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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 18 - Sister Swap Successful

Lily and Dawn were now fully naked and ready to continue having fun with each other. They starred at each others naked bodies as they walked over to the bench where they explored each other earlier.

Dawn lay down on the bench and spread her legs wide as Lily moved on top of Dawn. Violet watch Lily and Dawn as they began to run their hands down each others bodies, feeling the smooth, soft skin.

Lily's talented fingers worked wonders on Dawn's small and delicate body. Lily kissed Dawn on the neck and slowly kissed down her neck until she reached Dawn's cute tits and began to kiss her breasts.

Dawn's hands began to caress Lily's smooth back as she enjoyed Lily's kissing. Lily began to taut Dawn's tits with her lips as her lips hovered above them before she began to bite one of them gently. She then licked and sucked both her tits in turn as Dawn moaned to signal her approval. Lily's hands squeezed Dawn's small breasts, caressing them as she continued licking them.

Dawn suddenly felt Lily slender fingers go from her breast down to the tip of her clitoris as Lily increased the suction on her nipple. Lily began stroking and rubbing of Dawn's swollen clitoris as she continued to suck her tit.

Dawn realized she needed to pleasure Lily now as well. Dawn began rubbing Lily's clit with her hand just like Lily was doing to her clit. Lily loved the feel of Dawn's fingers on her pussy. After a minute or so of stroking Lily's pussy, Dawn could start to feel liquid coming out of her pussy.

"It feels like your almost ready!" Dawn said to Lily as they both continued stroking each other.

Dawn's movements were slow and soft, teasing the tender folds of skin around Lily's pussy. Lily moaned as she tried contain herself from cumming this early.

Violet was getting quite horny watching Dawn and Lily and she began masturbating while watching them. Her hand started massaging her big breast and her fingers eventually locked on her hard nipples and started playing with them. The pleasure created from touching her hard, pointy nipples was so intense that she kept on doing it while she watched Dawn and Lily.

After a few moments, Violet's right hand slowly slid downwards towards her pussy. Her hand reached her pussy and she started rubbing it. She slid a finger inside her pussy and she could feel some of Ash's cum still inside. At the same time her left hand started squeezing and twisting her breasts.

Violet cupped her left breast in her hand and brought it up to her mouth. Her lips dropped towards her tits and she started sucking on it. The intense arousal and the stimulation that her fingers and her mouth were providing was causing Violet to moan loudly.

Ash opened his eyes after having rested for a few minutes and saw all the action that was going on. Dawn and Lily were once again playing with each other and Violet was working herself off. Ash couldn't believe that Violet had managed to get her breast up to her mouth in order to suck it. He found that very erotic and he could once again start to feel his penis start to get big again.

"Look at that, Ash's penis is getting hard again already!" Violet said as she watch Ash's penis start getting erect again as she continued playing with her pussy.

Dawn and Lily stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Ash sitting on the floor.

"I think Ash likes what he sees." Lily joked.

"Looks like someone wants to play with us now." Dawn said as Lily sucked on her left nipple.

"I want that penis inside my pussy so bad. My pussy is aching!・Lily exclaimed as she stopped sucking Dawn's tit and looked at Ash's fully erect penis.

"Me too, my pussy has been aching for so long too.・Dawn also said.

"Well you both can't have him. You're going to have to take turns." Violet added as she continued stroking her pussy with one hand and caressing one of her breasts with the other hand as she watched her sister and Dawn.

Ash had fully recovered and his penis was fully erect and was also starting to ache. Ash got up off the floor and walked over to the bench where Dawn and Lily were playing with each other. He needed relief now as well but he didn't want to disappoint the girls. He'd learned from previous experiences that he'd have to get the girls to take turns, but both seemed to want to have sex with him first.

"Uh, so, which one of you wants it first?" Ash cautiously asked them.

"I do!" Dawn and Lily both exclaimed at the same time.

"Uh, that's going to be a bit hard." Ash said confused on who he should do first. Both girls would be disappointed if the other one got it first.

