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The Waiting Game


Well who would have thought that I would return here, but here I am. I wore myself out long ago and lost my drive to write. But after some soul searching and finding out that people really did like my work I decided to come back but make short chapters so I do not burn myself out. With new pokemon and tons of new ideas get ready to see more chapters and all sorts of relationships.

Remember this story is about normal pokemon not morphs or anything else like that. I'm not a fan of morphs and they have a way of ruining the pure image of pokemon that I like so much. I can't see how pokemon can look like people in, truth it's a bit creepy but that's my option. Also if you have any ideas of the story do not hesitate to speak up since I might include your idea in my story.

It was the week after the winter finals and unlike two weeks ago the weather has done a complete 360 on the Bangam's island, outside snow and ice has taken over the land and covered the once beautiful grassy green landscape in a blanket of cold ice and snow, the pound out front was now a bed of hard ice that was used for ice fishing instead of a swimming pool. As it became colder more students started to bundle up in pokemon sized scarves and wool hats made by some of the finest Flaffy wool. But not everyone wanted to play outside but instead enjoy the warmth of the in doors and play Poke Chess, play ultimate dodge ball which was modified so any pokemon of any size and shape can enjoy the game without getting crushed by the ball. For those who didn't enjoy any of the above spent their time in their rooms talking to their friends, keeping each other warm with their boy or girlfriends or else spending their time watching the in door fights at the gym. For Spring she enjoyed watching and getting into battles and often spent her time at the gym watching the fights with her friends and talking about who they wished they could experience a night with. Today they were holding a big mine tournament and they were going down to enter it. They decided to meet each other in the Great Hall so they can go down to the gym together, but as usual Princess and Zeal were late.

Spring was pacing around the Great Hall as she was waiting for her friends to show up whispering things about what she could be doing instead of waiting here. "I could be enjoying watching a pokemon battle or eating some candy flavored leaves or drinking that new soda made by that Munchlax." She complained picking up a bit of Princess's habits. Spring looked around seeing she was here with only three other pokemon, a Magma den growlithe who let loose a dozen wild rattates into the females dorm room, a Mime Jr from the Ocean's den who left some showed his penis to the cheerleaders when they were practicing in the gym and a Desert Den cubone who spends all his time in the Grand Hall reading and studying.
[Great,not one boy in here that I want to talk to, one likes to play jokes on everyone, one is a few steps off from being some strange perverted male who doesn't know when to keep his stuff where it belongs and a book wurmple who spends all his time reading.] She thought signing. [But then again I'll take the book wurmple over a clown and a pervert any day.] She thought walking over to him and sitting down.

" name is Spring." Spring said trying to start up some small talk. All he did was look over his book for a moment or two and returned to his studies.

" do know the finals are over, you do not have to study any more."

"I know but I started reading this book about mating rituals of Ground types and I haven't put it down since. Its interesting how pokemon try to attract a mate by using their natural abilities, some use sweet aromas, others might use mating calls and some even create great nest out of mud and straw while some are over achievers and build a statue out of wet mud to show how much they want to mate with the opposite sex. Males are the only ones who do this but in the spring time females have been known to give off their sexual scent as a way of saying their in heat and wish to find a male who will give them their DNA." He said summing up what he has read. "This goes for all pokemon and not only the ground type."

"Wow..." Spring said amazed learning about how dedicated males can be when it comes to trying to attract the opposite sex.

"You guys go all out when it comes to wanting to explore a female." She blushed on that remark, it wasn't like her to say such things to a boy.

"Well wild pokemon are more into mating rituals but they make for a great way to get a females attention since you guys usually like to only look at certain males." Link said closing his book.

"No...I look at other males to..." Spring said trying to fool herself into believing she wasn't lying, but in truth she knew that she only looked at the handsome and strong males. If she didn't need someone to talk to she would never had batted a eye his way.

Link nodded knowing that she was lying. "Don't worry I'm use to it, I have no hard feeling toward you. I know that when I get out of here and become a Marowak I'll find loads of females that are my type." Spring smiled as she thought about what he might look like when he gets older. More bulky and tougher looking...all of a sudden she felt a bit turned on but she kept her feeling down.

"I bet you'll get all the females just you wait." She said pushing him lightly.

"Thanks I needed that." He said pushing back to. "I think I know you though....Professor Bone's history of mating class second period...." Spring screamed as she recognized him.

