AGNPH Stories

Pokemon Lover Studios by sigmaweapon


Story Notes:

First chapter is sexless. All following chapters will have sex.

Chapter 4

I'm back, and holy fucking shit!!! I never could've possibly imagined that it would be in me to write something so FUCKING LONG!!! Page after page I realized, I could never fit more than one sex scene in here, despite my promises. Hopefully I make up for it with the length of the sex and the description.
I'm really going to try to make the next chapter shorter, nine thousand words at most.

By the way! I said before that I wanted to include a scene at the end of some chapters where characters from other AGNPH fanfics cameo watching movies from PL Studios. This is the first chapter it appears in.
The Cameo from this chapter is from the variety fic 'My Pokemon' written by Pokegirl. The substory featured here is from the chapter Kyra, and eventually I might include other chapters here as well

They made me look like a dork. But then again I suppose that was what they wanted. I looked like how parents in the midwest would dress up their little kids for Sunday church... well... except for the Hard Rock tee shirt of course. But given the rest of my getup, it only made me look more like a dork. Surprisingly though, I was actually used to it. Flora did this to me all the time. Aside from the Bunneary costume she mentioned earlier, she also had a Pichu costume, a nurse outfit, and an Asian schoolgirl uniform, all of which she makes me wear for her periodically.
Or at least that's what I'd like to believe. Truth be told, those were all my costumes, and I wore them to get her to put out when she wasn't in the mood. It never failed, though as you probably already know, it sometimes had unexpected consequences.
So I really didn't feel too awkward dressed up as a sixth grade Catholic school boy, with the exception of a Hard Rock tee shirt. Although in my time I've actually met a few sixth grade Catholics who were classic rock fans. I really don't know why that is but apparently... I'm ranting aren't I? I thought so.
I went into such a tangent that I forgot what I was doing. Trace back your line of thought: Catholic Rock fans... Catholic School boy outfits... Flora... and from that point it becomes a blur until I reach something about Buttermilk.
That's right! They brought in a bunch of Buttermilk for my next scene with Meganium. But why would I need Buttermilk for that? Obviously it was some sort of weird kink, just like that fact that they pulled Meganium away after she was with me for only a minute, so they could cover her in olive oil. Apparently, PL Studio's customers demand that grass types have a sheen, or at least that's what those girls told me.
They dropped the script for the fuck-scene with Meganium in front of me before they pulled her out. I stared at the dark green cover sheet. All it said was, "Season Twelve, Episode One, Scene 3." I stared at it, but without the sense of dread I expected there to be. There was apprehension of course, but no dread.
I reached for the script, hesitated, and then took it and read through it. After no one came to get me, I read it again, and again, and again. I learned what the Buttermilk was for, but more importantly, the more times I read the script, the less distressed I felt about having sex with a Meganium. I still didn't quite know how I felt about Weavile, but the apprehension just wasn't there in this case.
I reread the script yet again, and again, and again, and finally...

Brendan jumped and screamed before whoever it was could say a second word. He dropped the script on the floor. He calmed a moment later. He turned his head to see a thin man in a black tank top, a face full of scruff, and slightly crooked teeth.
"Goddamn you're jittery," the man said.

I'm jittery? I never noticed. I never would've imagined that even.
Hey, isn't that the sound guy from yesterday?

"What is it?" Brendan mumbled, shrugging his shoulders and shaking his head.
"The scene's all set up," The man answered. "Meganium's there, the crew's there, we're just waiting on you."
Brendan nodded his head. He stood up and put his hands in his pockets. He followed the sound man out of what appeared to be a trailer converted into a makeup room, into the warehouse full of sets.
The warehouse was now abuzz with activity, at least compared to the sight of it the day before. The track lights along the ceilings illuminated the dusty concrete floors and walls, along with the steel scaffolding holding up the roof and the many ducts and pipes. The purple drapes still covered most of the sets, but some were open, each with actors, and crews filming them.
Brendan looked back and forth at the goings on.
A red haired, freckled girl in a skimpy Mudkip costume dictated from a clipboard to the camera on a news stage set, or least what resembled one. It was the same girl who styled Brendan's hair earlier.
He saw the set of a gothic library of marble floors and everything else carved of dark stained wood. The earlier Kadabra sat in an oversized oak and cashmere chair wearing reading glasses. A shirtless man with long, black hair knealt over with his head stuck in her crotch. The Kadabra held a hand in the air over his head, preventing him from moving it. From the briefest glance, Brendan barely saw the man's tongue disappearing into the Kadabra's sex, confirming her gender. She of course had her head thrown back and panted from the treatment, or at least appeared to do so for the two cameramen viewing her from different angles. A small, disorganized pile of open books surrounded the chair.
There was a set of a greenhouse with, strangely, carpeted floors, fake plastic herbs and vegetables, and a plaster fountain in the center. A nude woman lay on the floor. She was just a bit shapelier than the redhead with the freckles, and had shoulder length bronze hair. A Charmeleon, likely the same that sat on the boulder and stared at the horizon, now laid on top of her. Her legs wrapped around his waste. His legs rested around her hips while he thrusted his member into the woman's pussy at a speed one wouldn't normally think a creature as pudgy as a Charmeleon would be capable of.
His tail pointed straight up in the air to give the best view of the action, the Charmeleon's orange, hook shaped cock inside the human female's pussy, fucking in what seemed to be fast forward.
Two more cameramen filmed the scene from either side of the two.
Brendan looked at each scene only for only a few seconds at a time. His face remained deadpan as he saw each of these things. His posture did not change. He walked by each of these scenes as if they were nothing unusual.

What the hell am I doing?! Scenes of human beings fucking Pokemon surround me, and ot the home videos I used to download from P2P networks and then delete out of paranoia as soon as I got off on them. I wasn't watching this on a monitor; I was watching it in real life. This was happening in front of me, all around me, and I wasn't even reacting to it! I didn't avert my gaze, or stare more. I didn't wince or even twitch from what I was seeing. I wasn't even getting hard!
It was almost as if being surrounded by... okay, maybe not surrounded by, but that being around live acts of Pokephilia was somehow... dare I say it? Normal.
This was quickly becoming something I felt a certain way about, the way you feel about something when you make small talk about it with over the dinner table.
"So Brendan, how was your day?"
"Oh, it was okay. I fucked a Meganium for the camera, nothing too exciting."
I didn't like it. What would happen to me if I actually said that, or something like it, out loud? Knowing me, I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that happened. What would happen to me if I slipped those words while talking to a study group, or a professor?
Fuck that! What would happen to me if those words slipped to a professor that I'd had sex with?! Admittedly there had only been one so far, but I'd just completed my first semester so that really wasn't a good example... yet. With the way I talk, I was bound to spill my guts to someone without knowing I did so until it was too late.
My thoughts keep coming back to my future. And up until now I hadn't even considered the fact that I'd probably be sticking my dick inside other Pokemon every summer weekday for the next eight years. The weirdest thing was, and I never thought I'd actually hear myself think this, I really didn't mind. But that wouldn't change the future, my future.
Coral said she could assure my anonymity. How the fuck could she possibly do that when my face is grandiosely paraded about the footage of Pokemon porn flicks? There was no way in hell. There was just no way.
Although at the moment, the future really didn't seem to matter much. The further I walked toward my destination, the more relaxed I became. Since when is anticipation of performance supposed to be soothing? Maybe it was the strange smell in the air. Honey and mint, and the more I inhaled it, the more I relaxed. The relaxation wasn't natural either. My muscles literally refused to tense, even if I wanted them to, they wouldn't obey. It was like being on Benedryl.
Wait a tick, honey and mint? Benedryl? I was already there! The goddamn Meganium must've been right in front of me this whole time and I didn't even see her, I was so lost in thought.

Brendan looked down. His arms were wrapped around the lime green head of Meganium, whose antennae were wrapped around his right arm. His hands rubbed in circles deep into the flesh of Meganium's chin and the back of her neck. She rubbed her other cheek in circled into Brendan's shirt.

Holy shit!
Not only was she right in front of me, but I was petting her and didn't realize it!

