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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 24 - Looks like he's blasting it off... again?!

"Well I'de like to learn more about sex. We've only talked about a few things." May said trying to start up the conversation again.

"There's not more more that we can tell you about it that you already don't know." Caroline tried to explain to her daughter.

"Yeah, you're mother's right. We've pretty much told you all that we can explain." Norman said twitching a bit still as his penis was still erect.

May was starting to get a bit more curious and brazen with her questions as she wanted this activity to go a bit further now. It was starting to get closer to midnight and it was past all of their normal bedtimes but that didn't concern May or her parents at this point.

"Since you've already explained as much as you can, why don't you show me some more sex related things then..." May suggested to her parents hoping they'de agree.

"Well, uh, what did you have in mind?" Norman said a bit excited by the fact that his own daughter was suggesting this to them.

"Uh, I don't know. Wait a sec. I know now. Why don't you show me how a guy masturbates! I'de like to see how that's done." May said as she looked at her naked father in front of her.

Norman seemed a bit shocked and a bit caught off guard when his daughter suggested that she show her how he masturbated. He hadn't done that by himself in quite some time has he generally did so with the help of his wife.

"Right here and now?" Norman asked his daughter.

"Well, yes. Where do you usually masturbate then?" May asked a bit confused by her father's response.

"Anywhere he can." Caroline said laughing with a bit of a smirk.

"Hey now Caroline. It's not like that May. Your mother is just trying to make me look bad." Norman said starring back at his wife.

"Am I succeeding?" Caroline said in return.

"Your making me look like a bad parent, that's what your doing." Norman said as he wasn't pleased that his wife was teasing him in front of his daughter like that.

By this time, May didn't think her father was going to do as she requested thanks to her mother's teasing. May had hoped her father would as she really wanted to watch him do it. May decided that she would ask again hoping to motivate him again.

"So are you going to show me daddy?" May asked again.

"Alright, alright. I'll show you." Norman said as he once again couldn't resist his sexy daughter.

Norman slowly gripped his penis with his hand and began to masturbate. He began slowly but then he built up speed and began to twist his hand a bit as he stroked himself. His cock was hard and May was so turned on. She had never seen a man masturbate before, much less her dad doing it right in front of her. May could now see that her mother was watching as well as she seemed to be enjoying what she saw. May thought it was so sexy. 

"Daddy, do you ever masturbate thinking about mommy?"May asked her dad.

"Oh yes, quite often. It makes it a lot easier to do when I'm actually looking at her when she's completely naked though." Norman said as it was like an invitation for his wife to get completely naked now.

"You see, that's your dad's way of trying to get me naked for him and if I don't it makes me look guilty for not doing as he requests." Caroline said as she watched her husband continue to stroke his penis.

"Fair is fair." Norman quickly replied.

"Alright. You're father really like boobs. You'll find that out about guys. Certain guys will like certain things about women. Some like boobs, others like pussy and some like ass. But your father here likes boobs." Caroline said as she began to take off her top.

"Let's go, Mom, off with the bra. Don't you see dad wants to see some tits and I want to see what you look like completely naked." May said trying to excite her mom a bit with her comment.

"Oh, my... I can't believe I'm doing this in front of my own daughter. I'm so embarrassed." Caroline said blushing a bit.

"Dad seems to have forgotten his embarrassment. Look how much he's stroking himself now." May said as both the girls watched Norman stroke himself as he watched his wife strip in front on him.

Caroline slowly reached around and began to unhooked her bra. She made eye contact with her husband before allowing her loose bra straps to slide down her shoulders. Caroline hands held her bra to her breasts for a few seconds before she removed her hands allowing her bra to fall to the floor. Her nipples were already erect and Norman was once again impressed with her beauty that he unknowingly began to stroke his penis faster and harder forgetting completely that his daughter was watching.

"Seems like daddy approves highly!" May said as she was also impressed with how good her mother looked completely naked.

May had seen her mother naked a few times while changing in various places over the years but never in a situation like this.

"You have an amazing set of tits there mom. I can see why dad likes them." May replied looking at her mother's breasts.

"Uh.. Why thank you May and yes you're dad does seem to like them a lot." Caroline replied with a bit of hesitation in her voice.

May watched as her father masturbated while looking at his naked wife in front of him. I loved her so much and thought she was beautiful. He was getting really horny and he didn't know how much longer he could last doing himself like this. May was intrigued as she watched the skin on her father's penis go up and down on his large penis. The head of his penis also seemed to be getting a bit bigger as he did so.

"So, we know you masturbate while thinking and watching mom but do you ever masturbate while thinking about me?" May asked her father.

"Uh, May..." Norman muttered.

"Do you daddy? I bet you do!" May asked again waiting for an answer.

"Well not yet but now that you've brought that idea to mind it's making it hard for me not to. Do you think it's easy living in the same house with a beautiful and sexy girl who wears tight clothes and masturbates on the couch?" Norman replied to her question.

"I guess not." May said as she continued watching him.

May was so exciting to watch her father masturbate. He seemed really good at it and he seemed to have a good ability to hold back his cum for quite a long time. Norman glanced up at May's face to see her eyes locked on to his penis as his hand slide up and down it.

"How does it feel knowing I'm going to make myself cum while I stare at your mother's naked body?" Norman asked his daughter. 

"It makes me horny thinking about it but why just stare at her body. Why don't you put it inside it instead!" May told her father.

"So that's been your plan all along now hasn't it? You want to see us actually have sex again don't you?" Norman said excited that his daughter was having such slutty thoughts.

"Well she's just like me Norman. She gets what she wants, when she wants it." Caroline said impressed by her daughters sly plan.

"Indeed. Alright then fine. If you're mother agrees, I'll show you what it looks like for a man's penis to enter a woman's pussy since that's what you've been hinting on all along now hasn't it?" Norman asked his daughter.

