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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 25 - Ready for Duty!

"Okay daddy, take me now and shove your hard penis in me. Fuck me for my first time!" May said almost yelling.

"Here I come then." Norman said as he got into a good position to penetrate his daughter's tight teenage pussy for the first time.

Norman let the tip of his penis and rest it between her pussy lips and slowly rubbed it up and down her slit. As he did so, May arched her back and began to moan slightly. Norman slid his penis head up and down her slit a few more times until he reached the entrance of his daughter's vagina. Norman worked his penis head into the opening slowly till part of it had now gone inside. Caroline quickly took a picture of this moment and hoped she'd get a few more before this was over.

"Alright Norman, I want to see it! I want to see your penis inside your daughter." Caroline said wanting to see her husband has sex with his daughter.

May's pussy twitched in anticipation and she wiggled her hips a bit trying to push her father's penis inside her. May couldn't take my eyes off dad's penis beginning to penetrate her pussy. It was big and hard that she didn't think there was any way it was going to fit inside her. The combination of fear of that big penis entering her, the anticipation and the love she felt for her father seemed to daze her mind and cause her heart to beat rapidly.

"Here I go." Norman said getting his daughter prepared.

Norman pressed his penis hard against her opening as May's pussy began to spread around her father's penis until finally the head penetrated. May simultaneously twitched, shook and cried out as he took her virginity. Her hips and pelvis were on overdrive as they both worked to pull him deeper inside her pussy. Norman was amazed by how wonderful it felt to have his penis surrounded by his daughter's wet, hot and tight teenage pussy.

"Ohhh!" May screamed as she cried out as she felt her pussy being penetrated by her father's penis.

"I'm sorry honey, this is your first time and it will hurt a bit, but that will pass in a few seconds." Norman told her as he held on to her tight to make her feel secure.

Norman paused for a second to let his daughter's pain pass and long enough to relish the sight of her hot young naked body. He looked all the way down to the glistening pink lips of her inviting pussy that was now being penetrated by his penis. Without further hesitation Norman pushed the folds of her pussy wide apart and pressed his penis into her futher.

May's dad firmly held her hips and pushed his penis into her pussy. His throbbing penis widened the opening and May was breathing heavily while quietly whimpering as it was a bit painful but still felt amazing.

"I never thought we'd be doing this." Norman confessed amazed by the fact he was having sex with his daughter.

"Well we both love you, so this is an expression of our love for you." Caroline told her husband.

Norman maintained the steady pressure as May wiggled her hips again, slowly inching him deeper inside her. Norman decided it was time to begin thrusting and he began pumping back and forth, forcing his penis into her body, each time taking more of his penis inside her.

"Oh yes daddy, you're so big and hard!" May moaned aloud.

May's breasts started to bounce around just like his wife's did earlier. He cupped both bouncing breasts and squeezed hard. May loved the way it felt when they were played with. Norman soon discovered that May produced a lot of liquid just like her mom, which aroused him even more. He loved the feeling of her pussy's juices soaking his penis and splattering onto his swaying balls. May's pussy was now a bit easier to slid in and out of.

"You feel great. You're so hot and wet." Norman told his daughter.

"Uh! Yes, daddy! It's all wet down there." May cried out as he thrust his way back inside her pussy.

"Is this what you wanted you little slut?" Norman asked his daughter.

"You've been teasing me all this time so I'd fuck you like this? Your mother is just the same, always teasing me." Norman said as he began thrusting as hard as he could.

Norman forced himself deep into her pussy until it hit her cervix. It hurt May a bit, but she didn't care as she wanted him inside her as deep as possible. May's body wiggled around and squirmed, as her father's penis had now completely filled her pussy and she could feel her pussy trying to adjust to his size. May looked down to see only 3/4's of her father's penis was actually inside her body. She couldn't believe how big it was and she knew there was no way to get anymore of it inside her.

"Oh daddy, you're so big and hard. You've filled my entire pussy and you still have length left over." May breathlessly moaned.