"Well Ash, looks like you got a 'problem' there now don't you." Violet laughed as she found the situation quite predictable.

"Yeah, I do." Ash said in a confused voice.

"Here, I have a solution for you. Lily and Dawn, line your pussies together and hold on to each other tightly. Ash can put his penis in between your two pussy's and do you both at the same time. That way you both will be satisfied at the same time." Violet said as she offered the suggestion.

"Well, it sounds like a suitable solution to me!" Ash said ready to put Violet's plan into action.

"Well, alright. That sounds good to be too." Lily said as she smiled down at Dawn.

"Yeah me too. This way will all be satisfied at the same time. It sound fun and sexy all at the same time." Dawn said as she smiled back as Lily.

Lily moved her body down so that her pussy lips lined up against Dawn's pussy lips. Both girls got more excited as they could feel each other's pussy touching each other. They could feel the heat and wetness from each other's pussy as they began to rub against each other.

The position created a valley in between Dawn and Lily's pussy. Their pussy lips were pressed together tightly as they rubbed back and forth.

"There you go Ash. You now have your very own pussy canal." Violet said as she loved looking at the two pussy's mashed together like that.

Ash looked at Lily and Dawn's pussy's tightly pressed against each other. He could see liquid starting to drip from both of their pussy's.

"Come on Ash, were waiting for you." Lily said as she turned her head around to watch Ash move in behind them.

"Alright here I come." Ash said as he grabbed his penis and aimed it in the valley between their two pussy's.

Lily and Dawn's outer pussy lips began to spread wide, as the soft flesh began to be probed by the head of Ash's penis. Dawn and Lily both gasped and grabbed each other tightly as they felt Ash's penis begin to rub against their pussy's.

Ash began to push his penis further forward and he could start to feel their pussy lips starting to wrap around his penis. It felt different than inside a pussy as Ash could feel the warmth from both their pussy's emanating on his penis but not consistently around it like it would if he had penetrated one of their pussy's. He could feel the slit of their pussy's on the top and bottom of his penis rubbing against him.

Ash loved this new unique feeling against his penis and he began to stroke his penis in and out between their pussy lips. Lily and Dawn were holding themselves tightly together that their pussy's were making it a tight fit for Ash. The girls both moaned as Ash began to increase the pace of his thrusts.

"That's it Ash. Give it to us." Lily moan to him as she felt his penis rubbing against the outside of her pussy.

"More Ash, more! It feels so good." Dawn told him as he was encouraged by their response.

The head of Ash's penis pushed passed their pussy lips and slapped their warm and soft belly's. Lily pushed her hips forward and Ash's penis shaft slid across her slippery slit. Ash pulled his penis out and began another thrust.

Lily tried to wedge Ash's penis head between her cunt lips, attempting to hog his penis but Dawn shifted her body so that Ash's penis glided between the valley the girls' pussy's made. The girls hips vibrated as they thrashed and groaned closer and closer to an orgasm and they both could feel Ash's penis against them. Both wanted Ash to penetrate their pussy opening, but they both knew this would satisfy all involved at the same time.

Violet continued her masturbating as she watched Ash continue thrusting between their pussy's. She loved the sight of her sister, Ash and Dawn in front of her having sex. It made her even more horny watching than when she was having sex with Ash herself. She continued rubbing her pussy and breasts getting closer to another climax.

"Well sis, looks like your a bit jealous now that we have your man." Lily taunted as she watched her sister masturbate in front of them as Ash continued rocking his penis between Lily and Dawn.

"I'm not the least bit jealous. I think you guys look so hot rubbing and fucking each other. It makes me really horny watching you guys." Violet told them.

Violet slid around on the floor as her body bucked and curved with her constant touching of it. Violet moved her two fingers around in her pussy and she could feel some of the cum that Ash deposited there earlier. She scooped up some of it with her fingers and tried to get some of it out of her pussy. She slowly pulled her cum covered fingers out of her pussy so she wouldn't loose any of the precious cum.

