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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 2 - Delia starts Ash's Education!

After a week of being home, Ash began to feel relaxed. The Ketchum front door seemingly revolving as friends and family came to visit and welcome Ash home. With each expected visit, Ash made sure he was showing them his badges and with each visit, his mother praised him for his training skills and how much of an adult he'd become. His mom seemed to be more cautious the past week while in her room making sure the doors were closed and locked. Ash tried a couple more times that week to watch his mom again but with no success so he decided to stop trying.

About two weeks after Ash had arrived home and after the visits had slowed down, Delia found herself back to a somewhat normal housekeeping routine. Ash and Misty had been going on day trips visiting people and training their Pokémon leaving her there with Mr. Mime. Misty had to return back to her gym duties so now it was just Ash and his mom at their house. Ash returned home while Delia prepared and served the dinner.

Ash came into the family room and placed his bag on the floor enjoying the feel of cool air rush by him as he closed the door. He heard his mother working in the kitchen as he walked over to see what she was doing. Coming around the corner he was stopped in his tracks by a rather lovely sight.

Delia was standing at the kitchen counter cutting a couple of apples. Her back was to her son as she continued her work. At 36 she still looked amazing. Ash could see the perfect lines in her calves and thighs as she bent one leg slightly. Her heart-shaped butt stuck out a little as she continued to divide the apples. Her back was arched in a sexy way as she brushed her reddish-brown hair off of her right shoulder with a smooth twist of her neck.

"Hey mom." Ash said as he walked over to the fridge to grab some bottled water.

"Oh! Ash!" Delia jumped turning towards her son, "You scared me to death, I didn't hear you come in." she replied.

Ash laughed "Sorry mom I should have called out when I came in." He walked over the other side of the counter and was very pleased by what he saw from the front side of his mother. She had purposely undone two of the four buttons showing an ample amount of her 36DD cleavage hoping that Ash would take a look. Beads of sweat glistened on her fair skin as Ash enjoyed the view of the tight dress squeezing her tits together. He felt a little strange as he saw the faintest outline of her nipples. Delia noticed that Ash took a quick look and smiled briefly.

She thought to herself, "At least he now knows there is more to life than Pokémon Training."

"So how was your day?" Asked Delia as she walked over to the garbage can and bent down to through something away.

"Huh? Oh, my days don't change much. Training went well though." he replied.

"That's good." She rose up and went back to the counter grabbing a slice of apple and placing it between her soft full lips as she bit down. She swallowed the fruit as she waved a hand in front of her face.

"It's hot today!" she said as her breast jiggled a little as she moved her hand, hypnotizing Ash by the slight movement. "You look ready to cool off yourself son. Why don't you go take a shower before we have dinner?"

"Oh, yeah. Good idea mom. I think I'll head up there right now." Ash said he headed upstairs.

Delia turned towards the stairs after Ash, "Don't take to long Ash. I want to take a shower too."

"OK mom, I won't." Ash closed the bathroom door and peeled off his t-shirt from his sweaty back. Kicking off his shoes he grabbed the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down along with his boxer-briefs. His penis jumped up from its confinement and slapped against his stomach. He turned on the shower and got in.

Downstairs Delia could hear that the shower had started. The thoughts of her son in the shower excited her to a point that she had never felt before in her life. She knew that her plan to get Ash to start looking at girls was starting to work but she needed something to get it completely on track. She was hot and sweaty from cooking on this hot day and she too needed a shower. Dinner was pretty much ready and she left it to cool. Five minutes past and the shower was still going so she decided to go upstairs to see what was taking Ash so long.

"Ash? Are you almost done? I want to hop in too remember?" Delia said as she knocks on the bathroom door.

"Sorry mom, I'm not done yet." Ash quickly replied.

"At this rate there won't be any water left and I wanted to take a shower before we had dinner." Delia cautiously said.

"I'm almost done mom just a few more minutes." he said seeming a bit annoyed at her insisting.

"Dinner is getting cold Ash and I would like to get cleaned up." Delia said hoping to start Ash's sexual education right here. "Ash? Can we share the shower? I really need to take one." she asked somewhat hesitantly.

