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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 21 - Psychic Surprises

Brock and May returned to their room and quietly walked in. They both tried to be as quiet as they possibly could as everyone was already sleeping. Both of them were still pumped up from their earlier experience and they both knew it was going to take awhile for them to get to sleep. Brock and May quietly walked over to their beds and got under the sheets. They both lay there in their beds for quite a while thinking about the earlier experience.

Brock's dream of having his way with Nurse Joy had finally come true. Brock recalled the experience in his mind, playing out all the scenes. He thought it was more of a dream rather than a memory, but the fact that he knew it had happened to him made it so much better than fantasying. Brock recalled the feel and touch of her skin as he touched it with his hands and as his body rested against hers. He remembered how warm and soft her skin felt.

Moments later May and Brock were both asleep. They had had quite a night to remember, but it was the following days that would be even more exciting for the both of them.

The next morning arrived and Ash and his friends woke up ready an excited for the days events. Ash was going to challenge Sabrina for his first Master League badge. Ash was really pumped up for this that he quickly got dressed and went to the Pokemon Centers kitchen as fast as he could.

"Boy, he's in a hurry today." Dawn replied as she stretched and rubbed her eyes as she woke up.

"Well you know Ash. Doesn't take much to get him excited." Misty said as she also sat up in bed and stretched.

May and Brock were still sleeping and they weren't aware of what was going on. Misty and Dawn looked at May and Brock who were still sleeping.

"Well I wonder what happened last night. They both managed to return back to our room but I didn't hear them come in. Did you?" Misty asked Dawn wondering what had happened with Brock last night.

"I don't know either. Will have to wake them both up and find out." Dawn suggested as she got out of bed.

"Time to wake up you guys. It's morning. We got to get ready for the big match today!" Misty said loudly enough to wake up May and Brock who were still happily sleeping.

"Ugh, morning." May said as she woke up and noticed that Dawn and Misty were both still in their pyjamas.

Brock moved around a bit but went back to sleep as he was still quite tired having stayed up so late. He wanted to get as much sleep as he could and to go back to the dream he was having.

"Well he seems more tired than normal." Dawn said as she watched Brock roll over in his bed to try to go back to sleep.

"Seems he was up quite late. What time did you guys return back to the room May? We were already asleep." Misty asked May who was still trying to wake up herself.

"Uhm, well it was quite late I guess. I mean we were all up pretty late last night." May said trying to avoid talking about what happened.

"Did you find out where Brock was and what he was doing?" Dawn asked May.

"Well.. Yeah I did." May said as she kicked the sheets of and dangled her feet off the side of the bed.

"And...?" Dawn and Misty both said at the same time.

"Well I caught him spying on Nurse Joy outside her room." May told them as the faces on Misty and Dawn both lit up.

"You caught him spying on Nurse Joy?!" Misty said in an anxious voice wanting to hear more of the story.

"Yeah, he was outside her room spying through a crack in the door when I caught him." May continued.

"What a perv!" Dawn said as she looked over at Brock who had fallen back asleep.

"Well it's always been his dream to have his way with Nurse Joy." Misty said remembering all the times Brock had gone up to Nurse Joy's.

"Well, that's not far off from the truth..." May said peaking the interest of Misty and Dawn again.

"You mean he got caught by Nurse Joy as well?!" Dawn said in a surprised voice.

"Well it was partly my fault. I got him all flustered since this was the second time I've caught him doing stuff like this, first with Ash's mom, now with Nurse Joy." May told them.

"So what happened?" Misty said wanting to know more.

"Well I looked inside to see what Brock was looking at and there was Nurse Joy in underwear on her bed with her legs spread out wide and her hands fondling her breasts through her bra. Brock had been watching Nurse Joy play with herself. He started to get a bit anxious and wanted to see what was going on, so he moved into position behind me while his large erection unintentionally found its way to the crack of my ass and rested there while he attempted to look over my shoulder at Nurse Joy." May told them as she continued with the story.

"Ooh, Brock's penis does get quite big doesn't it." Dawn said remembering her time with Brock.

"So did Nurse Joy catch him or not May?" Misty said starting to get a bit impatient with May's long story.

