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Clubhouse 1/2

Hello everyone, David Duck again. This lemon was soooo long in coming. Sorry if it seams I took too long. After I send this to a few people, I'm posting it. I had a lot of positive feedback on this. And if anyone has pics for these, send them ASAP, I'm loving all of the post coming up by the way. In this one, like the last one, there will be no David Duck breeder dex entries (Patent pending in 50+ states) and a lot of yiffy fun after a short back story.

I had a lot of trouble coming up with a good prequil to the original, but decided to stick to the basics. This will focus around the founding of the club and the entry of the first female member, Eevee. The lemon has some yaoi in the first part it. And of course we have some good sex scenes. In case you forgot (for shame!) this lemon features; Charmander, Rattata, and Eevee. They are young Pokémon who know very little about mating. (Lets try to change that in this lemon, huh:)

P.s. This occurs about 1 or 2 months before the first one.

Clubhouse �

Charmander was in a good mood, today he was to show his family what he had learned in the last few months. He had been training for the quite a while to learn his first fire attack and had ember almost mastered. Charmander learn this very early on in life so they can defend themselves. They where not allowed outside the village until they can do this to prevent attacks from Pokémon and trainers. In a large field his mom and dad sat on a log while he demonstrated his stuff. Charmander sucked in his breath and blew a tennis ball sized ember across the field. It flew about a hundred feet and smashed into the big boulder used for target practice. His dad walked up to him and said "good job, you are now allowed to go out into the woods on your own"

The next morning Charmander practically ran over to his best friend, Rattata's, patch of field. They had planed an outing for the day and Charmander was glad that he would not be followed by his mom or dad. Rattata's room was less like a room and more like a patch of grass with the walls just being a few sticks forming a crude circle. Rattata was stroking himself a little with his paw when he heard Charmander barreling up the path.

Charmander: Hey, anyone home!

Rattata (Standing up on all fours to hide his member): Yeah, I'm here.

He noticed Rattata standing nervously and trying not to sit down.

Charmander: What where you doing?

Rattata: Oh, nothing.

Charmander: Come on, you can tell me anything.

Rattata: I'll tell you when we get away from town. Did you do it?

Charmander: Yeah, my dad said I had nice form.

The two walked across the field and Rattata had lost his erection by now, and was walking easier.

After about an hour of walking the two came across a small cabin.

Charmander: Humans!

Rattata: Maybe not, it smells like no one has been here in years.

Charmander (Sniffing): Yeah, your right, no footprints either.

Rattata: Lets go inside

Charmander: What!?!

Rattata: Come on, we'll run if we see anyone

Charmander: Ok, sounds like fun.

Walking very cautiously to the door the two peeked inside a small opening in the bottom of the door. It was deserted, all that was in there was some overly dusty furniture. Rattata crawled through and Charmander followed close behind, looking around nervously. There where two rooms to the house, a living room of sorts and a kitchen. Mind you all the food was gone a long time ago but the place fascinated the two. The living room had a couch and a few cushions scattered about. One could tell a fisherman lived here, there was no bathroom or bedroom and on the door there was a place to store tackle. They walked over to the chair and looked up at the thing. It was huge compared to the rest of them, almost 5 feet high.

Rattata jumped on the chair in one deft leap and dust scattered everywhere. Charmander coughed and jumped up after, a little less gracefully, landing on his face.

Charmander: Umph! That was smart.

Rattata: Good one Charmander!

Charmander: Oh, shut up! (Pushes Rattata playfully)

Rattata (rolling over): Yeash! Calm down.

Half an hour later

Charmander: Sorry. So, what where you doing earlier?

Rattata: Well...

Charmander: I won't tell anyone, please.

Rattata: I don't know what it's called, I just started today, umm..

Charmander: Just show me, it's ok.

Rattata: What, I don't think you want to see me touch it

Charmander: It?

Rattata (sighs): My pecker, ok.

Charmander (giggles): How did it feel?