Ash couldn't believe what he had just heard. Just a few days ago he accidently saw his mom in the shower and now she wanted to share a shower with him to save time before dinner. This didn't seem right to Ash. Did his mom catch him spying on her that day? If she did, she would have been angry with him like she always was when he did something bad. This had to be some kind of joke.

In the meantime, Delia had got out of her dirt clothes and had changed into her bathing suit. It was a two piece bikini and thong that she normally wore while sun bathing outside. She put her bathrobe on overtop of her bathing suit as well. Ash hadn't been home much so he had never seen his mom in this particular bathing suit.

"I'm just finishing up mom. Just hold on." Ash said trying to sound polite.

Not catching his tone, Delia walked into the bathroom with her robe wrapped tightly around her. Ash was surprised that his mom hadn't listened to his replies and had walked into the bathroom.

"Mom! What are you doing?" Ash yelled.

"Ash, I really need to get cleaned up here, so turn around and face the shower. I won't peak. Besides it's nothing I haven't seen before." She said as he obeyed and faced the wall while the shower continued to pore over him. Delia let the robe fall to the floor before opening the shower door stepping into the shower. Ash could see the robe on the floor but couldn't see his mom who was now standing behind him in the shower.

Delia moved around in the shower looking at her son to make sure he wasn't peeking, teasing him a bit. She stepped under the spray and let the cool water soak into her hair and run down her face.

"Ooooohhhh, this feels good!" Delia said. Ash glanced over his shoulder and seeing that his mother's eyes were closed from the water in her hair and with her back to her son, turned his head to look at her wet body. Small streams ran down each curve. Her back was arched in a sexy way as she bent and flexed one smooth leg.

Delia reached out and grabbed the shampoo bottle. She poured a large amount in her hand still facing away from her son, and began to work the lather into her hair. Suds trailed down her back, running over her ass, hips, and calves. The lather piled on top of her breasts like small clouds getting caught where her bikini was holding her breasts.

Ash couldn't stand it. His gorgeous mother was bathing herself right behind him. For a moment he forgot that he was completely naked in the shower. He had to try something. He couldn't let the situation just walk out on him with out trying something.

"Mom, could you wash my back? I couldn't quite reach all of it." He asked. Delia head towards her son but she still had her eyes closed so the soap didn't go into them.

"Sure sweetheart, if you want me to. Just move over a bit so I can rinse this shampoo out of my hair first." she said. Ash moved over a bit and Delia could tell that he moved. She put her head under the water and rinsed her hair. Delia was now beside Ash and for the first time Ash could see a bit of his mom. He could now see that she was wearing a bikini that was now getting wet from the water. He quickly glanced away so that his mom wouldn't notice him starring.

Delia finished rinsing her hair, opened her eyes and grabbed the body wash and poured a good amount into her hands. Slowly she reached out and placed her hands on his shoulders working the soap in as she massaged him. Even under the cool water it still felt warm and inviting. She continued down his back until it was completely washed.

"There we go. All clean." Delia told him as she took her hands off his back. She quickly looked at his nude butt which she hadn't seen since he was a little boy. He was now grown up and no longer her little boy.

"While your here Ash you can help me with my back. It's a really hard place to wash as you know." Delia told Ash.

"Uh. I guess I could do that." Ash managed to studder out.

"Great turn around and get some soap on your hands." she told him. Ash turned around slowly to find that his mom had also turned around. He was a bit hesitant to do anything after seeing him mom this close up in her bikini. Her thong was small and tight against her ass cheeks. Delia knew Ash was a bit stunned and she found that a bit of a turn on knowing that her own son was checking her out now. She had him right were she wanted him so she could start his lessons on women. She decided there and then that she would personally teach him everything that he needed to know.

"Ash honey hurry up." Delia exclaimed. Ash got out of his stunned state and picked up the soap bottle and put some soap on his hands. He slowly moved his hands towards his mom's back which her bikini strap partially covered. He put his hand near her shoulders and began to slowly rub the soap down and around the upper part of her back. When he reached the bikini strap, he slowly went over it with his hands to get to the lower part of her back and continued rubbing the soap there as well.

