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Bangam's High School of sex by nameofnoimportence


Author's Chapter Notes:

Author's Chapter Notes:
When Prince and his room mates decide that a trip to watch the some girls bath turns into a getting detention, a skunk like marking and nearly beat up. Can anything good come out of this miserable day?

Cold Heart, Strong Heart, Broken Heart

“Prince hurry up she’s about to do it.”

“Come on guys can’t we do something better than spying on girls while their bathing?” Prince asked as he walked over to his roommates.

“Prince….take a look there and tell me what you see.” A male Flaaffy said peering over a hedge, his blue ball tipped tail wagged as he watched a few female pokes playing and bathing in the local pond bath. Since it got cold on the island in the winter Professor Bangam had a heater put in deep under the spring, that way the pond can be used year around. Prince, Woolly(Flaaffy), Flair (A shiny male eevee.) and Flower(Male Stunky though he went by the name Smoke, he hated his name so much.)

“Oh man we’re so screwed.” Flair said, he was watching the girls but he seemed troubled about something. “Report cards are going to be sent home before we get back and when my parents see my math grade….that’s it I’m going to get fixed.” Flair was a skittish type of guy who got hyped over the smallest things. He often would panic when ever something is not going his way and often times scared away all of his girlfriends thanks to it. At the moment he was trying to get with a cute looking skitty in the Woods Den. When ever he tried to talk to her though he always locked up and found himself only saying hello.

“Shut the hell up man. I’m trying to get Prince over there to mon up and act like he has some fucking balls.” Woolly said as he watched a vulpix play with another vixen in a sexual way. He nearly wanted to paw off as he watched them hug and act like they were making out on the shore. He saw how one of them was turning around and laid down on her friend as she held her tails up. The one on the ground giggled as she said something in her native tongue and blew a bit of fire around her sex.

“Oh….girl on girl.” He said as the boys watched, even Prince had to watch this as he felt a small breeze on his member.

“Guys….is this what its like to girl watch?” Prince asked his friends.

“You got a boner?” Woolly asked as he started to watch the vixen on the bottom start to like at her friend’s slit. They saw how she slowly worked her tongue up and down the skin around her opening looking to find her way into the female’s hole.

“Ya-ya.” Prince answered not able to take his eyes off of the girls.

“Then ya, this is how it feels buddy. Enjoy it since it doesn’t get any better than this.”

“What about being in the middle of that.” Smoke said as he was losing his ability to resist rubbing his member. He loved when they managed to find two females doing stuff like this. Smoke whose real name is Flower Stinkweed was born in field of flowers and his mother who was such a fan of the stuff named him after her favorite item of interest. Fun for her but it was torture for Smoke who despised the name and was often teased because of it. When he came to Bangam’s the Skunk pokemon changed his name so no one knew of his real name.

“What are you boys doing back here? This is the female’s bath.” They turned and saw Professor Bones standing behind them tapping his fingers on a large wooden paddle he had. “I thought I told you four that the next time I catch you I’ll give you a punishment that you won’t soon forget.”
“OH GOD NO….DON’T HIT ME!!” Flair said as he was laying on the ground by the ghost’s feet begging him to not hurt him. “You can’t beat me sir….I bruise easily.”

“Shut the fuck up you cry baby wuss.” Woolly said rolling his eyes. Woolly was a tough Flaaffy who valued being a tough male over all else. When ever he got the chance he fought in tournaments and challenged other tough males to fights one a daily base. Because of his high winning streak girls came to him like volbeats to a bright light.
Professor Bones looked over the hedge and he nearly had a boner himself as he saw the girls were covered in the other’s cum by now. “Oh man….I missed a good show.”

“Oh man…we missed the climax!” Woolly said cursing their miss fortune.

“We could just watch a video-“ Prince was cut off quickly.
“NO! You can’t beat a live show.”