Rattata: Good. I was horsing around on the floor and found that touching it made it feel nice.

Charmander: Really?

Rattata: Yes, do you still want me to show you now.

Charmander (thinks for a second): Yes I do, we'll keep it between us what happens in this place, ok?

Rattata: Sure, just don't laugh at me

Charmander: I'll try not to

Rattata leaned back against the left arm of the chair so he was standing on two feet. He sighed and took his dick in his paw. Charmander watched intently, maybe he could learn how to make himself feel good to. Rattata stroked himself with one paw until he was hard and looked over at the grinning lizard.

Charmander: Why'd it get hard?

Rattata: I don't know, it helps it along somehow. Do you want to try now?

Charmander walked forward and grabbed Rattata's dick from him. Rattata cringed and fell on his butt.

Rattata: I meant on yourself, but it feels even better with you doing it.

Charmander: Why don't you touch me also then, fair is fair.

Rattata: Ok, you win. I'll do it

Rattata took his hind paws and stroked Charmander's soft penis, it had no fur on it and was quite smooth to the touch. Charmander giggled as he felt the furry paws caress his privates. He returned the favor and stroked Rattata with two hands. Charmander felt himself get hard, it was starting to feel really, really good.

Charmander: You where right, this feels kinda cool.

Rattata: Lets stop so we can look at each other up close.

Charmander: Good idea.

The two laid in the 69 position and looked at each others hard cock. Rattata's was red with purple fuzz covering the sack. (this fuzz is there right after birth and the pubic hair that grows later on is white (bad Duck! No entries in this. Whoops, I couldn't resist, sorry)) Charmanders was hairless (just like the rest of him) and was red all over, with the head being more on the purple side. Charmander bent down and sniffed the rat Pokémon's balls, they smelled musky and had a slightly cheesy tinge to it. He wondered all of a sudden what it tasted like. Charmander blew on it and kissed it on the head.

Rattata: Eww! Why'd you do that?

As if to answer Charmander licked all the way up his shaft. Rattata gripped the chair and moaned.

Rattata: Feels... so.. good.. don't... stop.

Charmander licked him again and stuck the head in his mouth, sucking it like a bottle. Rattata moaned again and grabbed Charmander by the balls and licked his penis in return, Charmander was liking this and sucked Rattata's into his mouth fully. He had no trouble with the 1.5 inches of mousy cock and had his balls in soon after. Rattata was loving this, he had never felt anything like it. Charmander tasted a bit of fluid come from Rattata's dick, it was a bit salty, but not bad tasting. Rattata licked Charmander faster (he was afraid of biting so he didn't suck Charmander off) up and down the shaft and licked the little hole on top. Rattata felt the pressure in his dick rise and he knew something was going to happen.

Charmander jumped as he felt Rattata shoot into his mouth a warm liquid. Spurt after spurt slid down his throat, the cum being quite tasty to him. Charmander swallowed all of it and proceeded to suck him dry. Rattata stopped licking as the first orgasm of his life coursed through him.

Rattata: Ungh...

Charmander: You ok?

Rattata (panting): Yea, did you just drink my piss?

Charmander: It wasn't piss, I think that comes out when your finished with it.

Rattata: Really, was it gross?

Charmander: Not at all, it kinda tasted good.

Rattata (looks down): Your still hard, do you want me to help you with that?

Charmander: Sure, just don't bite me.

Charmander sat down and leaned back against the arm of the old chair. Rattata walked over on all fours and took the head of Charmander's penis in his mouth, it was big to him but not too big. (about 3 inches) Rattata suckled gently as he got more and more into his mouth. Charmander loved this, he knew this was how Rattata felt when he sucked him. Rattata had almost had it all in his mouth when he began to go up and down the shaft quickly, licking the end as he got to the head. Rattata drove down even further, and had the whole thing in his mouth without too much trouble. Charmander felt himself tense up and instinctively grabbed Rattata's head and thrust forward a few times. 2 seconds later he came, and boy did he ever. Rattata was having trouble drinking it down, Charmander let go and Rattata came up coughing and sputtering. A few shots of cum hit Rattata's coat and gave it a nice shine to it.

