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Pokemon Lover Studios by sigmaweapon


Story Notes:

First chapter is sexless. All following chapters will have sex.

Chapter 5

Author Notes: I'm back bitches! That's right, I got my hard drive recovered, and got back all of my passwords, my notes, my outlines, and my incomplete chapters! It's still hard to believe it took me two years to scrounge up the money to get this done, but I'm finally back, and this time I'm not getting locked out again because I have all my backed up files on DVD.
Oh, and if any of you are offended by my portrayal of a certain Irishman, I'm half Irish myself, and don't want to associate with anyone who can't point at themselves and laugh.

Story Notes: One of the things I intended to do from the beginning was describe how the genitals of all the various Pokemon Brendan has sex with are so much different from their human equivalents. Yes, this will include cocks when Brendan eventually gets into male/male scenes.
By the way, this chapter's guest appearance is from a contest fanfiction from quite a few years ago called Savior.

Disclaimer: I hold no claim of ownership of Pokemon or any related characters. I hold no claim to any form of monetary profit for this or any other Pokemon related story I would write. This fanfiction is strictly to be provided to the general public unconditionally and for free.

What was this thing I was looking at? What was this creature? I knew her name. I knew her species. But there had to be something more. I thought it was her eyes, bright blood red and catching the light the same way Sableye crystals do, so that they seem to glow. They stared at me with a kind of expression... I can't quite put a name to it, but it was intense whatever it was. But that wasn't it. She, this Lumina, did something to me. She did something to my body or mind, and now I couldn't stop myself from doing anything she wanted. The strangest part was... I enjoyed it. I loved the feeling of not being in control of my own actions, and instead just responding to this creature's whims. But what did she do to make me this way? Or did she do anything at all? Was it just her presence that did this to me? People have put many names to this feeling, but that I would feel it right now in front of a shiny Gardevoir?! The idea was stupid. That's why I knew she did something to me. That's right. She had to have done something to me! But whatever the hell it was, I wasn't complaining.
That's what I would tell myself after all this was over. I never thought of such things as they happened. I never think too deeply about what's happening as it happens. It's usually only after something's already happened that I realized what happened at all!
Now this Lumina was curled up in my lap with her head under my chin, calling me 'daddy' at every opportune moment. It made no sense. I'd never even met her before five minutes ago. But now my arms wrapped tightly around her and my head rested on hers. I'd be happy to just sit here like this for the rest of the day.
Lumina synchronized her breath with my own, breathing out while I breathed in and vice versa. I was almost ready to fall asleep like this, until.

Lumina, the shiny, sky blue Gardevoir opened her eyes. For a moment they were narrow and sharp, expressing a smooth, aggressive confidence. Lumina blinked and her eyes became wide, glossy, and upturned in a well-practiced sad Snubble look. She pulled her head from under Brendan's chin and slowly slid her ribbon-like hands up his waist and around his shoulders from behind.
Brendan blinked and lifted his head. He looked down at her with his brow furrowed and lips pursed in a mix of curiosity and confusion. Lumina's wide eyes stared right back. For several seconds, Lumina's eyes became more vivid in color, a very real phenomenon that gave the illusion that they glowed. Brendan reacted instantly. His expression softened until it fell into a blank stare. For a time he could only gaze into Lumina's eyes, devoid of any thought aside from doing anything she asked. But she asked nothing, so his mind faded.
Lumina laid her head back against Brendan's chest. She slid her hands from underneath Brendan's shoulders and back up his chest and around his neck. Brendan blinked and shook his head

What the fuck just happened? It wasn't shock or anything; it's just that... it's hard to remember the last minute or so. Lumina stared into my eyes, but for how long?

"Oh, daddy," Lumina spoke into Brendan's mind.
Brendan jittered. Lumina jumped back in a far more exaggerated response. She shot her eyes wide open and covered her mouth with her hands as she squeaked. She blushed slightly and then threw her head into her hands.
"I'm sorry daddy!" Lumina cried. She peaked back up at Brendan. "Are you alright?"
Brendan sighed and shook his head. "I'm fine. I was just... startled is aaiiee!"
Lumina closed her eyes and threw herself onto Brendan hard enough to send him falling back against the wall.
"Yaaay!" she squealed. "Daddy's alright!"
Brendan held his hands to his sides and looked down wide eyed and jaw agape. Lumina had already slid her hands down his chest and up underneath his shirt. She rubbed her hands up and down his obliques and rubbed her head up and down against his chest, scrunching up his shirt and slowly dragging it further and further up his torso. Already she'd exposed his belly button. Brendan started to squint in pain after so long of holding his arms up. He lowered them and set his palms flat against the carpet. He still stared at Lumina in shock and awe.
"You're so soft daddy," Lumina spoke into Brendan's mind. "Not like some of the other men here."

Shit! What is she doing to me?! And why? Dammit Lumina I just met you! Now this? You're treating me like... people normally don't treat people they've only just met. My heartbeat was slowly drowning out my thoughts.
I had to ask now, before I was too incoherent to think of such a thing later.

"Why are you calling me daddy?" Brendan whispered.
Lumina rolled her head up and rested her chin on Brendan's chest. She looked into his eyes with upturned, glossy eyes and a tiny smile. Her own eyes again briefly deepened in color. Brendan's eyes dilated and unfocused. He sighed until his lungs were tight. Lumina slid her right hand down to his bellybutton. She traced circles around Brendan's navel before sticking her finger inside and scratching his belly button, causing Brendan to gasp. She closed her eyes.
"Mommy and daddy," she spoke into Brendan's mind. "That's what I always call humans."

What did she say? It sounded like Pichu squeaks to me. I knew I'd remember later, as I always did, so I let the thought drift away. That finger in my bellybutton shot waves of hot and cold through my spine. Electricity ran through my fingers and toes and my chest filled with helium. My muscles turned to liquid and I lost all strength. It was like being stoned off your ass after just having woken up from doing exhaustive exercises in your sleep. I couldn't move. And once again, I didn't mind. How could anyone mind such a creature doing this to them?
Holy fuck what I wouldn't give right now if she'd just stick her tongue in there.

Lumina dug her finger harder into Brendan's belly button. Brendan stiffened his fingers and pressed his back into the dark-stained bamboo paneled wall. Lumina pressed against Brendan's chest and slid her head down while holding up his shirt with her free hand. She reached his belly button and exhaled hot breath across it. Brendan squeezed his eyes shut and shoved his feet back and forth against the carpet as if trying to push off it. Lumina opened her eyes and brought her head around. She didn't hesitate or tease; she immediately put her lips around Brendan's belly button and shoved her tongue into it as hard as she could.
Brendan breathed quick and shallow. His breath fluttered when Lumina jabbed her tongue into his bellybutton like a knife. He unconsciously laid his hands atop her head as she alternated quickly between sucking and tonguing his navel.

I was ... and she ... then there ... and after that ... this was ... and that was ... holy fuck!

Lumina's naval thrashing became more intense. She sucked harder, and tongued harder and faster. She swirled her tongue in circles around the inside of Brendan's naval before stabbing his belly button, and starting over. She let her thin, watery saliva pool inside Brendan's navel.
Brendan could do nothing but squeeze his eyes at the sensation and the knowledge of what was happening. His breath fluttered so hard he barely breathes at all, and became light headed. Brendan still tried to push his feet back against the carpet, but failed. He slowly slid down the wall until only his head still laid against it. His arms fell out to his sides. Lumina slid back the whole ways. She sat on her knees between Brendan's legs, bent over with her mouth enclosed around Brendan's navel.
Lumina finally relinquished. She pulled her lips off of Brendan's navel but kept her tongue inside, piercing into his belly button as long as possible until finally pulling it out.
Brendan gasped for air and opened his eyes. Lumina made sure he saw it. Brendan witnessed the Gardevoir bringing her head up from his navel with her tongue sticking out of her closed mouth and a string of saliva still linking it to his belly button. Lumina held still and looked back up at Brendan, holding her pose until the string finally broke. Lumina sat up, squinted, and smiled a tiny smile.
"Did daddy like that?" she spoke into Brendan's mind.

What the fuck was that? What happened? I couldn't focus. I couldn't think. I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. I couldn't see straight. I couldn't tell if I was upside down or right side up. How did she do that? How did she know? Her tongue was as thin, narrow, and papery as a Meowth's, but it felt like velvet. But the kind of force she could put into it. I doubt a Swampert's tongue could be much stronger. How the fuck did she know to do that?!
My cock! I only now noticed it. My cock was so hard and throbbed so bad that it ached. I'd have cummed right there if she just so much as brushed against it. But she wouldn't. She wanted to tease me. Of course at the time I didn't know it, not that I would know it anyway but, whatever!
But how did she know... oh my god.