"Link..! I know you we have class together, you sit in the second row a few spots away from me. " She said smiling as she looked into the eye holes of the helmet.

"Why are you so quiet all the time, if we were not here at the same time I might had never talked to you?"

"I like to stay quiet and reflect of different things." He said feeling a bit hot under the helmet. Spring didn't know why but she wanted to learn as much about him as possible.

"Well what are you doing today Link, since after I do what I planned with my friends I was thinking....." She had her paw on his lap near his sheath, Spring couldn't help but giggle under her breath. "We can spend a bit of time together and I can learn more about you." That seemed to had taken the ground type out of his comfort zone hearing her say she wanted to spend time with him. Thought the question was what "type" of together time did she want to have with him?

"Hey Spring what "type" of together time are you talking about?" He asked a bit nervous about what the chikorita had planned for him.

"Oh what's wrong...?" She asked him concerned, was he asking her like this since he didn't like her. "I thought that we was having a good time?" She wanted to cry since she was having a really good time with him.

"We are....I just thought that you wanted to you know....have sex." He said rubbing his head embarrassed.

"You thought...." Spring blushed as she laughed on that. "If that happens then that means we're having a good time silly." She said turning redder. "I know it's a bit fast but lets try to take it slowly, your really nice so why not we try to learn more about each other first before we go off and do other "things." Spring wasn't the fast type of female that a lot of first year first year girls were. She was more of the romantic type who wanted everything to be perfect, the right male, the right moment and time.

"Well ok then why not we go do something right now, why not I help you help you warm up for your match."

"You....why would you want to do that?" She asked surprised that he would do something like that.

"Sure why not I've entered into the competition to so we can kill to pidgy's with on stone. We both get to loosen up and spend a bit of time getting to know each other." He was right they can two things at the same time and still return in time for the tournament.

"Ok Link why not, but where can we warm up though? You know that the headmaster does not let up conduct any battles outside of the gym or the battle arenas?" She saw the cubone grin as he waves his finger.

"We can use Professor Bone's classroom, everyone knows that he's out during the weekends and doesn't return until Sunday night." He said confidently. "Come on lets we'll only be gone for a few minutes and we'll be back before you know it." He got up and together they walked off, but as they left the Great Hall she had to look back.

[I hope that Princess and Zeal won't worry about me to much if I'm not back before they get here.] She thought as they went to the other side of the school and up the stairs that lead to the old Gengar's classroom. When they entered they was greeted by a bone chilling breeze that seemed to bring a cold chill down their spins as they walked into the room.

"This place always gives me the chills." Link said as he closed the door. "But we should be alone now since this section of the school is pretty empty during this time of the weekend."

"That's good since I wouldn't want anyone to hear us." Spring said as he looked up at him. "Don't you agree?" she asked with a warm smile on her face.

"Y....ya....all alone. "Link said nervously." We...wouldn't want anyone to bother us right."

"Calm down Link, we're just here to loosen up and then we can head back. I told you..." She said grinning as she taps his rear as she walks past him." I want to take things a bit slow so don't calm yourself and try to not get all worked up." She said a bit hopeful that they can do a little something to speed things along, but if something happens then it happen no need to push it.

"Alright Spring I'll keep that in mind." He said calming down some. Spring smiled again as she pushed a few desk away with her vines while he moved the rest out the way. They then spent a few minutes loosening up as they stretched their body parts and told themselves that it will be ok, all of this was done so they could calm their nervous and keep their minds focused on the fight.

"You ready cutely." Spring giggled as she teased him with a playful wink. Link turned red as he felt really nervous now but he kept his wits up as he couldn't allow her to throw him off guard before they even started.

"Come on...can you be a bit serious?" Link asked her as he started by using focuses energy to build his bulk so he can do more damage. "Spring since we are time burdened why not we make this a first to land ten hits wins the match, sounds good with you?"

"Why not?" She said taking a deep breath before she took a fighting stance of moving her hind legs apart so she can quickly move to avoid his swings. What she wasn't ready for was how quickly he could move despite being a ground type, before she knew it Link was in her face as he got her with a quick bone club to her head which felt like her brains might get scramble followed by a even quicker mega punch to her rib cage which made her roll along the slick classroom floor and into a book shelf which dropped hard bound books onto her. "Ouch....why did you have to hit so hard?" She asked getting up.

