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Forbidden Love by XD385


Story Notes:

This may become a bit of a Naruto crossover, but no characters from the series will appear, this I promise.

Soul Edge's Invitation

Ashton awoke to the sound of birds chirping outside his window. He then turned and saw a familiar Pidgey perched on the windowsill. Ashton got out of bed and walked over to it, forgetting he was still nude. "Hello, old friend. I'm surprised you haven't evolved after all these years." But the Pidgey gave Ashton an odd stare. Ashton noticed and gulped, "Thanks for reminding me." He went over to his clothes and put on some undergarments. "Much better." Just then, he recognized the scent of roast pork being cooked. "Mother is cooking breakfast." He then quickly clothed himself and went to the door. He waved at the Pidgey, "Take care. Maybe I'll see you again sometime."

Once seated at the dinner table, Ashton watched his father sit down. "Sleep well, Ashton?" Siegfried asked as he sipped some fruit juice. Ashton smiled, "Yes. Been a long time since I slept that well." Just then, Starlet came in with a large plate of fried potatoes. "Seems that potatoes go well with any meal of the day." She then set the plate down and went back into the kitchen to fetch the roast pork and a bowl of fresh fruit. Once they were all seated, Ashton smiled, "It warms my heart that I am feasting with my family again." Siegfried nodded, "And it warms our hearts that you are here with us. Let's enjoy ourselves, shall we?"

As they feasted on their breakfast, Starlet asked, "Ashton, have you and Serenade decided on a name for our grandchild?" Ashton shook his head, "Not yet. Don't know if it will be a boy or girl." But just then, Ashton remembered something. "Mother, did a Dragonair named Dimitri ever stop by here about four months ago?" She smiled, "Yes, he did. An old friend of yours?" Ashton nodded, "We go back a long way. Where is he?" Siegfried explained, "He told us that you sent him. We let him stay here and he enjoyed our company. But he went out for a flight a few weeks later. After a few days, he returned and claimed that he had found a place in the northeastern corner of the kingdom of Clavice known as the Dragon's Den. Seems that dragons are welcome there and feel very much at home. He then left to live there." Ashton smiled, "So Dimitri found a new home. Glad to hear it. Maybe I'll see him again someday."

After finishing breakfast, Ashton let out a long grunt as he stretched. "Excuse me for a moment. I need to go outside and stretch my wings." He then stood up and made his way outside. Siegfried chuckled, "Stretch his wings? Not bad." But Starlet jumped, "Did you just hear a fire erupt?" Suspicious, the couple went to the front door and looked outside. To their shock, they saw Ashton with his back to them as a pair of large wings composed of rainbow flames sprouted from his back. Siegfried gasped, "Ashton..... What in the world...." Ashton heard his father and turned to face them. To their surprise, the Z-shaped scars under Ashton's eyes had become bolder and his eyes were a bright red. Although his eyes intimidated them slightly, Ashton gave them a cheery smile, "What's wrong? I'm just stretching my wings!"

Starlet slowly approached Ashton and reached out to his wings. Seeing that she was hesitant, Ashton explained, "Don't worry. They won't burn you unless I want them to." She then reached out and caressed his wing. Although composed of flames, it felt like feathers. She went around to his backside and ran her hands along the top of his wing, "Ashton, they're beautiful! It's like you're an angel!" Aston laughed, "Funny you mention that! Ho-Oh called me that too." Starlet gasped, "You know?" Ashton nodded, "Yes. I found out about this wondrous power while I was in the Far East. Ho-Oh spoke to me in a vision. She called me her Angel of the Eternal Flame." He then gave Starlet a thankful gaze, "Mother, I am grateful that you went to such lengths to save me."

Starlet smiled, "Serenade told you, didn't she?" Ashton gave her a nod. She then took a step back, "But are they just for show, or can you fly with them?" Ashton gave her a sneaky glance, "See for yourself! Come fly with me, Mother!" He grabbed her by the hand and flapped his wings. A second later, they were airborne. Siegfried watched in silent awe as his son rose higher into the air. "!" Starlet shrieked as she looked down. But Ashton laughed, "Oh, no you don't! We're just getting started!" He then performed an underhand toss and sent his mother flying straight up. He then flapped his wings hard and pursued her.

