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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 17 - Change Room Change Up!

Misty looked around the change room to take up the earlier events. Lily and Dawn stopped for a second to see the other three enter the room, but quickly went back to work on each other.

"Uh look guys, I can explain." Ash said as he pulled his penis from Violet's breasts where he had cummed moments earlier.

"No need to explain Ash. We understand completely what's going on here." May said with a smug look on her face.

"Yeah, you obviously don't like us anymore and are going after my sisters instead. Well that's fine." Misty said as she looked disappointed at Ash but was truly just teasing him.

Misty and May were about to increase the teasing ten fold with Ash. They knew the more they teased him, the more he'd give in to what they wanted.

"Well that's fine with us Ash. At least Brock here is loyal to his friends and for that he'll be rewarded." May told Ash as she gave Misty a wink.

Brock was unaware around Misty and May as he was too busy concentrating watching Lily and Dawn. Suddenly, Brock felt two hands grab the sides of his swimming trunks and began to tug them down. Misty had grabbed one side of them and May had grabbed the other one. It didn't take them more than a few seconds for them to take it off and drop it to the ground.

Violet was stunned to see how large Brock's penis was when it was finally revealed. It was certainly bigger then Ash's and it was not fully erect. Brock obviously couldn't help himself after seeing what was transpiring in the room. Misty could see that Violet wanted to play with Brock's penis badly, but she wanted to make her jealous.

"I think Brock's a bit dirty May. How about we give you a wash in the shower Brock and we can leave these 'dirty' people alone to do their own 'business'?" Misty asked Brock as she began to drag Brock towards the showers.

"I think that's a great idea Misty, and it looks like Brock here agrees with us." May said as she flicked Brock's erect penis with her hand.

"Hey, watch it!" Brock protested slowly as had May touched his penis.

"Come on guys, lets leave the others and have some fun of our own." Misty said as she looked towards the shower area.

Misty grabbed one of May's hands and one of Brock's hands and dragged them into the shower area a few yards away from the main room where everyone else was.

A few seconds later the three of them were in the shower and May turned on the water. The shower was now running and Brock had two beautiful girls that wanted him to join them in it.

Misty picked up the bottle of soap and squirted some soap in her hands and began to rub the lather all over Brock's arm, chest, and down to his stomach.

May took the soap from Misty and began to lather up Brock's waist all the way down his legs. It didn't take long for Misty and May to completely clean up Brock as they massaged and rubbed the soap into his body while the water from the shower washed the soap off his body.

"Guess that's all of your body Brock, except one last bit that needs some cleaning." Misty said as she smiled at Brock.

"Misty, I think it's going to take both of us to clean that part. It looks really dirty right now." May joked as they all looked at Brock's erect penis standing at attention.

Misty and May's mouth's were watering as they both knelt before Brock in the shower. Misty wrapped her hand around Brock's penis as her fingers encircling his shaft and barely meeting on the other side. For a moment, Misty just started at Brock's large penis but then she slowly began to slide her hand up and down his penis.

May managed to move in close and now all four of their hands were on Brock's penis. Brock he couldn't keep track of who was doing what to his penis. May stroked Brock's penis for a bit before she finally slipped her lips around the head of his penis. Brock sighed as he felt May's mouth at the tip of his penis, as sensation of a warm mouth around his manhood and the girls stroking his penis was amazing.

Misty wanted a turn licking Brock's penis and he watched as Misty's lips slide up and down the side of his penis rapidly. May grabbed the base of his penis as she moved her hands, giving her more access to his shaft.

Misty and May were so close that they were almost touching lips. The thought of May and Misty kissing while they in turn licked and sucked his penis, was almost too much for Brock to comprehend. He wanted to make sure it was a reality though. He grabbed both of their heads and directed them to each other. It didn't take long for May and Misty to realize what Brock's wanted, so they stopped licking and sucking Brock's penis and began kissing each other on the lips.

Misty and May continued to stroke Brock's penis as they kissed. Their tongues met and they began to frantically lick each others tongue. After a minute or so of kissing each other, May and Misty returned their focus to Brock.

May's back was to the licking the head of Brock's penis, and Misty was licking the shaft as they both slowly stroked him.
Brock watched his penis slide between Misty's lips as she tried to lick as much of it as she could.

With a sexy look on her face, May opened her mouth wider and began to stick more of his penis inside her mouth. She ran her lips down his shaft until she felt his head touch her throat. Brock watched as Misty duck down below and began to lick at his balls while May focused on the shaft of his penis.

The two of them played with Brock's penis as the water from the shower sprayed all over them. Their hair was all soaken from swimming earlier and continued to stay wet from the water from the shower. Brock tried to maintain his composure as the girls continued licking and rubbing his penis, but he was finding it increasingly harder to do so.

"Slow down a bit guys, your going a bit too fast." Brock said as he closed his eye to concentrate a bit harder.