Charmander: Are you ok!

Rattata swallowed what was in his mouth and went down on him again to suck Charmander dry.

Charmander (moaning): I'll take tha, that as a.. a yes.

The small normal type just grinned until he was sure there was nothing left. He came up for air again and started to lick his fur clean.

Rattata: That wasn't bad at all, next time don't hold me down there, ok? You shoot a lot more then me and I was choking a little there.

Charmander: Sorry, I just got caught up in the moment.(pauses) Did you say next time?

Rattata: Sure, why not. No one will ever find this place and we can make it a club or something.

Charmander: Sounds like fun, lets see what else is hidden in this place.

The two went exploring until they found a human book. They could not read yet and found the book oddly fascinating. They opened it and it was full of words, nothing interesting. But they knew a real smart Eevee girl in the village about their age who could read a little.

Charmander: Hey, lets get Eevee over here, maybe she can read this to us.

Rattata: But, she'd find out about this place and tell everyone.

Charmander: It's ok, she wouldn't tattle on us, she's ranks just under you on my friendship meter.

Rattata: Friends with a girl, oh well, stranger things have happened.

Charmander: Maybe we can get her to join our little "club" also

Rattata: That would be cool, I wonder what a girl has.

The two spent the night there and the next morning they returned home to the village. They went to see there families first, so they wouldn't have to worry. And after lunch they went over to the empty log the Eevee's lived in.

Charmander: We need your help reading this book, see.

Eevee: And you want me to read it for you. Why didn't you just bring it here.

Rattata: It's real old and too big for just the two of us to carry.

Eevee: And just where is the book.

Charmander: If you come with us I'll show you, it's sort of a secret.

Eevee: Well..

Charmander and Rattata: Please!

After convincing her parents the three set off to the hut. After about twenty minutes the three decided to take a rest.

Eevee: You two still haven't told me where you found the book.

Charmander: We found a hut and made a little clubhouse out of it.

Eevee: What do you do in this club.

Rattata: We'll show you when we get there, ok?

They where walking again in single file, with Eevee in the middle and Charmander leading the way. Rattata was trying to get a look under Eevee's tail and was getting a little hard.

Eevee (giggling): Rattata, stop looking at my butt!

Rattata (blushing): Sorry, I was just...

Charmander (trying not to laugh): Come on you two, it will be dark if we keep going this slow.

The group entered the cabin and everything was untouched from yesterday. Eevee smelt something but couldn't put her paw on it. The book was on the floor near the chair. Eevee looked over the book and saw it was a human sex dictionary. She laughed out loud and turned towards the two boys.

Eevee: Well, looks like you found a sex book

Charmander and Rattata: What's sex?

She didn't know too much about the subject herself and leafed through the first chapter. At the end of it she was blushing and giggling a little.

Charmander: What?

She gave them a rundown of the first chapter and was trying her best not to laugh.

Rattata: So, it's called cum, huh.

Charmander: And orgasm, weird.

Eevee: Is there something your not telling me?

Charmander: Well.. we sort of did a few of these things yesterday

Eevee (shocked): Yuck! Why?

Rattata: It felt really good

Charmander: Yeah, I never had something feel that good

Eevee: Really? What exactly did you do?

They went through what happened the previous day, leaving no part out. Eevee didn't know weather to be disgusted or curious about this. She had a lot of questions and she still could not see how something so gross could feel good.

Rattata: How about we show you

Charmander: Eevee, you trust me, right?

Eevee: Ok Charmander, just because it's you though. Where do we start?

Charmander: lay on your back and let me get a good look at you

Eevee (shaking): Yeah, no problem

Charmander: Listen, if it gets too weird just tell me and I'll stop. Deal?

Eevee nodded and rolled over on her back, her hind legs crossed.

