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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

Picking up the pieces


With slow, almost dragging steps I led the group back to where Felix lay. The sadness in my heart still stung horribly but at least I had Leo and my old friend Lady... As we trekked back down the path I managed to calm my thoughts from the fight and my grief. Leo stayed close to my left side as we walked and after a while I put an arm around his shoulders gently. When he felt my touch his ears lay back halfway and he turned his head to look over at me.

"I'm glad you're back mom." He said softly with wavering eyes.

"I love you, honey." Was all I could think to reply as I pulled him closer to lean on me. I could only wish I had realized sooner what I had with Felix... It was more than I could ever hope for in life...

"I love you too, mom." He said back and leaned willingly on me. As we walked, everyone else seemed just as heartbroken as I was, but not even Lady could understand entirely. I had come back to save the only family I'd really ever known, and failed... Felix gave his life to revive me and now there was nothing I could do to save him... He was gone. I'd never be able to tell him I still loved him, never be able to tell him how sorry I was, and I'd never be able to make up for having doubted him...

The trek back to Felix and Jem was agonizingly long. I hadn't realized how fast I was able to move when using extreme speed, but despite this, we soon made it back to where Felix lay. However, a trainer had found the scene and was in the process of trying to convince Jem he only wanted to help. Jem however, was upholding his mother's protection order. He hadn't budged an inch as he stood between the trainer and Felix growling ferociously with his neck bristled and tails writhing.

Our gate never faltered as Leo, Lisa, Lady, and I approached, but the trainer blinked and stopped trying to maneuver around Jem. Without saying a word, each of us took a role. Lady went to her growling pup to calm him and praise his dedication. Leo went to the trainer to tell him we would take care of our "trainer" ourselves, while Lisa came to help me lift Felix and cradle our beloved trainer in my arms. An almost amusing thought passed through my head, as I realized Felix was heavier than I thought. I could still carry him though, and once I had my balance, we started back towards town.

Just as the sun was beginning to set, we walked through the pokecenter's double doors. My solemn look alerted the resident nurse Joy something was very wrong, and with a quick word from her, two Chansey brought out a stretcher. As I gently lay Felix's limp form on the stretcher, Joy kept asking what happened. The Chansey however seemed to already know Felix was too far gone, and didn't move the stretcher. I turned to Leo with a sad look that asked if he would explain to Nurse Joy, and of course he understood. He gave a soft nod before turning to Joy to begin. Meanwhile, I looked back to the Chansey to ask if we could keep Felix's body here until his family could come get him. Without consulting Joy, they agreed and beckoned the five of us to follow as they wheeled Felix into the back of the ER. Lady, Lisa, Jem and I followed the Chansey, and Leo joined us shortly, after he finished explaining to nurse Joy. He found a chair and pulled it up next to where I sat, simply staring at Felix's peaceful expression.

I had no idea what to do at that moment... All the strength I had tried to show on the way back to the center was gone, and my tears were welling up fast. Just then I heard Leo sniffle softly and I turned my head slightly to see him rub his eyes. I knew he was trying to be brave for me, and I appreciated it. Although, I hated that he felt he had to do such a thing for me. Knowing we both needed comfort, I reached out a paw to Leo's shoulder, which got him to look sadly over at me. As I moved to console him, he embraced me in kind, where we both simply started to weep, held tight in each other's arms.

As my tears started to run down my cheeks, the rest of our small group began to fall apart as well. I had Leo, my last remaining link to Felix, but the others had only memories... Lisa avoided looking at me, having not known me for long, and instead looked silently around the room. Lady however, was simply overcome with despair, and after staring listlessly at Felix for nearly 5 minutes, wishing he would get up; she simply couldn't bear it any longer.

"Lisa... Please watch Jem for a while..." She asked solemnly, with an almost expressionless face and down-turned eyes. Lisa nodded and looked to the golden pup as his mother headed towards the door, nearly dragging her beautiful tails across the floor.

"Mom...?" Jem whimpered softly in a confused tone, getting up to follow her but being stopped by Lisa. However, Lady never faltered. She walked with the same dragging steps as before and nosed the swinging door of the ER open to leave. Lisa did keep her word though, and softly tried to comfort Jem by telling him his mother would be back after she had a little time alone.