"There he does it again, trying to make me look like I'm not the one to agree to his demands, but I'm going to surprise you both this time and agree to this. If May wants to see want sex looks like, then lets show her." Caroline said in reply.

"Alright then, get low and watch May!" Norman said as he moved into a position in front of his wife.

May was getting really excited as she was going to get to watch her parents have sex up close this time. May moved out of the way a bit so her father had access to her mother's pussy but in a position so she could still see what was going on.

"Are you sure we want to do this in front of our own daughter?" Caroline said questioning the decisions they had made up to this point.

"We've come this far now. I'm willing to stop if you're uncomfortable Caroline." Norman said hoping that his wife was just as horny as he was.

"Oh just fuck me. Can't you see May's dying to see us do it." Caroline said pushing away all doubts.

"Okay, you two ready then?" Norman said as he got into missionary position in front of his wife while slowly stroking his penis to keep it erect.

"I'm ready! This is exciting. I cannot wait to watch." May said anticipating the moment.

"Alright. What your father is about to do is called missionary position. It's the most basic position for sex." Caroline explained as Norman began moving his penis to the entrance of her pussy.

"Will it hurt?" May asked wondering if such a big penis would fit inside her mother without hurting her.

"No it won't May. Watch, it will fit." Norman said as the tip of his penis found the opening of Caroline's wet pussy.

"Here we go. Watch closely now May." Caroline said as she could feel her husband's penis beginning to pierce her pussy lips and begin to spread them apart.

May watched as her father's penis began to enter her mothers pussy. Slowly the head of his penis began to disappear inside her body as the look on her parents faces seemed to turn to pure pleasure as they both closed their eyes and Caroline grabbed on tight to the couch. May couldn't believe how much her mother's pussy lips were stretching as they were expanding enough for her father's large penis to actually fit.

Norman looked down at his penis and watched it slowly enter until most of it was finally inside Caroline's pussy. He loved the feeling of her pussy. It was a feeling he had felt many times before but this time seemed a bit different. The fact that there was someone watching him have sex and that person was his own daughter seemed to really excite him a lot.

"Wow! That's amazing! Does it feel good?" May asked as she watched her dad slowly begin to thrust back and forth while holding Caroline's legs apart with his hands.

"Oh yes! It feels really good. Your mom's pussy is warm, tight and wet. Just the way I like it." Norman said as he made his wife blush a bit with his comment.

"How about you mom? Describe the feelings for me!" May said wanting to get a female perspective on what was going on in front of her.

"Your dad's penis is hard and hot. It feels bigger than normal too. He's reaching all the way to my cervix without any problems." Caroline told her as she was starting to get overwhelmed by the pleasure of having sex.

"Your cervix?" May questioned her mother wondering what she was talking about.

"It's the end of the vagina and an entrance to the womb. Generally that's as far as a man's penis can go inside a woman." Caroline said as she felt Norman's penis hit her cervix again.

"Some women really love it when a man can hit their cervix. Others can find it a bit uncomfortable." Norman said as he began to pick up his thrusting pace a bit causing Caroline's breasts to begin bouncing around a bit.

May noticed that her mother's nipples looked hard. May remembered the first time she touched her own nipples in an arousing manner and remembered how good it felt.

"Oh seems your father wants to pick up the pace a bit. It's making my large breasts around. I love when my nipples get sucked." Caroline said as May was instantly drawn to her amazing looking tits.

Caroline gasped as Norman quickly put his mouth on one of her large nipples in response and ran his tongue around it. She found herself becoming even more aroused from the feeling of Norman's mouth and tongue playing with her tits. Once Norman had a large nipple in his mouth, he began to enjoy the feel of it in his mouth and began started sucking on it and swirling his tongue around it. Caroline moaned in response to her husband's attention to her breasts, causing a ripple of pleasure to flow through her body.

May loved watching her parents have sex. Being able to see two people do it helped her understand exactly how it was done and see some of the reactions people had when they had sex. May watched the difference faces her parents made as they moved back and forth. Caroline had started thrusting her body back at her husband which May found to be interesting since it had just been her dad that had been doing move of the movement up to this point.

"So how long do you normally do this for?" May asked as Norman had stopped sucking his wife's tits and had got back into a more up right position.

"We usually go until we both climax and have an orgasm." Caroline said as the thought of having an orgasm in front of her daughter scared her a bit.

"How long does that usually take?" May questioned again.

"There are a lot of factors. There really isn't any time limit but the more stimulation you have the closer you'll get and the less time it takes." Norman said answering his daughters question as he slowed his pace a bit.

"Why don't we show May a different position now, so she realizes that there are different ways to have sex." Caroline suggested to her husband.

"Alright. What do you suggest?" Norman said as he pulled his penis out of her pussy which instantly caught May's attention and she closely watched his penis exit her mother's pussy.

"I like doggy style. Let's show her that." Caroline said as she rolled over on the couch and got up on all fours. 

May had to move out of the way a bit as she watched her mother and father change sexual positions. Caroline's large breasts where now dangling from her body which made them look a lot bigger. Her tits were still erect and were pointing at attention. May hoped that her own breasts would get that big as she got older as she looked at them.

Norman moved into position behind her and aimed his penis at her pussy lips. He slowly dragged his penis up and down Caroline's slit. She loved the feeling of his penis rubbing up and down her pussy. May watched as she could tell her mother was really enjoying what her father was doing to her. Then with one big thrust, Norman pushed his penis all the way back in his wife pussy from behind this time. May's eyes opened wide at the sight.

"Oh! Yeah!" Norman said as he stuffed his penis in her pussy from behind.

"Mmm!" Caroline moaned as she felt her husband's penis enter her once again.

May was a bit surprised by all the noises her parents were making now. She'd never heard them talk like this at all before.

"Are you too alright? You're making a bunch of funny noises now." May said puzzled by her parents behavior now.

"Mmm.. Where fine honey. Are you enjoying watching?" Caroline managed to mumble as Norman began to start thrusting in and out of her pussy.