Charmander: Spread your legs please

Eevee: ok... not too fast

Eevee spread her legs and the two had there first view of a female pussy. It looked a like a little scratch that was swollen on either side. She knew that Charmander would never do anything to hurt her, but she was still scared as hell. Charmander was doing a little better, but was still unsure about the whole ordeal. He sat down beside her and touched her pussy lightly, it was very soft and Charmander soon found himself rubbing it. Eevee gasped, it was uncomfortable but not painful, so she decided to see if it got any better. Charmander ran a finger between the folds and moved it up and down the slit. Eevee found this less uncomfortable and smiled at her friend, moaning softly. Charmander felt something wet on his hand, so he withdrew it and licked her fluids off. He liked the taste of it and stuck his hand back down there. Getting daring, he stuck a finger inside and drove it as far as it would go. Eevee moaned loudly and was really getting into this. Charmander thought back to the previous day and realized that it felt better when Rattata used his mouth, so she could like it to. He bent down and sniffed her crotch.

Eevee: What are you doing?

Charmander: I thought I could use my mouth, is that ok with you?

Eevee: Sure, if you want to.

Charmander licked her box with the tip of his tongue and looked back up at Eevee. She was grinning so he went back down and stuck his tongue in her about an inch. He roughly licked up and down the slit and buried his face even deeper into her and started to suck on her twat. Her fluids where better then anything he had tasted before. Eevee practically screamed as she came hard. She could not believe a tongue could make her feel this good. Charmander heard her and braced himself for the gush of fluids to come. She did not disappoint, and Charmander drank her fluids eagerly. This tasted different then Rattata's cum, but not any worse. Eevee fell to her side, panting and exhausted. Charmander had his fill and was harder then ever.

Eevee: That was wonderful Charmander, thank you

Charmander: No problem, I had fun to.

She looks down and notices Charmanders little "problem"

Eevee: Charmander, is that your pecker sticking out?

Charmander (blushing): Well...

Eevee: No need to be embarrassed, you already licked mine.

Charmander: Good point

Eevee: Maybe I should repay the favor, or we could all try something

Charmander: Really!? What do you want to do

Eevee went over to the book and looked up a few things.

Eevee: Eww!

Rattata: What?

Eevee: People in this actually have sex up the butt instead of the usual way!

Rattata: Yuck!

Eevee: I don't think so, what else is in here?

She browsed through some more and got to the section on 3 ways. Looking through she found something that peeked her interests.

Eevee: I have an idea, Charmander has sex with me while I suck Rattata, ok?

Rattata: Sounds like a plan

Charmander: Ok, I'll do it

Eevee: But sense I never had sex before you'll have to be careful Charmander, it's supposed to hurt at first. Not much but if I tell you to stop, will you?

Charmander: Of course, you're my friend

Eevee (getting more nervous): Rattata, tell me before you cum so I can prepare

Rattata: No problem, where should we do this

Charmander: Is the chair ok with everyone?

They agree and move to the chair Rattata is on the left side and Charmander on the right.

Eevee: Rattata can you get me ready?

Rattata (shocked): Me?

Eevee: Sure, you just get to sit there. I figure you should at least get me wet.

Rattata: I'd be glad to

Eevee turned around and lifted her tail. Rattata had an idea he grabbed his own tail and stuck it in her hole, the end of it was quite wide and Eevee was wet in a few seconds. Rattata withdrew his tail and licked it off, the sweet liquid dancing on his tongue.

Eevee: Nice job, that felt really good. I guess I'm ready Charmander.

Charmander: Yeah, umm Eevee turn around.

Rattata sits down against the chair and gets ready. Eevee faced Rattata and stuck her tail straight up in the air. Charmander got right up behind her and grabbed her by the waist with his right hand and maneuvered his dick to her wet hole with the other. The head was resting just before her soft, fuzzy folds. He stuck his dick inside about an inch before he reached her hymen. She was so hot and tight, it felt better then when Rattata sucked him off.

