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Pokemon Legends by XD385


Children of the LFR

"Wait a sec..... Did I just hear that right?" Neo mumbled as Ash simply stared into the eyes of the Tyranitar, who just moments ago had attacked their family and friends without reason. Another moment passed before Ash started to reach out to the Tyranitar. "I really missed you. I didn't thinkAGH!" Ash choked as he was suddenly snatched up in the powerful arms of the Tyranitar! He then wept, "I didn't think I'd ever see you again, Dad!"

Ash gasped as the Tyranitar's grip on him tightened. "I...ow...missed you...woo...too, Slate! Now let...ouch...go! I can't breathe!" Just then, there was an audible crack as everyone froze. Mewtwo gulped, "Was that...what I think it was?" As if to confirm his suspicions, Ash bent over backwards and screamed, "OH GOD, THAT HURTS!!!" Latios tried not to laugh as he muttered, "I hope Neo knows how to heal spinal injuries."

The Tyranitar let go of Ash when he heard him scream, causing the Trainer to flop onto the ground. "Oh man.....did I squeeze too hard, Dad?" Ash simply groaned, "Medic! I need a medic!" Neo laughed hard as he ran over to Ash and flipped him over. "Dang, he sure did a number on you! Just a second. This shouldn't take long." But as Neo began to apply Recover to Ash's vertebrae, the Tyranitar asked, "Uncle Neo?"

This caught Neo's attention as he instantly looked over to his left at the Tyranitar. "No that really you...Slate?" The Tyranitar smiled and nodded, "You hit just as hard as ever. When you're done fixing up Dad, could you get rid of this paralysis for me?" Neo blushed in embarrassment, realizing that he had very nearly killed his own nephew. "Uh, sure. Just give me a sec."

Once Ash was back on his feet, he turned and gave his son a hug. "I can't believe it's been two years! I thought you were still in the future!" Slate embraced his father tightly, but not too tight. "It's OK, Dad. I don't know how I ended up in the Sinnoh region, but it doesn't matter now that we're together again." Neo then called over to everyone else, "Hey, he's cool! Come over here! We've got someone to introduce!"

With caution, everyone began to gather around the Tyranitar. It was then that Brock asked, "Wait..... Ash, is THIS the Tyranitar that you raised like a son when you, Neo, and Bayleef somehow disappeared into the future?" Ash nodded, "Yep! This is Slate. He's my eldest son." Just then, Frost stepped forward and looked up at Slate. "Heh, should've known that a stud like Ash couldn't stay away from the ladies for long." Slate was a bit confused by what this Sneasel had mentioned, but Ash yelled, "It's not like that! I found Slate when he was just a few days old. I never found his parents, so I raised him myself. Same thing with Mana." Frost scratched her head as she blushed, "Oh, my mistake...wait. Who's Mana?"

This reminded Ash and he turned to Slate, "I totally forgot! Slate, wasn't Mana with you when you got here?" Slate shook his head, "No. I haven't seen her since we stepped through the temporal rift. But I'm pretty sure she's in this time period." Ash sighed, "I hope so. I miss her too." Mewtwo then spoke, "I wouldn't worry. If Slate is here, I wouldn't be surprised if this 'Mana' is somewhere in the Sinnoh region as well." It was then that Slate turned to him and gave Mewtwo a salute, "Oh, sorry. I didn't notice you there, General Mewtwo."

Mewtwo gave Ash's adopted son a strange look. "Excuse me?" Slate then stepped back, "Oh, sorry! Old habits die hard. It's just that you and Latios were top-ranking officers in the LFR during the time I was born in." Finally, Frost shouted, "AHEM! You still didn't answer my question! Who is Mana?! And now that I think about it, would SOMEONE fill me in on just what this LFR and future thing is?!"

