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Luca - 1st Edition by Felix


Story Notes:

This is the first posted edition of my story Luca.
Luca is a special riolu who is given to the trainer Felix. Meant for each other, the two endeavor to make the best of their lives together. However, what is life without trials to make bonds grow stronger?

Taking Down Darkrai

We began heading towards the lake to get some fresh water to drink. The one problem with getting close to the lake was that the Darkrai facility was close to its shore. We figured as long as we stayed on the opposite side from the facility we wouldn't be spotted. We continued to travel along the rocky mountain base, it was the clearest path to the lake and the rocks would help mask our movements from any remaining search parties. I was now carrying Eevee, who was sleeping peacefully in my arms, when we came to a small cliff. I knew I'd need my hands and also that Lady wouldn't be able to get up the face so I handed Eevee to Luca and withdrew Lady again, promising to let her out as soon as I reached the top. Luca could easily clear the rock face without using her hands so I saw no need to disturb Eevee. Luca seemed happy to carry him for a while and reached the top of the face in three small jumps while I began free climbing.

After a few short minutes Luca began poking her head over the edge to say "Hurry up." and laugh at me, I just smiled back and kept climbing. When I had just about reached the top Eevee stretched in Luca's arms and woke up. He looked around but didn't see Lady or me which got him worried. He was starting to get frantic, but Luca was able to calm him by telling him where I was and that I would be there soon. He calmed down but remained tense until I cleared the top, then he was able to relaxed in Luca's arms.

From the cliff it was all down hill to the lake, I let Lady back out of her ball and we made our way down to the lake shore. From what I had been able to see, and walk, of this island I guessed that it was nearly 3 miles long and 2 miles wide at it's widest. The problem that kept confronting me was how we were going to get off this island without a boat. Also I could only hope that the others hadn't gotten caught. The more I thought about it the more I worried about them until I realized that Luca could check in on them.

It was nearly noon when we reached the lake shore. We sat down and soaked our feet for a while. Eevee had stayed awake while we walked down the path, enjoying Luca carrying him.

After a short time I asked Luca if she could check in on Razor and Silka. She replied "I'm not sure, but I can try!" She lowered her head and closed her eyes like the time on the boat. It didn't take long for her to get into the trance and she began trying to look over the island. She stopped after a minute and looked at me. I asked what it was and she seemed disappointed as she said "The island is just so big and I don't know where to look." I understood what was wrong, put my arm around her and said "It's alright don't worry about it. We'll find them." She said she still wanted to try to find them, so I tried to help in any way I could. Before she started I just talked with her on how we could narrow the search.

We had seen that both Razor and Silka had gone to the opposite side of the island. Also we knew that they would try to get as far away from the lab as possible. Next were human needs. We knew that they would need fresh water and food. With this I was able to help Luca narrow the search to near the mountains, our side of the lake and the beach on the opposite side of the mountains. Luca felt much better now that she didn't have to search the entire island. She thanked me then tried again. She was getting quite good at using her new ability. We had practiced a little more on the boat and she didn't need to concentrate near as hard now to move her sphere of site. She quickly scanned near the base of the mountains on the side of the island that we hadn't visited and said "I found Silka! She's fine and seems to be enjoying herself. It looks like the wild pokemon in the surrounding area are... protecting her?" That was interesting I wondered quietly how she had managed that feat. Luca continued to scan near the lake and any other site on the interior of the island that might provide enough shelter but couldn't find Razor. She opened her eyes for a bit to relax. I could see she wasn't going to give this up till she found both of them for me so I continued to try helping her narrow it down. Together we narrowed it down to the shore on the other side of the mountains. She began looking and soon found Razor lounging on the beach with his pokemon. She smiled when she found him and told me he was fine. I could tell she was happy she had done that for me and I thanked her with a kiss.

