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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 20 - Nightime's a Blast!

Jessie was tired and a bit upset after her previous engagement with Giovanni. As she closed the door behind her, she turned on the light and opened the shower door across. She got out of her clothes and lay them on the counter beside the shower. As she walked into the shower she closed the glass sliding door behind her and turned on the shower.

Jessie enjoyed the nice shower as she washed herself. The water was nice and relaxing and she thought about what she was going to tell her friends about the meeting. After what seemed like quite a while, Jessie stopped the shower and got dressed. She had finally come to a decision that she would tell her friends what happened, but not all the details. She hoped that they would then feel proud of her instead of thinking she was a slut doing what the boss wanted her to do.

Jessie opened the door to the main room and turned off the light to the bathroom. James and Meowth were eagerly awaiting her to get out so she could tell them what happened in the meeting.

"Well now can you explain what went on in the meeting?" James asked Jessie eagerly.

"We've been waiting all this time to hear what happened!" Meowth said right after James.

"I hope the boss didn't reprimand you. We did an awesome job in the Sinnoh region." James responded with almost tears in his eyes.

"No it was nothing like that. He did give me a small promotion. Nothing fancy though." Jessie said trying to be coy with her response.

"That's great Jessie! A promotion that's great!" James said happy for Jessie.

"Yeah that is great!" Meowth also replied.

Jessie was relieved that her friends took the news alright. She had thought that they might be mad that they didn't get a 'promotion' as well. But as Jessie knew, it wasn't much of a promotion as Giovanni just wanted to have his way with all the pretty girls in Team Rocket. Obviously, she was looking sexier as she got older and Giovanni had finally paid some attention to her attractive features.

"So what's your promotion?" James asked Jessie eager to hear what position the boss had given her.

"Oh well. I'm now one of his special agents." Jessie told them.

Meowth and James were very surprised by the announcement. They didn't think Giovanni was going to reward Jessie that well for all the things she did in the Sinnoh region.

"So.. what does this new position entail? Are you still going to be with us?" James asked Jessie seeming a bit sad that he might loose Jessie to the new position.

"We'll I'm supposed to do special tasks for him, but I should still be remaining with you guys for most the time." Jessie tried to explained to them.

"That's good. For a minute there we thought the boss was going to separate you from us." Meowth said as he let out a deep breath.

"So what's you're first task or are you allowed to tell us?" James asked her as he winked at her in a manner that told her he wouldn't say anything if she told him.

"Uhmm.. Well.. I don't know." Jessie said trying to avoid the question once again.

"He must have told you something about the job..." Meowth asked still wondering the details about Jessie's new position.

"Yeah he did. It's just not what you guys think." Jessie finally managed to start telling them.

"It's not?" Meowth and James both said at the same time.

"No. The only reason the boss gave me a promotion is because he like the way I look now, if you know what I mean." Jessie told them looking a bit ashamed talking about it.

"Oh.. I see..." James said in a quieter voice now, lowering his head as he tried not to make eye contact with anyone.

"So it's not really the promotion you were hoping for..." Meowth said thinking about some of the things the boss would want Jessie to do.

Jessie, James and Meowth sat on the edge of the bed for a few minutes not saying anything. The once joyful group was now contemplating their current situation with the boss and the implications Jessie's position with him would affect them.

"We'll there's nothing I can do about it now. What was I supposed to do? Reject the boss. You know what he would have done." Jessie began to explain to them.

"Yeah you're right. Once the boss wants something, there is nothing anyone can do about it." James agreed as he tried to comfort Jessie.

"So what are we going to do now then?" Meowth asked wondering what they should do.


It had been quite a while since Ash or any of his friends had been to Saffron City. Their journey to Saffron City was almost over as they could see some of the large building on the horizon.

"Hey look! Were almost there." Misty said as she pointed to the horizon.

"It's getting pretty late. Hopefully will get there before dark." Brock said looking at the sun starting to set.

"Let's hurry up the pace and get to the Pokemon Center then." Ash said as he began to jog towards the city.

An hour later, the Ash and his friends arrived at the outskirts of Saffron City. The sun had almost set behind the distant mountain range and the street lights flicked on. The group still remembered where the Pokemon Center was from their last visit to Saffron City, so they walked towards it as it continued to get dark out. 

After a few minutes longer of walking, Ash and his friends arrived at the Saffron City Pokemon Center and quickly walked up to the desk where Nurse Joy was awaiting to greet them.

"Welcome back Ash. It's been awhile since I've seen you guys." Nurse Joy said as she smiled as they walked to the desk.

"I watched you on tv during the Sinnoh League Tournament. You did quite well. I was rooting for you." Nurse Joy continued.

"Thanks Nurse Joy. Were glad to be back. Were a bit tired so were hoping to stay here for the nig-" Ash explained before Brock broke up the chit-chat with his usual antics.

"Oh Nurse Joy, I hope you were rooting for me too! I was there too you know, helping out Ash." Brock explained as he was already behind the desk on one knee.

"Uh.. Hi Brock..." Nurse Joy said somewhat accustom to Brock's overbearing antics.

"And yes I did see you on TV as well. It seems to capture your image quite well." She continued as she kinda liked the attention she was getting from Brock.

"You don't know how happy that makes me Nurse Joy. Maybe one day you and I can star in our on vide-" Brock paused and turned around to see if Croagunk was about to give him his usual gab, but he remember that he'd left him with his family at home.

"What's the matter Brock, looking for Croagunk to gab you?" Misty said as she walked closer to Brock.

"We'll usually by now he'd have done so. Anyways since he's not here, where were we Nurse Joy?" Brock said as he grabbed Nurse Joy's hands.

"Uh.. You were thanking me for the complement I believe." Nurse Joy said awkwardly. 

"Oh yes! Nurse Joy, you and I could have such great times together!" Brock picked up from where he left off.

"Why don't we go have dinner together by ourselves at the table over there and we can talk." Brock continued as his friends were starting to get a bit impatient with him now.

"Alright, alright, enough of this! We've all heard enough!" Misty said as she grabbed Brock's ear like she used to do and began dragging him away from Nurse Joy so Ash could finish checking the group in for the night.

Nurse Joy laughed and blushed a bit as she watched Misty drag Brock away by his ear around the counter to a nearby sitting area.

"So Ash, how many rooms will you be needing tonight then?" Nurse Joy asked as she glanced over to Brock every few moments to see what he was doing now.

"We will need two rooms as there is five of us, unless you have a room that has five beds." Ash told her as he explained the situation to her.