"Sorry...its just when I get into a battle I tend to go over board." Link said as he threw his bone at her, Spring dodged the first pass but messed up and got hit on her left hind leg on the pass back. "But don't think for a second that I'm going to let up just because you're a female." Spring wiggled her leg before she turned to him a grin on her face.

"Well I guess I should show you what I can do then." Spring said before she let her vines come out and drop onto the ground. "Pay attention Link I do not what you to miss this for a second. " Just then the vines came at him in a blink of a eye that he didn't even have time to react to the on slot of vine as on wrapped around his leg and flipped him onto his back as the other one sent him into the desk on the other side of the room. "I told you not to blink." Spring said as she giggled seeing his sheath as his legs were opened up to her.

"Ouch....that's 3 to 2." He said getting up. "Are you ready for the next round?" He asked as he lowered his head and came at her with a skull bash that made her freeze up like she was watching someone use Zen Headbutt. Spring was hit right in her face as she was knocked back again but Link grabbed her right foreleg and spun her around flinging her into a pile of pillows that was near the Professor's desk. "Make it 5 to 2." He said keeping track.

"I'm not...done yet..." Spring said as she dug her way out and stood before him ready to keep going, a trickle of blood fell to ground the moment before she at him again flinging leaves at him along the way which Link dodged with little effort, but was tripped up as he was so busy dodging the leaves that he neglected to notice the vine that was laid out to trip him. "Maybe you should spend less time dodging me and more time countering my...ATTACKS!" She yelled as she crashed into him and used a close Solar Beam to send him flying into a nearby wall. "And that makes us even Link." Spring said smiling as she watched him get up slowly.

"Nice job Spring..." Link said as he held onto the wall, that last attack really hurt him badly. "Alright then I'm going all out now." He said as he used focus energy again to increase his abilities to their max. [I've got to wrap this up before her Overgrowth kicks in.]

"No problem." She sends off a round of razor leaves to try and hit him with several attack at once but he dodged them and countered with by throwing his bone again this time hitting her twice at the first got her forelegs and the second her back as she was knocked onto the floor, Link then jumped onto her stomach and tapped her on her head. "8, you know what you have to say if you want me to stop Spring." He said teasing her. But he didn't get the response he wanted as she began to glow a light green which told him that he was in trouble if he didn't end this soon as he tapped her again on her head making it 9.

"I told you before..." Spring yelled as her extra power kicked in as she felt her body tense up, her muscles tighten and harden making her stronger and finally her leaf shine. "I'm not done yet!" Spring yelled as she ran at him picking up speed as she did so, Link didn't even have time to react as the chikorita slammed into him and slashed him with a quick razor leaf at close range. But she didn't let up as she wrapped one of her vines around his ankle and lifted the cubone up and slammed him into the ground making their count 9-8. "Oh and..." Spring poked him with a quick jab to his stomach making the count 9-9. "We're even again." She told him with a small giggle, even in the heart of battle she still had a play nature.

"Can't say I didn't see that coming." The cubone said rolling backward so he could distance himself away from her. "But this is the tie breaker."

"Aww....and here I wanted us to call it quits and do something else..." She said with a wink. "But..." She walked a few feet away and Link got a few of her sex which has turned red and was a bit moist, a sweet smell could be smelled from it almost like she was purposely trying to attract him with it. "I guess you want to finish what we started so why not. "

"Spring do you know-." Link started but she cut him off.

"Know what...?" She asked not aware of what state her lower half was in, her body was trying to attract him but her mind wasn't aware of this just yet.

"Nothing...its nothing." Link said as he held his bone with both hands as he took off at her, he had to end this right now. The smell of her scent was starting to take over the air like she was using attract and sweet scent in a combination which was not good for him since attract as the power to completely change how at battle will turn out. Though one thing was true.....he couldn't deny that he didn't enjoy the site of her showing off her hole like that. The way how she flashed it to him, the redness around the sides and how wet it was enough to give him a instant boner.

Spring bit her lip as she took off to charging right into him with another life risking Take Down, she didn't know why but ever since she caught that glimpse of his privates even though it was tucked away in its glove she has been having trouble getting it out of her mind and the results was her body doing things that it normally doesn't do. She knew that if she won this fight oh....she as going ask for a bit of an award for all her hard work.