Once Starlet was at the height of the throw, Ashton caught up with her and caught her in his arms. She looked around, amazed to find herself above the forest canopy. "Ashton, is this real?" He replied, "See for yourself." Holding her in his arms, Ashton took off above the Viridian Forest. Starlet screamed in giddiness as she soared in the arms of her son. "This is simply amazing! I never imagined flying over the forest before!" Ashton smiled, "Shall I go faster?" Starlet shook her head, "No, I don't want to risk falling." Ashton nodded and descended slightly, flying just barely above the treetops. Starlet reached down and plucked a leaf from a tree as they flew by. She clutched it gently in one hand while her other arm held onto Ashton's neck. "Ashton, let's go home. Your father is probably worried sick." With a nod, Ashton made a wide swerve in the air and made his way back home.

When Ashton spotted the clearing their home was in, he flapped his wings to come to a stop and slowly descended while fluttering his wings lightly. Once on the ground, Ashton set his mother down and dismissed his wings, his eyes and scars returning to normal. Siegfried ran over to Starlet, "Are you OK? He didn't drop you, did he?" Starlet giggled, "It was such a thrill! I can't describe the feeling of flight!" The Gallade looked at his son, "With that kind of mobility, I'm certain you can bring the Azure Knight to his knees!" Ashton gasped, "Darn it, I completely forgot! Excuse me!" He then ran past his parents and into the cottage. A few minutes later, he ran back out clad in his armor and the Flamberge on his back. But before he could run off, Starlet grabbed him by the arm, "Just a moment. I want to give you something."

Ashton turned to his mother and watched her enter their home. He turned to his father, "What do you suppose it is she wants to give me?" Siegfried shrugged his shoulders, "No clue." A moment later, the Gardevoir emerged from the cottage with a large blanket of cloth in her arms. "A bed sheet?" Ashton asked. But Starlet giggled, "Of course not! It's a cloak. A traveler's necessity." She then walked over to Ashton, "Autumn is upon us. That means it's starting to get cool out. Even now, it's a tad chilly. This should keep you warm during the night." Ashton smiled and pulled the insulating cloth over him. It completely concealed his body, including the Flamberge. With a smile, he spoke, "Thanks. I was wondering how I would hide my identity." Starlet and Siegfried looked at each other in confusion, but Ashton then said, "I promise we'll meet again. Goodbye Mother. Goodbye Father." The three then embraced each other in a group hug. After that, Ashton waved goodbye as he headed into the forest as he tried to get back to the path that connected Verdant and Slatis.

After a few hours of walking, Ashton emerged from the Viridian Forest and found himself at the rocky plains that surrounded Slatis. Unpleasant memories resurfaced of when he was forced to slaughter the hunters who wished to murder Cassandra. Although his name was known in Slatis, Ashton very seldom visited and the townspeople did not know his face very well. Gathering his fortitude, he pressed on.

Before long, Ashton felt his armor rattle and even began to clank against each part. "Another earthquake. What else is new?" Pulling the Flamberge out from under his cloak, Ashton thrust the blade into the ground and tightly gripped the hilt for balance. After a little more than twenty seconds, the shaking ceased. He then quickly concealed the Flamberge under his cloak and continued north. It did not take him long to reach Slatis. Due to frequent natural disasters, with earthquakes occurring the most often, the town had been forsaken by most people. Even so, the town produced many minerals and ores from the mountain range nearby and the townspeople even took advantage of the earthquakes as they would break away rock formations, revealing precious ore and even valuable gemstones.

Ashton wandering into town, a bit creeped out from the lack of activity. Although the town did not have the feel of a ghost town, there were fairly few buildings compared to Verdant. The buildings that stood in Slatis were composed of stone and built in such a way that made them all but immune to earthquakes. Ashton searched about for a short while as various townspeople headed for the nearby mountain range to reap the benefits of the recent earthquake. Soon, the viscount spotted an inn and made his way inside.