Brendan let go of Meganium and took a step back.
"Mey," she vocalized.
Brendan blinked and adjusted his prop glasses, not realizing at the moment that they weren't his own.
Meganium threw her antennae forward and brought them to her lips. She brought out her tongue and curled it around their bulbous ends to pull them inside her mouth. She briefly sucked off the salty oils that rubbed off on them from Brendan's skin before releasing them and letting them fall back behind her head. She turned around slowly, twice, and sat down. Each time her back end passed by Brendan, he clearly saw the swollen lips of her sex, a bit darker shade of green than the surrounding skin. And her skin did have a sheen to it. Like wet leather, Meganium's already polished skin gleamed even more from the coating of olive oil.
As Meganium sat down, her body and head twisted so she could both stare at Brendan with half closed eyes and half parted lips, and show her rear to him. Sitting down, the tiniest part of Meganium's pussy lips parted, showing milk-white flesh beneath, at least from what little could be seen of it.
"Mey..." she whispered at Brendan.
Brendan stared mesmerized without a single thought passing through his head. But from those few seconds, his cock already throbbed, almost painfully.
"Yeah, she's pretty good at that."
Brendan yelped and jumped, nearly tripping over the floor itself before slamming his foot down behind him and stopping him from falling. Meganium stared at Brendan with one eyeridge raised and her lips in between a sneer and a smirk.
Brendan turned his head toward the skinny man with the black tank-top, the sound guy, holding a microphone pole while two other cameramen set up their equipment outside the set.
"God damn, you really are jittery," the sound guy said.

What's up with the jittery comments? Why does everyone keep saying that?

"Anywho, when we shoot a scene with Meganium, we usually don't even need fluffers," the sound guy said. "There's only one other Pokemon we have capable of doing that, and that's Lumina."
"Who's Lumina?" Brendan asked.
The sound guy raised an eyebrow. "You mean no one told you? In that case never mind, you'll meet her soon enough."
The sound guy shook his head and went about tightening wingnuts and plugging in wires on the sound pole with his bare fingers.
Brendan looked back toward Meganium, who by then had adopted the not quite as seductive posture of lazily laying on her side with one eye open to watch him. It was only then that he noticed the set she was in: a marble tiled bathroom. The whole bathroom set was hexagonal, with several carved cherry wood doors leading back into the warehouse. The floors were blue marble tiles, half covered in huge, white furry rugs, while the walls were green marble tiles the first half of the way up, while plain white walls went up the other half toward the ceiling with its edges covered in gold painted imperial styled crown molding. There was a wall spanning mirror in front of white marble countertops with brass faucets. A circular, porcelain tub filled the section at the back of the bathroom that extended beyond the hexagon.
Meganium lay on top of the largest furry white carpet in the center of the bathroom set.

That was real marble, real porcelain, and real brass. I would never have guessed in a thousand years that Coral would spend so much making her sets look so genuine as to actually make them out of genuine articles. But then again, in a thousand years I probably would never have even thought about how the sets were put together.

A hand waved in front of Brendan's face.
Brendan blinked and shook his head. He turned to see Coral at his side facing him. She still wore her previous outfit of a baseball cap, jeans, and army jacket with the sleeves cut off. She held a black rolled up tee shirt under her other arm.
"So there is a way to get your attention without making you freak," Coral said.
Brendan stared at Coral for a time with a vacant face, as if looking at something behind her. He blinked and looked down when she shoved the rolled up shirt into his hand.
"I figured you'd probably get olive oil on your shirt before filming started so I had an assistant go get another one. Be sure to change before you start the scene," Coral said. "Now If you'll excuse me."
Coral walked away, toward the set where they filmed the Charmeleon with the bronze haired girl. Brendan watched absentmindedly for a minute as Coral talked briefly with the various crew members and then left for another set. He then looked down. Dark patches indeed stained his shirt, while a sheen coated his fingers.

My shirt really did have olive oil on it, and so did my hands. I was petting Meganium. I shouldn't have.

"All right then," the sound guy said. "On top of the sound guy I'm also directing this scene. Remember Hopkins, your name here is Jimmy Finn, and you have no idea what the hell you're in for. You think you're just here to buff Meganium's skin, and you're going to be oblivious to her advances until they get to be too much."

That doesn't sound very hard.

"Yes I know," Brendan responded. "I read the script."
"Good, you're going to enter the set carrying the dolly of buttermilk. And make sure your shirt's tucked in," the director said.
Brendan looked around, up down, side to side, and finally saw the mentioned object. An upright dolly loaded with the crate of buttermilk stood a few feet behind the director guy.

I didn't even see the damn thing.

"Take your position behind the dolly. It'll still be a minute for us to set up." The director said. "And put the other shirt on."
Brendan walked up behind the dolly and stuffed his new rolled up shirt in his pocket. He wiped his hands on his shirt and then pulled his current shirt up and off. He pulled out and unrolled his new shirt and looked at it. It was another Hard Rock tee shirt, although the logo was larger and wasn't crackled with age. He put the shirt on and looked at the director and sound guy continue to adjust wires and wing nuts on his pole. The cameramen waited for their standing cameras and steadycams to warm up, and the stage lights turned on and off in different combinations, being tested to see what worked best.
"And, action!" The director shouted.
The standing cameras pointed toward and zoomed in on Meganium. Brendan looked at her as well.
Meganium was back in her seductive pose on the largest rug in the center of the bathroom, only this time pretending to sleep. Her eyes were closed and her mouth wide open as she breathed deep, squeaking as she exhaled. Her face and rear end both faced the cameras. Once again the lips her swollen, darkened sex parted slightly to reveal the slightest hint of pure white flesh beneath. The shine of wetness was intense around her labia. It couldn't be told if it was natural, or just the olive oil, or perhaps both.
Brendan stared along with the cameras. His gazed fixated on the lips of Meganium's pussy, barely moving as she breathed. They were bigger than he was used to, but he couldn't look away from them. Like the day before and only minutes before, his cock hardened until it throbbed almost painfully. This time, his mouth watered as well to the sight. Brendan swallowed his spit and reached into his pants to readjust his hard on to a slightly more comfortable position. He did both without thinking, as the sight of the Meganium so clearly waiting to be fucked by him drove all conscious thought from his mind.
"Enter the stage now?" The director said.

What just happened? I think I blacked out. The director jolted my thoughts awake again, but it's hard to tell now what I was thinking before. Or was I thinking anything? Just focus on what you saw.
You saw Meganium. You saw her swollen, sopping pussy in clear view, almost as if she was showing it off. She was showing it off! She was showing it to you. The sopping, dripping wet pussy of the great Meganium. If your skin smelled like honey and mint, what would your pussy 
taste like? I wanted it.
Oh my god! I can't believe I thought that! I wanted my tongue inside those folds, and my cock as well, after my tongue had its fill. It was one thing to realize you'd enjoyed an act of Pokephilia after the fact, but to want it before it actually came to be? ... I don't even know how to respond to that thought.
But there's no sense in me musing now, so I might as well.

Brendan blinked and shook his head. He tipped the dolly over and walked toward the door at the far end of the bathroom stage. He reached a hand down his pants and squeezed the head of his dick to try to get rid of his hard on, as the script said that he wouldn't get one until his character realized what was going on.
The standing cameras turned toward the door to the stage as the handle turned. The Meganium snorted and opened her eyes. She sat up to the door as it opened.
Brendan pushed the door open with his shoulder while he pulled the dolly into the room. Once inside, he shut the door with his foot and set the dolly upright on the floor. He stretched his arms out and yawned, giving the camera's full view of his schoolboy attire and perm, with the exception of the tee shirt.
Meganium stood up and looked at Brendan, her back end facing the cameras with her tail raised to give the cameras a greater view.

Technically, this would be the third scene I appeared in once the show was finished and edited together, but it was the first one I was filmed in.

"So you're the one who gets the buttermilk bath?" Brendan asked.
"Meey!" Meganium squealed in approval, nodding her head.
Brendan reached into his back pocket and removed a small booklet with a title about grooming grass types. He adjusted his prop glasses and opened the book, flipping through the pages until he stopped at one.
"Warm buttermilk is often used to buff the skin of grass type Pokemon." Brendan said to himself. "It is thought that buttermilk softens and smooths the skin of grass types as well as shines it... huh."

If that were true, it would explain the look and feel of Meganium's skin.

Brendan tossed the booklet onto the sink counter and walked up to Meganium. He knelt down in front of her, readjusted his glasses, and smiled at her. He extended a hand and Meganium lowered her antennae forward to wrap around it.
"Well, you're certainly a polite thing aren't you," Brendan said. "My name's Jimmy, Jimmy Finn, and I'm going to be your groomer today."

At this point the script called for Meganium to look at me seductively, though it also said that all close ups of faces were filmed separately and spliced in later.