Delia began to curve her back a bit as Ash continued to rub the soap. Delia's skin was soft and smooth and was nothing like Ash had ever felt before. He continued up her back again once again going over the bikini strap.

"Well that strap keeps getting in the way. Let me untie that so you can better do my back." Delia said as she moved her hands to the tie in the bikini strap and undid it. The straps flopped to the side but another strap around her neck was holding it place somewhat. Ash once again was somewhat stunned and had removed his soapy hands from his mothers back while she untied the bikini.

"There that should make it a bit easier. Get a bit more soap there Ash and finish up my back for me please." Delia asked him as she turned her head a bit to look at him. She motioned her head toward the soap bottle and Ash complied. He put a bit more soap on his hands and continued where he left off. He rubbed the soap where the bikini strap was and finished up washing her back. Ash felt kind of strange washing someone other than himself.

"Thanks honey. You did a great job. I feel better already." she told him. She then turned around to face Ash for the first time in the shower. Her bikini was a bit loose at the front and but still covered quite a bit of her breasts. Ash couldn't help but stare at them. He had seen them a couple times from a distance when he was spying on his mom but he didn't realize how big they were until he was just a foot away from them. Some soap suds were still caught in the cleavage of her breasts and on her bikini. Delia knew Ash was looking and her breasts, and he seemed fascinated with them. Between the cold shower water and her son starring at her, Delia was starting to get a bit horny and her nipples began to get a bit hard. Ash noticed little bumps beginning to protrude through the fabric of the bikini and his focus was fixed upon them.

"You did such a great job on my back Ash. It was really relaxing to have someone else wash me for a change." Delia told him.

"Uh.. Sure Mom." Ash muttered. Delia looked down at her naked son and noticed that his dick was beginning to get big and erect. She was giving her son a hard on so there was only one way to solve that problem.

"Ash, since you did a great job with my back, would you mind washing me a bit more?" Delia asked him looking him in the face. Ash couldn't say anything. He felt strange and awkward yet somewhat good. He had never felt this way before and his mother's words began to be a blur in his mind.

"Ash? Would you mind washing me a bit more?" She asked again this time with a bit more concern in her voice.

"Uh I guess so.." he finally answered after a few moments pause.

"Great, at this rate will be done in no time and can get to eat dinner shortly. Now get some more soap and you can do my neck next." She explained to him. Ash poured some more soap on his hands and slowly moved his hands towards her neck. He gently rubbed the soap onto the front of her neck but once again the other bikini strap was blocking some of the area that needed to be wash. Ash tried to avoid the strap as best as he could but Delia knew he was having a hard time.

"Here, let me loosen that strap too." Delia said as she began to untie the last strap of her bikini top. Delia knew in a few seconds there would be no turning back from here. Once she undid that strap her bikini top would fall to the floor exposing her naked breasts to her son. She was willing and ready for this to happen. She would teach Ash all the things he needed to know about women and sex. Someone had to teach him this eventually and who better than his own mother.

Ash didn't know what to do he just stood there and watched. Delia slowly undid the bikini strap and let the bikini rest on her other arm which was placed across her breasts so that it wouldn't fall to the ground. She held the bikini there with her forearm and then motioned Ash to continue washing her neck. He continued washing her neck finishing up where he left off.

Delia's arm was getting sore from holding her breasts and bikini top with her forearm. So she decided that now was the time to let it drop to the ground.

"Now that your done with my neck, how about you continue with these." and with a quick movement Delia moved her forearm that was covering her breasts and let the bikini top hit the ground. Her breasts were now fully exposed to her son. Her nipples were hard and erect, protruding from her breasts about half and inch. Ash just stood there stunned looking at the two large breasts that were in front of him. Until now he'd only seen them from a distance and really couldn't make out too much. He could now see all the detail, the beauty of her skin and the nicely large shaped breasts.

"So how do you like them now that you can get a closer look at them?" Delia asked slyly. "I know you saw me last week in the shower naked but I pretended that I didn't notice you. What do you have to say for yourself Ash?" she told him.

