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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 27 - The Plot Thickens

Having been captured by Team Rocket, Ash and his friends are now sitting on the floor of the Pokemon Center lobby as Jessie, James and Meowth continue to look for a mysterious item that Giovanni had sent them to find. Realizing that their options are limited, Ash decides that he and his friends need to make a move in order to try and stop Team Rocket from achieving their objective.

"We got to stop Team Rocket." Ash whispered to Misty who was tied up beside him.

"I know but what are we going to do. We cannot move and all our Pokemon are inside their Poke balls." Misty whispered back at them as the Team Rocket grunts circled the room.

"One of us needs to get to my Poke ball over there." Ash pointed to one of his Poke balls that was the closest to his friends.

"That's your Poke ball?" Misty whispered back.

"Yeah. That's Snorlax's Poke ball. If we can get it and send him out, he should be a good enough distraction for all of us to start a counter attack against these grunts." Ash explained.

"I think Dawn is the closest. If you can tell her to try to get that Poke ball. We can hopefully catch up to Team Rocket before they find whatever they are looking for." Misty said in acknowledgment.

Misty nudged May with her elbow enough to get her attention. Without saying anything, Misty rolled her eyes in the direction of Dawn and the Poke ball. It didn't take Misty more than a few looks at May for her to realize what she wanted her to do. May did the same thing to Dawn and the message had been sent without any of the Team Rocket grunts realizing what was going on.

Dawn looked back at her friends who were all watching her now. Dawn slowly stretched out her legs out towards the Poke ball. A grunt walked by and Dawn immediately stopped moving her legs. The grunt looked down and Dawn and she tried not to make eye contact with him. The grunt surveyed the area and after a few moments he began his patrol of the room again.

Dawn waited a few moments before she began stretching her legs out further towards Ash's Poke ball. Going slowly so she didn't make any noise, the tip of her boot was almost at the Poke balls button. Dawn looked around the room to make sure none of the grunts were paying direct attention to her. Realizing the coast was clear, Dawn tapped the Poke ball button with her toe, releasing Snorlax from its ball.

Seconds later, Ash's Snorlax appeared in the middle of the room and that caught the attention of everyone. Ash and Brock quickly began trying to get out of their ropes, struggling with all their might.

"Snorlax! Quickly kick all the Poke balls towards us!" Ash replied as Snorlax quickly did as it was told kicking the large pile of Poke balls that were near it towards all the trainers.

Seconds later, trainers Pokemon were being summoned out of their Poke balls at an alarming rate and the Team Rocket grunts went into a panic. They all began summoning their Pokemon to try to control the situation which was starting to get out of their control.

"Trainers are attempting to take control of the lobby! Reinforcements needing in the main lobby!" one of the Team Rocket grunts said on a radio.

Pokemon battles began starting throughout the main lobby as the Team Rocket grunts tried to contain the trainers Pokemon. Ash and Brock were helped by a trainers Scyther who managed to cut the ropes to free them before it got distracted by one of Team Rocket's Gravler's and it had to engage it in battle.

"Alright we're free. Thank's Scyther." Ash said to Scyther who had begun battling the Graveler.

"Ash! Brock! Help us." May said as the girls were still on the ground.

Ash and Brock quickly went over to the girls and began untying them. Brock instantly went to Nurse Joy first and helped her up off the ground.

"Thanks Brock. We have to get to the panic button to notify Officer Jenny that there is a problem here." Nurse Joy immediately said as she looked around the room for a way to get to the front desk.

"I'll protect you guys. Brock help Nurse Joy to the desk." Ash said as he stood beside his Snorlax which was the biggest Pokemon in the room.

"Alright!" Brock said as he propped Nurse Joy around his shoulders.

Just as Ash said he would protect them, the Team Rocket reinforcements arrived from the hallway. A Golem and Golbat quickly focused on Brock and Nurse Joy and began launching attacks at them.

"Quickly Snorlax, use Protect and move in between Brock and those Pokemon!" Ash said as Snorlax quickly shifted its weight.

The attacks hit Snorlax but in managed to endure them giving Brock some time to get to the desk. Brock gingerly lowered Nurse Joy against the wall behind the desk for protection.

"Brock, quickly hit the alarm button." Nurse Joy instructed Brock.

Brock turned around and saw the button under the desk. Quickly he hit the button and the alarm went off. Red lights started flashing around the entire Pokemon Center and all the Team Rocket grunts suddenly seemed to loose a bit of confidence.

The girls were on the ground sorting through their Poke balls during this time. Every few seconds they'de have to look around to make sure they avoided errant attacks hit them. May unfortunately wasn't as careful as Dawn and Misty and she got hit by one of Graveler's Rock Throw's. The force of the attack caused her to loose her balance and she hit her head on the ground.

"May!" Dawn said as she watched what happened to May.

"Watch out Dawn." Misty yelled as another attack missed its mark and Dawn just managed to avoid it.

May was knocked unconscious from the attack and lay on the ground injured. Dawn and Misty couldn't make it over to her as there was too much chaos in the room to make it to her safely. Misty managed to find her Starmie Poke ball and she quickly summoned it to come out.

"Quickly, Starmie use Water Gun on that Graveler!" Misty ordered Starmie as it quickly launched its attack hitting the Team Rocket grunts Graveler.

Ash also saw what was going on and realized that he now had some backup. He knew that these grunts were no match for the combined attacks of his and Misty's Pokemon. He also realized that it would give Dawn some time to find her Pokemon to help out as well.

"Alright Snorlax, these guys are no match for us now. Use Ice Punch on that Golbat!" Ash ordered as Snorlax powered up his attack as the Golbat prepared to launch its counterattack.

