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Pokemon Lover Studios by sigmaweapon


Story Notes:

First chapter is sexless. All following chapters will have sex.

Chapter 6

Other notes I changed the name of the character Brendan plays after realizing I named him after a celebrity chef.
This chapter repeats several things from the first chapter. It also very briefly breaks the fourth wall to make fun of a mistake I made in the first chapter.
A single paragraph is meant to conjure an image from a particular Nicobay flash cartoon. Can any of you point out what it is in your reviews?
For everyone who reads and reviews this, I'd like you to read and review my contest winning story, Christie's Memories, as well. It ties in to Pokemon Lover Studios in the end.

I still floated on air by the time I reached my front door. I squinted with watering eyes, so my vision seemed a blur of vertical brushstrokes. I remembered all of the Pokemon to whom I gave my all to pleasure.
Albino Weavile, pleasure is your constitutional right, and there'll be hell to pay if you don't get it. Whatever your pussy wants, it takes, and no one or nothing will tell it, or you, otherwise. And you deserve no less after what you've been through. It nauseates me to think of any Pokemon tortured the way the clowns did to you. But even after all that, you still find enough empathy to leap to the defense and comfort of a helpless boy. Coral, you really did rescue her, didn't you?
Meganium, to you, pleasure is just a game, a present to be unwrapped, a bottle to be drunk. There's nothing more to life than that. Giving pleasure and receiving pleasure is all the same to you, and the more you share with the world, the better. Fidelity and jealousy don't exist in your world. After all, pleasure's just a game, a hobby, a leisure, and so is life. So few can take a life like that and actually make it work. You can, so don't give it up. Don't change. Don't ever change.
Azure blue Gardevoir, daddy's little girl, I understand you least of all. You're so submissive, so meek, and yet near you I become helpless but to obey your every whim, like I'm some sort of doll or servant. I say only what you want me to, do only what you want me to, yet you act as if that's your role. It makes no sense to me. Of course, tomorrow you'll tell me exactly what happened. And if I could, I'd kick my own ass for being too stupid not to see it. I'll learn the hard way that no other Pokemon is more dominant than you.
With thoughts and images and sounds of my lovers swirling through my head, still blind, I take my scratched card from my pocket and swipe it through the card slot. I react to my door's click without even hearing it. I walk inside, pull my shoes off with my heels, and empty my pockets onto the floor. Still blind, I walk down the hall, tracing my way toward my couch across from the TV by memory. I reach out for the remote and...

Brendan sounded something between a grunt and a cry of pain as a blurry object struck his chest and knocked him back onto his white leather couch. Brendan's glasses fell to his lap, and he heaved for breath as he clutched his Hard Rock tee shirt. He reacted more to the shock than the impact, so in seconds he breathed easy and relaxed his arms. Brendan huffed, shook his head, and looked down to the slightly blurred image of his brown and buff sock buddy with her face in his.
"Furrrret!" she trilled.
Brendan smiled and stroked both hands, one at a time, from Furret's ears to her haunches, digging his nails into her flesh as he reached her legs. Furret trilled, closed her eyes, and wriggled like a worm at Brendan's touch.
"Hey Furret," Brendan sighed.
Brendan swung his legs up onto the couch and laid down on it, with one arm behind his head. His glasses fell to the floor with a tiny clink. Furret spun around on Brendan's chest twice before slumping down on him with her nose to his chin, her arms buried beneath her body, and her tail gently slapping the cushions between his legs.
"You wanna smoke some weed?" Brendan asked.
"Furrrret!" Furret squealed as she stood up on Brendan's chest and wrapped her tail around the arm still stroking her.
Brendan reached toward the black, s-shaped coffee table next to the couch and felt around for his smoking apparatus. His hands dug through underwear catalogs, crawled across his four remotes to the television, satellite, stereo, and blue ray player, then retraced their steps. Brendan pursed his lips and furrowed his brow.
"Where the hell's the bong?" Brendan mumbled to himself.
"It wasn't a bong, it was a hookah."
"Yaugh!" Brendan shouted and leaped up from, and landed back on, the couch, throwing Furret between his legs.
"Furrr!" Furret shrieked as she rolled backward.
Brendan and Furret both shook their heads and sat up on the couch. They looked around until their gaze followed a short, redheaded girl with a slight potbelly, laughing at their startle. She wore dark jeans and a black hoodie-hood down-sporting the logo and members of some British hard rock band still touring in their seventies. She approached a white leather recliner, matching the couch, and fell into it with a huff. Brendan reached to the floor for his glasses, and Furret continued slapping her tail against the couch.
"What do you mean a hookah?" Brendan asked, after trying to put his glasses on upside down.
"Listen Hop," Flora said. "A bong has a tray on the bottom, and you the suck through a hole at the top. A hookah has a tray on top, and you suck through a hose on the bottom."

A hookah? All this time I was smoking pot from a hookah and calling it a bong? I thought they were all the same. Hell, I didn't even know what the word hookah meant until now. I mean, shit, even the narration called it a bong! But where is it?

"Well, where is it?" Brendan asked, finally putting on his glasses properly.
Furret silently sneaked up Brendan's body and curled around his head, resting her chin on his forehead, and stared at Flora.
"I sold it," Flora answered.
"You what?!" Brendan shouted, throwing his arms to the sides. "Ahh, fuck!"
Brendan winced in reaction to Furret grabbing his shoulders with her claws to keep from falling off him. Brendan sighed and brought his arms back to his sides, and furred retracted her claws.
"I sold it so I could buy you this," Flora said.
Flora dug a small device out of her hoodie's front pocket and tossed it to Brendan. He reached out to catch it, but it hit him in the glasses, knocking them to the floor again, and inciting Furret's laughter. With a groan, Brendan reached down and grabbed both his glasses and the device in one hand. He brought his hand up, put on his glasses, and gazed at the device, as did Furret.

This thing looked like a giant, cartoonish black syringe with grill vents on it, and a thick plastic straw instead of a needle.

"What is it?" Brendan asked.
"It's a vaporizer," Flora answered. "It runs on a nine-volt battery. You unscrew the bottom and stick your doobage inside. You just flick the switch, and it heats up just enough to get out all the good stuff, but not enough to make it smoke. I already stuffed it completely full, so give it a shot."
Brendan shrugged his shoulders and rolled the vaporizer in his hands until he found a small blue switch and pressed it up. Furret slinked back down Brendan's body and twisted around, settling her chest on his stomach and sniffing the vaporizer curiously.
"You wanna try it?" Brendan asked.
"Furr!" Furret trilled, nodding her head.
Brendan brought the straw to his lips and inhaled.

