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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

Luca Evolves

We continued our travels for about a year with nothing of real importance happening. Luca had become much stronger and now knew many more attacks. Lady had continued to get stronger as well, but since she was already really strong it was slower going for her. Since I knew about when Luca had been born from Nurse Joy telling me the day I received her, me and Lady decided to celebrate her 1st birthday. I don't think Luca realized at first what we were planning, birthdays were more of a human thing, but she did enjoy going out to eat and taking it easy. Luca had been with us when we celebrated Lady's 11th birthday so I think she understood a little bit.

I had found some time to secretly get Luca a gift in the previous city we visited. Lady knew what it was and couldn't wait to see Luca's face. For Lady's first birthday with me I had gotten her a special piece of charcoal. The reason it was special was because it powered up her fire attacks. They sold these items specifically for pokemon and this one was a high grade and was treated so that it wouldn't wear away or disintegrate. I had thought about what to get Luca and figured the fighting type equivalent to Lady's charcoal would be a great choice. This equivalent was called a black belt, and like the charcoal they came in various qualities. I once again got her the high end version which was a beautiful silk black belt. Lady had approved and I was really hoping Luca would like it.

After spending the day celebrating we made our way to the pokemon center to stay the night. Nurse Joy got us set up in a room with two beds one for the girls and one for me. We got cleaned up and ready for bed, but before we fell asleep I told Luca I had something for her. She wasn't sure what I meant until I pulled a wrapped box out of my pack. By this time she knew the occasion, but wasn't expecting anything like this. She opened her present and pulled out the belt. She knew exactly what it was and wrapped me in a hug as best she could. She was in tears saying how much she loved her gift and me. To calm her down a bit I returned her hug and whispered "I love you too." in her ear. Once she had calmed down I set her on the bed beside me, where she immediately tied the belt around her waist.

While Luca was putting on her new accessory Lady came over and jumped up on the bed with us. Apparently we weren't going to need two beds... I got under the covers where Luca snuggled up next to me smiling and nuzzling my arm as she fell asleep. Lady curled up at the foot of the bed with us and we all fell asleep, unaware of what would happen the next day.

When I woke up I notice that the girls were still sleeping. I thought it would be nice to get breakfast ready for when they woke up, so I quietly got up, being careful not to disturb either of them, and went downstairs to ask Nurse Joy for some food. She obliged and I took what she gave me back up to the room, but when I walked in my girls were gone! At first I thought that they were just playing a joke and hiding, that is until I realized that there weren't many places for a full grow Ninetails to hide. I looked in what places I could think of, but still couldn't find them.

My heart sank, what could possibly have happened... There were no signs of a struggle and even so Luca and Lady were no pushovers. Let alone Lady would rather die than let something happen to me or Luca. I ran downstairs to get Nurse Joy's help, after I had explained what happened she called for some Chansey and we spread out to look for the girls. I went back upstairs to check the other unoccupied rooms while Nurse Joy and Chansey checked the ground floor.

While frantically checking the rooms down the hall I heard something from behind a door that was barely open, it sounded like someone crying. I made my way to the door and slowly began pushing it open to see what was wrong, and maybe help someone who was in a similar situation as me. My heart skipped a beat when I caught a glimpse of a familiar fox tail inside the room. I flung the door the rest of the way open which startled the two pokemon inside. Lady immediately spun around snarling at the intruder with her tails writhing through the air ready to attack. When she realized it was me she calmed down and got a concerned look on her face. I hadn't gotten a good look at the pokemon behind her, but it looked like Luca. Once Lady's tails calmed down I could see that it wasn't the same little Riolu I had been caring for, for the past year. Instead a full grown Lucario was sitting there on the bed with tears in her eyes almost afraid to let me see her. I was stunned and could only manage to say "Luca?... Is that you?" She replied with a quiet "Yes," and closed her tear filled eyes to look away from me, obviously fearing my response, but all I could do was run over and hug her. Nearly crying myself I managed to say "I thought I had lost you two!" Luca was so surprised she only managed to weep more, while Lady came over to join us. Amidst her tears Luca managed to say "I don't know what happened, and I didn't know if you would want me like this..." Hearing this I released my embrace, but kept my hands on her shoulders. I looked her in the eyes and said, "I will always love you no matter how you change, and that goes for both of you!" as I gave a glance to Lady to make sure she knew she was included. Luca began crying again and wrapped me in another embrace. I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to our room, with Lady at my side.

A Chansey had heard the commotion and reported to Nurse Joy that everything was fine now. As we ate our breakfast Luca explained what had happened. It turns out that she had woken up and wondered where I was. She knew that I would never leave the two of them and figured I would be right back. Then she looked down at her belt and thought of me again. It was then that she evolved and didn't know what had just happened. Me being a forgetful person... I hadn't explained evolution to her yet. With Lady I had the chance before we used a stone, but I had forgotten that Riolu evolve through a deep bond with their trainers and only during the daytime which explained why she hadn't evolved the night before.

After the little fiasco was over we packed up, thanked Nurse Joy, and set out towards the next town where we were registered as participants in an upcoming tournament. It felt strange having Luca walk beside me and not sitting on my shoulders or riding on Lady. Not to mention that Luca had a death grip on my arm as if I was going somewhere. Of course the day's excitement wasn't over yet.

It seems that when you have a cute Riolu with you people would like to trade for her but don't necessarily want to battle, but when you have a strong looking Lucario with you suddenly everyone's all gun hoe. I didn't mind the greedy trainers looking for rare pokemon because I could always get rid of them, but I had a more difficult time with the trainers that wanted to battle. Luca was strong for her age and no doubt evolving had made her stronger, but I didn't want to get her hurt. So I insisted on double battles, at least I would know that Lady was there to help Luca. There were a few trainers that didn't like the double battle style. They walked away disappointed, but there were quite a few more trainers that did like double style. Eventually I got sick of everyone challenging us so I began replying that we were entering the tournament in the next town. The trainers eventually left us alone but many had decided to enter the same tournament we were heading for.

I did accept some challenges to get Luca some experience and get her ready for the tournament. These matches all ended with us as the victor, which only fueled the onslaught of trainers. Eventually we got away from them and on the path to the next town.

We made it to about two miles away from our destination when our daylight ran out. We knew it would be a nice night and found a clearing to settle down in. Luca had had an exhausting day, which only added to how tired she was from what happened at the beginning. We got ready for bed and Luca snuggled in close to me while holding my arm and Lady curled up next to me on my other side covering both me and Luca with her tails. Luca and Lady quickly fell asleep, but I found myself having a more difficult time. I kept thinking of Luca, she somehow seemed different to me. Sure she had evolved, but she seemed more like an adult now, and she was even acting slightly different. I fell asleep trying to figure out why, but an answer never quite came to me.
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