Ashton was a bit surprised to find that even the counter of the inn was made of stone. He then approached the innkeeper and asked, "Good day, sir. I'm searching for someone who has been wandering about while wearing azure armor. Have you heard anything about him?" The middle-aged man shrugged his shoulders, "Can't say I have. Sorry. This town doesn't get many visitors, especially during the colder seasons." Ashton nodded, "I see. Sorry for wasting your time." He then left the inn and headed east.

After walking east for an hour, Ashton found himself standing at the base of a vast mountain. "Oh, great. Mt. Moon. I completely forgot about this." Although Mt. Moon would eventually have a tunnel dug through it, such a thing did not exist at the time. Ashton groaned, "I was not counting on climbing a mountain." He quickly took a look around to see if anyone was nearby. Seeing that he was alone, Ashton removed his cloak and held it tightly in his arms. "Forget this. I'm going over it." Ashton then spread his rainbow wings and took to the air. The viscount soared higher into the air as he rose over the entire mountain. "Sure beats walking. Maybe I'll even drop by the Demon's Cape." Once Ashton was above the mountain, he flew northeast.

After bypassing the city of Celestica, Ashton set himself down after passing the twisted mess of vegetation that separated the southernmost part of the Demon's Cape from Celestica. Once he dismissed his wings, Ashton wrapped himself in his cloak and walked along the peninsula towards the former hideout of the Black Wing. Considering that it was located in a place outside the kingdom's control, it seemed like an ideal place for the Azure Knight to hide in.

After about two hours of walking, Ashton stood before the fortress where he dueled Lance. Despite the crushing blow from the giant Dragonite, the fortress still stood intact. But before entering, Ashton walked to the edge of the shoreline. For a moment, he only stared at the surface. But a few minutes later, he saw a pair of glowing white orbs in the dark depths of the ocean. They stayed in one place as if they were watching him. Knowing what they were, Ashton gave them a friendly wave. In response, the owner of the two glowing orbs let out a beautiful cry that sounded like the call of a whale. Ashton smiled, "Glad to see you're still doing well, my friend." The mighty Dragonite then swam along as Ashton headed back towards the fortress.

During the day, a decent amount of sunlight illuminated the interior of the fortress. Ashton was able to look about without the need of a torch. He gripped the hilt of the Flamberge as he looked about. "Soul Edge, come out and face me! I know you're here!" But there was no reply. Not even the sound of a metal boot clanking along the stone floors. Even so, Ashton kept his guard up as he headed upstairs. When he reached the sleeping quarters, he found some stone bricks from the ceiling had fallen due to the impact of the Dragonite's fist, but the ceiling still held. "Still no one here. That only leaves....." Ashton then made his way to the roof.

Ashton burst through the door that led out to the roof of the fortress and looked around frantically. But to his disappointment, there was no one there. "This is absurd. Of all places, I thought for sure that the Azure Knight was hiding out here!" Disgusted, Ashton made his way back to the sleeping quarters. A tad exhausted from his walking, Ashton removed his armor and set the Flamberge against the wall. He then fell upon one of the beds that had not been crushed by falling stones. "Guess I'll take a nap while I'm here." Ashton pulled his cloak over his body and steadily drifted off to sleep.

That evening as the sun began to set, Koga sighed as he relaxed in a chair in Ashton's bedroom. "I can't believe how lustful Ashton's servants are. I've had to use every ounce of my strength to keep standing!" The old shinobi groaned, "Ashton, I hope you can forgive me for going along with their desires." But just then, there was a knock at the door. "Come in." To Koga's dismay, Cassandra entered. "Ashton, I know you must be tired, but could you please give me a little....." She blushed as she let out a giggle. Koga sighed and stood up as he adjusted his belt buckle. "Very well. Come here."

Right about at that time, Ashton awoke from his nap. He let out a yawn as he sat up in bed. "What time is it?" He then proceeded to put his armor back on and wrapped his cloak around his body. After placing the Flamberge under his cloak, Ashton headed back up to the roof of the fortress. By now, the stars had become visible as the light of day faded away for the night.

