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Forbidden Love by XD385


Story Notes:

This may become a bit of a Naruto crossover, but no characters from the series will appear, this I promise.

The Azure Knight

Dark storm clouds began to fill the night sky as Ashton and Chiara stood before each other in the study of the Crimson estate. Having doubts about Chiara's honesty, Ashton had gone searching through the study for any information that may help him identify the creature that wiped out the population of Verdant, human and Pokémon alike. And the information he found matched the description of the beast all too well. The beast that had committed the horrid act was none other than the dreaded Azure Knight.

"Chiara, you knew. I'm sure of it. Why did you hide the truth?" Ashton asked, somewhat hurt that a woman who was in love with him would hide something important from him. The Lugia sighed, "Because I was sure you would hunt it down and fight it." Ashton cocked his head to one side, "Uh huh. And what's wrong with that? Do you really have so little faith in me?" But the Lugia cried, "That's not the point! This is the Azure Knight we are talking about! Something that an entire academy of knights could not defeat! How can one man hope to stand against it?!"

Ashton turned to face the book that contained information regarding the cursed sword, Soul Edge. "True. The Azure Knight is a beast that throughout history has slaughtered entire villages and crushed vast armies. But it is really just the body that the sword controls, making them one in the same. And whoever grasps the hilt of Soul Edge becomes the next Azure Knight. It is not something the average warrior can expect to triumph over. And Soul Edge has seen combat throughout countless centuries, so it has a massive amount of experience. A real veteran warrior. I would have my work cut out for me if I ever faced off against it." Chiara then asked, "Then why would you..." Ashton turned to face the Lugia, "If I won't, who will?"

Chiara gasped, "W...what?" Ashton explained, "If I don't stop Soul Edge, who will? More often than not, the form Soul Edge takes is that of a zweihander. And the only way to effectively counter a zweihander is with another zweihander. I should be able to match the Azure Knight with the Flamberge. And I have various Ninja Arts at my disposal, as well as the Eternal Flame. I am the most suited for confronting the Azure Knight. When the sun rises, I will set off to gather information on its whereabouts." But as Ashton made his way for the door, Chiara defiantly blocked his way with her wings spread wide. "Forgive me, but I cannot let you do that!"

Ashton stared in shock at Chiara's defiant behavior. "Chiara, stand aside. I need to get to bed so I may rest up for tomorrow." But the Lugia shouted, "No! I won't let you throw your life away!" Ashton took a step back, "What?" Chiara tearfully spoke, "You know the horrors the Azure Knight has done. If you fight it, you will die!" She then looked into his eyes as tears fell from her face, "Ashton, I love you. And I am certain the other seven would feel the same way if they knew. I know I sound selfish, but I won't let you march off to die! You'll end up leaving behind so much!" But Ashton replied, "I have no intention of dying." Even so, Chiara wept, "That does not mean you will survive! The Azure Knight will still kill you! And if you won't do it for me, do it for your children!" She then brought a hand to her blue belly, "You're going to become a father. I don't want to raise my child alone, without it ever knowing its father. I and the other seven didn't wait this long for you to make love to us only to leave us behind!" But Ashton asked, "And if I insist on going?" Chiara trembled as her eyes began to glow a faint blue, "Then I will do everything in my power to stop you. I swear it! I will not stand by and watch you march off to your death!" Ashton stood silently at Chiara's threat, but tears began to flow from his eyes as he whispered, "You win."

Chiara gasped as she saw her lover crying. "Ashton?" The viscount spoke, "If fighting the Azure Knight comes at the cost of your life, then I will not seek it out. I would never be able to forgive myself if I ever harmed you or the others." He then approached Chiara and threw his arms against her belly in a type of embrace, "I'll stay. If leaving would hurt you so, I will remain here." Chiara lowered her head and nuzzled against his face as her great wings folded around him in a tender embrace. "Forgive me. I did not mean to hurt you." Chiara spoke with a sob. But Ashton sighed, "It is fine. And you are right." He then laid a hand against her belly, "I am going to become a father eventually. Each of you is carrying my children, and I want to be there for them when they are born." Chiara replied, "I am glad that you chose to stay. In time, I'm certain our children will be grateful as well." But Ashton added, "However..... I will have to face the Azure Knight eventually."

