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Leisurely Walk by Anonymless


Story Notes:

My second story, and much longer than the last. I have improved a lot if I may say so myself... though I still need to look things up like twice per minute, and I don't get how to show instead of tell properly. It's just way too difficult without dialogue. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

Leisurely Walk

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon. This story was written purely out of fan appreciation. If you are offended by sexually explicit material, stop reading now.


There were only a few clouds littered across the sky, but they concealed the sun precisely, rendering the daylight unobtrusive and equally distributed. The winds were also quite calm, and the waves rushing into the sand modest. It was the perfect day for a walk. She had chosen to take the beach route partially because the fine sand allowed her to go barefoot more comfortably, and she was hoping to perhaps see some water Pokémon swimming along the beachside. But most important of all, she was alone here. This beach was far away from civilization, and the beach enthusiasts of the city always went to the shore closest to them. She mused about how excellent the circumstances were while she continued treading forward. Aside from herself, there hadn't been any particular movement or sound in the vicinity, until now.

She heard a distant splash coming from the water on her right, and she looked up. About fifty metres out from the shore, there was a Pokémon poking its head up above water level, a Buizel. It was staring intently into the depths, fixated on something. She became curious and gradually stopped walking, while observing the Buizel and trying to figure out the subject of its attention... perhaps it was hunting something? Then, just as suddenly, it dove back down into the water, headed for the subject. She squinted and saw the vague form of a fish scurrying away just in time to avoid the otter's grip. Soon after, the Buizel came up again, looked around itself and sighed.

As she finished watching its unsuccessful effort, she felt pity for the Buizel and absently wondered if there was something she could do to cheer it up. Then she remembered that she had a few berries left in her handbag that she had not felt like eating yet. So she stepped a little closer to the water, reached into her bag, pulled out a Grepa berry and whistled. The Buizel turned around and soon noticed her holding the berry out, and its eyes lit up. It dove toward her and swam as quickly as it could until it reached a distance of a dozen metres, waist-deep in the water and looking up at her in anticipation. She took aim, then threw the berry at the Buizel. It jumped up from the water and catched the berry in its mouth, then landed in the water again with a splash. She giggled a bit as it floated there on its back, munching audibly on the berry.

Unsure what to do now, she sat down slowly and relaxed the body, letting her mind wander while watching the waves surging over the sand in front of her. She soon lost track of the time, just sitting there with her eyes half-closed and thinking about nothing in particular. After some amount of time had passed, she abruptly returned to her senses as the Buizel, having finished eating, jumped out of the water and landed before her. It settled its hind legs and jovially stretched back for a moment, then sat up and met her eyes. It continued to sit mostly still there for a while, observing her with a light smile. They were now just a few metres apart, and she could see its appearance very well; it had orange, delicate fur covering most of its body, a pair of blue fins on the back of its arms, and two separate, thick tails extending out from its lower back. She also noticed it was a male, with a sheath and testes sticking out from its crotch area. Embarrassed at the discovery, she looked away and began fiddling with her handbag. Seemingly in response, the Buizel reached out and nudged the handbag with its head. She pulled out the last berry from the bag and presented it to him. He gratefully plucked it from her hand with his teeth, then sat down beside her and chomped on the berry.

She had been enjoying the company thus far, but was starting to feel uneasy. The sight of the Buizel's genitals was imprinted into her mind, and she couldn't bring herself to stop thinking about it. In her mind, she pictured his penis poking out from his sheath, what it would look like and what it would feel like, fully erect and ready for business. She closed her eyes and tried to think of something else, but once again all she could envisage was the Buizel, winking at her and urging her to lie down and submit to him. She shook her head, resolved to cease the fantasies, and opened her eyes again, to find that the Buizel had stopped eating. It was whiffing inquisitively and glancing at her. She blushed as she realized that she had become wet, and that the Buizel had noticed her scent. She looked around both ways and her heart began to pound. There was no turning back now, she thought. Although they were sitting in plain sight, they had been undisturbed so far, and she was unlikely to get caught now.