Neo understood how Frost never knew of their trip into the future and spoke, "Sure, I'll tell ya. Just don't freak out too much." Dawn in particular listened very closely, wondering if Ash was really human at all. "It happened shortly before Ash's 13th birthday. We were taking a simple camping trip not far from Pallet town and Ash had asked me in the night to take him into the future. Since I am capable of time travel, it was a simple task. But when I opened a temporal vortex, some weird anomaly occurred and Ash, Bayleef, and I were sucked inside. We lost consciousness during the accident and eventually came to on some sort of space transport. It turns out that we had warped 100 years into the future. And it wasn't pretty."

Dawn really wanted to scream out and demand just how Neo was able to time travel, but decided to wait until he finished. "Team Rocket had taken full advantage of our absence and constructed a generator of sorts that suppressed the powers of Pokemon on an intergalactic scale. The organization that sought to destroy this Rocket Empire was the LFR, or League of Free Races. Mewtwo and Latios had been appointed as senior generals due to their power, age, and experience. And little Amber and Onyx here had been chosen as the commanders of the entire force." Onyx laughed, "That still sounds so cool! I'll bet they chose us because our dad is the best!" Amber added, "That's what he said, Onyx! They really chose us because our dad is the coolest!" Ash blushed heavily at his children's compliments.

Neo continued, "Since the Generator had sealed our powers, we had to resort to the use of weaponry to fight. But we steadily saw a rise in victories over time. We also had aid from advanced civilizations from worlds beyond our solar system. But it was during a mission on a distant and seemingly abandoned planet that we came across Slate and Mana, who seemed to be mere newborns." Neo then looked down at Frost, "Mana was a Bagon at the time. But as you can see, Slate and Mana eventually evolved into their final forms. They also became widely recognized in the LFR due to their combat abilities." The Sneasel nodded, "OK that clears things up for me."

Neo then concluded, "It took about eight years, but we finally managed to launch an invasion of Earth, which had been converted into a sort of headquarters for the Rocket Empire. But it was still a long shot. The commanders of the Rocket Empire forces were known as the Cyber Legendaries, mechanical beasts based on the forms of various Legendary Pokemon. They had durable cybernetic bodies and were not affected by the Generator's field. Even so, we got a lucky break and the Generator was disabled. Once Ash and all Pokemon regained their abilities, the Rocket Empire quickly collapsed. But the Cyber Legendaries disappeared through the use of a temporal shift. Not long afterwards, the five of us returned to this time, just seconds after we disappeared."

Seeing that Neo had finished, Dawn yelled, "OK, SO WHAT AM I MISSING?!" Everyone jumped at Dawn's outburst. "You said you could time travel! Just what are you?!" Neo shook his head, knowing that there was no longer any danger of revealing his true identity. "I guess you have the right to know. My codename is XD-385. I was created around three years ago in the Hoenn region by the now disbanded Team Aqua and Team Magma. I am a bioweapon created from the DNA of 385 species of Pokemon, hence my name. They include the time traveling Celebi." Not surprisingly, Dawn's face went completely blank with shock. Neo choked back a laugh as he added, "That's a face I haven't forgotten."

While Dawn just stood there frozen, Ash proceeded to introduce Slate to those who did not know him. "A lot has happened since I last saw you, Slate. You have two new baby sisters now." Ash reached down and picked up the Chikorita that was standing next to Bayleef. "This is Erika. She's Bayleef's daughter." The Chikorita reached out to Slate with a vine. "Hi, big brother!" Slate gave a happy grin as he shook the vine, pleased to meet his little sister. Just then he asked, "Wait a second... If she's Aunt Bayleef's daughter, then how is she my sister?" Bayleef answered, "That's because Ash is her father."

Slate looked down at his father with a baffled look. "But...but I were married to Latias!" Latias flew up next to Slate and looked him in the eye. "He did. See?" She raised her right arm, showing him the sapphire-topped bracelet. Ash smiled as he raised his, the ruby shining in the sunlight. "OK, then why did you have a kid with another woman?" Latias giggled, "What's wrong with that? Variety is the spice of life, you know. Besides, don't you think it's cruel to deny someone the choice to let them love someone? Even if that person is loved by someone else?" Slate gulped, "Man, that's deep. I guess you have a point there."