"Why mom...? Why did this happen?" Leo said through his now light sobs after we had both cried for a good while.

"I don't know..." I answered, but my solemn tone only seemed to strengthen my son. As I paused I felt his hands start to rub my back lightly and I returned the favor with occasional loving strokes of my own. "If I hadn't left... this never would have happened. If I had just listened to him... he wouldn't be gone..." I said, bringing new tears to my eyes as I felt Leo nuzzle to me with a loving and gentle touch. "I'm sorry Leo... I'm sorry I left..." I continued a short time later, after I had calmed down from a fresh round of tears. I hated to admit it, but it felt good to let out my sorrow.

"It's not your fault mom." Leo replied softly as he hugged me tight to ensure I knew he meant it. "I missed you so much..." He added in the same loving tone as he tightened his hug, which I quickly returned, clinging to my son as he comforted me.

"Excuse me... Can I get you anything, a room? Or can I call someone for you?" We suddenly heard Joy ask with a caring tone. She had quietly entered the ER and came over to us as our conversation neared its end.

"Tell her a room would be fine, but I think we should be the one's to call his family." I said to Leo as I slowly pulled my arms from around him, and rubbed at the wet fur around my eyes and muzzle. He relayed the message and Joy nodded softly before heading off. She soon returned with a key and placed it in Leo's hands, though her touch lingered.

"I'm sorry for your loss. I'll keep you all safe here until his family can come, don't worry about the rooms. You have enough on your minds." She said kindly and my ever polite son thanked her for her kindness.

Reluctantly we gathered ourselves and left Felix's side. Lisa encouraged Jem to follow her, while Leo and I said a quiet goodbye to Felix. We then turned to leave the ER, holding each other's hands.


'I can't believe it... I just can't! Felix had lay in those hospital beds so many times before. Mostly because he was protecting us... but this time... he isn't going to wake up... he's gone. My beloved trainer, master, friend, lover... he's gone...' I thought hastily as I left the pokecenter. I barely heard my kit's sad call, but I just couldn't stand to be there... to look at Felix laying there and know he wasn't going to get up. I just wanted to be alone, but I didn't know where to go anymore. I'd always followed Felix everywhere...

With a heavy heart I left the pokecenter, ignoring the on looking trainer's compliments of how amazing I looked and how they'd love to have a pokemon like me. The compliments were simply hollow in my head; they meant nothing without my Felix... Thankfully there was a dense forest bordering one side of the town and it wasn't far from the pokecenter. I easily reached the edge of the forest and kept walking until I could no longer see any glint of the town behind me. By chance I stumbled upon an old battle site with a toppled rocky pillar, creating a small shelter just large enough for me to curl up in. Weakly I moved in for the time being and lay down, resting my head on my front paws as I started to cry.

"Felix..." I whined softly to myself, and felt the hole in my heart grow as I curled up tighter and cried harder...


"Lekan we can't! If he suddenly came back from the dead the other humans would hunt them down! They'd be worse off than before. It's regrettable, but we can't interfere. All I can offer is the chance for Luca and her son to come and live out the rest of their lives here." Master Brennus answered Lekan's constant questioning.

"No...! We could do more, if you were willing to trust those involved! You saw what She did; what she's capable of! You said it yourself! She uncovered a long lost ability of our clan. She needs him!" Lekan continued with a growling tone, not caring how insubordinate he sounded anymore.

"Of course she does! So does everyone who's ever lost someone special! We can't revive everyo...!" Brennus replied once again, growling back in response as he got up and descended the three stairs of his platform.

"No! But we can revive this one!" Lekan contended yet again as he took a step closer to the nearing Brennus, and refused to give an inch as he stood tall by his views.

"You don't understand, Lekan. No matter how much we both wish we could fix this, it's forbidden." Brennus said with a much calmer voice, trying to diffuse the situation.

"So what!? Let me revive him! Then it's my choice alone!" Lekan continued to argue, but let go of his forward posture and stood still.

"The council would never allow such a thing! This is just how it has to be... Please, just promise me you won't pursue this. It's hard enough as it is." Brennus answered as his temper flared again, but he quickly calmed himself with a sigh and looked Lekan firmly in the eyes.