Ash was stunned. He didn't know what to do. His mom had caught him red handed spying on her yet here he was a week later standing in that same shower with his mom one foot in front of him half naked and her breasts protruding proudly from her body.

"I'm sorry, I was just heading to the bathroom and the door was open. I.." Ash explained as he turned his head from her and closed his eyes in shame.

"Ah don't be ashamed Ash. It's health for a boy your age to want to learn more about girls. In fact I find it thrilling that you'd want to see me naked. If you want I could teach you about girls?" she told him but Ash didn't respond. The shower water was now pounding on his head and he kept his eyes closed.

"I know you would like to. I can tell by the way your penis is responding right now. It's hard and is starting to get big. That means you like what you see and would like to see more. It's your body's natural response when you see a girl naked. You're penis gets erect so that it's easier for it to penetrate a girl's pussy." she explained to him. Ash still didn't say anything but was beginning to blush. Delia could see that her son was still abit embarrassed over this whole situation.

"Honey, there is nothing to be ashamed of or be afraid of. I'm here to help you learn, if you want me to?" Delia told Ash as she moved closer to him. She gently hugged him and her left breast touched the side of his body. The softness of her breast sent a chill down Ash's spine. Delia then hugged him a bit tighter. Ash could now feel her erect nipple rubbing against him as the shower water now covered both of them again.

"I guess that would be okay." Ash finally said after a few moments of pondering the idea. Delia then took her other hand and hugged him fully, her breasts now rubbing against his chest. Ash finally opened his eyes to see his loving mothers face looking back at him. She had a kind, loving, motherly look on her face that took all the ashamed feelings out of him. He then looked down at his chest to see his mothers breasts pressed against his chest. They were huge breasts, he had never really paid any attention to women's breasts till now, but as far as he could recall from his experiences on his Pokémon Journey's, these were some of the larger ones he'd see on a girl.

Delia then moved her mouth to Ash's mouth and gave him a slow and gentle kiss. She had to bend down a bit as she was still quite a bit taller than he was. Their lips locked and they kissed for a minute or so.

"You don't like mind that I saw you naked then?" Ash finally asked her after they stopped kissing.

She gave Ash a look something akin to pity and put her hand on his arm.

"Ash, I don't mind at all. It's nice to think someone still thinks I'm sexy." she told him.

"Ash, I just want to make certain that this is absolutely okay with you. Are you sure?" She asked him.

"Yeah, mom, sure." he responded politely.

"Okay then. Let's start you're sexually lessons right now then. Come over here and put your two hands on my breasts." she told him. Ash slowly moved closer but was a bit hesitant to do anything. Delia grabbed Ash's wrists and moved his hands up to her breasts. His hands cupped her breasts and she let go of his hands.

"There now. Don't they feel good. Try moving them around with your hands slowly and gently in a circular motion." Delia told him as he began to follow her instructions. He slowly moved her breasts in his hands feeling the softness of them as he did so.

"Good good, now lets move on to the next step. At the end of my breasts is my nipple and it is surrounded by the areola. When you were little you used to suck on my nipples while I fed you. When a man does this, it makes a women feel really good. I want you to do this next. Lick and suck my nipples with your mouth." she told him as she pointed to both the nipple and areola as she explained. She then motioned to Ash to begin.

He slowly moved so that he wouldn't slip in the shower and moved his mouth to her right nipple. It had become quite erect after all this which made it quite easy for Ash's mouth to get a hold of it. Ash reached out and cupped her breast in his hands and he gently squeezed them and then turned his attention to her hard nipples. He took the nipple in his mouth and sucked it.

Delia was enjoying her son's attention to her tits, for someone who said he had never even thought about doing such a thing, he was doing a good job. Delia continued to watch him suck her tits as he decided to switch breasts and suck the other nipple.

"Ash, the last time you did this was when you were a baby and I used to feed you this way, you used to suck mommy's milk from my nipples." Ash's mom told him as he continued to slowly suck and lick her tits like he had done many years earlier.

"Ash, why don't you finish washing the front of my body now. Get the soap and rub it all over my breasts to clean them off." she told him as he stopped sucking her breasts and got the soap.