Water Gun was super effective against Graveler and it was knocked out as the damage it had taken in previous attacks from some of the other trainers in the room was too much for it. Ash's Snorlax hit the Golbat square on as well and its incredible strength was seen as it crushed it all the way against the wall. The Team Rocket grunts ordering the those Pokemon seemed a bit scared now that their Pokemon had been taken out. 

The other trainers in the room had also managed to take out the other Team Rocket Pokemon as they were quickly outnumbered. Sirens could now be heard in the distance and everyone realized that Officer Jenny was on her way. The grunts began recalling their Pokemon in an attempt to retreat before being caught by Officer Jenny but the trainers made sure that the grunts weren't able to escape by blocking the doors similar to what the grunts had done earlier.

Moments later Officer Jenny and her officers stormed the front door as Ash and his friends and the rest of the trainers breathed a sigh of relief as they knew she would get the situation under control.

"What's going on here!?" Officer Jenny said as she could see that the main lobby of the Pokemon Center was now heavily damaged from the attacks between the trainers and the Team Rocket grunts.

"Team Rocket is looking for something in the Pokemon Center." Misty explained to Officer Jenny as she recalled her Starmie back into its ball.

"What could they be looking for?" Officer Jenny said as her officers began handcuffing the Team Rocket grunts who had surrendered.

Brock was tending to Nurse Joy's wound with the first aid kit he found under the desk as Nurse Joy heard Officer Jenny's question and began to get up.

"I think I can answer that." Nurse Joy said as everyone turned to look at Nurse Joy who had a bandage on her arm and was walking to the center of the room.

Dawn had found all her Poke balls and stood up as other trainers were also searching for their Poke balls as well. 

"Thanks for your help Snorlax." Ash said as he recalled his Pokemon and he walked to the middle of the room where everyone seemed to be heading to hear what Nurse Joy had to say.

After Dawn realized that the trouble was over and she quickly went over to May who was regaining conscienousnes after hitting her head.

"Are you alright May?" Dawn asked helping her get up.

"Yeah I think so. I've got a bit of a headache though." May said as she was slowly being helped up by Dawn.

"That's to be expected after taking such a hit. You should rest awhile." Dawn replied as she held on to May to balance her.

Everyone had gathered around Nurse Joy anxious to hear what she had to say. It was quite obvious to everyone that whatever Team Rocket was looking for was quite valuable and needed to be kept a secret.

"So Nurse Joy, what is Team Rocket looking for?" Officer Jenny asked wanting to get the entire story as quick as possible.

"The other day a trainer came in with an odd artifact that he had found while traveling back from the Indigo Plateau. It caught my attention quickly and when I first saw it I knew it was a very old and rare artifact. What made it so special was the fact that it had a picture of was looked like Mew written on it with writing surrounding it. I couldn't read any of it so I contacted Professor Oak to see if he could help." Nurse Joy explained catching everyone by surprise as they listened to her story.

"Professor Oak is coming here?" Ash said as he was anxious to see him again.

"Yes, when I contacted him, he said he would be coming to pick it up and that I shouldn't tell anyone about it. Obviously Team Rocket must of found out somehow and are now trying to claim the artifact for themselves before Professor Oak can study it." Nurse Joy said finishing up the story.

"We cannot let them get a hold of the artifact." Officer Jenny said as she was determined to stop Team Rocket.

"Men, conduct a room by room search for the remaining Team Rocket agents. I want them found and that artifact in my hands ASAP!" Officer Jenny instructed her officers as they quickly began dispersing throughout the building.

"Officer Jenny, I want to help too. We've had plenty of dealings with these Team Rocket agents in the past. We can stop them." Ash said as he was also determined to stop them.

"Alright then. Follow me. Will go to room where the artifact is being held and go from there." Officer Jenny instructed.

"I'll come too!" Misty said as she wanted to help stop them too.

"I'll stay here and make sure Nurse Joy is okay." Brock said still tending to her injuries.

"And I'll stay here with May to make sure she recovers okay." Dawn said as they all watched as Jenny, Misty and Ash quickly went down the hall in search of Team Rocket.


"It's got to be around here somewhere!" James said as they were looking through the many rooms in the Pokemon Center.

"It feels like we've been looking for ages." Meowth moaned as they finished looking through another room unsuccessfully.

"Keep looking. We..." Jessie said as she was cut off by a radio transmission from one of the agents.

"Trainers are attempting to take control of the lobby! Reinforcements needing in the main lobby!" one of the Team Rocket grunts said on a radio.

"Ah those fools! Can't they do anything right?!" Jessie said as she looked a bit angry.

"I guess we had better hurry up and find that item the boss wants fast!" James said looking a bit troubled now.

"I bet it was those brats are responsible! They are always getting in the way wherever we go." Meowth muttered.

The three all noticed a double door at the end of the hall they were searching. They all seemed to have the same idea all at the same time.

"Let's check that room." Jessie said as the all walked up to the doors.

James tried to open them but found out they were locked. He looked around and saw a keypad on the side. Jessie also saw it and quickly shuffled through her pockets to find a device.

"I picked this up as we were getting on the transports earlier." Jessie said as she quickly hooked up the device to the keypad.

"Do you think that will work?" Meowth asked he being the one that always had the gadgets.

"Let's find out!" Jessie said as she turned on the devices.

The lights flickered on the keypad and on the device began flashing rapidly as it attempted to find the correct password to unlock the doors. Team Rocket could hear footsteps coming from the hallway and they knew they needed to hide as it was probably not one of their agents on patrol.