"I can't make that promise... master..." Lekan still replied defiantly and immediately turned to walk out of the temple. After watching Lekan leave Brennus let out another sigh.

~Aria... Keep an eye on him and Ky. If I know them, this won't die here.~ The elder Lucario requested through a mental communication.

~Yes master Brennus.~ A female Lucario answered in Brennus' mind as she glanced at Lekan coming down the stairs of the temple and discretely started tailing him.

"I assume it didn't go so well then?" Ky asked calmly and solemnly as he joined his partner's stride.

"Simply? No. They're not going to help." Lekan replied a bit grumpily.

"So what are you planning on doing then?" Ky answered but added to it with an individually specific mental note. ~You know we're being tailed right?~

~Yeah I know, and Aria is one of the best too...~ "I don't know anymore..." Lekan replied in an annoyed tone, speaking his true intentions mentally so as not to alert Aria too soon.

~You're sure about this then?~ Ky continued once again, his tone calm and caring despite it only being in the duo's minds.

~I am... She needs him, and not even living here would replace that.~ Lekan replied, set in his decision.

~Ok. Let's get going then.~ Ky finished with Lekan's same resolve.

~Right.~ Lekan answered and in another two steps began. In an instant he entered wave sight, spun, and fired an aura sphere at the female that was trying to act casual as she followed the two. With a snarl she crossed her paws in front of her and waved them to flash a protect shield. In the instant the sphere exploded she too went into wave sight, but saw Ky and Lekan had already opened a time portal.

"Freeze Lekan!" Aria yelled at her target as she bolted towards them with extreme speed. It was too late though as the dedicated father crossed the event horizon. In a last ditch effort to reach them in time, Aria lunged at the portal, but it cracked closed an instant too soon and she was left to crash to the ground in a cloud of dust.

With her sensitive ears still ringing from the thunder clap of the closing portal, Aria stood and returned to aura sight. With an expression of focus and her eyes shut tight, she held out a paw in the exact place the portal had been opened. After a moment of focusing she let out a growl as her eyes snapped open with a blue glow. A dull boom rang out as she managed to forcibly rip open the time rift again, allowing her to follow the now rogue Lucario and his partner...


"We have to hurry. She'll be right behind us, and she's relentless." Lekan said as he rejoined Ky on the other side of the portal.

"Right, let's go then. We have a long way to go." Ky answered as calm as ever, to which Lekan nodded and both vanished from common site, using extreme speed to bolt through the trees of the forest they arrived in.

An hour later another portal opened where Ky and Lekan had appeared. A female Lucario exited the portal and looked around for a moment before cursing out loud. With a frustrated growl she quickly entered wave sight, knowing the problem with reopening a rift was that it skewed its path through time. Still determined to carry out her job she quickly focused on Ky and Lekan's auras, finding them running from her, and already quite a distance away. With another growl she bolted after them, intending to bring the two back to the Lucario council for judgment.

"Leo...? Where's my mom?" Jem asked Leo after Lady had been gone for more than two hours.

"I don't know Jem. She'll be back though. Dad was really close to her, and I think she just needs some time alone." Leo answered and reached down to pet the golden Vulpix reassuringly.

"But... Uncle Felix is gonna wake up right?" The young kit asked, not understanding everyone's sadness. He was already a smart fox, but he still didn't understand death.

"I-I'm sorry Jem, but... he isn't going to wake up... He's gone." Leo replied, feeling an all too familiar ache in his heart as he was forced to explain.

"But why?" Jem asked, now worried about his trainer.

"Because... he gave his life to save my mom..." Leo answered, but with a tone that left the fox without a reply.

"I'll go find your mom Jem." I chimed in from where I sat at the foot of the bed, and arose tiredly to head towards the door. I hadn't moved much once we got to the room, except to be with my son, and all of us had run out of tears over the past two hours, leaving just an eerie air of despair.

"I'll come with you then." Leo replied and got up, but I turned to stop him.

"No, I'll bring her back." I said calmly with a sad confidence. "I'll be fine honey, and I'll come right back. I promise." I added soothingly as I stood at the edge of the small hallway leading to the door.

"O-ok... please be careful?" He asked with obvious worry as he came closer to me to hug me once again. Of course I didn't refuse, and tightly took him in my arms, nuzzling him lovingly as he did the same.