Chiara gasped, "But didn't you just..." Ashton shushed her, "Yes, I did promise to remain here instead of seeking out the Azure Knight." He then took a step back, "However, the Azure Knight, or rather Soul Edge, will come here to feast on our souls. It's only a matter of time. Sooner or later, it will come. And I will do everything in my power to protect you." Chiara sighed, "I...see... But we are only nine while many other souls reside throughout the kingdom. Surely it will leave us alone in favor for more populous locations." Ashton silently nodded, slightly disgusted to hear his Lugia lover say such a thing.

Ashton slowly made his way down the hallway towards his bedroom, the guilt of leaving Soul Edge alone nagging at his conscience. When he entered his room, he was slightly surprised to see Ruby sitting at an end table while reading by candlelight. When she heard him enter, the Lucario looked towards him and smiled, "Ready for bed, dear?" Ashton asked, "You're still awake?" The Lucario giggled and stood up, "It didn't feel right to go to bed without my husband." Ashton's eyes trailed downwards until they rested upon Ruby's belly. Now halfway through her pregnancy, she was fairly swollen.

Ashton walked over to Ruby and picked her up in his arms. "Ashton, I can walk." But he nodded, "I know. You just look so cute with a baby growing inside you." She blushed, "Awww, you're such a good father." Ashton then laid Ruby upon their bed and climbed under the covers after removing his shirt. He then reached down and ran his fingers along Ruby's swollen belly. "Ashton, you're tickling me!" Ruby said with a giggle. The viscount sighed, "I'll always be there for you, my child. Daddy's here." But as he continued to rub Ruby's yellow belly, tears began to form in his eyes. He then pulled the covers down and laid his head against her belly. Ruby gasped, "Ashton?" He whispered, "I'll always be there for you. Always. My beautiful little child." Ashton continued to gently nuzzle his unborn child as Ruby blushed with pride. "Ashton, our child will absolutely adore you." Ashton then pulled the covers over them and gave Ruby a kiss, "Goodnight, my dear." Ruby snuggled up to him and sighed, "Good night, Ashton." The two lovers soon fell asleep together, but their child kicked a few times, as if reaching out to its father.

That night, Ashton had a most disturbing dream. He found himself in the town of Green Mile, the city engulfed in flames. Around him were the dismembered corpses of the townspeople, brutally slaughtered by a large blade. Ashton screamed, "Ruby! Laura! Serenade! Anyone! Are you out there?!" A few seconds later, he heard Ruby scream, "Ashton! I'm over here! The..." But she suddenly stopped short. Fearing the worst, Ashton made a dash towards the direction he heard her voice from with the Flamberge in his right hand.

Ashton dashed through the streets, ignoring every corpse he came across. Through the burning city, he made his way to the very front of the castle. He ran across the burning drawbridge just before it could collapse into the moat. But when he reached the courtyard, Ashton came to a sudden halt as his eyes went wide with horror. Lying before him were the bodies of his eight lovers, their children cut from their wombs. Their partially developed bodies rested near their mothers. Ashton wanted to scream, but he could not even open his mouth.

Ashton slowly scanned the bodies of his eight lovers. Laura had a tiny Latios and Latias near her while Laika had three tiny pups near her bleeding corpse. The others had only one, but he soon saw that Ruby did not have her child near her. He then looked ahead slightly and saw a hulking knight clad in azure armor. Its right arm was more of a grotesque claw that ended with three fingers. There even seemed to be a toothy maw on its shoulder. The knight's crimson eyes stared out from a helmet that had a silver spike extending from the forehead. In the knight's left hand rested a large sword that was standing straight up with its tip in the ground. The blade was somewhat triangular with the cutting edge mostly on the lower side. But the rest of the sword seemed to be living flesh. And towards the rear of the massive blade Ashton saw an eye staring at him. Ashton then looked back towards the hideous right arm and saw blood oozing out from between its three fingers as it seemed to be gripping something. A few seconds later, the hand opened and dropped something to the ground. Ashton gasped in silent horror as he saw the tiny body of a Riolu lying before the knight, its body soaked in its mother's blood. The knight then spoke in a dark mocking voice, "Even the souls of the unborn provide me with more strength."

