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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 1 - Returning Home to Pallet Town

Having won the Shinou League, Ash Ketchum is returning to his home in Pallet Town for a well deserved rest before continuing on his journey to become a Pokemon Master. Having said his farewells to Brock and Dawn, Ash was almost done his long journey back to the Kanto Region.

Ash had earlier contacted his Mom telling her that he would be returning home. Little did Ash realize the surprise that she was setting up for his return. He got off the ship and started the short walk to Pallet Town. Shortly after he arrived at his house.

Ash walked in the front door and shouted "I'm home!"

Ash's mother came out from the kitchen with Mr. Mime.

"Ash! Welcome home, it's good to see you".

Delia came up to Ash and put her arms around him and hugged him. Ash hugged her back.

Delia stood back, still holding Ash's shoulders, and looked at him.

"You've certainly grown up while you've been away" she said, approvingly.

Delia pulled away from Ash and said "Why don't you take your things up to your room and then come down and tell me what you've been up to".

Ash gathered his things and went up to his room while Delia motioned to Mr. Mime to get Misty, Tracey and Professor Oak who were hiding in the Kitchen. They all gathered on the seats awaiting Ash to return downstairs. A few minutes later, Ash bounced down the stairs and the group yelled, "Surprise!".

Ash nearly jumped when he saw his friends and Professor Oak there.

"Good to see you Ash." Professor Oak said.

"I thought you'd like this after your journey. I contacted Misty, Tracey and Professor Oak telling them you were coming home." Delia said, putting some food on the coffee table. She then sat on the sofa next Ash and said "Now, tell us what's been happening in your journey."

Ash talked for an hour or so telling them about all the journeys that he, Brock and Dawn had had the last few months. The group listened as he told them all the experiences with the different types of Pokemon in the Shinou region as well as all the new knowledge about Pokemon he had learned.

Finally, Ash's mom had heard enough about his journey's and wanted to learn more about Ash's personal life. Ash wasn't a little boy any more. He was getting older and more mature.

"So Ash, any girlfriends?" Ash's mom asked.

"Girlfriends?!" Ash replied. "I've been too busy battling and capturing Pokemon and competing in the Pokemon Leagues".

Delia leaned forward towards Ash. "I don't believe you." she scolded. "I'm sure a Pokemon Trainer as good looking as you has plenty of girls chasing him."

Misty and Tracey both giggled as Ash was blushing.

"Most of the time it's just Brock chasing all the girls. It's that right Ash?" Misty exclaimed directing her question towards Delia.

"Uh Right Misty." Ash replied.

"Well Ash, I'm glad to see that you have learned quite a bit about Pokemon while in the Shinou League. It's getting a bit late, so I think it's about time that Tracey and I returned home." Professor Oak said.

"Misty is going to say here for a few days as she made the journey from Ceurlian Gym to come see you Ash." Delia said.

"Yeah, and it will give me some time off from the gym." Misty replied.

"Well goodnight everyone." Tracey said as he and Professor Oak got up and headed out the door.

"Thanks for coming to visit!" Ash said. "I'll be sure to drop by to see all my other Pokemon soon." With that, the two left.

Delia seemed somewhat concerned after listening for the past few hours about Ash. He had spent all this time telling about his Pokemon and his journeys. He seemed completely dedicated to Pokemon, though there was nothing wrong with this, but Ash was getting older now and it concerned her that he wasn't spending more time doing other things. She decided that he needed to learn that there is more to do that learn and study about Pokemon.

"Well Misty, we'll let you stay down here on the pull out couch for the next few days then." Delia said.

"Great thanks Mrs. Ketchum." she replied.

"Alright young man, you've had enough excitement for one day. Head upstairs and get ready for bed." Ash's mom said as she began to help Misty made her bed. Ash went upstairs to his room and began to unpack some of his things. A few minutes later he heard his mom come up the stairs and go into her room.

Delia was tired after a long day of preparing for Ash's homecoming. She got her bathrobe and went into the ensuite bathroom forgetting to completely close the door as she was normally at home by herself. She put the bathrobe on the bathroom counter, stripped off her clothes and got into the shower.

Ash had finished unpacking all his stuff and realized he needed to brush his teeth and get ready for bed. Misty was downstairs in the family room getting ready as well so he decided to go use the bathroom in his mother's room. The bedroom door was open but he couldn't see his mom anywhere. Stepping into the room he heard a noise from the bathroom and was about to turn and head back to his room, but noticing the door was open, he moved a bit closer.

"Mom?" Ash said as he moved closer to the sound from the bathroom.

The sound he had heard was the shower running and from where he stood he could see through the glass shower wall. He mother was standing in the shower washing her body with a lather soap ball.

Ash began to feel a bit strange and his penis begin to harden as he saw his mother slowly move her hand up from her ankles over her calves. As she finished washing there, she moved up over her outer thighs. He saw her move over the front of her thighs and then up the inner thighs all the way up to just beneath her private part. She must have already done the other leg because as she finished she stood up straight and washed the excess soap foam off the lather ball. Ash seemed fixated on her private part between her legs but he couldn't make it out as the glass, water and condensation from the shower was blurring his vision.