Now that my mind was eased I could focus more on taking care of my girls... and Eevee. I stood up and had Luca set Eevee down. He sat next to the water just looking at me for a bit as I pulled out a small pair of scissors then came close to him. He still shied away but not because I had scissors, he still seemed to feel inferior to us. I wouldn't have it and picked him up and placed him in the cool water for a little bath. He seemed to enjoy the treatment but still acted like he wasn't worth the time. When I had finished he looked a lot better, his fur was clean and unmated and he was now much happier. Next I gave Lady a quick bath and rewrapped her with some clean bandages I had in my pack. Luca was last but she didn't seem to mind. While I was cleaning her I gave her a massage, which I knew she always enjoyed.

When I finished she stretched and we headed over to see how Lady and Eevee were doing. Lady was trying to get Eevee to play with her, but was having little success. However I did notice the he was warming up to her more than to Luca and me. Now that we had gotten the chance to clean up and replenished our water supply we set off to join Silka. Luca led the way, occasionally checking her direction with her wave guidance. Eevee kept trying to fall behind as he had with the other Eevees but Lady was succeeding in making him walk beside us rather than behind. She was still kind enough in her persuasion to "convince" him not "force" him to walk with us. I could tell Lady was having fun with Eevee and for that matter so was he.

We continued under Luca's direction towards where Silka was camped. She led us to a small river and told me that Silka was just a little further. We followed the river up stream towards the base of the mountains. After we found the river we began to encounter a lot of wild pokemon that seemed intent on diverting us from our path. Luckily I had a translator and Luca was able to convince them we were friends of Silka's. Eventually we gained an Ariados guard that took us unhindered the rest of the way.

We were greeted at Silka's camp by an angry Flygon, but he quickly recognized Luca and Lady, and became much more friendly. He remained curious about the silver Eevee who was trying to hide under Lady. Flygon took us to see Silka who was delighted to see us unharmed, but couldn't figure out how we had found her. I tried explaining Luca's ability, but it was fairly complicated. She seemed to understand well enough and was happy to have some company after three and a half days. By the time we had found her it was starting to get dark, so we would have to wait till the next day to find Razor. The two of us humans settled down with our pokemon. Silka's Dragonair preferred the water of the river with Lumineon, and her Pidgeot was perched in a nearby tree. Glaceon, who was surprisingly warm for an ice pokemon, Flygon, and Absol curled up with Silka. Silka was surprised at first at how affectionate Luca was but then remembered the story I had told her about how we met. Luca snuggled in close to me while Lady curled up with us. Eevee tried to bunk down about 10 foot away at first, but Lady managed to coax him in to curl up among her coiled tails. Eevee probably slept the soundest of all of us now that he had a friend and a warm place to sleep, and I was glad we had managed to start getting through to him.

When we woke up the next day we immediately began thinking of ways to reconnect with Razor. We could traverse the mountains, but that would take at least 2 days just to climb to the top. However if Razor flew over here on his Charizard we could regroup today. Our next decision was whether to escape or take out the facility some how. Either way we needed to contact Razor first. We thought it would be best to send a messenger over the mountains. Our pokemon were listening in and Flygon stepped forward to volunteer. While Silka wrote a message I turned to Luca and asked if she would accompany Flygon. She said she didn't mind and after a quick hug from me, hopped on Flygon's back when he bent over for her. Silka finished the letter and handed it to Luca, then Flygon took off towards the peaks. Luca looked as if she was choking Flygon at first, but after a short while she relaxed and seemed to rather enjoy flying.

Our note explained our situation, and left the decision up to him. If he wanted to leave we asked that he send Charizard back to carry me over the mountains, and if he wanted to stay and take Darkrai out, to fly back and join us. Something told me that Razor didn't intend to turn tail and that we would see him soon enough. In the mean time I wanted to see how Lady was doing. Her and Eevee were playing in the clearing, but were avoiding Silka's pokemon. I managed to get them alone and talk to Lady. I began asking her my questions and she replied as best she could. After spending so many years with her I could almost understand her completely, I was relieved when she managed to tell me she understood everything and that she already knew how I felt about her, and knew that would never change. I wrapped Lady in a hug and rubbed her head reminding her how much she meant to me and thanking her for everything, before letting her get back to playing with Eevee. Shortly after my talk with Lady, Flygon and Luca returned with Razor close behind. They landed and Luca immediately began trying to tell me about her flight. I was glad she had a good time, but had to calm her down before she forgot to breathe...