"Awe, two girls is too much for poor Brock." May said as she pulled his penis out of her mouth.

"He cannot take all the attention it seems." Misty replied as she giggled.

"Why don't we let Brock rest for a bit now and he can wash us instead." May asked Misty.

"I think that's a great idea." Misty said as she passed the bottle of soap to Brock.

Brock turned around and adjusting the temperature of the shower as he was getting a bit hot. Misty and May stood up and moved in close around Brock. All three of their bodies touched and rubbed against each other. Brock squirted some soap in both his hands and began rubbing soap on both the girls backs as he gently rubbed their wet skin to massages the soap into a lather.

Brock's back was against the running shower water, so neither of the girls got too much water on their backs where Brock was continuing to lather in the soap. He continued down their backs till he reached there butts and he slowly but surely began to cover them with soap as well. Both Misty and May were still wearing their bikini's and they were starting to get a bit of soap on them now as well.

Brock ran his hands down their smooth, wet, bodies until he grabbed each of their ass cheeks in his hands. He squeezed the flesh of the ass as he pulled both his friends close to him. Their bodies were now pressing tightly against him as they kissed him and began squirting more soap on them.

Brock loved the feeling of their their tight, wet and soapy ass cheeks in his hands. He rubbed both their asses with his hands, making sure to cover them all with soap. The water hadn't rinsed off the soap from their backs yet as Brock was blocking most of the spray with his body. Brock continued rubbing the soap in the crack of their asses even though they were covered by their bikini bottoms. He loved feeling the contrast of their tight bikini's and their naked skin. The soap and water made rubbing their asses really easy for him and he enjoyed every second of it.

Ash was still a bit stunned from his friends catching him with the other girls that he hadn't continued his previous activities with Violet. He quickly peered into the shower area and saw May and Misty all over Brock as he washed the back of their bodies.

Ash's memory was jogged a bit from the sight, as he remembered the first time with his mom in the shower. He remembered all the feelings he had then and could only imagine what Brock was feeling with two girls all over him in the shower.

"Do you like that girls?" Brock asked them as he continued to rub his soapy hands in the crack of their asses.

"Oh yes! More, soap please..." the girls both begged awaiting Brock to continue his massaging.

Brock grabbed the bottle of soap once again and put more soap in his hands. This time he decided to wash the front of their bodies which were resting against him. He slowly pushed them away from his body to give him access to wash them.

Brock started to wash them by starting at their shoulders and then he slowly worked his down to their breasts. May and Misty were both wearing rather conservative bikini's compared to Misty's sisters and but they both revealed ample amount of their breasts. Brock's hands cupped one of their breasts at a time as he massaging them and the soap foam began to build up in the cleavage of their breasts. Brock could feel that Misty and May's tits were hardening as he continued to rub their breasts through the thin fabric of their bikini's. He could also see their tits begin to protrude a bump under the material as they became more erect.

Brock kept lathering up more soap and ran his hands down their body making sure he covered their entire bodies from head to toe just like they had done with him. It took him a bit longer than it took them to wash, but he was enjoying every second of feeling off their bodies. The scent of soap filled the room as Misty and May were now completely covered in soap.

"I guess we better wash this soap off now." Misty said as she moved so she was under the shower head.

"Yeah, Brock did a great job cleaning us up." May said as she joined Misty under the shower.

Brock watched as the girls rinsed their bodies off and the soap ran down their bodies to the drain. It didn't take them long to get all the soap off them. He loved watching them move their hands down their bodies as they continued washing off the soap until it was all off.

"You know Misty, I think Brock needs some attention again." May said looking at Brock's erect penis sticking out at the girls as he watched them wash off their bodies.

"I think your right May. I think its about time we starting using that for what it was intended to be used for." Misty said with a smile.

"Well that's going to be a bit hard with these bikini's on Misty." May said as she continued to tease Brock a bit.

"Oh your right May, these bikini's would make it quite difficult for Brock to get that large penis of us inside us." Misty said as she began to tease Brock now too.

"By the looks of Brock's penis, it looks like he cannot wait for it to be buried inside our pussies." May said as she began to rub her slit through the bikini in front of Brock.

"I love the idea of having two gorgeous friends to ravish." Brock quickly replied as he had just about enough of Misty and May's teasing.

"...And to watch us ravish each other as well I bet. We both saw the way you looked at Lily and Dawn earlier and we know your interested in watching us do something similar." Misty said as she put her index finger in her mouth and began to imitate sucking his penis.

"Oh I like that thought Misty. Let's put on a show for Brock to see how long he can last before he goes crazy." May said as she began moving closer towards Misty.

Misty and May began kissing in front of Brock as the water from the shower rained over them. Their tongue met inside their mouths as they kissed and they immediately cupped each others breasts. In unison they moved together and pressed their breasts together as they continued to kiss and fondle each other breasts through their bikini's.

