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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

Luca - Epilogue - A New beginning?

The years passed quickly in our new home. It wasn't that the year was shorter in the past, rather it was simply how well our lives seemed to fall into place. Within a week, we had a hut of our own, though we've remodeled a few times over the years. We also gathered a few small luxuries from other times when we discovered it was allowed. Our lives were happy and rich, and even though we were one of the youngest couples in the village; everyone else was very supportive and kind. Also, not once did anyone look at us strangely for our interspecies union. In fact, there were other lucario, human pairs living in the village. It wasn't noticeable until they showed some kind of affection in public, or someone told you about them. And even then, there were partners who seemed just as close, even though they had separate mates.

Leo came to visit several times, and after the first year we had developed our abilities to the point of being able to create our own time portals. Brennus and the council were quite pleased with how fast our abilities grew. However, the credit should mostly go to Lekan and Brennus, who were excellent instructors. A small note that Brennus mentioned in one of our lessons was that Luca's ancestry was one of the strongest in wave guiding abilities, and it was in part due to my own latent prowess with aura that she was given to me in the first place. Because of both our natural talents Lekan surmised that we had reached the level of a functioning council partnership in only a year when it took most others 4.

After a year and a half we were admitted into a guild of sorts, which was run by the council. Luca and I always knew we had the task of trying to fill Ky and Lekan's positions, and now we were finally permitted to take a step in the right direction by doing "field work" for lack of a better term. Since then, we've been part of teems to find partners for several Riolu, and we've even been allowed to actually deliver Riolu!

After our fifth year, our lives were changed once again by a new, and yet, old event... Luca and I were blessed with another pup, this time a beautiful baby girl. Unlike Leo, she physically took after her mother in almost every way. Where Leo had hybrid fingers and a little more of a human size, his sister had none. She appeared to be a perfectly normal Riolu pup. That is... except for two things. One, she had yellow fur where normal Riolu have blue, and blue where normally there was yellow. And two, she had the same deep blue eyes Leo seemed to inherit from me.

There was one other way she differed from our son though. She had incredible strength and skill with wave guidance. More so than even Brennus when he was young, this by his own admission. However, her strength and coloring greatly concerned the council, though they would not tell us why...

When Luca had originally begun to show she was pregnant we were introduced to a Lucario adept in healing. She performed an ancient version of an ultrasound using wave sight, and what she felt from the unborn pup would determine whether a Riolu would benefit from a partner. It was then that we found out we would have to gift our daughter to someone as Luca had been given to me. Despite both our disappointment in having to give her away, we were happy she was to be given the honor of having a partner.

It took us a long time of searching with the time pools to find our daughter's partner. In fact, our daughter, Kylee, was born a month before we could find a suitable companion. Until we finally settled on a partner however, little Kylee happily enjoyed the company of her parents and many other visitors. When she was born she was smaller than Leo, and she was much tinier than Luca when she had been given to me. However, she grew quite rapidly in the weeks she was with us. Finally Luca and I found a partner for our daughter, and as Brennus had once told us, when you're emotionally attached to the one being delivered, there is a warm and calming feeling when you find the one they are meant to be with.

As we found Kylee's soon to be partner our daughter was just beginning to master walking. Her unusual prowess with wave guidance had also grown with her. Near the end of our short time with her she had conscious control of reaching out to Luca and I. She discovered if she sent certain feelings to us we would come running, or bring her food, and once, we even saw her use wave sight to find us when we didn't come to her right away. It did explained why in her last days with us she always found us when she grew tired of what she had been doing...

When she got upset though, she was a nightmare... Her aura would flare when she cried, and it always gave me a splitting headache. The pain quickly subsided though when we were able to quell her cries. All in all, she was a very well behaved pup from the very beginning, just like her brother. Sure she cried sometimes, and got into trouble, but then again, what child doesn't right?

She was very cautious of Brennus however, remembering him from the day she was born. She had attacked him as he had tried to read her aura. She never attacked him again though; presumably because once she saw and felt her mother and I trusted him she no longer felt the need to defend herself.

In the end, the day came when Luca and I had to take Kylee to her partner in another time. She was old enough that she could walk and was starting to comprehend the world around her. She was even beginning to talk, vocally! Which I found was another thing she got from me being her father. I'd guess she was about two weeks older than her mother when she had been given to me, when Brennus cautioned us not to keep her with us for much longer. She was beginning to form a strong attachment to us, which would only make it harder for her to leave us, and vice versa.

With our practice in the wave guiding arts, Luca and I made a portal of our own one evening about two hours before sunset. With Kylee in her mother's arms we stepped through, to a time about two centuries after my own. Kylee didn't understand what was happening, and the portal scared her quite a bit. However, with her mother close, and a few words of comfort, she was a brave girl and gave no protest to going through. Once we were in the future though, she was back to her old self. She was fascinated by all the new smells and sights, and kept Luca quite busy while we observed our target.

