertips teased her delicate pink nipples. "Don't stop... Please..." Lucy whispered as she closed her eyes. Ash smiled warmly as he kissed her neck repeatedly. Unbeknownst to him, Lucy's tail was swaying back and forth against him. "Please... No more waiting... I want to start..." Lucy pleaded quietly, hardly able to speak from the pleasure she was experiencing. "OK. And I'll be gentle." Ash spoke with a smile as he crawled in front of his fiancée. But before he could do anything else, Lucy grabbed him and pulled him in close for a tender kiss. The Trainer did not resist as he embraced her gently, their tongues touching as they kissed.

As they kissed, one of Ash's hands caressed Lucy's needy womanhood. Her heat could be felt even before he made physical contact with it. As if in response, one of Lucy's hands reached down and began to stroke Ash's manhood. Ash sighed at his lover's touch, his member steadily becoming hard. Even in falling hail of water drops in the shower, Lucy could still smell her lover's musk. "I'm...ready..." Ash helped her stand before lifting her up and holding her against the wall. "Are you scared?" He asked, knowing that Lucy would have every reason to be afraid of mating. However, she blushed deeply and smiled, "No... Some of the bad memories are resurfacing, but I trust you. I know you will never betray my trust again." The Lucario maiden then folded her legs around Ash's lower body to keep him close. "Go ahead... I will enjoy this thoroughly." Amazed by Lucy's faith in him, Ash leaned forward and kissed her as he aligned his hips with hers. "I love you, Lucy... Oh so much..."

Lucy gasped as she felt Ash enter her. She gritted her teeth, expecting to feel pain like before. However, she was shocked to find that that she felt no pain at all. Only an intense pleasure. "Does mating out of love...always feel this wonderful?" Ash nodded with a blush, "Yes. Always." Lucy then gripped his shoulders, "Then please... Keep going..." Not wanting to deny his bride-to-be what she wanted, Ash began to buck his hips against Lucy's, mating with her in a steady rhythm. With each thrust, Lucy faintly yelped in pleasure. "Such pleasure...almost feels sinful..."

As she mated with Ash, Lucy could barely keep her eyes open. All she could feel was the amazing pleasure of her fiancé mating with her passionately. A deep blush developed on her face as her inner folds massaged Ash's member with each thrust. In time, she felt his thrusting steadily speed up as his breathing became more erratic. In her mind, Lucy could no longer remember the pain she felt when she was raped by Outcast. Only the pleasure and love of the one human she had ever fallen in love with. And at the edge of her vision was a tiny form. A tiny Riolu that she had seen only once before. "I can see her... Oh, Ash..." At that instant, Ash gasped as he groaned Lucy's name. He pushed into her as deep as he could, spilling his human sperm into Lucy's fertile womb. Lucy whimpered loudly as she experienced an orgasm, her inner folds quivering powerfully. Ash slowly sank to his knees with Lucy still in his grasp. The two lovers panted in unison, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking. "Lucy... That was..." Ash muttered as he gazed into her eyes. Lucy, knowing full well what was happening inside her womb at that moment, cried happily, "Words can't describe it. Ash... I'm honored to be with you..."

That night, Ash and Lucy slept together in their new home for the first time. Their left hands clasped each other tightly, their wedding rings touching. But just before she completely fell asleep, Lucy thought to herself, (Hope... It really is worth holding onto...)
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