Flora was right. No smoke, but I still tasted the musty refers inside, almost like it was liquid washing through my mouth. That was a weird sensation, but way more pleasant than sucking smoke through a bong... err, hookah.

Brendan handed the vaporizer to furret, who held it like a bottle and sucked through the straw. She held the vapor inside for some seconds before exhaling with a soft 'furr'. Furret's eyelids fluttered and she wobbled about unsteady before falling limp onto Brendan's chest, with her eyes half closed and her tongue sticking out. She dropped the vaporizer, which fell onto Brendan's neck. Brendan took the vaporizer and took another brief suck before continuing to examine it in his hands.
"Be careful with that thing," Flora said. "It puts out twice as strong as the hookah did."

Did Flora just say something?

Brendan's eyes closed halfway as he absentmindedly dropped the vaporizer back onto his neck. He scratched just above Furret's tail, making her slap it faster against the couch and lick her lips rapidly. He slid his hand to her left haunch and scraped a clawed hand in circles around her outer thigh. Furret rolled to her side, pressing against Brendan's hand, and began to pant, sighing a tiny 'furr' every time Brendan's hand made a complete circle.
Flora giggled, "I told you that thing was strong. Shit Hop, you look like you're about to fingerbang your Furret!"
Brendan suddenly stopped and blinked. For a moment, goosebumps covered his arms and the hair on his neck stood up. He looked at Furret, who still lazed on his chest, flicking her ears and slapping her tail on the couch cushion. As if half asleep, she dragged her head upward to look at Brendan with lidded eyes.
"Furrr..." she sighed.

Furret didn't seem to hear that, and holy shit was I thankful! But I couldn't know for sure. Maybe she did hear it and just thought nothing of it, like the idea of me fingerfucking her was as casual as giving her a poffin. But, of course, that's just stupid and you know it. More likely she just didn't listen because she was so sto... shit I love those glossy black eyes. They make me want to fall aslee...

"Yaugh!" Brendan shouted and leaped up from the couch again, throwing Furret between his legs again.
"Furrr!" Furret shrieked as she rolled backward, again.
Brendan looked up, down, and across the walls and ceilings before finally seeing Flora sitting with her legs crossed in his chair, and staring at him with a concerned squint. Brendan stared back with wide eyes, not fully conscious of seeing her, or of Furret crawling back up his body and wrapping herself around his neck with her head resting on her tail, on his left shoulder, also looking at Flora.
"Hop?" Flora asked.
Brendan continued to stare, his eyes unfocused.
"Hop, I was just making a joke," Flora said. "You know, trying to laugh at your expense?"

Laugh at my expense? What did she say that would warrant that? A joke? I don't remember any joke. But I couldn't let her know that! Okay, come on Brendan, what are you supposed to do when someone makes fun of you? Think! Are you supposed to fingerbang your Furret? What? Where the fuck did that come from? Okay, never mind. Just think, what do you do when someone makes fun of you? ... order a pizza? ... kill time with non-Euclidean geometry? No wait! I got it!

Brendan sneered, grabbed the vaporizer that fell into his lap, reared his arm back, and threw it at Flora as hard as he could. Before Flora could react, the vaporizer struck her in the left breast.
"Aaauugghh!" Flora hollered as she brought her knees to her chest and bent her head down, clutching her left breast. "You fucking asshole! You hit me right in the nipple! Why the fuck did you do that?!"
The vaporizer fell between Flora's legs. Both Brendan and Furret stared with their heads cocked to the left, not fully understanding what just happened. Flora looked up and shot Brendan a narrow-eyed snarl. Brendan and Furret continued to stare, as if both unaware of her presence.
"Well, why'd you do that?" Flora asked.
"Uhhh... I forgot," Brendan answered.
This time, Flora stared at Brendan and Furret with a cocked head and no idea what just happened. She blinked in a startled response as Furret suddenly fell over into Brendan's lap in a laughing fit. Brendan looked down at her, confused, as she wagged her body side to side, giggling 'fur', repeatedly. Brendan stared at Furret with lidded eyes and a half-open mouth, as if not knowing what he looked at. After a minute, Furret's laughing became too much, and Brendan snorted giggles through his nose. Second after second he lost more control, until he fell onto his back with his watering eyes squeezed shut, laughing out loud as Furret continued to wag her body side to side on his chest, laughing with him. Then it all stopped. Brendan and Furret opened their eyes, and with matching movements and blinks, sat up, and looked at Flora, still and silent, for some time.
"I forgot why I did that," Brendan mumbled.
"Furrrret," Furret trilled at the same time.
Flora rolled her eyes and shook her head. She picked up the vaporizer from between her legs and brought it to her mouth for a brief suck, letting it out just as quick, knowing-unlike Brendan and Furret-just how strong the device was.
No one made a sound or move for some time. Then Flora took another brief suck, and quick exhale, from the vaporizer. She cocked her head and squinted at Brendan and Furret, who still stared, expressionless, at her. As if in anxiety, Flora started chewing her tongue and wriggling her fingers. She reached into her hoodie pocket and fumbled with a scrap of paper, feeling it between her fingers, but careful not to tear or crease it.
"I was wondering what happened yesterday at that porn studio," Flora said softly. "Because, I walked in the door an hour ago, or something like that, and I saw this check for forty grand on the floor-said it was for one scene. And porn stars make a hell of a lot of money, yeah, but not forty grand for one scene. What did they make you do?"
Brendan, not fully aware of Flora's or his own words, shrugged and said, "They made me fuck an albino Weavile."
"Fururururur!" Furret giggled, and rolled onto her back on Brendan's chest.
Brendan scratched Furret's chest, digging his nails hard into her flesh, making her wag her body back and forth and whimper through her nose. He began to close his eyes. Both Brendan and Furret yelped and jumped to sit up as Flora suddenly snorted and burst out laughing. She slid down on the chair until she nearly fell off, then groaned, grabbed the chair's arms, and dragged herself back up to sit.
"If you weren't so high right now, I'd almost wonder if you were telling the truth," Flora said, giggling.
"Wha... what? What are you talking about?" Brendan asked.
"Fucking an albino Weavile? You gotta be stoned off your ass to think of that one, Hop."
Brendan suddenly stopped breathing and shoved his hands between the couch cushions, grabbing their sides. He looked wide eyed and jaw clenched at Flora for a second before looking away and blinking.