Ashton glared ahead at the Azure Knight with eyes filled with hate, sorrow, and despair. The Azure Knight saw this and smirked, "Yes. That's it. I want to see your madness." Ashton's eyes began to quiver with wrath as he raised his sword and let out a terrible scream. He then charged at the Azure Knight and took a leap at it. But the knight stood where it was and did nothing as Ashton brought the Flamberge down hard, splitting the knight in two. The flesh seemed to rot into a pile of mush as the armor collapsed around it.

Ashton panted in horror as he looked around him. The sight of his eight lovers and their children very nearly drove him mad. "How could it do this to you...? What kind of monster would do this?" But the very same voice that had come from the Azure Knight replied, "You should ask yourself that question!" Ashton looked around before looking up to see the burning eye of Soul Edge staring down at him. "I was not at fault! You allowed this to happen!" Ashton staggered back, "No... I had nothing to do with this!" But Soul Edge shouted, "You did nothing to protect your loved ones! You stood by and did nothing as they and your children died!" Ashton felt tears flowing down his face, "No... They pleaded with me to stay with them..... They refused to let me..." But Soul Edge laughed, "If you need further convincing, just look at your weapon! See the blade you hold smeared with their blood!" Ashton then looked down at his right hand and froze in terror to see that he was not holding the Flamberge, but the cursed blade of Soul Edge itself! Its blade was still soaked in the blood of his family. "No..... This can't be my doing!" But as he looked down at the sword, his arm began to bulge and mutate as it became just as monstrous as that of the Azure Knight itself. Ashton then saw the metal gauntlet covering his left hand start to change from blue to azure. Soul Edge then roared, "I am not the Azure Knight! YOU ARE, ASHTON!!!" Ashton's eyes, now a terrifying crimson hue, poured tears as he let out a scream of despair as the evil sword took command, forever changing the Vulcan Warrior into the next Azure Knight.

Ashton woke up suddenly as he hit the floor of his bedroom. Ruby felt Ashton fall out of bed and crawled over to the edge and looked down at him. "Are you all right?!" Ashton's only reply was a pathetic whimper as he brought his hands to his face. Ruby heard him sobbing and jumped down to him. "Dear, what's wrong?" But Ashton still could not speak. Ruby then embraced him and whispered, "It's OK. It was just a dream. It didn't really happen." She gently caressed his face as Ashton slowly calmed down. (I've never seen him like this. What in the world did he see?)

A few days passed, and Ashton did what he could to take his mind off of Soul Edge. Chiara had alerted the other seven ladies to Ashton's intent, and they had all agreed to stop him if he tried to leave. Although he tried to enjoy their company, his conscience would not leave him alone. He was constantly tormented by the guilt of knowing that Soul Edge could be slaughtering an entire city somewhere, and he could not go off to stop it without his loved ones getting in the way.

Ashton kneeled before the tombstone of Serra one day at just past noon. "Serra, what should I do?" He could still remember his vow to her, when he promised to find love anew. "I want to protect my loved ones, but they will not allow me to leave for fear that I will not return. What should I do?" Just then, a voice spoke from behind him, "Do whatever you think is best." Ashton recognized the voice right away and turned around. Standing before the gates was Koga. "Master Koga?!" The wise old shinobi laughed, "I told you I would be visiting! Remember?" Ashton blushed, "Oh, right. Completely forgot." He then walked over to the gate and unlocked it. "Sorry that the gate was locked. I've been placed under house arrest and some vigilantes occasionally drop by to assassinate me. Naturally, they always fail." Koga gave Ashton a shocked glance, "You?! House arrest?! What could a fine boy like you be arrested for?!" Ashton smiled, "Come inside and I will show you."