"Thank you Leo... I'm glad I still have you." I answered as I released him and kissed his forehead gently.

"I love you mom..." He answered softly and released me.

"I love you too hun." I replied and smiled before heading out to find my life long friend.

As I exited the center to step out into the night shrouded town I reflexively closed my eyes to enter a trance. The comforting blue glow of wave sight quickly met my mind, and I suddenly found it surprising I still retained some of my wave guiding abilities. Perhaps I was dwelling too much on Felix with my thoughts, but it gave me a warm feeling to know I had another reminder of our time together.

With a small sigh to once again clear my head I concentrated on feeling Lady, just as Felix had taught me all those years ago. It took a little more effort on my part than it would have just a few months ago, but within a minute my vision came upon a Ninetails curled up under a leaning stone pillar. After that, it only took me a short time to find her, and I was soon stepping lightly through the soft grass of the clearing surrounding her shelter. I heard a low sad growl emanate from under the rock as I neared, but I continued on. As she lifted her head to look at the intruder she fell silent, and I watched as her eyes softened and she gave a small whimper.

"You alright Lady...?" I asked as I knelt down and gently reached out to stroke her head.

"No... He's gone Luca. I... I knew this would happen eventually but... I didn't want him to leave... not yet." She said in a crying voice, still with unsteady breaths and sniffles. As she wiped her eyes with her paw I knew she was trying to clean herself up so as not to upset me, but I understood she must feel the same way I did... Felix was, after all, like a mate to her as well.

"I know..." I replied simply and laid my ears back unconsciously as I looked down from the Ninetails' gaze.

"I'm sorry... He was your mate. I shouldn't be so selfish..." She said as she shook her head in a last motion to clear her thoughts.

"No Lady... I didn't mean it that way. I just don't know what to do... Should I stay with you and Felix's family? Or... should I try to find a way back to live with my dad? But then what do I do for Leo...?" I answered in a small worried tone; still feeling like a pup compared to Lady. With another small whine of her own though Lady licked my paw, which I had folded in my lap. She always did this for me to show she understood and sympathized, and most times it made me loose my composure. "I miss him Lady..." I continued, and sniffled as I rubbed a fresh tear away. This time however, rather than my son's arms, I felt a few fluffy tails wrap around me, and pull me towards the Ninetails. Willingly I leaned over with the coaxing of a tail around my neck and lay down, resting my head against my oldest friends side as she blanketed me with her tails.

"I do too sweetie..." She said as she nuzzled her head to me gently, and continued as I whimpered back and cuddled to my surrogate mother. "Would you like to know what his last requests were?"

"Please...?" I answered with a sniffle, and opened my eyes to look up at her.

"He wanted us to take care of you and Leo... and me of course." She said, pausing for effect then finishing with a loving smirk crossing her muzzle, and I couldn't help but let out a stifled laugh. Which ended up as a soft sob.

"It's just... I was so stupid to leave, and I come back only to loose him... Just when I realized I still need him..." I said and wiped away my tears, hopefully, for the last time.

"You're not stupid dear... You did what you felt was right, just like Felix taught you, and you realized you still care for him. So there's nothing to be upset about. He knows you never stopped loving him. In fact, he never stopped believing in you, and sweetie... He'll always be with you..." Lady said consolingly and wrapped her tails a little tighter around me. "You'll get through this honey. I'm here for you." She finished, trying to hide her own sorrow for my benefit as she nuzzled to me lovingly, but I saw a tear fall from the tip of her nose and her tear filled eyes.

"Thank you Lady..." I replied and nuzzled to her needily as I continued. "I'm here for you too you know..."

"I know you are. You always have been when I needed you. I just... didn't want you or the others to see me like this..." She replied sadly and licked my forehead comfortingly a few times as we continued to lay there.

"I know. We all understand. You've been with Felix far longer than any of us. It's why we didn't stop you." I answered and nuzzled Lady's flank softly.

"Thank you Luca." She answered, but didn't continue.

"Lady? Please talk to me?" I asked softly as I ran a paw trough the fur on her side.

"About wha...? oh..." She started to reply, still trying not to share her feelings for fear of imposing her sorrow on me. "I'm ok now hun. Really." She said in an unconvincing voice.