"I'm getting there. So the both of us stood there watching Nurse Joy and after a few minutes she shuffled through her drawer and got out a big dildo. Well this just got Brock more horny than he was before. She started masturbating and almost caught us there and we'd thought we'd closed the door fast enough so she didn't see us. I wanted to end the whole situation there, but Brock heard Nurse Joy make a loud noise, but instead of peeping at the door this time, he just barged right in." May explained.

"He just barged into her room like that?!" Misty and Dawn said almost at the same time.

"What was Nurse Joy's reaction?" Misty said wondering what had happened next.

"Well Nurse Joy was a bit embarrassed at first, but after seeing Brock's large erection, she quickly moved on from that and invited him into her bed with her." May said.

"She let him have sex with her?" Misty said in a surprised voice.

"Yup, seem's Brock finally got his wish fulfilled." May said.

"But how do you know for sure that he did do it with her?" Dawn asked May.

"Well Nurse Joy invited me to stay in the room with them as well. I took a few pictures for her. So that's the evidence. We could quietly ask her later to see the pictures if you guys want. I'm sure she'd let us." May explained to Dawn.

"Oh most definitely. These I've got to see." Misty said as she interrupted before Dawn could respond.

"We'll lets go eat breakfast and then we can find Nurse Joy and ask her to see them then." May said as she got up out of her bed.

"I guess we'd better wake up Brock as well. I'm sure he wouldn't want to miss Ash's first Master League battle." Dawn said as she walked over to Brock's bed and began to shake him.

"Come on Brock, wake up! It's time to get ready for Ash's first Master League battle!" Dawn told him as he started to stir a bit in his bed.

"Just a few more minutes!" Brock insisted.

"Now Brock! We gotta get ready now!" May said as she told Brock off for trying to sleep in.

"Alright, alright! I'm getting up." Brock said as he rubbed his eyes and looked around the room.

Ash was no where in sight and it was just the girls in the room with him. He knew something was up as they were all smirking and starring at him as he attempted to wake up.

"You know, I had this amazing dream last night. Everybody is acting so strange today that it makes be wish I was dreaming again. Is this some kind of act you guys have planned to make fun of me or something?" Brock said as he tried to break the ice that seemed to be in the room since the time he was rudely awoken.

The girls all just starred at him and Brock finally realized that May must have spilled the beans about his night with Nurse Joy. This was the only explanation for all the girls behavior.

"So... May told you about last night I assume..." Brock relented as he tried not to focus on any of the girls.

"She sure did." Misty smirked as she exclaimed.

"Oh great. Now I'm never going to hear the end of this am I?" Brock said out loud as he attempted to get out of bed.

"Oh come on Brock. We just want to hear the details. Tell us please!" Dawn smiled as she eagerly waited to hear Brock tell his side of the story.

Brock recalled the events of last night in his mind. It almost seemed like a dream. He had also had a great dream while sleeping last night, but it didn't compare to the events that took place before he went to bed.

"Alright fine. I'll tell you what happened, but May has probably told you everything already." Brock said trying to shift the storytelling back on to May.

"Last night while I was heading to the bathroom, I noticed that Nurse Joy's light was still on and I could hear moaning coming from her room. Obviously I was curious , so I went to see what was going on." Brock started to explain to the girls who were all smirking and whispering to each other.

"I knocked on the door to see if Nurse Joy would answer but she didn't respond. I then decided to check to see if the door was locked and I slowly began turning the handle." Brock continued.

"You started spying on her?" Misty said surprised that Brock went that far.

"Brock was being a peeping Tom!" Dawn teased as the girls all giggled.

"I wonder if Brock has spied on us without us knowing." May also teased.

"I have not!" Brock quickly replied.

"Sure, sure Brock. We believe you." Misty said in a teasing and sarcastic voice.

"I haven't spied on any of you without you knowing!" Brock again exclaimed.

"Ha! So its true, you have spied on us before!" May said as Brock started to blush.

"Yes, but you guys knew about it though. Anyhow, did you want me to continue or should I go get some breakfast?" Brock said starting to get annoyed at all their teasing.

"Alright, alright, lets let Brock finish his story and then we can tease him." Misty said as all the girls started laughing out loud again.