As he had done earlier, he put the soap on his hands but this time he didn't hesitate rubbing the soap on her breasts. He rubbed the soap all over them causing a good lather with bubbles to form as he did so. After a few minutes of him rubbing soap on her breasts, Delia moved under the shower head to wash the soap off them.

Ash watched as the soap and water run off his mother's breasts. He stood there amazed at the sight as her tits were now visible again after being covered with the soap. Ash felt strange again and he could feel his penis twitching but unlike when he had to go pee.

"Mom, why does it get hard like this?" Ash innocently asked her.

"Well, honey, a man's penis gets hard like that so that so he can put it inside a woman as I briefly explained to you earlier" she had said, surprised at his composure,

"Why would anyone want to do that?" Ash asked somewhat grossed out by the concept.

"Well, It makes the guy and girl feel really good and it's also the way babies are made." she explained to him.

"Really?" Ash asked.

"Yes, really. When your penis is hard and erect like that it makes it easier to put it inside a girl's vagina." she told him as they both briefly looked down at Ash's erect penis.

"What is a vagina?" Ash questioned.

"Well, it's a woman's private place which is between her legs just like a man and she uses it just like a man uses his penis. There are many parts to the Vagina and one of the parts is an opening where a man puts his penis inside a woman and they make love, it is where babies are made." she explained to him as though she was his teacher now.

"What do you think?" Delia had asked him.

"Wow," he had answered her again as he had started to stare down at her private which was still covered by her thong. Delia saw his penis jerk. Then she realized that even in this setting, the sight of a woman's vagina, even his own mother's was sexually stimulating to him.

"It makes me feel kinda funny when I stare at it." he had said at last.

"I know, it is supposed to. It is just a natural thing." she told.

"Even if you are my mother?" Ash said looking a bit confused.

"I'm afraid so. Would you like to see it up close so I can explain its functions a bit better?" she asked him. She knew that if she was naked, she would have a better time explaining how it all functioned. She wanted to teach him about a woman's private place and show him the beauty of it.

"Uh.. I guess so. Ash said staring aimlessly.

A strange feeling come Delia. As she had reached down to her thong, she found herself growing excited, sexually excited. She had brief thought that she should stop but that only lasted a brief moment. As Ash watched in anticipation, she slowly grabbed the thong and lowered it down her legs abit. Ash could now see some of her pubic hair pop free from the thong that he had seen before. Slowly more and more of her pussy became visible until her thong was loose enough that she let it drop to the shower floor with her bikini top.

Ash stared in amazement, it was a bit hairier than he imagined as the hair around her pussy had obviously grown back a bit since the day he saw her shaving in the shower. Her pussy looked like two big lips to Ash. Delia was getting more excited as she saw her son staring at her now completely naked body.

"It looks like I need to shave there again so you can see it better. There is a pair of scissors on the shelf, sweetheart, would you get them?" She asked pointing to the shelf outside the shower.

Ash jumped out of the shower to get the scissors and handed them to her. She sat down on the side of the shower and smiled at him and ran her fingers through her bush. First she brushed it down and then fluffed it in upwards motions. She spread her legs and instructed Ash to watch very closely. She snipped most of the longer hair away on her pussy lips. She was almost finished when she handed the scissors to Ash.

"You finish it, Ash. Just be careful." She told him.

Ash took the scissors and looked closely at what was left between her legs. There was a bit of curly, wiry tuft at the base of closely cropped stubble. Did she want him to touch her? He wasn't even sure that this whole thing was real.

"Do it now, Ash, and be careful." she coached him again.

Ash started to do as he was told but wasn't sure how to go about it. The remaining strand of uncut hair was deep between her legs.

"God, Ash, sometimes you are completely useless." She then took the scissors from him and snipped off the remaining bit. "Now," she said "I want you to get me the foam and safety razor next to where the scissors were. I will let you do that instead."

Ash quickly went to retrieve what she had asked for, fumbling around, eager to please his mom which sat naked before him.

"Now Ash, sweetie, what I want you to do," she said as he handed her the foam and the razor, "is to shake this can very well and then spray it onto the palm of your hand." and handed the can of foam back to Ash.

