AGNPH Stories


Sequel to Pokemon Advancement by Juug at Deviantart.

The Nightmare was only the beginning. XD-386 was a mere warm-up. With the land of Sinnoh on the horizon, the Chosen One will find old friends, as well as new allies and foes. But nothing will be able to prepare him for an ancient evil that will threaten not just the planet Earth, but all of existence.


  1. Concealed Desires (5439 words)

  2. Onyx Returns (7339 words)

  3. Onward to Sinnoh! (4822 words)

  4. A Slew of Reunions (5236 words)

  5. Children of the LFR (5441 words)

  6. Erika Twigs Out! (4342 words)

  7. Frost's Frozen Heart Thaws (5319 words)

  8. A Love Reinforced by Death (6412 words)

  9. A Day of Change (3591 words)

  10. Gate of the Glider (2883 words)

  11. Story Cancelled (379 words)

    After a long time, I feel it's time to put this to bed.

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