Professor Bones fixed himself as he began to pat the paddle in his hand causing the boys to remember the old ghost. “Detentions for all of you, Monday my office after school.”

“But that’s the day the winter festival is going to happen. We’ll miss the beginning.” Smoke looked really worried. The winter festival was one of the best times of the school year, snow ball fights, crowning of the winter king and queen. The best part was the food, it was to die for. Berries that was so large that no single pokemon can finish it by themselves, human food like pizza and burgers and a cake that was made from the best berries in the world.

“NO, NO, NO!” Flair cried as he cried in the grass.

“Great just what I need….more detention.” Woolly rolled his eyes as he walked pass the ghost teacher. “I’m going to find my girlfriend and let my stress out.

“In other words he’s going to bang his girlfriend.” Prince said as he followed Woolly. Flair followed close behind leaving Smoke and Professor Bones.

“Do we really have to sir?”

“If I let you go then you won’t learn a thing. I enjoy watching girls to but at least hide the right way. I’m not punishing you four for watching them but in fact I’m punishing you guys for being caught.”

“Oh…I get it now.” Smoke said backing up and about to leave when he remembered that paddle in the gengar’s hand. “Professor Bone’s why do you have that paddle?”

Professor Bone’s looked at the paddle and chuckled. “I was…going to…see a old friend who collects these types of things.” The ghost teacher shook his head seeming to laugh over something. “I’ve got to go.” He said walking off.
Smoke shrugged and ran off to catch up with his friends.

Night came and after dinner Prince returned to his room to find Woolly there, but he sure wasn’t alone.

“Oh come on!” He said entering the room, a female Flaaffy screamed and ran out, a train of salvia and seman was dripping off of her.

“Come on!” Woolly baaed after her.

“Just like him.” He said lying down on his bed. It had been a while since he’s done anything exciting. Between him and Flair they were the only boys here who haven’t had sex outside of class yet. Woolly told him that he needed to get laid before everyone started to say he was a wuss.

“Prince I lost it the very first night we were up in here.” He remembered the sheep telling him a few days ago. “Hell that nerdy aron down the hall lost it not to long ago. If he can do it then I know the nidoran who took down that jerk Rhyhorn should be able to get a female in heart beat.”

“I get calling cards all the time.” Prince told him tossing the new cards he had that day away.

“Booty call man booty call.” Woolly baaed. “There are a bunch of hot sexy females who are in need of having you stick your dick up their holes.”

“Don’t talk like that.” Prince corrected him.

Woolly by this time was growing really frustrated. “Prince if you don’t get laid soon I’m going to find some girls and I swear I will have they force themselves on you. I am not going to have a virgin for a best friend. Flair is already bad enough; I do not need you acting like a fucking chicken.”

Prince signed as he rolled his eyes. “I want to do things right.”

Woolly looked so ready to give him a thundershock to his head that he actually had to discharge his anger on a rubber ball that he held in his paws. “Two weeks, two weeks Prince. If you do not get laid by then I swear I’m making a call.”

Prince laughed as he remembers that moment two weeks ago. He tried the first few days but soon he couldn’t find anyone he like so the nidoran just gave up. He knew that sheep didn’t have the nerve to do such a thing. It was stupid, matting was meant to be beautiful thing that was suppose to connect a male and female together by the greatest act of love. Or…so his parents told him.

Something caught his eyes though as he looked out a window and saw Woolly and the female sheep fussing at each other. He had to laugh as he saw her slap him on his cheek and walk away holding her tail high at him but not in a good way. Next moment he saw what she though of him as, as she left a trail of piss behind her which made the male Flaaffy groan in anger.

Prince lowered his head as he tried to hide himself from view. “Oh man…she gave him the mark. I’m so….dead.” Prince slowly walked over to the door to their den and snuck out. In the pokemon world pokemon marked their mates by peeing on them. This was usually done by males marking their females so everyone else knew that she was off limits. Females on the other paw did it for other reasons, one was to tell others that she was in heat, attract a mate or tell that male that she is rejecting him. Usually she would leave foal smell on the ground telling the male that she was rejecting him. Any male that got “marked” were embarrassed since the smell if sprayed on them lasted for days.