Ash took the can of foam and shook it as instructed and then pressed the little button on top so that it spilled into the palm of his hand. He kept holding the button down and the foam rose in an uncontrollable spiral and slowly and thickly spilled out over his palm and onto her breasts, leg, and the floor.

Delia giggled a bit and then instructed him to take what he had and rub it on her. He looked at his palm and then at her pussy, back at his palm with the overloaded amount of foam and then back at her cunt.

"On my pussy, baby. Spread it on my pussy. Go on, you can do it." she said.

"On your pussy?" Ash asked.

"Right, Ash. My pussy, its slag term for vagina." she said, "On my pussy, baby. Put it all over my pussy. I'm waiting."

Ash slapped the foam between her legs a bit too hard. It splattered everywhere. She squealed and giggled and told him just to take it slow and easy and make sure that she was well covered. Ash spread it all out as best as he could and was enjoying the experience beyond any imagination, although he could feel the rough and stubbled hair. It didn't matter. Spread and smooth, Ash thought, spread and smooth.

Ash was proud of himself and ready to do it again but then she handed him the safety razor. Ash looked at it, and looked at her pussy.

"Will you help me, mom?" Ash asked.

"Of course I will sweetie, you get it started, up here near the top, and I'll finish off the finer details. Okay?"

Ash carefully and gingerly went to work carefully shaving off the upper most regions. Ash must have gone over the same place eight times.

"That will do it, baby, I'll finish the rest," she told him, "but you have to pay very, very close attention."

She took the razor from Ash and deftly cleared the remaining foam. With her instructions Ash rinsed the razor off a few times and when she was finished she asked him to bring her the shower head. She wiped her pussy clean of the remaining foam and then gave the shower head back to him to return it to his holder.

Now that her pussy was shaved, it made it easier for Ash to see all the different parts of it. She took her fingers spread the lips of her vagina apart.

She pointed out the little hole of her urethra and explaining to him that she peed out of it.

"No way," Ash said.

Ash had been engrossed in his lesson as she had explained about her big and little pussy lips. He had listened intently, hanging on her every word. Finally, she had shown him the opening to her vagina.

"This is where a man puts his penis, and this is where you came out when you were born." she told him.

"What is the little shiny white pea sticking out up on top?" he asked her. Although she hadn't been able to see her clitoris, she knew that it was swollen and inflamed.

"That is my clitoris." she explained to him as she began so softly rub it.

"Clit, uh, what?" he asked.

"Clitoris," she had said slowly, feeling it throbbing expectantly.

"Clitoris, What does it do?" Ash repeated.

Delia carefully peeled the skin back away from her clitoris, experiencing another tingle of pleasure trickle out from it as she did. Then she had explained to him that it was one of the places that made women feel good when men touched it. Delia watched his eyes flick back down to the entrance of her vagina which still had some foam left from the shaving.

"Sweetheart," she said, "There is still a bit of foam left inside my pussy. Move your hand towards the opening and get it out from there."

Ash slowly moved his hand to her pussy and put a couple of his fingers inside her pussy lips as she directed him to do and moved it in an upwards motion to collect the foam.

"Oh, baby, that was nice. That seems to be all of it." she said starting to get really turned on now that her own son had touched her pussy.

"Go ahead, sweetheart, feel how smooth the rest of my pussy is after it's been shaved." Ash obliged, of course moving his hand around the different parts of her pussy.

"Now put your cheek up against it. Is it really smooth?" Ash obliged again. "I like you there, Ash. Now Kiss my pussy, baby. Mommy wants you to kiss her smooth wet pussy."

Ash kneeled on the shower floor and put his lips on her pussy and gave it a small kiss. She commanded Ash to do it more and he did. Ash was becoming intoxicated. He kissed and kissed. She then told him to start licking and putting his fingers further inside that previously forbidden hole. He put his fingers in further than when he was collecting the remaining foam. Ash started going at it like starving man.

"Oh baby! Oh, that's good. Oh sweetie, you're so good at this. Don't stop just yet. Please, Ash, don't stop." Delia exclaimed as her eyes were now shut and her back was now a bit arched making her breasts look like they were protruding further from her body.