"Unfortunately we only have one room free for the night, but we can roll a cot into the room for you as there is only 2 bunk beds." Nurse Joy told them.

"That will do."Ash said as he just wanted to get settled and get something to eat.

"Okay. I'll get Chansey to roll in a cot for you guys. Your room is number 30 on the left side of the hall. Have a good night you guys. Great to see you again." Nurse Joy said as she watched Brock and Misty get up and pick up their stuff.

"Goodbye Nurse Joy. I hope to see you again soon!" Brock said as Misty pushed him from behind as he dragged his feet not wanting to go anywhere.

The group finally made it to their room and they dropped off their stuff as Chansey began pushing the extra cot into the room.

"Thanks Chansey." Dawn said as it pushed it into an open space in the room.

"Let's go get something to eat now. I'm starving and its getting late" Ash said as he was half way out the room when he made the suggestion.

"I guess we'll just follow him." May joked as everyone left their stuff in the rooms and followed Ash.

Dinner serving hours were almost up when they arrived in the eating area. Brock was frantically looking around for Nurse Joy, but he couldn't see her anywhere in sight. All everyone else cared about was getting something to eat, but food was the least of Brock's worries at the moment.

"Brock, she's still at the front desk closing up for the night. Let her be and come get something to eat." Dawn said as she began filling her plate with food at the buffet.

"Okay fine. I am a bit hungry too." Brock said as he finally relented his search to look at Nurse Joy.

Brock got some food and went and sat down with his friends at a nearby table. Ash was pigging out on his food and he seemed quite hungry.

"Can you eat any faster Ash?" Misty asked him in a sarcastic voice.

"You want me to eat faster?" Ash said as he began shoveling the food into his mouth as fast as he could.

"Geez Ash, where are your manners. I guess were glad no one else is here this late." May said as she almost lost her appetite watching Ash eat so fast.

"So Brock, it seems you still like Nurse Joy even after all our recent fun together." Dawn said jokingly.

Brock blushed a bit but instead of replying he began shoveling food in his mouth just like Ash.

"Oh great. Looks like we have another animal over here now as well." Misty said as she couldn't believe Brock was imitating Ash.

"So Ash, are we going to go to the Saffron City Gym tomorrow and setup your battle with Sabrina?" Misty asked him trying to make some small talk.

"Yup. I beat her before, so now with my more powerful Pokemon, she won't stand a chance. I know her techniques from the last battles I had with her. It should be easy." Ash said confidently.

"Yeah, well that's what you said last time Ash. Look what ended up happening to us last time. We almost spent the rest of our lives as her play dolls." Brock reminded him as he remember the experiences they had with Sabrina.

"I won't take the battle with her lightly this time, that's for sure!" Ash quickly replied.

"We'll then you'de better go get some rest then Ash. You got a big day ahead of you." May told him as she finished off her dinner.

"You're right. I cannot wait! This is going to be great!" Ash said in an excited voice as he stood up and began to march back towards his room.

Chansey had begun cleaning up the eating area as the group finished off their dinner. It was quite late and most of the people in the Pokemon Center had already retired to their rooms for the night. The group put their plates in the return tubs and went back to their room where Ash had already got changed and was in bed.

"Well I guess we'd better get ready for bed." Misty said as she went over to her bed.

"Yeah I'm getting tired as well. That was a long walk today." May said as she began to unzip her top in front of everyone.

This caught everyone by surprise that May was taking off her clothes in front of them, but seconds later everyone realized that they had seen everyone else naked before and changing in front of each other was going to be quite common now during their journey.

May looked around at her friends as she unzipped her top to reveal her cleavage and bra and she realized that everyone was a bit surprised that she was doing this.

"Oh come on guys. We can change in front of each other now right?" May said as she was surprised that she even needed to bring the subject up.

"Yeah you're right. We're all comfortable with each other now." Dawn said as she also began to take her top off.

Brock was in heaven once again. Here was his girlfriends taking off their shirts right in front of him without any hesitation. Ash had already fallen asleep and was missing all the excitement. Misty realized Brock was starring at Dawn and May as they took their shirts off.

"Oh knock it off Brock. Stop oogling them while they change and get ready for bed yourself." Misty told him as she began to undo her vest.

"Oh yeah. Sorry." Brock said as he took his shirt off and tossed it on the floor as he jumped on his bed and pretended that he wasn't watching his friends change.

Misty couldn't believe Brock listened to her and did exactly as she suggested right away. She had seen Brock's well built body many times throughout the years, but every time she saw his muscles, she was in awe of his body. She pretended that she also wasn't starring at him as she took off her vest exposing her white bra.

Brock took out his sleeping shirt which was a lot more comfortable to wear to bed as he tried to keep an eye on the girls as they changed. Dawn had already changed into her long sleep wear as she climbed up the ladder to the top bunk and got into bed.

"Well since Ash is already asleep in the bottom bunk over there, I guess I'll sleep on the cot and you two can have the bunk bed." Brock said as he walked over to the bed and lay down as he passed May and Misty who were still changing.

Brock tried not to stare as May and Misty both took off their shorts and lay them on the ground, leaving them in just their underwear. Both girls looked into their backpacks for their nightshirts and quickly tossed them on. Misty let May have the bottom bunk and Misty climbed the ladder up to the top bunk.

"You know, I'm surprised Ash actually took my advice about going to sleep. Usually he's the last one to go to bed." May said to the group in a quiet voice so that she wouldn't wake Ash.

"Well he's got a big day ahead of him. Guess he doesn't want to oversleep like he did the first day of his journey." Misty said recalling the events Ash had once explained to her.

"So what are you guys planning to do then on this journey? Going to enter any contests?" Misty asked Dawn and May.

"Well I came to support Ash, but if possible I'de like to enter a few Master Level Contests along the way." May said as she thought to herself about some of her previous contests.

"That sounds like fun May. I think I might enter as well. We'd be competitors, but its nothing we having done before." Dawn said remembering their past experience at the Wallace Cup.

"What about you Brock? Any plans?" May asked him wondering what he'd say.

"Oh you know, the usual. I always learn a lot about breeding during my journey's with Ash. I expect this journey will be just the same." Brock said as he realized that he needed to go to the bathroom before bed.

"I'll be right back. I'm just going to the bathroom." Brock said as he got up off the cot and left the room.

Brock was heading toward the bathroom when he noticed there was a little light in the corridor. He realized that it was emitting from the door crack of Nurse Joy's room. Brock was curious so he tiptoed to the door and put his ear against it to see if he could hear if she was still awake. 