"It looks like its working but it better hurry up as someone is coming!" James said as he was getting anxious waiting for the device to do its job.

"Should be just a few more seconds..." Jessie said as she could hear that the footsteps were getting closer.

"It sounds like a bunch of people!" Meowth said as he looked down the hall realizing that they were trapped unless the door opened in the next few seconds.

Moments later a clicking sound came from the door and Team Rocket quickly turned to see that the door was unlocked. Quickly they entered the room and closed the doors softly behind them so it wouldn't make a noise.

"Woah. That was close." James said as he began looking around the room.

Jessie, James and Meowth were all focusing on the table in the center of the room that had an interesting artifact on it. They all realized that this must be the item that they were looking for.

"This must be it!"Jessie said as she went over to the table.

"It looks really old." Meowth said as he got on the table to look at it closely.

"Oh! Isn't that a picture of..." James said as the group finished his sentence.

"Mew!" Team Rocket said all together as they looked at the tablet with Mew on it.

"Right let's wrap this up and take it to the boss. I'll radio for the transports to come pick us up." Jessie said as she turned on the radio.

"Team leader to pilots. We have the item and are ready for evac. All remaining Team Rocket agents to the roof for our escape." Jessie said as they could hear that the footsteps were now outside the room.

Jessie, James and Meowth looked around the room quickly and noticed that there was another set of doors on the other side of the room. Jessie picked up the tablet artifact and the three of them quickly exited the room through the other door.


Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty were the ones that were walking down the hallway toward the room that the artifact was stored. Nurse Joy had told them where the artifact was kept and Officer Jenny wanted to make sure that the artifact was still safe.

"It looks like someone has already been here." Officer Jenny said as she could still see the key panel hacking device was still attached.

Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty entered the room to see that where the artifact should have been was just an empty space on the table.

"It appears they found it. We need to quickly search the..." Officer Jenny began saying as they could all hear the sounds of helicopters over the building.

"The roof!" Ash said as the three of them quickly ran towards the stairs they had past earlier.

"If we hurry we might be able to get to them before they escape!" Misty said as she began running with Ash and Officer Jenny.

A minute later, Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty got to the service ladder that went to the roof. The hatch was already open and they could hear the roar of the transport blades. Ash was the first to get on the ladder and they all quickly climbed it. Once on the roof, they could see that the remaining Team Rocket agents were escaping on the transports.

Jessie was already on the transport and she saw Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty climb up onto the roof. She knew it was time for them to leave as there was no point waiting for any more of the agents.

"Pilot, return us to headquarters now." Jessie instructed as the transport began to lift off.

"Looks like we finally beat you this time twerps!" Jessie said as she showed them the tablet as the transport began to take off.

Ash instinctively lunged forwards towards them but Misty grabbed his arm and held him back. They all realized there was nothing they could do now to stop them. 

"There's nothing we can do now Ash." Misty said as she let go of Ash.

"We gotta stop them." Ash said as he was a bit mad that Team Rocket was getting away.

"We will. Be sure of that." Officer Jenny said as she too watched the transports until they were out of sight.

Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty decided they should go back to the lobby to see how everyone was doing now that Team Rocket had escaped. They took the ladder down and walked back to the main lobby were the trainers were now cleaning up the damage to the Pokemon Center. Nurse Joy, Brock, May and Dawn turned to look as Officer Jenny, Ash and Misty walked in the room. They could tell that they didn't have good news by the looks on their faces.

"They got away didn't then?" Brock said assuming the worst.

"We were a few seconds too late. They managed to get the tablet and escape." Ash explained as he lowered his head a bit.

"We could hear the transports over top so we realized they must have escaped." Dawn said explaining what they had heard.

"At least we were able to capture some of the agents." Officer Jenny said as she looked at the agents that were waiting to be taken to the station.

"A lot of them still got away though." Nurse Joy said as she was concerned about what Team Rocket was planning to do with that artifact.

"We will interrogate these guys then down at the station. Men, take the prisoners back to the station. I will be there to question them in a bit." Officer Jenny said instructing her officers and then turned to Ash and his friends.

"I appreciate your help everyone. We won't have been able to get those agents without your help." Officer Jenny said as she had her serious face still on.

"I only wished we could have stopped them all." Ash said still annoyed that they got away.

"My men and I will be sure to follow every lead we get to track them down. Once again, thank you. I have to go now. I have to question all those agents we captured and hopefully they will be able to tell us something. I'll return later to make sure things are still okay around here." Officer Jenny said as she left the Pokemon Center.

"How are you doing May?" Misty said as she saw that Dawn had been tending to her while they were gone.

"I'm doing okay. It's not as bad as we first thought. Nurse Joy said I should take it easy for the next day or so though." May replied still feeling a bit sore.

"Why don't we take you back to your room so you can rest. It should be safe here now." Ash said as he wanted to make sure his friend was okay.

Ash and his friends took May to their room and they all settled down for the night. Everyone was tired from all the stress of the days events and it didn't take everyone long to fall asleep.

By the next morning, everyone was well rested and the sounds of construction work filled the whole Pokemon Center. Ash and his friends all woke up around the same time and they had all slept in. It was about 10:30am by the time they had all got ready for the day and met in the kitchen area for breakfast.

"How are you doing May?" Ash asked as they all sat down for breakfast.

"I'm feeling better today, thanks." May replied with a smile back to Ash as she was pleased that he was concerned about her.

"It looks like the Pokemon Center is almost back to normal now. Looks like those construction guys will have the place fixed by the end of the day at the rate they are going." Brock said as he commented on the noises they all heard earlier.