Once she calmed down we welcomed Razor and immediately began thinking of a plan. Razor already had that figured out though, we first needed to see what we were up against and figure out the general layout of the building. I knew Luca would be great for that and Razor knew Gengar could help as well so we made plans for a "reconnaissance mission" that night.

We began after it was completely dark out; we managed to avoid the patrols and waited in the forest a little ways from the building. We managed to get Gengar in the building no problem once he went invisible. Luca kept an eye on him with her wave guidance. With her field of view she could easily follow Gengar and study the layout at the same time. Once inside Gengar set about exploring some random rooms, he poked his head in on a few laboratories and seeing nothing of interest continued on. He eventually stumbled upon a storage room where he found a schematic of the entire building. Since Gengar had found the schematics we had no further need to explore the base completely. So Gengar started making his way back to our position, while Luca continued to have a look around. She found two areas of interest, one was a storage room filled with racks of pokeballs, and the other Luca guessed was a research lab with pokemon specimens in cages. Luca continued to search the base using her wave guidance, but when she tried to look down a flight of stairs she flinched and fainted. I panicked and caught her before she hit the ground, and tried to wake her but couldn't.

Just then Gengar reappeared in front of us grinning as he waved the schematics in front of us, but his grin soon faded when he saw me holding Luca. Razor and I knew we should leave so I picked Luca up in my arms and we headed carefully back to camp. I still couldn't wake Luca when we got back to the camp which really started to worry me, but she didn't seem to be in pain. She just seemed to be resting peacefully so we let her sleep for the rest of the night. Since we couldn't see very well Silka, Razor, and I decided to continue planning our takeover of the base the next day. Lady and Eevee had been busy all day playing together so they curled up with Luca and fell asleep. I laid down next to the three of them and fell asleep as well.

The next morning Luca woke with a start. She looked around frantically until she realized where she was. The sudden outburst woke me up slowly and when I realized Luca was awake I immediately hugged her and thanked god she was alright. She was startled by this but returned my embrace for a short time before forcing me to release her so she could explain what she had found. She said that there was some kind of huge life force in the basement, but she couldn't determine what kind of pokemon it was. All she knew was that it was a legendary pokemon and an extremely powerful one at that. This was good news for us, if we could free that pokemon the base was guaranteed to be destroyed. Razor and Silka woke up a bit later and we began planning. Razor and Silka's pokemon were content to lie around in the sun in camp but Eevee was uncomfortable around anyone but Lady so the two of them went out into the brush to play. I told them not to go far but with Lady I wasn't to worried about anything even though she was still healing. Luca stayed by my side the entire time and helped us plan our attack.

We had only been at it for an hour when we came up with our first problem. How were we going to get off the island after this attack? It was most likely that team Darkrai would take all the boats leaving us stranded. Also we couldn't count on the legendary to give us a ride, after all the thing may not be able to fly. Eventually I came up with an idea but it would take some work to pull off.

Lumineon and Dragonair would have to swim under a boat and steal it. They wouldn't make a sound if they towed it to a place where we could hide it. Silka assured me that they could do it so we at least had a plan to get off the island. The next problem was taking out the guards with only the three of us and with only ten pokemon. Lady was in no condition for a raid and I didn't think Eevee was ready for something like this either. Also Silka would be down a pokemon since Lumineon couldn't leave the water. We would have to stick together to take on the countless Darkrai members presently occupying the base, also we would have to rescue the pokemon in the research lab, let alone save all the pokeballs in the store room if we could. This truly wasn't going to be easy.