"Yeah. It's amazing. I was just concerned that something was wrong when you two started making noises like that." May replied.

Norman put his hands on Caroline's ass as he began to stroke harder and harder now. Caroline's pussy was clamping down tight around his penis as he did so. They both loved the feeling and they both knew they weren't going to last long as having their daughter watched them had turned them both into teens again themselves and their sense of self control was lost.

Caroline's breasts swayed up and down as she began to start feeling a climax approaching. Norman too felt the same way as he turned to look at his daughter watching them. May's eyes were locked right on his penis thrusting in and out of Caroline's pussy. Norman quickly locked eyes with May who noticed her dad looking at her and she gave him a quick smile.

In that instant, Norman recalled the moment earlier in the day when he say May masturbating. He couldn't get the image out of his mind. There was was his daughter, playing with herself on this very couch and now she was right in front of him watching him have sex with his wife. An incestuous thought came through his mind as he wished that it was May that he was having sex with right there and then instead of his wife. The thought quickly passed as he heard his wife start to moan again.

"Oh Norman. I'm so close. Just a bit harder and faster!" Caroline said as she was very close to climaxing.

Norman couldn't reply but did as he was asked and began thrusting with all his might now. May couldn't believe how fast her father was going at it. It looked like they were both going to break at this point. Moments later, a scene none of them would forget approached.

"I'm cumming!" Norman replied as he couldn't last any longer and began spurting his load inside of Caroline's pussy.

"Oh yeah!" Caroline replied as she could feel the cum start spurting inside her causing her to orgasm as well.

May couldn't believe what was going on here. They both were shaking and had their eyes closed while trying to balance themselves the best they could. Caroline fell flat down on the couch as Norman followed her down and lay beside her. His penis popped out of her pussy during the process and May could see that the end of his penis was now covered in white stuff she quickly assumed was cum. She had heard that guys shot that out of their penis when they had sex but now she actually got to see some of it.

"Is that cum on the end of your penis?" May asked her father as May's parents were both recovering from their orgasm's.

"Huh?" Norman said as he was still somewhat out of it.

"On the head of your penis, is that cum?" May asked her father again.

"Uh, yeah it is. A guy unloads that when he orgasm's. The sperm goes inside the woman and looks for an egg to fertilize and that's how a girl gets pregnent." Norman said as he got up and looked down at his penis to see what May was asking about.

"Does that mean mom's pregnant now then?!" May quickly asked in a stunned voice.

"No, no honey. It's alright. I cannot get pregnant now as were both on birth control medication that makes it impossible." Caroline said as she finally managed to get some of her senses back from an amazing orgasm.

"So dad cummed inside your pussy but you won't get pregnant because of the birth control?" May questioned wanting to make sure she got the situation right.

"Yes, honey that's right. Many people have sex for pleasure all the time and not to make babies, just like we did right now. But it's the same process, you'de just not take any birth control if you wanted to have kids." Caroline continued to explain.

"Oh I get it now." May responded realizing what had just transpired.

May's attention quickly changed to her mother's pussy as she could see white stuff coming out of her pussy.

"Are you sure you are alright mom?! There is stuff coming out of your pussy right now!" May said alarmed by what she was seeing.

Caroline could feel that some of Norman's cum was trickling out of her pussy. Her husband hasn't cummed this much in ages and her body couldn't handle all of it.

"Oh that's fine honey. Your dad just cummed a lot more than normal today. It just won't all stay inside." Caroline explained as she loved the feeling of his hot cum trickling out of her pussy like that.

"Would you mind if I got a closer look so that I can see inside your pussy to see what it looks like with all the cum?" May asked wanting to see what it looked like.

"Sure. If you want to. It may not be pretty though." Caroline said as she moved to make it easier for May to take a look.

May knelt down in front of Caroline and Caroline gently parted her pussy lips a bit as May leaned in. She looked at the opening of her pussy which was still opened quite wide from Norman's penis stretching it open. May looked at the cum still trickling out of her pussy and she could also see inside that there was quite a bit in there still.

"So it feels good for a guy to cum like that then mom?" May asked her mother.

"Oh it feels really good. When a guy's penis starts throbbing and spurting cum inside, it's hard for a woman not to climax as well." Caroline told her daughter who was still studying what she saw.

"It looks kind of messy though." May said looking at the sight of her mother's pussy filled with her dad's cum.

"True, but there are many ways to clean it up. Norman, can you pass me my panties so I can clean myself up a bit." Caroline said as she smiled at her husband who was watching this all happen.

"Okay." Norman replied as he bent over and picked up his wife's panties and handed them to her.

Caroline began cleaning up her pussy with her panties as May watched. May was quite fascinated by the whole sexual procedure and seeing this just happen made her body tingle all over. She hand never felt this way before, but she liked the feeling. It was similar to the few times that she had played with herself, but never quite this intense. She knew she was feeling horny and wanted this feeling to continue as long as possible.

"Daddy, I want to learn more about sex. Would you have sex with me so I can feel the same way mom did?" May bluntly asked her father straight out without even thinking about what she was saying.

"That wouldn't be a good idea since I'm your father." Norman quickly responded.

"Besides honey, having sex for the first time is a big thing." Caroline added gasping for breath as she was recovering from the climax she had just had and from what she had just heard he daughter suggest.

"I know, but dad has taught me so many things since I was little and I want you to teach me more about sex right now." May insisted in a begging tone.

"May, I think you've learned enough for one day. Why don't we call it a night okay?" Caroline suggested but she could tell her daughter wasn't going to have any of it.

"Your mother's right. It's getting late and were all getting tired now. We can discuss more about your sex questions another day. Let's go get ready for bed." Norman said as he began to get up.

"No daddy, you stay right there and watch. I am going to just pleasure myself since you won't fuck me." May said as she sat down on the couch preparing to play with herself.