Brock had hoped that he might get Nurse Joy in a compromising position and to his pleasure he could hear a bit of moaning that sounded like Nurse Joy. Brock put his ear up to the door to see if he could hear inside the room a bit better. Brock could now hear a bit better and it sounded like Nurse Joy was moaning with pleasure.

Brock wondered what she was doing up still and why she was moaning. He knocked on the door to see if Nurse Joy would answer. After waiting for a few moments, she didn't respond. Brock decided to knock a bit louder but once again after a minute or so there was no response from Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy was at her computer with the headphone on and had not heard Brock knocking at the door. She was watching one of her favorite erotic movies that she had stored on the computer. Her hands were slowly massaging her breasts through her clothes as she started to get horny as she watched the video.

After watching the video for a few minutes, Nurse Joy was starting to get squirmish in her chair and she couldn't sit there anymore. Her moans were starting to get a bit louder and she could feel the wetness of her pussy starting to make her panties wet. She put down the headphones and turned off the computer and she lay down on her bed as she started to unbutton her blouse.

Brock decided to check to see if the door was locked and he slowly began turning the handle. The door wasn't locked, so he slowly began to open the door to see what Nurse Joy was doing. He had never thought of himself as a peep, but after Nurse Joy's reaction to him earlier, he knew he had to see her again.

To Brock's surprise, Nurse Joy was lying on her bed and she had undone all the buttons on her blouse and was now taking it off. Brock could see she was wearing a lacy white bra and he could make out her nipples through the holes in the lace.

Brock wanted to see more of Nurse Joy's beauty, so he stayed as quiet as he could, so she wouldn't notice him, leaving the door open just enough so he could see in. She slowly almost teasingly lowered her skirt down her legs and Brock could now see the top of her pantyhose's at her thighs. He could see some of her pubic hair now poking through the top of her lacy panties which matched her bra. Brock wanted to reach out and run his fingers down the inside of her thighs.

Nurse Joy tossed her blouse and skirt that she had taken off on the ground at the foot of her bed. Brock couldn't believe how sexy Nurse Joy looked in just her underwear. He hoped that she would take it off as well so he could see what she looked like naked. Brock had been dreaming for years to see a Nurse Joy naked and here he was now, seeing the Saffron City Nurse Joy almost naked just a few feet in front of him.

Brock has told his friends that he'd be back in a few minutes and that he was just going to the bathroom. The girls had left the light in their room and were waiting for him to return so they could go to sleep. It had been 15 minutes since Brock had done this and he had yet to return.

"What's Brock doing? He's been gone for ages!" Misty complained wanting to go to sleep but the light in the room was keeping her awake.

"I don't know. He said he would be back soon." Dawn replied to Misty's question.

"Maybe he got lost? All the lights are off in the Pokemon Center." May said trying to think of a reason why he was taking so long.

"Maybe one of us should go and look for him." Misty suggested.

"Alright. I'll go check. I'll turn off the light when I leave so you two can get to sleep. I'll tell Brock to be quiet when we come back." May said as she explained her plan to the girls who started getting more comfortable in their beds.

May got out of the bed and kicked her covers off. As she left the room, she turned off the light so the rest of the group could go to sleep.

"Goodnight everyone." May said as she slowly closed the door behind her.

It didn't take May too long to find Brock as she noticed him peeking inside a room at the end of the hallway. May decided that she would find out what Brock was doing, so she quietly tip-toed towards the room where he was looking in.

May slowly snuck up on Brock and she quickly put her hand on his mouth so he wouldn't make a surprised noise.

"Looks like I caught you Brock." May whispered in his ear.

Brock was surprised to hear May and was even more surprised when she covered his mouth with her hand. Brock backed away from the doorway as he turned to face May who was smirking quite a lot at him.

"This is the second time I've caught you doing naughty things now Brock. First with Ash's mom and now you're peeping on Nurse Joy." May continued.

"Uh... I can explain!" Brock said as he was quickly trying to think of an explanation for his actions.

May could see that Brock had quite a big erection under his shorts. He made no attempt to cover his shorts when May looked down at it.

"There's no need to explain. I know exactly what's going on here. We all saw the way you acted around Nurse Joy earlier. You just had to see her again didn't you." May said as her smirk turned into a smile as she walked to the crack in the door to take a look at what Brock had been watching.

May peeked into Nurse Joy's room similar to how Brock was doing earlier when she caught him. To her surprise, May saw Nurse Joy in just her underwear on her bed with her legs spread out wide and her hands fondling her breasts through her bra.

May gasped and she quickly covered her mouth to make sure she didn't make any more noise. She couldn't believe that Brock had been watching Nurse Joy play with herself. May had never thought a Nurse Joy would do something like this. She had always seen them at the Pokemon Centers so cheerful and happy, helping all the trainers and their Pokemon. May had forgotten that Nurse Joy was also a woman and that she had needs just like any other women did.

May continued to watch as Brock started to get a bit anxious and wanted to see what was going on in the room as well. Brock put his hands on May's shoulders while his large erection unintentionally found its way to the crack of May's ass and rested there while he attempted to look over her shoulder at Nurse Joy.

"Hey watch it Brock. You're going to get us both caught." May whispered as she could feel his large erection rubbing against her.

Brock could not believe his eyes as Nurse Joy turn over on her bed and reached into a drawer in a nightstand beside her bed. Brock and May were treated to a view of her perfect ass as she searched in her drawer for something. Brock could see a darker patch near the bottom of her panties that looked wet. Obviously Nurse Joy was quite turned on at the moment.

"What is she doing now?" May wondered as she asked Brock to see if he knew.

"It looks like she's looking for something." Brock replied quietly as he intently watched every action Nurse Joy was doing.

After a minute of so of moving stuff around in her drawer, Nurse Joy found what she was looking for and she moved back to the center of her bed. Brock and May could finally see what Nurse Joy was looking for. It was a big dildo and Brock wondered if she was going to use it to masturbate. 

"Oh my! Do you think she's going to use that?" May asked Brock as she was just as curious as Brock was at this point.

"I sure hope so!" Brock instantly said as May looked back at Brock with a new smirk on her face.

Brock hoped that Nurse Joy was actually going to use that dildo on herself as he continued to peep on her. Nurse Joy settled down in the center of her bed and started running her hand on her thighs. Nurse Joy placed the dildo in between her legs on the bed as she continued to stroke the inside of her thighs. 

She slowly spread her legs wide as Brock and May watched her reach into her panties and started really stroking her pussy hard with her fingers. Her breathing had changed and they watched her breasts get bigger and smaller as she breathed. Brock watched intently as she started rubbing her clit and then stuck two fingers into her pussy. She slowly massaged her pussy with her fingers for a few minutes as she closed her eyes and let the feelings overcome her entire body.