Seconds later, she had managed to retrieve some of the cum from her pussy. Violet looked at Ash's cum on her fingers. It had combined with some of the juices from her pussy and it was glistening and reflecting the lights in the room. Violet put her fingers up to her lips and began licking them like an ice cream cone. She loved the taste of her pussy juices mixed with Ash's cum. It tasted sweet and salty all at the same time.

Within a minute, Violet had sucked off all the cum from her fingers and had swallowed it all. It left her wanting more cum. She quickly put her fingers back inside her pussy and began trying to get the last bits of cum left inside. Ash could hear Violet moaning beside him on the floor and he turned his head to see what she was doing. Violet saw Ash turn to look at her and that excited her a lot.

"Do you like that? Do you like seeing me play with my pussy and lick my own pussy juice with your cum?" Violet asked him as her fingers probed her pussy for more of his precious cum.

"You look so hot doing that Violet." Ash said as he watched her play with herself.

Violet managed to get the remaining cum inside her pussy on her fingers and she slowly pulled her fingers out her pussy again. Ash could see the thin trail of cum hang from her fingers go all the way to the opening of her pussy as she pulled her fingers out and stuck them in her mouth. Violet moaned as she sucked the remaining cum off her fingers. Ash got really excited as he watched her suck the cum he had left in her pussy earlier.

"Oh Ash, your cum tastes so good mixed with my pussy juices. I love the taste. I could eat this all day." Violet said as she swallowed the remaining cum and licked her lips.

Violet lent her head back and closed her eyes. Ash could hear a soft moan escape through her just parted lips. Violet moved her hands up to her breasts and cupped both of them. Ash watched as she moved her hands over her large breasts and when she finally reached her nipples, she gently squeezed them between her thumb and index finger. The pinching sensation caused her to arch her back and thrust her breasts foward. Ash could see that Violet was enjoying herself, but he needed to focus his attention on Dawn and Lily.

Ash reached out and moved his hands between Lily and Dawn's bodies and squeezed both of Lily's breasts. Having watched Violet play with her breasts, he wanted to do the same with Lily's breasts. He had been wanting to feel them since he saw here naked for the first time earlier. Lily's breasts weren't as big as Violet's, but the filled Ash's hands perfectly.

"I was wondering how long it was going to take you to touch by boobs again. I saw you eying them earlier when I gave you your pills and water. So what do you think? Are they as good as Violet's?" Lily asked as she felt Ash play with her breasts as he slowly continued his thrusting.

"Yeah I was. I've been waiting to play with them for a while. They feel really good." Ash told her as he massaged her breasts with his hands as he avoided answering the comparison question.

Ash started playing with her nipples and pinched and rubbed them with his fingers. Ash could also feel Dawn's smaller breasts pushed against the back of his hand. Lily and Dawn where holding each other tightly and it made it a bit harder for Ash to fondle Lily's breasts as they were mashed up against Dawn's breasts, but he did his best to pleasure Lily.

"Are you girl's having a good time? Is my penis able to pleasure you girls enough without penetrating either of you?" Ash asked worried that he wasn't doing enough to pleasure the girls.

"Given the circumstances, this is the next best thing to sex and it feels almost as good." Lily said as she turned her head to talk to Ash.

"What about you Dawn?" Ash asked her.

"I think this feels great. Your penis feels so good against our pussy's. I could do this all day." Dawn said as she smiled at him.

"I told you it would be a good idea." Violet said as she was right about her earlier suggestion.

Wave after wave of sexual excitement flooded between all four of them. Dawn and Lily's pussy's squeezed Ash's penis quite hard still and he was starting to grunt a bit, obviously trying hard not to cum prematurely. He began thrusting between their lips harder than he had before as all the excitement had got him really horny.

"Faster Ash, faster!" Dawn and Lily both said as they encouraged him to continue.

Ash's thrusting was starting to get rough and he began getting stuck near the entrance to Dawn's pussy every few strokes. Dawn could feel the head of his penis enter the folds of her pussy opening before sliding down the slit of their pussy's. Every time it hit her opening, she hoped that he would enter her and forgo sliding down her slit.

