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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


First Day

Professor Bangam was looking out his window as the sun was rising outside of his window. Since he lived in the castle he had the luxury of windows and more pleasant views of the island. He got out of his bed slowly walked over to his window and opened it using his teeth, a cool breeze blew in. Ah its such a beautiful morning to be alive. He thought embracing the crisp morning air. He heard his door open and Aurora entered. Bangam smiled and turned to his lovely assistant.

"Sir are I'm going to open the door to the school is there anything you want before I go?" Aurora asked the old absol.

"No I think I should greet the students before classes start." Bangam said moving over to the exit, Aurora got in his way.

"I know you don't want me running the place any more but...this is my life and I'm not going to stop." Bangam said.

Aurora sighed and moved out his way. "Yes sir."

Bangam went down the hall and down the stairs leading to the second level he stopped at a door, there was music coming from inside, the old absol grinned. Sounds like Professor Bones is getting a early start as usual. He pushed open the door and entered into a room that looked like a library. Books covered the room from floor to the ceiling. Three out of the four walls were littered with book shelves with books of every kind, from how to fix up couples to theories of how the universe was formed. Bangam looked over at a desk in the front of the room where a gengar was reading a book on old legends of the greatest mates and their sex lives. The gengar looked up from his book when Bangam walked over.

"Always got a book under your nose hey Garret?" Bangam said laughing weakly. Bones closed his book and gave the old absol a concerned look.

"George Bangam I thought you promised to retire last year." The gengar kicked his feet onto his desk. "But then again I shouldn't be surprised you'll stay until you can't move any more."

Bangam laughed but then coughed because of it. Bones wanted to help him but Bangam moved away. "No my old friend I'm fine." Bangam stopped coughing. "Now how are you feeling about the up coming year?" Bangam asked in a voice that didn't reflect how he was feeling.

"Fine George, but I'm more worried about you." Bones said taking his feet off the desk, he then put on a gold chain necklace with the piece sign on it that was on its desk, tt was from his hippy days. "You know even the great ones know when their past their prime and can't kick it any more George." Bones said in a comforting voice.

"I know that Garret, but you of all pokemon should know why I can't just drop every thing and retire." Bangam said in a serious voice.

"George I'm sure any of us can take your spot-." The old absol cut the gengar off.

"Yes but no one and I do mean no one will have the same passion burning in their heart like the way I do to handle this job." Bangam said walking back out to the hall, Bones chased after him.

"That's not what I mean George and you know that." The gengar said getting into his bosses muzzle. "I'm just saying that your 99 years old, most absols only live to be 100 and your birth day is not to long after the license test at the end of this month." Bones shook his boss.

"I know but for now just let me finish my life's passion." The old absol looked at his friend with eyes without fear. Bone's expression softened to that of a pokemon who both respected and pitied his best friend. The old absol smiled and Bones released his grip on his fur.

"Sir just remember that your friends and staff are here for you." Bones said trying to smile but couldn't. Bangam nodded and headed down to the entrance hall where the sound of chattering pokemon could be heard, Bangam grinned and walked over to the door and unlocked it.

Prince entered into the front hall of the school of sex and was amazed at what greeted him. There was a large statue of a pokeball that had pictures of an ocean, desert sand, a erupting volcano, a icy mountain and a forest. The different den colors. Prince broke from the crowd of pokemon and approached a large fountain that was in the far end of the hall. On the other side was two large stair cases that ran to the classes on the second floor. In between these was a beautiful fountain with Lugia and Ho-Ho both performing their signature attacks Lugia aero blast and Ho-Ho's powerful sacred fire. In the center of the two pokemon water was spraying out and flowing out into seven different canals that ran to different parts of the school. This mostly used by waters types who couldn't walk on land or would rather travel by swimming.

Beyond that was a large window that took up most of the back wall. Outside one could see a amazing plaza that was mostly surrounded by water with several bridges and small peninsulas, different varies water plants littered the area, creating a beautiful but yet deep complex landscape. Prince's mind snapped back to reality when he someone start announce something. He turned and saw an old absol speaking right by the statue of the pokeball.

"Welcome students to another fine year of sex, training, and learning how to survive in this world of ours." The old absol said, no one spoke but listened to him with intense focus. The absol looked around at the crowed of pokemon before speaking again.

"Now for those who don't know me, my name is Professor Bangam the fonder of Bangam's school of sex and training." Most of the first years gasped in surprise at the sight of the ancient absol. This one pokemon started the most renowned school for pokemon in the world, if anything was anything there no pokemon that didn't respect this guy, but he looked so old Prince wondered who he was able to just stand in his condition.