Ash then looked down at Frost. "This is Frost. She used to be an assassin, but she's had a big change of heart." Frost then gave Slate a playful wink, "I definitely see a resemblance between you and Ash. You have the same dreamy eyes that he does." This made Slate start sweating buckets as everyone burst into laughter. Ash then set Erika down and picked up Snow, who was resting in her mother's arms.

"Slate, this is my youngest daughter, Snow. She's Frost's little girl too." Slate blushed a bit, overcome with awe as he gazed at the tiny Sneasel. Ash added, "Just be really gentle with her. She's really shy." Slate grunted, "A Sneasel? Shy? That doesn't match their..." Slate stopped as Snow hid her face in Ash's jacket when he reached out to her. "Told ya so."

That evening, everyone had set up camp as the sun began to set. Brock had to cook up a triple load of food to feed everyone. "Are you sure you're feeling OK? You look a bit pale." Slate asked Dawn, who still seemed to be in shock from hearing Neo's confession. "Oh I'll be fine. Just really hungry." She then looked over at Ash, who was tenderly bottle-feeding Snow. (Everyone here is strange, but cool too.)

Bayleef was just sunbathing with Erika, soaking in the last rays of sunlight before the night began. Suddenly, she heard someone overhead chanting something. When she looked up, Bayleef saw Frost with her toe claws embedded into a tree branch and a hand gripping another one. Her only spare hand was reaching out to what seemed to be a bird's nest. The whole time, she was muttering, "Eggy eggy eggy eggy eggy eggy eggy eggy." while drool seemed to be oozing from her mouth.

"Frost, leave them alone! You do know what's in those eggs, right?!" The Shadow Sneasel replied, "Sure do! Gooey yolky goodness!" Bayleef gagged, "There are babies in those eggs! Just hold on." She sent a vine up and lifted the whole nest out of the tree. "MINE!!!" Frost made a lunge for the nest, but missed and plummeted headfirst into the ground. "Ow....." Bayleef snorted, "Serves you right. You need to learn some patience."

Bayleef took each egg and felt them very tenderly, searching for signs of life within. "How unfortunate. Only two of these eggs are fertile. At least it's better than none." She then placed the two fertile eggs back in the nest and raised it back onto the very same branch. Once Frost managed to get her eyes to stop spinning, she found half a dozen eggs in front of her. "You can have those. They're infertile, so don't worry." Not one to turn down an omelet, Frost snatched up the eggs and started devouring them quite greedily. " good. There's no better way to have an egg than to have it raw." She then looked over at Ash, smiling as she watched her daughter cuddle with him.

Ash whispered to Snow, "Hey Snow, you wanna meet your grandpa?" She shyly nodded, "OK. When will he get here?" Ash reached for a certain Poke Ball and tossed it towards the edge of the campsite. "Just give him five seconds." In a flash of light, a large form stood up before the surprised faces of the group. "EEEEK! Is it a monster?!" Dawn screamed as she ducked behind Mewtwo. The Genetic Pokemon, standing firm, muttered, "Is that.....a Lugia?" Neo then stepped forward and waved, "Hi Dad!"

The mighty Lugia turned to face his family and their friends. " we finally meet, my son." The bioweapon gave a big toothy grin and replied, "Well, technically it's the first time." Dawn slowly crept out from behind Mewtwo. "Is that...Neo's dad?" Mewtwo nodded, "In a sense. Lugia's son's DNA was used to create Neo, so he is technically the offspring of Lugia." Ash then called over, "Amber, Erika, Onyx! Come say hello to your grandpa!"

The three children came right over to their large grandfather. Onyx spoke first, "So you're our grandpa?" Lugia nodded, "I am. And I see that you and your sister have grown into such fine children. Like little angels." Amber blushed, "You're so sweet, Grandpa!" She then flew up to his face and gave him a hug, as did Onyx. But Lugia looked down and whispered, "Hello. What have we here?" He then gently scooped up Erika and held her in front of his face. "And what is your name, my dear?" The Chikorita giggled, "I'm Erika! I'm Snow's big sister!" Lugia looked right down at Ash and Snow, who was resting in his arms. But he saw that the tiny Sneasel was shivering in fright. (I suppose I will have to take my time until she is comfortable around me. I don't want a bad first impression.)