"I hope you're kidding, it's time for bed now." he said with a bit of laughter in his voice.

"But daddy, don't you like looking at my body? Didn't you like watching me do it earlier today?" May said batting her eyelashes at her father.

"May, I think you're a beautiful and sweet girl. It's just that your my daughter and it's not a father's to do these things with his daughter. We've already gone far enough as it is." Norman said looking away from his daughter already a bit ashamed about what had happened today.

"Well fine, if you won't help or watch, I'll figure it out myself." May said as she motioned to spread her legs out wide.

"It seems your daughter has made up her mind. Why don't we help her some more, besides if she wants to do this now, who are we to argue with her?" Caroline said with a smile.

"We're her parents and having sex with her would be incest." Norman replied in a parental voice but deep down he loved the thought of having sex with his hot and sexy daughter.

"The thought of incest doesn't stop you when you have sex with your sister now does it?" Caroline said bringing up a point Norman would have rather left private.

"You have sex with auntie too?" May said in a surprised tone.

"He sure does. He and his sister have been having sex for years since they were around the age you are now May." Caroline explained to May trying to show her husband that he wasn't in any position to deny May's requests.

"And auntie is fine with that?" May questioned her father.

"She was the one that started the whole situation in the first place, similar to how you're doing it now. It must run in the family or something." Norman said in a precarious voice.

"What's the problem then? Your penis seems to be disagreeing with you right now." May said as she watched her father's penis starting to become erect again.

Norman blushed and didn't reply to his daughter's comment as he was a bit embarrassed that his daughter was seeing him in this position.

"Why don't you do something to motivate your father then if this is what you want May. Stand right here in front of us and take off your shirt." Caroline said as Norman was suddenly anxious, waiting for his daughter to do so.

"Okay!" May said as she got up and stood in front of the couch where her mother had instructed her to go.

"It seems your father is getting excited again like you said May. He's all hard again!" Caroline said as she was impressed that her husband was so erect again after just having sex with her.

"So daddy, did you want to watch me strip in front of you and make you horny again?" May teased her father and she lifted her shirt up a bit so he could see up to her belly button.

"Oh May..." was all that Norman could mutter in reply.

May smiled and assumed that was an affirmative reply, so she took one hesitant step towards her parents who were sitting on the couch. She then began to unzip her top all the way up until it became loose and her parents could see part of her bra and some cleavage from her breasts.

"Drop the shirt now sweetheart." Norman said in a calm and loving voice anticipating seeing his daughter in her underwear.

To the amazement of May's parents, May reached down and pulled her shirt over her head and dropped it on the floor next to her feet.

"Daddy, look at me. What do you think?" May asked as she stood proudly in front of her parents in her bra and shorts.

May lowered her head to look directly at her father hoping for his approval. Norman looked up in her eyes and noticed there was a look in her eyes which he had never seen before from his daughter. It was the look of anticipation, a look of lust and a look of approval.

"You.. you look quite beautiful May." Norman managed to say as he looked at the cleavage between May's breasts which was bigger than he thought would be.

"Why thank you daddy. How about I take off these shorts so you can see the matching panties." May stated as she began to take off her shorts now as well.

May grabbed the sides of her form fitting shorts and slowly continued her strip show. Slowly her panties came into view as she loosened her shorts from around her waist and then finally let them fall to the floor beside her shirt. She stepped out of them and was not just in her underwear standing in front of her parents.

The bra May was wearing showed her cleavage off well, letting the sides spill over and pressing her breasts together. The outline of her nipples were clearly visible against the white fabric and were sticking out blatantly. Norman couldn't do anything as he was stunned and amazed at what he saw. May started to pose in different positions for her parents hoping to excite her father a bit more.

"So what do you guys think? Am I sexy or what!" May said as she smiled knowing that she had a really attractive body.

"Oh, May, I can't tell you how beautiful you are. Your body is perfect." Norman said as he gazed at his daughter's beautiful body still covered by her underwear.

"You really look sexy in that underwear May. Any guy would want to be your boyfriend after seeing you like this." Caroline said as she was impressed at how sexy her daughter looked.

"Why thank you. It feels good to know people like the way I look. Would you like a closer look dad? I can see you starring at my boobs now." May said starring back at her father again.

"Uh, sure I guess." Norman said a bit anxious now.

"It's alright dad, I want you to look. Here let me show you." May said as she moved closer to her dad.

May grabbed both sides of her breasts and pushed them tight together to make the cleavage more pronounced. May loved the strange feeling of people watching her and she found it quite sexy. May rubbed her breasts around through her bra a bit causing her breasts to giggle around a bit in her bra.

"So do you like what you see?" May asked giving her dad a sexy smile.

"You look really sexy May. Why don't you come sit on my lap so I can get a better look." Norman said as he patted his lap indicating to May where he wanted her to sit.

"Okay!" May said as she looked down at her father's lap but was instantly drawn to his erect penis right near it.

May slowly moved into position in front of her dad. Norman watched as his daughter moved slightly to the right and then carefully put her leg over his legs and then began to sit down on his lap. Norman could see May was struggling a bit to position herself perfectly over his lap. Seconds later, May was in position and Norman could see her boobs dangling in front of him as she tried to get into position correctly. After a few positional moves, her panty covered bottom lowered itself down to my lap, only inches from his erect penis which was getting harder by the second.

"There we go. Now I can get a better look at you." Norman said as he starred straight at his daughter's large cleavage.

"It's been awhile since you've sat on your dad's lap. He used to bounce you up and down on his knees when you were little. You always loved when he did that." Caroline said as she was once again getting turned on watching her daughter sit on her husbands lap.

"I remember. I loved when he did that. I was always fun." May said as she recalled some of her earlier memories.

"Let's see if I can still do that!" Norman said as he began to bounce his knees a bit causing May to jump up and down a bit on her father's lap.