Ashton led Koga to his bedroom and pulled a chair out for him. "Thank you. Now tell me, why have you been arrested?" Ashton sighed, "The townspeople think I'm guilty of bestiality." Koga raised an eyebrow, "Say what?" Ashton pointed at Laika, who was resting on Ashton's bed. Koga gave a blank stare, "Yes.... So what is your point?" Ashton smiled and walked over to Laika. He gently patted her on the head and rolled her over slightly, showing Koga her underside. It was somewhat swollen, her pink flesh visible through her white fur. Koga then gasped, "Ashton..... You had children with a Pokémon?" Ashton nodded, "Not just yet, but they're on the way."

Koga smiled, "Ashton, I never imagined that you would fall in love with a Pokémon. I'm not disgusted, but I am surprised." Ashton leaned over to Laika and gave her a kiss on the nose, prompting a calm smile from her. "And not just her, but the other seven as well." Koga shouted, "WHAT?! THEM TOO?!" Ashton nodded, "They were heartbroken when I announced that I had chosen Ruby to be my bride, so I gave them the option of bearing my children." Koga then asked, "And Ruby did not mind?" Ashton smiled, "She loves them like sisters. She didn't want them to be unhappy, so she wanted them to experience the same kind of joy she feels." Koga grinned, "That's what I always liked about you the most, Ashton. You have a big heart."

Koga's tone suddenly turned serious, "Ashton, I heard the entire population of Verdant was crippled by a single intruder. Was it the Azure Knight?" Ashton gulped, surprised that Koga was aware. He added, "Don't be surprised. Anyone who has ever held a weapon knows at least a little about Soul Edge, as do I." Ashton nodded and turned to Laika, "Laika, would you please leave us alone for now? Master Koga and I need to speak in private." The she-wolf slowly got up and walked outside the room before Ashton closed and locked the door. But a few seconds later, he raised his voice, "And no eavesdropping!" There was a disappointed growl from behind the door as Laika walked away.

Ashton took a seat across from the small table. "Master Koga, your guess is correct. The Azure Knight has returned. It devoured the souls of the humans and Pokémon of Verdant. But for some reason, their lives were spared. Right now, they're nothing more than hollow shells." Koga nodded, "I see. Well, seeing as how you have been blessed with the Eternal Flame, I say you are the ideal opponent for the Azure Knight." Ashton nodded, "True. And I was planning on hunting it down. But....." He sighed, "My eight lovers do not have your faith. They are certain that if I fight the Azure Knight, I will perish. And they claim that they will do everything in their power to prevent me from leaving if I try."

Ashton banged his hands down onto the table and pleaded, "Master Koga, I don't know what to do! I truly love my family, but I also cherish my kingdom! I'm devastated that I'm stuck here while the Azure Knight is roaming the countryside! It could be attacking another town right now, and I wouldn't be able to stop it!" He then pleaded, "Master Koga, what should I do?" Koga then gave him a sly smirk, "The only way for you to go after the Azure Knight without your lovers getting in the way would be to leave without them knowing you're gone." He then walked over to Ashton and began to whisper something into his ear.

A few hours later, Koga stood just outside the front door to the manor while Ashton and Ruby stood in the doorway. Koga sighed, "I never expected Zandria to have become this skilled at eastern cuisine." Ashton smiled, "Oh yeah, that seafood noodle soup really hits the spot." Ruby then bowed, "It was a pleasure to see you again, Master Koga." The elderly shinobi kneeled down and gently rubbed her belly, "I'm sure you will make a fine mother, Ruby. Just make sure you keep an eye on my pupil here." Ashton chuckled, "Oh, each of them are watching me like a hawk." Ashton and Koga then shared a friendly handshake. Koga then spoke, "Don't bother opening the gate. I'll just jump it this time." He then turned and ran over to the gate before clearing it with a single leap. He then turned and waved goodbye before setting off down the path to Green Mile.

Upon arriving in Green Mile, Koga made his way to the moat that surrounded the castle. One of the guards atop the battlements called down, "Oy! Who're you, old man?!" Koga replied, "I am Koga of the Far East! I need to speak with the queen regarding the occurrence in Verdant!" But before the guard could order the guards below to drop the drawbridge, Koga shouted, "Oh, no need for that!" He then jumped to the moat and ran across the water and up the walls that surrounded the castle. He then performed a flip over the top and landed on his feet in the courtyard. The guard whistled, "You soldiers of the east are something else!" Koga laughed, "Thank you!"