Eevee: Do it, just be quick

Charmander Backed up a little and drove himself into her tight box, breaking her hymen in one motion.

Eevee: Oww!

Charmander (panicking): Are you ok, do you want me to stop?!

Eevee: No, I'm fine. It just stung a bit, that's all.

He started to thrust in and out of her little furry body. This felt even better then his tongue, she though as he found a rhythm and started going faster. Her little scream had scared Rattata and he lost his erection, Eevee saw this and took his soft member in her mouth. She sucked on his little member while trying not to bite down on him with all the pleasure from her box. Rattata was hard in no time and was really liking it, Eevee was even better then Charmander at this. Charmander moved faster as he felt himself tense up in his groin. Just then Eevee came and squirted her love juices all over Charmander, the contracting muscles around his dick sending his own seed shooting into her. Both of the juices flowing between them. While this was happening she almost forgot about sucking Rattata. He would have none of this, so he grabbed her ears and started to fuck her face hard. Rattata was small enough so she didn't choke but she got the message and started to suck him off harder then before. By this time Charmander had pulled out and was panting on the floor. He let go of her ears and grabbed the furry coat around her chest.

Rattata: I'm gonna... Argh!!

He shout spurt after spurt into Eevee's mouth and pumped into her mouth one last time. Eevee sucked him dry but was very annoyed.

Eevee: Rattata! You could have given me a little more warning then that.

Rattata: Sorry, I just..

Eevee whacked him across his chest, but forgot to retract her claws.

Rattata (crying): Oww! That hurt, I said I was sorry!

Eevee (mortified): I'm so sorry, I never meant to use my claws.

Charmander: What'd ya do that for, he didn't hurt you!

Eevee (now also crying): I just wanted to give him a playful bat for not listening to me.

Rattata moved in the kitchen into a corner and sat down away from everyone. Eevee sits on the chair with her face in her paws, crying. All she could think of was how could she make someone feel bad that she just gave pleasure to.

-A half an hour later

Eevee knew she had to apologize to Rattata now, but how could she get him to forgive her? She walked over to his corner and placed her paw on his shoulder.

Rattata (still crying): Leave me alone!

Eevee: I'm soo sorry, I never meant to hurt you.

Rattata: It all felt so good, I couldn't tell until I had already started.

Eevee: I know, but I should never had done that.

Rattata turned around and sat up, there where three gashes in his chest. They where not deep, but there was a lot of dried blood covering him. Rattata's paws had blood on them from stopping the bleeding. Eevee gasped but started to clean Rattata off.

Rattata: I'm sorry for getting mad at you, it just hurt and I...

Eevee (still cleaning off his chest): It's ok, I'm the one who clawed you

Rattata: But, you didn't mean it.

Eevee: I know, I lost control of my body. Too much for one day, I think.

Rattata: I don't know how I'm going to explain these cuts to my parents.

Eevee finished cleaning and looked at her handy work.

Eevee: You might not have to. Look, the cuts are pretty small and you fur covers them.

Rattata (cleaning off his paws): I guess your right, you did a nice job on my fur.

Eevee: How can I make it up to you? I'd do anything you wanted.

Rattata: Anything, promise?

Eevee: Yep, anything you want to do.

Rattata paces around and had a fiendish idea.

Rattata: Can I do you up the butt?

Eevee: What!? Wait, wait, I don't think you want to do that.

Rattata: But you said "anything". Don't be taking back your promises now.

Eevee: That's just gross, though. Why would you want to do that?

Rattata: It won't hurt too much, and it'll help me get over you hurting me

Eevee: How do you know it'll fell good. I mean, it sounds yucky.

Rattata: Well it should be fun just to try, unless you want to back out on your promise now.

Eevee: No, fair is fair. Just go easy on me, huh?

Rattata: Sure, I'm not mad at you anymore. Hey, you might even like it.

Eevee: Don't push it.

They move into the living room and are greeted by Charmander.