We were having trouble figuring where to start our invasion when Luca whispered an idea to me. It was simple but we thought it would work great. At least we knew where to start. If we could steal the boat and pokeballs tonight we could stir up some confusion and rescue innocent pokemon at the same time. We continued trying to figure a way to get the pokemon out of the research lab as well but it wouldn't be easy since they didn't have visible pokeballs. Luckily Luca could act as a translator for the pokemon. We thought it would be better if that task was accomplished the same night as the pokeballs were stolen. If we waited a day in between the security would be impossible.

Before we could begin a plan for freeing the legendary we realized that sun down was approaching. Razor knew of a perfect hiding location for a boat and the pokeballs. He had found a coastal cave while exploring the beach. He took a while to explain where it was to Dragonair and Lumineon. When he was sure they understood they slipped off down the stream. Dragonair knew the dangers of getting caught but we were all sure the two of them could pull it off, plus Dragonair had an uncanny ability to enlist the help of what ever wild pokemon were around, which explained why Silka had an army of wild pokemon guarding her. We went back to planning tonight's raid when I suddenly realized that I hadn't seen Lady or Eevee, they should have come back before now.

I turned to Luca and asked her to look for them. She obliged, but got a worried look on her face after staying in her trance for a short time, and said "Follow me!" This worried me as well; if Luca had found Lady and gotten that look it couldn't be good. About 100 yards from our camp we found Lady surrounded by some wild pokemon. The wild pokemon meant no harm and only wanted to help the injured Ninetails. She was conscious but someone had attacked her. The bandages on her left side were sopping wet, which told me that she had been attacked by a water pokemon. Luckily she had managed to avoid exposing her real injured side to her attacker, but a water attack on a fire type would hurt no matter what. I asked her what happened and Luca translated Lady's answer for me. Lady explained that a Darkrai member had spotted them and tried to capture Eevee. Naturally Eevee was terrified and ran to Lady. The Darkrai member sent out a Feraligatr, and instructed it to use hydro pump. Lady tried to fight it off but couldn't and the Darkrai member picked up the frightened Eevee and took it while Lady lay helpless to stop him. He laughed at Lady and said she wasn't worth the time, before she blacked out. I could tell Luca was just as mad as me about this. This guy would pay... dearly! I had Luca use her wave guidance to see where he was. Sadly he had already made it back to the base and was just putting Eevee in a research cage, but this gave Luca the chance to identify his life force so we could find him later. I turned my attention back to Lady; luckily she had only taken minor elemental damage. There were no further serious wounds except to her ego, I pulled out a full restore and used it on her. She was soon feeling better, but felt horrible emotionally that she couldn't protect Eevee. I knew she wanted to come with us to free Eevee, but I really didn't want her to get hurt again. I told her that everything would be fine and we would bring Eevee back to her, but if she were to come with us she'd have to stay in her ball for the time being. She understood my concerns and didn't want to leave Eevee so she agreed to come with us.

Since the three of us had our pokemon with us and were already half way to the lab we decided to start our plan now. We silently approached the building, staying just out of the way of the guards. When we were in position Razor sent out Gengar and had him enter the building and open the window to the storage room. We slipped in undetected and began filling some bags we found with pokeballs. Luca was able to smuggle these bags back out of the window and deposit them covertly beside a tree some distance away. We would retrieve them after we freed the others. With the store room emptied of pokeballs we crossed the hall to the research lab. We left Charizard in the store room to knock out anyone who came by, and to keep our exit open. With Luca back from her deliveries we were able to knock out the single late night researcher before he could notice us.

Silka's Absol and Glaceon along with Razor's Gengar and Salamance began to open the cages as quietly as possible. Luca had the job of explaining our ambitions to the frightened pokemon, once they understood we were here to help they cooperated fully and snuck across the hall to the store room to wait with Charizard.