"Can I touch your clitoris?" Ash asked his mom.

"You sure can but touch it softly." she instructed. Delia saw that Ash's was a bit hesitant to touch it but he finally gently ran his finger over the smooth, glabrous knob of her clitoris. Delia jumped a bit when he touched her.

"Oh, did I hurt you?" Ash asked looking concerned for his mom.

"Oh no, It is just very sensitive. It makes me fell very good though." she told him in a soft voice. Delia could feel herself slipping deeper into the abyss of sexual arousal. Ash continued to stroke her clitoris slowly and she had felt a trickle of her excitement slowly ooze out of her vagina. Delia could almost anticipate Ash's next question as he could obviously see it coming out.

"Mommy, what is that stuff coming out of your, uh, your vagina? Are you okay?" Ash once again asked in a concerned voice while at the same time, Delia had watched his penis jump again.

"Uh, well, that is what a woman makes inside of her vagina to make it slippery inside." she explained opening her eyes to look down at what was going on.

"What for?" Ash questioned.

"It's so that a man's penis will slide in easily. It is what lets a man put his penis inside of a woman without hurting her or making it too hard to enter her vagina." she explained as she was now able to see some of it oozing from her pussy. Rarely did this much ooze out of her pussy as she was now very sexually turned on.

"Can you just make it up anytime you want to?" he asked her somewhat confused.

"Well, no, uh... " She stopped, at a loss for words. She gather her thoughts once again trying to figure out a way to explain masturbation to her son as he obviously didn't know what it was.

"It is natural for boys your age to masturbate, girls do it as well. I masturbate sometimes, when your dad was alive. We had sex all the time, whenever we could. I loved your dad very much. I enjoyed having sex with him. I needed it so much, so when I feel the need, I try to satisfy myself as best as I can." Delia told him.

"But how do girls do it?" he asked.

"Well, what you did to my pussy just a few minutes was similar to masturbation. You played with my breasts and my pussy which made me sexually aroused causing that ooze to start to be made. But instead of you doing it for me, I would do it by myself." she told Ash who was still staring at her pussy.

"So is that it then?" Ash wondered.

"Well not exactly, there's a bit more to it. It's all about making yourself feel good." she tried to explain to him but he still looked a bit confused.

"How about I show you what I normally do?" she asked Ash.

Ash paused for a second, his mind still racing after the events that had just transpired over the last few minutes. He was curious still and he had learned so much and he still wanted to learn more.

"Uh I guess so." Ash finally replied as his mother could see that he was thinking about what he should say. Delia was pleased that he son was willing to continue learning and she got up, open the door to the shower and started to the bedroom.

"I'll be right back, I just want to get something. Stay there." She told him as Ash watched her breast bounce around as they were no longer confined to the bikini she had been wearing earlier. Delia quickly went into her bedroom so that she wouldn't get too much water on the floor. Upon entering her bedroom, she went over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. She reached her hand to the back of it at got what she was looking for. It was a flesh colored dildo that she used to pleasure herself. If she was going to show her son exactly how she masturbated, she would need to show him some of the toys that she used to do so.

Delia went back to the bathroom with her dildo in her hand. Ash saw her returned and once again his eyes were fixed on her breasts that were bouncing all around as she quickly walked back into the shower where he was waiting. She sat down on the side of the shower where she had been previous and spread her legs wide so that Ash could see her pussy in plain view. Ash could see that she had something large in her hand that looked similar to his penis. Delia then moved her hand down the dildo so he could see that it was infact a plastic looking penis. Ash was somewhat puzzled why his mom would have such a thing. Delia could see him looking at the dildo in her hand.

"Ash, this is what I use when I masturbate. It's called a dildo and as you can see it's shaped just like a man's penis so that it emulates the look and feel of a real man's penis." she told him as she extended her arm out so he could get a better look at it. Ash looked down at his own penis to compare and he noticed that the one in her hand was quite a bit bigger than his even though his was still quite erect.

Delia saw Ash comparing his own penis to the dildo that she had in her hand. She could also see that his was smaller than the dildo in her hand but she didn't care about that at all. She knew that Ash was still young and was still growing. He would continue growing until he was a strong and big young man. She quickly explained that to him and Ash seemed somewhat comforted knowing that. Delia then decided that it was time to show her son exactly what she was going to do with this dildo.