Koga soon stood before the two guards positioned outside the royal hall. "I need to speak with the queen regarding the Verdant incident. I am Koga, mentor to Ashton Redford Crimson." The guards then pushed the two halves of the door open and allowed the shinobi inside. Koga then walked to the end of the hall and kneeled before the queen. "My lady, it pleases me to know our ninja sentries are performing their duties well." The queen smiled, "Yes, I am most grateful to your emperor. You are Koga, are you not?" He nodded, "I am. And Ashton has entrusted me to deliver some information to you."

Koga explained, "A few days ago, Ashton discovered the identity of the monster that attacked Verdant. It was the Azure Knight, the wielder of the demon sword, Soul Edge." Jessica brought a hand to her face, "The Azure Knight?! Truly?!" Koga nodded, "Indeed. There is no other entity that better matches the description." He then explained, "If it is indeed the Azure Knight, you must alert the soldiers throughout the kingdom to NOT engage it in combat. They will stand no chance against it." The queen nodded, "I see. Yes, I will send word to them to flee on sight." Koga nodded, "Thank you. I will search the kingdom for signs of the Azure Knight and its whereabouts. Good day, your majesty." Koga then turned to leave and proceeded out of the royal hall.

After leaving the castle the same way he entered, Koga headed north to the border of Green Mile. Once he had passed the gates, he looked around to see if anyone could spot him. "Looks like I'm far enough." He then brought his hands together and made a hand sign. A second later, he was engulfed in a puff of white smoke. When the smoke cleared, he spoke, "Forgive me, Ruby. But I must stop the Azure Knight." Clad in his new suit of armor, Ashton made his way north.

Ashton came to Verdant after walking along the forest path for a few hours. With autumn a short ways off, the night was coming early. Ashton felt a cool breeze as he entered through Verdant's south gate. The wind sounded almost as if it was weeping for the people of Verdant. Ashton sighed as he stood in what used to be the most prosperous city in Rohta. "It doesn't feel right when it's this quiet." Ashton then proceeded through the city, his clanking boots echoing throughout the ghost town.

When he reached the center of the city, Ashton turned to see the rooftop of the academy where he trained as a squire. With a heavy heart, he made his way towards it. When he stood before the heavy wooden gates, he was not surprised to find them smashed by a heavy weapon, most likely Soul Edge itself. Even so, all the victims inside had been removed and were now resting in Green Mile. Ashton then made his way inside and walked around while searching for the stairs that led down into the basement. When he entered the familiar underground passageway, Ashton went straight to the stables. He sighed heavily to find them empty. Even the majestic dragons had not been spared during the Azure Knight's rampage.

With very slow steps, Ashton walked to the very back of the stables and stood before the empty stable where he always found Serra. His memories came flooding back to him. The beautiful and sassy Salamence who loved him enough to die for him. She was the perfect woman for him. Ashton could feel tears building up as he shuddered. "If you had only stayed here, your soul would have been stolen. But you would still be alive." But Ashton soon wiped his tears away, "No... If you had not been there, I may not have survived. I owe you my life." He then whispered, "Rest peacefully, Serra. I'll see you again someday."

After leaving the academy, Ashton left Verdant through the north gate. By now, the sun had set and the darkness of night was rapidly growing. "I didn't come prepared for a night in the woods. Better head home for the night." Ashton continued through Viridian Forest until he came to a familiar brook. Even in the dark of night, he recognized it. "I'll bet Mother and Father aren't expecting me." With the clanking of his armor combined with the snapping of twigs, Ashton made quite a bit of noise as he made his way through the underbrush.