Brendan stammered as he spoke. "How did, did you... why, why did you?"
Lumina cocked her head to one side, squinted, and smiled. "Because daddy wanted me to, of course."
Brendan scrambled to sit, but for a time only slipped his hands and feet across the carpet before he could push himself up against the wall. Lumina slinked toward Brendan on her hands and knees and crawled up his body until her legs wrapped around his waist, arms over his shoulders, and rested her chin on his neck as she stared with those wide eyes into Brendan's own.
"Wh-wh-wh-ho-ho-how d-d-did you know I w-w-wanted that?" Brendan stuttered.
Lumina narrowed her eyes and widened her smile. "Well, daddy was thinking it so loud it was hard not to hear."
"What the fuck?!" Brendan cried. "You read my mind?!"
Lumina leaped back and fell onto her butt, clenching her hands beneath her chin and averting her weeping gaze from Brendan. "Well, you didn't try to stop me, so I just thought you didn't mind. Did I do something wrong daddy?"
"Stop you?!" Brendan shouted. "I didn't even know you were doing it!"
Lumina cocked her head and squinted. "You didn't know? I thought everyone could tell when their mind was being scanned."

You're supposed to be able to tell when your mind is being read? What the hell's with that? If it was true, why couldn't I? Wait a second. Was it just me or did her voice sound deeper all the sudden?

Lumina suddenly sat up straight with eyes wide. A barely audible gasp escaped her mouth, as if something frightened her. She blinked and looked to the side for a moment before acting on the fear.
Lumina threw herself onto Brendan, wrapping her arms around his lower back and sobbing into his shirt with eyes shut tight.
"I'm sorry daddy!" she cried into Brendan's mind, again in her little girl voice. "Did I do anything wrong? Is there anything I can do to make it better? Please tell me daddy, I'll do anything it takes."
Brendan instinctively wrapped his arms around Lumina and laid his head on hers. He sighed in relief when she stopped sobbing with a sigh of her own, not knowing that Lumina's sigh was also of relief.
"No baby, you didn't do anything wrong," Brendan whispered in her ear. She shuddered in response, making him hold her tighter. "You didn't know, so you couldn't have done anything wrong. But from now on just ask me before reading my mind okay?"
"Okay daddy," Lumina squeaked back.

Baby? Why did I just call her that?

Brendan put his palms on the carpet and forced himself to sit up straighter. He looked down to his side. Lumina bent over on her knees and one hand, picking up papers with her other. Reaching side to side, she picked up more papers until they filled her right hand in a messy bundle. She sat back up between Brendan's legs and held the papers to him. She stared at the papers in her hand with her head cocked, as did Brendan.
"Oh, daddy," Lumina whimpered. "Your papers. I forgot all about them."
"Me too," Brendan replied.
Lumina turned her head down and to the side and blushed. She set the papers on the floor between them. She covered her face with her hands and fell into Brendan's chest. Immediately after hitting him, she grabbed his Hard Rock tee shirt and buried her face in it. Squeaks and sniffles escaped her nostrils into his chest.
"I forgot about your papers," Lumina whispered. "I made you spill your papers. I'm sorry daddy."
Brendan leaned forward and wrapped his arms around Lumina's shoulders. She shuddered.
"It's okay Lumina, I already told you," Brendan said.
"No it's not okay!" Lumina shouted into Brendan's mind. "They were important papers and I made you spill them!"
"They're not hard to put back together. The pages are numbered," Brendan assured her.

Why am I saying this? Why am I doing this? Once again she curled up on my lap while my arms wrapped around her and my head rested on hers. But I just couldn't stop. Of course with my head swimming-far beyond its usual dull wits-I couldn't have realized what Lumina was doing. It would've been unlikely that I would realize it anyway, but in my state then it was impossible. To wise people her sobs and pleads would sound like a little girl's whining seconds before she got distracted by the latest novelty and forgot what just made her so upset. Wiser people would be quick to think that it was all an act just to get me to indulge her.
I, of course, never considered either possibility until the truth would be rudely pointed out to me the next day. Not that I thought they were ridiculous claims, far from it. The thought simply never crossed my mind... and never would for that matter. The result? I was helpless. Whatever this creature's desire, no matter how absurd or indecent, I had to fulfill it. And with this shiny Gardevoir in my arms, I began to think the more indecent her desire, the better.
Everywhere her she touched me made my skin crawl... but somehow... in a good way.
Again, I didn't know it until someone else would tell me the next day, but it wasn't natural. Even the most devoted parents would refuse their childrens' most idiotic demands. Even when I would know, I wouldn't care. Like I said before, for some strange reason, I loved not being able to control my own actions.

Lumina pushed herself off Brendan's chest to sit up. She stared into Brendan's eyes with her own eyes narrowed and her cheeks blushing. Her ribbon like fingertips were place precariously on Brendan's nipples. Brendan tried uselessly to grab at the carpet in response, until Lumina slid her hands up around his shoulders again. Lumina leaned forward until her face was inches away from Brendan's
"So... it really is okay?" Lumina asked.
Brendan nodded. "It'll only take a few minutes to put them back in order."
Lumina closed her eyes and laid her head on Brendan's shoulder. She took a long breath and wrapped her arms further around Brendan's neck. She then scooted her knees forward and sat down on her side in Brendan's lap.
"I'm glad daddy," Lumina whispered.
Brendan sighed. He looked to his sides and then leaned forward. Lumina still clung to him as he reached one hand to his left to grab the manila folder and his other for the papers beneath Lumina. He shoved the papers into the folder and stood up. Lumina wrapped her legs around his hips, and her arms tighter around his shoulders, and clung to him. She furrowed her brow and pressed her head hard into Brendan's chest.
"Lumina," Brendan said. "What are you doing?"
"Don't go!" Lumina pleaded. "Stay here with me daddy! Just a while? Please?"
"What? Why?"
Lumina lifted her head and looked into his eyes, hereyes watering and upturned. Her bottom lip quivered and the grip of her arms weakened while the grip of her fingers strengthened. Brendan swallowed his spit looking at this, and then his mouth went dry. It happened again. Lumina's eyes turned a more vivid shade of red, and then returned to normal.
"You got so horny when I sucked on your belly button," Lumina spoke into Brendan's mind. "And that went and made me all horny. Can you stay and fuck me daddy? Please?"

An electrical surge went down my spine. For a moment I could almost swear my heart stopped. I nearly fell over, and I'm frankly amazed that my legs didn't buckle when she said that. Soon as she did, my mouth turned from a desert to a lake.
It wasn't just what she said, it was how she worded it. "Can you stay and fuck me daddy?" I suppose if the words were true they'd be creepy. But when it's just a term of endearment, holy fucking... I couldn't even think of how to describe it! I couldn't move my lips. I almost drooled before I could swallow again.

After a while of blank staring, Brendan managed to mutter, "S-Sure."
Lumina closed her eyes and squeaked. She threw her head against Brendan's chest and tightened her grip around him so hard that Brendan nearly winced in pain.
"Thank you daddy!" she squealed. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Lumina didn't give Brendan the opportunity to respond. She jumped off of him, grabbed his free hand, and hovered down the hall, dragging Brendan behind her. Brendan staggered and almost fell as she did. As soon as he regained his balance, Lumina pulled harder, causing him to have to run down the hall. His other arm flapped behind him, desperately trying to hold on to the manilla folder. Brendan squinted and grit his teeth through all of this. They passed several surprised people and one Swampert who yelped and recoiled in shock as they twisted and turned down hallways toward Lumina's destination. The color schemes changed from bamboo walls with blue and green carpets, to red and gold wallpapered walls with tan carpets, to orange wash walls with purple carpets.
Lumina stopped suddenly, causing Brendan to nearly fall forward as he desperately tried to stop without running into her. As soon as he regained his balance, Lumina threw herself against Brendan again, knocking him onto his ass with a hrmph on impact with her, and a grunt on impact with the floor. Lumina wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her legs wrapped around his waist, and laid her chin on his chest, looking up at him.
"We're here!" Lumina squeaked into Brendan's mind.

What the fuck? We're where? What the hell was going on? Did Lumina really think she could just grab any man and drag him anywhere to do anything she wanted with him? Actually... come to think of it, given where we were, she probably could.

