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Morning lessons

All the students were turning in for the night but Princess couldn't, since she was still hyped up over being around so many different pokemon. She began to use her tiny but still sharp claw and began to pick around her tiny teeth, thinking about everyone she had spoken to that day. She thought about Spring and how she was getting all jealous over that cute little mudkip. It brought a smile to her face. Then her thoughts went over to her brother. She had heard he was put into the Desert den. She hated the idea of her brother being away from her, but she was sure she would see him during the year so it didn't bother her to much.

Princess looked over at the other side of the room and decided to examine her other room mates. On the left side was a three tailed vuplix. Princess knew that each tail represented how old the fire fox was up until they turned six. After that when the time came for when vuplixs to evolve their tails would turn white and burn with a beautiful flame. Princess smiled as she thought of this and hoped that she might get to see this ritual first hand.

She then looked to the other side and saw dark colored pichu. As far as the nidoran fem could tell this pichu was a shiny pichu. But these types of pokemon were rare and almost never are seen. But there had been rumors that when they mate they can reproduce a shiny offspring but the chances were low though. Princess grinned as she imaged all the fun she would have getting to know these to pokemon. She laid her head down and began to imagine everything she was getting to do this year.

The next day Princess woke before the sun came out and happily woke up her room mates. "Wake up, wake up." She said as she lightly pushed each of waking them up all groggily.

"Why you have to wake us up so early?" asked the some what grouchy pichu fem.

"Ya why so early Princess?" Spring asked rubbing her eyes. Princess hopped up and down like a excited dog before jumping onto her best friend. Spring and Princess laughed as they began to wrestle on the bed, their room mates looked at each other and then back at the pair. They finally stopped and looked at their room mates and blushed. "Sorry don't know what got into us?" Spring said smiling in embarrassment. Princess got off the bed and walked back over to her bed.

"Oh what and you two don't just break out and have fun?" she said proud of herself.

The vuplix shook her head. "My mother never let me mess up my fur." She looked down. "Always did want to play with others but..." she stopped and the pichu padded her back.

"Don't worry Katie it'll be ok." She said trying to comfort the now sobbing vuplix. Princess looked at Spring.

"You think it was something I said?" She asked her friend. Spring shrugged. "I don't know. Could have been." She said unsure of herself. Their attention returned to the sobbing three tailed fox and the pichu looked at them.

"Don't worry she gets a bit emotion from time to time." She said rubbing the one called Katie's back. She smiled at them. "My names Jill if you want to know."

Spring smiled sweetly. "My names Spring and this hyper active nidoran is my good friend Princess." She said introducing them. Princess nodded and walked over to Katie.

"Cheer up. Here you can play all you want without worrying about your mother." She said trying to cheer her up. Katie perked up a bit realizing what she was saying was correct.

"Your right..." she said looked up at Princess with her emerald colored eyes. She then licked Princess's cheek. "Thank you Princess. I think I can finally be happy." She walked over to her dresser next to her bed and pulled out a red, blue and yellow colored ribbon. "Jill will you help me with these?" She asked dropping the ribbons into the awaiting paws of the dark yellow pichu.

Jill tied the red ribbon on to Katie's left tail, the yellow onto the right and the red was in the center. Princess marveled on how the ribbons seemed to bring out Katie's beauty and it made her wish she had something to wear besides her green bandana.

The four girls began to talk about what they had done before they came here and Princess learned that Spring was kicking and biting all the way to the dock. Princess giggled while listen to the wild story and then it came time next it was her.

"Come on Princess tell us what you did before coming here." Jill said clapping her paws. Princess blushed as the attention was placed onto her. "Well its not as wild as Spring's was but I'll try to make it as exciting as I can." She cleared her tiny throat.

"Well I'll have to say it started yesterday night before leaving. I remember catching my parents doing this strange thing." She said looking at her room mates. The three females moved in closer hear the story. Princess went on.

"Well it was late at night when I was passing my parents den and I heard this strange noise coming from my mother." Princess friends were really close now; she could almost feel their breathing. "Back up a bit, don't you know that I need some breathing room?" She said up set. They back up and she went on.