Brock finished filling in the story up to the point where May came into play and had already told the girls about. All the girls loved hearing the gossip and they also loved teasing Brock. They all knew that being with Nurse Joy was one of Brock's boyhood dreams. They had all seen the way he acted around Nurse Joy's during their travels. The fact that a Nurse Joy finally reciprocated his feelings surprised the girls, but all of them had had first hand sexual experiences with Brock, so they knew how good of a lover Brock was. Unlike Ash, Brock expressed his feeling, something Ash had always had a hard time doing.

By the time Brock had finished telling his story, it was about 20 minutes after he'd got up. Ash had already left the room, so he was probably wondering where everyone was.

"Well we'd better get dressed and ready for today. Ash has a big day and he'll be counting on us for support." Dawn said as she suggested to the others it was time to get ready.

"Awe, but I wanted to tease Brock some more!" Misty said a bit down that she had to stop teasing.

"I'm sure you'll have plenty of other times to tease him." May replied to her comment.

"Well THAT's reassuring..." Brock sarcastically remarked.

All the girls laughed as the got off their beds and started to get changed. The girls were now comfortable changing in front of each other and in front of the guys, so none of them had and problems changing with Brock in the room. Brock rarely wore a top while sleeping and generally only worse his boxers.

Brock slowly got up off the bed as he watched Dawn start taking off her nightgown. The girls may have become comfortable changing in front of everyone, but Brock was still getting accustom to their new found confidence. Dawn pulled her nightgown over her head revealing her black panties and bra. Brock's eyes immediately focused on the crack of her ass which tight against the material of her panties. Dawn bent over and started looking in her bag for her clothes. Brock got a perfect view of her tight ass as she did so. Misty and May both noticed Brock was starring at Dawn changing and they both giggled at the fact.

"Brock spends the night with Nurse Joy and now he's already looking at other girls. What a tool!" Misty said trying to tease Brock once again.

"Well you cannot blame him with that view Misty." May said commenting on Dawn tight ass sticking out as she bent over.

"Huh? What are you guys talking about?" Dawn said as she found her blouse and skirt in her bag that she normally wore.

"Oh nothing!" Brock said as he walked over to his bag and started looking in his bag for his clothes.

"Brock was starring at your ass while you were looking in your bag!" May joked picking up on Misty's jokes.

"Oh is that so! Well if you want to see more of it later, I'm sure I can arrange that." Dawn said as she smiled and put on her skirt slowly as she teased Brock as well.

Brock blushed a bit as he found it hard to defend himself against the three girls teasing him. In one aspect he loved the attention from the girls but on the other hand he didn't like the constant teasing.

"And here all this time I thought Brock was a breasts guy!" May said as she smiled at Brock as she cupped and bounced her breasts through her nightshirt teasing him as her breasts bounced a bit under her shirt.

"Obviously he likes Dawn's ass too!" Misty said with a bit of a laugh in her voice.

"Well I'm going to get ready now. You guys can finish teasing me later." Brock said as he got dressed and ready.

"You can count on that." Dawn said as she raised her skirt up and slapped her ass lightly with got the other two girls laughing hysterically.

A few minutes later the other two girls got dressed before heading out to the Pokemon Center's kitchen for some breakfast.

Ash was already there eating a large plate of pancakes. The girls had never seen Ash eat so much and so fast and they had seen him eat quite a bit during the time they had known him. The last time they ate breakfast together, Ash had a lot to eat. It seemed that whenever Ash was excited, he would eat a lot.

"Good morning!" Brock chirped cheerfully as he walked by the table Ash was sitting at.

"Good morning yourself!" Ash replied sarcastically.

"You look happy this morning." Ash stated as Brock and the girls sat down with him.

"Good night Brock?" May asked in her voice teasing and the girls started giggling.

"What are you two giggling about?" Ash asked as the girls busted out laughing.

"Oh nothing, we just got a case of the giggles this morning." Dawn replied to Ash.

Ash gave Brock a strange look of confusion but Brock didn't want to say anything. Obviously something was going on between Brock and the girls but Ash was to busy getting focused for his battle that he didn't feel like pursuing the matter any more.

"So Ash, are you ready for your battle with Sabrina today?" Misty said wondering how Ash was.

"I am pumped up and ready for this match. I know Sabrina is going to be a hard opponent but I've learned a lot since the last time I battled her." Ash replied as he remember his first encounter with her.