She felt a crack across her head though as she felt Link strike her with his weapon but it wasn't before she got him with her Take Down...but she knew that a close range attack like that against a fighter like him was asking for trouble since that bone club was a extension of his body. "I got you...." Spring said as she felt her body give out under her, all of this battling had a powerful effect on her limbs from the beating they took. Then it hit her....Link didn't just attack her he had planned the entire thing from the start. First he attacked her limbs to lower their mobility, then he got her in her chest and sides to weaker her there and finally he did a few head shots to make her dizzy, but what he didn't count on was her will to fight and how her Overgrowth effected her body. But now that the battle was over the effects of her Overgrowth was fading away and her body was loosening up all of the blows were coming back to Haunter her like a Hunter using Dream Eater and Torment.

"Damn....your tougher than you look...." Link said as he laid back panting. "But you got me...even though I struck tried my best..."

"No...Link...." Spring said as he laid on her stomach. "You got was the stronger poke."

"Lets call it a tie.....we both did our best." Link said as he smiled up at the ceiling thinking about that moment when Spring gave him that brief glimpse at her lovely sex. How could any male not enjoy a site like that....

"Link...I want to tell you something." She just had to get this out. "I caught a brief site of your....lower half and well its been on my mind all this time." She was blushing as she said this, the air was filling up with her sweet scent as she let her mind play around with the image of his sheath which she was wondering what it hid. "I was wondering if its not to much trouble can I....see it."

"WHAT!" Link said as he laid there. "Are you asking me to..." Ever since he saw her show off the way she did he's been thinking about her in a more sexual way but he knew that she wasn't a fast fem so he kept his mouth shut. [She wants to see my material....what should I do? I could let her see it but...what if I'm to small, what if she wants some large meat of a male or what not.]

"Link....I'm sorry if I was to fast but..." She blushed as she looked at him. "I've been thinking about you a lot since we first met and.....this is something that I've been dieing to do with you." She said as she forced herself to get up and laid near his head. "You're a really sweet male and I want to get to know you more. Please if nothing else can I at least do this for you." She said before she pressed her lips to his as she started to kiss all over him. Spring didn't know why but it felt just....right and she wasn't going to pass up a chance to show him that she had feeling for him. Her leaf waved around as she closed her eyes letting her lips do all the thinking as she felt her mouth open up as their tongues met for the first time as she embraced him. The longer she kissed him the more of her scent filled the air but it was different from before, there was more of a sexual scent that one would smell when they were in heat, the scent took over the air drowning out her natural scent.

"Spring..." Link said when she finally let go. "Are you sure you know what your doing?" He asked as he turned over and sat up.

"I'm sorry....I just wanted to let you I feel. This goes beyond what I told you before...I've been feeling this since I saw you down at the Great Hall and well...I wanted you to know. " Spring said expressing her feelings for him. "I...I can understand if you want to go our separate ways....but I just wanted you to know.

"Wow....I would never had thought." Link said surprised that she felt this way for him. Spring nodded as she couldn't stop blushing or smiling to him.

"Its true. When we were talking I couldn't stop thinking about how great you were. You're so smart, talented and king hearted. During our battle I couldn't help but blush when you bulked your body up which was just a instant....." she giggled without trying to. "Well you know..."

"Turn on." Link said as he got the message. "Don't worry about it I'm not mad."

"Really!" Spring said springing up like she was a growlithe who was getting a treat from her master. "You really mean that?"

"Ya. You're a great girl and any male would be lucky to have someone like you. "

"Stop..." Spring said feeling flattered that he said something like that.

"Nah its true, every female has something about them that makes them special. You're cute, smart and-." He stopped himself since only one word came to his mind at the moment. "Sexy." He said feeling really hot under his helm. He noticed that Spring was blushing so deeply that her entire face was starting to turn from green to a dark red.

"LINK!" She said as the air in the room was starting to change the atmosphere as it made the air around them heavy and was having dramatic effects on them both as when the cubone looked down he saw his member was out in all its glory as drops of pre was dripping out.

Spring was no different as her sex was so red now that her slit looked like a cherry with a cut in it that was leaking its juices out. "Stop it your making me blush." She said smiling at him, she noticed his needy dick and she knew how to lighten the mood in a way. "Link how about we do something else for a change of pace." She said looking to his then down to his penis and then back up to him.