That night, everyone was sound asleep. Lugia slept near his son, Neo, while Snow and Erika slept in their father's sleeping bag. But not far from the campsite, a winged creature curled up and fell asleep in the forest.

When morning came, everyone got packed up as quickly as possible, eager to explore more of the Sinnoh region. But when everyone was halfway done, Ash's Poketch began to vibrate. "Huh? What's with this?" Ash quickly cycled through the various options until he came to the radar function. Along with the Pokemon in the campsite, there was one Pokemon somewhere nearby in the forest. "You guys finish up here! I'm gonna check something out." With that, Ash snuck off into the forest.

"I'll bet it's a Pokemon I've never heard of before! I can't wait!" Ash followed the radar until he was practically on top of the source. What he saw lying before him was a sleeping Salamence. It was resting under a fallen log. "Just when I thought it would be one I wouldn't recognize. Man....." Ash turned to walk away, but stepped on a twig, causing it to snap. "Huh...? Who's there?" A young woman's voice muttered. Ash turned to face the Salamence, only to find it waking up. Knowing just how dangerous they could be, Ash spoke, "Uh...sorry if I woke you up... Don't hurt me. I'll just be leaving now."

The Salamence took a good look at the boy in front of her and gasped, "No way..... Is that you, Dad?" Ash froze. He looked down at the Salamence and pondered this. (Mana is a Salamence.....but she's also humanoid. This can't be her.) The Salamence noticed Ash's puzzled look and laughed, "What's wrong? You don't recognize me? Hold on a sec." With that, the Salamence was engulfed in a blinding light!

"What's this?! Salamence doesn't evolve! What's happening?!" Ash yelled as he shielded his eyes. Although not able to look directly at the Salamence, Ash could almost swear that it was becoming taller. After no more than twenty seconds, the light receded. "Whoa. Just what did yoooooaaaaah.....uh..." Ash's jaw nearly hit the ground as he gazed at the Salamence's new form.

"It's been two years since I walked on two legs. I'll bet you never guessed I could morph between this and a feral Salamence. I really, what's wrong? Your nose is bleeding." Mana was concerned as a steady trail of blood oozed from Ash's nostrils. Finally, he brought his hands to his head and yelled, "CLOTHES!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!!!"

Mana jumped, "Clothes?! ACK!!! I TOTALLY FORGOT!!!" She brought an arm up to cover her large breasts and used her other hard to hide her womanhood. Ash groaned, "Good god, what the heck happened?! I know you were wearing clothes when I last saw you, Mana!" His daughter blushed, "Just let me explain!" Ash managed to calm down and wiped the blood from his face. "OK, I'll listen. And you don't have to hide yourself from me. I'm more used to that kind of stuff than you think." Mana slowly brought her arms to her side, still nervous about being nude in front of the boy who she had always seen as a father.

Ash did his best to keep a straight face, but he still could not ignore Mana's body. "Uh...Mana, don't take this the wrong way, but you're really...uh...beautiful." Mana tried her best to hide it, but she was very flattered by Ash's compliment. "So, what happened to your clothes?" Mana nodded, "Oh that. Well, when I came to in this timeline, I knew that I was 100 years in the past. I was certain that the people of this era wouldn't be as understanding and probably would react in a hostile manner if they saw a humanoid Salamence walking the streets. That's why I tossed aside my clothes and went into hiding in the form of a feral Salamence." But then she added, "But I always believed that I would see you again, Dad!" She then ran forward and embraced her father, smothering his face in her breasts.