It didn't take us long to find Kylee's soon to be partner, and once we did we stayed hidden, watching and evaluating her one final time before we were satisfied she really was the right person to raise our daughter. A few times however, the trainer's Absol seemed to sense our presence. Not once did he actually catch sight of us though, as we quickly hid from view, pretending for Kylee that it was a game.

It was council rule that the deliverer could engage a trainer however they wished, a rule Luca and I had always enjoyed... In my opinion, a trainer needed a good sense of humor. So we usually staged something rather comical, or at least from our perspective it was...

This time, Luca and Kylee found a good place to make a camp and started building a fire ring. Meanwhile, I went to fetch Kylee's soon to be partner. I stood in the middle of the path we knew she would take, and waited for her to come along. When she did I gave a small smirk at her and her Absol. Who, as it turns out, had once again gotten a feeling from my presence and was walking in front of his trainer to protect her. As the pair stopped, a pidgeotto swooped down and grabbed one of the spare pokeballs she kept on the single strap of her backpack.

As I had asked her to, the bird flew from the trainer to me and dropped the ball right into my hand. I looked back at the trainer with another grin before sprinting to my left, into the brush and trees lining the road. Luckily my training with Luca had allowed me to in a sense borrow her physical abilities. I say luckily because I hadn't even made it off the road before the Absol was throwing a razor wind at me, and running full speed to catch me...

Still confused the girl took a moment before she yelled at me and ran after her Absol. I continued to duck and dodge the pokemon's many attempts to stop me, which was actually more difficult than it sounds... This Absol was very well trained and I was beginning to debate whether my plan was a smart idea when I came to a small bluff. I could feel Luca and Kylee were on top of it, so without hesitation I once again called a little of Luca's agility to me, and quickly scaled the 30 foot height in a few jumps. Once at the top, Kylee squealed and clapped happily as she saw me leap up from the edge. After giving her a loving smile, I turned to look down at the Absol growling up at me with his trainer stopping behind him. I once again grinned at them and gave a quick two fingered salute with the hand I still held the pokeball in. After that I casually turned around to walk from their sight, knowing the chase wouldn't end there.

I rejoined Kylee and Luca to wait and see what happened, and as I had expected the two did not give up the chase. A few moment's after I sat down beside my mate, a large razor wind sliced off a section of ground further down the cliff, making a nice ramp up to our level about a hundred yards away. I chuckled at their determination and smiled knowing they would protect Kylee to their last breath, especially if they were this determined to get an empty pokeball back. Although I had to admit it was a rather interestingly futuristic pokeball, but they were the norm in this age I figured.

Kylee jumped and turned towards the noise when it happened, not knowing what had done it. She watched with intrigue and a bit of fear as the land slid away, allowing the pair to ascend. When the pair came up and came towards us the Absol took an aggressive stalking stance. Seeing the threatening looking creature, Kylee moved closer to Luca and clung to her mother's leg. The two of us, however, stood and waited for them to speak first.

"Give back what you stole!" The Absol growled, more to Luca than me, though I was the one who answered as Luca simply stood there with a small smile of her own. She knew he was no match for her, and somewhere inside he knew it as well, but to see him so determined was still reassuring.

"Sorry bout that, but we had to get you away from the road somehow." I said with a smile and a kind tone as I tossed the pokeball casually to the female trainer.

"Wha...? Who... are you, and why didn't you just ask?" She replied as she fumbled to catch the unexpected toss and looked at me like I was nuts.

"You'd follow some stranger asking you to follow him into the woods for a reason he won't say?" I questioned sarcastically and chuckled before adding, "Plus this way was more fun." The girl didn't know how to respond and simply blinked a few times as she tried to determine whether we really were crazy. Kylee however was curiously looking at Absol, but at the moment she was quite scared of the growling creature.

"Since you're here, join us for some dinner?" I continued and trustingly turned to head to my bag and get some food. The girl looked to her Absol curiously, and though he didn't seem to like me for stealing from them, he did calm down significantly and seemed to convey to her that we were alright.

After finally meeting and getting to know Valiora a little in person Luca and I challenged her and her Absol, Sil, to a battle before dinner. Of course I had neglected to observe how they battled in this age, but fortunately, it wasn't too different. She had some kind of visor that kept data on pokemon and their moves. It also allowed the trainer to be a little more informed on the condition of their own as well as their opponent's pokemon, but I had little need for such a thing. After all, Luca and I were physically and spiritually bound. Valiora looked at me a little strangely at first, but soon laughed and made a comment about me being old school... Well at least she did have a sense of humor...

Of course Luca and I won our little bout, though we avoided fighting type moves, knowing Absol were weak to such attacks. Kylee watched her mother's battle from atop my shoulders and seemed rather interested, especially watching what her mother could do since she'd only ever seen a few play fights in the streets of the village.

Valiora and Sil were astonished at how I didn't actually speak a word to Luca. Little did they know though that we were using our wave speech, or telepathy for a simpler term. Still they were good sports and knew when they were out classed, much like I had realized when I fought Lekan and Ky those many years ago.

