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A story about a trainer who is given a Riolu. She starts as a friend and companion, but becomes so much more than that with time, and with the bond they share life becomes more complicated than ever.

Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

  1. Intro and Disclaimer (502 words) [Reviews: 2]

  2. A Rare Gift. (5503 words)

  3. Luca Evolves (1659 words)

  4. Tournament (8914 words)

  5. Contest Disaster (12477 words)

  6. Team Darkrai Rises (13810 words)

  7. Taking Down Darkrai (6554 words)

  8. Heading Home (6046 words)

  9. A Mother Revealed (11243 words)

  10. A New Addition, and A Renewed Ambition (8025 words)

  11. A Grunt's Revenge (5002 words)

  12. Getting By (8968 words)

  13. Repairing Relations (12906 words)

  14. Home once again (8972 words)

  15. Life continues, for better or worse. (16981 words)

  16. Isn't Life Grand? (5621 words)

  17. What a mess... (19756 words)

  18. The Last Straw! (6386 words)

  19. Agonizing travels. (13249 words)

    So without further delay, enjoy. And I hope I managed to keep a bit lighter mood throughout this chapter since I think I managed to depress some of you with the last one. ^_^ Once again I hope you enjoy.

    One final thing. For Felix's second dream I had two sources of inspiration that I must mention.
    First was Dreamer's Poem, "Subconscious Tears". As soon as I read that poem and he said it was inspired by this story I wanted to write a scene for it.
    And second was the Lucario image "Memories" in Kusaka / G-Sun 's album in the gallery. If either of you want that scene rewritten I will not hesitate to, just contact me if that is the case, and if not I thank you for your inspiration and for allowing me to use you as inspiration.

  20. Agonizing Imprisonment (10729 words)

    While Felix and the others frantically search for Luca, she is enduring her own hardships.

    Painful as it may be, Felix, the author, wanted to write this chapter from my perspective so he offered to let me do it. I'm sorry if it's sad but I didn't enjoy my time with Darkrai. I guess the one consolation you have while reading this is that I'm still around to tell you what happened, but I won't say what else has happened because that would ruin the rest of the story. I hope you can forgive any of my mistakes, I tried my best to be descriptive of what happened, but now that I look back it all seemed to go so fast, even though that wasn't the case when I was living it. Anyway I hope you enjoy! ^_^ Luca.

  21. Rescued At Last . . . (16197 words)

  22. The Long Road Home (17707 words)

  23. Family or Family...? (5289 words)

  24. An Old Home (14765 words)

  25. Death of a true mate. (14705 words)

  26. Picking up the pieces (7380 words)

  27. A New Life, An Old Time (23774 words)

  28. Luca - Epilogue - A New beginning? (3571 words)

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    Reviewer: Arrulai
    Date:Aug 26 2012 Chapter:Intro and Disclaimer

    A story of what love, conflict, adversaty, this has made me cry and laugh more than any story. It shall always be my favorite

    Reviewer: sanguine
    Date:Aug 28 2012 Chapter:Intro and Disclaimer
    This is a very heartwarming story about raising a family and the bonds that exist and form therein. It's full of laughs, love and loss and is one of the few stories that has had me come back to read it again. A highly recommended read and will always have a place in my heart.
    Reviewer: wxp_73
    Date:May 31 2016

    LOVE IT!!! And i also need to contact you... how?

    Reviewer: wxp_73
    Date:May 31 2016

    LOVE IT!!! And i also need to contact you... how?

    Reviewer: j3506
    Date:Apr 30 2019

    This story made me feel so many things. I smiled, laughed, and cried more times than I‘d like to count. I’ve read quite a few stories on here but none have moved me as much as Luca. From start to finish, the story had me on the edge of my seat wanting to find out what happens next. The writing style complimented this; switching perspectives during intense or complicated scenes really enhanced the narrative in my opinion, allowing the reader to see how each character felt.

    I thought the number of characters in the story would hinder it as it went on, but it had the opposite effect. I found myself enjoying the way they all interacted, and the complex emotions they shared.

    Thank you Felix, it was an absolutely beautiful read, and something I hope to return to when the second edition is complete :)