While the others were busy I went looking for Eevee's cage. After checking nearly 15 cages I found him. He was curled up in a far corner sleeping, but the look on his face was heart breaking. I whispered for Luca and she came over and opened the cage swiftly for me before giving me a smile and continuing with her job. I reached in and put my hand on Eevee's head (probably not the smartest thing to do with a scared pokemon) he woke up suddenly and bit down hard between my thumb and pointer finger. I winced at the sharp pain but refused recoil. He soon realized who I was and in the dim light I could see tears beginning to well up in his eyes. I gave him a comforting smile and whispered "It's ok, we're here. I promise I won't let anything else happen to you." The little pokemon had released my hand and gave me a lick on my fresh wound, but he was still on the verge of crying when all of the sudden he started to glow! He was evolving... now of all times. I quickly covered the entrance of the cage with my body to stop the blinding light from illuminating the room. Once the light had receded I looked in. Out of the blackness eight bright blue rings began to glow and two red eyes slowly opened to look at me. The look on the newly evolved Umbreon's face was one of confusion. He looked around briefly before realizing what had happened.

This defiantly helped his little inferiority complex, but he was still very timid. Also I noticed something else. Shiny pokemon were the equivalent of albino's in the human world. But Umbreon had normal red eyes where a shiny Umbreon would have yellow. I wasn't sure why or how this had happened and figured I'd ask Nurse Joy when I got the chance, but I rather liked the color combination.

I reached in again and helped him out of the cage. He was much happier to be with me again and when he saw Luca give him a smile he seemed ready to help in any way he could. He looked up at me as if to say "What do you want me to do?" I looked down and asked if he could use feint attack on the locks. He turned to his targets and faded from sight. No more than a second later 5 locks fell off of their cages, and Umbreon reappeared next to me looking happy. I pet him on the head and whispered "Good job! Now I need you to keep doing that until all the cages are opened then follow what Luca says." Umbreon nodded and set out on his task easily cutting the total time it would have taken Razor and Silka to do the task in half.

Meanwhile I went across the hall and quickly wrapped my wound before sneaking out the window. Once I was in the brush and it was clear I let Lady out of her ball and explained the task I had for her. Once she understood I motioned for the pokemon to come out one by one and follow Lady to where the pokeball bags were. This was working perfectly; we had gotten all of the pokeballs out and freed more than 40 other pokemon. When all the pokemon were out Charizard motioned for me to leave. I nodded and waited for Luca and Umbreon before we went to join Lady. Once we had found her and the other pokemon we waited for Razor and Silka. Then weren't far behind and once we were all regrouped Razor sent Charizard off towards the cave with the pokeball bags. He deposited them and met us back at the campsite.

On our way back to the site I had Luca find out were the pokemon we had freed were from. Only about ten were wild on the island. We told them they were free to go and they happily thanked us and darted off into the night. The others said they had owners somewhere but weren't sure where. We asked them where their pokeballs were but they didn't know. To remedy this we thought it would be ok to have them hang out in the cave for a day, so long as we got them some food for the next day since we would be leaving after we freed the legendary in the basement. Silka volunteered Pidgeot, Dragonair, and Lumineon for this task while Razor volunteered his Aerodactyl. I volunteered Lady since she would be safest with the others. Also she was a natural born leader so she would be able to keep the others calm until we came to get them.

Umbreon wanted to go with Lady but I wouldn't allow him. He timidly accepted this order, but I knelt beside him and told him I needed him for this just to make sure he knew I cared about his opinion. When he heard this he smiled and nodded his approval. Under the remaining cover of night we transported the 30 pokemon without pokeballs to the costal cave. Well Flygon, Charizard, Pidgeot, Salamance, and Aerodactyl did the work. Silka and I went back to the campsite to rendezvous with Dragonair and Lumineon. Once we had them Flygon and Pidgeot gave us rides to the costal cave with the others. We spent the rest of the night resting for the long night tomorrow. We realized that with this many pokemon we would have to steal a second boat, the one we currently had was a speed boat and would only hold the pokeballs and about 10 of the larger pokemon we had freed. With one more boat we would be able to transport all of the pokemon back to the main land with no problem.