What did she just say?! Fucking an albino Weavile?! How did she know that? Oh shit! Did I just say that out loud?! I don't remember saying it. I remember mumbling something and Furret giggling. You fucking goddamn piece of piece of Garbador-shit dickwad ass-mongrel! You said it, didn't you? You actually said it. You told your girlfriend that you fucked a Pokemon. Oh, now that's just fucking great. Congrats Brendan. Give yourself a big pat on the back and kick in the balls. With any luck, you've just ruined your relationship and let all of Phibes know you starred in Pokemon porn. I knew you would do this, I just didn't think you'd do it so soon.
Unless... Flora's words, 'you gotta be stoned off your ass to think of that one, Hop.' She thought it was a joke! Maybe you can still salvage the situation. But how?

Brendan still didn't breathe. He looked at the floor with unfocused eyes and gripped the sides of the couch cushion harder. His mind blacking out, Brendan's shoulders began to tremble. His face turned pale and his chest tightened. Furret turned toward Brendan and cooed 'furr's into his ears in concern. He paid no attention. After so long with empty lungs, Brendan gasped for breath, then panted.
Flora's eyes slowly narrowed as she leaned forward and clutched the vaporizer to her stomach. Brendan seemed to react in abject terror to her joke, and then lost himself in thought. Flora considered the possibilities, and realizing the truth made her eyes widen and her skin grow cold. Fumbling with the vaporizer, Flora eventually brought it to her lips and gave a very long suck she held in for ten seconds, despite knowing how potent it was.
Flora stood and tip-toed, nearly silent, toward Brendan. As she did, her feelings changed. Her breath hastened, her skin tingled, and her lungs lightened. Her eyes widened and her face sported something between a smile and a snarl. As she reached Brendan, Flora's realization, combined with the drug, made her breath flutter briefly.
"You didn't mean to say that, did you?" Flora asked. "That was true, wasn't it?"

Oh, now that's just fucking great! How the fuck am I going to get out of this one? I can't. It's not possible. Only one thing left, and that's to tell all and watch my life flush down the shitter.

Brendan relaxed, closed his eyes, and breathed deep. He nodded.
"That place, PL Studios. Do they make Pokemon porn?" Flora asked.
Brendan nodded.
"What was it like?" Flora asked.
Brendan furrowed his brow and turned toward Flora, barely able to sputter out a "huh?"
"What was it like?" Flora asked. "What was it like having sex with the Weavile?"
"Wha... what do you mean?"
Flora sat on the coffee table and tossed the vaporizer onto Brendan's lap. She leaned forward. Her blood grew hotter by the second. "Tell me what it was like to fuck a Pokemon! I want to know everything!"
"Furr?" Furret suddenly squeaked. She stood up straight and wrapped her tail around herself before hopping off of Brendan's lap to the other side of the couch.

She wants to what? Why would she want to know what it was like? Still, there was nothing left for me but to tell all and watch my life flush down the shitter. Or did I already think that? Either way, it bears repeating. Storytime! Weaving words into wonderful stories was one of the very few forms of cleverness I was actually capable of.

Brendan let himself fall onto the couch with a huff, and wriggled his body up until his head rested on its arm, and let one leg fall over the side. He closed his eyes and took a deep suck from the vaporizer. He tossed it to Flora.
"Her fur was the color of French vanilla ice cream, and her band of feathers like deep butter. They had her in this set of red drapes and a red bed. She was rubbing her snatch when I first saw her, staring at me with these beady eyes and this vicious smile full of razor sharp teeth. With just a look, you knew she was telling you, fuck me or there'll be hell to pay.
"She offered me her wet paw, and I licked it clean. She tasted like buttered scallops and smelled... not quite like patchouli, but something vaguely similar. After I licked her paw clean, I went down on that pussy, and that taste and smell was so much stronger there. It sort of made me black out. I mean I remember her pussy, how much rounder it was than a human's, and how much her lips stuck out at the bottom, almost like a little tongue. I don't know how hard I ate her out, but I know I was noisy and messy. And she had to love it because she whimpered the whole time and pushed down on me with these claws as long as my fingers.
"When she cummed, it was like she lit me on fire. And then I had to kiss her with her cum dripping out the sides of my mouth. She tried to suck my mouth dry when I did, but I wrestled against her tongue because I wanted to swallow at least some of that cum myself. I didn't get much, but it was enough.
"Then when she rode me, it was surreal. Her pussy muscles were so strong and agile. She could squeeze the blood out of my cockhead, never letting me orgasm until she knew she was about to. Then she loosened up and we both came at once. Meganium was like her polar opposite."
"They made you fuck a Meganium?!" Flora gasped.
"Yeah," Brendan whispered. High as he was, Brendan partially forgot he was talking to Flora, and imagined talking to himself. He kept whispering. "Weavile made sex dire and aggressive. But no one could ever be more carefree and heedless than Meganium during sex"

I knew memorizing the American Heritage Dictionary would come in handy for something!

"They covered her with olive oil so she glistened in the light. This smell wafted out of her leaves, like honey and mint. I think it was a tranquilizer of some kind. I was in this sort of trance when she sucked my cock, and I think she was too. And that tongue was thick and wide as a pancake. She could wrap the whole thing around my dick with room to spare. She sucked down my cum like it was nectar or something.
"And then I returned the favor. Her pussy was so simple compared to a human's, just a slit and a hole, with all sexual nerves lining the rim of that hole. It smelled like maple syrup, if it came from a citrus fruit, and tasted like licorice. It drove me insane, and I just chewed and sucked and tongued that pussy as hard as I could until it practically hosed me down and her cum dripped off my face and hair.
"I couldn't control myself anymore. I grabbed her legs and fucked that pussy so hard and fast it made my legs and ass burn. The whole time Meganium just sat there with this half-asleep look, sighing, off in some other world. It's like she wasn't even aware of me fucking her at all, just of the pleasure itself.
"And then Lumina..."
"Who?" Flora asked.
"Lumina, the shiny Gardevoir," Brendan answered.
"They had a Gardevoir?" Flora asked. "I thought Gardevoir smut was only in stories! I didn't think actual video of it existed."
"She was like a hyperactive, hypersensitive little girl," Brendan whispered. "She called me daddy. She called everyone that: mommy and daddy. To her, jumping on some random human and begging to be fucked wasn't any different from a little girl begging for a lollipop. Something about her was hypnotic, I don't know what. My little girl, I can't say no to you. Despite her attitude, she seemed to know every single trick in and out of the book, like she'd a doctorate in fucking or something. We fucked in the hot shower for so long, I can't even remember. She tasted like sweet zinfandel. When she told me she couldn't even count how many human's she'd had sex with, I don't know why, but it just made me love her even more."
"Hop?" Flora whispered.
"Yeah?" Brendan whispered back.
"You sound just like a pokephile."
"That's because I am a pokephile."
Brendan instantly snapped back to the present. He gasped and shot his eyes open, and threw himself up to sit.