Charmander: Did you two settle everything?

Rattata: No but we're about to.

Eevee: Yeah, I agreed to let him do something to me

Charmander: Really, what?

Rattata: I get to do her up the butt!

Charmander: And you agreed to this?

Eevee: I promised

Charmander: I guess you have to keep your word. Can I watch?

Rattata: Sure, I don't see why not. Eevee?

Eevee: I guess so. Can I suck on you first so your more slippery?

Rattata: Yeah, just don't claw me this time.

She walked over to Rattata and started to suck on his dick. When he was good and hard she made sure he had enough spit on him to act as lubrication.

Rattata: Nice job. Now lay down on your stomach.

Eevee (shaking): Just b, be careful

Rattata was as nervous also, he was just putting on a front to intimidate Eevee. He wanted her to be afraid a little for putting him in so much pain. The idea wasn't to hurt her though, he would have to be careful not to push too hard. Also he was a little disgusted with the idea, but so was Eevee. He got up behind her and moved her tail to the side. Charmander sat on the chair and was watching with an odd curiosity. Rattata positioned himself so he was over her and maneuvered his penis so it was bumping her anus. Eevee gritted her teeth as she felt the head slip inside. Rattata wasted no time and drove his cock halfway inside.

Eevee: Oww, Easy!

Rattata: I'll go a LITTLE slower, ok?

Rattata pushed in slower and gripped her hips. She was so tight, her anus gripped his dick like a fist. It was almost like she was trying to squeeze him out. Once he was buried in her to the hilt, he started pumping her quickly. He loved the feeling of her hole caressing his whole dick with every pump, her mouth couldn't feel as tight and he was in pure heaven. Eevee was confused, after she got over the initial pain, this was actually starting to feel ok. She let out a little moan and blushed.

Rattata: Starting to have fun?

Eevee: I guess so, it's not as bad now.

Rattata went faster and faster, the incredible tightness pushing him closer to orgasm faster then ever. Eevee was starting to feel tense "down there" also, she decided to try to relax and enjoy it. Rattata felt this and he pumped even harder, rocking Eevee back and forth with his motions. All of a sudden Eevee came, and jets of fluid landed on Rattata's paws.

Eevee: Eeeee!

The shuddering Eevee sent Rattata over the edge and he filled her anus up with his own hot cum. She felt the pressure build in her butt and it felt like it was going to burst. Rattata lost his erection and withdrew, his dick covered in semen and excrement.

Eevee: I guess you where right, that felt good

Rattata: Now how am I going to clean this off?

Eevee: No way.

Rattata: Don't worry, I was not going to ask.

Charmander: Try the sink on the counter. Rattata can lay under the faucet and Eevee can turn on the water. I'd love to do it but I have a fear of water, sorry.

They jumped up on the counter and found the sink, Rattata sat down near the drain and relaxed. Eevee found the handle and turned on the water.

Rattata: Yeow! That's cold!

Charmander(Laughing): I guess the water still works!

After a few seconds Rattata came up out of the sink shaking. Eevee turned off the water and was laughing along with Charmander now. She happened to look over at Rattata, he was clean but experienced a bit of "shrinkage". Charmander saw this and tried to explain this to Eevee, while still keeping a straight face.

Charmander: Eevee, that happens when a boy's pecker hits cold water.

Eevee: Really, I'm sorry for laughing Rattata.

Rattata: That's ok, I'm clean anyway (Laughs)

The sun sets and they sleep the rest of the night on the couch, in each others arms.

//End lemon//

So how did ya like it, this one took me three nights to write. (and about 2 months to think of a good story) I liked my first one more, because of Pichu, but this one had more plot. I will now start my next one. Clubhouse 2, The Sleepover.

-Still working on Pokémon virus part 2.

P.s. I might find myself without a computer soon, my CD-ROM drive is not being read by my system,(darn!) I might have to get it fixed. Although with my laptop it might be cheaper to by a whole new system.

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