Ashton sat down and leaned against the lighthouse tower that jutted up from the staircase. He began to think as a cool evening breeze blew along the roof. "OK. So the Azure Knight was not here. Where else could it be?" But a few minutes later, Ashton looked up as he felt a faint presence. He then watched as a black bird flew down to him and perched on his knee. It seemed to be a raven, but its eyes glowed a sinister red. Ashton watched with caution as the raven looked at him. But the bird soon reached its beak out to him with a rolled up piece of paper. "Hm? A note?" Ashton took the piece of paper from the raven and unfurled it. He then held it in one hand as he created a small orb of fire in his other hand to provide some extra light. But the piece of paper only had two words written on it. And the words shocked Ashton to his core. "How the hell did I overlook that?!" Ashton dropped the note and stood up, forcing the raven to hop off his knee. Ashton looked down at the bird and growled, "Tell that freak I'm on my way." The raven then flew away as Ashton pulled his cloak off and spread his rainbow wings. Soon, he took to the air and flew southwest, leaving the note behind. Inscribed on the note were the words "Dead Forest".

Ashton soared through the night sky as quickly as he could, flying above Mt. Moon and landing at its base on the other side. After pulling his cloak back over him, Ashton focused his Chakra into his feet and took off running at high speed to the west. He ran along the border of Slatis and entered the Viridian Forest. But about halfway through, he came to a halt. "Wait a second..... This cloak will only get in the way." He then backtracked to his parent's cottage.

Upon reaching his old home, Ashton knocked on the door. A moment later, Siegfried answered the door. "Ashton? Back so soon?" The viscount nodded, "Just needed to drop something off." He quickly walked in and pulled off his cloak. He saw his mother sitting at the dinner table as she peeled potatoes. "Mother, thanks for this cloak. But I'm leaving it here." Starlet asked, "Why? Does it not keep the cold out?" Ashton shook his head, "Oh, it does its job well. It's just that it will only get in the way in a fight." Siegfried asked, "What do you mean?" He then faced his father, "I found it. The Azure Knight is lurking in the Dead Forest to the west."

Starlet stood up and walked over to her son and embraced him, "Ashton, don't die on us." He gently patted her on the back, "I promise, Mother. I'm going to come out of this in one piece." Siegfried then set his hand on Ashton's right pauldron, "I know you can pull this off, Ashton. Make us proud." Ashton gave his father a hug, "I shall." He then walked over to the door and turned to face his parents, "Have faith in me. I will survive this challenge." With that, the viscount ran out of his old home and back into the woods.

A few minutes later, Siegfried felt a hint of doubt pull at his conscience. Starlet could see that something was bothering her husband and asked, "Siegfried, is something troubling you?" The Gallade turned to his wife and replied, "Keep my meal warm, Starlet. I'm going to be a little late for dinner tonight." Starlet gasped, "You're not really thinking about going after that thing too, are you?!" But the former gladiator grinned, "Not directly. I'm only going to back Ashton up. I want to be there to support my boy." Starlet then gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, "You better not die on me out there." He flexed his arm, "You know what kind of fighter I am. I'll be back within the next hour!" The brave Gallade dashed outside the door and headed south towards Verdant.

Back at the Crimson estate, Cassandra continued to deep-throat Koga as her lust reached its peak. Koga groaned as his orgasm came hard, his warm sperm pouring into the Absol's mouth. But a few seconds later, Cassandra staggered back and gagged before coughing the semen up. Koga gulped, "Is something wrong?" After regaining her composure, the Absol glared at Koga, "Who are you?" Koga asked, "Who am I? Surely you jest." But Cassandra growled, "Don't lie to me! I've tasted Ashton's seed before and you are not him! His seed is sweet and a bit salty. Yours is terribly bitter!" She then crouched low to the ground as she prepared to pounce, "Who are you?! And what have you done with Ashton?!" Seeing that the gig was up, Koga sighed, "Fine, I'll tell you. But first, gather the other seven girls here. You all need to hear this." Cassandra slowly turned for the door, "Fine, but you better not go anywhere." She then ran down the hall. Koga sighed, "Ashton, I hope I was able to buy you enough time."