"Um...what about getting back down-." Link said trying to remind her of her friends and how they might be waiting for them.

"They decided to be late so why worry about them right now. You're the one who I want to be with right now." She walked over him pushing him onto his back as she turned around and laid down on him tail raised. "I want to help you out with something...." She said as she leaned down and started to lick his length as she tasted his dry tasting seman which was just pouring out now like a geyser ready to erupt and send its hot water or in this case hot cum into the air. Spring hasn't done anything like this since she was doing her license test but the memory of the experience returned to her in a heart beat. She licked all along his length like it was a ice cream cone that was dripping milk down and she had to lick it up. Once she was done licking up the extra milk that had dripped down she started to lick at his tip getting anything that was coming up before she wrapped her tongue around his hard rod and bobbed her head down onto him and started to suckle and suck on him making Link moan like a ghost.

Spring closed her eyes as she wanted her mind to wonder away for a bit and let her not worry that they could get caught and thrown into detention for having sexual contact outside of class time or away from the restricted spots under control conditions, in fact it made her even hornier since they were taking a risk like this. [Oh this is so hot, why didn't I meet him sooner. Where has he been all my life--] It was then that she felt something licking at her sensitive slit and trying to work its way into her which made her stop as she shivered from the sudden rush of white hot pleasure nipping at her. "Li...Link..." She moaned as she felt him lightly licking at her making her freeze up for a second so her body could register what was making her feel this.

"Sorry..." He said stopping as she saw some white cream on his mask. "I just thought that you would want to join in on this." He said before started to lick at her again as he wiggled his tongue though her protection and felt his way into her insides which he started to lick at her sensitive walls making them give up her tasty treat which he lapped up greedy like a munchlax at candy store.

[He knows how to please a girl.] Spring thought as she started back on his preing rod which since she had stopped her delicate oral treatment on has begun to drip again. Spring licked up the extra milk tasting the stuff as she worked her way back up like he was lollypop and she was a sweet little chikorita who wanted to enjoy it before she went back to lightly bobbing her head onto his length as she went back to giving him the oral treatment that he deserved. As a added kick Spring started to let loose more of her sweet scent bringing both pokes to edge as they worked extra hard to get the other to climax first, Spring sucking as hard as she could like he was straw that was in a ice cream Sunday and some of ice cream didn't want to come out, while Link was licking at her like she was hiding a treasure that he could only get to if he licked at her.

[Link, Link,-] "LINK!" Spring screamed as she went first splattering his face with her sweet smelling sap and covering the rest of his skull mask with her orgasm. But she had little time to breath as she felt him hit her with a orgasm of his own covering her face also in his warm cream as Spring tried to lick up what she could. [Something told me to not let go.] Spring thought as she cleaned all around Link's now softening up used member. Once he was clean she got up off him and walked away a few feet, sat down and rolled herself aback a bit with her legs open as she started to clean herself up.

"Well...that was unexpected." Link said as he did the same thing, he cleaned all around his penis knowing that he couldn't go back out like this.

"Don't worry about it to much, we'll be fine if we get back to our dens without being noticed by to many students." Spring said as she did a lot of work around her entrance.

Link nodded as he thought about what they just did. "So ah....well did you have fun?" He said as he finished up first. "It wasn't to sudden was it?"

Spring blushed as she finished cleaning up as well. "No I think it was coming we just didn't know how we wanted to express ourselves. Link I told you that I like you and wanted to know who you are better. Just think of it like this...This is the beginning of something great. But that's only if you allow the seed that you planted to grow." She said as she walked back over to him and gave him a kiss on his cheek. "Please Link lets give this a try since I really like you. Let me into your life and you won't be lonely anymore." With that she opened up the door with a vine and walked out but not before turning around and blowing him a kiss with a cute little wink.

"Let her into my life..." Link said as he cleaned up the room and walked out the room after turning off the light.

Well what did you guys think not a bad way to make a come back. I know there was no sex and I was looking to do that in this chapter but I ended up just going with oral. Most of these first mini chapter will be about Spring, Princess, Zeal, Ember, and the our favorite male character Shawn Cheater. I thought about something interesting....What do us guys think about more than sex with some hot woman.....


So if anyone wants me to make a quick chapter like that speak up and I shall deliver.

Peace out my peeps,

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