"It looks like your dream is about to come true Brock." May said as they both continued to watch.

Nurse Joy reached down and took the dildo and started running it up and down her panty covered pussy. Every now and then she would push her panties into her pussy with the head of the dildo about an inch or two. It must have made her panties quite tight around her body after a few times because she decided to raised her ass and slid her panties off exposing her bare pussy.

Brock finally had a view of Nurse Joy's naked pussy. Her pussy lips were clean shaven but the top of her pussy hairy but neatly trimmed. Brock could just see her pussy lips as her hand was covering most of it as she slowly and teasingly started to rub herself. She was stroking her pussy and Brock finally relented and started stroking his penis against the crack of May's ass through his shorts and her nightgown.

"Hey! What are you doing back there?!" May asked as she could feel Brock starting to rub his penis against her.

"I'm sorry I cannot help myself. Watching Nurse Joy like this with you is almost too much for me." Brock said as he slowed his motions a bit after May protested.

"Heh heh. I know what you mean. I don't blame you. Peeping on Nurse Joy like this is making me horny too." May said as she grabbed Brock's penis from the crack of her ass through his shorts and push it to the side of her body.

"Just keep your feelings to yourself for now. Otherwise were going to make too much noise out here and Nurse Joy is going to catch us and then will both be in trouble." May said as she explained the situation to Brock.

"Alright. I'll try my best." Brock said as he was extremely horny now.

With her legs spread wide, Nurse Joy finally brought the dildo up to the entrance to her pussy. Holding it by the ball, she rubbed the head of it around her clit. Nurse Joy seemed to be enjoying that as she was squirming around as she did it. Finally she couldn't tease herself any longer and she forced the dildo inside her pussy as the lips of her pussy enveloped the dildo. She gasped as it spread her pussy apart and penetrated inside her. 

She pulled it back out until it almost came out of her pussy and then she rammed it back in all the way until the balls of the dildo were flush against the outside lips of her pussy. She started to get a slow rhythm going and was soon moaning loudly with pleasure. Nurse Joy's head moved from side to side as she continued her stead rhythm as her eyes opened and closed while she punished her pussy with the dildo.

Nurse Joy turned her face towards the door that Brock and May were peeping through and quickly caught a glance of what she though was the door opened. At first she thought she was seeing things, so she slowed her pace a bit so she could focus a bit better. 

May quickly shut the door quietly so that Nurse Joy wouldn't catch them. By the time Nurse Joy focused on the door, she could see that it was closed. She didn't think twice about it and continued back to her masturbating.

"Woah. That was close." May said as she turned to Brock who had gone completely pale from nearly being caught.

"Nice save there May. She almost saw us." Brock said as he thanked May for her quick reaction.

Brock caught his breath as he was exasperated by the fact that he was almost caught. He wanted to continue watching Nurse Joy but he didn't want to get caught by her especially if she didn't like the fact that she was being spied on.

"Brock, I'm going to bed and I think you should go to bed as well." May told Brock as she turned towards the hallway that led to their room.

"Yeah I guess you're right May." Brock said as he started to follow May back to their room for the night.

Suddenly, Brock and May turned back towards Nurse Joy's room as they both heard her call out louder than she had before. Brock and May both knew want that noise was and it was quite obvious that Nurse Joy had had an orgasm.

Brock instantly went back to the door and opened it again but this time he just barged right in. Nurse Joy didn't even notice or hear him enter as she was still stroking her dildo into her pussy. May couldn't believe that Brock just barged in right away like that and she was standing right in the doorway. May quickly made a decision to enter Nurse Joy's room so that no one saw her or what was going on.

Moments later, Nurse Joy finally began to recover from her orgasm and to her astonishment, she wasn't seeing things and it was Brock standing at the door with one of his hands in his shorts stroking his penis while he watched her masturbate in front of him.

"Uh Brock, is that you?" Nurse Joy said as she opened her eyes wider.

The thought of Brock peeping on her drove Nurse Joy wild as she increased the speed of the dildo and she realized that she was close to an orgasm again. She turned on the vibrate mode and she heard the familiar buzzing noise that reassured her that an orgasm would be approaching very shortly. Nurse Joy pulled the vibrating dildo out of her pussy and placed the head of it on her throbbing clit. She began to immediately shake and move around like she was having convulsion as she moaned loud at the same time. 

"Oh Nurse Joy, yes it's me. I'm sorry, but I heard you out in the hallway and I couldn't help myself." Brock tried to explain as Nurse Joy made no attempt at covering herself or stopping her masturbating.

Nurse Joy glanced up at Brock and noticed his erection pushing out his shorts. May didn't know what to do now. She was caught in a predicament. Nurse Joy hadn't seen May enter the room with Brock and was too busy playing with herself.

"Did I make your penis do that?" Nurse Joy said as she smiled and continued to stare at his shorts.

"Uh hmm." May finally said as she made a noise so that Nurse Joy would notice that she was also in the room.

"Oh my, May! I'm so sorry! I didn't realize you were here too!" Nurse Joy said as she finally stopped rubbing her dildo against her clit and pussy.

"This is so embarrassing!" Nurse Joy said as she got under the covers to hide her nakedness.

"It's alright Nurse Joy. We're sorry too." May said as she walked up to the bed to try to explain what happened.

"I went looking for Brock and I noticed his outside your door spying on you. When I found out what was going on I didn't stop him and in fact watched as well. I'm sorry." May said as she apologized to Nurse Joy.

"I guess I was getting too loud if I caused you guys to hear me. I thought everyone had already gone to bed." Nurse Joy said, he face red with embarrassment.

"Oh don't be ashamed Nurse Joy. I've waited years to see what I saw earlier. You're a very sexy woman." Brock said as he tried to complement Nurse Joy so she didn't feel uncomfortable about the entire situation.

"Awe.. Thanks Brock. You don't know how much that means to me to hear someone say that to me." Nurse Joy said as she enjoyed getting the complement.

"Brock, we'd better leave now and got to bed. We've already caused too much trouble here as it is and we don't want to cause anymore if other people hear us talking in here this late at night." May said as she urged and waved Brock towards the door to the hall.

Brock knew May was right but his body didn't want to go anywhere. Nurse Joy had heard what May had said and was a bit disappointed with her suggestion. She knew that she needed to speak up if she wanting this little escapade to continue.

"Brock since you're here, why don't you stay awhile. I doubt anyone is going to notice your gone as everyone is sleeping." Nurse Joy explained as she smiled at him.