"Alright I'll try to keep this as brief as possible so listen up and listen well since I'll only say this once young pokemon." Professor Bangam said in a voice that commanded your attention, you felt like just dropping everything just to listen to this guy talk.

"Ok first up all first years should report to their first period teacher who also will double as your homeroom teacher." He then got down went over to the large window where Prince was. He looked outside and prince noticed a weak grin formed on his muzzle.

"Now after class or during the weekends students may use the portal our in the middle of the plaza out there to get away from it all. These lead to other dimensions where students can get a break from the stress of classes and such. Now two out of the three dimensions, Neon Central and Cloud Hopper both lead to none sexual environments where you all can think of other things besides the "curriculum." Professor Bangam laughed but then began to cough heavily and ever one wondered if he was ok. When he stopped he grinned.

"Hey coughing just means I'm still breathing right." Everyone laughed and Prince looked back outside where at the center of the plaza three large mirrors which was like a silvery pool. If one was to get close enough they could see where they led to. Prince's attention returned when the old absol spoke again.

"For those who haven't already read the notice board I shall explain about these environments." Bangam said clearing his throat. "First up is Neon Central which is the main meeting spot of most students during the year. Here students can enjoy a food court with varies foods both for humans and pokemon, varies stores to shop from and a battle arena where students can practice their battle tactic in varies tournaments on the weekends. Remember this is a none sexual area so instead of trying to score you could form a more stable relationship. There are more things to a relationship than sex and Neon Central is the perfect place to take someone you like out on a date." Bangam stopped to catch his breath. "There is a nice hill at the edge of the Neon Central where you can get a splendid view of the sun set. Its one of the best places on the island to spend a romantic evening.

"Next is Cloud Hopper which is a interesting environment where students can rest from all the hustle and bustle of the school and relax in this comfortable cloudily world. The sky was filled with aura streams and fresh air. It's the perfect place to relax and take a load off, and trust me you'll need it." He stopped again to catch his breath. But when he spoke again he acted like nothing had happened, but everyone could tell the old absol was worn out from just talking, but he spoke on.

"The last diminution is the Phara Forest." His voice grew serious. "This is the most sexual active spot on this island, and has quite a reputation for bringing out the "best" is most students. Now I won't go into details as that's what the notice board is for but I will say this." He closed his eyes and everyone seemed to be holding their breaths and hanging onto every word the wise old absol was saying. "Has far as protection goes it might work in that demonstration but chances are because of the high concentration of pheromones the protection provide may not work, so be careful not to do something you will regret for a long time. Have fun but remember to do your best to play it safe." He stopped and began to walk up the stairs that was nearby, but not before leaving with some final words.

"Take full advantage of the wisdom the school has to offer. Take in as much information as you can and practice when ever you can." The old absol stopped and looked at all the pokemon below him. "And remember there is someone out there for everyone all you must do is just look." With that he left and all the pokemon cheered and soon began to head to their first class.

"Princess how could you let me sleep this morning?!" Spring yelled at the running nidoran in front of her. Princess looked back at her best friend and stuck out her tiny tongue.

"Well its not my fault we decided to stay up late last night." Princess said not slowing down. Spring's eyes widened as she heard those words and she picked up the speed. It was her fault since she woke up in the middle of the night and decided to spend the rest of the time chattering. But we don't have time to sit around and worry about who falt it was.

They ran into the school where signs of a gathering had just happened. Shit we just missed the morning oration. Spring bitterly thought. "Princess now look what happened." Spring said angrily at her best friend.

"I know but we don't have time for this." Princess dropped her schedule and looked over it. "I think we both have got Cum Studies with Professor Lita for first period."

"Ok now where is the class?"

Princess looked over the schedule and found the room was on the second floor in room 230A. "Ok follow me and try not to get lost." Princess ran off up a flight of stair and Spring was closely behind.

Professor Lita was a somewhat easy going teacher who most of her students went to when they had social problems. Being the Cum Studies teacher she had a strong background in sex and different mating techniques, and how to use them in everyday living. She looked herself over in her mirror that she had on her wooden desk and admired her thin blue glasses and ruby choker she wore with pride. Lita pushed her glasses further onto her muzzle and rubbed her ruby choker so it sparkled in the sunlight that shined into her classroom. After she finished she looked out to her students and grinned.

