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Clubhouse by davidduck


Part 1

Quack! David Duck here. I have a brand spanking new series with everybody's favorite pre-evolution, Pichu! I found there was a lack of top quality Pichu lemons and decided to contribute one to the batch.

Plot: This story has two curious Pokemon trying to find a secret club. But when they find it do they know what they are getting into?

Action: Eevee (F) and Charmander (M) (various)/ Rattata (M) and Eevee (fingering, oral)/ Marril (M) and Eevee (oral)/ Pichu (F) and Charmander (oral-finger combo)/ Marril and Pichu (Sex)

P.s. All action is (con)

Pokemon clubhouse

Two Pokemon where walking in the forest like they do every day to get away from the adults. A few Pokemon from the area had started a secret club and they where trying to find it. They wanted to join so they could have something to do. The club was shrouded in much secrecy, which is the reason the two where so curious about it. The life of a young Pokemon is relatively carefree. Unlike humans that have to go to school almost all year, Pokemon only have to develop their skills on weekends. (Remember, Pokemon do not have cartoons and such to watch so they don't mind being taught on weekends)

A few weeks ago they saw three Pokemon walk into the forest but they where told only members could go with them. The three would disappear for days at a time. (By the way- all Pokemon in this story are the same age, within two months) And once they overheard from one of their parents they had a little club they would camp out at. Trying to follow them was almost impossible but they picked up a very faint scent trail. The odor of the three had a very strange tinge to it and intrigued them even more.

Feeling they where getting closer they stopped and started to talk.

Pichu: Well I bet we're almost there

Marril: Yeah, lets see what's going on

Pichu: Maybe we can convince them to let us join

They reached a clearing that had a small hut made by a human in the center. Taking a whiff Pichu knew no humans had been there in a number of years, and the smell of the Pokemon trio had centered into this spot. Marril heard voices inside (he has really good hearing, because of his big ears) but could not make them out. They went in without knocking (How Wude!) and where greeted to the site of three snarling Pokemon.

Charmander: What are you doing here?!?

Eevee: How did you find us?

They went through the story about how, for the last month, they where trying to find the club. Rattata gave a sigh and whispered in Charmanders ear. A few seconds passed and Charmander spoke.

Charmander: Well I don't think you want to be a member of this club, you should go home.

Pichu: Why?

Rattata: You don't need to know

Marril: Come-on, tell us!

Eevee: A lot of the things we do you would get in trouble for.

Marril: Like what?

Rattata: (to Charmander) We should just tell them, they already found the club.

Eevee: Yeah, we could get in trouble if they tattled.

Charmander: You two are right, we'll explain and if they want no part in it tell them to go home.

Charmander sat down on the big chair in the corner and Eevee sat on the arm left of him. Rattata sat down on a cushion near a window.

Eevee: Hey, I have a idea, lets show them instead.

She reached her head over and began to lick Charmanders crotch lightly.

Marril and Pichu: Eww!

Charmander: No, it feels so good

Pichu: I still think it's gross.

Marril: Yeah.

His erection was obvious now and she took it into her mouth. Charmander let out a small moan of approval and was bucking his hips gently.

Pichu: Why is it moving?

Rattata: That happen when a boy gets excited down there

Pichu: I thought that was a bad place to touch, that's what my mom told me.

Marril: Yeah, me to.

Rattata: They just tell you that so you won't do it.

Pichu: Why?

Rattata: Probably the same reason they tell you to eat your spinach, they're adults, who knows?

Charmander let out a little "char" and came in Eevee's mouth. She tried to suck it all down but it was spilling out of her snout like crazy.

Marril: What's that stuff coming out of her mouth?

Rattata: That is cum, when orgasm is reached the fluid comes out of the pecker.

Pichu: What's an orgasm?

Charmander: (panting) The best feeling in the world

Eevee then licked up the remaining liquid and kissed Charmander on the nose.

Eevee: Thanks for the snack!

Charmander: Anytime

Charmander's erection subsided and he stood up, still a little shaky.

Charmander: So, still want to join?

Pichu: Well, I still don't know, what do you do to the girl?

Rattata: Good question, little Pichu, I'll show you with Eevee. Is that ok Eevee?

Eevee: Sure, Charmander is still a little tired.

She turned around to show her hindquarters and Marril looked away quickly.

Rattata: You have to watch if you want to know what is going on

Marril turned around and apologized, it was polite in Marril society to look away from the backside of other Pokemon. Pichu had never looked at another girls privates and was shy also.

Marril: Sorry, force of habit.

Rattata took his paw up to her pussy and started to rub the outer lips. Eevee made a little noise of pleasure as Rattata inserted his finger a little way inside. Marril was starting to get a weird feeling inside and was blushing slightly. Marril got closer and took a sniff.

Marril: Pichu, this is what we smelled earlier!