A cameraman with a steadycam took up position beside Brendan just as Meganium took a step forward and shoved her head into his hands, rubbing her neck and cheeks into his palms.
Brendan giggled. "You're a friendly thing too, aren't you?"
"Meey," Meganium whispered.
The standing cameras outside the set saw more than Brendan. Meganium's rump was raised high in the air while she rubbed her head against Brendan's hands. Though the lips of her pussy were not parted, they were far more visible then than they had previously been. With her legs clasped together, her cunt squeezed itself out from behind them, appearing to be even more swollen. She rubbed her legs together, swaying her rear end ever so slightly, to rub her pussy lips together. Her vagina leaked only a few drops which ran down one leg.
Brendan was ignorant of this.
Meganium licked up Brendan's upper left arm and then closed her mouth around his left hand and began to suck on it. Almost immediately after, Brendan pulled his hand out of her mouth and wiped the thin coating of Pokemon saliva off on his pants. He giggled again.
"Geese Meganium, there's such a thing as too much affection," he said.
"Mey!" Meganium vocalized between a growl and barked, clearly disagreeing with the statement.
"Okey, let's get this started," Brendan said. "If you'd get in the tub."
"Mey," Meganium squeaked and nodded.
Meganium stood up and trotted over to the bath tub. She had some difficulty climbing over such tall rims as it had, and got into an awkward position of having three legs in the tub while the fourth, back leg, hung over the side. The angle parted Meganium's pussy lips and gave the cameras at last a full view of what her sex looked like on the inside. The flesh was the purest, brightest while, and coated on the inside not with olive oil, but its own oils. The Meganium's sex was amazingly simple, at least compared to a human's. There were no folds or flaps. There was only the urethra, and the vagina below it. Meganium didn't even have a clitoris, which would confuse most, but long time watchers of the series-as well as the actor playing Jimmy, after reading the script-knew she didn't need one. All the sexual nerves within the Meganium were spread evenly around the ring of the vagina itself. Meganium's pussy itself, like her labia, was larger than the accommodating human's. But that wasn't a problem for a porn star.
Meganium closed her eyes and sighed as the insides of her labia and the tip of her cunt rubbed against the cold porcelain. The steadycam operator caught her face while the standing camera operators caught her sex. A second later, her last leg pulled itself into the bathtub and she sat down inside, looking anxiously at Brendan.
Brendan saw none of what happened. During that time he picked up the jugs of buttermilk one at a time and placed them on a glass shelf next to the tub, never looking at the tub itself. He then reached into the crate and turned off a battery powered heating pat that sat below the buttermilk jugs.

I knew the script called for me turning off a heating pad in the crate, but I didn't actually think there was going to be one. For the rest of the scene I wondered why it was there. I would ask later and be told that it encouraged a more natural performance, and I should've figured that out for myself eventually, but you know how I work with these things.

After he was done, Brendan took a pair of furry white gloves from the glass shelf above the tub and set them on the rim of the tub. He sat on the rim and brought down one of the jugs of still warm buttermilk, pulled off the seal and unscrewed the cap. He set it down on the rim of the tub next to the gloves.
Meganium stared at him enticed during said actions.
"How about we start with your leaves?" Brendan asked.
"Meey!" Meganium vocalized while nodding.
"Alright," Brendan whispered to himself.
Brendan picked up and put on the furry white gloves. He picked up the jug of buttermilk and slowly poured a fair amount over the huge pink and cream colored leaves around Meganium's neck. He stood up briefly to place the jug back on the shelf, leaving part of it teetering over the edge.
Brendan turned back toward Meganium and looked into her eyes for a moment. She looked back at him with her eyes glazed over and half closed. The steadycam operator had the view of both him and Meganium as this happened.
Brendan blinked and readjusted his glasses with his wrists. He reached toward Meganium as if nothing was wrong. He started with her top leaf, rubbing from its base attached to her neck down to its tip with one hand and the other, soon switching to both hands side by side.
Meganium trilled in reaction to the touch. She stepped toward the edge of the tub, closer to Brendan, and pushed her head against his chest as he began rubbing buttermilk into more of her leaves.
"You like that don't you?" Brendan asked.
"Mey..." Meganium whispered.

I always heard that buttermilk was gross both in taste and smell, but it wasn't. It was actually exactly like sour cream, except that it was fully liquid. Once again, after asking, I would learn that using real buttermilk in this scene was to encourage a more natural performance. But once again, I couldn't get it into my mind why they would use it and not a cheaper substitute.

Brendan brought his hands back up to Meganium's top leaf. Buttermilk now soaked his glvoes, so he began to rub up and down Meganium's neck with one hand on one a side and the other hand on the other side.
"Meey," Meganium sighed.
Brendan began to rub harder up and down Meganium's neck, alternating from the sides, to top and bottom. Buttermilk trickled down Meganium's neck and through her leaves, dripping into the tub. Meganium pushed her head harder into Brendan's chest. As Brendan yawned with eyes closed, Meganium released a vine from behind her leaves. It crept up the wall and tipped the open jug of buttermilk off the shelf and onto Brendan. The jug hit Brendan in the shoulder and splashed buttermilk all over his shirt.
"Arrgh!" Brendan growled.
Brendan stood up with his arms outstretched and looked down at his shirt now stained with both buttermilk and olive oil, although the cameras could not tell the difference at that point. he dropped his hands to his sides and sighed. He bent over and picked up the now half empty jug, careful to avoid slipping in the pool of buttermilk on the floor.
"I've got to be more careful," Brendan mumbled. "I'll clean it up later."
Meganium giggled at the events, prompting Brendan to turn his head sharply toward her. By the time Brendan had turned back toward Meganium, the vine was back beneath her leaves. Brendan put the jug on the rim of the tub. He pulled his shirt over his head and tossed it into the puddle of buttermilk, where it began soaking up the liquid.
As soon as Brendan sat back down on the ridge of the tub, Meganium leaned her head forward and licked his torso. From his belly button, she dragged her tongue all the way up to the nape of his neck, all while looking up at his eyes. Brendan gasped, frowned and furrowed his brow in response, and threw his arms out to his sides.
"Damn Meganium! I know you like that stuff, but don't do that," Brendan said.
"Mey," Meganium snapped back, clearly refusing his request.
Brendan sighed. He picked up the jug of buttermilk and poured some onto a glove. After setting it back down on the rim of the tub, he rubbed his gloves together to soak them equally and brought his hands to Meganium's cheeks. Meganium again pushed her head into Brendan's chest as he rubbed buttermilk all over her head, cheeks, and muzzle.
"Meey..." Meganium sighed at the treatment.
A short while into it, Meganium shoved her head harder into Brendan's chest, trilling as she did so. The act knocked over the jug again, which spilled buttermilk onto his pants before it hit the floor again, this time landing upright.
Brendan jumped off the rim and looked down at himself again.
"This time you need to be more careful!" he said to Meganium.
Brendan dug one heel into the other, and the again to remove his shoes. He unbuttoned, unzipped, and pulled down his pants, and stepped out of them. Brendan readjusted his glasses with his wrist and sat back down on the rim of the tub this time only in his glasses, gloves, and underwear. Meganium licked his now buttermilk soaked underwear as soon as he sat down.
"Hey! Not there!" Brendan shouted.
Brendan tried to push Meganium's head away, but she pushed back with more strength and licked his crotch again. She licked a third time as Brendan tried in vain to push her away. The standing zoomed in on it. Meganium licked Brendan's crotch a forth time. By now, Brendan's cock began to harden.
Brendan finally wriggled free of Meganium's grasp and stood up. He backed away with his arms out in front of him. Meganium laid her chin on the rim of the tub staring at him with half closed eyes.
"If you're going to do that, then this whole session's off and I might as well just leave!" Brendan said.
Meganium shook her head. "Meey!" she blurted out.
Meganium tried to jump out of the tub, but caught herself on the rim midway through it. She shoved herself the rest of the way with her back legs and approached Brendan. Brendan took a step back, but Meganium just sped up. She reached her head down to lick from the puddle of buttermilk on the floor before shoving it into Brendan's chest hard enough to knock him onto his butt. She set her front feet to the sides of Brendan's chest and stood over him, looking down at him with narrowed eyes expressing both desire and control.
Brendan stared back with eyes wide and jaw clenched, somewhere between shock and fear. His clasped hands held his chest protectively. All three standing cameras viewed this from different angles.
In a flash, Meganium swung her head down, grabbed Brendan's underwear in her mouth, and tore them off. Slowly then, she bent her head over, closed her eyes, and dragged her tongue across Brendan's now thoroughly hardened cock. She pressed her muzzle into his crotch and briefly inhaled his smell combined with the overpowering scent of buttermilk, identical to the smell of sour cream. She licked up Brendan's cock again, from bottom to top, this time slower.
Brendan lay beneath Meganium, unable to move except to breathe so hard. Meganium opened her eyes to barely slits, and Brendan could only stare into them mesmerized.