Brendan closed his eyes and stretched out the muscles in his face, trying to regain his composure. He relaxed and opened his eyes, which he found looking into the shiny Gardevoir's wide open, wide awake, and very eager ones.
"Wha, whe, where's here?" Brendan asked, shaking his head.
"I live here daddy!" Lumina said, narrowing her eyes. "It's my apartmment. I've got a big bed, big bean bag chairs, and big shower! Whichever is your favorite, you're going to fuck me there until, well, I don't know, but until something."
"And just what makes you can just drag me here and tell me to do that?" Brendan said harshly.
Lumina squeezed Brendan a bit harder. "Because I know you won't say no."
"And what makes you think that?" Brendan asked.
Lumina lifted her head so she looked better at him. Her eyes turned down and glazed over. She unwrapped her right arm from Brendan's shoulder and lightly dragged a finger from the top of his forehead, down his nose, lips, and chin. Topping it off, she leaned forward and licked the nape of his neck. Brendan skipped a breath.
Lumina looked into Brendan's eyes and it happened again. Her eyes turned a more vivid shade of red, and then returned to normal.
She whispered into Brendan's mind, "because you're my daddy, and no daddy can ever resist his little girl."

For a moment my spine froze and all the hairs on my head turn into needles. Holy fuck Lumina! How do you do this to me? How did you know that... that I was your daddy, and you were my precious little girl? How did you know that... I have to give you everything you could ever want?
That's when I finally realized that I had no control over what I thought. In my haze I couldn't suspect that it was because of something Lumina did to me, not that I would suspect that anyway. Still, there was something so hot about having no control over my own thoughts. I wanted more of it! I wanted my mind to be limp doll waiting for someone, anyone, to take its strings and dance it around to whatever jingle they wanted. I wanted no trace of free will. I needed it.
Something snapped me out of my trance.

"Your place?" Brendan asked.
"Why are you confused?" Lumina asked, cocking her head to the side.
"You don't have a Pokeball?" Brendan asked back.
Lumina relaxed and let rested her cheek on Brendan's chest. "None of the Pokemon here have Pokeballs," she spoke into Brendan's mind.
Lumina suddenly unwrapped her legs from Brendan's hips and leaped up, pushing off his legs, to stand. She grabbed Brendan's hand with both arms and pulled him up before pulling him close to her.
"Come on!" she squeaked. "Let's go in already!"
Lumina grabbed the brass handle of the cherry-stained eight panel door and threw it open. She ran into the room, dragging Brendan behind her and barely giving him enough time or room to slam it shut with his foot. She flopped down onto her back on her bed and pulled Brendan on top of her.
Brendan looked up. Lumina's room was a studio apartment roughly eight by twelve meters. The room had a vibrant red motif from the floral red wallpaper to the dark stained cherry floors, to the red sheer-fabric curtains bordering the window and hung around a huge round bed with red satin sheets. The many bean bag chairs were also candy-apple red, and the coffee tables had pink-tinted glass tops. The entire far wall was a window, with a sliding glass door leading to a white railed balcony. Even the black-tiled bathroom had only glass walls, meaning anyone who cared to could see anything that went on in the apartment.

This looked like a studio you'd find at some super-luxury highrise in Delther's central district, except for the custom features for the exhibitionist, which was obvious even to me. Did all the Pokemon have such a rooms here? If so, was this the basic template, or were the rooms customized to their tastes? I couldn't finish the thought before...

Lumina closed her eyes and wrapped her ribbon-like hands around the back of Brendan's head. She pulled herself up to plant her lips on his. Brendan squeaked a confused sound and looked at Lumina with a furrowed brow. Unlike the Meganium or the Albino Weavile, Lumina stopped at that point, waiting for Brendan to make the kiss more lurid. She opened her eyes into slits.
"What are you waiting for Daddy?" Lumina said into Brendan's mind. She lightly scratched the back of his head to add urgency to the words.
Brendan sighed into Lumina's mouth, narrowed his eyes, and barely pressed his lips against hers. Lumina followed suit, barely pressing back. Brendan cocked his head to the side and touched the tip of his tongue to hers. She mimicked the behavior.

Lumina played 'follow the leader' with this kiss. I couldn't imagine why, and never would understand it, but it was too much for me to take. I couldn't just lock lips with this beautiful Pokemon and wait for her to make it slutty when I knew she never would. I had to do that myself, or else be driven insane with desire! I wasn't even thinking how wrong it was, or was at least perceived to be. It was just so... perfect.

Brendan tossed the manila folder onto the floor. Its papers spun halfway out but luckily didn't spill. Brendan pushed himself up with one hand and wrapped his other behind Lumina's head, pulling her face into his. Lumina followed suit, pulling Brendan's head harder against hers. Brendan kneaded Lumina's lips with his own. He shoved his tongue into her mouth, beneath her tongue while reaching toward its top until his tongue was on top of Lumina's reaching beneath. Lumina again mimicked this action until they both corkscrewed their tongues around each other's. To top the smuttiness, Brendan let himself drool into Lumina's mouth, and she eagerly swallowed his saliva. In turn she pushed her own saliva into Brendan's mouth with her tongue, which he swallowed just as eagerly. They went on for several minutes before they had to part due to difficulty breathing.
As Brendan pulled away, he rubbed his tongue along the bottom of Lumina's, trying to pull it out of her mouth, which she allowed him to do. A thick rope of their combined saliva still connected their hanging tongues until it broke from stretching, forcing them both to noisily slurp up and swallow their halves.
Lumina let her heed fall back and smiled while staring into space with half-open, unfocused eyes. She rubbed her legs together as if trying to relieve some cramp.
"That was great," Lumina sighed into Brendan's mind. "Daddy really knows how to make his little girl horny. It's so bad I can't stand it. Where do you want to fuck?"

The words! Again, they froze my spine turned my hair into needles. A moment later and I felt like I was in a scalding shower. Did I really turn her on that much? I had to fuck her now; I had no choice. What kind of monster would I be if I got my precious little girl so hot and bothered, and then just left her wanting? Did I just think the word 'shower' a moment ago? I can't remember, but that would be the perfect place.

"The shower," Brendan whispered into Lumina's ear. "There's just one problem."
"What is it?" Lumina asked.
"What if people are watching?"
"Then we'll just have to give them a good show now won't we."
Brendan sat up on his knees and Lumina wriggled from side to side, sliding her way out from under him. She swung her legs up and around, briefly giving Brendan a view beneath her gown, showing her pussy coated in oil and hot pink from excitement. But there was something else.

I chewed the side of my tongue at the briefest glimpse of Lumina's clearly aroused little cunt. But there was something to it more than what a human's pussy. I couldn't put my finger on it, but that pussy looked almost... flower-like? That was the only way I could describe it at a glance. I had to know what I saw.

Lumina swung her legs over the edge of the bed and stood. She walked slowly toward the bathroom's glass door, swinging her hips back and forth at Brendan, beckoning him to follow. She knew then he was under her control. She no longer needed to use her special move on him. She pushed open the glass door. With no handle or stop, it would simply swing open and shut in either direction. Lumina turned her upper body and looked at Brendan with half-closed eyes while her rear end still stuck out toward him. That was all the invitation he needed.
Brendan crawled to the edge of the bed and carefully stepped off. He peeled off his clothes one piece at a time until he stood in the doorway to the bathroom and peeled off his last sock, gripping it in the toes of his other foot.
Lumina turned two brass knobs on the wall looking suspiciously like tiny versions of sailboat steering wheels. Hot water sprayed from the three showerheads surrounding as the points of a triangle. They sprayed a fine, almost fog-like, mist. Her gown pulled itself tight around her body in response, revealing every shape about her as a body suit would. Brendan now clearly saw the outline of her ass. It was very small, fitting her rope-like frame, but perfectly shaped.
"Come here daddy," Lumina sighed into Brendan's mind.
Brendan shoulders slumped as his eyes dilated.

Lumina, you had me on a leash. For fuck's sake, make it tighter! Pull it harder! Choke me with it until I was too broken to disobey!

Lumina lowered her head in thought. Brendan was so engrossed in her that she no longer needed to use her power on him. But he was a most unusual specimen. He had actually loved that experience! He wanted more of it, even though he couldn't understand what it was, and scarcely that she did it. But he exerted a power on her too. He seemed to her much like a tiny, homeless Pokemon, begging her with his eyes to be taken home and cared for like an helpless infant. Perhaps, Lumina considered, that's what Coral immediately saw in him, and what she wanted for her audience. In spite of knowing this, what had been strictly business up until now, suddenly became personal. He wanted more of her power? He would get just that. She turned to face him. Yes, she would give him what he wanted
Brendan approached Lumina and stared into her eyes as his hands not quite consciously reached into her gown and slid up and down her white skin, eventually reaching behind to softly rub up and down her ass and thighs, which she thrust forward just a bit for. She wrapped her ribbon-like hands around the showerhead above her. Lumina's eyes widened and for a moment became more vivid in color. Brendan stared into those eyes and sighed, nearly falling over from them. He kept himself up by wrapping his arms around Lumina's waste and resting his chin on her shoulder.