"I should be a good match." Brock commented as he also remembered the first match between the two.

The group talked about the previous matches he had with Sabrina. After the events of the first match he had with her, Ash demanded a rematch which Sabrina agreed to. She sent out her Kadabra and Ash attempted to send out his newly captured Haunter but it had vanished. Sabrina started to get angry again and ordered Ash to send out another Pokemon.

Ash had a hard time controlling the Haunter he captured and Brock and Misty were turned into dolls. Brock remembered how he hated being rendered useless while he had to watch Ash battle against a disturbed Sabrina. Eventually Sabrina's father came to the rescue and Ash was declared the winner. Brock and Misty returned back to their human form.

"What was that like being a doll?" Dawn asked finding the whole idea kinda funny.

"It wasn't fun at all." Misty said quickly.

"Yeah. It's definitely something I don't want to experience ever again. Luckly Sabrina has changed since the first time we met her." Brock said as he explained the situation they were in at that time.

"Well this rematch is definitely going to be a good one." Ash said as he got up from the table.

"Hang on Ash, let the rest of us finish eating before you run off without us." May said as she grabbed Ash by the shoulder and forced him back into his seat.

"You're just as crazy as you were the first time you battled Sabrina!" Misty said as she joked about Ash's recent behaviour.

"Well I've learned a lot since then. Only problem is I'm still not sure what Pokemon I should use against her. I still don't have any Ghost type Pokemon to battle against her Psychic type Pokemon." Ash said as he scratched his head trying to think of a strategy.

"You've got to think of a better strategy then and use tactics that are good against Psychic type Pokemon." Brock advised Ash as the group all started thinking of a solution.

After a few minutes of trying to think of a solution to his problem, Ash realized it was already getting late and his match was scheduled for 10AM. If he didn't act fast, he'd be late for his very first match. Though this was typical behavior for Ash, who was always a bit anxious for new things. Ash quickly gathered his things off the table and got up.

"It's time to go! If I don't leave now, I'm going to be late!" Ash said as he started off towards the Pokemon Centers exit.

"You're right Ash. You definitely don't want to keep Sabrina waiting!" Misty said as she got up and followed him.

"I'm right behind you! I'de rather not make her mad and be turned into a doll again!" Brock said as he quickly followed.

May and Dawn were both very surprised by Misty and Brock's quick reaction. Obviously their previous encounter with this particular gym leader wasn't the best. May and Dawn both shrugged and followed the rest of the group towards the Saffron Gym.

A few minutes later and the group was climbing the familiar stairs to the entrance of the Saffron Gym. Ash had challenged this gym a few times before he managed to get a badge from Sabrina. Hopefully this time wouldn't require another rematch.

Ash slowly opened the large doors of the Saffron Gym as he and his friends entered the building. Walking towards the main part of the gym, Ash could see Sabrina was waiting on her chair at the opposite side of the battlefield. Unlike last time though, she didn't look as mean or as imposing. Infact, she was actually smiling at Ash pleasantly.

"Welcome Ash! It's been a long time since we last met!" Sabrina said as she got off her chair and walk toward the group that had just walked in.

"Thanks Sabrina. It's good to see you again. How are you doing?" Ash asked pleasantly surprised to see that her attitude had changed significantly since his first encounter with her.

Ash's friends could already see that Ash was a lot more comfortable. Even though the match was going to be tough, the fact that Sabrina was a lot more polite and friendly seemed to make him more at ease.

"I am doing fantastic thanks to you and you're friends." Sabrina replied as she finally had walked up close to Ash and his friends.

Sabrina looked older than the last time the met. A few years had past, so Ash wasn't surprised, but Sabrina did look a lot happier now. In the past, Ash never really scooped out women much, but with his recently newfound sexually encounters, Ash was quick to notice Sabrina's short skirt and tight clothing.

"I'm turning out like Brock! Scooping out every girl I see!" Ash thought to himself as he tried to pretend that he wasn't checking her out.

"It's good to see you." Misty replied as she smiled at Sabrina.

"Hello, Misty. It's nice to see you again too. Oh look, Brock is here too! How are you doing Brock?" Sabrina said as she smiled back at them.