That was the second time in two days this happened to me. I was conscious of what I was doing, but I could no longer control it. The smell of honey and mint was stronger than ever now. It turned my muscles into butter and made my eyes unable to focus. Or at least I think it was the scent, it may just as well have been the situation.
I was completely naked, with one of most throbbing hard ons I've ever had, laying helpless beneath this Meganium who had no qualms with using me for any sexual purpose she could imagine.
I knew this, and I couldn't do anything to resist it. It wasn't that she wouldn't let me, but that I couldn't bring my body to obey any command to resist. The weirdest thing was that this time, I didn't mind. Moreover, this time I wanted it, and I wasn't ashamed that I wanted it. I could see Meganium's cheek pressed against my thigh, her wide, fat tongue dragging itself up the length of my shaft, and her eyes barely open, looking into mine with the purest lust. Somehow it all seemed... normal. Even being filmed performing live Pokephilia, an act most of the world hated, there didn't seem anything unusual about it.
I was actually disappointed that I had to put off fucking Meganium for a few more minutes.

Brendan began to squirm, as if struggling, even though he wasn't physically restrained. He planted his hands and feet on the floor and pushed himself away from Meganium, and propped himself up against the cupboards of the sink counter.

That was far more difficult than I'm sure it appeared on camera. Given what that smell was doing to my body, I'm amazed I mustered the strength to push myself up like that.

"That's not right!" Brendan shouted, slurring his words slightly. "That's not right dammit! I'm not doing that. And if you're going keep at it, then I'm quitting."
"Meeey," Meganium sighed back. Her voice was seductive and controlling. All who listened knew ahe meant, "you don't have a choice."
Brendan reached up behind him to the countertops and pushed himself up. He turned around and looked at himself in the mirror with a fatigued expression. He looked toward the edge of the countertop to see an antique wood, brass, and felt rotary phone.
The steadycam operator caught Brendan up close as he picked up the phone and dialed a number.

In the script I was dialing Coral's character Fuchsia. In reality I was dialing a voice message from coral, with pauses just long enough for to speak my lines. Again, I would find out later this was to encourage a more natural performance, but again, I haven't the slightest clue as the why the hell she would bother.
The message itself would later be added to the final film.

The phone gave a single ringtone before the message picked up.
"Hello? Fuchsia?" Brendan asked.
"Yes Jimmy?" Coral's voice answered.
"Well, it's your Meganium," Brendan said. "I was giving her the buttermilk bath like you asked but... I think she's trying to court me."
"Court you? Oh no," Coral's voice replied. "She's not doing anything that complicated. She just wants sex is all."
"Sex?!" Brendan shouted. "Well what the hell am I going to do about that?!"
"If she wants sex, than you're going to give it to her," Coral's voice commanded.
"I can't do that, I'm-"
"Listen kid!" Coral's voice interrupted. "You signed a contract saying that you'd give any of my Pokemon, anything they want. Right now, Meganium wants a good fucking, and that's what you're going to give her. If you can't, you're fired! And someone in your position's not going to find a job paying more than I do."

Fuchsia hung up the phone right then and there. Though what actually happened was the voice message ended. I put the phone back on the hook much slower, trying to give as great an impression of shock as I could.
At that moment I thought the very last thing I'd have imagined I'd be thinking in that situation. I was worried that my acting wasn't good enough. My character, Jimmy, was supposed to be resisting what was happening, but I wasn't. I couldn't resist. And even if I could, I didn't want to.
I looked back at Meganium and the scent drifted back into my nose, and back into my muscles. She stared at me with the barely open eyes and head tilted to a side. I remembered first seeing her on the set. I remember the large, dark green lips of her pussy, and the hint of white flesh beneath that she was most defiantly showing off to me in particular. My mouth watered and my breath shortened. Why the hell did I have to waste the next minute or so with more dialog? Why couldn't I just wrap my mouth around the Grass Pokemon pussy right now and suck it dry? I knew she wouldn't mind.
Then I remembered that I was being filmed for a PokePorn soap opera.

"Do I have a choice?" Brendan asked.
"May," Meganium vocalized while shaking her head.
Meganium released vines from beneath her leaves. She shot them forward and wrapped them around Brendan's shoulders. Brendan went partly limp and cooperated as she pulled him toward her and then pushed him to lie down on the floor.
Meganium unwrapped her vines from Brendan's shoulders and stood above him once again. Her vines reached for the jug of buttermilk. She picked it up and poured a decent amount of the warm liquid into his crotch, soaking his cock and scrotum. She set the buttermilk down by Brendan's head and licked from the bottom of Brendan's scrotum up to the tip of his cock. He turned her head and licked around the base of his shaft, licking up the buttermilk that spilled from his dick.
"Meeey," Meganium cooed.
Meganium stepped back, lowered her head, and smelled Brendan's crotch. She closed her mouth over Brendan's cock, and closed her eyes. Murring under her breath, Meganium wrapped her huge, fleshy tongue around Brendan's cock and gently suckled.

I was reminded of when the Albino Weavile sucked me off yesterday. I was reminded because this was so different. Weavile's tongue was rough, and she sucked hard and fast. Meganium was the opposite on both counts. Her tongue was wide and thick, almost like a pancake. It was as smooth and slick as cartilage. The walls of her mouth felt like velvet. The biggest difference was that, vastly unlike Weavile, Meganium had only a soft beak with no teeth to scrape against my cock.
The intent was clearly just as different as the feel. When Weavile sucked me off, it was only a means to the end of getting me ready to fuck her. Weavile's blowjob was done with physical strength almost enough to hurt... almost. But Meganium was taking her sweet time, and she suckled my cock so softly. To her, it was an experience unto itself.
But by now, I'd been wanting her so badly for so long, I don't think it would be much of an experience.

Meganium continued to suckle Brendan's cock for almost thirty seconds. Brendan's eyes shut tight and his mouth hung open. Meganium's tongue would briefly exit her mouth to touch the edge of Brendan's scrotum and then slide back up its length, and then back down. All the while it wrapped itself around the circumference of Brendan's cock like a hot dog bun.
Brendan could do nothing while she treated him but to stare at her with weak, unfocused eyes and breathe so hard he seemed to pant. Toward the end, he grabbed the fibers of the white furry rug between his fingers and squeezed with what little strength he had. His breath sped up and his feet pressed harder onto the floor. Meganium sensed the signs and sucked faster and harder. The sucking and slurping of Meganium's muzzle against Brendan's cock were intentionally audible even far beyond the microphone held above the cameras's vision. Seconds later, Brendan squeezed his eyes shut, whined through his nose, and cummed.
Meganium smiled as she kept sucking Brendan's cock. The smile opened the sides of her mouth, through which the cameras could clearly see the head of Brendan's member squirting its cream onto Meganium's tongue. One long, powerful squirt went right down Meganium's throat. Three shorter, weaker squirts followed, soaking Meganium's tongue, who swished it around in her mouth and let beads of the cum trickle down the edges of her lips. Meganium continued to suck a drizzle out of Brendan's dick for the next twenty seconds until it was gone.
Meganium opened her mouth and slowly lifted her head back up. Her tongue, fully extended, still held onto Brendan's cock as long as possible. As it finally let go, a tiny string of Brendan's cum fell off the tip of Meganium's tongue back onto Brendan's dick. She lifted her head all the way up and glared back down at Brendan with a slight smirk.
Behind the cameras, the sound guy/director talked with one of the men behind a standing camera.
"That wasn't in the script," the director said.
"It couldn't be helped," the cameraman replied. "Still, that was a pretty good improv."
"Well, he'd better be able to cum like that again or else this whole shot's wasted," the director said. "Go ahead and keep rolling."