Now Eevee started to blush, she was how they found them. But that line of thought did not last long as Rattata drove the two remaining fingers into her, making her moan very loudly. He was now moving them in and out at a furious pace and she came about 20 seconds later.

Eevee: Veeee!!

Jets of fluid came squirting out of her, like a Blastoise using hydro pump. Rattata's paw was covered and he licked at it a little. Marril walked over to them smelling wildly. This mystery fluid had a strange, unexplainable, attraction to him.

Marril: Umm.... can I have a taste?

Rattata: Sure, go on ahead

Marril sniffed again and took a little lick at the outstretched paw and tasted the sticky cum.

Marril: Not too bad, actually quite tasty!

Eevee: (seductively) Glad you liked it

Marril: Yeah, umm...

He took a bigger lick this time and swallowed it. Eevee was watching him and was getting a little turned on again. Pichu by this time was now very confused, how could someone feel pleasure from doing this?

Eevee: Marril, sit down

Marril: Ok...

Marril sat down wondering what Eevee had planed. Eevee licked his belly and he started to laugh, while he was distracted laughing she engulfed his soft penis.

Marril: Hey!

He tried to stand up but Eevee kept him down.

Charmander: You wanted to see what we did in this club, right?

Marril: Well...

Charmander: Now you get a firsthand look. Just relax, this won't hurt a bit.

Marril: I guess.

Eevee started to suck slowly on his soft member and liked the taste of his little blue penis. This felt very weird to Marril, he was getting a little antsy. Eevee responded to this by holding him down with a paw. By now he had an erection and was enjoying it quite a bit.

Pichu: How does it feel?

Marril: (between gasps) Good.. you should try it

Pichu: Maybe, but I'll wait until your done so you can tell me what happens.

Eevee let go of his dick and began to lick his balls.

Marril: Stop it, that tickles!

She licked up from the base of his balls all the way to the head, engulfing his small hard on again. Bucking his hips he could not believe that he could get so much pleasure from someone's mouth. He all of a sudden felt like he was going to blow and did so soon after, sending his warm seed into Eevees eager mouth.

Marril: Oh Boy!

Pichu: Are you ok?!

Marril: Yessss.... I'm Fine

Eevee had no trouble with this load and sucked him dry, eliciting more groans from the blue mouse. She took Marril out of her mouth and licked her lips, this was the best cum she had ever tasted. Marril knew she was done and was trying to catch his breath.

Charmander: So, want to join us?

Marril: Only if Pichu does to.

Pichu: I still not quite sure.

Charmander: Can I try something with you?

Pichu: Well...

Charmander: It won't hurt, and you can stop me when ever you want.

Pichu: Ok, I'll get over on the cushion

Charmander: Lay on your belly when you get over there

Pichu: Ok.

Pichu walked over , shaking, and laid down on the cushion as instructed and looked back nervously. She didn't know how she got herself into this. Meanwhile the three others sat down on the human sized chair to enjoy the show. Marril knew that she would like this. Charmander went over to the Pichu and sat down to the right of her, he knew to take it slow or she might not get ready to trust him enough to continue. He licked behind her ear and she giggled. Charmander was getting turned on by this but knew that now was not the time for him to be pleasured, it was time to teach this little Pokemon a thing or two about fun. Tracing down her soft fur towards her tail he tickled her sides a little but she was too nervous to really be effected by it. He took her lightning shaped tail in his left hand and caressed it up and down. She was calming down a little and was breathing lighter, getting more comfortable.

Charmander: Turn over on your back please

She turned over revealing her little yellow belly. Charmander bent over slightly and began to lick her chest, and ran his tongue over her left nipple.

Pichu: Eek!

Charmander: Are you ok?

Pichu: Keep going, you just startled me a little.

He brought his tongue down to her nipple again and began to suck on it.

Pichu: That feels so weird, but not in a bad way.

He took this as a complement and sucked harder, bringing little squeaks from the little yellow mouse. Charmander stopped and grabbed her left paw.

Charmander: Do you want to go on? I'm going to touch you in the same place Eevee touched Marril.

Pichu: I don't have the same parts as him, silly!

Charmander: They are the same, just inside out

Pichu: Weird. Ok, just go ahead.

He ran his hand up her paw and stopped just after her knee. He was taking this slowly and started to rub her belly with his other hand. She liked all the attention her body was getting, but was getting a little apprehensive because she didn't really know what was next. Charmander ran his hands to her inner thighs and moved closer to her nether lips.

Charmander: Spread you legs so it will be easier

Pichu thought for a second and decided to chance it, she took a deep breath and spread her legs wide apart. Charmander had his first look at her little pussy, the lips where very yellow and puffy. He ran his hand across the waiting lips and turned back to Pichu, as to get her approval. She had an odd feeling pulse through her body as he did this and shivers ran up her spine.