Ash's face turned red as he was cuddled by his adopted daughter. (I shouldn't think about her like this...but her's really soft. And her's different from anything else I've ever felt.) Ash suddenly became aware of his growing arousal and shoved Mana away. "Mana, that's enough! You do know that you were smooshing my face into your breasts, right?!" The dragon giggled, "Yeah, so?" Ash fell over with a thud. "You're not the least bit modest, are ya?" Mana walked over to him and kneeled down next to him. "It's not like that. It's just that I always feel relaxed around you, that I have nothing to be ashamed of. That's why I stopped covering myself when you said so." Ash smiled, but then said, "OK, but I still think we need to get you some clothes. But let's head back to the gang. I'll bet Neo won't be expecting you!"

"Mommy, I want Daddy to hold me!" Erika wailed as she leaned against her mother. Bayleef nuzzled the little Chikorita, "He'll be here soon. Just be a little patient." Latios added, "And he won't be left behind. We're not going anywhere until everyone is here and accounted for." As if in response to those words, Ash stepped out of the woods. "DADDY!!!" Erika ran straight over to Ash, who promptly snatched her up and nuzzled her face. "Looks like someone missed me." Ash then called over to Slate. "Hey Slate! Look who I found!" A light rustling was heard as a Salamence poked its head out from a large bush next to Ash.

"Mana! What luck, being reunited with Dad within the same day!" Slate began to run over to his sister, but Mana yelled, "Wait, don't come any closer! I, uh, can't come out right now!" Slate came to a stop, with everyone puzzled by her claims. Bayleef asked, "Why? Did something happen to you?" Mana began to sweat, but Ash sighed, "Sorry, Mana. I don't think there's any way to get around this. Just hold on a sec." Ash walked over to Neo and whispered something in his ear. "O...K? Amber, Onyx, and Snow. Line up in front of me." As instructed, the three children stood before Neo, as did Erika after Ash set her down. "Look into my eyes....." In an instant, the four children fell fast asleep when Neo used Hypnosis.

Neo asked, "Why did you want me to knock them out anyway?" Ash's face turned red as he tried to find the right words, but Neo's face went blank when he suddenly caught on. "Oh man, you don't mean she..." Ash nodded and walked back over to Mana. "OK Mana. I think you should come out now." The Salamence groaned, "Dang it....." With a long step, she came forth from the forest, revealing her nude form.

"GOOD GRIEF! MANA, MAKE YOURSELF DECENT!!!" Slate shouted as he covered his eyes in embarrassment. "Stay calm......she's still only a child.....I hope..." Mewtwo muttered to himself as he tried to clear his mind. Brock, on the other hand, ran right up to Mana and grabbed her hand in both of his. "Such otherworldly beauty! My dear, did I hear your name is Mana?!" The Salamence replied, "Uh, yes. And I take it you're Brock?" The Breeder drooled, "I feel so honored that you already know my name! Please, my darling, MARRY ME! I will be your ever faithful lover, shielding you from the evils of the world!" Mana gagged, "You're pretty straightforward, but what a cheesy pickup line! Sorry, but.....what the...?" Mana froze as she felt something squeezing one of her breasts. She looked down to see Brock lustfully groping her. Ash backed away with a frightened expression on his face. "YOU PERVERT! HANDS OFF!!!" Mana sent the Breeder a good 50 feet away with a potent uppercut, knocking him out almost instantly. " pillows of.......marshmallows..."

A brief moment was taken for Ash to introduce Mana to everyone. But after finishing, Ash noticed Frost glaring jealously up at Mana. "Frost, what's wrong?" Frost remained silent. (Those things.....they're enormous..... Why are hers' bigger than mine?!) Ash silently muttered to himself, (Don't even want to know...)

After a brief walk to the north, with Neo dragging Brock's unconscious body the whole way, everyone stopped just outside a bustling city. "Perfect! That's Jubilife city! They must have a department store in there somewhere!" Mana shouted. Neo dropped Brock and turned to her. "I see what you're getting at. OK, everyone else wait here while I do some shopping for clothes." With that, a clone of Neo popped up in a plume of smoke. "Whoa, what's that?!" Slate asked. Neo smirked, "What? Never seen a Substitute before? Now wait here. And Mana, please don't let any passersby see you." With that said, Neo headed into the city while Mana ducked into the nearby woods with Neo's Substitute.