The script called for Meganium to suck my cock for a whole minute without me cumming before she quit. Shitload of good that did! The smell was too much, too intoxicating. I'm amazed I lasted that long at all.
Thankfully, I was one of the lucky few who didn't become hypersensitive post orgasm. Though I couldn't cum again for a time afterward, I didn't have to stop what I was doing and wait to start again.
I thought for sure they would stop the scene after what happened, but a quick turn of the eye revealed they were still filming. I had to go on, keeping to the rest of the script as much as possible.

"Okay," Brendan panted. "You win."
Meganium's glare relaxed into a soft gaze and she smiled down at Brendan.
Brendan ran his fingers through his hair and took a deep breath. He crawled backward against the cupboards of the sink counter again. He reached up to the counter and pulled himself up to stand.
"But sex or not, you're going to get a buttermilk bath," Brendan said.
"Mey," Meganium chirped, and nodded in agreement.
Meganium laid down on her side. Her rear end faced the cameras and her back legs were splayed out to her sides. She gave the cameras clear, close up views of her sex, now even more swollen and a darker green than before. The clear fluid now dripping from Meganium's twat caught the light in ways mere water could not.
Brendan approached the shelf above the tub and grabbed the two remaining jugs of buttermilk. He brought them back and set them down by Meganium's side. He shook off his left glove and used his free hand to pull off the seal and unscrew the lid of one buttermilk jug.
Meganium stared at Brendan with narrowed eyes and an opened mouth smile as he poured warm buttermilk over Meganium's side and down her leg.
Brendan set the jug down and grabbed his other glove. He bit the base of the glove to help pull it back on his hand and then went to work rubbing the buttermilk into Meganium's flesh. Brendan rubbed hard-at least for him-against Meganium's muscles. He spread the buttermilk around her side and throughout her leg and inner thigh.
As Brendan continued to rub Buttermilk into Meganium's skin, Meganium released a vine from beneath her leaves. She reached behind her with it, feeling up her leg for her labia, and finding it quickly. She plunged the bulbous end vine through her lips, and into her vagina. She wriggled the vine inside her pussy, casing her to scrape her back legs against the floor.
The vine pushed apart Meganium's pussy lips, showing more of the pure white flesh inside her sex than the cameras had ever previously glimpsed in this scene. Meganium growled under her breath, with her mouth closed, while wriggling and shaking the vine inside herself harder.
Another vine released itself from beneath Meganium's leaves and reached itself as well toward her twat. This vine did not go inside, but instead wedged itself between her pussy lips and forced them apart. The entirety of Meganium's pussy, inside and out, was now clearly visible. The fluids coating the flesh caught and split the light. More fluid leaked in a tiny trickle from the vagina, further coating the inside's of Meganium's pussy lips.
"Meeeey," Meganium whined from the sensation of not only her own masturbation, but of the buttermilk being massaged into her skin.
Meganium squeezed her eyes shut. Her back legs pushed harder against the floor and the mane of leaves around her neck unflattened and stuck out into the air. But she pulled both vines out of her pussy before she could cum. She sighed and her mane of leaves flattened against her body again. She whimpered from the loss of sexual feeling, but it was for a purpose.

I had trouble not shaking at that point. I couldn't stop looking at that accommodating alien cunt between Meganium's back legs. Every time I looked down there, my mouth watered and I had to swallow my spit. Why in the goddamn fucking hell did I have to take so much goddamn fucking time with all of this?!
Thankfully, that time was about to end.

Meganium brought one vine to her mouth and sucked on the bulbous end, cooing at the taste of her own pussy fluids. She brought the other vine to Brendan's lips. Brendan took the bulbous end between his middle and ring finger and wrapped his lips around it. With both tips of her vines being sucked clean of her sexual juices, Meganium cooed a bit louder.

The smell given off by Meganium's leaves was not the same as that given off by her pussy. It wafted through my throat and into my nose as I sucked her fluids from the tip of her vine. It smelled like... I'm not sure how to describe it. It smelled almost like maple syrup, that is, if maple syrup came from a citrus fruit. 
The taste again, was entirely different. Aside from the hint of sour cream left over from the buttermilk still present, it tasted like... it tasted almost exactly like licorice. Unlike the smell that drenched her leaves, this smell, and this taste, had no drug like effects, or at least not as far as I could tell. But that made little difference to me. 
For that one moment I no longer cared about any of the moral or social issues with Pokephilia. I no longer cared about how many people bought these videos and saw me doing such things. I no longer cared about my education and the prospects of my respect or even existence as a world class engineer. I just wanted more of that smell, and more of that taste.
Always with the leadups. I fucking hate this script!

Meganium pulled her vines back out of her own mouth and Brendan's and waved them through the air. She slowly licked Brendan's face from the bottom of his chin all the way up to his hairline. Her tongue was wide enough to obscure both his eyes as she did so. Brendan did not resist and scarcely reacted except to close his eyes as she did so.
Meganium spun around in circles several times before stopping with her rear to Brendan. She reached back both her vines back and rested them on either side of her pussy lips. She pried apart her labia to show the milky insides of her twat to Brendan. Brendan's breath sped up and fluttered. The hair on his neck and arms stood on end. His fingers began to twitch, and his cock hardened again. His eyes watered barely, undetectable to the camera.

Always with the leadups. I fucking hate this script!!!

"Yeah, yeah," Brendan said. "I know."
Brendan reached down and picked up a jug of buttermilk. He poured some onto a glove before setting it back down. He reached his buttermilk soaked glove toward Meganium's pussy. Brendan didn't waste any effort. He rubbed the soaked, furry white glove into Meganium's pussy as hard as he thought wasn't painful. He plunged his fluff and buttermilk covered middle finger into Meganium's vagina, and then the vines pushed his hand away.
Meganium reached her head around and looked back at Brendan with a scowl and a furrowed brow.
"Mey!" she barked.
"Not with my hands?" Brendan asked.
Meganium nodded, and then stuck her tongue out to lick the tip of her own nose.
"With my mouth?" Brendan asked.
Meganium nodded, and her disdainful face turned back to her narrow eyed, smirking expression of lust.
Brendan swallowed hard. "Anything you say, or else I'm fired?" he asked.
Meganium nodded again.
Brendan slumped and sighed. "No choice then," he said.
Brendan flung off his gloves and ran his fingers through his hair. He sighed and knelt down on his knees. Meganium also lowered her front end to the floor so her rear would stick high into the air. Her neck twisted around so she could continue to look at him.
Brendan grabbed a jug of buttermilk in one hand, and with the other, spread open Meganium's pussy lips with his thumb and forefinger, getting his first closeup look at the inside of Meganium's cunt.

When the script's side notes said Meganium's pussy was accommodating, they meant it. But thankfully, it wouldn't be too loose. It would still be a good fuck, just a softer kind of fuck. Then I saw it. There was no clit. The script's notes also said that all the sexual nerves in female Meganium were within the mucus membrane, spread out across the opening of the vagina. It would be a different experience, since unlike most women, it would actually be easier to get her off with my dick than with my tongue. Not that I couldn't do just that, far from it.

Brendan poured warm buttermilk all over the insides of Meganium's twat and over her vagina. He closed his eyes and inhaled the combined scent of buttermilk and citrus maple. He shoved his mouth onto Meganium's pussy, sticking his tongue as far as he could into the depths of her vagina while at the same time maintaining a powerful suction around the opening with his lips. He sucked up and swallowed both buttermilk and Meganium's lubricant. His eyes were closed tight and both his mouth and nose were buried in Meganium's pussy, leaving just enough room for him to breathe.
All three standing cameras and the steadycam operator caught the action from different angles.
"Meeey!" Meganium cried.
Meganium reached back with her vines again and pushed Brendan's fingers away from her labia, insisting on holding it open herself. In response, Brendan set down the jug of buttermilk. Both his hands free, he grabbed Meganium's back legs and pulled them, trying to shove her pussy even harder into his mouth.
Meganium panted at the other end, sighing a tiny whimper of 'mey' on every exhale. She pressed her head and neck onto the floor. Her mane of leaves unflattened and spread out. Her Eyes shut and leaked single tears. Her ankles twisted back and forth against the furry white carpet.

I was being a hell of a lot rougher on Meganium orally than I ever was with Weavile, and I suspected I would be rougher when it came to fucking as well. It was a bit strange since she was far gentler on me than Weavile was. But I just couldn't stop myself, and like I said before, I didn't want to. If I could give this Meganium the hardest sucking and the most intense tongue thrashing I've ever dished out, I wouldn't hesitate to do so. In fact, that's what I was trying to do now.