Misty began to kiss her way down May's neck to her breasts. She licked her tongue through the cleavage between May's breasts. The skin was wet as more water continued to flow down May's body as Misty continued licking.

Misty finally bit the one side of May's bikini that was closest to her cleavage with her teeth. As soon as she had grabbed a hold of the material with her teeth, she slowly began to move the material. Misty's face was pushing up against May's breast as she slowly pulled the one side of her bikini down below her breast, exposing her erect tit.

Brock and Misty couldn't believe how erect May's tit was. She was obviously quite turned on at the moment. May's bikini was resting underneath her breast and it was propping it up like a push up bra. Misty pressed her face against May's breast, taking the nipple between her lips as. May's eyes blazed with excitement as she stared at Misty who had begun to feast on her luscious breast. May blushed slightly as Misty sucked away on her tit.

May took a hold of her own breasts, and began to massage them as Misty sucked on her tit. Brock could hear May starting to pant more and more loudly, and he could tell Misty was doing a good job. He wanted to go over there and take Misty's place, but he knew Misty wasn't about to let him do that.

Brock tried to relax as he watched Misty and May go at each other, but his erection was making things even more uncomfortable. Misty continued to massage and suck May's breast and Brock could feel his balls begin to ache along with his penis. Brock couldn't last any longer and he grabbed his penis and began stroking as the girls looked over to see tiny droplets of pre-cum appearing on the head of his penis.

May starred at Brock's penis as she could see some of his pre-cum and licked her lips in anticipation. As Brock watched, Misty put one hand down the front of May's bikini bottoms and began to stroke her pussy. Brock could see part of May's pussy lips as Misty's hand had moved May's bikini out of place.

Misty moved May's bikini bottoms aside as she motioned May to spread her legs wide so that Brock would have a clear view of her pussy. Brock could see the moisture on May's pussy lips from all the water from the shower. Misty slid her fingers down May's pussy lips, parting them slightly and pushing her fingers along the slit between her pussy lips. Suddenly her finger vanished inside May's pussy, and Misty look back at Brock who was slowly stroking himself.

"It feels like May is ready for some action now Brock, and from the looks of it so are you." Misty said as she motioned Brock to come over to them.

Brock fought to gain a little composure as he walked over towards the girls.

"Mmm. That penis looks so big and hard. Put it in me now Brock." May moaned.

"Here I'll help you Brock." Misty said.

Misty placed her hand on Brock's ass and gently moved him into position in front of May. Misty was still right in front of May, and she used her hands to help balance May. Misty then reached out and grabbed Brock's penis and She placed the head of his penis cock on the slit of May's pussy. Holding his penis in one hand and helping May balance herself while standing up with the other hand, Misty guided Brock's penis inside May's pussy. Brock and May both moaned and the three of them paused for a brief moment. Without any assistance from Misty, Brock thrust forward and May balanced herself against the shower wall as his penis was buried completely inside her pussy.

"Oh, god, this feels so nice." May said as the water from the shower was now spraying on all three of them.

Brock began to thrust slowly in and out of May as Misty reached down to play with his balls as they bounced around while he thrusted. Brock and May were really getting into it now as they huffed and moaned while he thrust into her furiously. May's bikini bottom moved from the side of her thigh to almost over her pussy due to all the movements which blocked Brock's ability to thrust. May pulled her body back and grabbed the side of her bikini bottoms and let them drop to the floor.

"Hurry up Brock. Put it back in!" May exclaimed as she waited for Brock to thrust back inside her.

As soon as May's hands were bracing herself against the shower wall again, Brock thrust himself inside her again. May's head flung back and Brock moved his hands to her breasts pushed her bikini top completely below here breasts exposing both tits now. Brock started playing with her tits, tweaking and massaging them as she moaned and tossed her head about enjoying every second. May finally rested her head against the tiles of the shower wall as Brock pushed deeper and harder inside her pussy.

With every stroke Brock got further inside her. He could feel the water running down her body and then his his penis as he thrusted into her.

"Does it feel good Brock?" Misty panted as licked Brock balls again as he continued to thrust his penis into May's pussy.

"It's wonderful!" Brock managed to reply.

"Does it feel as good as the first time we fucked Brock?" May asked him.

"It feels even better than the first time." Brock quickly replied continuing his rhythm.

Brock was now thrusting at the same rhythm May's hips were moving. Misty continued to watch as she herself became excited and licked Brock's balls faster. Misty could feel her pussy starting to drip inside now and she knew she was going to need some attention of her own shortly. Misty starred at May's pussy lips as she watched Brock's penis spread them wide apart every time his thrusted his penis inside her pussy.

"I think it's my turn now. I want you to fuck me too Brock." Misty said as she couldn't take it any longer.