For a moment my brain seemed to simply vanish and I acted only on reflex. After blinking, some basic motor-survival instinct returned, and its only goal was to cling to this shiny Gardevoir for dear life, not just to keep standing but to keep as much of my body touching hers as possible, as if somehow I would die if we broke contact.
I had only unconscious instinct then, and that instinct wasn't even mine! Some alien force injected it into me, replacing my own instincts and turning me into a drone whose very nature this creature dictated. Nothing could've felt better than that.
Unfortunately, a cry had to give me back control of my own mind.

"Don't tease me daddy," Lumina whined. "My cunt needs you so bad."

Anything for my precious little girl.

Brendan slowly knelt onto his knees and pulled Lumina toward him by her hips. He pulled her gown apart to see between her legs, barely thicker than anchor ropes, and each with three ribbon like toes to stand on. Lumina clung to the showerhead above her and lazily hung from it, barely weighing eighty pounds anyway, as Shiny Pokemon were always smaller than their common counterparts.
Brendan gazed at Lumina's fully exposed pussy for the first time. His eyes pulled back as he bit his lower lip. It was slitted like a human's, though something about it gave an almost rounded impression. It was the flower-like appearance, now fully exposed with hot pink petals and water trickling down it. Lumina's vagina was smaller than an average human's, but it could still accommodate a human cock.
Brendan wasted no time. He reached behind Lumina, grabbed her ass and pulled her hips forward as he shoved his face into her crotch. With his eyes squeezed shut, he wrapped his lips around Lumina's cunt and sucked as he swirled his tongue around her folds. Lumina's hanging legs lifted and rested on Brendan's shoulders as he did.

I slurped up the fluids that already coated the folds of Lumina's pussy, and hoped to scare up much more. Her pussy juice was slick as it should be, but thin like water, much unlike the oily drinks I nursed from Wealive and Meganium's cunts. Even more bizarre was that taste. It was like white zinfandel, only without the alcohol. No pussy in my mind should rightfully taste like that, but hers did. I wasn't complaining of course. Sweet, tart, and acidic: I had to have more.
Then I realized why Lumina's pussy looked so much like a flower. As I swirled my tongue round and round her folds, I found there were more then there should have been. This Gardevoir didn't have two labia like a human, but three! And it seemed they'd "bloom" when she was horny.
It seemed like a maze, making my way through those folds to try to find Lumina's clit. When I did, I was even more shocked. At first I didn't think it was a clit, but it had to be given that Lumina suddenly gasped and squeezed her legs tighter around my shoulders when I touched it. It stuck out almost an inch, but couldn't have been thicker than an eighth of an inch, except for that round bulb at the end twice as large. Again, it was just like a flower. Then the biggest surprise of all hit me. While I players with that stamen-like clit with my tongue, it played back.
It was moving on its own, rubbing against my tongue and teeth! The Gardevoir's fucking clit was prehensile! Something about that seemed so incredibly wrong. And something about that being so wrong felt so incredibly good. My spine chilled while every muscle in my body shuddered and burned. I tilted my head to the side and played with that clit with even more vigor, as much as I could think to give without hurting it. Lumina immediately responded, slowly but steadily dripping more of her zinfandel into my mouth.

Lumina tightened her grip on the showerhead above her, lifting herself another inch off the ground. Her eyes narrowed as her brow raised, and she began to pant as Brendan put more force into his oral fucking. The hot mist ran down the ribbons on her head and dripped down her body, as it did through Brendan's hair. This only made the experience better, and Lumina was glad that Brendan chose the shower for fornication.
Brendan pushed his lips past Lumina's outer and middle labia, and now sucked on her inner lips, a perfect bell shaped flap of flesh sprouting from the circumference of her vagina, from which her prehensile, antenna-like clit sprouted. As Brendan's greedy tongue tried to squeeze that clit, she would pull it from his grasp and scrape it against his front teeth, sending tingles down her vagina and up the centerline of her abs, and making her wriggle her ribbon-like toes. Human teeth were perfect scratching posts for Lumina's clit, not too sharp or dull, and that's why she loved fucking humans more than any other creature.
Lumina was content to silently-save her panting-hang from the showerhead until Brendan brought her to orgasm, which she suspected would come soon, but she had to keep in character, even if only for one line.
"Oh, daddy," Lumina moaned into Brendan's mind. "You're making my clitty so happy."
Brendan immediately responded by sighing into Lumina's cunt and wriggling her fingers over her ass. Lumina smiled, knowing with each passing moment he only became more mesmerized with her.
Lumina's eyes squeezed shut. That warm stream flowed up her legs and circulated through her chest. All three of her labs tightened involuntarily as her clit scratched itself faster and harder against Brendan's front teeth. That tingle spread to her gut and that wonderful itch in her clit steadily grew more intense. Lumina wrapped her hands still tighter around the showerhead, and her legs still tighter around Brendan's shoulders.
It happened. Lumina gasped and leaned her head back, letting the hot mist spray right onto it. Her three labia shivered in and around Brendan's mouth as the her clit seemed shocked by electricity, and the hot streams spread from it to the rest of her body, forcing her to tense her arms and legs, and to retract her now hypersensitive clit back into her vagina. Her pussy dripped its fluids from the pores of her labs like a soaked sponge. Brendan sucked them up tried to force his tongue into her tightly clenched vagina to reach the hypersensitive clit hiding from him. Its bulb retreated further into Lumina's vagina, but Brendan's tongue reached its base, which he rubbed as hard as he could.
The pressure was enough to further heighten her orgasm, forcing her to squeal through her tiny nostrils, but not enough to overburden her hypersensitive clit. It was another reason Lumina loved fucking humans; their tongues were just strong enough for this task, but no stronger.
As she squeaked through her mouth, Lumina cried into Brendan's mind. "Oh daddy! Daddy, I'm cumming! I'm cumming in your mouth! Don't swallow it Daddy! Keep it inside!"

My throat was parched, and Lumina's pussy just flooded my mouth with sweet zinfandel. Now she's telling me not to drink it? Why baby? Why would be so cruel to your daddy? But I can't say no to you. I can't ever say no to you. So I kept the watery, wine-like cum in my mouth where I swished it around to experience its fullest flavor. Please Lumina, whatever you're planning, hurry it up!

As Lumina's orgasm faded, she breathed deeper and slid her legs from Brendan's so she once again hanged from the showerhead. She let her hands slip and fell onto the black tile floor. She slid down onto her knees and stared into Brendan's eyes with her own eyes barely open and her mouth wide open with her tongue just hanging out.
"Kiss me daddy," Lumina sighed. "I want to drink half that cum myself, it just tastes so good. You can have the other half."

As you wish.

Brendan wrapped his hands gently as he could around the back of Lumina's neck and leaned forward with his head cocked and pressed his open mouth against hers. Lumina moaned into Brendan's mouth as he leaned her back and let her cum pour into mouth. Lumina swished and gargled it, before pushing Brendan back to let her cum pour back into his mouth where he swished and gargled it himself. They continued to swap Lumina's cum back and forth between them. Their mouths watered from the taste until the cum was so dilute with their combined saliva that it lost its incredible flavor. They both sat up straight and swallowed the solution of saliva and cum with their lips still locked.
Their tongues then immediately went to work, grasping and digging beneath and above each other, eventually corkscrewing around each other just as they had last time. After a minute, Lumina's hypersensitive clit stopped throbbing and its sensations dulled until it felt fresh again.
Lumina pulled out of the kiss and crossed her arms. She leaned against Brendan's chest and panted softly. Brendan immediately wrapped his hands around her and rested his chin on her head. By then, the steam made all the glass walls in the bathroom opaque.
"Oh daddy," Lumina spoke into Brendan's mind. "Oh daddy that was so good. You made my pussy feel so good." Lumina pushed away from Brendan and looked at him with glazed, upturned eyes. "But now my pussy wants more. Will daddy fuck me?"
"Of course!" Brendan answered. "I always have time to fuck my little girl."

Again, why did I just call her that? I know I thought it several times, but out loud?