Brock quickly thought about going up to Sabrina and begging for a date like he did every other girl he encountered, but he realized that the other girls around him would get even more jealous, so he tried to keep his approach calm and cool this time.

"It's good to see you again too Sabrina." Brock said slowly and politely which surprised everyone that he wasn't going all crazy at the sight of a pretty girl.

"How have you been?" Ash asked wondering if she had changed a lot over the past few years.

"I've been great. Ever since that day when I was reunited with my family, my whole life was changed around. I you to thank for that Ash." Sabrina said explaining to them.

"Awe, that's good to hear. I really didn't know that that guy was your dad." Ash laughed recalling that he couldn't figure out that back then.

"The last few years have been quite good for me. You don't know how grateful I am to you guys. If possible, I would love for you guys to come to my house after this match so I can really show my gratitude to you guys." Sabrina asked them.

"That would be great!" Ash said.

"We look forward to it. Hopefully we can catch up on some more things later." Misty said as she wondered what Sabrina had in store for them.

"Let me introduce my two other friends. This is Dawn and May. Both traveled with me on separate journey's over the past few years and have come to cheer me on." Ash said as he introduced them both.

"Nice to meet you two." Sabrina said as the two smiled in acknowledgment.

"Well how about we get this match started then, shall we?" Sabrina said motioning towards the battlefield.

Ash walked over towards his place in the challengers position. The last few times he stood in this position were extremely challenging moments in his Pokemon training career. But this was the Master League and he needed to be on his top form for this battle. Sabrina walked over to her position and began explaining the rules of the match.

"As per the Master League rules, the match will be a 1 on 1 battle. No substitutions will be allowed, nor will any items. The match will end when one of our Pokemon is defeated. There is no time limit. The challenger get to summon their Pokemon second." Sabrina said as she explained the rules to Ash.

"Alright then, let's get this match started!" Ash said awaiting Sabrina to send out her Pokemon.

"Okay! Alakazam, let's go!" Sabrina said as she threw her Poke ball to release Alakazam for the match.

"Alakazam, huh. It looks like her Pokemon evolved to its strongest form." Misty said as she watched Alakazam appear as Dawn got out her Pokedex.

"Alakazam, a Psi Pokemon. This Pokemon uses Psychic attacks to overcome its opponents. " the Pokedex replied as Dawn wanted to learn about the Pokemon Ash would be facing.

"This is going to be a tough match. Ash had a hard time with her Kadabra, but now its even stronger as a Alakazam." Brock said trying to think of which Pokemon Ash was going to choose to battle against it.

Normally this would be a time that Ash would select Pikachu, his trusted companion, but he was at Professor Oak's lab for a well deserved rest after having battled for a long time with Ash. He got to stay and rest at the lab with some of Ash's other Pokemon while Tracey watched over them.

Ash finally decided on a Pokemon. It seemed like it took ages for him to decide but in fact only a few seconds had passed since Sabrina had sent out her Alakazam.

"Gliscor, I choose you!" Ash said as he threw his Poke ball that contained his Gliscor out towards the battlefield.

"Gliscor, huh!" Sabrina said remembering Ash's Haunter that distracted the battle the last time.

"Ash's Gliscor is certainly strong now. Plus it's fast and has no type disadvantages against Sabrina's Alakazam. This should be an interesting matchup." Brock commented as he awaited the battle to start.

"As the challenger, you make the first call to start the battle!" Sabrina said awaiting the first move.

"Alright then, Gliscor, use Night Slash!" Ash commanded.

Gliscor started off the match and quickly flew towards the stationary Alakazam. Ash's friends watched as Alakazam was unable to defend the starting attack due to Gliscor incredible speed. Sabrina was very surprised that Ash's Gliscor was able to attack so quickly.

"Oh wow! Gliscor had a direct hit right off the bat!" May said as she was impressed.

"That's a powerful hit! It's good to see Ash is off to a great start!" Misty also said as she watched the match.

Alakazam was pushed back towards Sabrina but the powerful attack wasn't enough to knock it out at this early part of the match. Alakazam seemed a bit surprised by Gliscor powerful attack but it was able to defend it.

"That was a nice start there Ash, but were not going to give up that easily." Sabrina said also impressed by Ash.

"Alakazam, use Psychic!" Sabrina commanded as that attack brought back memories of its powerful attack.