"No Brock, it's still my turn. Keep going!" May said as she began to move her body against him faster.

Misty knew she would need to give Brock some more motivation to stop having sex with May. Misty's tight little red bikini was soaking wet and clinging to her body skin tight still. Her bikini top was still held in place by the clasp around her back and she was exposing some cleavage, but not as much as May's breasts did. Mity moved her hands down and made it look like she was going to pull down her bikini bottoms down. That quickly got Brock's attention.

"Oh so you are interesting in me too now, huh?" Misty joked as Brock starred at Misty waiting in anticipation for her to get naked.

Brock didn't reply but was somewhat confused as to what he should do next.

"Well if you come over here, I'll show you a good time as well." Misty said as she grabbed one of Brock's hands and guided it towards her pussy.

Misty placed his hand on her pussy and he began to rub it for a few seconds through her bikini. Brock pressed his finger between her lips on each stroke, and then abruptly put his finger under her bikini and pushed his finger up into her pussy as far as he could. Misty let out a loud gasp and began thrusting herself down on his finger as he continued to thrust his penis into May's pussy in unison. Misty's eyes were clamped shut and she was bucking herself against Brock's thrusting finger under her bikini.

Misty loved every second of Brock's finger in her pussy but she wanted something bigger inside her. She wanted Brock's penis inside her as that was the only thing that was going to satisfy her now. Misty grabbed the side of her bikini bottoms and slid them down her legs till they were on the floor. Brock could now see his finger inside Misty's pussy as he continued to stroke his finger in and out.

"Brock, it's my turn to get fucked now. May's had her turn, so bring that large penis of yours and stick it inside me now." Misty said awaiting him to put it in her.

"Here's your chance now Brock. Shove your hard penis in Misty's tiny pussy until you've rammed it completely inside her. That will teach her to quit teasing you all the time. Go ahead do it now and fuck her while your standing up just like you did me." May said in a jealous voice that turned Brock on.

Brock pulled out of May's pussy and Misty reached between his legs and placed his large erect penis at the opening to her pussy. Brock didn't need any motivation after that and quickly pushed his penis inside Misty's hot, waiting pussy.

Misty legs were forced apart and as she stood there. She looked at his penis as it began to disappear inside her pussy. She knew that it was going to fill her entire pussy.

"Oh, yes! Oh, yes!" Misty said as Brock began thrusting his penis inside her.

Brock had pressed the head of his cock against her swollen pussy lips and slid it up and down a few times along the length of her lip before her pussy lips parted. Inch after inch of his penis disappeared into her wet, pink pussy and he'd almost forgotten about May who he'd just finished having sex with. Here right in front of him was another willing girl taking his penis inside her.

"Aahhhh! Fill me up, Brock!" Misty moaned as he thrust inside her savagely.

"You are so hot and tight!" Brock grunted as he began thrusting faster and harder causing Misty to have to balance herself against the shower wall.

Brock pushed slowly once against feeling Misty's pussy stretch around his penis. It was the same feeling being inside Misty as it was with May. Both were equally tight and warm and wet and Brock was enjoying every second.

Brock groaned as he pushed deeper inside Misty. Misty pushed back against him, as his penis was now fully inside her pussy. Misty moaned as Brock pulled back a bit, while her pussy muscles desperately tried to hold his penis inside her. Misty tossed her head back moaned again as her wet hair flicked onto her back.

"Keep fucking me like that! Don't stop Brock." Misty gasped as she closed her eyes as the water from the shower sprayed onto her face.

Brock grabbed Misty's hips as his hands ran over the smooth flesh of her ass. He continued thrusting as the water from the shower was now flowing into Misty's pussy and was making a swishy noise as he thrusted. The water made it even easier for his penis to slide in and out, so Brock started going faster again.

Misty felt his tip poking at her cervix and felt her belly tighten as her orgasm grew. She loved having her cervix bumped by his penis and she remembered the first time they had sex and how Brock was able to penetrate into her womb. This drove Misty over the edge and she had her first orgasm of the day as she cummed all over Brock's penis. Brock did his best not to cum there as well as he knew May would be upset if Misty got all his cum.

By this time May was getting anxious again having seen Misty climax and she wanted Brock inside her again so she could climax.

"Alright, Misty's hadd her turn. Put it back inside me." May whined as she turned around and wiggled her ass at Brock as she put her hands on the wall to balance herself.

Brock could tell May wanted it from behind this time and he was more then happy to oblige. Brock pulled his penis out of Misty's pussy and moved in behind May who was waiting for him again. Brock lined himself up to her dripping pussy and slowly pushed himself in.

Brock looked down at May's body and watched his penis slide in and out of her pussy from behind. He could see her breasts bouncing from side to side every few strokes. After seeing her breasts bounce around like that, it drove Brock wild and he began thrusting into her pussy more and his groin slapped hard against her ass, causing her cheeks to shake with each impact. Brock loved the feeling of her ass padding his thrusts.