"Even I know you're not." I answered simply.

"I know... I just... miss him. A part of me always knew I'd outlive him but... I at least wanted to be with him into his old age." She replied, opening up a little, and I then understood she was only upset about Felix passing away. She knew he had no regrets, and no grudges, and she herself only wanted more time with him, unlike my desire to make amends for my actions... "I guess he did bring you back to me though, and I kind of consider you our pup..." She finished as I thought.

"I always knew you did, and I've always thought of you as my mother." I began with a soft smile on my face, but soon thought of something else I needed to ask. "Lady? Did he at least... say goodbye to you?" I asked sadly, hoping his final gesture wasn't only aimed at me but the others as well.

"He did. He gave me one last kiss before he left... I'll never forget him; so long as I live..." She answered as she raised her head to look over me. Something in her voice though told me she felt much better, as if she was able to let go of Felix just a little more because of me.

"Jem was starting to worry about you when I left." I said softly as I propped myself up on slightly sore limbs, after a long pause with us happily sharing each other's company.

"I knew he'd worry, but I just couldn't do this in front of him." She replied and slowly rose on her own stiff legs. "Let's head back." She added, but before she could stand up I moved closer and wrapped my arms around her neck, pulling us together tightly. With a deep breath I nuzzled my head to hers as I let go of the last of my sorrows for the moment.

"Thank you Lady... I don't know what I'd do without you..." I said sadly in heartfelt gratitude as she craned her neck to cuddle me in return.

"No, thank you my Luca..." Was all she replied and we sat there for a long moment until our hearts had calmed once again. After our hug I rose to stand, but kept a paw on Lady's head gently. With a small murr she stood as well and we both started walking solemnly back to the center. Lady held her tails in a little higher spirits as we walked, with one or two brushing against my waist, as if to give me a hug if I still needed one.

That night only continued one of the most tortuous days of my life... When Lady and I arrived at the center Jem was relieved to see his mother, but we decided to continue and call Felix's mother with Leo's help as a translator. It was absolutely heartbreaking to watch my beloved mate's mother suddenly loose her excitement for seeing me, freeze in sorrow, and finally collapse and weep. Felix's father had to step in, and told us they would come as soon as they could, but the soonest they would be able to make it was the next day. Somehow Lady, Leo, and I endured and after the phone ordeal it had gotten quite late, so we decided to visit Felix one last time before we tried to get some sleep. We went back into the ER to find Joy hadn't moved our beloved Felix, and we silently looked over him again as he lay there peacefully.

"I love you dad..." Leo whispered sadly as he held my paw. Lisa put her front paws on the bed and nuzzled lightly at Felix's shoulder as she whispered a thank you into his ear. After Lisa hopped down Lady did much the same, but gave Felix one last lick to the cheek before nuzzling his face and hopping down herself. Jem wanted to say goodbye as well, now that he understood the situation a little more, so Leo lifted him up where the Vulpix imitated his mother, though a little less affectionately.

Finally, I went over and kissed my mate's lips one last time before whispering, "I only wish I could have told you I loved you one last time..." as I ran paw through his still soft hair. With my words two final tears escaped my eyes, so I wiped them off on Felix's shoulder with a nuzzle. We all knew it didn't end there, but at least it might let us get some sleep, having conveyed out sentiments...

"You weren't kidding Lekan... She is good." Ky commented as he ran beside his partner through the light rain of a late night shower.

"Told you. Now hurry, she's already closed half our lead. We have to make it to the center before she catches us." Lekan replied in a determined tone without turning his gaze from ahead. The Lucario seemed to be deep in thought, and to Ky it was obvious why. If everyone were to survive, they would need a much larger group than the two of them to revive the fallen Felix. Without more participants there was a 95% chance one or both of them wouldn't survive... 'Please forgive me Ruki... but she needs him.' Lekan thought to himself as the trees gave way to the open streets of the town. It was nearly dawn, but luckily the center never closed, though a Chansey had taken over while Nurse Joy slept.

"Boy... I must be out of shape..." Ky panted as the pair stopped at the center's doors.

"You humans..." Lekan said in a teasing tone with a small smile at his out of breath friend. Ky chuckled in response before they entered the building. The Chansey at the counter stood to welcome the two, but Lekan quickly raised a finger to his lips to shush her quietly.