Pichu: Go on, that didn't feel bad.

He ran his fingers across again and pinched the lips together. Getting more daring, he took his smallest finger and pushed it inside a little. Moving the digit up and down between the lips he looked over at Pichu again.

Pichu: Heh, heh! That feels good.

Charmander pushed his finger in deeper and felt she was getting a little wet, he knew this would make it easier to pleasure her. Pichu bucked her hips slightly and was amazed at how she was getting wet on the inside. Charmander drove the little digit into her half way and was thrusting quickly. Pichu was in pure bliss, how could anything feel better than this? Charmander came up with the answer as he bent down and gave her pussy a lick. With his tongue lapping at her and his finger driving inside, she came for the first time.

Pichu: Chuuu!!

She instinctually sent a electric charge through her sending Charmander into his own orgasm, some getting on her fur. He collapsed beside her with a big grin on his face. Pichu was panting a little but a bit concerned about Charmander.

Pichu: Is Charmander ok?

Eevee: Yeah, you made him cum with that little shock you gave him.

Pichu: Cum, really?

Pichu noticed a little white fluid on her fur, she took a lick and started lapping at the fluid. She really liked the taste and was about to lick off Charmander when she was interrupted.

Eevee: I'd leave him alone until he has had time to recover

Pichu: But I wanna have some more!

Rattata: You could try mine

Pichu: How, you didn't cum yet?

Eevee: Do what I did to Charmander earlier.

Pichu: Ok!

Rattata jumped down and walked over to Pichu, Rattata had to lay down on his back so she could get to him.(Being a four legged Pokemon, his dick is under him)

Pichu: Hey, you're already hard!

Rattata: Well... watching you got me excited.

Pichu: Cool. Umm, Eevee where do I start?

Eevee: Just lick him a little and suck on it till he cums, I'll tell you what to do when he gets close.

Eevee: Rattata tell me when you get close, ok?

Rattata: Ok.

Pichu bent over and sniffed his little pecker, it had a slight smell of cheese mixed in with his musk. ( I know, Bad mouse joke!) Pichu gave him a lick on his purple balls and took one in her mouth, sucking it gently. Rattata had not expected her to do this and jumped a bit. She took the ball out of her mouth and licked his head, remembering what Eevee said she began to suck on his penis. She went up and down on the shaft, being careful not to scratch him with her teeth. His dick was just the right size for her mouth, she was able to go down on the whole thing. Pichu touched his sack with her paw and ran her finger across the supple flesh. Pichu stopped sucking every few seconds and gave his balls a lick. Rattata was getting into this now and was very near the edge.

Rattata: Eevee I'm getting... close

Eevee: Pichu, get ready, he is about to shoot cum into your mouth

Eevee: It will fill your mouth up so drink down as much as you can. Don't worry if you spill

some, just lick it up after.

Pichu got excited about this, she wanted his cum in her mouth so bad. She wrapped her tongue around his dick and moved quickly, so quick in fact she did not notice his dick spasm at first. The warm fluid filled her mouth as she greedily tried to suck it all down. This being her first blow job about half of it spilled out. She didn't care though, she loved the taste and after sucking him dry cleaned up the surrounding area.

Pichu: Thanks Rattata, you tasted so good!

Rattata: No problem, thanks for the sucking . You did great!

Rattata went into a corner to take a nap. Charmander had recovered now and was cleaning the cum of his scales. When he finished he walked over to them and yawned.

Charmander: So you two, want to join?

Marril and Pichu: Yeah!

Charmander: You have to do one more thing first though.

Pichu: What do you want us to do?

Eevee: There is something you have not done yet, he has to stick his pecker in your hole and move it in and out till you both cum.

Marril: What!?!

Eevee: It gives both an unbelievable amount of pleasure.

Pichu: Can you show us again?

Charmander: How about it Eevee?

Eevee: Yeah, it's been a day or so.

Marril hopped down from the couch and Charmander and Eevee took his place. Pichu and Marril got near the chair, so there heads where just peeking over the top of the cushion, so they could get a up close view. Eevee was happy she was getting "done" again and licked Charmander till he was hard. She positioned herself so her front paws where on the arm of the chair and her bottom facing Charmander. The little fire lizard got in place and pushed himself in very slowly, being careful she was wet enough first. Charmander had quite a big erection and Pichu was surprised at how much he was fitting into Eevee. When Charmander was in all the way he pumped her gently. Eevee loved it every time he did this and was even more turned on by the two Pokemon watching her intently. Charmander grabbed her hips and thrusted faster and harder then Eevee ever thought he had before. Charmander bit her tail slightly causing her to yelp in pleasure. Eevee sat down and Charmander landed on his butt, confused. He then saw just what she had planed, Eevee was now in control and was going up and down on his red loveshaft. This was more than he could take, he shot his hot load into her quaking crotch. But Eevee was not quite done yet and refused to get off of him. She did not have long to wait and in a few seconds she came, contracting around his spent penis.