May was a bit surprised by Nurse Joy's suggestion but then again this whole situation was quite odd for her. Nurse Joy motioned Brock to come sit down beside her on the bed. Brock quickly got on the bed and moved up beside her. May watched this all transpire and was quite shocked by the quick turn of events.

Nurse continued to smile at Brock as she moved her hand and squeezed his penis through his shorts. Brock reacted by moving one hand up to her bra cover breast and began to squeeze it.

"I've wanted to do this for a long time." Brock told Nurse Joy as he looked straight into her eyes.

"Let's be quite so we won't wake anyone." Nurse Joy said as she continued to squeeze Brock's penis and started to jack it a little through his shorts.

Brock grabbed one of her bra straps that was resting on her shoulder and began to slide in down her shoulder. She didn't object, so Brock continued to pull it down, which made here bra loose.

"Do you like what you see?" Nurse Joy asked hoping that Brock would take off her bra completely.

"Nurse Joy, you are so beautiful." Brock replied.

"You know, I thought I saw you peek at me earlier but when I focused, you weren't there anymore. I glad that you had the nerve to do this. It makes me feel sexy that someone wants to spy on me to see me naked." Nurse Joy told him.

"Well I'm glad you're not mad at me. I've been waiting for this day for many years." Brock said as he switched to the other bra strap and slowly lowered it down her shoulder.

"Well I see something protruding from your shorts. I think it's time to see exactly what it is." Nurse Joy said as she grabbed both sides of Brock's shorts, pulled them down and let his very erect penis out.

May gasped as she watched Nurse Joy pull Brock's shorts off, exposing his erect penis into the open. May had seen Brock's penis a few times now, but she was always amazed how big it was.

"Oh my, we've forgot about May. Would you like to come join us May or do you just want to watch?" Nurse Joy asked May.

"Uh, I think I'll just watch for now." May said as she sat down on a nearby chair and continued to watch the action.

"Alright then, but feel free to join us at any time." Nurse Joy said as she kicked off the covers that she had used to cover her lower body.

"Now what do you want to do?" Brock asked as he starred at Nurse Joy's now exposed pussy up close.

"Let's play around a little." Nurse Joy suggested.

Brock finally built up the courage to take Nurse Joy's bra off. He reached behind her back to the strap holding the bra to her body. Nurse Joy moved forward a bit to give him better access and Brock looked down at the very large cleavage between her breasts that was created from the movements.

Brock uncliped the bra strap and her bra became loose. He pulled the lace bra down her breast and let it fall on the bed. Nurse Joy's large breasts were now exposed. Brock's hands were on them in seconds, gently squeezing her large soft globes. Brock's fingers pressed her hard erect nipples like door bells as he watched them spring back with her sighs of pleasure. Brock loved her tits.

Nurse Joy's breasts seemed bigger than Delia's breasts. Delia had quite large breasts, but Nurse Joy's seemed a bit bigger. They didn't sag and were well shaped. At the end of each breast were large, suckable, dark pink areolas that complemented her erect nipples.

'Your tits are so soft and beautiful!" Brock murmured as he moved his head to the closest breast and began licking. Nurse Joy blushed at the compliment as she watched Brock bend forward and eagerly began sucking and licking her nipples. Brock flicked his tongue over her long hard nipples several times as he marveled at the size of her breasts.

"That's it, Brock! Suck my titties! You make me feel so good..." Nurse Joy said as she urged him to continue.

This felt so much better than masturbating as Nurse Joy wished Brock had come to visit months ago. Nurse Joy didn't have a boyfriend and had been longing for a man to make her feel good.

"That feels so good." Nurse Joy moaned.

Brock loved Nurse Joy's breasts and continued working on them for ten minutes. He didn't seem to be able to get enough of them. Finally Brock finished on her breasts and he started licking down to her belly. As Brock was doing this, he was slowly pressing her legs apart with his hands. His licking started to go down past her belly, heading towards her pussy.

Nurse Joy reached down and spread her wonderfully pink lips apart exposing her hard swollen clitoris to Brock. Brock was surprised at Nurse Joy's suggestional intentions as he was surprised that she was so open with her sexuality and her desire. 

She continued to hold her pussy lips apart for Brock waiting for him to get the hint. Brock slide the tip of his tongue up and down her extremely wet slit as he looked up into her face to see her reaction. 

"Oh yeah! That's perfect Brock. Lick it just like that!" Nurse Joy told Brock.

Brock did as he was instructed and began licking her wet pussy. He pressed a thumb into her swollen clit as he leaned forward and began to slowly run his tongue up and down her pussy lips. Nurse Joy spread her legs wider making more room for him to get to her pussy.

"Now suck it. Suck my clit! Oh yes. Right there, that's perfect!" Nurse Joy continued as Brock worked on her pussy.

Nurse pussy lips were swollen and puffy and Brock could not take his eyes of of her sexy figure. Brock didn't know how long he had spent working on her pussy as time stood still for him. All he cared about doing was pleasuring Nurse Joy. He did everything she told him to do to the best of his ability.

May had been watching Nurse Joy and Brock all this time and she was starting to get really horny herself, May noticed that Nurse Joy's computer was still on behind her. She turned the chair she was sitting in and began accessing her computer. It didn't take long for May to realize that the pictures that Nurse Joy had on her computer were of herself in many different positions. May scrolled through the pictures that Nurse Joy had taken of herself.

Nurse Joy noticed that May was accessing her computer and looking at some of the pictures she had taken. She didn't feel ashamed that she found her picture, it was quite the opposite. She felt quick excited that May was reviewing the pictures she had taken. She hoped that May would like the pictures.

"I see you found my pictures there May." Nurse Joy said as she looked over Brock at May.

"So you took all these pictures yourself then? Why all the pictures?" May asked as she continued to look at the pictures.

"We'll I like having pictures of myself and it eventually evolved into taking pictures of myself naked and masturbating." Nurse Joy explained.

"I see. We did that one time too, didn't we Brock." May said catching Brock by surprise.

"Uh.. Yeah.." Brock replied.

"So, you two have had other experiences like this with each other before then." Nurse Joy questioned them wanting to know more details of their other experiences together.

"We've had a few yes. Brock's quite good." May said as she smiled.

"I see. Well then, would you like to take some pictures of us then May for my personal albums?" Nurse Joy asked May.

"Sure! Is this the camera you use?" May asked looking at the digital camera that sat on the desk beside the computer.

"Yes, that's it. Turn it on and you can take some pictures of me sucking Brock's nice large penis." Nurse Joy said as she started to move and pushed Brock flat on the bed.