May's breasts started bouncing a bit in her bra and once again that caught the attention of her father as he continue to bounce her up and down. She smiled and giggled a bit as she liked the attention her father was giving her. Norman started bouncing her harder and May started to loose her balance a bit and May fell forward towards her dad in an attempt to regain her balance.

May's breasts pressed up against her fathers chest and her pelvis area was pushed right up to his penis. May could feel her father's penis rubbing against her thigh and leg now. It felt hot and stiff. May looked right at her father who had a bit of a surprised look on his face. Their faces were only inches apart and both didn't know what to do next. May paused for a second and then kissed her father on the lips passionately. Norman loved the amazing kiss he was getting from his daughter and began kissing back. They kissed for over a minute as their hands began to feel over each others body as they kissed.

Norman could feel his daughters pussy lips through her panties beginning to grind against his penis now. He could tell that her pussy was getting wet as her panties were starting to get a bit wet. Norman loved every second of his daughter grinding her private against his naked penis. His daughter was quite the slut he thought to himself.

"Oh dad. I can feel your hard penis rubbing against me now." May said as she stopped kissing and started to bounce up and down again on her father's lap while his penis rubbed against her.

"Does it feel good honey?" Norman asked his daughter.

"It feels strange and good all at the same time." May replied as she closed her eyes for a second.

Norman put his hands against May's body to help balance her as she looked a bit tipsy. He could tell that the feelings she was getting for the first time were overwhelming her. He loved the feeling of her soft skin in his hands as May enjoyed feeling the large strong hands of her father holding her.

"Does this feel good for you too dad?" May asked as she slowed the grinding a bit as she looked her father right in the eyes.

Norman was caught off guard a bit by the question and he quickly looked back at his wife who was sitting at the other end of the couch watching this all transpire.

"Uh... Yeah it does May. How are you doing?" Norman replied to his daughter's question.

"It feels so good. My pussy is starting to feel hot and funny. Is this supposed to happen?" May asked her parents.

"Yes, it is honey. You're starting to get turned on. Stimulation will do that." Caroline said as she watched her daughter dry hump her husband.

Caroline felt a bit jealous now as she could see the look on her husband's face. She knew he was enjoying every second of this and she was quite surprised that he had this amount of endurance after just having sex with her.

"My nipples are starting to feel tight and stiff. Is that supposed to happen too?" May said as she looked down to see that the outline of her nipples was beginning to show through her bra.

"Yeah that will happen too May. They will get slightly erect and hard, just like they seem to be now." Caroline replied looking at her daughter's nipples starting to protrude through her very tight bra.

"They hurt a bit." May replied distracted by the feelings that were currently overwhelming her body.

"You can take your bra off sweetheart. It would help your nipples feel a bit better being loosen from your bra." Norman asked calmly to his daughter.

May had been anticipating this time all night. She was quite proud of her body and her amble breasts. They weren't quite as big as her mother's but she was still proud of them and she hoped that her father would approve of them.

"Of course. Anything that would make them feel better would help." May said in a sly voice trying not to let her father know that she actually had been hoping he would suggest it.

"Keep your panties on though May." Caroline said in her motherly voice.

"I guess you finally want to see my titties, huh, daddy?" she whispered in his ear, teasing him a bit with her comment.

Norman smiled as soon as she said that and her hands rose to the bra clasp between her boobs and she began to undo it. Holding her bra together as she looked at her father, May unclasped her bra and let it drop to the floor. May's breasts were bigger than Norman thought they would be. They were a full 36C, with what looked to be ultra sensitive nipples. May cupped her breast together and moved them around for her parents to see her erect nipples at the end of her breasts. They hung a little because they were so big, but they were still firm. The aerolas were quite big and were a very light-colored pink. This was a first for May that she had never been bare breasted in front of anyone. 

"You have beautiful breasts, May." Norman said to her after a few seconds of starring at them.

"You have amazing and beautiful nipples, too. They look really hard, just like mine get." Caroline said as she looked at her daughters tits.

"Did you want to touch them dad?" May asked her father.

Norman didn't even reply and quickly put both of his hands over her breasts and gently squeezed them with a look of ecstasy on his face.

"These are just perfect, May. I had no idea your breasts were so large and firm. I may not be able to keep my hands off of them. They are just like your mothers." Norman said looking back at his wife with approval.

May's dad then did something she wasn't expecting. He raised her breast up a bit and lowered his head and he began licking her right tit with his tongue. May instantly felt a shiver throughout her entire body as her dad was now licking her tit. She absolutely loved the feeling and it was like nothing she had ever experienced before. His wet tongue was licking up and down her erect tit and then around the aerola.

"Oh my!" was all that May could say in response.

Norman switched to her other tit. He loved how erect her nipples were and it made it really easy to lick them. He then took his right hand and began to lightly pinch her nipple while he began sucking the other one. May shivered in lust from his touch then gasped when he took her nipple completely into his mouth. He sucked and licked her tit and she instinctively gripped the back of his head pushing his face right into her breast.

"Oh daddy that feels so good. Your licking makes me feel soooo good." May said as she arched her back a bit and closed her eyes as her father worked on her breasts.

"I told you your father loved breasts. He seems to really like yours." Caroline said as she jealously watched her husband lick her daughters tits.

While playing with May's tits, Norman's penis was getting more erect by the second. It was still dry humping May's leg and it often rubbed against her pussy lips which were still covered by her panties. May could feel her father's penis starting to pulse a bit and get even bigger. She knew he was getting quite excited, just like she was.

"Dad, you're penis seems to be getting harder by the second." May said as her father kept giving attention to her breasts.

"Would you like to touch it?" Norman asked his daughter.

"Can I?" she replied quickly with a sparkle in her eyes.

"Sure, just put your hand around it and if you feel adventurous you could pull your mouth to it and kiss it." Norman told his daughter.

"It's just that I'd love to do that to your penis." May said as she knelt down seductively in front of him.

Norman's hands were torn away from his daughter's amazing breast but he knew that what he was going to feel next would be even better.