Brendan's breath was fast and deep, and audible to the microphones even over the sucking and slurping against Meganium's pussy and the panting and sighing of Meganium herself.
Meganium's vagina leaked fluid into Brendan's mouth. He sucked and licked so vigorously that he couldn't swallow it all, letting some drip down the sides of his lips and off his chin. The lips of her pussy quickly turned a darker shade of green, and even the normally white flesh inside her labia and inside her vagina started to turn a light lime.
"Meey!" Meganium cried. "Meeeey!"
Meganium dug her back feet and pressed her front end and neck harder into the floor. The lips of her pussy squeezed together and she had a bit more difficulty holding them apart with her vines. Brendan took no notice. He continued massaging his lips around Meganium's vagina, and pressed his tongue round and round against its walls, stimulating them to leak more.
"Meeeey!" Meganium cried one last time.
Meganium shuddered her shoulders and fluttered her mane of leaves. The fluid rushed out of Meganium's vagina, soaking her twat and dripping out the sides of her pussy lips. Brendan swallowed as much as he could but couldn't take the onslaught of fluids flowing out of Meganium's pussy. Much of it leaked out and dribbled off of his chin onto his knees and onto the furry rug.
"Meeey!" Meganium squealed as one last burst of juice squirted from her pussy into Brendan's mouth, and fell from his lips.
After showering Brendan's face with her cum, Meganium extended her vines further. Still holding her pussy lips apart, she let her vines fall behind Brendan's head and tightened them, holding his head against her cunt, making sure he didn't move it.

Holy shit she was messy! The juices exploded from Meganium's pussy and I could barely swallow a third or maybe even a quarter of them. Even now, after it's over, I'm finding it hard to imagine just how much cum she sprayed onto me. It drenched me in the smell of citrus maple and saturated my mouth with the taste of licorice, and I loved it.
It seemed as well that Meganium too was one of those who didn't suffer hypersensitivity post orgasm. I kept thinking she was going to try to push my mouth away from her pussy after cumming, but instead she just pulled it closer! I didn't mind. I could be like this all day. Eventually I would black out and lose consciousness of where I was and what I was doing. The thought didn't bother me.
But I still had the rest of the script to act out.

Brendan slid his hands out from the insides of Meganium's thighs and rubbed up and down the back of her legs, eliciting more tiny whimpers from Meganium. He reached back for the vines holding his face against her twat. Brendan still sucked at Meganium's pussy and swirled his tongue around inside it while he tried to pry her vines from behind his head. After so long, they loosened and let go of both Brendan's head and her own pussy lips, and retracted back beneath her leaves. Her labia closed around Brendan's tongue and had lightened several shades.
Brendan put his hands back on Meganium's legs and rubbed up and down again, digging his palms and fingers into her muscles. He continued trying to wriggle his tongue inside Meganium's pussy, but eventually resigned himself to licking up and down the slit that led to it. The strength of Meganium's labia wouldn't let him pry it open with his tongue alone.
Brendan took one last, long lick up the length of Meganium's slit. The cameras watched his tongue drag up the entire length from all angles before he sat back and breathed deeply with his eyes closed and his face covered in Meganium's cum, still dripping off his chin.
As Brendan recovered, Meganium stood up, turned around and licked his face with her fat tongue from his chin to his forehead, slurping all of her own cum off of his face and then smirking at him.
"Meey," Meganium vocalized.
Brendan opened his eyes and took one last deep breath. "You want to finish it?" he asked.
"Mey!" Meganium barked and nodded her head.
Meganium turned around twice to the left, and then twice to the right. She stood up on all four feet with her rear still facing him. Again she turned her neck and head to look at Brendan as he treated her. 
Brendan adjusted his prop glasses with his middle finger, which were about to fall off. He leaned back and stretched his arms to crack his sternum. He then grabbed the unopened jug of buttermilk, pulled off the seal and unscrewed the cap. He took both jugs in his hands and stood up. He approached Meganium's rear and rested his hips against her back legs. He then upended both jugs and poured the warm buttermilk all over Meganium's body, from her front shoulders, to her haunches and tail and down the backs of her legs. Meganium sighed and narrowed her eyes in response.
The previously open jug of buttermilk emptied, so Brendan threw it into the bathtub. He grabbed Meganium's tail with his freed hand and pulled it up. Meganium still watched Brendan as he poured the last of the buttermilk-two liters left-down Meganium's rear end where it flowed past her barely distinguishable ass hole and down the lips of her pussy, already swelling and darkening again. Brendan took a step back and poured the last half liter of buttermilk down his own chest, where it flowed down to his abs and past his belly button, eventually dripping down his cock and balls. The last bit of buttermilk he poured right on his cock and rubbed it all over with his free hand. The last jug now empty, he threw it too into the bath tub.
"Meeey," Meganium cooed in anticipation.
"Alright, I'm ready now," Brendan said.
"Mey!" Meganium trilled in response.
Brendan walked back up to Meganium, who rubbed her legs together to simulate her pussy again. Brendan helped by rubbing both his hands along the insides of her thighs, and eventually along her buttermilk soaked pussy. He rubbed his hands harder and harder against the outside of Meganium's pussy lips, sometimes reaching fingers inside to stroke the white flesh beneath. Meganium breathed harder in reaction.
Brendan at last wrapped one hand around his cock, throbbing once again, and thrust hard into Meganium's pussy. Brendan's cock was solid enough to pierce through the strength of Meganium's pussy lips and into her twat.
Brendan pulled his cock halfway out of Meganium's pussy, giving the cameras a view of buttermilk leaking out of Meganium's vagina and onto the rug, and slammed it back in. Meganium closed her eyes and snorted from the unexpected roughness.
"Me-ee-ee-ee-eey!" Meganium squealed as Brendan's hips repeatedly slapped against her back end.
Brendan proceeded to thrust into Meganium's cunt as hard as he could muster. Each time he did, the flesh of Brendan's torso smacked against the flesh of Meganium's back legs with the sound of leather striking leather. That, combined with the squelching of the buttermilk being squeezed between them and their privates provided the microphone above them with more than ample material for video.

Accommodating, yes she was. The script said she would be. But to be honest, she actually wasn't as loose as I thought she'd be. The walls of her vagina hugged my cock from all sides as I fucked her, not very hard, but still enough to make it worthwhile. Although at this point I would've fucked her and loved it even if I could barely feel her insides at all.
And again, I didn't know why I was being so rough with her compared to the Weavile. But she wasn't trying to stop me, and she wasn't protesting-at least I think she wasn't protesting-so I continued being rough.

The steadycam operator came in close and knelt down next to Meganium's rear end. He aimed his camera up, grabbing up close footage of Brendan's cock plowing through Meganium's twat. Buttermilk mixed with Meganium's own fluids were thrown out of her pussy in drops as Brendan's cock pulled half way out of her cunt and then slammed back in.
Meganium's pussy lips grew steadily darker as Brendan continued to pound his dick into her. She lifted her neck up and bent it backward. Her mane of leaves unflattened and spread out from her body. She twisted her back feet side to side against the rug, bunching it up.
"Meeey..." Meganium growled.
Brendan reached to the front of Meganium's back legs and wrapped his hands around them. He used the strength of his arms to shove his cock harder into Meganium's pussy. Meganium started panting fast as he did so. She then clamped her mouth shut and squealed under her breath as she shuddered her shoulders again.
Meganium came again in the so far short period of time. The standing cameras in the distance and the steadycam up close caught Meganium's pussy spray its fluid far more clearly now than in did when it sprayed into Brendan's mouth. With every time Brendan pulled his cock half out, the steadycam operator could see the white flesh inside Meganium's lips, and her pussy squeezing Brendan's cock while at the same time squirting its juice against his pelvis with a surprising force. With the force of Brendan's thrusts, Meganium's cum splashed in all different directions, completely soaking Brendan's pelvis and hips, and even his lower abs. Brendan continued thrusting into Meganium even as she came, desperate to drive every last drop of cum out of her pussy.

I had no idea this Meganium could cum so easily! But that only made it all the better for me, as it made my job not only easier, but more satisfying. Meganium's pussy showered me with cum for some odd seconds.
Did all female Meganium gush this hard when they came? If so, would they be in danger of dehydrating? Either of those thoughts came and went in flashes. All I could think about after they were gone was Meganium's amazingly soft, supple pussy, and about slamming it even harder.