Nurse Joy closed her lips tightly around Brock's penis just below the head. She squeezed her lips tightly until it almost cut off the blood flow. The sensation was new for Brock, but he liked how tight she was able to get her lips around his penis. While her lips plunged down his penis, her tongue was doing fast circles around it inside her mouth. She pushed his penis as far as she could get it inside her mouth and then relaxed her lips a bit before she began stroking his penis back and forth with them. 

May moved into a position to be able to take pictures of Nurse Joy giving Brock a blow job. She setup the camera and took a few shots. Nurse Joy seemed to be enjoying this even more than Brock was. May quickly reviewed the pictures on the camera and found herself getting turned on by them. She also wanted to suck Brock's penis just like Nurse Joy was but she thought it would be best to stay on the sidelines for now.

After a few minutes, Nurse was finally able to get half of Brock's penis in her mouth but even as hard as she tried, she still could not all of him in her mouth. She even tried putting part of it down her throat, but she still wasn't close to getting it all inside her. She knew that his large penis would be impossible to get all inside her mouth, but she hoped that she would be able to get it all inside her pussy instead at some point later that night.

Brock's penis was at least nine inches into her mouth before Nurse Joy had to concede as that was as far as she could get it in. She licked up and down his shaft as Brock began thrusting himself into her face. After a few minutes, Nurse Joy lifted up her head up for a moment, letting Brock's penis slip from her mouth so she could talk.

"Your penis is so big. I cannot get it all in my mouth. Will have to try a different hole soon to see if we can get it all inside me." Nurse Joy said as she smiled at Brock in a sexy way.

"I cannot wait!" Brock said as the thoughts of sticking his penis inside Nurse Joy's pussy started flowing through his mind.

Nurse Joy leaned her head back down on Brock's penis and went back to work on it. Her tits pressed down against my his legs as she wrapped her lips around Brock's penis again. Nurse Joy was really going at it this time as her saliva was starting to spill out of her mouth. She sucking so hard that Brock thought she was going to suck the cum right out of his balls.

Brock puts his hand behind her head and enjoyed every second of this wonderful blowjob he was getting from Nurse Joy. Brock couldn't believe that Nurse Joy was actually giving him a blowjob and he kept having to look down at her to let it all sink in.

"How about a boobjob next?" Nurse Joy said as she pulled Brock's penis out of her mouth again to speak.

"Uh.. sure!" Brock managed to mutter as Nurse Joy laughed at Brock's response.

"Alright, sit on the side of the bed and I'll kneel on the ground. If you want to take some pictures of this too May, I'de love to have pictures of this." Nurse Joy told them as she slowly got off the bed and knelt down in front of her bed.

Brock got into position as Nurse Joy instructed. Nurse Joy cupped both her large breasts and move then towards Brock's large erect penis. Brock guided his penis towards the cleavage of her breasts as she began to wrap her breasts around his penis. Brock immediately loved the feeling of her soft breasts touching his penis. They were warm and almost covered the shaft of his penis.

May took a few pictures as Nurse Joy began to rub her breasts up and down Brock's shaft. Brock loved the incredible feeling. He could feel Nurse Joy's erect tits touch his chest every few strokes as she moved her breasts. It didn't take long for Nurse Joy to get a steady rhythm going with her breasts as she loved feeling the warmth and wetness of his penis against her breasts.

Brock knew he wasn't going to last much longer after the earlier blowjob by Nurse Joy and now this boobjob. Nurse Joy was quite talented in making Brock feel good and he could start to feel an orgasm approaching.

"Uh.. Nurse Joy.. I can't last much longer if you keep this up." Brock told her as he closed his eyes and tried to concentrate on not cumming.

"It's alright cum all over me. I want your cum all over my body." Nurse Joy said as she couldn't wait for Brock to explode all over her.

May couldn't believe what Nurse Joy said. She was surprised how kinky she was and how willing she was to do things with Brock. 

"Get that camera ready again May, I want pictures of Brock cumming all over me." Nurse Joy said as she started stroking her breasts as fast as she could.

Brock couldn't take it any longer. He began cumming all over Nurse Joy's face and breasts. Spurt after spurt of his cum drenched her body as he unloaded his cum. May quickly began taking as many pictures as she could. May couldn't believe how much cum Brock was spurting out. 

Nurse Joy seemed to figure out a way to get Brock pumped up so much that his spurts hit her quite hard. Nurse Joy kept her eyes closed as she felt Brock's cum hit her face. A few moments later, she could tell by Brock's moaning that he had finished cumming and she slowly opened her eyes. She looked down at her breasts to see them covered with cum. She could also feel quite a bit of cum on her face.

Brock was exhausted and he fell back on Nurse Joy's bed to rest. Nurse Joy could see a few big globs of cum still on Brock's penis and it looked very tempting. She moved into position above Brock on the bed as some of the cum on her face and breasts began to droop. Nurse Joy opened her mouth and began sucking the cum right off Brock's still semi erect penis.

"That's the sweetest cum I've ever tasted," Nurse Joy told him as she continued to lick Brock's penis completely clean.

After a few minutes, Nurse Joy managed to clean up all the cum off Brock's penis and she then began licking the cum off her breasts, making sure not to waste one drop of his cum. She wipped his cum off her face and licked her cum covered finger like a lollipop and continued doing that till there was no cum left.

May watched Nurse Joy lick up all of Brock's cum. She knew how good it tasted and she was somewhat envious of all the attention she was getting from Brock. May could feel that her panties were now soaken wet from all the excitement. She had been watching them play with each other while taking their pictures but now she didn't know if she could continue doing that for them as she needed some attention herself.

May put the digital camera down on the desk and took off her nightgown and put it on the ground. This quickly caught both Brock's and Nurse Joy's attention as May hadn't really done much during this whole time. May's wet panties were now visible as May sat down on the chair again and spread her legs wide.

"Well, well. It looks like our fun has finally got to May over there." Nurse Joy said to Brock loud enough so that May could hear her.

"She looks quite wet down there. Her panties are all soaked." Brock said as he pointed to May's panties.

"You're right Brock. They are quite wet. May must be quite horny right now." Nurse Joy teased.

May didn't care about Nurse Joy's or Brock's teasing. She just wanted to rub her pussy and clit to make the aching feel better. It was only the day before their arrival in Saffron City, that Brock, Misty and May were having sex in the shower. May brought up those memories in her mind as she began to slowly stroke her clit and pussy with her hand through her wet panties.