"Yeah it does. Hopefully Officer Jenny will be able to stop Team Rocket. There is no telling what they will do now that they have that artifact." Misty said recalling the events of yesterday.

Ash and his friends watched as Nurse Joy approached them from the hallway. She had a smile on her face as she normally did and Brock instantly went up to her and gave her a flower out of no where.

"Here you are my sweet. A token of my affection for you." Brock said as Nurse Joy took the flower from him and smiled back.

"Thank you Brock. And how is everyone doing this morning?" Nurse Joy asked as she stood in front of the table where Ash and his friends were all sitting.

"Okay. How are you Nurse Joy? Is your arm healed?" May asked wondering how she was.

"Yes, it seems to be fully healed now." Nurse Joy replied.

"Have you heard anything from Officer Jenny?" Misty asked wanting to know if there was any news.

"No unfortunately. All the grunts didn't know anything about the plans so she is trying to investigate other leads now." Nurse Joy explained.

"That's sucks. We cannot let them get away with this." Ash said in a stern voice now.

"Officer Jenny is doing her best to solve this case." Nurse Joy told them.

"I only wish we could have stopped them yesterday though." Misty said a bit concerned that they could have done a better job stopping them.

"Oh, by the way, the reason I came to see you is Professor Oak and Dawn's mom are here now. They are waiting for you in the lab area." Nurse Joy continued.

"Mama is here?!" Dawn said surprised that her mom would make the trip all the way to the Kanto region.

"Yes, she is helping Professor Oak study the photos I took of the artifact before it was stolen. Once you guys finish up your breakfast, I suggest that you go and see them. Anyhow, I have some chores to do. I will see you all later." Nurse said as she gave Brock a kiss on the cheek as she went by.

Brock instantly went all red and was happy as could be. He's friends all giggled at his reaction as he obviously liked the kiss.

"Thanks again for the flower Brock. I'll see you later tonight, okay?" Nurse Joy said as she put the flower in her front apron pocket.

"See you later!" Brock said as he smiled as she went about her business.

"Let's hurry up and finish so we can go see Professor Oak and your mom Dawn." Ash said as he began eating his breakfast up fast.

"Right!" she replied as she was anxious to see her mom.

As the group finished their breakfast, they all went to the lab where Professor Oak and Johanna were sitting by a computer with a large screen reviewing the pictures that Nurse Joy had taken. 

"Ah! Everyone, nice to see that you're all okay. I saw the attack on the news and I came as quickly as I could under the circumstances." Oak said as he greeted them.

"Oh Dawn! I'm glad your alright!" Johanna said as she ran up to her daughter and gave her a big hug.

"It's so nice to see you again Mom but why are you here in the Kanto region?" Dawn asked as she was puzzled about her mother's visit.

"Ah well I was asked to be a judge for a few contests in the Kanto region and I couldn't refuse. When I saw Ash and you guys on the news this morning, I got here as fast as I could." Johanna explained her situation to her daughter.

"That's awesome mom! I'm glad you could be here. You'll do an awesome job as a judge." Dawn said as she was happy for her mom.

"Thanks honey. I'm looking forward to it." her mother replied.

"It's good to see you both again." Ash said as he went over to the computer to see what Professor Oak was looking at.

"You too Ash. It's unfortunate that Team Rocket got the artifact before I could take a look at it but fortunately Nurse Joy took some high resolution pictures before it was stolen." Professor Oak told them.

"Have you been able to figure out anything about the artifact Professor?" Brock asked him as he was curious to see if he knew anything about it.

"It's a very interesting artifact indeed. Obviously you guys can see that Mew plays a large role on this artifact but there is some writing on the sides that's quite interesting." Professor Oak began to explain to the group as they all huddled around the screen.

"Yeah we noticed that too when we saw the photo. Is there any significance?" Dawn asked as she looked at the screen.

"I believe so. Nurse Joy said the trainer that found this artifact in the Viridian Forest. Archaeologists have always speculated that there was an ancient temple in that area as many artifacts have been found throughout the years but there has been no evidence of an actual temple in that area. This artifact is the first one to be found in 20 years and its also the most important one as it gives us an indication as to the purpose of the temple." Professor Oak explained to everyone.

"So what is the purpose of this supposed temple then Professor?" Johanna asked as she was curious to find out why the artifact was so important.

"Well if I've translated the writing on the sides here, I believe this is an ancient Mew that people in the Viridian area used to worship." Professor Oak said.

"An ancient Mew?" Ash questioned the Professor.

"Yes, prehaps one of the most important Pokemon to have ever lived. Mew is said to have the DNA of every single Pokemon contained within its body, so its a very old and powerful Pokemon. It probably visited the people often and was almost like a god to them." Professor Oak speculated.

"If that's so, why would Team Rocket be interested in ancient history like this?" Brock asked.

"Well its possible they might be trying to find this temple now and see what kind of secrets it holds. We already know Team Rocket cloned a Mewtwo from another Mew, so they might be trying to get a hold of another Mew, perhaps one that's older and more powerful to extract the DNA from to clone." Professor Oak continued as the room suddenly got a bit quieter.

"The last Mewtwo turned on them though, what makes you think they'de try that again?" Misty asked a bit afraid of what Professor Oak was suggesting.

"Well they've had time to analyze the last cloning and the technology has become a lot better since their first attempt. They might also have better ways of controlling it. There is no way to tell but in any case I need to contact Officer Jenny now to inform her about what I've discovered." Professor Oak said as he got up and went to the main lobby to contact Officer Jenny.