May slowly moved her right hand towards her father's large penis. She starred at it a bit, somewhat afraid to touch it, but after a few moments she grabbed it with her hand. It was warmer and tighter than she thought it was going to be. It felt good in her hands. Norman almost went berserk when he felt his daughter's warm hands finally grasp is penis. He loved the feeling. 

"Stroke his penis with your hand a bit. Move it up and down." Caroline instructed her daughter.

"Okay." May said as she did what her mother told her to do.

May began to slowly stroke her father's penis up and down with her hands. She was amazing at how the skin on his penis began to move with the movements of her hands. She looked up at her dad who and closed his eyes now and seemed to be enjoying the attention he was getting now in return.

"Oh yeah. Faster May!" Norman told his daughter.

"How much faster?" May asked her father.

"As fast as you want." he replied quickly without opening his eyes to look at her.

May started stroking faster and faster now. She had built up a steady rhythm now and she could see her father's chest start to move a lot from his now heavy breathing.

"Does this feel good dad?" May asked wondering if what she was doing was pleasurable.

"It feels great honey. Your doing well." Norman responded.

"It seems our little daughter is giving her first handjob, dear." Caroline said.

"Handjob?" May quickly asked.

"What your doing now May. It's called a handjob. When another person strokes a guys penis with her hands. Guys love it when a girl gives them a handjob or a blowjob." Caroline explained to her daughter.

"What's a blowjob?" May questioned again as she still continued her steady pace while asking the questions.

"Well its similar to what your doing now, but you do it with your mouth." Caroline said.

May was intrigued with the thought of putting her father's penis in her mouth now.

"And guys like that?" May asked thinking it was a bit strange.

"Oh we sure do." Norman said as he finally opened his eyes and watched his daughter continue to stroke him.

"Alright then. I'll try that now." May said as she moved her head towards the tip of his penis.

Norman quickly held May's head down with his hands and he moved it towards his penis and pushed the head of his penis between her lips. He gave a little moan and a big shudder as it entered his daughters warm mouth. May was amazed at how big it was and how wide she had to stretch her mouth so that it could fit.

Moments later, Norman pulled his penis out of her mouth and then pushed it right back in. May was starting to get the idea and it was the most amazing and erotic sensation May had ever felt. Each time Norman thrusted her head towards his penis, he pushed his penis a little further into her mouth. It started touching the back of May's throat and it caught her off guard and blocked her breathing causing her to gag.

"Are you okay May?!" Caroline said as she looked at her daughter in concern and Norman quickly pulled his penis out of her mouth.

"It went in really far in my throat." May explained to them what happened.

"You just have relax your throat a bit since your not used to doing this. But we can stop if you'de like..."Norman explained to his daughter.

"No! I want to keep going." May quickly insisted.

"Alright then May. How about I show you how it's done then so you don't choke in the process." Caroline said wanting to teach her daughter the proper method and to get back into the action herself.

"That sounds good." May said moving out of the way a bit so her mom could move in.

"So the key to giving a good blowjob is to breath properly. You need to breath through your nose and not through your mouth, that's when you start to choke." Caroline said as she grabbed her husbands penis with her hand.

May watched as her mother's lips approached the head of Norman's penis and his penis started to disappear into her mouth. Her mother was a pro. It didn't take her more then a few seconds to get almost all of his penis in her mouth and down part of her throat. May could tell she was breathing through her nose while her father began thrusting his penis in and out of her mouth in a similar fashion to what she saw earlier when they were having sex.

They both looked like they were enjoying this a lot. May's mother seemed to crave his penis and her father seemed to love the fact that his wife was sucking on his penis. It was very erotic to watch.

"Alright May. Now you try again." Caroline said after she finished sucking on his penis but held on to it with her hand.

"Okay." May said as her mother guided the penis towards her mouth.

May and Caroline were both kneeling in front of Norman and the sight of his two girls in front of him naked was truly remarkable. May choked a bit and Caroline guided the large penis into her daughter's mouth. May pulled back a bit and tried to do like her mother said but she still wasn't able to relax her throat enough because her father's penis was so big. His penis filled her whole mouth and she barely have half of it inside it.

Caroline still holding his penis, pulled it all the way out of her daughter's mouth but Norman instinctively tried to push it against May's lips, trying to put it back in but May closed her mouth and turned her head away so that she could catch my breath once again.

"Just a second dad, I need to catch my breath." May said breathing heavily.

"Okay honey. Whenever your ready." Norman said waiting for his daughter to continue the blowjob.

May managed to inhale a large breath and she felt better immediately. She knew she needed to breath from her nose instead of her mouth but that was going to take a bit more practice to master. May opened her mouth wide and let her dad put his penis back in her mouth.

May started to time her breathing with his thrusts. She breathed through her nose and she relaxed her throat and all of a sudden everything was working. Norman was able to get his penis to the entrance of May's throat now without her gagging. May thought it was so sexy to have her daddy pushing his penis into her mouth. She got to see his penis up close by giving a blowjob and she could see the veins pulsing as he thrusted. May giving her first blowjob and was loving every second.

"That's it, honey. You're doing great now." Norman moaned. 

May felt so proud that she got a complement from her dad for making him feel good. She was doing it well and she wanted to do her best job for her father. May kept on doing it just the way she was but also began to lick his penis and even sucked it as her father pounded it into her mouth. May couldn't believe how far he pushed it into her now. He must have got 2 inches down her throat now and most of it was in her mouth now.

"Oh I'm getting close. It's so good." Norman said moaning.

"Don't cum in her mouth for her first blowjob. Cum on her face instead so she can see what it looks like for a man to cum." Caroline instructed her husband.