Brendan continued to pump his cock inside Meganium's pussy, even after her cum shower died down to a drizzle. His dick, now sopping wet with Meganium's fluids, slid in and out of her vagina easier than it had before, and the fluids made the slapping of his hips into her legs even louder.
"Meeey," Meganium whined.
"Hold on... Meganium, I'm almost... there," Brendan wheezed through his breaths.
Brendan's thrusts into Meganium sped up, but just barely as he was already fucking her almost as fast as he could. Brendan squeezed his eyes shut and dug his fingers into the flesh of Meganium's legs. The squelching of the buttermilk and Meganium's cum soon overtook the slapping in volume. Soon afterward, Brendan's thrusts slowed down, but became more forceful. Brendan spurted his cum into Meganium's pussy. The same as before, he gave one long spray of his cock's slime, followed be three shorter spurts, and then a dribble for a period longer.
The cameras clearly saw Brendan's cum, thicker than the buttermilk, and a slightly different shade, leaking out of Meganium's pussy lips and trailing down her left leg. The steadycam operator followed the string thin trail of Brendan's cum as it is inched its way down toward her foot and finally stopped when there was no more force behind it.
Brendan pulled his quickly softening cock out of Meganium's pussy with one last squelch. The cameras saw the last of Brendan's cum, mixed with her own, fall out of her pussy as she did so.
"Mey!" Meganium yipped in delight at the sound.
Brendan fell backward and caught himself on his hands. He sat down and readjusted his prop glasses again, which again, were ready to fall off. Buttermilk soaked Brendan's legs, crotch, and hair. It dripped off him onto the equally soaked rug. The buttermilk also ran down Meganium's body, who was equally soaked.
Meganium turned around and laid down in front of Brendan. They stared into each other's eyes and each barely smiled. Meganium leaned her head toward Brendan and began licking the buttermilk off his chest and abs. Brendan giggled as she did so, and held her head, stroking it back and fourth, eliciting tony coos from her.
Meganium finished lapping the buttermilk from Brendan's body and brought her head back up to look in his eyes again.
"Meey..." she sighed.
Brendan took three deep breaths to allow himself to talk. "I guess I'm not going to give you a proper buttermilk bath then."
"Mey!" Meganium barked. 
Meganium released the vines from beneath her leaves and reached toward the bathtub. She grabbed two washcloths hanging off a slanted rack mounted on the wall and brought them to her. She then reached her vines back to her body with the washcloths and started rubbing the buttermilk that covered her deep into her skin with them.
Brendan stood up suddenly, wide eyed and jaw agape.
"You could've done that yourself?!" Brendan shouted.
"Meey!" Meganium vocalized while nodding her head.
"Son of a bitch!" Brendan shouted again.
"And cut!" the director said.
The steadycam operator turned his camera off, hoisted the steadycam over his shoulder, and walked out of the stage with it. The standing camera operators also toyed with the controls on their cameras, eventually turning them off and removing the hard drives from them, which they too carried away from the set.
The director/sound guy set his microphone pole down and walked onto the set toward Meganium and Brendan. They both looked at him.
"How the fuck did you do that?!" he asked.
"Do what?" Brendan asked as he shook his head. 
"That was only one take!" he shouted. "How the fuck were you able to do that in one take?!"
"I read the script fifteen times," Brendan answered.
"You read the script fifteen times? It's a six thousand word scene and you were given forty five minutes!"
"I'm a fast reader," Brendan mumbled while shrugging his shoulders.
"Unbelievable," The director said while shaking his head. "Coral's going to love you for sure. Grab a towel from the set and hit the showers, you've got another scene coming up in an hour and a half."
With that, the director turned and left the set.
Brendan stared out into the warehouse with a deadpan face and equally deadpan thoughts. Meganium approached him from behind and shoved her head into his left hand, forcing him to per her and eventually play with her antennae. When Meganium pulled her head back, Brendan brought his hand up to his face and sucked the buttermilk off his fingers that he'd picked up from her head.

I starred in two more scenes since the fuck-fest with Meganium. But neither of them involved sex. Some clerk walked up to me afterward and said there wasn't anything more to film me in that day, but that I still had to stay at PL Studios until closing time just due to bureaucratic consistency. Since then, there was only one thought on my mind.
There was no way. There was no way in hell. That's what I kept saying to myself. I loved it, and I couldn't get enough of it, and I had no qualms with admitting such things to myself, at least during the time. I don't think I've ever been hornier in my entire life than during that scene with the Meganium those four hours ago. I've never had sex messier, more intense, more immoral, or better in my entire life.
It wasn't me. I wasn't acting that way. I *don't* act that way. I couldn't have done those things, thought those things, with so much enthusiasm. Only Pokephiles do such things, and I'm not a Pokephile... or at least I think I'm not. The only reason I'm fucking Pokemon at all is because it's my job. But then why did I act like that?
It had to be the smell! Honey and mint, but there was more to it than that. The scent was only a convenient mask for the tranquilizer hiding within. I know damn well how that vapor she gave off affected me physically. It had to affect me mentally as well, there was no other explanation for what I did.
These same thoughts repeated themselves in my mind in an endless loop as I walked down the hallway toward wherever. I didn't know or care where I was going. These thoughts were only interrupted when I met up with a familiar face.

Brendan walked down an empty hallway at the PL Studios estate, once again looking down at the carpet, which here was blue with red dollar-esque accents and golden borders near the hardwood paneled walls. Brendan was back in the clothes he entered the Studio with, his original, now olive oil stained Hard Rock Tee shirt, and his digital camouflage cargo shorts.
"There you are!" a voice called.
Brendan looked up and blinked. There was no one there. He cocked his head to the side.

There I was? That's right, I was there. That part was true enough. But where was that voice coming from?

Brendan continued to stare blankly.
"Behind you!" the voice said again.

Behind me? What's behind me?

Brendan continued to stare blankly.
A hand grabbed Brendan from behind his shoulder and forcefully turned him around. Brendan came face to face, inches from Coral DuHart. He stepped back in surprise.

Oh, Coral! Coral was behind me. You are such a dumbass sometimes.

Coral dressed the same as she'd been when Brendan first walked into the Studios, in old jeans, an army jacket with the sleeves cut off, and a baseball cap that held her hair back. She held a manilla folder in her left hand stuffed with papers.
"Fantastic work you did with Meganium earlier," Coral said. "You're going to be a big star here at Pokemon Lover Studios, a big star. In the meantime, you've already got fanmail. And yes I know, nobody knows who you are yet, but people are just so damn excitable, you know what I mean. And now they're writing us, speculating who the new star's going to be now that the 'Bunneary Boy' ad's been taken out of all the papers. Anywho, that's why I'm here. This is all the paperwork needed to answer how we'll handle your future fanmail." Coral held up the manilla folder as she talked. "Whether you want to receive your fanmail at all, and if so, how much and what kind, will all be asked in these pages. Fill it out and drop it off at the front desk tomorrow morning."
Coral shoved the manilla folder against Brendan's chest and then turned and walked in the other direction. Brendan held the folder and watched as she turned the corner and left.
Once Brendan was out of sight, Coral stopped and looked to her right. A small oval mirror hung from the wall. She looked at her reflection.
"I sure as hell hope you can pull this off Lumina," Coral whispered.
Coral's reflection faded from the mirror. The two familiar almond shaped eyes with the glimmering blood red irises appeared in their place. The deep, feminine voice echoed through Coral's mind.
"Don't worry about a thing Coral," The voice said. "Meganium nearly pushed him over the edge as it is. It will now only take a nudge for him to become like us, and you know I'm not one for nudging."
"More like shoving with all your might," Coral replied.
The eyes faded and disappeared, and Coral's reflection reappeared in the mirror. She continued walking down the hall.
Elsewhere, Brendan continued walking down a different path in the same hall with his new manilla folder stuffed under his left arm. He still looked down as he walked.

Coral sure has a penchant for rambling. I wonder if she might have attention deficit disor... what the fuck?!

Brendan paid no attention to where he walked, and ran into something, knocking both him and it down on their butts. The manilla folder flew up into the air and the papers inside were thrown out, and were now fluttering down to the ground, removed from any order.
Brendan shook his head, as did whoever he ran into, and then they looked at each other.

Oh my god?! What is that thing? It's... beautiful. The eyes. They're so glossy I can see my own reflection in them. White, blood red, and sapphire blue, its whole body sparkled with colors like a spray of water in the sun, but it wasn't even bright in the hallway! It didn't seem possible. What was this thing? It was mesmerizing. I couldn't peel my eyes away.