After our match, we sat back down with Kylee and built a small fire. Valiora had some questions for us, including how Kylee could talk..., but we tried to keep things to ourselves and mislead her a little. It wasn't done in malice, but for their protection. Once again, as had been done for Luca and I.

In the end, Kylee had taken a liking to Valiora and Sil. Even when the two first came upon us Kylee, thankfully, seemed very open and comfortable with her soon to be partner. As we made camp, and prepared to sleep, Kylee surprised Luca and I. She didn't want to sleep with us for the first time since she was born. Instead, she came to Luca with a shy, troubled look before pointing to Valiora and saying "Sleep?" Luca and I exchanged smiles, knowing exactly what she meant, so we leaned over to give her a little bit of affection. For what we knew would be the last time...

"Sure honey. I love you." Luca said, trying to hide the sadness in her tone and aura for all our sakes, and kissed her daughter's forehead as she picked her up for a tight hug.

"Love mommy!" Kylee replied cheerfully and nuzzled her head into Luca's neck with a gleeful smile before she was released to come to me. I picked her up as well and gave her a loving hug before kissing her nose, getting a giggle out of her before she licked mine in return.

"Go ahead, and sleep tight." I said softly after chuckling at her kiss, to which she yipped happily and ran over to Valiora to ask her if it was ok for her to sleep there. The trainer looked up at us and Luca nodded gently, after which Valiora lifted the cover of her sleeping bag to allow the Riolu in.

And so it was done... We faked sleeping until we knew Kylee and Valiora had fallen asleep, then got up and prepared to leave. I wrote a quick note and we quietly walked over to leave it with Sil as we took one last look at our sweet little girl. A soft growl from the Absol let me know I had awoken him, and as he raised his head I began to explain.

"We're leaving Kylee with you and your trainer. After getting to know you, we trust you'll take good care of her. Here... Give this to Valiora when she wakes. It explains why we're leaving Kylee here. In short, she needs you two, but we won't ever be far away if you need us." I said calmly and caringly to the suspicious Absol and knelt to give him the note.

"Sure... We'll keep her safe." Sil answered softly, not wanting to wake the other two, but also cautiously since he didn't understand our intentions. He took the note in his mouth and turned to stick it in Valiora's backpack, which he took upon himself to guard every night.

"Thank you. Only two more things, please keep us a secret, and be aware that Kylee is a strangely powerful pup. I can tell you're a disciplined individual, so I hope you will be able to help her develop control... This is goodbye for now Sil. Take care and we'll see you again soon." I finished sincerely to the canine before standing and looking over at my daughter once again.

"Take care Sweetheart... please forgive us for leaving without saying goodbye." Luca whispered to our daughter as she gently ran a paw across the small Riolu's head then rose to stand and take my hand. My mate looked sad yet proud, and was obviously trying to keep her emotion from showing, as was I.

"I'll pass on your sentiments... don't worry." Sil offered, more to Luca than me, and we both nodded a thank you. He still didn't seem to know if I could really understand him or was just guessing what he said, but it didn't matter. With our job done, we set off as Sil watched then went back to sleep, but curled up a little closer to his trainer and Kylee.

As we ran through the woods to get a far enough distance away before we opened the portal I saw Luca was crying. I tried to reassure her we'd see our daughter again soon but we both knew it was a hollow promise. We had to let her live her own life here, and we were forbidden to interfere in any major way with the events that unfolded.

When we did finally stop to open the portal, Luca wiped her eyes and tried to avoid looking at me. I could tell she felt weak and selfish for missing her daughter so much already. It wasn't our bond that had me feeling the same way, so I gently took her paw and pulled her close where she started crying against my chest. For the moment I remained silent and rubbed her back to sooth her. My dear Lucario and I stood there for quite a while, sometimes even looking back down the trail we'd taken into the woods wishing we could take Kylee back with us. In the end we managed to steel our nerves, and after a sad, but loving kiss and a tight hug, we turned together to open a portal to our home. With my arm around Luca's shoulder and her paw around my waist we stepped through the swirling vortex...

After we left Kylee with Valiora she went on to do amazing things, even fulfilling an old dream of mine. Luca and I visited several times when we were needed, and some times simply to check in on them in person. Our daughter grew into a fine young lady but... that is her story.

As for Luca and I, we are still living out our long and happy lives within the Lucario settlement. Each and every day taking time to watch over our kids and learn new things about the society, ourselves, and the universe we live in. We couldn't be prouder of the family we've built, nor could we ever imagine a world where we didn't have each other. I hope you enjoyed our tale and don't dwell on the hardships we endured. Because we have endured it all, and neither of us would change a single event that lead us to such a perfect life.

Chapter End Notes:And This is the last. I hope you all enjoyed and can forgive me for the long wait for what must seem like such a let down. I really and truely would like to thank everyone. All of my readers and reviewers and helpers, for giving me the inspiration, courage, support, and motivation to write this story. Don't ever stop working on your own masterpieces, and I won't stop writing either. I loe you all. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you wish. The link to my email here does still work.

Once again. Thank you all and I'll be seeing you around and hopefully hearing from you as well. ^^

Sincerely yours,
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