She carefully stood up and began undressing, piling her clothes at a safe distance from the water and enjoying the fine breeze on her exposed skin. The Buizel was still sniffing at her and getting aroused by the scent, and his penis starting to protrude from its sheath. Now completely naked, she lay down with her back on the sand, spreading her legs wide and showing her wet pussy to the Buizel. She could hardly believe what she was doing, that she was exhibiting her most intimate parts to a Pokémon... it felt unreal, and at the same time, fantastic. The Buizel reached in and began licking her vagina, gradually going deeper and with more intensity. She started breathing heavily, and put her hand over his head, pulling him in even closer to her as he continued lapping up more of her juices. She bent her head to the side and saw Buizel's member sticking out under him. It was time. She pushed him away gently, and he stopped licking and sat up, cleaning himself around his mouth.

She rolled around and got up on her hands and knees, showing her pussy to him. She wanted it so badly, she was overjoyed when she felt his two front paws placed on her lower back, and she looked under herself to see his shaft poking its way to her hole, moving ever closer. The tip prodded lightly around it, then he found the mark. With no further ado, he pushed in, separating her lubricated walls and eliciting gasps from the two lovers. Driven by delirious lust, he pulled out and pushed in again, and started humping wildly into her, each time going as deep as he could. She drooped to the ground, sweating and panting uncontrollably as she felt him banging into her again and again. Above her she could hear the Buizel's labored breaths growing more erratic with each moment. Then, as the crescendo reached its summit, she felt him grasp her sides firmly and pull out his penis almost all the way, then with one final thrust, he pressed it into her and ejaculated. As his Pokémon semen spurted into her womb, he continued thrusting weakly while his orgasm subsided. Lost in bliss, she felt the fluids splashing inside her, reaching into her deepest parts. When it was over, he kept it inside her for a while, breathing audibly as he regained his posture. She looked up toward him, and he gave her a tender glance, then finally stepped back and pulled out his dripping member. Exhausted, he collapsed backwards onto the sand and closed his eyes.

She rolled around to her back again and inserted her fingers into her vagina, feeling his sperm still inside her. She eagerly licked it from her fingers, then looked up at the Buizel, who was now lying with his back to the ground, and his wet penis still pointing half-erect into the sky. She crawled over to him and cleaned it of their fluids, suckling it carefully. When she was satisfied, they looked at each other, both smiling, and she leaned forward and gave him a loving hug that lasted for several minutes. All they could feel was each other, and all they heard was the sound of the waves marching on beside them.

When it was time to go home, she took a quick bath and let the light breeze dry her. She picked up her handbag again, and he sat up and looked at her, anxious. She pulled out one of her spare pokéballs and pointed it toward him. Relieved, he smiled and nodded. She threw it to the ground, and in a blinding flash, he was captured without struggling at all. She put his Pokéball into her handbag, picked up her belongings and finally resumed her walk. As the sun was setting in the horizon, she began her journey back home, fidgeting lightly with the ball inside her handbag, confident that this walk could not possibly have turned out any better.
Chapter End Notes:There you go. If you spot any mistakes, no matter how trivial, please bring them to my attention so that I may improve
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    Reviewer: redacted
    Date:Jul 27 2014 Chapter:Leisurely Walk
    Not bad, but it's a little strange how you get to the point so quickly. I didn't notice any grammatical or spelling mistakes, but that doesn't suprise me...this was a pretty short story.
    I would suggest that you have a little more happen during the walk, and before the smut. The story's fine without dialogue, but It would have explained what was happening a little bit better.

    Overall, good job. The story could have been longer and it needed the use of dialogue.

    -{ 5 Stars }-
    Author's Response:
    Thank you for the review! I agree that this story leaves much to be desired and could have had a bit more character development, though I should note that the story is actually 6 years old at this point. It was originally posted in November 2007 and I hope that I have improved a bit since then.