Lumina threw herself at Brendan and wrapped her arms tightly around him in a bear hug. "Yay!" she squealed. "Daddy's gonna fuck me now!"
Lumina wasted no time. She slid down off Brendan and slinked up onto her hands and knees. She turned around and reached a hand back to pull her gown up over her rear end and turned around to look at Brendan's desperate expression at her now well exposed flower-like pussy and Y-shaped ass hole.
"I want daddy to fuck me in both holes," Lumina whispered. "Put you dick in my pussy, and your finger in my ass."

My back just did that cold thing and I shivered in spite of the hot shower. My mouth watered again looking at Lumina so eagerly showing off her assets to me. Again, I had no thought of how wrong others would call this, or how it could affect my career. I was absorbed in the moment, and nothing else existed. Of course I would fuck her in both holes! My cock was already twitching and growing just thinking about it.

Brendan's cock grew to full size as he crawled on his hands and knees toward Lumina. He planted his mouth on Lumina's flower-like pussy and briefly licked through its many folds again before dragging his tongue up to her ass hole and lapping at it several times like a Growlithe.
Lumina giggled into Brendan's mind and spoke. "Oh! Daddy's so naughty."

My mouth watered yet again as I sat back up, which was a good thing considering what Lumina wanted me to do.

Brendan brought his middle finger to his mouth and sucked on it. He coated it with as much thick saliva as he could while he leaned over Lumina to prevent the mist from washing it away when he took it out of his mouth. With his palm upturned, Brendan stuck the tip of his slicked finger to Lumina's ass hole and wormed it inside until he hilted it inside her. Lumina squeaked and slapped the tips of her toes against the floor.
Brendan sat all the way up on his knees and wrapped his free hand around Lumina's leg as his cock touched the tip of her pussy. Lumina's three labs contracted, almost seeming to be trying to pull Brendan's cock inside of her. Brendan leaned his head back and closed his eyes as the hot mist sprayed over his face. He grit his teeth as he pushed his cock slowly as he could into Lumina's cunt.

I remember reading somewhere that a Gardevoir's gown was actually a form of natural body armor. Looking at her body beneath it, I'll say that if she were human, Lumina would look like an anorexic near death. But somehow, with this body seemingly part human, part plant, and part alien, she appeared in perfect health. I'd be willing to bet that gown took up at least a third of her body weight.
Why am I getting distracted like this? I have my finger all the way inside her ass and my cock slowly pushing into her cunt. This is no time to start sounding like a nature documentary.
Lumina's pussy was tight... very tight. But it could still fit my cock. I'd have to be extra slow for a few minutes until she stretches enough to fully accommodate me. I read somewhere that the penises of male Gardevoir and Gallade were like thin ropes and tapered to a sharp point, and I can now see how this pussy was meant to fit around such a tool.
Dammit Brendan! Again with the documentary shit! You're supposed to be fucking your little girl right now! And holy shit her insides are hot! I read that a Gardevoir's natural body temperature is actually one hundred and four degrees Fahren... god fucking dammit, stop that! Just fucking fuck her for fuck's sake!
Now I'm curious. Just how many times can you say fuck in a single sentence?

"Daddy? You okay?" Lumina spoke into Brendan's mind.
Brendan shook his head and blinked. "Uh... yeah! Daddy's fine, he just got a little distracted."

Real smooth Brendan. Now you're going to have to make up for this.

Brendan had hilted his cock inside Lumina's sex as he finished his thought. Lumina repeatedly squeezed and relaxed around both Brendan's cock and finger. Brendan started hooking his finger back and forth inside Lumina's rectum, and she responded with tiny squeaks of approval. Brendan slowly pulled his cock half-way out of Lumina's vagina before pushing back in just as slowly. Lumina lifted her head and sighed in response. She pressed her prehensile antenna-like clit against his cock head as it passed.
Brendan stopped hooking his finger and began to thrust it in and out of Lumina's ass-hole while twisting his hand. Her ass was more accommodating to his finger than her vagina was to his cock, so his hand sped up much faster until his humping looked slow in comparison. Lumina sounded the occasional squeaky giggle when he hit some particularly tender spot in her rectum. Soon, he memorized those spots and pressed against them on every pass of his finger, causing Lumina pant once again.
The pores on Lumina's three labia seeped out their acidic juice, and Brendan's cock pushed it deep inside her as he slowly fucked her. He soon thoroughly lubed Lumina's cunt, which now started to relax and stretch for him. Brendan's slow fucking soon became quick humping, stretching Lumina even further, allowing him to thrust harder until his balls slapped against her as he thrust.
Brendan turned his working hand palm down so he could finger Lumina's ass faster. He pulled his finger out while he thrust his cock in, and vice-versa. Lumina's pants became steady squeaks and she tried to scratch at the tile floor with her fingers. Brendan grit his teeth and curled his toes as he continued to service the shiny Gardevoir.
A lubed middle finger slid in and out of Lumina's ass as a cock pistoned in and out of her lubed pussy. Both thrusted many times a second. Lumina tried wrapping her clit around Brendan's cockhead each time it thrust into her, only for it to slip off as he pulled away.
That familiar feeling welled up inside Lumina again: the wonderful itch in her cunt, the warm flow spreading through her extremities and chest, the tingling along the centerline of her abs. It wouldn't be long now. Lumina's squeaks turned to tiny moans and she arched her back and threw her head up. She let her tongue hang out of her mouth, though it was only for show, to further entice Brendan. The itch and warmth and tingle grew steadily stronger, making Lumina arch her back harder until her orgasm hit and her three labs shivered against Brendan's cock. Her clit from bulb to base exploded with electric pleasure and then retreated deep within her vagina as it became hypersensitive.
"Oh daddy!" Lumina squealed. "I'm cumming again!"
Lumina's three labia again drizzled acidic cum through their pores, soaking Brendan's cock and causing splashing sounds as he thrust in, and sucking sounds as he pulled out.
"Daddy!" Lumina screamed into Brendan's mind. "It's too much, pull out!"
"But I'm not done yet," Brendan said.
"You can finish in my ass."

Once again my spine chilled and I shivered in spite of the hot shower. Now that was a great idea! And thank you so much for suggesting it baby. I'll make sure to give that amazing ass a night to remember.

Brendan stopped thrusting his cock and finger, and for a time held still to catch his breath. After yawning, he slipped his finger out of Lumina's asshole with a tiny slurping sound. He slipped his cock out of her pussy with a far greater slurping sound that both he and Lumina giggled at.
Lumina's asshole was already partly lubed with Brendan's saliva, and as quickly as possible he plunged his cock inside it before the shower could wash its own lube off. Brendan sighed and his breath fluttered from the feeling of his cock inside Lumina's ass. It stretched so much wider, faster, and easier than her pussy did, yet the muscles in her colon squeezed his cock just as hard as her cunt muscles.
There was no need to build up Lumina's tolerance. Brendan grabbed both of Lumina's ass cheeks and pistoned his cock in and out of her as fast as he could. The sucking, splashing, and slurping sounds of sopping wet anal sex became so fast that neither of them could tell what movement made what sound any longer. Brendan kneaded Lumina's ass cheeks softly as he kept up his engine fast pace of anal fucking. Lumina moaned in a steady rhythm in response.

The feeling was coming quickly. The dull aching pleasure at the base of my cock deep inside my body started to build along with the sharp, shallow pleasure around ring of my cock head. Slowly they traveled toward the center of my cock while I felt the pressure in my urethra as if having to take a piss. Soon as the two pleasures touched in the middle, that would be it. I guessed I had another fifteen seconds.
I started to get a slight headache just beneath my occipital bone. That was nothing to worry about. It would be gone as soon as I finished cumming.

"I'm gonna cum," Brendan wheezed.
"Oh yes daddy!" Lumina squealed. "Cum inside my ass! Make me all gooey and sticky inside! That's what your little girl loves!"

God fucking dammit Lumina! How do you always know the hottest thing to say at every moment? Scrap fifteen seconds. The two pleasures jumped to mock speed and I was going to cum... right now!
Have I mentioned before how thankful I am to be one of the lucky few who didn't become hypersensitive after orgasm. As I squirted pump after pump of sticky cum into Lumina's rectum, I sped up my thrusts whereas most would slow down. Lumina gasped and sigh as I soaked her rectums hole with cum. I clenched my feet until they hurt.
That headache got a bit worse as I cummed, but was still mediocre at worst. My pumps turned to drizzles, and finally drips before my flow stopped entirely. I stopped thrusting and the headache disappeared in seconds. I stood still as my cock slowly softened.