Ash watched his mother dropped the soap lather ball and adjust the shower head. While she turned around to adjust the shower head, Delia noticed Ash looking at her through the crack in the door, he was attempting to hide but he was still somewhat visible through the reflection in the bathroom mirror. Instead of covering up, she paused a moment, pretending that she didn't notice him and let Ash see her body once again. She then reached back into the shower, grabbed her razor and then lathered up her pubic hair. While Ash watched, his mother shaved off pubic hair on her private parts leaving a triangle of hair above the lips and then carefully pulled the razor over and around her pussy. He couldn't see what she was doing to it exactly but he knew that she was shaving hair off it.

Ash's mother took the shower head and rinsed off the area around her private, rubbing one hand up and down between her legs. She then rinsed off the razor, hung it on the shower caddy, turned off the water and slid the shower door open. Delia quickly looked at the door to see if Ash was still there and noticed he hadn't moved. She decided that she would continue this little show for Ash.

Ash didn't know what he was thinking about but when he passed the bathroom door and saw it open and his mom in the shower. He had to stop and look. She was totally naked and he had never seen a naked girl before, infact he hadn't even thought about seeing a naked girl before that moment. He should have passed by but he couldn't, he just backed away a step so that he wasn't right in the middle of the door.

Delia wrapped a towel around her hair and reached up to the shelf to get her lotion. As Delia stretched up, her breasts extended and Ash saw her nipples were extruding from them. Her breasts were fine and firm and not what he had imagined them to be. She squirted some lotion onto her hands and put her foot up onto the edge of the shower. She started with her right foot and worked her way up to her private. Then the left foot and the same. Every part of Ash's brain was telling him to go but his body just wouldn't agree.

Once she had finished with her legs she started to put lotion on her shoulders. She started with her left shoulder. Starting at her back, as far as she could reach. As she did that her right breast thrust forward. She progressed to her front and spread the lotion there. It appeared to Ash as if she was caressing her breast as much as putting lotion on it. Then she switched to her left and he could swear that during the whole time she was paying extra attention to her breasts, massaging them and rolling her nipples between her fingers.

Delia finally put the lotion back on the shelf and looked at herself in the mirror, striking various different poses that gave Ash an eyeful of every aspect of her beautiful naked body. She lifted one breast up and looked at it in the mirror. And then the next. She then stood back and looked at herself as she combed her fingers through the hair just above her private that she didnt shave off. Ash could now see the hair above a her private better than before but couldn't see her entire private as her leg was blocking his view. She reached for her white bathrobe and started to put it on. Suddenly Ash's feet could move and he could hear Misty coming up the stairs so he quickly left the room. Delia noticed Ash quickly leave out of the corner of her eye. She would check on him in a few minutes once he was back in his room not to create any suspicion that she caught him watching her. She quickly got back into her robe and waited a few minutes before going.

Ash met Misty in the hallway and after a brief conversation with Misty, he said goodnight to her and Ash headed to his bedroom. Closing the door behind him, he sat down on his bed playing the scene with his mother as she stepped out of the shower in his head over and over. Suddenly he heard a knock at his door. It was his mom and she had come to tuck him in.

"Just coming to tuck you in for sleep." She told him as she walked towards the bed and began to tuck him in. She kissed him on the forhead and said "Goodnight" before turning off the light. He couldn't sleep. He waited a minute or so before getting up and heading to the bathroom. The door to his mom's bedroom was now shut but he could see that the light was still on. He headed to the bathroom which had two doors. The door from the hallway had been closed since the last time he was in the house as his mom used the ensuite enterance all the time. He walked into the bathroom and noticed that the other bathroom door was still opened.

Ash's earlier experience with his mom in the shower was still racing in his mind. His mind was racing and he suddenly decided to check on his mom by looking through the other bathroom door.

Ash watched his mom who was standing in front of her dresser. She was getting undressed and read to sleep. Ash's heart was pounding and once again he couldn't move. She had already undone the belt that held her robe together. Underneath her robe, she was wearing white nice white cotton panties. Ash's penis stiffened and felt weird just like it had when he first saw his mom in the shower. She then turned and began to walk back in Ash's direction towards her dresser. As she walked she was carefully opening her robe wider. As she did so, her robe split wider and wider, revealing to Ash a good view of her breasts which were still covered with her bra. Within a moment her robe was off, but his gaze was still fixed on her private which was covered by her panties. Ash's heart was pounding again in his throat.

In what seemed like a single motion she undid the back of her bra and slipped it off. Delia's tits were firm and she had these lovely large nipples. Ash was in amazed and his eyes focused on the two breasts which he saw ealier. At this point she was putting her robe on a clothes hanger. She then turned to hang it up in the closet, finally giving Ash a view of her ass. She dropped the clothes hanger on her way to the closet and as she bent over to pick it up, Ash got this great view of her panty covered private from behind. He could also see her breasts dangling from that view. She then took a nightgown off one of the hangers and slipped into it. She walked over to the bed and then turned off the light.

For the second time in the last few hours he had seen a girl, his mom nonetheless partially naked. Ash quietly walked back to his room still picturing his mom in his mind. It took Ash a long time to get to sleep that night, his mind racing thinking of the events that had transpired that day.
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