"I looked inside and say my parents were in this intense wrestling match." She said remember what she had seen that day.

"Go on, go on." Katie said as she was getting into the story. Princess giggled before going on.

"I saw my father was winning the match. He had mother pinned onto the ground and was doing this strange movement with his waist." She stretched out and began to move her waist in a thrusting motion.

[Author's note: You know what I mean so I don't need to describe it to you. (lol)]

Princess looked around at the blank faces of her room mates. "Oh come on I know you guys get what I mean." She said annoyed from their reactions, they still had blank faces. She decided to go on.

"Well my mom did seem to be fighting back as their match went on she seemed to be trying to push him off her." She said laying down on the cave floor and began to move her body in a humping matter. Her room mates curled their heads as they had never seen something like this before. Princess stopped as a flareon entered the room and looked down at her.

"Oh how cute the little first years are playing." She said as Princess grinned in embarrassment. "Well come on its time for breakfast and then I have to take you all to get your classes." She left the room and the four pokemon followed her out their den and into the main cave hall. The flareon looked back at the small pokemon and decided to begin explain to them how things worked.

"Ok for starts lets get on a name bases." She said turning back to the hall. "My name in Ember and I shall be in charge of your den." Jill wanted to introduce herself but Ember cut her off. "You can tell me your names at breakfast." She said twitching her bushy tail left and right. The young pokemon could see her box.

"Ms. Ember why are you showing off your special place?" Jill asked the fire pokemon. Ember laughed and went on.

"Because my young little mouse this is how you attract a mate." She said moving her bushy tail some more as they walked down the long cave hall. Jill was confused by what she had heard and wanted to ask more questions but Katie stopped her.

"Lets wait till after we get to the grand hall ok." Katie said looking forward, Jill nodded and they dropped the subject. Ember went on.

"Now everyday you should wake up around 6:30 to 7:00 so you can get to the grand hall before it classes start." She explained as she watched a large growlithe past by. (Now I wouldn't mind that big dog mounting me.) She licked her lips and looked back at the small pokemon. "Ok go to the grand hall and sit at a end and wait for me." She said walking off to find the large fire pup. Jill and the rest watched her chase after the growlithe and decided to go to the grand hall and get breakfast. But Princess stopped Spring.

"Lets go follow her Spring." Princess said beginning to walk after their den leader. Spring stood there and tried to figure out whom to follow. (On one hand I could do as Ember said and go eat. Or follow her and we can go to the hall together.) She decided to follow her friend and track down their den leader.

Ember caught up to the growlithe she was following and she rubbed her side up to his. "Why hello big boy what year are you in?" She asked looking over the fire dog's body.

"Um I'm a second year ms." He answered wondering what she was trying to do. Ember felt a little displeased since he most likely didn't do to much mating at all last year. But then she noticed he had a magma bandana on and she knew that if he did mate last year it must had been really good. Since everyone knew that when magma's mated they were really good at it, this got her even more aroused.

"Well I'm a fifth year big boy and you know what that means." She said walking in front of him making sure to rub her tail in his muzzle.

"You've been mating for a long time right?" He asked starting to sweat; Ember noticed his member was starting to come out. (Time to seal the deal, and get what I came for.) She then remembered that they didn't start giving out protection until after the first month. (Well I think I can risk having a few eevees and growlithes. If it means I can have a good time.) She walked behind him and rubbed her tail across the fire dog's harding cock. She saw that the fire dog was panting now and she chuckled inside knowing that he was under her spell.

She led him into a small hole in the wall, which led to one of the many hidden matting rooms around the school. Once inside she began to lick the growlithe's chin and slowly worked her way down to the dog's cock which she greedy put in her mouth and began to suck slowly enjoying every moment of it.

The growlithe began to feel his climax approaching from how good the flareon was pleasuring him. He planted his paws into the dirt under him and howled as he shot his hot seed into the awaiting mouth of the flareon. He heard her gulp all of it down and then he felt the fire pokemon drop his cock. She walked in front of him and winked dirtily at him. "Time for the main event big boy." She said leaning forward and raising her rump at him showing her awaiting entrance. "If you think you can hand it." She said trying to get him going again, and it worked.