Brock looked down at May's ass and noticed that her asshole was getting wider and wider. May started pushing against him as she moaned loudly. Brock was oddly fascinated by her gapping ass hole and he reached down with his and followed the crack of her ass till he got to her asshole. May couldn't believe the exciting feeling she had when Brock did that and her heart was pounding excitedly. She was on the edge of orgasm herself now. Brock started circling her asshole with his finger and that drove May over the edge.

"Oh my! I'm cumming Brock!" May said as she couldn't take it anymore.

Misty had recovered from her orgasm and watched as May climaxed herself.

"Don't cum yet Brock. It's my turn again." Misty said as she got into a doggy like position herself as she stood beside May.

"I don't know which one of you to fuck! This is almost too much!" Brock said as he stepped behind Misty.

His penis found her pussy on its own again and he slipped into her wet pussy for the second time that day. Brock pushed forward and watched her lips open up and slowly absorb his throbbing member. She was so wet time time that he was able to enter all the way inside her pussy in one stroke.

"That feels good!" Misty moaned as she felt Brock's penis penetrate her with ease.

Brock began having sex with Misty as May had almost recovered from her climax now. May had a perfect view of Misty's pussy as she looked back towards Brock. He's penis looked almost too big to get inside her.

Misty was still wearing her bikini top and Brock could see the knot midway up her back that held it together. Brock didn't need much more tempting as he quickly moved his hands up to it and began to untie it. After a few seconds of fiddling, the bikini was untied and the once skin tight bikini was now dangling from Misty's neck. May could now see Misty's erect tits uncovered from her bikini.

Brock could see the bikini strings that were tied at Misty's back dangling below her body now. He could tell that her bikini was no longer covering her breasts but he couldn't see for sure from his view. Brock's hands quickly went underneath Misty's body and he began searching for her breasts. It didn't take him long to find the bulging soft skin of her breasts. He began massaging her breasts in his hands as he nailed her from behind.

After a few minutes of having sex with Misty, May was ready for Brock to have sex with her again. She wanted his penis back inside her to warm her up as the cool shower was making her cold.

"Brock, this shower is making me cold. Why don't you put that hot penis of yours back inside my pussy to warm me up?" May said in an almost insisting voice.

"Wait your turn May. He's mine at the moment." Misty said as she loved how Brock was fondling her breasts as he nailed her from behind.

"Fine then. Let's take turn. Brock, every few thrusts you'll switch between us okay?" May instructed him.

"Uh okay..." Brock said not wanting to disagree.

Brock had never experienced anything like this. After one girl took his penis for a few strokes, the other girl was waiting for him to put in her. Brock began alternating his thrusts into each of their pussies. Both girls waiting in anticipation for his penis while the other girl thrusted against his body trying to make sure he stayed inside them as long as possible.

"Oh, fuck!" May swore as Brock rammed his penis into her pussy as hard as he could.

"You like that, huh?" Brock sneered.

"Yeah, I love it. Keep going!" May replied.

Brock couldn't believe how amazing this was. He was having sex with his two closest friends and he didn't want to be doing anything else in the world at that point.

"It's been like three minutes! Now, I want to feel your big hot penis inside of me again." Misty said awaiting her turn again.

Brock pulled his penis out of May's pussy and went back inside Misty's.

"Misty, you're getting too tight!" Brock said as he could feel Misty's pussy muscles clamping down on his penis more than before

"I don't care, keep going in me!" she gasped.

"I'm not going to last much longer like this!" Brock said as he slowed his thrusts down to compensate for Misty's tighter pussy.

"Neither of us is on the pill Brock, so pull out whenever your going to cum." May told him awaiting his orgasm.

During this time, Ash was still a bit dazed from the events that had transpired. Lily and Dawn were going at it behind him and Violet was in front of him anxiously awaiting some more action. Violet had licked most of Ash's cum up and was waiting for him to give her some more.

"Well I hope you enjoy that Ash." Violet said as Ash had almost recovered from his orgasm.

"Yeah that was great. You're breasts felt so soft against my penis." Ash complemented her.

"You came so much, Ash, I was surprised how much came out." Violet murmured as she bent over and kissed the head of his penis.

"How do you feel now?" Violet asked him.

"Good, but tired." Ash said breathing pretty hard still.

"We're not done yet. I want to do something else. While you're resting, would you like a taste my pussy? You want me to show it to you, Ash?" Violet said in a seductive voice.

Ash hesitated and took a deep breath.

"I'm still waiting for an answer. Do you want me to get rid of this wet bikini and show you my pussy?" Violet asked him again.

"Uh sure." Ash said cautiously.