With the sun completely set, Ashton soon noticed the glow of candles and oil lamps in several windows of the humble cottage that he was raised in. He smiled, "It always feels great to come home." After checking around the exterior for his father, Ashton walked to the door and knocked a few times. A moment passed with no reply. After knocking again, Ashton became slightly annoyed by the lack of an answer. But his eyes went wide at a scary thought. "Oh god, no....." Ashton then barged the door open and ran inside. "Mother! Father! Where are you?!" But when he entered the dining room, Ashton stopped at the sight of his parents staring at him with stunned expressions.

"Phew..... I thought it got you too..." Ashton said with a sigh of relief. But his mother slowly stood up and walked over to him with a deathly silence. "Mother?" The beautiful Gardevoir gazed into his eyes for a moment before embracing him and sobbing against his chest. "My boy... My precious little boy..." Ashton patted his mother on the back, "Did something happen while I was away?" Siegfried then stood up and walked over to them. "Starlet, there's no need to cry. Ashton is just fine." The Gardevoir sobbed, "I know... Just...give me a moment." Siegfried nodded, but soon embraced them both as tears fell from his eyes. Ashton gulped, "Father, I almost never see you cry. What happened while I was gone?"

Once Siegfried and Starlet stopped crying, they took a step back and looked their son over. Starlet smiled, "What a fine suit of armor you have. Looks good on you." Ashton grinned, "Thanks. I only got it a few weeks ago." Siegfried took a glance at the Flamberge on his back, "I see you're still using that monster of a sword." Ashton nodded, "It's like an extension of my hand. I can't think of using anything else." But Ashton then asked, "But why were you so happy to see me? Did something happen?" Starlet sighed, "Something happened while you were away that gave us reason to believe you were dying." Ashton gasped, "I was what?" Starlet brought a hand to her chest, "Do you remember that peridot you gave me? One day a couple of months ago, it cracked without anything striking it. I thought for sure we would never see you again." Ashton thought for a moment before grumbling, "Orochi....." Siegfried asked, "Who?" But Ashton shook his head, "Oh...nothing. But where is that peridot?" Siegfried walked over to a small end table and picked something up. "It's right here." He then handed it to Ashton. But when he inspected it, he asked, "Are you sure it cracked? I'm not seeing any." Starlet then took it and looked closely. "The cracks are gone?" Siegfried smiled, "Perhaps that is its way of saying Ashton will be fine." Starlet smiled, "Guess I'll have to get a new thread for it. But anyway, would you like to stay for dinner?" Ashton nodded, "Actually, I was hoping to spend the night here. I didn't come prepared for a night out in the woods." Siegfried laughed, the light from a candle illuminating his blue head. "Of course you can stay! This is your home, after all!"

After removing his armor and placing it and the Flamberge in his bedroom, Ashton took a seat at the dinner table. Lying before him were fried potatoes, lightly salted spinach, and a roasted chicken. "Nothing beats a mom's home-cooking." Ashton said as he inhaled the aroma of the meal. Starlet giggled, "I'm glad you think so. Let's dig in." Starlet began to pass around the food and served them on the plates.

As they ate, Siegfried asked, "So, Ashton. Are you alone out here?" He nodded, "Yep. Everyone's back home right now. But my old teacher is with them." Siegfried replied, "You mean that ninja? Koga, wasn't it?" Ashton nodded, "Yeah. I know he'll keep watch over them." But Starlet asked, "But why are you all the way out here alone? And you were dressed in a full suit of armor. Did something happen?" Ashton sighed as he set his utensils down, "Yes. Do you know what happened in Verdant about ten or so days ago?" Siegfried asked, "You mean when the entire population fell ill?" Ashton shook his head, "No. They are not ill. The truth is much darker."

Ashton asked, "Father, do you know of something called Soul Edge?" Siegfried nodded, "Anyone who knows the ways of combat knows of that thing. Why do you ask?" Ashton explained, "Because it was Soul Edge that caused the townspeople to fall ill. Except it wasn't an illness. It attacked the city and devoured the souls of every single person there, including the Pokémon. But for some reason, the victims survived. But they're nothing but empty shells now." Siegfried gulped, "The Azure Knight? It lives?" Starlet gasped, "And it took out everyone there? Even the knights?" Ashton silently nodded. Starlet then asked, "But what does that have to do with you being out here alone?" Ashton replied, "What does it have to do with me? Isn't it obvious?" His parents only stared at him with shock. "I'm searching for the Azure Knight. I intend to slay him and Soul Edge along with it."