We woke up late the next day and heard alarms in the distance. Seems our exploits hadn't gone unnoticed. Razor, Silka and I began planning our final raid on the base. We would have a severely reduced pokemon team but we knew we could do it. Razor would have Gengar, Charizard, Heracross, and Salamance. Silka would have Lumineon and Dragonair steal another boat, and would have Absol, Glaceon, and Flygon with her. Finally I would have Luca and Umbreon and that was all I needed!

With our plan set we spent the rest of the day taking care of the lost pokemon and resting for the fight to come. When night finally did come we found that the guard had been tripled. No doubt because of their substantial loss the night before. But the fact that they were still here said that there was something more valuable below.

Sadly getting in the same way was out of the question. They no longer had patrols sparsely circling the building. The guards were set up in posts in such a way that we couldn't sneak through the cracks between them. Since our primary entrance plan wasn't going to work now Silka released Flygon and Pidgeot. I rode Pidgeot and Flygon took Razor and Silka. We flew to the roof of the building and began looking for an air duct that lead to where we were last night since we at least knew the general layout of those two rooms, but we couldn't find any open vents. We found a door to the building and figured it was our best bet. Hopefully it would take us the whole way into the basement with out much interference.

Sadly we were wrong. We ended up a ways away from the basement stair well. We snuck quietly down the hall that lead to the stairs, occasionally we had to dart into a room to avoid a guard but thanks to Luca and her wave guidance we had plenty of warning to do so. One guard entered the room we darted into, we had to knock him out and tie him up so he couldn't raise the alarm. He was just lucky that he wasn't the one who took Eevee and hurt Lady.

We continued and finally made it to the stair case. I cursed our luck when we say the guard regimen that had been stationed at the stairs. We tried to think of a way past but couldn't come up with a feasible method. Razor offered to send Gengar past to see what else was down their. Silka and I agreed and Gengar followed a researcher down the stairs. We waited in a dark room for an hour before Gengar reappeared. He told Luca what he saw and a look of astonishment came across her face. She began explaining to me and I got the same look.

From what Gengar said they had a Deoxys caged up down there. I told the others and we began wondering how in the world they had captured one and held it hostage for so long. Gengar reported that Deoxys had seen him and the look it gave him pleaded for help. It had long since stopped trying to escape and was only sitting there in its normal form enduring the countless tests being performed on it. We knew we couldn't leave it down there so we tried to think of a way to lure the guards away long enough to free the Deoxys.

Silka came up with a good idea and we decided to give it a try. Gengar would use night shade to turn the room pitch black, meanwhile Luca would run in and take out as many guards as she could using her wave guidance to see. The night shade attack might hurt her a little bit but being as tough as she was it wouldn't be enough to faze her. We all agreed that if the attack faded before all the guards were out that we would have to assist them with the remaining guards.

With that decided we put it into action. Gengar used his attack and the room when black, the guards panicked and began yelling "What's going on?!" then we began hearing dull thuds as the guards fell unconscious one by one from Luca's blows. The night shade began to fade but luckily Luca was just about to take out the final guard.

With that out of the way we hurried down to the door. It was locked but that wouldn't stop us. Razor called out his Heracross and had it bust the door open. There were two researchers inside and they frantically tried to raise the alarm. Luca was able to take one out before he reached the button but the other was to close to stop. A load voice came across the intercom that repeated "Security to research lab! Security to the res..." Luca knocked the other researcher out but it was too late. We barricaded the busted door, and Razor and Silka released their remaining pokemon, we told them to either keep the door closed or keep the guards out by any means necessary! They nodded and turned to hold the doors shut. Meanwhile Razor, Silka, and I went over to the controls to try and figure them out. Razor was a bit of a computer wiz but Silka and I lacked in that field. Deoxys was watching this whole thing and had stirred from its resting position. Somehow it knew we were there to help and didn't change forms to attack or defend from us.