Unable to defend again Alakazam strong Psychic attack, it was caught up by its power and remanded motionless in the air as Alakazam began to direct its attack.

"Quickly Gliscor, do your best to break free!" Ash said as he knew that Alakazam strong Psychic attack was going to cause him a lot of problems during this match.

Gliscor tried its best to break away from the Psychic attack but it was no use. Seconds later, Alakazam threw Gliscor against the side of the wall. Unable to properly defend itself, it took a significant amount of damage. Ash grinned as he was mad about the powerful Psychic attack.

"Well, well Ash. It seems you still have a weakness against Psychic Pokemon." Sabrina said as she taunted him as her Alakazam was able to successfully counter his first attack leaving both Pokemon injured.

"We'll see about that!" Ash said confidently as he suddenly remember his gym match with Melissa.

"Melissa also used psychic attacks and I was able to defend against those with a counter shield. I doubt Sabrina knows about that. But if she does, she'll have an advantage. I still have to try." Ash thought to himself trying to think of a good strategy against Sabrina's powerful psychic attacks.

"Gliscor, use Brick Break and create a lot of little rocks to use as a distraction against Alakazam!" Ash instructed as Gliscor complied and started breaking up the ground as fast as he could, spewing tons of rocks around the room in the process.

"What do Ash think he's doing? Doesn't he know he's just giving Alakazam a lot more objects to control to use in the fight?!" Misty exclaimed at what she thought was a bad move on Ash's part.

Brock and the others also looked a bit shocked at Ash's tactics but he was always known for some pretty unorthodox moves. Sabrina also looked a bit puzzled by Ash's move.

"Alakazam, use Psychic on those rocks!" Sabrina commanded hoping to use these new objects as an attack against Ash.

Little did Sabrina know that Ash was hoping that Sabrina would take this bait. He was hoping that she would command Alakazam to use them.

"Quickly now Gliscor, Sandstorm to pick up all those rocks. Alakazam isn't going to be able to command all those rocks at the same time." Ash quickly told Gliscor hoping that his tactic would work.

Alakazam managed to psychically control a lot of the new rocks that Gliscor's Brick Break had created, but as Ash had anticipated, it wasn't able to control all of them. Alakazam begun throwing the psychically controlled rocks at Gliscor just as it began to use Sandstorm. The thrown rocks got caught up in the sandstorm and weren't able to hit Gliscor. Gliscor then directed the sandstorm towards Alakazam as it picked up even more of the rocks as it head towards it.

"Oh wow! Ash used the rocks as a distraction!" Dawn said impressed by Ash's move.

Moments later the sandstorm hit Alakazam along with most of the rocks that had been caught up in the storm. There was so many of them that it made it impossible for Alakazam to defend against them. Alakazam was hit on all sides by the rocks and it also made the match area quite hard to see. As Gliscor was flying around, some of the sand and dust pelted against it, but Ash knew the little damage that Gliscor would take by using Sandstorm would be a lot better than getting hit by those rocks.

"Wow that was impressive. Gliscor's attack severely damaged Alakazam!" Brock said looking on.

Ash's tactic had paid off big time. Not only was he able to defend against Alakazam's psychic attack, he was able to counter it and use the attack against it. Alakazam had taken two direct hits from Gliscor but after some of the dust and sand cleared, Ash could see that Alakazam was still able to battle.

"Very impressive Ash. But it's going to take a lot more than that to defeat us!" Sabrina said in a strong but noticeably less confident voice.

"Use Teleport and catch it off guard!" Sabrina instructed as Alakazam quickly disappeared and then reappeared right beside Gliscor.

Alakazam had countered Gliscor's speed by using a move that was unprecedented in speed and it quickly charged a Hyper Beam hitting Gliscor square in the back.

"Gliscor! Hang in there!" Ash said as he saw the attack hit his Gliscor square in the back.

"This looks bad. Alakazam's attacks have completely caught Gliscor off guard causing a lot of damage. Gliscor might not be able to recover after such a powerful attack that close." Brock said as he watched Gliscor fall out of the sky and hit the ground in a cloud of dust and sand.

Ash clinched his teeth waiting to the dust to settle to see what had happened to his Gliscor. He hoped that it was able to withstand the attack as Sabrina's Alakazam was also quite seriously injured after his two attacks also managed to hit square on. Seconds later the sand and dust cleared and he could see that Gliscor was trying to get up.