~We're here to help the boy in the back, no one can know we're here.~ He said to her to which she nodded softly and allowed them to make their way into the ER. ~Another Lucario will be coming, just let her through. She's here for us, though she won't be quite so discrete.~ Lekan added thankfully as a warning, knowing Aria was not the subtle type.

The duo quickly found Felix in the back, but found something more as well. Lady and Luca had been unable to sleep in their room, and snuck down late that night to be with Felix. Lady was curled up on her master's legs, while Luca lay with her head on her crossed arms placed on Felix's chest. Lekan's heart ached as he saw his daughter there, but with a swallow he looked to Ky, and steeled his nerves. Ky met Lekan's gaze and nodded to him before they moved over to the bed, hurrying in their actions to avoid being stopped.

Being careful not to disturb the sleeping girls Lekan went to Felix's head while Ky moved opposite Luca. The two raised their hands over Felix, Lekan over his head and Ky over his upper chest and abdominal, they once again exchanged glances before taking deep breaths, and beginning the revival process.

Experience and practice allowed the older duo to progress much faster, and though the same blue haze appeared between their hands and Felix, it only too two minutes before Felix took a long deep inhale and started breathing shallowly. Luca moved slightly with Felix's chest, but didn't wake; instead she only moaned softly and nuzzled to him tiredly. Though his eyes remained shut Felix's breath almost seemed to pull the life from Ky and Lekan. Both started to breathe heavier in exertion but Lekan growled softly as well at the pain that was starting to creep up his legs.

'I'm sorry dear friend but she needs you too...' Ky thought as he looked to the father Lucario. "Lekan... You're my dearest friend. Thank you for everything you've done for me... Thank you for being my friend." He spoke softly to his partner, and secretly began channeling some of his aura into an attack in his left hand.

"Don't talk like that, we'll be fine. But... Thank you Ky, for everything as well." The Lucario answered sincerely and met Ky's gaze, just as the human intended. In a flash Ky force palmed Lekan in the chest, sending the air rushing from his lungs as shock flashed in the Lucario's eyes. In an instant he was sent flipping over another nearby bed and landed on his head with a grunt. "Ky..." Lekan groaned as he lay there and tried not to black out, but lost the fight and sighed as he fell unconscious.

"Forgive me old friend..." Ky said softly to his unconscious partner and redoubled his efforts, all the while fighting the pins an needles feeling quickly spreading over his body.

In another minute it was all over... Ky's breath grew shallow in the last thirty seconds and with one last long exhale his legs gave out. Finally, as Ky breathed his last, and fell limply to his side on the hospital floor, Felix started to regain consciousness...

With a weak groan I shifted my head. 'Why do I feel stiff...? What happened?' I thought and tried to open my eyes. At first my sight was blurred horribly, but the room quickly came into focus in the dim morning light. "The center...?" I moaned and tried to move, but only managed to shift slightly. "Why am I so heavy?" I muttered, but just then the weight on my chest lifted slightly with a soft feminine groan. Looking down my body I saw Luca laying on me, but nothing really seemed to register in my head. "Luca?" I questioned softly, which finally woke her up entirely.

"Leo...?" She murmured tiredly and looked up in the direction the sound had come from.

"What's going on?" I asked as I started to become more aware.

"Felix!!!? You're alive!" She immediately shrieked and threw herself at me, wrapping me in a hug so tight I could barely breathe... Of course this woke Lady as well, who slowly raised her head. As she saw became fully aware she noticed my eyes were open and I was hugging Luca. She barked my name in delight and quickly moved to join Luca.

Lekan was partially awakened by Luca's shriek and with Lady's added bark her let out a low groan and held his aching head. After managing to find his feet though he remembered what happened, and his eyes quickly snapped wide to look at us. The first thing he noticed was Luca and Lady lovingly welcoming me back to the world of the living, but the second was Ky laying still, on the floor next to my bed. His expression faded from shock to solemn as he shut his eyes remorsefully and thankfully for his fallen friend.

"I... what happened? I'm supposed to be... What did you do!?" I managed to ask a happily sobbing Luca through Lady's franticly affectionate licks and nuzzles, but I started to panic knowing reviving Luca had supposedly cost me my life.