Razor was digging through the computers searching for some sort of release command or trigger but wasn't having much luck. The containment chamber was an immense force field with a gyroscopic look to it. There were no obvious power conduits to the machine, no doubt it needed a lot of electricity to work. The pokemon weren't having much luck keeping the doors shut, and in another 2 minutes they would have to resort to attacking to keep the guards out. Razor finally said there's nothing here as he finished scanning the computers. We had already tried searching the unconscious scientists but they had no apparent key cards on them, nor did there seem to be any kind of rental or hand scanner for the machine. We were running out of options. Silka called Absol over and began having him slice the panels off the front of the machines as well as the panels out of the ceiling. Our only chance now was to take out the power supply. Razor began ripping wires out of the machines which made the shield flicker but not quite disappear. Silka had found way too many cables to cut out of the ceiling so she was having Absol use razor wind on the thickest ones. Finally one of Absol's attacks hit the right cable and the field surrounding Deoxys flashed and faded slowly.

Deoxys gave us a look of thanks and shifted into its attack form. The three of us cringed a little before realizing what Deoxys was really planning, for at that moment our pokemon could no longer keep the doors closed. Our pokemon all retreated to their respective owners sides and got ready to fight off the guards that were entering the room. Only ten guards got in before they realized that Deoxys was free... and pissed off... They instantly began yelling for the others to get out but it was no use, the hallway they had come down was clogged with people and pokemon.

Deoxys charged a massive hyper beam and just before firing shifted its target to the ceiling. The attack fired and left a gapping hole with glowing metal sides through the five floors of the building above. With a path cleared Deoxys shifted to its defense form to defend against the inevitable attacks of the scared guards. We knew we had to get out of there but we didn't know exactly how. Let alone we were stunned at the show that was unfolding before us.

Before we could snap out of it we began levitating. All three of us and our pokemon were surrounded in a blue aura and we began floating up through Deoxys' newly created exit. Deoxys soon followed still deflecting attacks away from us with a shield. As we cleared the top of the building and continued to rise we saw the Darkrai members scrambling to the boats. They would pack a boat full then speed off out of the cove. The luxurious ship we had arrived on was already gone; we assumed that the admins had fled on it as soon as Deoxys was released. When we were about a thousand feet above the island Deoxys looked over its shoulder at us and shifted to its attack form. It then charged a psyco boost attack to about ten foot in diameter. Finally it locked its attention on the center of the base and fired the attack. The entire facility exploded violently, leaving a smoking crater about a half mile wide where it had once stood. Water from the nearby sea began filling in the crater but amazingly enough Deoxys had managed to preserve the freshwater lake and surrounding habitats. We watched the last Darkrai boat barely escape the wall of water that emanated from Deoxys attack and speed off into the distance. Then Deoxys slowly began to lower us towards the coast where our cave was, which we still don't know how it knew about.

When we arrived Deoxys gently set us on the sand and thanked us for the rescue before turning into its speed form and rushing out over the water leaving an amazing wake of water behind it. We went inside the cave to check on the pokemon. Our volunteers had done a perfect job of keeping everyone safe, and next to the original boat was a second speed boat with Dragonair coiled up sleeping near the driver's seat and Lumineon swimming happily around it. We waited for about an hour to give team Darkrai the chance to get far enough away so that we wouldn't run into them on the seas.

Once we felt it was safe we loaded everyone up and started our engines. I was driving a boat with Luca, Lady, Umbreon and the pokemon without balls, while Razor and Silka drove the boat with the pokeballs and remaining free pokemon. We had found a sea map in the glove box of one of the boats and Silka was sure she could guide us to the mainland. We had Dragonair and Lumineon push us safely out of the cave before Silka withdrew them and we sped off on the open sea. Luca and Umbreon were enjoying the sea breeze that was blowing through their fur, but some of the other pokemon just looked a little seasick. All in all everyone was fine though and with any luck the pokemon we had rescued would all be returned to their trainers soon.
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