"Ash, the reason that this dildo is shaped like a penis is so that when it enters a woman it feels similar to a real man's penis when he puts it in a woman. While it cannot match a real man's penis it does a pretty good job to help emulate the sensations a woman feels when she is having sex." Delia explained to Ash as she slowly turned the dildo in her hand so that the hilt of the penis was now facing her with the end now securely in the palm of her hand.

"The whole point of masturbating is to emulate the feelings you get when you have sex but don't have anyone around to have sex with. Both men and women do it to feel sexually satisfied at times when their partner cannot do so for various reasons. It's different for both men and women because they have different sexual organs but the act of doing it is almost the same as sex itself." she continued explaining to him as she lowered the dildo head closer to her pussy. Ash watched intently as it almost came in contact with her pussy outer pussy lips.

"Okay Ash, here I go. I want you to come closer so you can see exactly what happens. Rest your head on my thigh." Delia told him as she motioned Ash to do so. He slowly lowered his head and laid it on the inner side of her thigh. He could see her pussy quite clearly now and could see that it was moist and wet. It also seemed to be a bit more red and puffier than it was earlier. Once Ash looked comfortable in his position, Delia moved the head of the dildo right to the opening of her pussy.

"What I'm going to do next is put the dildo inside me which is exactly the same as what a man would do with his penis when he has sex with a woman." Delia said as she slowly began to insert the dildo inside her aching and anxious pussy. She watched as her slender pink lips began to open and swallow the head of the dildo. Ash also watched as the head of the dildo entered inside her and slowly stretched her pussy to allow it to enter. Delia let out a soft moan as she slowly pushed the dildo into her further and further. It was about 7 inches long and she had about 4 inches inside her. Ash was amazed that something that big could fit in such a small hole and that her pussy stretched enough for it to go in.

Delia arched her back when it was fully inside of her and slowly pulled it halfway out, feeling it touch her inner vagina walls. She then pushed it back in and as she pushed the thick member inside herself all the way to her cervix. At that point she rested a moment so that her pussy could become accustomed to such a large object. Then slowly she worked it back and forth just a little. The thought of her son watching her masturbate was more arousing to her than the actual feeling of it.

Eventually her pussy relaxed and she was able to push in a little more with each stroke. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, she had done this many times but this was completely different as her son was watching her do it. Her cunt was overly wet and she could feel her cum dripping down her inner thighs onto the shower floor below. Delia didn't care, the only thing she cared about at the moment was making herself get off. Her pussy had control over her entire body, telling her hands to keep shoving that dildo into it. Ash was amazed that the entire dildo had disappeared completely into his mother's pussy, he didn't think something so large could be put inside a person. He continued watching the dildo go in a bit then back a bit in her pussy.

Delia started to move the dildo faster now. She wanted her son to watch her orgasm and she moaned as she increased the speed of the pumping. It felt so good in her pussy. Delia was going to cum soon and she felt her climax coming. She began to shake and her hips rolled with the motion of her wrist. Delia knew she shouldn't climax that soon in her masturbating so slowed down a bit. She stop pumping the dildo and slowly pulled the dildo out of her pussy. Ash could see the head of the dildo for the first time since she inserted it in her pussy and the dildo was finally completely out of her and her pussy lips closed as it was removed. She then moved her leg that Ash's head was resting on motioning him to move off it.

"Well Ash, that is the basics of how a woman masturbates and how a penis enters a woman. It feels great but to top it off you need to climax and cum. That's when you get the best feeling of satisfaction." she said. Ash was still stunned at the sight of his mom doing that to herself. Delia saw Ash's penis was now bigger than ever, it didn't match the size of the dildo and but it looked to be about 5 inches long. She couldn't believe he was that big at his age. She looked at his aching penis and she knew that she needed to be satisfied completely soon.

What was Delia going to do next? She had already gone pretty far with her education of Ash, but she was quite horny and needed to be satisfied. The next few moments would change both their lives forever.
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