"My name is Professor Lita." She started in a laid back voice. "I've been teaching for five years now and in this short amount of time I have seen just about almost every trick and prank young pokemon can come up with. But...." She said looking right into the students little eyes. "There is no need for us to continue with introductions right now, we can do all that after our first demonstration of the mating." She pulled out four prego-proof tablets and showed them to the class.

"Now all of you will take these at the beginning of class ever day as to prevent any "accidents." She stressed on her last words. "Now who's going to come up for the demonstration?" Professor Lita asked. No one spoke or volunteered. Lita was about to randomly pick two couples when two female pokemon a nidoran fem and chikorita came in to the room. Lita noticed they were breathing hard telling her they had ran up to the class. Their eyes still had sleep in them tell her they had woke up late. She was going to have fun with these two and teach them not to come to class late.

"Sorry we came in late." the chikorita said sadly. Professor Lita walked over to her two students and shoved two tablets into their mouths.

"Swallow the tablets girls." Professor Lita said. The two pokemon swallowed and Lita then used metronome to randomly pick out two male pokemon out of the class of 15 students. A houndour and sandshrew floated out of the crowd and floated to the front of the class. "Moves can but used for more than winning battles kens." Professor Lita said handing tablets. They swallowed the tablets and then the two fems to go to the front of the room.

"Now what is the first important thing pokemon must do before they mate?" Professor Lita asked the class.

"Um, they have to first want to do it." A natu said.

"Right first they have to get aroused." Lita then turned to the two couples. The sandshrew was with the nidoran and the houndour was with the chikorita. "Now there won't be any penetration in this lesson unless you want to do so. I mean if either of you want to show the class your knowledge in this field they'll be more then willing to see what you can do."

"Spring you think were going to do what my parents did?" Princess asked worried. Spring shrugged and Princess began to sweat. "I'm not ready for such a thing..." She hung on her words as she noticed the sandshrew was the same one from yesterday. Her dream flashed through her mind and once again she began to feel the need to be mated.

"Princess you feeling ok?" Princess heard her friend ask her, Princess mind returned to reality.

"Umm, ya just fine Spring." Princess said licking her muzzle and showing a expression of lust. I want to feel what mother felt when she played with dad. Princess thought leaning on to the sandshrew. She noticed Professor Lita grinning at her. What does she want.

"Ok before we start will you four please tell the class your names?" Professor Lita said.

"My name is Spring."


"Jericho." The houndour said nuzzling Spring. Spring backed away a few inches and Jericho followed her. "For you baby you can name me anything." Spring giggled embarrassed.

"My name is Jack." The sandshrew said side stepping the lustful nidoran.

"Well now that we've got some introductions out of the way I want Spring and Princess to stand sideway to the class and both Jericho and Jack will lick your pussy." Professor Lita said pulling out a piece of chalk out of her desk. She then wrote a few words on the board and turned to the class.

"First the male shall arose the female by doing things call foreplay which involves arousing both partners." She said pointing to the word foreplay on the board. "Be sure to remember this things since it will be on the license test at the beginning to next month." Many of the students began to say the words on the board several times to try and remember it.

"Now Jericho and Jack please lick your partners until they climax." Professor Lita said. Both pokemon looked confused.

"How can we tell?" Jack asked. Professor Lita then wrote the word "climax" on the board and then a short definition behind it.

"Climax means the highest point of mating. When this happens either the female or the male shall release their sex juices."

Both Jack and Jericho began to lick both females pusses.

Spring felt the wet dog touch her most sensitive spot on her and it made her feel pleasure she had never felt before. She could feel the houndour's tongue reaching into spots she never knew she had until now and the deeper he got the more she enjoyed the feeling. Before long Spring's body began to heat up and she began to moan from the pleasure. "Deeper, deeper, please go deeper." She begged and Jericho's tongue found its way to grant her wish. Spring felt the dark dog's tongue touch part her wall and Spring's eyes widened and she gave one last moan as she came all over the houndour's muzzle. She felt him lick her cum and Spring finally laid down and Jericho laid next to her.

After both females climaxed the clefairy teacher told both Spring and Princess to do the same thing to their partners. Princess noticed Spring was still a bit worn out and was slowly falling asleep. She was wanting to follow suit but then she noticed the sandshrew's "material" and she felt a need to taste him.

"Princess if you want you don't have to do this if your to tired-." Princess stopped Jack.