"Well there's only on way to find out." He said mounting her and entering her entrance. Ember yelped as she felt her entrance being expanded. "My if you're that determined then please don't hold back." She said grinning happily. "I want to know just how badly you want me." That was all the growlithe needed before he began to hammer into her as hard as his body would allow him to.

Spring and Princess found themselves at the entrance to hole that seemed to go deeper into the school. Princess insisted that they follow Ember into the cave but Spring noticed a sign in poke speak saying that this cave was only allowed to those who had their license to mate. She looked at the nidoran with doubts.

"I don't think we're allowed to go in there yet Princess." She said backing up but Princess didn't listen and went into the cave not looking back. Spring growled in her language for how her friend was going to get them in trouble before school even started. True she didn't want to come her at first but now she wanted to find out where all this learning will take her, and Princess was about to ruin all that. But she sighed and went into the cave since she couldn't leave the hyper active nidoran buy herself.

Once inside she noticed how dark it was and the only light there was, was some sunlight that was from behind them. As they got further into the tunnel Spring began to hear some strange moaning sound coming from the deeper part of the tunnel. Spring began to shiver from fear.

"Princess can we go back?" She asked looking behind her and wishing that she was inside the grand hall right now enjoying some oran berries. Princess laughed as the moaning reminded her of the night she watched her parents wrestling match.

"I wonder if Ember is wrestling with that growlithe we saw earlier?" She asked as they came closer to the end of the tunnel. Princess told Spring to stop as they neared the end and she saw a shadows on the wall. The hugged the wall as they crept closer to the end of the tunnel and Spring gasped at what she saw. "Princess your right they are wrestling." Spring said as she saw Ember laying on her stomach as the growlithe from before was thrusting into her, but she didn't know what he was doing. Princess grinned. "Told you so." She said proudly.

Ember felt her insides being pleasured in every way possible as the growlithe pounded into her with all his might. She knew that it wouldn't be long before he sent his fiery hot seed shot into her awaiting womb. She didn't care if that they were doing oral mating, it only made it all the better. She felt his climax coming as the fire dog increased his thrusting speed. She laughed as she knew in a matter of moments he was going to make the high light of her day. But she wanted to make sure that he climaxed soon since she wanted to get back to her group.

"Come big boy make me scream." She said in a joking voice. As she thought it was all the male growlithe need before he gave on last push and he shot his load into the awaiting womb of the fire pokemon. Ember remembered the old saying "It's better to give than to receive." Ember at that moment finally climaxed herself and she covered the growlithes member and a bit of the ground under them. The pair panted from the mating session and the growlithe fell asleep, while Ember laid there waiting for the fire dog's cock to go down so she could slip out. She then heard talking.

"Come out who ever you are or else I'll barbeque you!" she yelled. A nidoran and chikorita came out from hiding and she noticed it was her group of ken she was in charge of. She felt angry since they had disobeyed her and were watching her make out. "How dare you spy on me while I told you to go and eat breakfast?!" She yelled at the top of her voice, small flames were escaping her mouth. They cowered like a scared pidgey in a corner.

"We're sorry Ms. Ember." They said together. Ember sighed as she couldn't stay mad at small ken for to long. Her expression lightened and she blushed. "So what did you two see?"

The chikorita spoke. "Well we saw you and that growlithe wrestling on the ground and it appeared he was winning." She said a bit confused and curios. Ember felt the growlithe's knot small enough now and she got up.

"Well lets go see if the others left us anything to eat." Ember sat shaking herself. "Besides we've all to get over to the beach to get our classes." They left the cave and headed down to the grand hall. All along the way thoughts of her resent mating session ran though Ember's mind. But then her thoughts changed to having small eevee and growlithe pups running around her, and Ember began to wonder if she should had waited till after she had gotten some protection.

But she dismissed the idea and led the two young pokemon to the grand hall for breakfast. Unfortanlly for her she should had just waited. Since her year was about to get a lot more wild.
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