What the fuck?! Did I just wake up? Was I asleep and talking in my mind, or did I actually say those things out loud? Flora! Did you hear me? Oh, god fucking dammit no! Flora, I just ruined your life, didn't I? Here I was, the boyfriend you always dreamed of, the one you never doubted for a moment, the one you couldn't get enough of. And now what did I do? I just gave you a narrative essay of how much I was a diseased, degenerate, Pokemon molester. Your dream boy is a freak, Flora. I'm so sorry.
My body became hollow. Someone took a vacuum and sucked out all my insides. It was like starvation, but worse.

Brendan turned and looked into Flora's eyes. His eyes widened and watered, and a quivering glower spread across his face. His hands trembled and his breath fluttered. His glasses, barely resting on the tip of his nose by then, fell to the floor. Brendan ignored them and kept staring into Flora's blurry eyes. He began to sweat.
Flora looked into Brendan's eyes with a similar aghast expression. She stared wide eyed and slack jawed. Her left fist clenched so tight it hurt, but she didn't notice the pain. She leaned forward so far that she was about to fall off the coffee table. She breathed deep and fast, like she'd just sprinted. But Flora felt something very different than Brendan.
"Prove it," Flora whispered.
"Prove what?" Brendan asked.
"Prove to me that you're a pokephile."
Brendan leaned back with and sneer and furrowed brow and shook his head in confusion. His eyes wandered down Flora's body.

Holy shit, was I really seeing that? Flora had her fly open and her right hand stuffed into her panties. Her middle and ring fingers dug hard into her snatch beneath. What was she doing? Why? We had an open relationship, and she took full advantage of it. Was it possible... was she actually turned on by the thought of dating a pokephile?

"How?" Brendan asked.
Flore briefly turned her head, and looked back at Brendan. "Fuck Furret," she whispered. "I wanna see you do it."

Oh my fucking god, yes! It did turn her on! She loved the thought of dating a pokephile! She wanted to watch me commit these delicious sacrilegious acts in front of her! My insides felt full again, and more. My mouth watered. My lungs lightened. That wonderful cool, crawling feeling soaked every muscle in my body. My eyes watered even more, but it felt good. Every feeling begged me: do it! Pleasure your Furret like your life depended on it. Suck her cunt and scratch her belly and make her squeal in joy. Kiss her and fingerfuck her until her tongue and her pussy goes raw. I would be so perfect. It would be so beautiful. Nothing in a thousand lifetimes could be more right and pure than that. Nothing could be more innocent.
Innocent? The fuck? Was that the pot making me think like that? Come to think of it, did the pot make Flora act like that? I don't know, but I looked down at the end of the couch and saw Furret wound up like a curly fry with her head buried in her crotch, eating her own pussy. I knew because she shivered. She always ran off to some corner to eat herself out when Flora and I talked sexually, and shivered when she did. I didn't want to scold her for it, but did all I could to ignore it. But I couldn't help but stare sometimes, and now I know why.
I leaned forward and fell onto my hands and knees. I crept toward the other end of the couch. Some force of longing pulled me toward Furret like a lasso, and somehow, I knew she wouldn't mind.

Brendan's head hovered above Furret, so absorbed in autocunningulus that she didn't even notice her master above her. Quick and nonchalant, Brendan pushed Furret's head up so she flipped onto her back, and instantly stuck his mouth on her cunt. He stabbed his tongue into her little hole and pushed up and down. He sealed his lips around her pussy and sucked. He raked the nails of both hands up and down her chest and belly.
Furret didn't startle or resist. She fell onto her back, passive, and closed her eyes when she felt her master's mouth on her little pussy. She almost seemed to expect it, and gently wrapped her tail around Brendan's neck. She cooed soft 'fur's as he tongued her, and squealed and arched her back as he sucked her. She trilled 'fururur's as he scratched her chest and belly. She panted with her tongue just sticking out at Brendan.
Flora gazed with glazed eyes and barely parted lips. She bit her tongue almost until it hurt, making her salivate. She slurped back her spit as she scooted down the coffee table and leaned toward her own private sex show. By that time, Flora had her jeans around her knees and her panties scrunched up around her thighs, fully exposing her crotch, with burgundy pubic hair trimmed to the nubs. Hardly able to comprehend what she saw, Flora gave up on thinking about the sight and dragged her nails across her insides, lightly oiling them, and making her pussy muscles tighten.

Furret... my Furret, with your bite sized little twat. Would you want me to rub my fingers against it? Would you want me to fingerfuck you until you've thoroughly oiled my pinky? If so, how much nastier would you want me to get with you? I'll get as nastier than you can possibly imagine, if you want it. Do you? You trill and whimper and squeal in pleasure. How long have you wanted this? Or is it just a pleasant surprise? Either way, I'll give you everything.
Eating out Furret was like sucking on a lollipop. My tongue pushed up a thick flap of flesh covering her snatch; a tiny pea of flesh poked out of its underside, her clit obviously. Beneath that flap was just a wet horizontal slit, a funnel pulling my tongue into its slick, rubbery length until it became too narrow for me to continue. Furret's pussy was a marvel of simplicity, not as simple as Meganium's, but I did like having two targets to go after at once. She didn't exactly smell nice, kind of like wet Growlithe, but twice as strong. But that taste so much more than made up for it, like something between steak juice and cherry Kool-Aid. I had to have more!
I grabbed that flap of flesh between my tongue and top teeth and rubbed circles around that tiny clit on its underside. Furret shivered and cooed and wriggled her tail around my neck, tickling it, when I did that. She got wetter, letting me lap up more of that fluid.