Brendan pulled his quickly shrinking cock from Lumina's ass hole with a slurp. He huffed and wriggled his fingers as he saw a dribble of his cum leak from Lumina's asshole and wash down the drain by the hot mist.
Brendan leaned back against the wall and slid down until he could sit and stretch his legs forward. Lumina sat up on her knees, letting her gown fall back down over her legs. She bent back and sighed in relief as she stretched her arms to her sides and yawned. Lumina scooted backwards until she pressed against Brendan, and slid down his body until she sat between his legs and stretched her own legs forward, as he did. Brendan wrapped his arms around her as she looked up at him with narrow, glazed eyes and a well-practiced drunk smile.
"My ass is so goopy and sloppy and delicious," Lumina spoke into Brendan's mind. "Just like I like it. By the way, do you think I could read your memories?"
"Why?" Brendan asked.
Lumina shrugged. "Just curious."
Brendan nodded. "Sure."
Lumina reached up a hand and softly held Brendan's temple. Brendan grunted suddenly in confusion and shook his head. Lumina lowered her hand, and it was over.
"So that's what caused it," Lumina whispered.

What the hell just happened? For a moment an image flashed before my eyes. It was a baby boy with pasty white skin and platinum hair. He laid in a crib, dressed in only a diaper and black tee shirt sporting the words, "I can kick your baby's ass!"
That wasn't the strangest part. A Furret was in the crib with the baby, wrapped around it protectively and licking its head slowly while the boy clung to it for comfort. It wasn't my Furret. I know because she was born five years after I was. This Furret was also larger than mine, and had a bushier, shinier coat and deeper colored eyes. What was that image? Who was that baby, and that Furret? I wracked my brain for an answer, but couldn't come up with any.
Lumina once again brought me back to the here and now.

"I love you daddy," Lumina spoke into Brendan's mind.
Brendan sat speechless and dumbfounded for a few seconds before trying to come up with a response. "How many men have you said that too?"
Lumina shrugged again. "Hundreds, maybe more than a thousand, I don't know. I stopped counting long, long ago."
Brendan wrapped his arms tighter around Lumina and laid his cheek against her ribbon-like hair. He whispered in her ear, "I love you too baby."

I love you? Did I really say that? I did! Not only that, but I meant it. I meant it more than anything I've ever said before. I loved this Gardevoir, this Lumina, with all my heart. And that was only the beginning. I loved the Albino Weavile. I loved the Meganium. I loved my Furret. I loved all Pokemon, everywhere. My muscles turned to liquid at this realization, and no matter how hard I tried not to, I could only feel joy at this sensation.
Was it wrong? Would it destroy my career? Would my parents reject me? Would Flora? Would it harm my degree? At the moment I simply didn't care. It was just too beautiful and too perfect. I was an addict. I was a hopeless Pokephile. And I realized then that I always had been.
Lumina became limp and motionless. She must've fallen asleep in my arms.

Brendan softly kissed the top of Luminas head, and slowly and gently as possible, so not to wake her, stood up and laid her on her side in the shower with hot mist still spraying her.

I remembered my studies into Coral DuHart yesterday. Among other things, I apparently learned that the main mansion of PL Studios had decentralized water heating. The water would never grow cold, so it was good to simply leave Lumina to sleep in the hot shower.
I exited the shower, dried off, put my clothes back on, took my paperwork in the manila folder, and left PL Studios to contemplate my new life as a Pokephile, and what that could possibly mean for me and everyone I know.

With Brendan long gone, Lumina sat up and opened her eyes. She blinked and stretched her arms and back. She stood and reached an arm into her gown behind her and plunged a finger deep into her ass hole as she could. She sighed as she hooked and pulled her finger, digging Brendan's cum out of her rectum which the shower washed down the drain.
Lumina breathed deep and washed her hands beneath a shower head. She turned the wheel-like brass knobs, turning off the shower. The remaining water rolled off Lumina's satin-like skin and she dried quickly without the need for a towel.
Lumina's expression was alien by the standards of her time with Brendan. Her eyes were sharp and piercing, and her tiny smirk confident and commanding. Brendan was theirs; there was no doubting it now
Luminas body glowed until it became a silhouette of white light. With a brief, blinding flash, she disappeared.

Coral DuHart still dressed in her red Pokemon League baseball cap, pony tail hanging out the back, sleeveless army field jacket, and bluejeans. She sat in her drab yet incredibly organized office with its wall full of labeled filing cabinets, and the opposite wall a giant window.
Coral took her eye off an artisanal tripod telescope with brass highlights and rolled her black leather executive chair back to her desk. The telescope pointed straight into Lumina's apartment. Coral laced her fingers together and rested her chin on them, her elbows propped up on the desk. A blinding light flashed behind Coral, and Lumina stood behind her when it vanished. Coral squinted briefly at the flash.
Lumina stepped up beside Coral and opened the top-side drawer on her desk. Daintily, she opened the antique cigar box inside and took a Cuban and zippo from the box, flipped the lid down, and closed the drawer. Lumina bit off the end of the cigar, spat the bit into a marble ash tray on her desk, and lit up before dropping the zippo next to the ash tray.
"Why are you suddenly having a cigar?" Coral asked
Lumina puffed the cigar and held the sweet smoke in her mouth a few seconds before blowing it out. She looked at Coral and spoke into her mind. Lumina's voice was as different compared to her 'persona's', as was her expression. It was deep, smooth, very adult, and very much in-control. "That boy was the best fuck I've had in a long time. I just felt like treating myself."
"I couldn't see much through the steam, but I assume everything went textbook?" Coral asked.
Lumina took another puff of her cigar. "It went better than textbook. Brendan may very well become a more enthusiastic star than even Otis was. Although I did almost blow my cover after learning that he couldn't sense his mind being read, which until now I thought impossible."
Coral laughed. "If you'd known him beforehand, you'd have probably expected that out of him. Out of curiosity, did you use attract on him?"
Lumina took another puff of her cigar. "Several times, and I was truly surprised by his reaction. It seems as if our Mr. Hopkins has a mind control fetish."
Coral spun her chair to face Lumina with a cocked head and furrowed brow. "You mean, he likes being mind controlled?"
Lumina nodded and put out her mostly intact cigar in the ash tray. "I did a memory scan of him as well. Apparently I was wrong. Brendan was not born a Pokephile as I'd first thought. He was made one as baby when he believed that a Pokemon was his mother. Still though, it's just as good as if he were born that way. Possibly it's even better, since every Pokemon he fucks will remind him subconsciously of his mother comforting him as an infant."
"Well," Coral sighed in relief. "I'm glad that's taken care of. The only problem is, how will he react when he sees your true self?"
Lumina let her head fall. She sighed, pursed her lips, and furrowed her brow. "That's the one thing I'm afraid of Coral. He fell head over heels in love with me in that apartment, intensity the likes of which I've never sensed before. Moreover, he has this quality about him, like a sad, homeless Bunneary. He makes you want to nurture him. I'm actually ashamed of what I had to do."
Coral nodded, looked down and bit her lip. "You know it was necessary. He may be the only boy we'll ever find to play Jimmy Finn, and our customers have been waiting furiously for that character for the past eight years. But don't worry Lumina, you'll have another eight years to make it up to him, and I'm sure you can find many ways of doing so."
Lumina suddenly gasped and gripped her cushy chest horn in her hands so tightly that it hurt. Her breath fluttered and she gripped it even tighter, making herself weep from the pain. Her eyes widened and unfocused, and her jaw hung open. Corel backed her chair away and gripped its armrests tightly. She knew that reaction very well. Something had just frightened Lumina out of her wits.
"What is it?!" Coral shouted. "What's wrong?!"
"Brendan is in danger," Lumina whispered into Coral's mind.
"It's Cash. He's waiting for Brendan at the front gate." Lumina turned to Coral and lifted her arms, fingers outstretched, as if pleading to Coral. "I need to be there. I need to protect him."
"No," Coral snapped back. "I have a better idea."

I walked through the gardens of Pokemon Lover Studios, looking at all the Pokemon I passed by, smiling at them, my eyes beaming at them. I loved them, and I couldn't wait to show it. And I knew it was only matter of time before I did. My chest seemed to fill with helium just looking at them. I could almost feel myself already in their embraces or them in mine, depending on their size. My head floated somewhere above my body, and everything was right with the world.
The Pokemon themselves seemed to sense this about me, as they all seemed to look back at me in curiosity.