Brock and Nurse Joy watched May as she began to moan with pleasure. She slowly rubbed her hand up and down her pussy in front of them but she didn't care if they watched her. Nurse Joy smiled as she watched and then she realized that she could also help out May just like she helped Brock.

"May, would you like me to do that for you?" Nurse Joy asked as she crawled over in front of May.

"Oh yes!" May replied as she continued rubbing her pussy through her wet panties.

Brock nearly came right there when he saw Nurse Joy get in front of May and watcher her hands move to the sides of May's panties. May moaned again as she felt Nurse Joy's fingers touch her pussy. Nurse Joy grabbed May's panties and tugged then down impatiently. She slid them down her legs and May flicked her leg allowing her wet panties to drop on the floor.

Nurse Joy was seeing May's naked pussy for the first time, something Brock had now seen many times. Unlike Nurse Joy's pussy which had a bit of pubic hair at the top, May's pussy was completely bald. Nurse Joy loved the look of May's pussy and she moved her head into position in front of it.Brock's view of May's pussy was obstructed by Nurse Joy's head and Nurse Joy had now begun to lick May's pussy.

"Oh yeah! Lick my pussy!" May moaned as she felt Nurse Joy's tongue begin to lick her pussy.

May looked down and watched Nurse Joy's tongue slowly lick the pink lips of her pussy. May gasped when she felt her tongue touch her clitoris. Nurse Joy sucked her pussy lips into her mouth gently, spreading her lips slightly. Nurse Joy loved the taste of May's wet pussy as she continued to lick her pussy.

May was still wear her white bra but Nurse Joy quickly realized this and reached behind May and unhooked her bra. The bra slide down her shoulders similar to how Nurse Joy's bra fell off. Nurse Joy was impressed at the size of May's young breasts and she quickly compared her breasts to her's.

Brock couldn't see May's breasts or tits very well from his angle on the bed but he knew she was naked and that enough to make him horny again.

Nurse Joy's changed her attention from May's pussy to her breasts as her tongue licked her erect nipples, sucking one into her mouth briefly before kissing her way over to the other nipple.

"How are you feeling now May?" Nurse Joy asked her.

"Oh I'm feeling much better now." May said as she moaned and smiled at Nurse Joy who was still kneeling in front of her.

May got a good up close look at Nurse Joy's breasts as she licked her pussy again. May then realized why Brock came so quickly as the sight of her breasts alone would be enough to make anyone cum. Nurse Joy was also quite good at licking pussies as well. May began writhing against Nurse Joy's face as she sucked her pussy lips with her expert mouth.

Finally after a few minutes, May felt her body building to a climax. She knew at the pace Nurse Joy was going, she'd finally get the pleasure she'd been waiting for. Suddenly, May saw a flash and she saw Brock had picked up the camera and had taken a picture of Nurse Joy and May. The though of this act being recorded in a picture was too much for May as she finally began to climax.

"I'm gonna cum! I'm cumming!" May said as she felt her body finally overcome with pleasure.

Brock began to take a few more pictures while May climaxed so that they'de have them to look at later. He loved watching Nurse Joy lick May's pussy. There was something about watching two girls go at it that made Brock go wild inside.

A few minutes passed and Nurse Joy stopped licking May to allow her to recover after her orgasm. Nurse Joy returned to her bed and lay down on it. Brock watched her all the way admiring her amazing body.

"Hmmmm. I think I'm ready for you to fuck me now." Nurse Joy said as she spread her legs wide to let Brock see her pussy.

"You want me to have sex with you now?" Brock said as a large smile suddenly appeared on his face and his penis went to full alertness.

"Yes I do. I'm so horny that I cannot wait to have your penis inside me. How do you want to fuck me?" Nurse Joy told him. 

"How do you want to put big penis of yours into my pussy? You want to fuck me missionary or do you want to fuck me from behind in a doggy position for our first time." she continued teasing him as she spread the lips of her pussy wide again to show him the opening to her pussy.

"Lie down completely on your back. I want to see your reactions for our first time." Brock said as he watched Nurse Joy comply.

"Oh Brock, that almost sounded romantic." May said as she finally recovered from her orgasm.

"May if you could once again take some pictures, I'll be anxious to see what they look like later." Nurse Joy said as she anticipated Brock's penis entering her.

Brock positioned himself in between Nurse Joy's legs on her bed. Her pussy lips parted as soon as Brock's penis head touched the lips of her pussy and entered it. She was so wet that her pussy spread open easily as his penis slid inside.

"Oh, Brock. Your penis is so big, it's just incredible! Oh, my god! It's really stretching my pussy more than it has ever been." Nurse Joy said as Brock continued to push his penis into her.

The sensations Brock felt as he slowly pushed his aching penis into Nurse Joy's almost blew his mind. He could feel the rippled walls of her pussy slide tightly down his erection as he slide inside her further. He couldn't believe it, he was finally having sex with Nurse Joy.

"Oh my Brock, you feel so good. You're so big and hard!" Nurse Joy said as she couldn't believe the size of Brock's penis as it didn't even compare to her dildo.

Nurse Joy began to slowly raise and lower her hips while matching Brock's thrusts. Brock placed one hand on her smooth ass as he played with her breasts with the other. Nurse Joy couldn't believe how amazing sex with Brock was. She never imagined it would be this good. His hands never stopped stroking her body as he thrusted his penis deeper and deeper.

With one final drive of his hips, Brock's penis was all the way inside Nurse Joy's pussy. May took a few pictures as Brock began to stroke in and out as hard as he could. 

"You don't know how many times I've dreamed of doing this..." Brock told Nurse Joy as he continued his relentless thrusts.

"I'm glad you like it, Just don't stop!" Nurse Joy told him.

"I've fantasized about this for so long and now I'm fucking you!" Brock said as he grabbed Nurse Joy's waist to help him get stronger thrusts.

Brock's young muscular body with his large penis was an enjoyable experience for Nurse Joy. Having a man like Brock wanting her made her feel very sexy. Nurse Joy looked down at her pussy to watch Brock's penis enter her and a portion of his penis was visible every time he drew back. 

May watched the two have sex in front of her as Nurse Joy's large breasts were jiggling wildly. May moaned a bit wishing she could trade places with Nurse Joy. May noticed that the dildo was still on the bed and she quickly grabbed in and sat back down on the chair.

Brock slid hist hand between Nurse Joy's legs and she cried out when he found her clitoris with his thumb and forefinger. Brock began rubbing it vigorously as he thrusted his penis into her pussy. Nurse Joy knew she wasn't going to be able to last any longer and seconds later, she came.

"Oh my God... You are amazing." Nurse Joy panted as she recovered from her orgasm.