Flora bit her lip, leaning forward even further to watch her boyfriend in his semi-conscious-possibly pot induced-state, with his mouth on their mutual pet's pussy like it was a sucker. And he sucked hard. Her fore and middle fingers scratched inside her own pussy while her thumb scratched her clit through its hood.
Flora wondered how one thing led to another, and finally this. Was it the weed? She thought perhaps she'd wake up the next day disgusted and horrified at herself. She hoped so badly that she wouldn't, because her clit started getting raw, and her fluids started to drip from her pussy. She scratched herself harder, and stared more intently at Brendan giving oral sex to his giant mustelid. The light sucking sounds he made, and Furret licking all over her muzzle between squeaks, brought it on faster.
Flora clenched her feet, then her calves, quads, and finally her ass-cheeks, before that cold tingle went down her spine and emptied into her pussy as hot pleasure, filling her clit until it became too much, painful, and forced her to merely press her thumb against her hood. Flora gasped, but made no other sound, as she orgasmed. Though she didn't squirt, her pussy dripped like a faucet onto the coffee table. Her walls squeezed her scratching fingers as warm crawling sensations flowed up her back and neck, and her clit throbbed with aching pleasure. She whined through her nose for those few seconds until it all started to die down, leaving her with a raw pussy, shortness of breath, and tickling beneath the skin of her neck.
"Furrrr!" Furret squealed.
Furret bent backward like a bridge, supporting herself on her neck and haunches. She opened her watering eyes to slits, wanting to see her master when it all happened. Furret's breath hastened, and she squeaked with every exhale, not even able to get out a syllable of her name. Her tail unwrapped itself from Brendan's neck and swept to the left, hitting the couch's back cushion. She whipped it back and forth, audibly slapping both the couch and Brendan's neck. Brendan slid his hands apart and scratched Furret's sides.
Brendan had that thick flap of flesh covering her funnel in his mouth, past his teeth. He pressed it against the roof of his mouth with his tongue and rubbed that pea of flesh back and forth white he kept sucking. He slid his tongue out of his mouth, probing her sex, and pulled it back in, sucking her clit. It became too much.
"Furrrr!" Furret shrieked.
Furret's body trembled. Her clit became hypersensitive. Brendan's sucking became painful and she winced at the sensation. Furret curled forward and grabbed the flap of flesh above her funnel in her paws, trying to pry it from Brendan's mouth. Brendan let go and shoved his tongue as deep into Furret's pussy as he could. Furret squealed and wriggled and rewarded her master with a steady trickle of juice from her funnel. Brendan slurped it all up as Furret held her flap and rubbed her head against Brendan's cheek and neck. Her body shuddered in pulses from her orgasm, and died down until Brendan unlatched from her pussy and pulled his head back to crack his neck and sternum.
Furret fell back onto the couch, panting for breath, eyes still lidded, having no clue how any of what just happened, happened, but loving it, and cherishing the thought of it happening again. She'd been with Brendan for seven years. Every day he spent at least half an hour scratching her belly, gave her poffins, brushed her, and let her sleep curled next to him in his own bed. She loved Brendan. And even though she never expected him to pleasure her like this, she merely laid back and let him. She could eat herself out, yes, but that didn't compare to Brendan's massive, powerful tongue and vacuum like mouth-not to her at least.
Brendan crawled forward and touched his nose to Furret's. She opened her eyes a little more and sighed in pleasure at the sight of his eyes staring back.
"Did you like that Furret?" Brendan whispered.
Brendan's breath blew against Furret's face, and she inhaled. Furret suddenly gasped and shot her eyes open.
"Fur!" she squeaked.
Furret suddenly rolled forward, pushing Brendan's nose back. He sat up in confusion just before she stood and launched herself off her back legs and tackled Brendan onto the couch. Brendan huffed in shock from the impact, leaving his mouth wide open. All the better. Furret shoved her muzzle into Brendan's mouth, closed her eyes, and inhaled the wondrous scents that came from it. She stuck out her tongue and licked all around Brendan's mouth like a wild animal, across his roof, around his cheeks, and over his tongue.
As Flora giggled at the sight, Brendan shook his head and grabbed Furret's neck. He pulled her, grabbing, whining, and licking, out of his mouth and shut his lips tight. Furret wriggled out of Brendan's grasp and shoved her face into his again, licking his lips, still trying to get that tongue inside his mouth.

Furret! What the fuck are you doing? Have you gone insane? Why would you want to stick your head inside my mouth? Now I'm going to have to rinse out that fur, and it didn't feel good at all.
Furret stuck her paws on my mouth, trying to pry my lips open as she licked them. There was no way I was getting another mouthful of oily mustelid fur. Her tongue tried to pry its way between my lips. Why was she doing this?

Flora contained her laughter for a few seconds. "I don't know what the hell you're breath smells like after what you did today, but Furret loves it."

My breath? Why would Furret love my breath? And what did I do today? I could barely think as she kept trying to get inside my mouth. I got the shit beaten out of me like by some psycho Irish priest dressed like a 1920's barfly. I tried to grab a martini, only for the waiter to deny me, and I still can't understand why. I got a bunch of paperwork to fill out for how PL Studios treats my fanmail. None of that has anything to do with my breath, or explains Furret's behavior.
Thankfully, Furret gave up on trying to get into my mouth, and settled for licking all over my face as I turned my head to the side and tried to shield it with my hands. She still made it hard to think, but not as hard. What did you do today? You learned the difference between a bong and a hookah.
You got stoned off your ass from this new toy Flora bought you. Was is the pot? No, she's smelled pot on my breath before and never reacted to it. What do I smell like? The only thing left I can remember is Lumin... Lumina and Meganium! I smell like I just fucked a Gardevoir and a Meganium, that's what I smell like! From the instant she smelled my breath, she knew my mouth had been all over another two other Pokemon's pussies. She knew exactly what I did.
Suddenly I got the strangest feeling that I'd gone through that exact train of thought before. Even if I had, it didn't matter. What mattered was, why would Furret get so crazy-happy over me sucking other Pokemons' cunts. Why would she... unless... she liked it! No, Furret didn't like it; she loved it! She couldn't get enough of it. She smelled me pleasuring other Pokemon, and she wanted that smell on her!
If that were true, how much more does she want? Just how perverted is she? Oh god, I hope the answer is, 'more than I can imagine'. Furret. My body suddenly felt as if immersed in a warm bath. Furret knows what I do for a living now, and she just loves me all the more for it. It's so strange how Pokemon are like that. There's no jealousy or coveting, just sexual bliss. And whatever makes it better can only be good thing.
The licking stopped. I looked down at Furret snuggled between my body and left arm. Suddenly I became very confused. I remembered nothing leading to this sight. How long was I out of it?

Furret's head fell to the side, her face looking up at Brendan's with glazed and lidded eyes, and her tongue sticking out. Her tail slapped alternately against the couch cushion and Brendan's leg. The sight that confused Brendan though, was his forearm reaching over Furret's crotch, and his middle finger buried in her funnel to its second knuckle, pushing in and out, and making the slightest squicking noises as it did.
Furret panted, quick and shallow, squeaking on every exhale.
"You really are a pokephile."