It did not take Neo long to find the city mall. "There's bound to be a clothing store in here." As he walked inside, Neo spoke in his mind to Mana, "Mana, place your hand on the Substitute." Trusting her uncle, Mana did as she was told. The instant she did so, she found herself inside a large plaza! "Before you freak out, you're not really here. You are merely seeing through my eyes. If you see some clothes you like, just let me know." Mana grinned, "Now this is one handy trick!"

Neo then began to browse the women's clothing section, but after several minutes did not hear Mana speak up. "What's up, Mana? You haven't pointed out anything." She replied, "None of those duds appeal to me. Try the men's section. I just might see something interesting." Neo shrugged his shoulders, "Heh, no skin off my nose. It's your style, not mine."

Not long after arriving in the men's section, Mana spoke up. "Ooh! That hooded shirt looks cool! Grab it!" Neo looked to his left and noticed a rack of strangely familiar looking shirts. "Why do I feel like I've seen this design somewhere? Ah, no matter. So Mana, what's your size?" This surprised the Salamence as she replied, "Good question. I never had time to get into fashion while serving in the LFR, so I never found out." Neo nodded, "Not a problem. Just stand up for a second." As soon as Mana did that, a Vine Whip extended from the Substitute's wrist! "Just relax. This will only take a moment."

The Substitute began to use the vine like a tape measurer, checking Mana's height, leg length, and width of her waist. "Got it. Place your hand on the Substitute again and we can get to work." Once Mana could see through Neo's eyes again, she saw him pick out one of the shirts. Out of the corner of Neo's eye, Mana noticed something. "Those pants look comfy. Grab a pair." Neo still felt like he knew what Mana's tastes were leading up to. "Oh, and those knuckle gloves look pretty stylish. Is there a pair for my size?" Neo replied, "Looks like a 'one size fits all' type." Lastly, Neo asked, "What about some shoes? Maybe some boots?" Mana let go of the Substitute and looked down at her lower legs. They were reverse jointed and her feet were very reptilian in bone structure. "Sorry, but I don't think there are any shoes that will fit me. But I don't mind. I'm used to walking barefoot."

Just before Neo was about to head over to the cashier, he remembered something. "Oh yeah, can't forget underwear." Mana yelled, "Are you kidding?! No way! I don't want my own uncle buying underwear for me!" Neo objected, "It's not like you know your own size! And it's not like I'm gonna get a good reputation for it." Mana was puzzled by that last part, but when Neo walked over to the undergarment area in the women's section, she saw quite a few girls staring at him. Without even looking at it, Neo grabbed the right size of underwear and shuffled over to the cashier as quickly as he could. When the clerk noticed the underwear in Neo's hands, the bioweapon spoke, "Please. Don't ask."

By the time Neo came back out to the city limits; all four of the children had woken up, as had Brock. "Hey, Uncle Neo! Did you bring us some candy?!" Amber called as her uncle approached. "Sorry, but no. I went after some clothes for your big sister." Amber cocked her head to one side, "But I don't have a big sister." Neo smirked as he headed for the woods. "Oh you do. Just be patient and you'll meet her soon enough."

Once Neo had found Mana, he made his Substitute vanish. "OK, I hope I got everything you wanted. And don't try to shoo me away just because you're naked. I've seen everything." Mana grunted, "I can believe that. So whatcha got?" Neo handed her the bag, "Pants, a shirt, knuckle gloves, and some underwear. Go ahead and try them on. I won't peek." Neo then turned his back.

Mana first slipped on her underwear. "Wow. I never knew that underwear could provide such comfort." She then slipped on her pants. But when she tried to pull the shirt over her head, she asked, "Um, Uncle Neo? Could you give me a hand here?" The bioweapon turned to face her and saw the problem right away. "No wonder you can't get it on. Your wings are in the way. It's no surprise. They're just as tall as your body is." Mana fidgeted, "So how am I supposed to get it on?" Neo walked over behind her and said, "First we'll need to trim some holes." Neo carefully measured the length and width of Mana's beautiful red wings at the base. "Got it." It was then that Metal Claws extended from his fingertips. With just a few swipes, two perfectly rounded holes were in the back of the shirt.