"It's alright Felix. They didn't do this." I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. The two girls smothering me also heard the voice, and paused their affections to see who it was, which allowed me to turn as well.

"Dad? You did this?" Luca asked as we saw Lekan, but he didn't stop walking and came to the bedside on my left.

"No... Ky did." Lekan answered remorsefully as he knelt down to his partner, and instantly I knew what he meant, and why he sounded so sad.

"Lekan... I can't tell you how sorry I am. But... why would you do this at such a risk?" I asked sadly and moved to sit up, only to have Lady lay down in my lap where I put an arm around her neck to rub through her soft fur while my other arm remained around Luca's shoulders as she helped me up.

"Just relax Felix. We knew what we were doing. Ky just beat me to the punch... Quite literally..." He answered as he rubbed around his chest spike and knelt to Ky in order to roll him onto his back, into a more dignified position.

"But why...?" I asked, since the girls couldn't seem to find their voices. Luca seemed scared and sad at the discovery of Ky's sacrifice, but with how she was clinging to my arm now as she supported me, I knew she was grateful.

"Because she still needs you... and I'm sure..." He answered with a soft smile aimed at his daughter. He paused for a second to cherish Luca's expression, but before he could finish; the ER doors were thrown open with a slam.

"Lekan! Ky! ..." A female Lucario yelled in her native tongue.

"It's done Aria. There's nothing you can do but take me back. I'll face whatever the council decides." Lekan answered confidently as he stood and faced her.

"Lekan... You coward! How could you make your companion revive the human!?" Aria growled as she came closer with authority in her steps.

"He's not a coward! Ky forced him to...!" Luca yelled back, obviously angry this woman was insulting her father's character, but Aria only spared an appraising glance at Luca, and seemed unimpressed.

"Luca. It's fine. Just take Felix and go." Lekan interrupted calmly, getting Luca to stop and look back to him.

"Don't move an inch." Aria added and before anyone could react she had an aura sphere leveled directly at me.

"Aria, it's over! What's done is done now take Ky and I back!" Lekan answered quickly and moved around to stand between me and the attack with his arms spread wide. Lady and Luca also took the chance to raise a defense, with Lady jumping down to stand at Lekan's right while her tails writhed to life. Luca on the other hand helped me slide out of the bed to stand. Since my legs were still regaining use, she stayed close at my side, both in defense from the other Lucario and to help hold me up while I recovered.

"I don't think so. There are two choices here the way I see it. Either he comes back with us and the council decides what to do with him, or he dies again!" Aria continued threateningly, keeping her aura sphere trained on me as I got out of the bed.

"Don't do this Ari." Lekan replied, still with a calm air.

"Don't call me that! I'm not a pup, nor am I your apprentice anymore! Now let's go! He can't remain here." She said with a glare and a slight growl at me as her aura sphere continued to glow and buzz with power.

"No. I won't let you take him!" Luca answered and allowed me to stand on my own so she could move in front of me to stand next to her father, between me and the aura sphere.

"Neither will I!" Lady chimed in for the first time, but remained where she was.

"You don't get a say! You only visited our village, and you, know nothing of our laws! Ky and Lekan committed treason to the high council. Now he and the one they saved must be judged." Aria replied, looking to Luca first then snarling at Lady.

"And I said no!" Luca replied harshly with a growl of her own, and despite her ferocity I couldn't help but smile at her determination in protecting me.

"We won't loose him again!" Lady added firmly in the same tone as Luca, ignoring the threatening snarl from Aria.

"Just leave him be. This is his family." Lekan said, trying to keep Luca from getting over ambitious and attacking.

"That's what makes this so hard..." Aria said sternly and poured more energy into the aura sphere she held, making it buzz louder and begin to jerk about in her grasp.

"Luca... I'll be fine." I said finally as I softly laid a hand on her shoulder. Her ears perked and I felt her tense in my grasp as she turned to face me. She wore a terrified look, and I could already see tears swelling in her eyes. "I'll come back. I promise." I added as her ears flattened against her head and she turned towards me.

"But... You just came back to me... to us..." She said sadly and I couldn't help but put my arms around her to hug her tightly.