"Oh Ash, stop teasing me like that. You penis keeps poking against my opening." Dawn said as she moaned.

"It seems Ash is better at making you guys feel good than he thinks." Violet said as she smiled and watched.

"Sorry Dawn. The faster I go, the hard it is to control where my penis goes. It's like it has a mind of its own." Ash told her as he slowed down a bit.

"Well its quite obvious now that you want to have sex with Dawn and I want to watch you do her. Guess its only fair since Dawn is the only one here that hasn't had sex with you today." Violet said as she moved closer to Ash, Dawn and Lily.

"Well since Dawn hasn't had a turn, I guess it's only fair." Lily said as she agreed to let Ash do Dawn.

Ash groaned as his balls were almost ready to burst. Ash watched as Violet moved in between them and reached for his penis. He stopped his thrusting as Violet grabbed his penis and stroked him a bit with one hand while she put her other hand on Lily's ass to help balance everyone.

Everyone moaned with anticipation and excitement but Violet was only one with a close view to see what was happening. Violet moved Ash's erect penis and hovered just above Dawn hot pussy opening. After a few seconds, Violet rubbed the tip of Ash's penis across Dawn's pussy opening which sent jolts of pleasure rocketing through both of them. Violet's own pussy was dripping wet as she rubbed Ash's penis across Dawn clitoris and then up and down her pussy.

By this time, Dawn was moaning and attempting to squirm around, but Lily's tight hold on her prevented her from doing to much other than moving her head back in forth. She was dying of anticipation awaiting Ash's penis to penetrate her. Finally Violet guided the head of Ash's penis to Dawn's opening and push the head of his penis inside her.

"Fuck her," Violet told Ash as he thrust his hips forward and drove his penis deep inside Dawn's tight pussy.

Dawn's body was instantly filled with pleasure as his penis reached deeper and deeper inside her by the second. Ash felt ready to burst as his balls were already tight beneath his plunging penis from the previous stimulation.

Violet had let go of Ash's penis and was now pinching her own nipples with one hand and thrusting her fingers of the other deep inside her pussy. She desperately watched as Ash thrust his penis into Dawn and she was in totally awe at the obvious pleasure they were giving each other.

Moans of passion filled the room as Dawn felt Ash's heavy balls slap against her soaked pussy. The cum pill had obviously worked as Ash could feel that his balls were completely full of cum again. With each thrust Ash would withdraw till only the head remained inside her body and then with a single movement he would thrust into her completely as his balls slapped against her loudly. Ash kept this up for several minutes as all Dawn could do was lie there and take it.

"Does that feel good?" Lily said as she looked down at Dawn who was lying below her.

"It feels great. Don't stop, please..." Dawn insisted.

Dawn and Ash both began to tremble as the head of his penis nudged right up against Dawn's cervix. Dawn's entire body was covered in sweat as the heat from Ash's penis and Lily's body was making her hot.

"Give it to her hard now Ash. I can sort of feel you stroking her right now, but I think if you go harder the vibration will rub against my pussy too" Lily instructed as Ash complied.

"It feels so, so good. Dawn's pussy is really tight and wet." Ash said has he stroked harder.

Dawn felt her lips stretch wider than they ever have before and wrap tightly around Ash's penis as he hit her cervix again.

"More! More!" she begged.

The feeling of being inside her was unbelievable for Ash as Dawn's younger body was a bit different than Violet or Lily. At this point Dawn's pussy was so lubricated and stretched that penetrating her was not a problem for Ash. Her pussy lips were spread wide open and her opening was easily visible to Ash when he pull his penis out and thrusted back in.

Ash began to pump away at Dawn's tight little pussy, grabbing handfuls of Lily's ass and squeezing them hard as he thrusted into Dawn. Dawn was moaning with pleasure and her head began to shake around faster and faster towards an orgasm.

"Oh Ash! I can feel you pumping Dawn's pussy! It feels so good. I wish it was inside me." Lily said as she moved one of her hands back and began rubbing her pussy lips with it.