Brendan walked down the cobblestone path to the front gate of PL Studios. He dressed again in his camo cargo shorts and Hard Rock tee shirt.
A small oblong pond surrounded by well landscaped ferns, typha, and Asian maple held a water feature atop a pile of moss covered boulders. The water splashed from one boulder to another before falling into the pond. An Arbok sunbathed, coiled on the topmost rock. Brendan smiled at the Arbok, which lifted and tilted its head at him with narrowed eyes. The Arbok waved its giant forked tongue at Brendan, inciting a sigh from him.
A giant weeping willow stood in front of another small asymmetrical pond lined with round stones. Neatly cut grass surrounded the giant weeping willow, while curving flower beds surrounded the grass. A Breloom napped on the grass, laying against the weeping willow until Brendan passed and smiled at it. The Breloom looked up and smiled back, briefly locking eyes with Brendan.
A round sand pit lined by huge terracotta pots full of powerful aromatics like chamomile, eucalypts, lavender, rosemary, and wintergreen held a simple, backless and armless granite bench in its center. A familiar Kadabra sat cross-legged on the bench with her spoon behind her ear. She held a large, and very old looking leather bound book in one paw while regularly waving her other paw through the air to make the pages turn. Brendan smiled at her, and she looked back at him with one raised eyebrow for some time before returning to her book.
The cobblestone path widened until Brendan reached the wrought iron gate securing PL Studios. Someone must've been watching because the gate slid open automatically for Brendan, and closed behind him. He stood on the cobblestone driveway with his hands in his pockets, looking at the evening sky slowly turning orange. He stared for some time, unaware of the small, pale shape climbing along the wrought iron fence behind him, and climbing onto the branch of a gnarled, overhanging oak.
Something softly hit Brendan's right shin. He shrieked at a glass-breaking pitch and jumped almost a meter into the air. He came down and tumbled backward onto his ass, cringing and squinting in pain before scrambling back up and turning back to the gate in spite of being struck from the side.
"Arceus damned, ya startle like a bitch!" a strong Irish accent said.

Why does everyone keep saying that?

Brendan flinched and turned to his left. A short, pudgy, middle aged man stood before him with a cane in his right hand and an old wooden pipe in his left. His face was scruffy and his hair a jet black mess of curls beneath his green newsboy cap. He wore a suede jacket beneath a black polo shirt, a pair of worn bluejeans, and half laced work boots. The man glared and sneered at Brendan, who stepped back from the menacing look.

Who the fuck was this guy?

"Who the fuck are you?" Brendan asked.
"Who the fuck am I?" the Irish man said. "I'm fuckin Cash O'Callaghan, fuckin servant of fuckin Arceus is who the fuck I fuckin am, and a fuckin holy man to a fuckin piece a shit fucker like your sorry fucked up fuckin ass. Now fuckin watch your fuckin fucked up fuckin language around me ya fucked up fuckin fucker!"

Damn! And I thought I liked to cuss. I suppose now though I had the answer to just how many times you can say fuck in one sentence.
Wait a second... a servant of Arceus? Holy man? This guy's supposed to be clergy? How'd they let someone like him into the church?

Cash leaned onto his cane while taking a breath from his pipe. He waved the pipe around as he spoke. "Now that that's settled, let's get to bare bottom business shall we?"
Brendan took another step back. "What business?"
"The business of this new job ya got of course. I want ya to quit. Quit the job and go back to America before ya stink up Skandia even more than all the other farts hanging in the air round here. Do that, and swear off Pokepokin by blood-oath, and just maybe Arceus'll have it in his bones to forgive ya."

Ah! I see. I know his type. Idiot fanatics who think they know everything there is to know in all existence because they read it in a book written by a committee of gray flannel suits a thousand years ago, itself a thousand years later than the last confirmed human contact with Arceus, who said absolutely nothing of pokephilia at the time in spite of the fact that it was as rampant and normal back then as TV is today.
Wait, where exactly did this tangent exit at? I suddenly forgot the point I was trying to make.

Brendan stared into space above Cash's shoulder with a cocked head and unfocused eyes, trying to remember just what he thought. Cash grimaced, raised his eyebrows and sighed as he took another breath from his pipe. He looked at Brendan, who still stared into space and snorted while tapping his foot.
"I'm waitin for an answer kid," Cash said.
Brendan yelped and flinched at the interruption and shook his head at Cash. "Wha... what answer?"
"The answer to Arceus's second origin law, that no man can engage in coitus with a Pokemon."
Brendan put his hands in his pockets and bit his lower lip.

Abandon pokephilia? Suddenly the issue of its impact on my life became forefront again. I didn't think it was wrong. No, after the kind of joy I gave Lumina, I was sure it wasn't wrong. But once those videos get released, I'll have to spend the rest of my life dealing with people like him. Was it really worth it? Again I considered how it would affect my career.
Wait... why was this guy here anyway?

Brendan raised his head, "How did you know I'd be here?"
"That Bunneary boy ad in the paper finally disappeared yesterday," Cash said. "And you're the only fucknugget I've seen pass through this gate who fits the description."

Makes sense, I suppose.

"So what's your answer?" Cash asked, and waved his cane at PL Studios. "Are ya gonna swear off the venomous shit or not?"

Abandon pokephilia? Maybe yes, if only for my career. I'm not sure. But if yes, it wouldn't be for the church, or for him, or for any other douchebag like him for that matter.

Brendan approached Cash with his hands in his pockets and stood above the Irish priest. Brendan narrowed his eyes and sneered at Cash. Cash narrowed his eyes and sneered back, took a breath from his pipe, and blew the smoke into Brendan's face. Brendan struggled not to cough, especially since he didn't bring his inhaler with him. He felt his lungs tighten just a bit.
"My answer?" Brendan growled. "My answer is, go fuck yourself."
"Now that wasn't very nice!" Cash shouted.
Cash leaned on back his right foot and reared back his right arm with a tight fist. Brendan stood and stared, confused at this behavior.

What the hell was he doing? Tai Chi?

Cash came forward with a fist to Brendan's cheek. Blood sprayed from Brendan's nose and mouth as his body went limp like a ragdoll and spun a hundred and eighty degrees before he fell onto the cobblestone and his vision turned into a big light blur. The manila folder flew from his hand and its papers scattered across the dirty cobblestone.
Brendan groaned and reached a hand out toward imaginary lights as Cash limped toward him on his cane, raised it, and struck Brendan in the ribs, making him gasp and curl into a ball. As Cash raised his cane again, he didn't see the figure in the gnarled oak behind him, her eyes wide and weeping, her mouth hanging open, and visions of nightmares flashing through her brain. As Cash beat Brendan in the ribs again, making him cry out in pain, their secret watcher almost believed that cry was her own. For a moment she almost saw Cash wearing big brown overalls with a comically large red bowtie. For a moment she almost saw Cash holding not a cane, but a steel chain with its last few links glowing dull red from hours in the fire. When cash struck Brendan the third time, for an instant she felt the lashing and burning on her own body. Her pupils narrowed into slits, her claws unsheathed by reflex, and all conscious thought disappeared.
Cash raised his cane again when a butter and cream colored blur came from above and slammed him in his shoulder, knocking him down and slashing a claw across his chest.
"G'argh!" Cash screamed. "Ya fuckers'll pay for this! I'll... wait now... don't do anythin rash ya hear. I wasn't gonna kill him."
Brendan's vision faded to black and he fell unconscious.

Oh fuck, why did it hurt so bad? And what just happened? I remember this Irish guy, and I got into a fight. Or at least I think I did. Who won? And why did it start? I remember now. Something leaped at the guy in the middle of it, but everything after that was a blank. What was that thing? Why was I being held up by the arms? And why was everything all black?

"Can you open your eyes Brendan?" a female voice asked.

Open my eyes? My eyes were closed? ... Oh, that must be why everything is black.

Brendan slowly opened his eyes, blinking rapidly for almost a minute to clear his blurred vision. When he did, he looked around to see Coral holding up his left arm and Otis holding up his right. He pulled his arms from their grasp and wobbled before regaining his balance, only then noticing the blood still trickling from his nose and mouth.
"That's enough Weavile," Coral said. "Brendan is safe now."
Brendan looked forward to see Cash on his back, his cane, pipe, and newsboy cap to his sides. A familiar looking Weavile with cream fur and butter colored plooms stood on top of him, holding unsheathed claws to his throat while growling and snarling. She wore tinted swim goggles in the sunlight.

The albino Weavile! That must've been who saved me. Yes, I remember everything now.