Norman began thrusting harder and harder until he could feel that he was going to blow any second. He quickly pulled his penis out of May's mouth and aimed his penis right at her face. Moments later he began launching wads of cum right as his daughter's face. This was the second time that night that he had had an orgasm and this was more powerful that the first one. May couldn't believe what she was seeing as she had a first person view of her father's penis unleashing the cum right at her. She could see the opening to his penis open and cum flying right at her. May felt it start landing on her cheeks and forehead. It was warm and white, similar to what she had seen earlier when her father had cummed in her mother's pussy. May loved the feeling of the warm cum on her face and she was fascinated to watch as her dad finished his load all over her face.

"Did that feel good daddy?" May asked her father realizing she had made her father orgasm.

"You two were amazing. That's the best blowjob I've ever had." Norman said as he loved every second of it.

"I'm glad you liked it." May said smiling at her father with cum all over her face.

"Here let's clean you up a bit now." Caroline said as she picked up a tissue from the coffee table and began to clean off the cum from her daughters face.

"Thanks mom." May said as her mother finished cleaning the cum from her face.

"So there you have it. Your first blowjob and you managed to make your dad cum while doing it. Your and expert already." Caroline said smiling and somewhat proud of her young daughters skills.

"It looks like dad's getting tired." May said as her dad had laid back on the couch and was recoving from his orgasm.

"You're dad's had a big dad. It's cummed twice in one night. It get's tiring." Caroline explained to her daughter.

"I guess he's to tired to do something for me now then." May said hoping her father would agree to her proposal if he wasn't too tired.

"What's that, honey?" Norman asked wondering what his daughter was thinking now and sitting up on the couch.

"Well I was hoping you wouldn't be too tired to play with my pussy and show me how guys make girls feel good just like I made you feel good."May asked her father hoping he'd agree.

"Well I don't know about that May. It might be going a bit too far. Your pussy is your most private part." Norman said amazed that she brought it up at all.

"I don't mind you looking, in fact I want you to look at it." she said softly hoping now that he'd agree.

"You're my daughter though and I don't want to do anything that you're not comfortable with or your mother isn't comfortable with." Norman said trying to act like a parent once again.

"Oh Norman, I think we've already pasted that point tonight already. She's asking you, so just go ahead at do as she asks." Caroline said encouraging her husband on.

"Besides dad, you could have always looked at me naked anytime you wanted to and I would have let you. Not just today." May said telling him how she felt.

"Well then honey, I guess it's time to get you completely naked then." Norman said with a twinkle in his eye.

"Wow! My own daddy really wants to see me naked now!" May said in an excited voice.

"It seems so honey. Now remember, we keep this all to ourselves, okay?" Caroline reminded her daughter.

"For sure!" May replied instantly.

"Okay then honey, you need to spread your legs open really wide so I can get between them." Norman said as May got on the couch and he traded places with his daughter.

May relaxed her legs a bit and spread them wide so that her father could look at her panty covered crotch.

"That's it honey. Spread your legs open wide. Now let's play with that pretty little pussy you've been wanting to show us and that I've been dreaming about all night." Norman said looking at his beautiful daughter.

Norman bent down and move his head between his daughter's legs. He never thought this would be a position that he would be in at any time during his life. His daughter's panties were quite wet as she was obviously quite turned on by all the events of the night. He could see the outlines of her pussy lips through the wet panties and it excited him to look at.

"You ready May?" Norman said as he grabbed the sides of her panties.

"I bet you cannot wait to see your daughter's hot, wet, teenage pussy, huh, daddy?" May said teasing her dad as he began to take off her panties.

May had to close her legs so that her panties would slide down her legs. Her dad pulled them off her waist and down her legs till they came to her feet and May kicked them off and they fell on the ground over by the tv. Norman grabbed his daughter's feet and began to spread her legs wide so he could see her pussy. He hadn't seen it since he used to change her diapers as a child, but this was different now. She was all grown up and was a woman now. The circumstances were a lot different and May was willingly letting him see her pussy.

Slowly Norman pulled his daughter's legs appart to reveal her pussy. Norman couldn't believe the sight as his daughter's pussy came into his view. Her pussy lips were bald and there was no pubic hair to be seen. Her pussy looked like a pornstar's pussy. Her pussy lips were swollen and puffy from all the excitement and her clit was quite visible poking through her lips. He put his hand on her belly and gently flicked her clit with his thumb. May's reaction was everything he hoped for and she moaned and pushed against his hand.

"Oh daddy, what was that?" May asked as she was overwhelmed with pleasure when he did that.

"That's your clit that I just touched. It's one of the most sensitive places on a woman's body." Norman told her.

Norman used both hands, gently massaging the puffy lips of her pussy, keeping his thumb on her clit rubbing in a circular motion. He couldn't believe how beautiful her pussy was. This was his only daughter and he was now playing with her pussy while his wife watched him.

"That feels so good! That feels better than any of the times I did it." May exclaimed.

Norman decided to see what the inside of her pussy looked like and he spread her pussy lips apart until he could see the opening to her vagina. May's clit popped out even more as he spread her lips and it looked very inviting. He bent his head down and took her clit it into his mouth, sucking it ever so gently so he didn't over stimulate her tender inexperienced body. He could feel it starting to swell in his mouth and he continued sucking it until May started squirming and bucking her hips, forcing her pussy into his face more.

"It seems our young daughter is enjoying herself dear." Norman told his wife who could see May was going crazy now.

"Go slowly dear, we don't want her to have her first orgasm too fast now." Caroline said getting her husband to pace himself.

"Do you like it so far, May?" Norman asked his daughter.

"Oh daddy, I am really feeling strange and I don't know what's happening but please don't stop!" May insisted realizing that her father had stopped playing with her pussy for a bit.

"Does that feel good sweetheart?" Norman asked as he began rubbing the outer lips of her pussy with his fingers.

"Oh! Please don't stop! Keep doing that!" May cried loving every second.

"Tell daddy you like daddy playing with your pussy. Daddy needs to hear you say it." Norman said almost pleading with her to say the words out loud.