"Did you like it?" Brock asked as he massaged her body with his hands. 

"It was the best orgasm I've ever had." Nurse Joy managed to moan.

Nurse Joy realized that Brock's penis was still in her pussy and it still felt hard.

"You are still hard. You have amazing vitality!" Nurse Joy complemented Brock.

"That's because I haven't cummed again yet." Brock gasped as he felt Nurse Joy's pussy muscles twitch a bit and begin to squeeze his penis again.

"You didn't cum again? Well, we can't have that can we." she asked with an impressed look on her face. 

"I want you to cum in me." Nurse Joy continued as she pushed Brock on the bed and straddled him.

Nurse reached between her legs to grasp Brock's and aim it towards the proper position at the opening to her pussy. She was soaking wet so it hardly took any effort and Nurse Joy eased down onto his hard throbbing penis once again. She could feel his penis filling her pussy as it slowly entered her.

Brock reached up to grip Nurse Joy's swaying breasts. He loved the way they felt, so soft and smooth in his hands.
She increased her pace, lifting her hands to cup Brock's hand, forcing him to squeeze her tits tighter as she began to bounce up and down on his penis. 

"Fuck me, Brock. Fuck me while your friend watches you cum inside my pussy." Nurse Joy began to tease him as Brock had forgotten that May was there watching them.

"Wow, she took the whole thing!" May said as she watched Nurse Joy bouncing force Brock's penis all the way inside her. 

"How does Brock's whole penis feel inside you?" May continued.

"Good..." Nurse Joy said with a whimper as she tilted her head back.

"Oh Nurse Joy, you're so tight!" Brock said as he began thrusting back against Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy grabbed the side of Brock and bent forward to balance herself. Her breasts were now in perfect view for Brock to watch them bounce around as he had sex with her.

May was playing with her tits and squeezing her nipples with one hand and rubbing Nurse Joy's dildo up and down her pussy as she watched Brock and Nurse Joy in front of her have sex. The dildo stimulated her clit and May was really getting into it.

Finally May couldn't tease herself any longer and she thrust the dildo inside her pussy. Brock and Nurse Joy heard the moans coming from May and they turned and watched for a minute while they continued to have sex. May pretended that the dildo was Brock's penis as she stroked it in and out of her pussy with almost the same rhythm as Nurse Joy and Brock were doing. 

May grabbed one of her breasts and pushed her tit up to her mouth while she continued thrusting the dildo in her pussy as far as she could. May licked her tit and then switched breasts. She continued doing this for a few minutes, pleasuring herself the best that she could.

Brock could see that May's eyes were closed and she had a look of intense pleasure on her pretty face. It was obvious she was enjoying herself now too.

" I love having your penis in my pussy!" Nurse Joy said as Brock turned his attention back to her.

"Really?" Brock asked glad to hear that she was enjoying herself.

"Oh yeah, now if you'de just cum, I think this night would be complete!" Nurse Joy said as she began to really work his penis hard now.

"Oh god I feel like such a slut watching you guys like this." May said as she continued to thrust the dildo into her.

Hearing May talk like that put Brock over the tip as he felt his balls tense up and pulses of his cum started spurting inside Nurse Joy's pussy.

"That's it. Brock, shoot your cum in me." Nurse Joy said as he continue to unload inside her.

May heard what Nurse Joy had said about Brock cumming and that also drove her to an orgasm as well as she began shaking from the overwhelming pleasure.

"Oh! Brock!. I can feel you cumming inside me." Nurse Joy moaned as she climaxed once again.

Holding her hips tightly and lifting into her with slamming thrusts, Brock shot stream after stream into Nurse Joy's perfect pussy. She collapsed onto his chest, her breasts acting like cushions. Brock held her tight as the last waves of his orgasm finished.

May had to use her free hand to balance herself from falling off the chair as she felt her orgasm overwhelm her body as well. She had never pleasured herself this good before, but having good stimuli in from of her helped.

"Do you think they heard us?" May asked as she recovered from her orgasm.

"I still think everyone is a sleep." Nurse Joy said as she could still feel Brock's cum inside her pussy.

"I hope they didn't hear us or they'll wonder what's going on in here, just like we did." Brock said as he was also recovering.

"May can you take a few pictures of my pussy as I get off Brock?" Nurse Joy asked.

"Alright, just a second." May said as she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and grabbed the camera.

May walked in close towards Nurse Joy and aimed at her pussy. Brock's penis was still deep inside it, but she could start to see some of his cum starting to drip out the sides of her pussy. May started to take some pictures as Nurse Joy slowly started getting off him.

"Brock that was really great. I loved every second of this night." Nurse Joy told him.

"Oh I loved it too. I love you, Nurse Joy!" Brock told her as she blushed a bit from the unexpected complement.

Nurse Joy finally got off Brock's penis and May took a few more pictures for Nurse Joy and then handed her the camera.

"Thanks May. Now I'll have a lot of pictures to remember this great night." Nurse Joy said she took the camera and walked over to the computer.

"Would you like to clean off Brock's penis for me? Think of it as a 'thank you' for taking the pictures for me." Nurse Joy said as she smiled at May as she began to review some of the pictures that were taken on the camera.

"I sure would!" May said as she walked over to Brock who was still lying on the bed.

Moments later, Brock felt the familiar touch of May's lips and tongue on his penis, licking up the remaining cum that was on it. He loved the feeling of May's gentle touch against his penis and he closed his eyes and let May do her job. Within a few minutes, May had completely licked him clean and had swallowed any remaining cum. She loved the taste of his cum and penis and was glad that she had the chance to do so this night. She knew that this was a special night for him with Nurse Joy and she was glad to have been able to be a part of it.

"Brock, we'd better get back to the room now." May told him.

"I guess you're right, but I don't really want to go! I want to stay here with Nurse Joy forever!" Brock said with a sorrowful tone to his voice.

"Awe Brock, that's so sweet. I know this was our first time, but I'm sure it won't be our last time together." Nurse Joy said as she smiled at him.

"Come on Brock, let's get our clothes and head back. You can see her in the morning." May said as she pulled Brock off the bed.

May and Brock quickly got dressed again and waved goodbye to Nurse Joy.

"Goodbye my love! Until tomorrow!" Brock said in his most romantic voice.

"Goodnight you two and thank you!" Nurse Joy said not wanting them to leave her here by herself.

Moments later the door to Nurse Joy's room was closed and she sat there by herself having to contemplate the nights events. Nurse Joy sat down at the computer, plugged in her camera and began reviewing the pictures that had been taken.

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