"I know, but I won't let you get hurt over this. I'll come back to you and Leo... and to you girl." I continued as I cradled Luca to me, and added Lady with a loving smile over at her.

Aria heard me and seemed to believe my words, so she lowered her attack and came closer to our group. She still wore a serious expression and seemed on edge, as if expecting someone to try and escape, but Lekan also seemed to understand my intentions and made no move against Aria. "Let's go." She said once again after letting me embrace Luca for a long moment. As I let my love out of my hug though, she looked up at me with her sad eyes.

"I promise. I'll come back." I said as I kept my hands on her upper arms, then quickly leaned down to press my lips to hers. Without hesitation she returned my kiss, parting her lips as her eyes slipped closed just before we met. Slowly and tenderly she embraced me, and held my head close as we shared our first truly passionate moment in more than a month and a half. Feeling her arms around me I couldn't help but embrace her again, and this time, desperately hold her close. She was back... the woman I loved with all my heart, and in that moment, I knew she'd never leave me again. We both had tears in our eyes as we broke the kiss and slowly looked back at each other. I moved my hands to the sides of her neck to frame her perfect face in my view.

"I love you Luca." I said finally, already knowing what her response would be.

"I love you too... Felix." She said, on the verge of crying as she still clung to me tightly. Once again I put an arm about her to hold her to me but this time I turned my head to say a goodbye to Lady as well. She was waiting patiently and after seeing Aria wouldn't attack me she had hopped up onto the bed once again, where she was waiting for me to turn and quickly gave me a long loving lick up my face.

"Ahhh... Yuck." I replied with a laugh to which she smiled and quickly nuzzled her head under my chin.

"I love you too sweetie. Take care of everyone for just a little longer. I'll be back soon." I said as I held her to me with my free arm and scratched her lightly behind her ears. I added a few kisses as well, beginning on her forehead and lovingly running down to the tip of her nose. She too was simply overwhelmed with the joy of having me back, and I saw her eyes beginning to well up.

Meanwhile, as I said my goodbyes, Aria sat down with Lekan, and the two began to focus their energies. I didn't know it at the time, but for them to open a time portal they had to have complete cooperation. However, with Lekan's power already severely diminished from his previous efforts, he was relying almost entirely on Aria to open another portal. So, in order to succeed, they remained still, and focused intently on each other's aura while I said my goodbyes.

When the Lucario were ready they stood, opened their eyes and held out their paws to each other, holding it right in front of the other's just a few millimeters apart. A few tiny flashes of lightning flickered before a swirl began and in an instant enlarged into the chaos of a time portal. Exhausted and out of breath at the effort to open the portal, Lekan then took a few unsteady steps back to Ky. He bent down to pick up his partner's arm and drape it over his shoulder. Watching the exhausted Lucario try to pick up his partner Aria couldn't deny her assistance, so she moved over and picked up Ky's other arm, placing it over her shoulder as Lekan had.

"It's time to go." She said calmly as she looked over at me, but her expression had changed. She was still determined to bring me back, but the look she gave Luca almost seemed apologetic, as did her tone of voice in some small way.

"Alright." I answered calmly, and slowly let my arms slip from around my girls.

"I'm coming too!" Luca suddenly said in a desperate attempt to stay at my side, and grabbed my retreating hand in her paw to hold it tight.

"You had your time with us. This is something your... mate. Must do for himself. You must stay here." Aria said to Luca, knowing she was just trying to stay with me. Luca stopped her pleas at Aria's words, but gave the female another sad glare. However, Arai wasn't affected, and only looked firmly back at her. Seeing her frantic desire to stay with me I made one last gesture to reassure my mate. Since she was still holding my hand I brought her paw to my face, and kissed her wrist spike gently.

"I'll come back." I said once more, and smiled up at her lovingly. I watched her pout a little, but there was nothing more I could think to say, so I squeezed her paw reassuringly and with a small sigh, she let me go. I entered the portal after Aria, Ky, and Lekan, but I smiled back at my girls one last time, and waved as I disappeared to another time.

Chapter End Notes:Well there you are. ^^ He's alive again. I hope that stops some of the threatening emails. (just kidding. XP)I can't wait to hear from you guys so please read and review. I'll keep working on the next installment but until then I hope you enjoy
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