"This sounds bad. If Team Rocket is able to clone a new Mewtwo and be able to control it properly, there is no telling what they'de do." Brock said as he thought over the consequences.

"They still have to find the temple and there might not be anything of value in it anymore if they actually do find it." May said as she tried to think of the different possibilities.

"That's right plus now that we know what Team Rocket is after, you can be sure Officer Jenny will step up the security in the Viridian Forest to make sure Team Rocket isn't able to achieve their goals." Johanna said as she wasn't quite as worried as the kids were.

Ash looked back at the screen with the picture of the artifact on it. He hoped that they would be able to stop Team Rocket as he recalled the previous events he had with Mewtwo. 

"Well, Officer Jenny should be able to handle it from here, besides Ash has his next battle with Erica in a few days." Dawn said as she tried to change the topic of conversation to something else.

"That's right! Erica is going to be a tough opponent just like Sabrina. I'll have to be ready!" Ash said as his whole attitude changed and he got really excited.

"How did you do on your first battle Ash?" Johanna asked wondering the results.

"I won that battle, so I've won my first Master League battle." Ash said as he was proud of his achievement.

"That's great Ash. Good luck with your next battle then." Johanna said as she was pleased to hear he was doing well.

"So mom, what are your plans for the rest of the day?" Dawn asked as she was curious what her mom was planning to do.

"Well I was hoping to spend the day with you if that's alright." Johanna said hoping her daughter had the time.

"Oh that's great! I don't think we are planning to leave till tomorrow to give May a bit more time to recover so this works out great!" Dawn said enthusiastically.

"Well I'm going to spend the day training for the next match." Ash said as the group began to leave the lab room towards the main lobby.

After a few minuets later the group was in the main lobby and was about to part ways for the day. Professor Oak was just getting up from one of the communication terminals when he saw Ash and his friends about to leave.

"Oh wait Ash I almost forgot!" Professor Oak said as he got up and hurried towards them.

"What is it Professor?" Ash questioned.

"I forgot to tell you that your mother called me this morning. She wanted you to call her to tell her you are alright. Like everyone else, she saw you on the news and wanted to make sure that you were okay." Professor Oak told him.

"Alright. Thanks Professor. I'll contact her right now." Ash said as he went over to an empty terminal and began setting it up to contact his mom.

Within a few moments, the phone was ringing at the Ketchum residence in Pallet Town and Delia Ketchum quickly went to answer it. To her pleasure, her son was on the other end.

"Oh Ash, it's good to see you. Are you alright? I saw you on the news." Delia asked her son wanting to make sure he was alright.

"Yeah, I'm fine mom as are all my friends." Ash replied trying to reassure his mother that everything was alright.

"That's good to hear. I was worried for a bit." Delia replied relieved to hear that her son was alright.

"There's nothing to worry about, Officer Jenny is on the case now and she'll take care of it." Ash said as Delia could see that Ash's friends were waiting for him.

"We'll I won't keep you waiting any longer then. It seems as though your friends are waiting for you." Delia said as she smiled back at her son.

"Alright. Talk to you later then mom." Ash said as Delia could now see Johanna walking behind Ash now.

"Wait, before you go, is that Dawn's mom behind you?" Delia quickly asked before Ash had a chance to hangup.

"Uh yeah it is." Ash replied wondering why his mother wanted to know.

"Can you put her on. I want to talk to her for a bit. Have a good day son and good luck on your next battle. I'm glad your safe. And remember, don't forget to change your underwear!" Delia told her son as Ash could tell that his mom wanted to talk to Johanna now.

"Okay, okay I won't forget. Bye mom. Talk to you soon." Ash said as he got up and went to get Dawn's mom.

"My mom would like to talk to you." Ash said as he approach Johanna.

"Oh she does? Okay thanks Ash." Johanna said as she walked over to the communication terminal where Ash had been sitting.

"How are you doing Johanna?" Delia said as she watched Johanna take a set at the terminal and Ash walked over to his friends who were waiting by the entrance to the Pokemon Center.

"I wonder why your mom wants to talk to my mom." Dawn questioned Ash as he was now standing beside her.

"I don't know but my mom is always up to something." Ash replied also wondering what she wanted.

"I'm doing pretty good. I was in the area when I saw Ash and my daughter on the news so I came here as soon as possible to make sure they were alright." Johanna explained to Delia.

"They are pretty good at taking care of themselves aren't they?" Delia asked rhetorically.

"They certainly are growing up fast. So what's new with you? We haven't talked in quite awhile." Johanna said as she couldn't remember the last time she talked to Ash's mother.

"Oh this and that. Are the kids still behind you?" Delia asked as she couldn't see anything behind Johanna.

"Yes they are. They are waiting for me to finish my conversation with you before we go out for the day." Johanna explained.

"Ah okay. Why don't you tell them to go on without you. There is a few things I want to talk to you about." Delia instructed.

"Okay." Johanna said as she turned in her seat to face the kids waiting for her.

"Why don't you guys go on without me. I am going to be a while talking to Ash's mom. I'll catch up with you in a bit." Johanna told them.

"Okay." They replied as Ash and Dawn both looked at each other wondering exactly what their parents were going to be discussing as they obviously didn't want them to hear it.

Ash and his friends left the Pokemon Center as they waved goodbye to Johanna who had turned around to continue talking to Delia Ketchum.

"Okay they've left. So what is it that you wanted to talk about?" Johanna asked seeming a bit concerned.

"Well, how much does your daughter talk to you about her personal life?" Delia started off asking her.

"A fair bit. I'de like to think we talk about a lot of things together. Why?" Johanna asked puzzled by her question.