Ash felt Dawn's pussy muscles tighten around his penis and he could tell she was about ready to climax. Ash also felt himself getting closer to cumming.

"I'm gonna cum soon." Ash told Dawn.

"I want you to cum inside of me." Dawn replied.

With a final thrust Ash plunged once again deep into Dawn's pussy. Dawn felt his penis throb as his cum began to spurt with force inside her pussy. The sensation triggered Dawn's climax as her pussy spasmed and clamped on tight around his penis.

"I'm cumming!" Ash groaned as he continued to unload his cum inside Dawn.

"Ohh!" was all that Dawn could reply.

Dawn shuddered from head to toe as one of the hardest orgasms of her life ripped through her body. Ash and Dawn shook and shivered as their mutual climax crashed about their bodies. Ash felt his strength disappear as he could no longer stand up. His spent penis slid slowly out of Dawn's pussy as he sat down on the floor beside Violet.

Seconds later the room was filled with moans and screams again as Lily had managed to get herself off after feeling Ash and Dawn have orgasms below her. She collapsed completely onto Dawn as she was no longer able to keep her body above Dawn any longer.

"That was amazing to watch," Violet blurted out a minute or so after they had climaxed.

"Maybe we should do it again sometime." Violet continued as no one answered her first statement as they were all tired and feeling the after effects of their orgasms.

A few minutes past and the group was finally returning to their senses. They could still hear May, Misty and Brock going at it in the shower area and they were somewhat surprised that they were still going.

"Are they still going at it?" Lily asked the group.

"Sounds like it." Dawn replied.

"You'de think they'de be done already..." Violet said in a puzzling voice.

"How long has it been?" Ash asked as he looked around to see if he could find a clock.

'It's got to have been over an hour since they first walked in the change room." Lily guess trying to think of the time that had gone by.

"Well I don't know about you, but I could use a nice cool shower to clean off." Violet said as she got up off the floor.

"You know that sounds like a great idea Violet. I'll come join you." Lily said as she got up off of Dawn and started heading for the shower area.

Ash and Dawn looked at each other and smiled. They two also got up as the group went into the shower area where Brock, May and Misty were still having sex under the far wall shower.

May and Misty were standing bet over in front of Brock as their hands were bracing themselves against the wall. The shower was pouring water all over their bodies as Brock was banging them from behind. None of them noticed the group of people entering the shower room with them as they were too busy with their own business.

Ash, Dawn, Lily and Violet stood behind Brock, May and Misty as they watched Brock nail Misty's pussy and then after a few thrusts switch over to May's pussy. They couldn't believe Brock's amazing stamina, but they all knew he couldn't keep that up for much longer.

"I want this to be a regular thing for us on our upcoming journey." May told Misty and Brock.

"I agree. We'll do this as often as we can." Misty said as she felt Brock's penis continue to throb inside her pussy.

"Ash doesn't know what he's missing." May said as she waited for her turn not knowing Ash was standing right behind them.

Ash hear what May had said but he understood why she said it. He was about to reply to her comment when Violet covered his mouth with her had. With her other hand she put her index finger against her lips indicting to him that he should be quiet and just watch.

"My sisters pussy's are nearly as tight as ours." Misty added.

"Oh yeah! You're so tight, Misty!" Brock said as he thrusted.

"That's it, Brock, fuck me harder. Yeah, yeah!" Misty said barely catching her breath

"I'm gonna cum!" Misty screamed.

Brock felt her pussy contract and tighten against his penis. Brock immediately began slamming into her giving her the ultimate climax. Brock felt his cum filled balls slapped against her ass as he thrusted his penis deep inside her. Misty started screaming as her orgasm overwhelming her entire body. Her pussy kept squeezing and contracting against Brock's penis to the point that he could no longer hold off himself.

"I'm about to cum!" Brock told them.

"Cum inside us. Give us everything you got. Cum inside Misty and then cum inside me too." May said as she waited for Brock to cum inside her.