Violet inserted her thumbs into the sides of the bikini bottom, and slowly pushed it down her hips. The crotch part of the bikini stuck to her pussy lips until the very last second when it finally let loose and the weight of her wet bikini made it fall to the ground quicker than it normally would.

Ash could now see Violet's pubic hair which was neatly trimmed above her pussy and it looked like she spent a lot of time maintaining its form. Most the pussy's Ash had seen to this point in his life were either bald or shaved, so this was a difference experience for him. He looked up and down her pussy slit as Violet lifted her legs to get out of her bikini bottoms.

Violet sat on the other end of the bench where Lily and Dawn were still going at each other.

"Come over here and stick your tongue in my pussy and eat me out just like Lily and Dawn are doing." Violet told him as she spread her pussy lips wide as she anticipated his tongue inside her pussy.

Ash moved forward and put his hands either side of Violet's thighs. Ash dove forward with his face, buried it in Violet's pussy. Violet moaned and giggled at the same time as his tongue investigated the outer lips of her pussy.

Violet pushed her pelvis upward and rolled her hips, making his mouth slip over and between her wet cunt lips.

"Lick me, Ash, touch me!" Violet whimpered.

Ash began working on her with his lips and tongue, licking, sucking and kissing every inch of her pussy.

"Oh Ash, yes!" she panted as Ash licked her pussy.

Ash decided to go a step further and he shoved two fingers in her partially open hole which was already dripping wet. Ash looking up at Violet as he kept his fingers inside her dripping wet pussy, pumping fast and hard. He smiled at her and then beg licking her little clit with his tongue while continuing to pump her pussy with his fingers.

Finally after a few minutes, Ash pulled his fingers out of Violet's wet pussy and pushed his tongue inside her tight hole. It had stretched nicely due to his fingering job and his tongue slid in as far as he could take it. Ash could feel her pubic hair tickle his nose as he bottomed his face out right to her pelvis to make sure he could get as much of his tongue in her pussy.

After licking the inside of her pussy as deep as he could, Ash switched to his fingers again but this time he slipped a third finger inside. Ash resumed a slow pace as he managed to get three of his fingers inside her. Ash continued to teased Violet's pussy and clit slowly and passionately. He wanted to give Violet back some of the intense pleasure that she had given him with the boobjob and blowjob.

"I have wanted this for so long." Violet finally said ash she rubbed his hair with her hands.

"Really?" Ash said almost a little surprised to hear her say that.

"I have wanted you, wanted this, more than perhaps I have ever wanted anything else before. Ever since Misty first introduced you, I've always found you attractive. When Misty told us that you'de had sex with her, I knew it wouldn't take much to seduce you." Violet told him.

"You wanted to seduce me?" Ash said as he stopped playing with Violet's pussy and sat up to talk to her.

"I know that sounds weird and bizarre but, knowing you had sex with my sister turns me on and I want to have the same feelings she had with you." Violet explained ot him.

"So you were jealous of Misty?" Ash asked her.

"A bit, but if this makes you too uncomfortable, we can stop." Violet said with a look of sorrow on her face.

"I don't want to stop, besides, Misty sounds like she is having more than her fair share of fun in the shower with Brock." Ash told her as he looked up at her large breasts that were still covered by her bikini.

Violet smiled as she watched Ash stare at her breasts. She knew he wanted to see what was under the material so she slowly grabbed the straps of her bikini and began to roll them down her shoulders. The once skin tight bikini was beginning to come loose and Ash could start to see shadows forming under the loose material.

Seconds after Violet began taking off her bikini, it was on ther ground and her tits were completely exposed to Ash. Violet had large 36D breasts and her tits were magnificent with long pink nipples that seemed to stand a good half inch from the rose-colored areola.

"Do you like what you see, Ash?" Violet asked him as he continued to stare at her tits.

"They are better than I imagined." Ash could barely tell her as he continued to stare at her magnificent breasts.

"Would you like to touch them?" Violet asked him.

Ash brought his hands to her breasts almost immediately after she asked him and he began to caressed them. Her nipples grew even harder almost immediately and soon his fingers began touching her tight nipples.

Violet's eyes were closed and she was loving every second of his caressing when she first felt his lips on her tits. She moaned as Ash softly and tenderly kissed and licked her tits. Ash teased her hard nipples with the tip of his tongue causing Violet to become more turned on.

Ash wasn't quite as confident as he had been with his other friends, and it he was still a bit uncomfortable with Violet since he didn't know her to well. Violet knew Ash was a bit inexperienced and a little unsure of himself and but she couldn't deny how good he was at licking her tits and pussy.

Ash lingered over her tits for a long time, licking and sucking each one back and forth. Violet eventually reached down between Ash's legs and caressed his hard penis. She played with his balls and stroked his penis slowly as he continued teasing her tits.