Prince crawled under a table as he heard someone enter the room; his hearted began to pound against his chest so hard that it was starting to hurt.

“Prince we need to talk.” He heard the voice of the angered Flaaffy. “Come on I’m not going to hurt, we just need to talk.” Prince didn’t know if he should trust him but what other choice did he have, come clean or get shocked so hard that his heart might stop for a second.
“Sorry man…” He said coming out from hiding. Woolly showed him a picture of a sexy looking shinx who was possessing for the guy who saw it. “Her name is Candy and she’s interested in you. I met her on my way back up, after my talk with….well lets not talk about that.” Prince could smell the pee on Woolly’s wool; it reminded him of week old dead meat, he nearly couldn’t breathe in here.
“Wait what about-?”

“Don’t worry she was just a one nighter. There are plenty of more girls in this school to get with. Now if you remember I told you that if you couldn’t find a girl in two weeks I was going to step in.” He gave it to Prince who held the picture with his teeth. He looked at the shinx girl who was laying on her side with her tail up high and her legs opened. He had a bad view of her sex but he was able to see her tiny nipple just fine though. She had a lollypop in her mouth which he saw she was playing with it like she wanted to give him a blow job.

“Don’t worry she’s not a wild girl. In fact she told me she made it for you in hopes of at least letting you know she wanted to meet you.” Woolly said as he was heading back out.

“Hey where you-?”

“I’m heading out to find another girl.” He heard the sheep laugh in his native tongue. “I’m not going to end this Friday night alone.” With that Woolly left out.
“Just like him.” He placed the picture on a table and looked at the back. There was an message in poka speak that said:

‘Dear Prince,
I know that you’re the type who wants to find a relationship with a good girl. I know this is sudden but I wanted to send this to you so you can at least see what you can have if we got together. I didn’t want to give you a behind shot since that’s a little something reserved for my special “playmates.” If you want to meet then see me tomorrow in the plaza.

The sexy female lion of the Dessert den

Rosa “Candy” Sparkness

Prince finished reading the message and turned it back over. He looked at the picture for a long time until he finally great tired and got onto his bed. Maybe this was worth a shot, she did go out of her way to impress him. Why not answer the call.

Princess walked out onto the moon lit plaza behind the school. It was getting late and all over the school lights were going out as students were calling it a night. She was ready to turn in as well but she wanted to at least spend a few minutes out here getting some fresh air and relaxing in the flower garden to near the pond.

“Excuse me Ms.” Princess saw in the water’s reflection a Flaaffy was standing next to her. “But I was wondering if you would let me sit next to you. It’s a chilly night and I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold.

“Thanks you, that would be nice.” Princess said with a light blush on her cheeks. She wasn’t a fem to be swayed so easily but it was a chilly night and she was lucky to have fur. She moved closer to him and laid her head on his wooly side but what she found was a awful smell that made her pull back quickly. “What is that on you?!” She yelled stepping back.

“Believe me I’m not normally smell like this.” The Flaaffy said trying to save himself.

“Get away from me you freak.” Princess kicked some dirt at the sheep and ran off before he could say anything to her.

“Come one.” He said to himself. His game is going to be off until school starts back up after winner break. But that nidoran female….she was different. A tough cookie who wasn’t fast and seemed like a girl who didn’t raise her tail to the first male that came her way, the perfect challenge for a guy like him.

“I’m going to make a game out of this.” Woolly said looking into the water. “Before the end of the winter festival that girl will be mine. That’s a promise.” He grinned as the sheep got up and left to go back to his den and rest for tomorrow.

Chapter End Notes:

Chapter End Notes:
I know no action this time. But this chapter is suppose to set up for future events so stay tuned to find out what happens.

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