Getting up of him she was dripping with a mixture of fluids and panting. Pichu and Marril had an idea and got up on the chair with them and went onto cleaning the club members off. Pichu cleaned Charmander up and Marril was sucking the cum's out of her box.

Eevee: Good job Marril!

He responded by licking her up and down. When he was almost done Eevee came again giving him more to drink down.

Eevee: eeee-veee!!!

After the little bathing session was over they thanked them for the extra attention.

Eevee: I never did that twice before, thanks Marril

Charmander: Now it's your turn, are you two ready?

Pichu: Sure, I guess

Marril: Yep.

Eevee: Pichu, it will hurt for a few seconds when Marril enters you fully.

Pichu: What!

Eevee: You have a little barrier in there that must be broken if you want this to work.

Pichu: Well... Ok, I'll do it.

Charmander looked down at the two and noticed they where not aroused.

Charmander: This time you will need to get each other ready, if you need advice we'll give it to

you. We will not help in the actual process, though.

Eevee: Pichu, I'd start with sucking him. Remember, only get him hard, don't make him cum yet.

Charmander and Eevee hopped off the chair and sat down to enjoy the show. By this time Rattata had woken up and joined the two on the floor.

Rattata: They getting ready for the final part?

Charmander: Yep.

Rattata: Cool.

Marril and Pichu had been friends for a long time. (Ok, long to them, they where only about 2 years old. P.s. the average age for a Pokemon to start breeding is about three and a half. Back to the story.) Pichu was glad that her first time would be with Marril and thought of him as her best friend. She bent down and kissed him on his dick. Marril gave a little laugh and relaxed, knowing this time would be more fun then the last. Pichu grabbed his soft dick with her paw and sucked and the head for a while. He was getting hard and wanted to return the favor. He started to rub her pussy and was caressing her tail. She was wet very soon and they both stopped, ready for what was next.

Pichu laid back on the arm and gestured for Marril to come over. He walked over and gave her a kiss on the lips. After all that had happened in the last few hours he was ready for almost anything. The little blue mouse grabbed her feet and moved them apart so he could fit through. She giggled as he caressed her feet and moved his hands down to her soft lips and played with her pussy a little.

Charmander: Marril, I'd put a couple of fingers in her so you can get her ready for your pecker.

He did and soon had all three fingers in her. He took them out and licked off the sweet virgin fluids. Marril bent closer and slowly entered her, being sure not to go too far in without consent. Pichu loved the feeling of his penis inside her, even more than Charmanders tongue. He was about a quarter of the way in when he bumped her hymen.

Pichu: Do it quickly.

He drove through the wall, making Pichu cry out in pain. Marril was almost all the way inside her and began thrusting back in forth. He could not believe how good this felt, it felt even better than when Eevee had sucked on him. Pichu's pain soon turned into wild pleasure and she was bucking her hips along with the rhythm of his pumping. Marril was now thrusting into her all the way, moving faster with each thrust.

This went on for a few more minutes, bodies dancing in a Pokemon lovers tango. Pichu was so glad that she had decided to go to the club, she had never even dreamed anything like this. Marril felt his dick begin to pulse again, he was so close.

Marril: I'm... Almost there

He came into her, sending his hot cum down her slippery tunnel.

Marril: Maa...rrill!

The feeling of his hot fluid shocked her and she squeezed down hard on his dick sending her over the edge soon after.

Pichu: Chuuu!

Marril felt the squeezing on his dick and understood that she was having a orgasm also. The two remained together for a few moments longer and Marril slipped out after his erection subsided. They laid side by side, panting and unable to move, in a state of euphoria. After a few minutes they realized that the other Pokemon where still in the room, in there passion they lost track of everything but each other.

Charmander: So, How was it?

Pichu: Very, very good!

Marril: (Panting) What she said

Rattata: Now you two are official members

Eevee: Stay the night here and we'll teach you even more

Marril: Ok, sounds like fun. You Pichu?

Pichu: Yeah

We leave with a panning shot of the cabin from the air.

Prepare for the next installments of Clubhouse, Clubhouse 1/2- The prequel (How the club was formed) And Clubhouse 2- (First Sleepover)

Well, tell me what you thought of it. Like it or hate it I need your feedback to make these better each time.

[email protected]

P.s. I do requests; normal, bi, yaoi, rape, evil, even love lemons- Anything you are having trouble with. I need at least the Pokemon and their sex, more is better. I won't do anthros though , sorry.

-David Duck

>You know, we have a saying on our planet. Never say die, say kill! (Howard the Duck)

> About as Farfetched as your chance of winning this battle! (David Duck.. Circa the Pokeduck wars)
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