Ash pinched and pulled her nipples and stretched her tits up off of her chest. Violet groaned again and Ash released her nipples and leaned forward and sucked them gently again. Ash circled her areolas with my tongue and sucked her tits again and kissed her breasts all over.

Violet was so beautiful and she pulled Ash up to her face. Violet kissed Ash cheeks as he looked into her eyes for a second. Violet moved her head and then kissed Ash deep and hard. Violet pushed Ash's lips open with her tongue as she probed inside his mouth as they kissed. Ash sucked her lips and kissed her in small quick kisses and then kissed back in turn.

Ash was kissing Violet more passionately then he'd had ever kissed anyone before. Ash though he could have kissed her all night but Violet now had other things in mind.

"I cannot take any more of this. I want you inside me now. Put it in me." Violet told him as she had a look of sheer lust on her face.

Ash was fully erect again as Violet's hands had stroked his penis enough to stimulate it again. Violet lay down on the end of the bench and tilted her head up so she could see Ash. She spread her legs out wide and waited for Ash to get in position.

Ash grabbed his penis and began to stroke his penis against the outside of her pussy lips. Her pussy lips were quite swollen and he could see the opening to her inside of her pussy was quite exposed.

Finally Ash pushed hard against Violet and her pussy enveloped the head of his penis. The head of Ash's penis was swollen and was bigger in diameter than the shaft of his penis. When he pushed in into her, the head of his penis spread her pussy lips wide open and they both watched as his penis slowly penetrated her. Violet wrapped her legs around Ash and pushed his ass forward so that his penis slid inside her pussy pushing his entire penis deep inside her.

"Oh Ash, this feels so good!" Violet moaned as she watched Ash stroke his penis into her.

"It sure does." Ash replied

"Do you like my pussy?" Violet asked him as she began to rub her breasts.

"I love your pussy. It feels really good around my penis." Ash told her as he continued to stroke inside her.

Ash pushed his penis into her as deep as he could and with long strokes. Violet's pussy was so wet and hot that it gripped Ash's penis very hard. The sensation made Ash slam his penis in and out of her hot pussy as deep and violently as he possibly could.

Violet began to scream and moan loud as Ash's penis pistoned into her with a ferocity that she had never imagined he could do. The force was so much that Violet needed to grab onto the sides of the bench to balance herself so she didn't fall off. She couldn't believe the strength Ash had and as she expected it from Brock but not him.

As Violet held onto the bench, the vibrations from their movements began going down to the other end of the bench where Lily and Dawn were still making out. They had heard Violet's screams of pleasure but were too busy with each other to bother looking at her, but as soon as they began to loose their balance because of Ash and Violet, they stopped to see what was going on.

"Slow down there guys, your shaking the bench so much that we almost fell off!" Dawn yelled at Violet and Ash who were having sex at the other end of the bench.

Ash and Violet didn't bother listening to Dawn's request and continued on at their relentless pace. Dawn and Lily got up off the bench and watched as Ash thrust his hard erect penis into Violet very fast. They both knew Ash couldn't keep up a pace like that for long, and it would only be a matter of time before they would both climax.

"Ash's penis looks really big for his age." Lily said to Dawn as the watched.

"I bet you'de love to have his penis inside you now too, huh Lily..." Dawn joked as she was agreeing with Lily in a way.

"Oh I want a turn after Violet, that's for sure." Lily replied.

"Can you go a little faster and maybe a little harder, Ash? It feels so good when you fuck me hard. I'm almost there!" Violet screamed as she felt like her pussy was being ripped apart by his relentless thrusting.

"Like this Violet?" Ash asked as he found the last bit of strength he had as he stroked his penis in and out of her pussy as hard as he could.

Violet continued to moan and Ash watched her eyes close as she concentrated on the feeling that raged in her pussy. Violet felt his big starting to get bigger and harder and she knew he was about to cum.

"Oh yes! OH God yes! Fuck me Ash! Cum in me baby! I want your cum now!" Violet told him as she was close to climaxing.

"I don't want to get you pregnant though." Ash told her.

"It's okay, I'm on the pill! Cum in my pussy!" she moaned waiting for him to finally cum inside her.

Ash continued pumping and pumping as he felt the cum rise from his balls, and then explode inside Violet's pussy. Violet screamed out loud as filled her pussy with his cum deep inside her which indicated to everyone in the room that she had orgasmed.

Violet bucked wildly on the bench as she drove her pussy tightly up against Ash's pelvis as he continued cum deep inside her pussy. Load after load of his hot cum kept squirting deep inside her to the point the it began overflowing out the sides of her pussy lips. Cum squirted out around Ash's swollen shaft and spilled down Violet's inner thighs.

Finally after almost a minute, Ash finished climaxing and her collapsed on to Violet. She could feel Ash's penis start to deflate inside her pussy as he lay on top of her panting and trying to catch his breath.