"Well I don't know any better way to say this other than to just tell you what happened. The last time she was here she caught me and Brock having sex on the couch." Delia explained to her.

"She what?! You and Brock?!" Johanna said surprised and shocked by what she was being told.

"Johanna, they aren't young kids anymore, they are growing up and they need guidance in things like sex so I told them I would help instruct them the best I could." Delia said trying to reassure Johanna a bit.

"I see and what was her response when this happened?" Johanna asked realizing that her daughter wasn't that innocent of a girl as she was always wearing tight and sexy clothing to attract the guys as she remembered some of the clothes she packed on as she started her journey were quite revealing.

"Well I asked her if she wanted to join in on the sex ed I was teaching to Ash and his other friends and she agreed. I was hoping since I saw you there that you might be able to continue those lessons as I am not around to do so while they are out on their journey." Delia explained to her hoping she would agree.

"I see. Well that's an interesting idea. What exactly have you been teaching them?" Johanna said a bit curious to know what had been going on.

"Just some of the basics. My son is quite inexperienced as are some of the other kids so I wanted to make sure that they knew what they were doing before they went off exploring things on their own and getting into trouble as kids always do." Delia said trying to protray her parental side to Johanna.

"And you son and his friends all agreed to this?" Johanna asked a bit surprised that they would all agree to be taught by Delia.

"Yes they did. I think they had a good time and learned quite a bit as well as became closer friends with each other." Delia continued hoping Johanna would take up her offer.

"I see. So what is it that you'de want me to do then?" Johanna said trying to find out exactly what Delia was proposing.

"Well since your Dawn's mom, I thought it would be best if you could help my son with his sexual inexperience. Since we are both older and have had a lot of sexual experience, we are both good teachers and can help him and the kids quite a lot. The girls seem to have a bit more experience than Ash and Brock so if you could help them out in any way, I'de greatly appreciate it." Delia said explaining the entire situation to her.

"It sounds like you enjoyed teaching them." Johanna said as she gave Delia a bit of a smirk.

"Oh they were great students. I'm sure if you agreed to help they would be great 'students' for you as well." Delia said as she smiled back at her.

Johanna thought about what Delia had said. She knew her daughter really liked Ash and his friends and she could see why she wanted to journey with them. Ash was a handsome young man and she was sure that her daughter wanted to be Ash's girlfriend. 

"So just how far did these lessons go with my daughter?" Johanna said now a bit curious as to what her daughter had been up to while she had been away from home.

"Well... They were sex ed classes but I did want them to have a bit of practical experience." Delia said trying not be too specific but to a point where Johanna got the picture.

"That certainly sounds like Dawn to me. She is always an energetic one." Johanna said with a bit of a chuckle in her voice.

"So what do you say, are you willing to continue on where I left off? I am sure the kids would be very surprised if you did but I am sure they would all love it if you did do some lessons with them." Delia said trying to convince her.

"Alright... Alright... I get your point. It's best off that we as parents teach them how to do it instead of one of them getting pregnant or something." Johanna said starting to get a bit excited by the idea of teaching her daughter and her friends about sex.

"Great! They are going to be so surprised and they are going to love it. Thank you so much Johanna. I glad you agreed. You won't regret it." Delia assured her as she was excited for her son and his friends.

"Okay, I'll talk to you soon then." Johanna said as she was now starting to plan in her head what she wanted to do with them.

"You know I think I'll come and visit with Ash as well. I know Profesor Oak is there and he always likes the stuff I bake so it will be worth the trip there. We can trade some stories later. Don't tell Ash I'm coming though." Delia said as she ended the communication.

"I won't. Well I best be going shopping for some supplies then. See you later then." Johanna thought to herself realizing she would be a bit later than she expected meeting up with her daughter and her friends.

Johanna got up and headed out to do some shopping. She needed to visit a few specialty stores now that she had another reason for being in the Kanto region. After a few hours of shopping she finally met up with her daughter and her friends who were training with Ash.

"Mom! Where have you been? I've been wondering what happened to you." Dawn said as she saw her mother finally arrive carrying a bunch of bags.

"Oh sorry honey. I got a bit busier than I thought I was going to be today." Johanna said as Dawn could see that she was carrying a few bags.

"So you went shopping? What did you get?" Dawn said as she tried to peak inside the bags but her mother moved away so she couldn't look.

"Ah not now honey. I'll show you later. So Ash, how is your training coming?" Johanna said trying to change the topic of conversation.

"It's gone well. With everyone's help I think we've figured out a strategy for my rematch battle against Erica." Ash said happy with what his training for the day had accomplished.

"That's great! Well I'm about to head back to the Pokemon Center. Would you mind if I stayed with you girls for the night?" Johanna asked the girls.

"Sure that fine." Misty replied glad to see that Dawn could spend some time with her mother now.

"We'd love to have you stay." May said as she smiled back.

"That's great. I really appreciate it." Johanna said.

"Why don't we all head back and call it a day?" Brock suggested as he figured there wasn't much more they could do today.

"Sounds good. I'm getting hungry." Ash said as he recalled his Pokemon back into their Poke balls.

"When are you never hungry?" May joked with him again as everyone laughed at the same old joke.

The group walked back to the Pokemon Center as Dawn attempted to look inside her mother's bags along the way but Johanna kept pulling them out of her reach. It didn't take long for them to arrive and they could see some of the workmen that were fixing the Pokemon Center were packing up for the day.

"Looks like the Pokemon Center is back to normal now." Ash said as they walked into the main lobby to see that it was mostly repaired.

"Joy!" Brock said as he saw her smiling at him as he entered the Pokemon Center and he quickly ran up to her.