"Jack I don't know why but I first saw you..." she fumbled around with her words, her voice was all shaky. She notice the sandshrew was looking her deep in the eyes and Princess lost all her fear. Instead of speaking she decided to show Jack how she felt and she gave both her and him their first kiss. The pair embraced one another for over a minute before Princess broke the kiss and pushed the sandshrew onto his back. All the while Professor Lita was watching with a pleased grin.

Princess began to lick the Jack's sheath and soon his member came out and she heard him breathing a bit harder, for some reason this made the nidoran want to suck him even more. After she was satisfied that the sandshrew was hard enough she began to slowly lick up and down the length of Jack's cock enjoying the feeling, she heard him beginning to moan much like she had just moments ago. Natural instants told the inexperienced nidoran to take the sandshrew's cock in her month and after she had the entire length in she began to suck on it like it was a straw. After a few seconds Jack orgasmed filling Princess mouth with his seed. Princess enjoyed the taste and swallowed everything in a couple of gulps. She let go of the sandshrew's member which bobbled when it left her mouth dripping a bit of saliva and left over cum.

Princess eagerly licked her lips and laid next to her classmate. "That was enjoyable huh?" She asked happily.

"If you thought that was fun just wait until latter." Jack said placing his short arm around Princess. Just then she heard claping and cheering in the background and then it dawned on her that they were in a class room with others.

"That was awesome."

"Go, go, go."

"I want my chance."

Princess didn't hear any thing else since she then feel asleep in Jack's arms.

Second period came and Prince entered into to Professor Bone's class room. The ground was covered with lots of pillows that were used as seats and the walls were littered with book shelves filled to the point where it was almost impossible to pull a book from. A real eye catcher was the blue lava lap on the desk in the front along with several posters of tie die colors and the peace sign. It was like a cross between the hippy ages and a small library. The bell rung and Prince quickly took a seat in the front, just time as a tall gengar walked wearing a gold chain with the peace sign on it. The gengar sat at his desk and picked up a book.

"My name is Professor Bones and I will be your history of mating teacher for this and for some many years to come." He sat down his book and looked around the room, he grinned. "You all look just like your parents at this age." Prince was confused but someone else a poochyena spoke before him.

"What do you mean Professor?" the small dark pooch asked. Professor Bones looked at her and then wrote her name on the board, "Lois Dark."

"The Dark family has been coming to Bangam's for generations." He looked over at the dark pooch. "Yes I remember seeing your mother when she came into my class for the first time. Much like you she to asked me how I knew her mother. My response was I taught her and you grandma." He then began to write other names on the board and before long most of the class was on the board, but when Bones came to Prince his eyes lit up.

"Are you King Zeus the fourth's son Princess Zeus the filth?" the gengar asked with great interest. Prince looked away embarrassed and this satisfied the old ghost.

"Just the way your father and grandfather was when I asked that same question when they came into my class." He placed his hand on Princess's head and rubbed it watching out for Prince's horn which contained deadly poison. "You look just like him but one thing is of difference.

"What's that?" Prince asked confused but yet excited.

"You have your mother's eyes." He pointed to Prince's light green eyes and then returned to the board. Prince sat there a bit pleased.

"Now that I've gotten to know all your its time that you get to know me. As I said before my name is Professor Bones, please don't call me anything as since your all my students and you must respect the teacher student relationship.

If you haven't noticed I am greatly into to books and things from my hippy days." He stopped on this and reflected. "Those were the days." He looked back to the class and rose up a large book titled, "History of mating and its effects on today."
"This book contains stories of events of pokemon who have mated and how its effected all of you today."

"This class might seem boring but trust me, but a well rounded knowledge of mating history will help you when your doing it for real in cum studies and dominance." Just as he said those words the bell rung and he put his book onto the desk.

"Well tomorrow class will kick into full swing so bring your brains will ya." He disappeared into the floor and everyone left. Thoughts of what he would learn this year in history of mating ran though Prince's mind.

Prince arrived at his third period just as the tardy bell rung, after watching what happened to his sister that morning and how she and the lovely Spring had to volunteer for the "demonstration" he didn't want to know what the super effective teacher might do. He walked into the class and saw the class had more of a outdoor type feel. Small trees where in the corners while a small pond was near the window which over looked the mountains and ocean landscape, the floor had fake grass, instead of a desk there was a stump in the front of the room and there was no board. There was a espeon sitting near the pond looking at her reflection.

"Gather around the pond children and gaze into water." She asked the class in a soft voice. They did as they were told and when Prince looked into the water he saw only himself.