A few minutes later, all eight ladies stood in Ashton's bedroom. Chiara asked, "What's this talk of an imposter?" Koga replied, "As Cassandra claims, I am not Ashton." He then made a hand sign and was engulfed in a puff of white smoke. When the smoke cleared, all eight ladies stood aghast. Ruby gagged, "Master Koga?!" But Laura then became blue in the face, "Wait..... If Koga was disguised as Ashton... That means I had..." Laura began to turn green in the face as the other seven also started to look ill. Zandria covered her mouth, "I'm gonna be sick....." Serenade clutched her stomach, "No kidding. I can't believe I made love to an old man....." But Koga grumbled, "Don't lose it now. Ashton's life may be in danger."

At this, all eight girls forgot about what they had done with Koga and stood at attention. Koga explained, "Yesterday, I agreed to help Ashton escape from here so he could hunt down Soul Edge. He disguised himself as me while I disguised myself as him." But Chiara cried, "No! Why would he leave us?! That beast will kill him!" But Koga glared at them, "You are severely underestimating Ashton. I am confident that he has the means to bring down the Azure Knight." Aurora then spoke, "We must find him and stop him before it is too late!" Koga sighed, "I won't try to stop you. If you wish to find him, go." At that, the eight ladies dashed out of the manor and through the iron gates towards Green Mile. With the exception of Serenade, who was riding Aurora, they ran along the path at high speed in search of their lover.

Ashton had just passed through the west gate of Verdant and now found himself standing before the twisted trees of the Dead Forest. During the night, their mostly bare ghastly forms made the forest very intimidating for anyone who wished to pass through. But Ashton was feeling a truly horrific sensation as he stood before the path that passed through the forest. "This sense of malice..... It's here. The Azure Knight is here..." Ashton could not bring himself to step forward as his body froze. "This feel of bloodlust..... The sense of malice the Orochi was giving off was nothing compared to this! But I can't turn back now..." He then reached down and lifted his right leg and placed his foot forward. "Come on, Ashton... One step at a time..." After a significant amount of mental strain, Ashton forced himself into walking into the terrifying Dead Forest. "I must not fail... I cannot fail... Not this time..."

After walking for about half an hour, Ashton felt a terrible evil presence to his right. It was coming from the north, somewhere off the main path. As he made his way through the mutated trees, Ashton took the Flamberge into his right hand as cold sweat dripped from his pores. A short while later, a fiery glow began to shine through the trees as he approached the source. The more he walked, the brighter the glow became. Soon, Ashton stepped into a small clearing and breathed heavily as he tried to stop himself from fleeing in terror.

Standing before the Vulcan Warrior was not a knight, but a golem of sorts. The azure armor that covered its body almost looked as if it had been seared with flames at one time. As he expected, its right arm was heavily disfigured and large with only three fingers. Its feet seemed to be curved bars of metal instead of actual feet. A long horn of fiery orange crystal jutted from the creature's forehead as its eyes glowed a sinister red like a pair of embers. In its left hand was a large double-edged sword that was about the same size as the Flamberge, but it seemed to be made of dark crystal instead of metal. And near the base of the blade was an eye that stared about, a fiery glow emanating from it. But what frightened Ashton the most was the very center of its body. It seemed that the body was split in two at the waist with fangs jutting from each half. And between each half was a pulsing void that seemed to breathe the very darkness this creature had been born from.

The hulking monstrosity spoke with a distorted inhuman voice, "So you have come." Ashton tightly gripped the hilt of the Flamberge as he braced himself for what may become his final battle. The Azure Knight then spoke, "Yes, your soul is perfect. It is all I need." It then raised its massive right hand and curled it into a fist, "At long last, I will reach my true form! The day of the ascension of Soul Edge has arrived!" It then pointed its terrible blade at the viscount, "Now then, Vulcan Warrior, give it to me. GIVE ME YOUR SOUL!!!"
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