"Why don't you try a different position and see if you can get more inside." Caroline said making the suggestion.

"Alright, that sounds good. May, get on my lap like you did earlier." Norman said as he pulled his penis out of her pussy.

"Oh... Okay." May said taking a second to realize that her father had stopped having sex with her and was now sitting down on the couch again.

May turned around and began to sit down on her father's lap like she had earlier. Norman helped his daughter get into position as he grabbed her waist as she sat down on his lap. May's breasts pressed up against her fathers chest once again and her pussy lips were pushed right up to his penis. May could feel her father's penis rubbing against her pussy lips. May kissed her father on the lips passionately like she did earlier. Norman loved the amazing kiss. His daughter was getting quite good at knowing exactly what he wanted.

Norman could feel his daughters pussy lips begin to grind against his penis now. Unlike before, there were no panties covering it and he could feel the wetness and skin of her pussy rubbing against hist penis.

"Oh dad. This feels so much better than earlier." May said as she stopped kissing and just sat there while his penis rubbed against her.

"This is going to feel even better too." Norman told his daughter as he grabbed his penis and pushed in into her pussy.

"Oh yes!" May groaned as he filled her with his penis.

"It's too big! I can't take it all! Please Daddy! It's not going to all fit!" May said contradiction to her words as she wanted it to fit.

May spread her knees as wide as she could on the couch so that it would open her pelvis area wider for him. She didn't know if she could handle anymore but she wanted to be able to get his whole penis inside her. Norman began thrusting and May instinctively began bouncing on his knees like she always did, but this time his penis way penetrating her pussy as she did so. Norman looked down at his daughter's pussy which was being spread open wide by his penis. Her lips wrapped around his penis very tightly.

"You've been teasing me all this time and now you know what a man does with a girl that teases like you." Norman told his daughter as he began to thrust harder to get as much of his penis inside her.

"I masturbated thinking about your penis in me," May finally admitted.

"Did you really?" Norman said surprised to hear her say that.

"Yes! I've wanted your penis since the time I saw you and mom have sex and now it's almost all inside me." May said realizing her fantasy was now a reality.

"Does it feel as good as you hoped?" Norman asked his daughter.

"Oh, yeah! It feels so good! I wish I could get it all inside me though." May replied.

"Well then, let's try are best then." Norman said as he grabbed his daughter's shoulders and began to push her down as he thrusted up with his pelvis.

Norman's penis penetrated May's pussy more than it had ever before. By pushing down on her, he managed to get almost all his penis inside her. May gave out a small shriek as he did so.

"Oh daddy. I can feel you inside me. I don't know how much more of this I can take." May said as she could feel herself loosing control.

"Okay then May. Wait for me and we will both orgasm at the same time." Norman said as he began to thrust in and out of her pussy at rampaging rate.

"Cum in me daddy. Fill me with your cum like you filled mommy." May said as she was just about to climax.

There was something about being with May and having sex with her that was so much better than his wife Caroline. Maybe it was the thrilling rush of engaging in sex with someone so young, absolutely beautiful, and inexperienced that made Norman loose complete control of his senses.

"Ah! I'm cumming May!" Norman said as he could feel the cum beginning to rush through his penis and begin spurting inside his daughter's pussy.

"Oh daddy! I can feel it inside me!" May said as she began to climax as she felt her father's cum filling her pussy up.

Caroline quickly began taking pictures of the two for them to remember this time. Her little daughter was now a woman and it seems like her husband enjoyed the evening quite a lot.

"So that was the first time I had sex." May said as she concluded her storytelling for her friends who were all smiling at her as she completed it.

"Wow. Your dad sounds like he's a great guy." Dawn said as she enjoyed listening to May.

"He sure does." Misty replied.

"Oh wow. I'm surprised Ash and Brock aren't back yet. It's been almost an hour." May said as she looked at the time.

"I wonder what they are doing. Didn't we tell them to meet us her?" Misty said as she started to look a bit angry.

"Well lets wait a few more minutes and then will go find them." Dawn said to the other girls.
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