The albino Weavile immediately turned and sprinted off of Cash toward Brendan, and jumped into his arms. Weavile wrapped her arms around Brendan's neck and gave a long, loving lick from his neck to his temple.
"Weavile," she whispered sadly into Brendan's ear.
Cash grabbed his newsboy cap and struggled to stand as he put it on. He put all his weight on his right leg and clutched his bleeding chest with both hands. He snarled at Brendan, Coral, and Otis, who all glared back calmly.
"I got what it takes now," Cash growled. "I can charge your company with assault and battery, possibly attempted murder. I can get your whole studio shut down, now that ya attacked me outside the gate."
"PL Studios property doesn't end at the gate," Coral said. "It ends at the street. You attacked my employee on my own property, so according to Skandia law, we all were in the right, including Weavile. In fact, we can charge you with assault and battery."
Weavile hugged Brendan tighter and snarled at Cash. Cash snarled back and squatted on his right foot, the other hanging limp on the ground, to grab his cane and stuff his pipe into his jacket pocket. He pained himself to stand and slowly backed away from the four who confronted him.
"Just ya wait Coral," Cash whispered. "This place'll be trashed soon enough. Ya can't escape the judgement of Arceus. No fuckin venomous shitbag can escape the judgement of Arceus. You'll see."
Cash limped away on his cane, still clutching his bleeding chest as Brendan, Coral, Otis, and Weavile watched in relief.
Coral turned toward Brendan, "How did he knock you out like that? He doesn't even hit very hard. Believe me, I know."
Brendan shrugged and stammered a series of uhs and ums before being able to speak. "I don't know. Who was that guy?"
"He's a pest is who he is," Otis answered. "And it sure as hell don't help that the villain I play on The Estate is based on him, or that Lumina broke his right kneecap after he attacked Coral in her own office."
"I'll call you a cab and fetch my Kadabra to use Recover on you," Coral said. "Oh, and I'll get you another copy of that paperwork, and your glasses to. You left them at Lumina's apartment. And don't worry about Cash. I don't think he'll bother you again after what just happened."

Months later

A two story motel with ugly and peeling sea green paint had gone out of business some time ago. The previous owner thought he could charge three hundred dollars a night for a five hundred square foot suite with a kitchenette just because it was across the street from Fort Lauderdale Beach. Even the Florida Hiltons and Marriots charged only two hundred a night for similar rooms, and they were on the upper floors! So it was no wonder the motel had to be sold.
The new owner was something of a wannabe philanthropist. He converted the motel to an apartment complex and charged just a hundred dollars a month, plus utilities, for residence, but only allowed college students with GPA's of at least 3.0 to stay. Drop below that and you were evicted.
This was never a problem for Zach, as he always got A's and B's in his classes. Though no one would call him honor student material, Zach had inherited his father's otherworldly talent for mechanics. He knew this, and took advantage by dually majoring in aquamechanics and welding. This was quite fortunate for him since Fort Lauderdale always had a long line of boat owners desperately seeking someone to repair their prides and joys. As a freelance boat handyman, Zach made enough money to pay for both his living and college expenses, and even a nice little used Honda scooter.
But all this was far from Zach's mind right now. It was Sunday, and he was not taking any jobs today because the new episode of Casting Calls had just arrived on Blue-Ray in a non-descript brown paper package from Pokemon Lover Studios in Skandia. They only released one episode a year, but it was always filled with four to five hours of nonstop amateur pokephiliac sex, with no stupid storyline or breathing room to take up space that properly belonged to sweet, sweet Pokemon fucking.
The Blue-Ray played on Zach's thirty two inch television that rested atop his faux oak dresser, along with his Blue-Ray player, Wii, and mess of tangled cords.

[ Brendan gave no sign of his conflicting thoughts. He let his fingers go from the albino Weavile's pussy lips and raised his mouth to the top of her twat. He stuck his tongue out and circled along the edge of Weavile's clit.
"Weaaavile!" she cried out.
Weavile brought her legs up and wrapped them around Brendan's shoulders. She arched her head back and her chest forward and kneaded her paws into Brendan's head.
Brendan brought his hand to Weavile's sex, rubbing his middle finger up and down her slit, brushing past her vagina, and quickly covering it with her fluid. Brendan rubbed Weavile's pussy faster and with shorter strokes. He then slowly worked his finger, twisting, into her hole. Almost immediately, Brendan's middle finger was thoroughly oiled. Weavile squeezed his finger so hard he had to push back to keep it inside her.
Brendan turned his finger upwards, hooked it, and began rapidly rubbing it across the top of Weavile's insides. Weavile's pussy responded immediately to coat Brendan's finger with even more fluids. At the same time, he closed his mouth over Weavile's clit and suckled hard, as if trying to suck milk from it.]

Zach sat nude atop his queen sized bed with its black and red checkerboard blankets scrunched up around him. His dark brown hair flopped messily over his viridian eyes, and it looked like he hadn't shaved for a few days.
The same sea green paint peeled from the inner walls as well, though at least the gray shag carpets were in good condition. Well worn as it was, the apartment was the perfect home for Zach, because he sat behind his beloved Zangoose Sally, with his les wrapped around her and his head resting on her shoulder. He'd saved her some years ago from an overzealous trainer, and she'd since saved him in a far less tangible way. Sally was taller, and a little slimmer, than the average Zangooze, while Zach was pretty short, making them the perfect size for each other.
They both watched the video, breathing heavily with half-open eyes. Zach's left arm wrapped around Sally's chest while his right rubbed circles around her crotch. His middle and ring fingers both hilted inside Sally's thoroughly oiled cunt, and quickly scratched her insides while she huffed zan at every exhale and pressed her paws against his hand. Zach wore quite a few cheap steel rings on his middle and ring fingers to heighten the experience for Sally, but the film made her want something different.
"Zangoose," Sally grunted.
Sally pulled Zach's hand from her sopping pussy. She scooted around on her butt to face Zach and gave him a sadistic smile. She fell backwards and let her head fall off the edge of the bed so she could still see hot boy-on-Weavile action atop the dresser. She pointed to the TV.
"Zangoose," Sally grunted.
"Yeah, I know what you want," Zach whispered.
Zach sat up on his knees and scooted backwards. He fell down onto his hands, gently laid down on his stomach, and lifted his feet into the air. Zach couldn't hold out for a moment on seeing Sally's furry, soaked cunt. He reached his hands forward and pulled open her pussy lips, exposing that coral pink vagina and its clearly not human, hoodless clit. Aside from being the size of a marble, it was both perfectly round and nearly as tough as one as well.
That's what Zach loved about it. He took Sally's clit between his back teeth and chewed it like a piece of leather, knowing it was too strong for him to hurt. Sally instantly responded by digging her foot claws into the blankets and pressing her paws against Zach's head. Her pussy quickly dripped its lube into Zach's mouth, tasting just like the juice from an extra rare steak. Zack's mouth watere'd as he sucked it up.
"Zan... goose," she huffed.
Sally arched her back slightly and fluttered her ears from Zach's oral pleasuring. As Zack continued to eat out her own pussy, Sally watched on TV as Brendan continued to eat out the albino Weavile's.

[ "Weaaavile..." Weavile squealed.
She let her head fall toward the camera and stared into it with her eyes half closed, her mouth open, and her tongue curled around her top teeth. The cameraman panned up to Weavile's face, capturing her expression for several seconds before panning back to Brendan simultaneously fingerfucking her pussy and sucking her clit.
"Weaaavile, vile, weaa!" she squealed again.
Weavile's breathing sped up, and her shoulders and feet tensed. Brendan sensed this. He suckled Weavile's clit harder and fingered her vagina faster. Her fluids now dripped from her pussy onto Brendan's chin and onto the sheets. She turned her head back toward the ceiling and squeezed her eyes shut.
Brendan continued the suckle Weavile's clit and rub his hooked finger back and forth across the insides of her vagina. Weavile's breathing sped up again, and her legs squeezed Brendan's shoulders harder.
"Weaaavile!" she squealed one last time, and pushed her crotch as hard into Brendan's face as she could.
Weavile sprayed her sap into Brendan's mouth and quickly reached a paw down to cover up her now hypersensitive clit, but allowing Brendan to continue fingering her pussy, which he now did softer and slower. She moved her hips in circles as he did so.
Brendan swished Weavile's fluids around in his mouth for several seconds before swallowing. He sat up on his knees and removed his finger from Weavile's insides. Seeing the flesh of Weavile's pussy again, it was now bright pink instead of pearl pink.
Weavile smiled at Brendan with half closed eyes.
"Weavile," she growled, as if thanking him.]

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