The creature propped itself up on one baby blue arm that seemed more like a decorative ribbon that would flutter and flap in the wind. It held its head with its other arm. Few details could be seen through the blue, ribbon-like hair that partly obscured its face. Even its body was obscured behind a streaming organic ribbon that flowed down it like a gown.
It let go of its head, and its half open eyes opened completely to stare at Brendan. Brendan stared back in shock, unable to move or do anything else.

It has to be. There's no other explanation. The shape, the flowing... things. The colors. That was a Gardevoir, but not just any Gardevoir, a shiny Gardevoir! That must've been why it seemed to glow like that. I couldn't stop staring at its eyes. Why couldn't I stop?

The shiny Gardevoir looked up and caught the last falling paper in her hand. It dropped the paper and looked down, blushing a deep cherry red.
"I'm so sorry daddy!" a voice rang inside Brendan's skull. The voice was clearly female, high pitched, squeaky, and with just the slightest hint of slurred words. It sounded like the voice of a little girl.
The shiny Gardevoir dropped to her hands and knees and grabbed the end of Brendan's shorts.
"I'm so sorry daddy!" she spoke into Brendan's mind. "I'm so sorry for ruining your papers! I didn't mean to! I didn't want to! I swear-"
"It's okay," Brendan interrupted. "I can put them back."
The shiny Gardevoir looked back up into Brendan's eyes. Her brow furrowed and her eyes narrowed. Tears streamed down her cheeks. She tugged at Brendan's short legs and quivered her lip as if desperately pleading for forgiveness. Brendan put his hands over hers.
"Really, it's okay," Brendan whispered. "You didn't hurt me, and the papers weren't that important anyway."
"Really?" the shiny Gardevoir whimpered into Brendan's mind.
"Really, it's okay."
The shiny Gardevoir's mood changed just as suddenly as before. The tears stopped, and she closed her eyes and smiled. A second later, she wrapped her arms around Brendan and laid her head against his chest.
"Yaaay!" she squealed. "Thank you daddy!"
Brendan laid a hand on top of her head, and she barely pushed back against it.
"How are you talking to me?" Brendan asked.
The shiny Gardevoir released her grip on Brendan and sat beck up. She stared into Brendan's eyes for a moment before closing hers and smiling again.
"Telepathy," the shiny Gardevoir said. "All Gardevoir can do it. Or didn't you know that daddy?"
"Well, yeah I knew it, it's just that..." 
Brendan paused and stared at the shiny Gardevoir for a time. His mouth opened wider and wider as he did so. He shut his jaw and shook his head.
"What did you just call me?" Brendan asked.
The shiny Gardevoir threw herself against Brendan, nearly knocking him over. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and tucked her head beneath his.
"Daddy!" she squealed.
"Who are you?" Brendan asked.
The shiny Gardevoir again released her grip on Brendan and sat back up to look into his eyes.
"I'm sorry daddy," she said. "My name is Lumina."

Lumina?! I heard several people mention her name, but as soon as I said that Coral never told me who she was, they avoided the subject. This was Lumina! Her eyes were blood red and hypnotizing. They caught and split the light, even in this dim hallway, in ways no collideascope ever could. I couldn't look away from them. Why couldn't I look away?
And then, there was how she acted. Daddy? How could you possibly spoil a Pokemon so bad that she'd act like this to a complete stranger?

Months later.

[Brendan's thrusts into Meganium sped up but just barely as he was already fucking her almost as fast as he could. Brendan squeezed his eyes shut and dug his fingers into the flesh of Meganium's legs. The squelching of the buttermilk and Meganium's cum soon overtook the slapping in volume. Soon afterward, Brendan's thrust slowed down, but became more forceful. Brendan spurted his cum into Meganium's pussy. The same as before, he gave one long spray of his cock's slime, followed be three shorter spurts, and then a dribble for a period longer.
The cameras clearly saw Brendan's cum, thicker than the buttermilk, and a slightly different shade, leaking out of Meganium's pussy lips and trailing down her left leg. The steadycam operator followed the string thin trail of Brendan's cum as it is inched its way down toward her foot and finally stopped when there was no more force behind it.
Brendan pulled his quickly softening cock out of Meganium's pussy with one last squelch. The cameras saw the last of Brendan's cum, mixed with her own, fall out of her pussy as she did so.]

That was the scene on the twenty seven inch television set on the dresser at the far wall of the hotel room. The plain, rectangular room with whitewash walls and sky blue carpets wasn't much different from countless other hotel rooms all over the world. What was much different was what went on inside.
The PL Studios video playing on DVD wasn't the only act of Pokephilia on display in that room. Two others watched from the single, queen sized bed. One was a boy, roughly fourteen years old. He was wiry with green eyes and floppy bronze hair, but looked quite strong for someone his age and size. He wore only his socks, and his vision peaked up above the head of his partner. An open Pokedex on his ID page laying on the bed next to them gave his name as Kaden.
His partner was none other than Meganium's own pre-evolved form, Bayleef. But this Bayleef was different from others. She was smaller than the ordinary Bayleef, and wasn't colored like an ordinary Bayleef either. Instead of the usual light tan skin, hers was a deep gold. And the leaf on her head, along with the buds around her neck, were not green, but the same shade of Bronze as Kaden's hair.
"Baay!" Bayleef cried.
"Hang on Kyra," Kaden said. "It won't be long now."
Kaden and Kyra, trainer and Bayleef, were like a miniature reenactment of the video they both watched. Kaden sat on his knees behind Kyra, shoving his cock-of a surprising size considering his age-as deep into Kyra's pussy as he could. He thrust into her pussy fast as well, scaring up as much lube of Kyra could secrete from inside her twat, lube that now covered Kaden's cock and now slowly driped down to his scrotum.
"Holy shit Kyra!" Kaden gasped. "This is the best eighty bucks I've ever spent!"
"Baay!" Kyra the Bayleef cried again.
"My god, are you going to cum like that when you evolve into Meganium?"
"Baay! Bay-leef! Bay!" Kyra cried in response. Though the words were not there, Kaden knew she was trying to scream out 'yes! Yes I will!'.
"Well I'm going to cum now," Kaden said.
Kaden thrust his cock into Kyra's pussy faster. He grabbed Kyra's legs to steady his grip. He breathed in deep and threw his head back. Kaden's feet tightened and his toes curled inward. He clenched his teeth. Seconds later, Kaden shot a stream of hot cum into Kyra's waiting pussy.
"Baay!" Kyra cried one last time.
The feeling of Kaden's cum inside her sent Kyra over the edge. She splayed her legs out and stretched them as far as she could. She threw her own head back and her mouth open and panted as she cummed. The fluids dripped from Kyra's pussy, over Kaden's cock, and onto the blue and green plaid bedcovers. It wasn't anywhere near as much as the Meganium on the DVD has cummed, but it was still an appreciable amount.
Kaden took one huge deep breath and gasped on his exhale. He pulled his cock out of Kyra's pussy, crawled over beside her, and sat down.
Kyra leaned her head against Kaden, who wrapped an arm around it. They continued watching their movie.

[Meganium finished lapping the buttermilk from Brendan's body and brought her head bak up to look in his eyes again.
"Meey..." she sighed.
Brendan took three deep breaths to allow himself to talk. "I guess I'm not going to give you a proper buttermilk bath then."
"Mey!" Meganium barked. 
Meganium released the vines from beneath her leaves and reached toward the bathtub. She grabbed two washcloths hanging off a slanted rack mounted on the wall and brought them to her. She then reached her vines back to her body with the washcloths and started rubbing the buttermilk that covered her deep into her skin with them.
Brendan stood up suddenly, wide eyed and jaw agape.
"You could've done that yourself?!" Brendan shouted.
"Meey!" Meganium vocalized while nodding her head.
"Son of a bitch!" Brendan shouted again.]

Kaden giggled at the exchange on the video, prompting Kyra to glance up at him.
"I had no idea buttermilk could be so damn hot," Kaden whispered.
"Bay," Kyra vocalized in agreement.
"Do you really think it gives grass types softer skin?" Kaden asked.
Kyra looked up at Kaden and tilted her head to the side, but didn't say anything. Kaden looked back down at her.
"Why don't we find out?" Kaden asked.
"Bay!" Hyraf said while nodding her head and smiling.
"I'll go to the store then," Kaden said. "You stay here, and keep watching the Estate, and don't take your eyes off it for a moment."

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