"Daddy I love you playing with my pussy. Please don't stop! Please suck on me again" She begged as she closed her eyes.

"So, you want daddy to lick your pussy and suck on your clit again, do you?" Norman asked teasingly trying to repay all the teasing she had done to him earlier.

"Yes, please lick it and suck it! I cannot wait!" May moaned waiting for her father to continue.

Norman lowered his head to her pussy again and licked and sucked her little clit faster this time. With his right hand, he reached up and began to massage her breasts, squeezing them in his big hand. Norman's tongue licked from bottom of her pussy all the way to top again and where he licked her clit causing May to shake with pleasure.

"Oh Daddy, that's what I like even better. Play with my breasts and pussy at the same time!" she whimpered.

Norman increased his pace, attempting to get his daughter to have her first ever orgasm. He grapped her tit with his thumb and forefinger and began twisting it while sucking on her clit. He knew she won't last more than a few seconds and every time he did this method on his wife, she would always orgasm. Sure enough, moments later he heard his daughter gasp and felt her trembling body stiffen as body was overwhelmed with her first orgasm.

"Ooooohh!" May cried out as the orgasm took control of her body.

"It appears our daughter just had her first orgasm." Caroline said remembering her first one.

"Oh daddy, that felt so amazing. No wonder people love having sex." May groaned approvingly as she managed to return to her senses.

"I'm glad you liked it and I'm glad I could help stimulate you enough for your first orgasm." Norman smiled as he looked up at his daughter.

"I love sex daddy. Can we do more of it?" May asked waiting to continue.

"That was just the beginning honey. We have lots more to explore and for me to teach you." Norman said as he was glad his daughter wanted to continue.

"I want to learn it all! I want to know about everything about sex!" May said in an excited voice.

"Alright then May, can I try something with you then? Something your mom always let me do?" Norman said in a sly voice.

"Of course daddy! You can do whatever you want with me!" May quickly replied.

Her reply filled Norman's mind with many dirty things that a father shouldn't be thinking about of his daughter. But he didn't care. His body was in control now not his mind.

"Okay May, push your breasts together as tight as you can and hold them like that." Norman instructed his daughter.

"Like this?" May said as she grabbed her breasts and pushed them together.

"Yes, like that. Now, I'm going to tit-fuck you!" Norman said as he got up and moved into position.

May didn't know what to expect but whatever it was, it was probably very exciting. Norman moved his hard penis between the cleavage of his daughter's 36c breasts. May loved the feeling of her father's penis between her breasts. It was hot and wet, so it slid in pretty well between them. May watched as Norman began thrusting his hard penis between her boobs. She looked down to see the head of his penis keep popping out of her boobs while his penis twitched a bit. 

May's soft boobs felt amazing around Norman's penis. He was enjoying every second. He was trying not to cum again but he could feel it starting to build.

"Okay May I have to stop or I'm going to cum again." Norman said wishing he didn't have to stop.

"You're penis looked amazing popping out of my breasts like that daddy." May remarked.

"It sure did honey. Your dad loves boobs." Caroline said as she smiled at her daughter.

"I sure do. Give me a minute or so to rest and will continue with something else." Norman said as he sat down resting.

May still felt excited and she was recalling the earlier event when her mom and dad had sex. She loved how it looked and now that she had had her first orgasm, she sort of knew what sex would feel like. Her dad's penis was still erect and it looked really inviting. May had always wanted to have sex with her dad and she was hoping that in a few minutes that dream would come true.

"I think now's the time daddy. Would you like to put that hard penis of yours in my pussy?" May offered her dad as she looked at him in the face with a loving look.

"My penis is quite big as you know May. It might be better if you wait for another guy with a smaller one for your first time." Norman said hoping that his stupid parently excuse wouldn't deter his daughter.

"Would you like to see if it would fit then?" May asked again.

"This is your first time baby, so you want to be gentle. A big penis can really hurt." Norman explained to her.

"But, why will it hurt?" May asked a bit confused.

"Because you are a virgin. You've never had anything inside your pussy before and you have something called a hymen. It will hurt when your hymen gets broken and your pussy needs to adapt to having things enter it." May's mother explained to her daughter.

"Well there is no one else I'de rather do it with then with my dad." May said knowing that he loved her very much.

"Do you want your daddy to fuck you and to take your virginity? You can only loose your virginity once so you want to make sure it's with the right person." Caroline told her daughter.

"Oh there is no one else other than daddy I would rather do it with for my first time!" May told her parents.

"You sure this is what you want? You know once this happens we can't undo this?" Norman asked making sure to double check with his daughter.

"Daddy, I've never been more ready for anything in my entire life!" May said getting more and more horny by the second.

"The thought of fucking you and your mom on the same day is like the most impossible dream I ever had coming true. You're both so gorgeous and sexy, I didn't think anything like this could ever be possible." Norman said to his girls.

"So then, are you ready for daddy to get rid of your hymen and for you to loose your virginity?" Caroline asked.

"Yes, daddy, come over here and fuck me!" May said excitedly.

"Let me go get the camera so we can have a picture of your first time. I'll also get May an anti pregnancy pill before you do it." Caroline said as she quickly got up to get the camera and pill.

"Anti pregnancy pill?" May asked her father who was the only other person in the room at that moment.

"Yes, a girl takes the pill before she has sex so that she won't get pregnant. It's 100% effective so you won't get pregnant if I happen to cum inside your pussy." Norman explained.

"Well if that's the case, then be sure to cum inside me then. I want to feel the same way mom did earlier when you cummed inside of her." May told her dad who's eyes widened when May told him that.

"Alright honey. I'll do my best." Norman said as he was excited by the fact that his daughter not only wanted to have sex with him but she wanted him to cum inside her too.

Caroline returned a minute later with the camera in one hand and a pill and water bottle in the other hand. She gave May the pill and water and she quickly swallowed the pill.

"I guess were ready for the main event then." Caroline said as she got into a good position to take a picture.

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