"Does he always do that?!" Johanna said as she was surprised by Brock's reaction.

"Every time he sees a girl." Misty said in a complaining voice.

"Interesting." Johanna said as she was impressed by Brock's sheer determination to impress girls.

"We might as well settle back in our rooms as Brock will be awhile talking to Nurse Joy." May said as she motioned everyone to head back to their rooms to get settled for the night.

Ash and his friends left Brock to talk to Nurse Joy, they knew he'd be back after he finished flirting with her. Moments later Ash made it to his room and was about to enter.

"Why don't you come back to our room Ash. Will probably get boring there by yourself now that Brock's not with us." Johanna said.

"Okay that would be great thanks." Ash politely replied as he followed the girls down the hall to their room.

The girls and Ash opened the door to their room and Johanna put her bags down as the other girls got settled.

"That was a long day wasn't it?" Misty replied recalling all the training they had done with Ash.

"Sure was. Ash seems really prepared now though. Erica doesn't stand a chance." Dawn replied as she was confident that Ash would beat her.

"Yeah. I cannot wait!" Ash said prepped and ready for the match.

"So mom, what's in the bags and what did Mrs. Ketchum want?" Dawn asked curiously as she wanted to know what her mom had been up to that day.

"Oh you know, motherly things!" Delia said as she walked into the doorway opening of the room.

"Mom?! What are you doing here?" Ash said as he turned to see his mom standing there.

"Can't a mother make a house call? Besides I still wanted to make sure you were okay." Delia said as she opened her arms to indicate that she wanted a hug from her son.

Ash walked up to his mom and gave her a hug as his friends watched and smiled when they saw Delia. Misty found it a bit odd that Mrs. Ketchum would make an unannounced visit after talking to her son on the phone earlier in the day.

"It's good to see you again Mrs. Ketchum." Dawn said as she smiled at her.

"It's Delia remember. Mrs. Ketchum makes me sound so old." Delia said with a bit of a giggle in her voice.

"We were just getting settled in for the night." May explained to her.

"Yeah, I know. I talked to Brock and Nurse Joy in the front lobby when I came in. They both seemed to be enjoying each others company a bit more than normal, don't you think?" Delia said trying to start a bit of a rumor.

"Oh that's old news." Dawn said as laughed a bit replying.

"Well I hope you guys are hungry. I brought some dinner for us to eat. Mr. Mime and I cooked a bunch of things." Delia said as she revealed the basket of food that she was carrying behind her.

"Alright!" Ash said as he couldn't wait for some homemade food.

Ash and his friends along with Delia and Johanna all had supper together. Half way through Brock finally arrived having spent half the evening talking to Nurse Joy as she conducted the Pokemon Center's activities.

"That was great mom thanks." Ash told his mom as he enjoyed the meal.

"We always seem to be eating these days." Misty joked.

"So what are your guys plans for this evening?" Delia asked.

"Well I guess will just stay here for the even and rest up. We got a long day ahead of us as we have to start traveling to Celadon City tomorrow." Brock said as he explained their itinerary.

"Leaving so soon? I was hoping to spend a bit more time with you Dawn before I had to start judging these contests." Johanna said a bit disappointed by the news.

"There is still tonight mom." Dawn said trying to be a bit optimistic.

"That's true, though I hear from your mom Ash that you guys get quite 'busy' at nights these days." Johanna said with a bit of a smirk.

"You told Dawn's mom about that?!" Ash said a bit surprised that his mom would reveal things like that.

"I guess that's what they were talking about on the phone earlier." May said as she liked seeing Ash squirm a bit under the pressure.

"I'm surprised you didn't say anything to me earlier Dawn, you always like to brag about things you've done, or in this case people you've done." Johanna said as Dawn started to blush a bit.

"Okay, now I don't think this is the best place to be talking like this. People might overhear the conversation." Misty said trying to calm everyone down a bit.

"Your right. Why don't we go back to your room girls and we can discuss what you've been up to lately in a bit more detail." Johanna suggested as Dawn tried not to make eye contact with her mother.

"Alright, alright. Just stop talking about it out here." Dawn said as everyone started to giggle a bit.

"Your welcome to join us boys, if you have nothing better to do." Johanna suggested hoping the boys would take the bait.

"We might as well. We always like making fun of Dawn anyway we can!" Ash said as Dawn took exception to that remark and gave him a loving, but hard punch to the arm.

"Ouch." Ash said as he got up from the table.

Everyone headed back to the girls room and the girls knew that they certainly out numbered Ash and Brock so the topics of conversations were definitely going to make them a bit uncomfortable. That didn't seem to bother Ash and Brock though as they agreed willingly to come. The room felt a bit smaller than normal since there was so many people in the room now. May closed the door as she was the last person to enter.

"Do you think we could cram anyone else in here? It's going to get hot in here with that door close." Delia said as everyone laughed as they all tried to find a place to sit down.

"Ash and Brock love it when its hot and tight don't you guys?" May said as everyone quickly got the sexual innuendo.

"I'm sure they do. That's one of the reasons I'm here today. I was talking with Ash's mom earlier today and she informed me about what you guys have been up to the last little while. Needless to say I was a bit surprised at first but then realized that you guys aren't kids anymore." Johanna said starting off the conversation.

"That's right. We were talking about how we had those sex ed lessons at my house earlier and we agreed that you guys are still pretty inexperienced in the matter, so we thought it might be good to have another lesson, if you guys would like." Delia explained hoping that they would agree.

"Like Delia, I think I would be a good teacher as well. I know Dawn has learned a lot from me over the years, so this is just part of her upbringing for me, but it's nice to know that her friends are so intimately involved with her." Johanna continued.