"You must have shot a gallon of sperm into me... I can't believe how much stuff you had in you!" Violet said as she also tried to regain her senses after a mind blowing orgasm.

Ash and Violet lied there for a few minutes lightly caressing one another. They both enjoyed feeling each others naked bodies resting against each other. Violet's large breasts were pressed tightly against Ash's chest and the feeling of her naked tits pressed into his skin caused his dick to twitch inside her pussy.

Finally Violet pulled Ash's head down to towards hers and they locked their lips against each other, kissing deeply with a burning passion. They lay there wrapped tightly in one another's arms for several minutes until Lily and Dawn finally got impatient watching them.

"Alright Violet, it's our turn now with Ash." Lily said as Dawn and Lily grabbed a hold of Ash and moved him off of Violet.

Ash's penis was still inside her pussy and as soon as he got off her, his penis made a slurping noise as it exited her cum drenched pussy. Violet felt Ash's penis exit her pussy, and she hated that feeling. She wanted him to stay inside her forever. Violet had finally recovered from her orgasm and sat up to see what Dawn and Lily were up to.

"Awe, Violet, Ash is all soft now and you probably took all of his cum." Lily complained as she looked as Ash's limp penis that was tired from the attention Violet had been giving it.

"I'm sorry girls, but I'm quite tired from my time with Violet. It's going to take me a while to recover." Ash told them as he'd already cummed twice.

"We wanted a turn too!" Dawn said wanting to have a turn putting his penis in her hot pussy.

"I'm sorry girls, maybe later when I've rested a while. It won't be too fun if I can't do anything with you." Ash explain to them as he sat down on the floor and rested his back against the side wall.

Ash was exhausted and even though he wanted to have sex with Lily and Dawn, his body was too tired to do so. Dawn and Lily both starred at Ash as he sat down and began to rest.

"I know a way to get Ash going again. There are some vitamin pills and cum producing pills in the kitchen cabinet with the rest of the medicine. I'll go get it." Lily said as she began to walk out towards the hallway door.

"Aren't you forgetting something? Don't want people seeing you walk around naked through the windows." Dawn said as she picked up Lily's bikini top which was on the floor.

"Uh, right. Wouldn't want that now would we." Lily said as she grabbed the bikini top and quickly put it on while adjusting her bottoms to cover her pussy.

Lily quickly left the change room and head towards the kitchen to get the pills for Ash.

"So Dawn, did you like licking by sisters pussy while she licked yours?" Violet asked Dawn trying to make conversation.

"Uh, yeah. Lily is really good at licking the right spots. She made me feel really good." Dawn replied to her question.

"Lily is good like that isn't she?" Violet replied.

"Yeah she is. It seems like you've also had experiences with her as well." Dawn questioned her after hearing her response.

"We've had our fair share of fun that's for sure. Daisy doesn't go for this sort of thing too often, so Lily and I have to make our own fun." Violet laughed as she explained the situation to Dawn.

"That's her loss and our gain!" Dawn said as she smiled at Violet.

"It sure is." Violet replied.

Lily returned from the kitchen with the pills and a glass of water for Ash. As she entered the change room she could hear the sounds of Brock, May and Misty moaning and panting in the shower area. They were obviously still going at it all this time. Lily walked over to Ash who had his eyes closed and was resting.

"Here Ash. This should get your energy back." Lily said handing him the pills and water.

"Thanks Lily." Ash said as he woke up to see Lily bent down in front of him as her cleavage was dangling almost in front of his face.

Ash had a hard time swallowing the pills after having opened his eyes to see Lily's breasts dangling in his face.

"How long will it take for those to start working?" Dawn asked.

"He should be ready to go in about 10 minutes or so." Lily told her as she stood up.

"That's good because I want to watch Ash fuck you and Dawn right in front of me." Violet replied to Lily as she focused her voice at Ash.

"Uh okay, but I'm still kind of tired." Ash said as the though of having sex with two other girls made his mind blur.

"Give it a few minutes and you'll be ready for more action." Lily told him.

"Can't you just picture their two pussies mashed together and you stroking your penis between them?" Violet asked Ash.

"He doesn't have to imagine. We could show him." Dawn suggested as she looked as Lily for her reaction.

"I'm up for that! Let's get back on the bench and show him what he's missing while he rests." Lily said as she motioned Dawn to come to the bench with her.

"Oh this is getting exciting!" Violet said as she positioned herself so she could get a good view of Dawn and Lily making out with each other.

"I think its finally time we got rid of our bikini's." Lily said as she took off her bikini top.

"Yeah they are just spoiling our fun now." Dawn said as she grabbed the sides of her bottoms and let them slide down her legs onto the ground as Lily did the same with hers.

Ash is already tired, but the girls seem intent on getting every last ounce of strength out of Ash. May, Misty and Brock are still continuing in the shower. Will these groups ever reconcile?
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