Siegfried slowly stood up from the table and stared at his son. "Ashton, don't be a fool." Ashton replied, "Don't try to stop me, Father. I am the only knight in the kingdom who has a chance." But Siegfried shouted, "Ashton, I forbid you from going anywhere near that beast!" Ashton looked over at his father. Siegfried continued, "You know what that thing is capable of. It's notorious for bringing down entire armies. One man can't stand up to it!" Ashton slowly stood up from his chair. Siegfried then extended his elbow blades, "I won't let you march off to die. Even if I must fight you." Starlet brought her hands to her face as she watched her husband stand against their son. Ashton slowly walked toward his father before stopping several inches from him. He then gently set a hand on his father's arm. "I have no intention of dying. I have too much to leave behind."

Ashton's words seemed to get through to his father as Siegfried's blue elbow blades retracted. The Gallade sighed, "Ashton, you know I have always loved you as my son. And I know you are one of the finest knights in the kingdom, if not THE finest. But Soul Edge is a monstrous demon. Do you really believe you can bring that thing down?" Ashton replied, "Make no mistake. Even I am somewhat afraid of Soul Edge. But I'm more fearful of what will happen if I ignore its activities. And besides....." Ashton then gave his parents a proud smile, "I want to see the moment in eight months when you two become grandparents."

Siegfried and Starlet gave their son a stunned gaze. Starlet asked, "Ashton..... What do you mean?" Ashton smiled, "Serenade told me, Mother." Siegfried smirked, "Oh, that. Well, what was your answer?" Ashton smiled, "Serenade is pregnant with my child." Starlet, unable to contain her joy, stood up and ran over to Ashton and embraced him while weeping in joy. "Ashton, I'm so proud of you! I always knew you and Serenade would make a perfect couple!" But Ashton replied, "Actually, that's not what's going to happen. Ruby is the one I have chosen to marry." His parents gave him baffled stares. Siegfried asked, "Ruby? But didn't you and Serenade..." Ashton gave him a toothy grin, "Yes, Serenade is carrying my child, but so is Ruby. And not just them. The other six girls are pregnant with my children as well." Starlet gasped, "All eight?! But...but..." Ashton explained, "It was a difficult decision, but I chose Ruby to be my bride. But Serenade and the others were terribly hurt by my choice. So to make them happy, I offered them the choice to bear my children. And now, everyone is joyful about us being one big family." Ashton turned to Starlet, "I'm sorry, Mother. I know you wanted me to marry Serenade, but my decision is Ruby and I am sticking with it." But the Gardevoir only smiled and embraced him, "That is quite all right. Knowing that you and Serenade are going to give us a grandchild in eight months is all I need."

A short while later, Ashton rested in his bed after taking a hot bath. He sighed, pleased by the familiar feel and smell of the humble cottage that he was raised in. Suddenly, he heard the door open and saw his mother walk in with a candle in hand. "Still awake, dear?" Ashton smiled, "Yes. Just taking in the sounds of the forest." She set the candle down on a table and took a seat next to the bed. Ashton spoke, "Serenade told me something about you. Something about you wanting to marry me if you were still single." Starlet blushed and brought a hand to her mouth, "She did? Well, I always did love you." Ashton chuckled, "Yes, I know. And I don't hold it against you." He then gave Starlet an odd gaze, "Mother, I know I said last time that it would only be that once, but....." Starlet smiled, "I see. You want some warm milk. Well, you showed up at a good time." She then pulled part of her vest away, revealing her beautiful motherly breast. "Take your time. Drink as much as you want."

Ashton sat up a bit and began to suckle from his mother's breast. The flavor of her milk was warm and satisfying. But as he suckled, Ashton's member began to throb for some reason as it began to stiffen. What was more, Starlet began to pant as her womanhood began to become moist. To her surprise, Ashton grabbed the rest of her vest and yanked it down, revealing her other breast. Ashton then took his mouth off her breast and began to suckle the other one. While doing that, Ashton grabbed Starlet's spent breast and gently massaged it. The Gardevoir gasped and moaned as her beloved son fondled her so lovingly.