Everyone looked around a bit surprised by what Delia and Johanna were suggesting. They all recalled the events at the Ketchum residence and realized how fun it ended up being.

"Well I think that's a great idea. The more we can learn, the more fun and pleasurable sex can be." May said as she was the first to respond.

"Another class sounds great." Misty said a bit more enthusiastic than she normally would be in situations like this.

"Well it seems like a good idea I guess." Ash said starting to get a bit excited by the prospect of having another lesson from his mom and possibly now Dawn's mom.

"Alright then its settled, which is good considering I got a few things this afternoon while I was out." Johanna said as she went over to the shopping bags she had left in the room.

"Ah the shopping bags! I was wondering what was in them." Dawn said a bit excited to see what her mother had brought.

"I guess we should start our lesson now then, if no one objects?" Johanna said asking the group.

Johanna waited a few moments and when no one responded in opposition, she began to open up the shopping bag. She put her hand inside and began fiddling around with the items inside. Moments later she pulled out a pill bottle and then reached inside and pulled out a second one in her other hand.

"You have probably seen or had these before. The first bottle is for the girls. This will temporarily increase the size of your breasts and hyper stimulate them in order for you to lactate." Johanna explained as she showed the first bottle.

"Oh that's right. We saw what happened when Delia took one of those." May replied a bit excited at the prospect of trying one of them.

"And I'm pretty sure the guys have had these before. These cum pills will increase the amount of cum you guys produce." Johanna said as she showed everyone the other bottle.

"We certainly know those pills work!" Misty said as she remembered how much cum both the guys were able to produce the last time they took those pills.

"That's good then. This will be the start of our lesson. Since you know what these pills do, I want each of you to take the appropriate one." Johanna said as she passed the pill bottle around.

"You want us to take one of those pills mom?" Dawn said a bit unsure about the thought of her breasts lactating.

"Yes, honey. This is part of the lesson. Swallow it up and it will take effect in a bit." Johanna said as she saw Misty, Delia and May quickly swallow the pills without any hesitation.

"Dawn's just scared at the prospect of having bigger breasts." May teased as Dawn shot back with a smirk.

"I am not! Here pass me one of those pills." Dawn said as the pill bottle was passed to her and she quickly swallowed it up.

The guys didn't hesitant to take their pills and Ash closed up the bottled and handed it back to Johanna. Delia smiled at Ash and he smiled back a bit excited as he wondered what the two mom's had in store for them tonight.

"So those will take effect in a bit, so while were waiting for those to do their magic, I've got a few more surprises for you guys." Johanna said as she opened up the bag again and she looked inside it for the object she was looking for.

"It's like Christmas!" Ash said as he wondered what was going to come out of the bag this time.

"It doesn't take much to make you happy does it Ash." Misty said as she was also a bit excited to see what Johanna had in store for them but wanted to get a jab in on Ash whenever she could.

As Johanna's hand emerged from the bag, everyone was amazed by what they saw. She had pulled out a long blue dildo with heads on each end and a ball sack in the middle. Misty's eyes grew wide as she wondered how someone would use that.

"Here's the first toy of the night. Anyone care to make a guess what it is?" Johanna asked the kids as they all studied it.

"It looks like a dildo, but I've never seen one quite like that before." Misty said.

"It's way too long to fit inside any girls pussy." May said as she couldn't believe the size of it either.

"You're both right. It is a dildo and it is for two girls, not one. One girl gets on one end and another girl gets on the other end." Johanna explained as she passed the dildo to Dawn to look at.

"You mean they both use the same dildo?!" Ash said as he was surprised to hear such a thing.

"That's right. Many girls use this dildo when they want to have sex with another girl. It can be quite pleasurable." Johanna said as she put her hand inside the bag again.

Moments later, Johanna pulled out another toy. Misty quickly recognized this toy as her sisters had often used one of these but it was a bit different then the one they used.

"That looks like a strap-on, but I don't know why there are two dildo's attached to it. Is it so you can do two people at once?" Misty said looking puzzled by the dual heads.

"That's one use yes Misty. It can also be used in both holes of one girl." Johanna said.

"Both holes?!" May said a bit concerned about what she was hearing.

"She means a girls pussy and asshole." Delia explained.

"That sounds a bit painful. Why would anyone want to put anything up their butt?" Ash said a bit puzzled but the thought.

"It feels good when its done right, Ash." Johanna told him as she gave the strap-on to Misty to look at.

"I don't know about that. I still think that would be painful." Ash said as he watched Misty look over the double strap-on.

"I'll let you guys look in the bag for the rest of the toys. I'll be back in ten minutes. I need go to the bathroom to freshen up before we start tonight's lesson. Plus it will give some time for those pills to take effect. I'll let you guys figure out those toys until I get back." Johanna said as she left the room and closed it behind her.

May was the first to dive into the bag to see what Dawn's mom had brought. Like everyone else, she was excited about how the night was shaping up. May put her hand into the bag, grabbed onto something and pulled it out. She was happy to see that it was another dildo, but this one was quite wide in girth. She knew that it would be hard for any of the girls here to get that in their pussy.

"Wow that's a big dildo." Delia said impressed by the size of it.

"It sure is." May said as she went back into the bag to find out what else was in there but realized the bag was empty.

"I guess that's all the toys she brought." May explained to everyone.

"These are plenty and besides they may look simple, but they are very hard to master the technique. Johanna and I will help you and show you how to use them properly. As soon as she gets back will start the lesson." Delia explained as she was starting to get a bit excited.

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