Brock gave Misty one last furious stroke and he began shooting cum deep inside her pussy. May looked at Brock with with pure ecstasy awaiting her turn. Brock groaned as he discharged another load of cum inside Misty and then quickly pulled out of her pussy.

Misty's pussy made an actual plopping and slurping sound as Brock quickly moved in behind May. Before he could put his penis inside her pussy to finish off his climax, he felt another load of white cum squirt out and landed on May's ass. He quickly pushed his penis as deep inside May's pussy before he let out another load of his cum.

May felt Brock's penis penetrate her pussy faster than he had ever before and she could feel his cum squirt inside her. The feeling also drove her over the edge as she began to climax. She shifted her weight a bit to keep her balance as the overwhelming sensation from her climax was filling her whole body to the point that she could barely stand.

Seconds later, May and Brock could no longer stand and they both collapsed on the floor attempting to recover from their powerful orgasms. The group behind them watched in awe as water began to enter May and Misty's pussy's and the cum began to mix with the shower water. The mixed liquid began to drip out of their pussy's and onto the floor.

The group was stunned on just how much cum was coming out of their pussy's. It seemed to never end. Violet and Lily were jealous of Misty and May as that much cum inside them must have felt great.

"Uh hmm." Ash finally said as he turned away and walked towards to closest shower head.

May and Misty turned around to see Dawn, Lily and Violet starring at them.

"Uh.. Hi. How long have you girls been there watching?" Misty asked as she turned around to see what the noise was.

"Long enough to see what you girls have been up to." Violet replied as Brock looked up to see three more naked girls in front of him.

"Looks like you two had some fun with Brock. Next time will have to have a go with Brock." Lily joked as she looked at her sister.

While the thought of having sex with Misty's sisters excited Brock, he was too tired to think about it that much. He had just spent all his energy on pleasuring May and Misty and really wasn't in much shape to do anything else but sit there and rest.

"Well it looks like Ash is getting cleaned up. Guess we should too now." Lily said as she walked over to a shower head and turned it on.

Dawn and Lily did the same as they all began to wash off all the remaining cum and sweat off their bodies. May and Misty got up off the floor and began washing themselves again as well.

The group spent the next 10 minutes discussing their sexual experiences with each other as they all washed up. No one attempted to cover their bodies and they all seemed comfortable being naked in front of each other.

"Guess we'd better dry off and get ready for dinner now." Dawn said with a hint of disappointment in her voice.

"The towels are just over on the shelf by the entrance to the pool." Misty said pointed towards the shelf.

Everyone started funneling out of the shower area towards the stack of towels on the shelf. They all got a towel and began to dry themselves off. Their clothes were still in the lockers, but unlike earlier when they were getting changed, no one was concerned about been seen naked while they changed. Everyone got into their clothes and took their wet bathing suits and towels to be dried.

"Has anyone seen Daisy? Is she still out in the pool by herself?" Misty said as she finally remembered that they were one person short in the change room.

Daisy had fallen asleep on the chair and when she woke up she notice no one was in the pool anymore. She looked up at the clock and noticed she had been sleeping most the afternoon. She had got caught up on the lack of sleep from the previous night, but in was almost time to start preparing dinner.

Daisy walked toward the change room door and entered. She was greeted by her sisters and Misty's friends who had just finished changing and were preparing to leave the change room.

"Well she finally woke up!" Lily exclaimed as the group laughed as Daisy walked in.

"Did you have a good nap?" Misty said jokingly.

"Uh yeah. You guys done swimming for the day?" Daisy responded in a half asleep still.

"Oh were done for the day that's for sure!" Ash said as everyone broke out laughing.

Daisy looked puzzled as she watched everyone begin walking out of the change room leaving here there by herself to change. She found it quite odd that everyone was in the change room at once. She'd obviously missed all the days excitement.

Ash and his friends put their bathing suits in the laundry to dry while they had dinner. They all tossed their towels and bathing suits which spent more time on the ground than they did on their bodies. Each of them recalled their earlier experience as they tossed them in.
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