"All right Gliscor, keep going! Let's win this match!" Ash said trying to boost Gliscor's confidence.

"We'll see about that! Alakazam quickly, Teleport again." Sabrina said trying to take advantage of Gliscor's low mobility on the ground.

Ash knew that Gliscor's tail could quickly get it back into the air for a final attack. They had practiced the move many times and Gliscor had perfected it, often surprising opponents by how much spring it had in its tail. Ash was hoping to use this same tactic to once again dodge Alakazam's incoming attack. Alakazam quickly transported in front of Gliscor as it prepared to launch another attack.

"Alakazam, let's finish it off with a Psybeam!" Sabrina said confident that its attack would finish off Ash's Gliscor.

The sandstorm was still raging and that caused Alakazam to hesitate just a bit before firing its attack towards Gliscor who was still trying to get up off the ground from the previous attack.

"Quickly now Gliscor, use your tail to dodge the attack!" Ash commanded as Gliscor quickly pushed its tail into the ground causing it to become a spring and launch Gliscor into the air above Alakazam who's Psybeam was now digging into the ground where Gliscor was seconds earlier.

Sabrina let out a gasp as she watched Gliscor avoid the attack and prepare itself for an attack. She couldn't believe that it was able to dodge the attack and get into such an amazingly good tactical position.

"Alright Gliscor, X-Scissor!" Ash commanded as he gave a punching motion waiting for Gliscor to launch what he hoped would be a final assault.

Gliscor quickly complied and hit Alakazam who had just finished discharging it Psybeam which had missed. The attack sent Alakazam flying across the battlefield and those watching knew that this attack would probably be all for Alakazam. It hit the ground with a big thud.

"Get up Alakazam! We cannot end it here!" Sabrina commanded hoping that her Pokemon would still have enough strength left to continue the match.

Alakazam struggled to get back up but moments later it fell to the ground completely. Everyone watched as Alakazam was knocked out and Ash's strategies had managed to pay off to get his first Master League victory against Sabrina.

"Way to go Ash!" Misty, Brock, Dawn, and May all said in unison from the sidelines as the watched Ash run towards his badly injured but still able, Gliscor.

Ash gave it a big hug as a thanks for the great battle against Sabrina. Sabrina recalled her Alakazam into its Poke ball to rest.

"Nice job Alakazam. You battled well." Sabrina said as it was recalled.

Sabrina walked up to Ash and his Gliscor who were both cheering their victory. She smiled and extended her hand towards Ash to shake his.

"Congratulation Ash. That was an amazing battle. You've certainly become a formidable opponent. I now see why you're in the Master League." Sabrina said as Ash shook her hand.

"You know the battle seemed kind of short compared to normal Gym battles. There is no chance for recovery after your Pokemon is defeated." May explained as she recalled the events of the match as Ash's friends walked towards Sabrina and Ash.

"You just have to make sure that the Pokemon that you send out has some kind of advantage. Ash didn't have any ghost type Pokemon but that first Dark type move certainly was a good alternative." Brock explained as they continued towards the center of the gym battlefield.

"Way to go Ash. That was a great battle. You had me biting my nails the entire time. I hope the next matches are this exciting." Misty said as she pat Ash on the back.

"Thanks guys. That certainly was a great match Sabrina." Ash replied.

"Well I guess I owe you a Master League badge now. Why don't we head over to my house now all I'll give it to you there. I'll prepare lunch for you guys and we can continue catching up on what I've been doing for the past few years." Sabrina said as she proposed the suggestion to the group.

"Sounds good." Ash said as he got up off the ground.

Ash and he friends followed Sabrina as she locked up the Gym and they all walked to her house. They all talked about the various aspects of the match as the traveled towards her house. A few minutes later they arrived at Sabrina's house and she led them inside. Walking into her living room she motioned for them to sit down on the couch and chairs while she started preparing lunch for them. The kitchen was just off to the side of the living room, in an open concept type arrangement. She would be able to talk to them as she prepared the meal.

Having successfully won his first Master League badge, Ash and his were invited to Sabrina's house for lunch. What surprises lay in store for Ash there?
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