"OK, but just how am I gonna squeeze my wings through them?" Mana groaned. Neo smiled, "I can only think of one way." He then grabbed the shirt. At that instant, Mana could no longer feel it. But she could still see it. "I'm phasing it through you with the aid of my Ghost type abilities." A second later, Neo materialized the shirt. When Mana tried moving her wings, she could feel the cloth against her back. "Uncle Neo, you're really something else." With that done, Mana put on her knuckle gloves, her forefingers sticking out at the ends. "So, how do I look?" Neo paused for a second and said, "Very unoriginal."

Ash called into the woods, "Are you two about done in there?!" Neo replied, "Yup! We're coming out!" Everyone gathered around, anxious to see Mana's new clothes. Neo was the first to emerge. "Just as I thought. I knew that I had seen those clothes somewhere." Ash asked, "Really? Where?" Neo sighed, "On you."

"Say what?" Dawn asked. But before anyone else could say anything, Mana spoke, "So, whatcha think?!" She was wearing the exact same clothes that Ash had worn while traveling in the Hoenn region, minus his shoes and hat. However, she was still a bit too tall, as part of her abdomen was visible. Fortunately, this left a big enough gap on her backside that allowed her tail to pass in-between her shirt and pants.

"Mana.....those are..." Ash stuttered. Mana smiled, "Yup! You always had good taste, Dad!" It was then that Onyx, Amber, and Erika went right up to her. "You look just like Daddy now! Big Sis Mana is a daddy AND a sister! It's so cool that someone likes the same clothes that Dad does!" Mana embraced her siblings, overjoyed to have more than just one sibling.

At the southern edge of the Sinnoh region, ocean waves crashed against the shoreline. A human figure began to rise to the surface and was soon cast upon the sand. His blue pants and jacket were in tatters. His drooping hair glistened gold and silver in the sunlight. His eyelids twitched as they slowly opened, revealing his emerald green eyes. A whisper escaped his lips. "40 days.....I was unable to regenerate for 40 days?"

XD-386 crawled to the green grass beyond the sandy shore. "I never imagined that a non Shadow energy-based attack could damage me on an atomic level..... I was unable to restore my body until just moments ago." He staggered to his knees. "Unforgivable..... Guy Wozaki... I'll make you pay for humiliating me like this....." The sight of the Chosen Protector fused with Onyx was still fresh in his memory. The sight of that colossal Draco Meteor attack about to annihilate him along with Ever Grande city made his blood boil. But soon a sinister grin crept across his face. "I suppose I shouldn't be all that upset. If THAT couldn't kill me, then there is absolutely nothing aside from Shadow type attacks that can kill me."

Missingno rested against a nearby rock as he plotted his course of action. "Hmmmm. Guy was the one who dealt the final blow, so I should.....wait!" The image of another human boy came to mind. "The Chosen One. Of course. Of the three heroes of legend, the Chosen One is the superior of the three. He just might be the only one without Shadow energy who is capable of destroying me. As much as I would like to take my revenge on Guy, it will have to wait. It is only common sense to take the most dangerous one out first. And if memory serves....."

XD-386 stood up and looked upwards. "XD-130. I know you crave to kill. You will gladly return to me. And we will both spill the blood of the Chosen Protector. Once I tear out the Chosen One's heart!" He then closed his eyes and focused. "Ah. He's that close by? That makes it all the easier. But I'll wait for nightfall. I'm still not at 100% and I need to be prepared for the worst if he knows I'm still alive. But of course, that's not likely."

With a very unpleasant smirk, Missingno began to head north. "Enjoy today's sunset, Ash Ketchum. For it will be the last time you are ever touched by the light. But don't worry all that much. I vow that you will pass from this world before you even have the chance to feel pain. Fuhahaha......."
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