"Ashton..... Please stop for a moment." Ashton heard Starlet and stopped suckling and touching her. He then realized what he had done and blushed, "Mother... I don't know what came over me..." But the Gardevoir smiled and asked, "Tell me. Is Serenade as beautiful as I am?" Ashton merely replied, "Let's just say I know where she got her beauty from." Just then, the white cloth around Starlet's womanhood vanished. Ashton gulped, "Mother... We really shouldn't..." But she then grabbed Ashton's erect member. "What's this? Sleeping in the nude?" She then whispered, "Ashton. As you know, we are not related at all. Please, just this once. Make me feel what it's like to have you as a lover." Ashton blushed, "You weren't joking at all, were you?" She shook her head, "Not at all. If I never met your father, I would've taken you as my husband. And I would've given birth to your children many times over." Ashton shuddered at the thought of impregnating his own mother, but she giggled, "Don't worry. I'm not very fertile right now. There won't be any unexpected additions to the family." Ashton sighed, "Very well, but just this once. I don't even want to think about what Father would do if he found out." But Starlet replied, "Don't worry. He's fast asleep. So shall we begin?"

Starlet positioned herself above Ashton's pointed member and brought herself down. Ashton let out a gasp as he felt his mother's warm flesh envelop his manhood. As Starlet began to make love to her son, she asked, "So, what's it like to make love with a real woman?" Ashton panted as he gazed at his mother's beautiful body. She was only in her mid thirties, so she was still quite young. As she bounced up and down on his member, Starlet leaned forward, "My beloved Ashton, kiss me." She then threw her arms around Ashton and sealed lips with him, forcing her tongue into his mouth. Ashton closed his eyes and pressed into the kiss.

Mother and son continued to make passionate love for several more minutes, never breaking the kiss and tenderly embracing each other. Starlet was beautiful, a perfect woman. And Ashton could not help but feel attracted to her. If she was still single, he would propose to her without delay. Their orgasms were quickly building as the two lovers kissed. Without breaking the kiss, Ashton fired powerful bursts of fertile semen into his mother as her inner walls clamped down on him. Their faces went red with a blush as they rode out their climaxes together.

Starlet slowly broke the kiss with her son. A tad dizzy from their orgasms, they only gazed at each other for a moment. Starlet then sighed, "Amazing. You're every bit of a man as your father." Ashton replied, "And you're every bit as beautiful and tender as Serenade." The mother and son then embraced each other. "I love you, Mother." The Gardevoir replied, "I love you too, Ashton." Starlet then slowly raised herself off of Ashton and fixed her dress. Ashton asked, "Tell me. Do you still love Father?" Starlet smiled, "Oh, I adore Siegfried. I could never leave that man. As much as I love you, he is the real man of my dreams." Ashton smiled, "Glad to hear it. I don't want to cause a rift in the family." Starlet picked up her candle and stood outside the room, "Ashton, I know I don't need to say this....." But she then gave him a look of great fear, "Take care when you find the Azure Knight." Ashton nodded, "I will, Mother. I will live to see the day you become a grandmother." She smiled, "Thank you. And good night, dear." The two shared a friendly wave before Starlet made her way down the hall as Ashton drifted off to sleep.

Back at the Crimson estate, Koga stood outside Ashton's bedroom. (I still have to wonder how he came up with that concoction that masks ones' scent.) But when he entered the room, he stopped at the sight of Laura gently reclining on the bed while holding her head up with a hand. "Laura?" The Latias gave him a lustful smile, "What're you waiting for, Ashy? Come give Mommy some love." Koga looked at Laura's swollen belly. "Um...could this wait until tomorrow?" Koga asked with a nervous grin. But Laura suddenly flew over to him and gripped his pants, "No way, handsome. I need you inside me NOW."

Koga cursed his luck in his mind, (Oh god, NO!!! Ashton, please come home soon.....)
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