Wha? Where did that whisper come from?

Brendan blinked and shook his head. He turned his head to look at the couch, and then to the other side. Flora sat on the coffee table, leaning toward Brendan. Her jeans and panties were on the floor, exposing her slightly chubby, shaved legs and wet, puffed up cunt with its wavy inner lips pushing out. Flora still had one middle finger buried inside her sex. She leaned against her other arm, its palm on the coffee table with her fingers curled over the end. Brendan looked into Flora's eyes and saw her whites almost completely red from THC. She stared at the scene before her, licking her lips.
"How long," Flora whispered. "How long have you been a pokephile?"
"I don't know," Brendan whispered back. "I think since always, but I just found out today. What about you? I mean, you wanted to see this so bad."
"I don't know," Flora answered. "I mean, I don't think so. Maybe I'm just a really, really fucked up voyeur." Flora giggled the last few words. "Or maybe it's just the vaporizer. I just hope I don't hate myself in the morning."
"Well, if it's the sooner, maybe you can come to work tomorrow and see what I do."
"Sure. But right now, there's one last exhibition I want to see."
Flora leaned forward further until she started to fall, but caught herself on the edge of the couch. Furret, oblivious to the previous conversation, suddenly perked her head up and watched Flora settle down on her knees and scoot left. She hovered over Brendan's digital camo shorts and cocked her head, squinting, forgetting for a moment what she intended. She shut her eyes and remembered, and laughed out loud. The laugh became contagious, and soon Brendan and Furret snorted to keep from laughing themselves. It ended as soon as it begun.
Flora reached toward Brendan's zipper. For a minute she pushedg his fly back and forth, lost in amusement at the tiny swiveling piece of metal. She huffed and forced herself back to the present. Flora pulled the zipper down and then clumsily unlooped the snap on Brendan's shorts. She pried his fly apart and pulled his underwear down just passed his balls. Brendan's cock stood up straight, so hard it nearly pulsed. Flora grinned and glanced back at Furret, who also looked at Brendan's cock.
Her other hand still holding it, Flora gave Furret the vaporizer. Furret held it in both paws and closed her eyes as she sucked through the straw. She immediately exhaled though her nose to get a second suck, before dropping it on the floor and falling onto her chest with her tongue hanging out the side of her muzzle.
Flora leaned toward Furret. "You want Hop's cum?"
Furret sniffed sharply and looked at Flora with watering eyes and a quivering jaw. "Furret..." she sighed, and nodded.
Flora nodded back and went down, taking the first three of Brendan's six inches into her mouth and sucking his head hard between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. Brendan gasped and looked down at Flora.

My cock! All this time and I didn't even notice how hard it was, how much it ached and throbbed and screamed at me in need. What was Flora planning? I heard her talking to Furret a moment ago, but didn't pay any attention. Now that it was in Flora's mouth, and I finally realized how badly it needed release, I knew I couldn't last long.

Brendan narrowed his eyes and tensed his calves and shoulders. "I won't make it ten seconds like that, Flora."
Flora lifted her head from Brendan's cock and smirked at him, "That's the point, since this isn't for me. Just say when."

This wasn't for her? Why wouldn't it be if she was blowing me? With my head swimming so deep, I couldn't even keep my focus on that thought, much less bring it to any conclusion.

Flora stuck her mouth back on Brendan's cock and continued sucking. She rubbed her tongue in circles beneath his head while pressing it against the roof of her mouth, sucking up the sweet drops of pre-cum that gathered on his hole.
Brendan grit his teeth slightly and wriggled his feet. After a few seconds, he shouted "when!"
Flora immediately lifted her head from Brendan's cock and grabbed it in a hand. She pumped his shaft, covered in her spit. Such a lube would last only seconds, but that's all she needed. Brendan folded his knees, resting one calf on the couch back and leaving one hanging off the edge. Then his eyes widened, his breath stopped, and he gasped at what he heard.
"Come and get it Furret," Flora said in a sultry whisper.
"Furret!" Furret squeaked.
Furret curled her tail and haunches over her head and threw them forward, rolling herself onto her stomach with her nose just touching the base of Brendan's cock, and her chin resting on his scrotum. Flora pulled his shaft down. Furret closed her eyes and wrapped her mouth around its head, and Flora still pumped it's base with her thumb and forefinger.
The sight instantly sent Brendan over the edge. Crawling warmth spread through his arms and legs, and he groaned through his nose as the pleasure and pressure flooded his cock. Furret squeaked through her nose as a string of hot, thick cum squirted into her mouth. Feeling as if she were in freefall, Furret swallowed as much of Brendan's cum as she could before another squirt invaded her muzzle. By the third squirt, she could no longer fit the liquid inside her mouth and it dripped down the sides of her muzzle, onto Brendan's shorts. A fourth squirt turned the drip into a gush. Brendan's cock finally started to die down, and his cum emptied into Furret's mouth as a drizzle, and eventually had to be pushed out by Flora's hand. Furret swallowed as much of Brendan's cum as she could, and it made her mouth water.
Furret pulled her mouth off of Brendan's cock-head and looked up at him with half closed eyes. She grabbed Brendan's jeans in her paws and gave him a tired, tepid smile with gobs of his cum still hanging from either side of her chin. Her tail fluttered softly, as if cloth drifting in a breeze.
Flora looked back at Brendan and her smirk turned into a glower. She sat up straight and stared and Brendan with a cocked head and breath hastened in concern. Brendan stared at Furret with a furrowed brow and barely visible grimace.
"Hop?" Flora said. "You're crying."
Brendan lowered his head into a hand and wiped away his tear trails with his thumb and middle finger. He sobbed into his hand for a second before looking back and Furret and smiling. "It's just so beautiful," he whispered.
Brendan reached a finger to Furret, wiped up the cum hanging from her chin and held it to her face. Furret grabbed his hand and sucked it all off, swallowing it, before looking back at him with the same tepid, tired smile.
"You are so totally fucking wasted up right now," Flora mumbled.
With that, Brendan, Flora, and Furret burst into uncontrollable laughter. Brendan and Furret fell onto their backs on the couch while Flora fell forward and hit her head on the couch cushion between them. All three kept laughing until they heaved for breath and had to force themselves to stop. Flora lifted her head and looked back and forth at Brendan and Furret huffing. Brendan suddenly held his breath, blinked, and furrowed his brow.