"What do you see?" She asked but Prince almost felt like she was speaking only to him.

"I see myself and that squirtle over there Professor...." A charmander said not knowing the espeon's name." The espeon teacher giggled.

"My name is Aylra and I will be your super effective teacher for this year or for some many years to come."

"What does that mean Professor? Or for many years to come." One pokemon asked.

"Not everyone will switch teachers when the year is over. Most just keep their teachers thought out their school career. While some might switch if the teacher is not working for them." Professor Aylra then asked the rest of the class what they saw until two students were left, Prince and a fem hoppip.

"Ah the water has spoken." Professor Aylra said calmly. Everyone looked at her funny. Aylra smiled and began to explain that the clear water they were just looking at was a special spring water that was able to show two pokemon who were the most capable to mate.

"Now the pokemon you have seen in the water shall be your mate for the rest of the year in this class. If you picked your schoolmate before class they should had showed up in the water" Professor Aylra walked to a small tree and laid under it. "Now I want all of you to get to know your mate as both of you will be together all year. By the time you finish you should know your mate as well as you know yourself." Professor Aylra said laying her head on her paws.

Prince met up with his hoppip mate. "So what is your name?" Prince asked a bit embarrassed about what they were doing.

"Breeze." The hoppip said blushing.

"Why are you blushing?" Prince asked laughing.

"I was born when there was this wonderful breeze blowing through our valley home and my parents considered it a blessing so they named me Breeze in honor of the wind." Breeze giggled and Prince felt embarrassed.

"What's so funny?" Prince asked looking away a little.

"Oh nothing." She said giggling some more. Prince told her his name and Breeze's blush grew redder. "So your royalty"
Prince turned back to her his own purple muzzle was starting to grow red.

"Ya but its not that important."

"If you think so." Breeze said as the bell rung and class ended. Prince left the class room and as he headed down the hall he felt someone touch his rear and turned to see Charm was right behind him.

"What is it?" He asked the normal pokemon with a excited grin.

"Oh nothing just wondering how my your doing on your first day." Charm said bending down a little and looked between Prince's hind legs at his "material." Prince closed his hind legs and Charm laughed.

"Sorry just looking over what shall be breaking though me." She said kissing Prince on his lips and then went into Professor Aylra' room. Before Prince left for his next class Charm pocked her head back out. "Be good now my little prince." She said as he left, Prince felt his muzzle getting hot from embarrassment. Is every female I meet today going to embarrass meet today out to embarrass me. But Princess didn't have much time to think this over since he had to get to his next class on time.

Skipping to lunch

That fucking little tramp!" Shawn thought furiously. He was walking down a narrow hall that led back to the grand hall. He was on the warring path and his target was Ember or in his mind the fire little eevee bitch. Thanks to her his day has been a living hell. Since yesterday when she had told what he had done all last year he hasn't been able to find any girls to "play" with. When ever he tries to smooth talk a female they walk away or say things like "I don't want to be around a someone who uses his mates" or his favorite "I don't need a male slut." Shawn grinded his teeth and one of his vines came out and touched the cool wall, it ran down the wall as he moved.

"First she stops me from dating that gullible chikorita and then she ruins my rep by spreading the truth behind my genius little pain." He mumbled. He thought about Ember and what he was going to do to get her back when he bumps into something and he knocked it down.

"Move out the way or-." He stopped when he notices who it was, the pokemon that he had bumped over was Ember's little sister, a sinister grin grew on his muzzle and he figured out just what he wanted to do to get Ember back.

"Sorry miss didn't see you there." Shawn said helping the eevee back onto all four. The eevee looks at him and blushes.

"No its my falt, I should had been paying better attention." She picked up a artice bandana and then the eevee kissed Shawn before she ran off to the grand hall. Shawn began to walk slowly toward the grand hall.

Looks like lady luck has her eye on me. He grins and lightly bites his bottem lip. When I'm finished with Ember's sis, Ember won't be the only eevee bitch who's going to be having a "unexpected" guest this year. And besides even if Ember dodges a bullet seed... He begins to laugh which grew louder as he got near the entrance to the grand hall. I'll just make sure her sister doesn't.

I decided this was the best spot to end this chapter for now. Its been stressfull for the last few day and today was the heigh of my stress. I tell you if its not been for writting these stories I don't know what I'll do. Besides I've got to work on Hidden Ambitions, got to make the best story I've written so far even better.

Peace out,

Terrell aka, TO aka, nameofnoimportence
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