That image came back to me suddenly. A Furret, larger, darker, and glossier than my own, wrapped itself around a baby in a crib who wore a black tee shirt sporting the phrase 'I can kick your baby's ass!'. The Furret brought its tail round to the baby's front side, who clutched it and sucked on its tip for comfort as if it were a stuffed doll. The Furret licked the baby's blonde hair, inciting him to eventually fall asleep.
I first saw that image when Lumina touched my head after asking to read my memories. Was that a memory of mine? If so, it was extremely vague. It seemed more like a still photo, with everything passed the crib a big light blur.

"What was that?" Flora asked.
Brendan shook his head. "I saw something, but I don't know what it was. Maybe my parents would know. I'll have to ask them."

Ask them, yeah. That'll get one issue out of the way. But there's still another, and that one won't be solved so easily. Even if it wasn't just the giggle weed, and Flora really was did love dating a pokephile, this issue was out of her control.

"Hey Flora?" Brendan said
"Yeah Hop?" Flora replied.
Neither of them spoke for a time. Furret crawled up on top of Brendan and laid on her chest between his body and arm, her head resting sideways on his neck. Brendan stroked Furret from her heat to the base of her tail, making her lick her muzzle.
Brendan's voice hushed and took on a melancholy tone. "You said a few days ago that you'd hire me as a Sylph Co. engineer once you made VP. And maybe if being a pokephile was just between you and me, that wouldn't matter, but do you think you could hire an ex Pokemon porn star? I mean, not that you'd mind, but thinking about what would happen to the company and to you, would you be able to?"
Flora's voice also became hushed and melancholy, "I don't know Hop. I really don't. I mean I'd love to hire you, but... I just don't know. I figure there's got to be some sort of alternative out there somewhere. Maybe you could become an entrepreneur or something, go into business for yourself."

Become an entrepreneur? Go into business for myself? If I were to do that, I'd have to find something fantastic to invent, something no household could do without, something that would change the world. Like Edison with the vacuum light bulb, or Tesla with AC current, I'd have to create something that would become a mainstay of life and living. But what? What could I create that would be so revolutionary and essential?

"I just came up with the awesomest idea," Brendan whispered.
"What's that?" Flora asked.
"Chocolate nachos!"
Brendan, Furret, and Flora all stared into space with furrowed brows and pursed lips as if trying to comprehend or remember what was just said. Suddenly, and again, they all burst into uncontrollable laughter.

It was eleven at night, which meant it was nine in the morning back in Seattle. That meant it was the perfect time to call my parents and ask them about that weird vision I had. It had been four hours since we got stoned off our asses, so I was getting sober-not completely sober, but enough to act that way if I tried really hard.
That didn't do anything for my bloodshot eyes though, so Flora had my hair in her hand, pulling my head over the back of my chair and squirting some generic Nephazoline solution into my eyes from a thumb sized, yellow aerosol can. It stung a bit, but I'd accidentally poured cologne into my eyes once, and this wasn't a tenth as bad.
Flora let go of my head and I looked down at my computer monitor. She crawled into my bed with Furret, out of the built-in webcam's sight. I'd already brushed my hair and put on a nice button-up jean shirt. I looked down at my cable phone and plugged the A/V coaxials into the side of the monitor. I lifted the phone off its hook, set it on the desk, and dialed zero.

Flora laid in her bra and panties, curled up in Brendan's black and red checkerboard blanket. Furret had wrapped her body around flora's head, and her tail around Flora's arm. They both stared with half-closed eyes at Brendan sitting at his black credenza desk, about ready to laugh as he sat nude in his chair, save his nice shirt.
The monitor flickered on to show a middle-aged woman with a thin face, tan skin, and graying black hair, looking back at him with an earpiece. The webcam couldn't see bellow Brendan's chest.
"Operator. How may I help you?" the woman said in that peculiar Skandian accent, like a cross between Hungarian and surfer-dude.
"Yeah, I want to make a long-distance call, Lauralhurst Pokemon Center, suite one seventeen, Seattle, United States."
"And how long will this call last?" the woman asked.
"I'm not sure," Brendan answered.
"In that case we'll have to round up to the nearest minute. I'll connect you."
The woman on the monitor began typing and the monitor flickered into black. Brendan waited a minute, crossed his legs, and set his hands on his lap. He huffed and blinked as another minute went by, then the monitor flickered back on. The middle-aged woman on the other end had a softly curved face with platinum blonde hair, gray eyes, and freckles beneath her large, square reading glasses.
"Brendan!" the woman said, "What do you need?"
"Oh, nothing mom. I just called to ask a question."
"Just a question? This is pretty expensive call, couldn't you've emailed me?"
"No, it just came up and I can't get the details I need from an email."
Brendan's mother huffed on the other end and adjusted her glasses with her thumb. "Fine," she grumbled. "Go ahead, what's your question?"
"Well, I just got this image in my head yesterday, like kind of a vision of some sort. And I know that sounds stupid, but I thought you might know something about it."
"Well, what is it?" Brendan's mother asked, crossing her arms and shrugging.
"It's more like just a picture than a memory but, there's this blonde baby in this ridiculous tee shirt. And there's this Furret curled up around it. It's not mine, because it's bigger and its fur is all... poofier and shinier."
Brendan's mother smiled, lowered her head, and sighed. The image clearly brought back pleasant memories, and all traces of annoyance left her voice as she spoke again. "That was you, Brendan. Your father was always putting you in ridiculous tee shirts, you know how sick his sense of humor is. But yeah, that was you. And that Furret was a retired contest Pokemon, multiple national champion actually. She lived at the Center. I read once that babies cry in their cribs because they're lonely, so I put her in with you at night. It wasn't long before she thought she was your mother; and I think you thought she was yours."
Brendan's mother sneered on one side of her mouth and scratched the back of her head while looking away from the camera. "You know, I didn't have the first clue just how strongly she felt for you until... well, I kind of don't want to tell you this. You see, after a few months she started producing and... she nursed you herself!"
Brendan's eyes widened and his jaw fell open.

What? What did mom just say? In my mind I suddenly heard the sound of a thousand panes of glass shattering. I was breastfed by a Furret?! I grew into a child on Pokemon milk?! I couldn't think any more of the situation before mom started yammering again.

"That Furret had a daughter too. Some hotshot wannabe trainer came in and saw her with papers saying her mother was a former champion. He took her then and there. He wouldn't listen when I tried to tell him not to. I never got to say her mother was a contest champion and was never meant to battle. He brought her back the next day after she got KO'd by a low level Rattata.
"Anywho, I figured since Furret's mother was more of a mother to you than I was way back when, I thought you should have her for your tenth birthday, since in a semantic kind of way, she is your sister."

I still didn't know what to think about the situation. My parents were both lab techs at that Pokemon Center. I was born and raised there, and Pokemon were a bigger part of my early life than humans. But never in a million years would I've guessed how big a part of my life they were. And my Furret? I barely remember her from before my tenth birthday. I saw her wandering around the Pokemon center, petted her a few times, but never really knew her until I opened her pokeball on that wonderful day.
And now I just fucked the Furret whose mother thought she was
my mother? I don't even remember the mother. Aside from that one image Lumina gave me, I've got nothing. Suddenly my throat balled, not in fright, but in some kind of fear. I had an obligation now, an obligation to my Furret's mother, to show her how good a care I took of her daughter, and how good a care I took of myself.

"Do you think you can send her to me?" Brendan asked. "The mother I mean? It's just, I don't have any memories of her. And if she really did... what you told me she did, then I think it's only fair to her. You think you could send her this weekend?"
"Sure!" Brendan's mother said. "She'll be at the Delther Central Pokemon Center Friday night, which is Saturday morning to you. Just be sure to send her back Sunday night."
"Thanks mom."
"Don't thank Brendan, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to see you again, and her daughter too! I'll see you."
"Yeah, I'll see you."
Brendan's mother reached toward her monitor and cut the connection. The monitor went black and the phone emitted its dial tone. Brendan sat at his desk, staring deadpan at the receiver until the dial tone started beeping, and then hung up it up. Still deadpan in both expression and movement, Brendan stood up, pried his shirt open, and threw it behind him as he crawled onto his bed. He crawled up next to Flora, staring her in the eyes. Furret slept between them.
"You were breastfed by a Furret?" Flora whispered. "No wonder you're a pokephile."

Holy shit! The thought never even occurred to me, but she was absolutely right.

"You know," Flora whispered and smirked. "In a semantic kind of way, you fucked your sister today."

Did I? Again, the thought never occurred to me, but Flora was right again. But somehow, I didn't feel as if there was anything wrong with that. I looked down at Furret, semantically my sister, and stroked down the length of her body, making her whimper and lick her chops in her sleep.
But something still pained me, still worried me. All those thoughts Flora brought up, I never considered them when I asked mom to send her mother here for the weekend. Would she find out what I was? Would she find out what I did to her daughter? If she did, how would she react? Would she attack me? Or would she mind at all? Or would she think of it as true incest, and hate both of us? I fell asleep next to Flora and Furret, hoping, hoping, hoping so badly that Saturday wouldn't take a turn for the shitty.

I still felt the effects of that vaporizer the next morning, even if just barely. How strong was that thing? Flora, you said you stuffed it full. Was that really such a good idea? For an hour that morning I sat on my chair, staring out my sliding glass door, through the slats of my balcony, down at the traffic bellow. My mind turned a blank during this time.
Thankfully, Flora had already ran an errand for a solution and got back just as I woke up. And while I tried to get myself completely straight again, I continued to stare down at the traffic, wondering what would become of yesterday's events. Flora hadn't said a word, so I didn't know if she still liked it, or simply wanted to pretend it never happened.

Brendan sat cross-legged in his chair in a pair of knee-length bluejean shorts and a swirl tie-dye tee shirt in the all the colors of the rainbow. His eyes still looked glazed and slightly red, but slowly got better. He sipped an iced mocha from the straw of a clear-plastic soda cup, and the caffeine had already begun to work its magic. Over the half hour he sat in the chair, Brendan's eyes cleared, his breath deepened, and he started to blink consistently.
Brendan lifted his iced mocha and looked down to see Furret climbing up onto his lap and sitting up, face to face with him.
"Furr..." Furret sighed.
Furret began to lick Brendan's lips, then behind his ears, and finally around his neck, before curling up in his lap with her belly in the air. Brendan lowered his mocha to the chair's arm and scratched Furret's belly with his free hand. Furret sighed and licked her muzzle in response. Brendan slurped up the rest of the mocha and set it on the hexagonal glass endtable next to the chair. He added his second hand to Furret's belly scratch.

Well, at least Furret approves yesterday's events. That was some consolation.

A click and creek drew Brendan and Furret's gazes down the hall. Flora, in the same clothes she wore yesterday, walked out of the steaming bathroom while rubbing her hair with a white towel. She entered the living room and threw the towel onto the coffee table, on top of a blue bandanna that she pulled out from underneath it, and fastened her hair back with
"It's time to go to work Hop," Flora said. "And hell's gonna freeze over before I skip the chance to see it myself."
Brendan and Furret both raised a single eyebrow at Flora's comment.

Flora still approved? As that caffeine started going through my system, I honestly thought that she was so rabid yesterday because of how stoned she was. But she gulped down her own mocha before even arriving here, and still wanted to see me fuck Pokemon. That's two worries down: Furret and Flora, and two to go: Furret's mother and my future.

Brendan stood up. Furret rolled off his lap and somersaulted over the floor until she righted herself and shook her body to gain alertness. Brendan slipped his feet into the flip flops in front of the chair and approached Flora.
"You really want to see me fucking Pokemon? I mean..."
Flora put a finger to Brendan's lips, and suddenly kissed him as she took it away. To shocked by the action, Brendan leaned back wide eyed, and limp in the mouth as Flora briefly wrapped her tongue around his before separating.
"Does that answer your question?" Flora asked.
Brendan didn't respond, but blinked and scratched his head.
"Furrrret!" Furret trilled and suddenly ran between Brendan and Flora.
Brendan and Flora looked down at Furret running between around and between their legs, sometimes stopping to sit up and squeak another 'furr!' as she slapped her tail against the bamboo floor. You really wanna see me fucking Pokemon? Furret believed at that moment that Brendan asked her that question, and she answered with vigor. Finally, she started hopping up on her back legs, briefly grabbing Brendan's shirt as she did so, before continuing to circle around and between his legs.
"What the hell's gotten into her?" Brendan asked.
"I don't know," Flora answered. "Let's just get to that porn studio."
"Furrrret!" Furret squealed and nodded her head.
Brendan and Flora walked to the front door with Furret still following them, running around and between their legs and squealing in joy at the thought of finally seeing her master at his finest. Flora opened the front door and walked through. As Brendan began to leave, Furret raced for the door, only to be pinned against the wall by Brendan's leg.
"Furrr!" Furret whined.
"It's okay Furret, really!" Brendan said. "Goddamn! I'm not abandoning you. I'll be right back this evening."
Brendan pushed Furret from the door with his foot and closed it behind him. Furret spun to the side, reared back, and smacked her face against the wall.

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