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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 28 - The Mom's are Boss!

Ash and his friends were all starting to get really excited. They had spent the last few minutes looking at the sex toys that Johanna had brought and the girls were all giggling thinking about what they could do with them.

"So have you figured them all out yet?" Johanna said as she returned from the bathroom.

"We think so." May replied with a grin on her face.

"Well that's good. Are you guys all ready to have some fun then? I've never been a teacher like this before, but I'm sure it won't take me long to learn how. I've always been a good mother, so those instincts should help me out." Johanna said as she looked mainly at she talked.

"I'm sure you'll do fine teaching the kids you 'techniques'. No one is judging you here, unlike a Pokemon Contest." Delia said reassuring Johanna.

"This is going to be great! My mom is going to show us some new things to try out. I'm so excited!" Dawn said as everyone could tell Dawn was really excited about her mom teaching them.

"Okay. Well the lesson I thought I would teach you guys today is mainly for the girls here, but its also very important for you too Ash and Brock. The stuff you learn here today will be very helpful in the years to come when your with girls." Johanna started off saying.

"Alright! First my mom teaches me stuff and your going to teach stuff. This is going to great!" Ash replied to Johanna.

"Heh. Well enthusiasm is a good thing Ash. Your partners should like that great sense of energy and excitement that you have." Johanna said as she giggled abit at Ash.

"That's my boy. Always ready to dive right in." Delia commented as she recalled the many times the Ash would dive right into a situation no matter what.

"Everyone get a bit comfortable as were going to get started now. Since Dawn is my daughter and I'm a bit more comfortable with her at the moment, I'de like to start off the first bit of the lesson with her, if that's alright." Johanna asked as she looked at her daughter for approval.

"Okay! What do you want me to do?" Dawn asked as she was eager to comply with her mothers wishes.

"Well it looks like the pills I gave you girls earlier are starting to work. So that's where I'm going to start. Why don't you stand up Dawn and if you feel comfortable doing so, take off your top but leave your bra on." Johanna instructed her daughter.

"Okay mom. I'm fine with that." Dawn said as she got up and began to take her top off like her mother had instructed.

As Dawn began taking off her top, it became quite apparent to all the people in the room that the pills the girls had taken earlier were working quite well now. Ash and Brock's eyes lit up as they watched the cleavage of Dawn's breast come into view. Her breasts were noticeably larger than normal and her smaller sized bra was having a hard time containing the new size of her breasts. Her breasts were now practically spilling out the top of her small pink bra and it was creating a tight line in the middle of her breasts.

"Wow! I think those pills work really well." Dawn said as she looked down at her breasts to see how big they had become.

"It's only temporary. But they certainly do the job well." Delia said as she was impressed by the ample size of Dawn's breasts.

Dawn cupped her breasts from underneath and began to lift them up a bit with her hands which caused them to bounce a bit. She had seen May do that with her breasts a few times, but hers had never been big enough to make a noticeable bouncing motion. This quickly caught the attention of Ash and Brock as they were basically moving their heads up and down to the movements of her breasts.

"The guys seem to approve." Johanna said as she could see them watching Dawn play with her breasts in front of everyone.

"May and Misty, the pills have probably taken affect on you two now as well if you two also want to take your tops off and show everyone." Delia said as she could tell even under their tops that their breasts had grown a few sizes.

"Okay." the girls practically said in unison not even hesitating at the suggestion made by Delia.

May was the first to start taking off her top. Like Dawn moments before her, it was clear that her bra was too small as well and with her already amble sized breasts, the pill had made them look even bigger. May slowly took off the top, letting it slide down her shoulders until it dropped to the floor. May was wearing a different bra than any of the guys had seen before. It was a sheer black bra which had a bit of a gloss to it which reflected the light in the room a bit off it. Everyone's attention was now
on May.

"Seems like these pills work great. My breasts look and feel really big and like Dawn, it seems like my bra is now a bit too small for them." May said as she looked down at her breasts, impressed by the size of them now.

Ash and Brock were practically drooling now after seeing May's sexy upper body curves and both of them started to get a bit hard watching the girls start stripping their clothes in front of them. They loved every second of it and they couldn't imagine why they had never paid more attention to these sexy girls in the past.

"My breasts are now almost as big as May's are normally. I cannot believe how big they've become so fast." Misty said as she too was now looking and feeling the size of her breasts with her hands as everyone once again switched their attention to Misty this time who's breasts were also enhanced by the pill.

"They are fast acting and they do the job quite well as you girls can see. Most women take the breast enhancing pills whenever they feel like they need to. Either for a sexual encounter or for a special night out and they want to impress people. The good thing about them is that they are all natural and there are no side effects, so you can take them as often as you girls want." Johanna explained as she was starting to get the hang of teaching these girls.

"Looks like Ash and Brock highly approve of out new looks." Dawn said as she could see that they were getting hard under their pants.

"Well its hard not to when your girls look so sexy." Brock exclaimed as everyone giggled a bit at Brock's comment.

"That's good that you are complementing the girls Brock. One thing a girl really loves is complements, so keep doing that and the girls will all love you for sure." Johanna replied as she was impressed by Brock's commitment to the girls.

"I think you all look really sexy too!" Ash blurted out trying not to be upstaged by Brock's apparent personal charms with the girls as everyone giggled again at Ash's attempt to not be left out.

"Girls, why don't you go over and strip the guys out of their clothes. It looks like they are starting to get a bit uncomfortable in those clothes and I'm sure they wouldn't mind getting their hard penis's out." Delia told the girls as she motioned them to go over to Ash and Brock.

"Delia tells me that you guys are quite impressive and handsome all naked. As a mother, I try not to think of such things, but since this is a sex lesson for all of you, I have to put some of my normal motherly instincts aside and move my womanly ones to the forefront." Johanna said as she was actually quite excited and anxious to see these two young and handsome guys naked. Obviously her daughter and her friends really liked Brock and Ash a lot.

As a mother, Johanna was always trying to do her best to look out for her daughter and to keep her out of trouble. But here she was with her friends teaching them about sex. She figured that it was best that they learn about it from her and to do it properly and in a safe manner. At least she could teach her daughter about practicing safe sex so that no unexpected pregnancy would occur. Johanna had always wanted grandchildren, but she knew that her daughter was still to young to have kids of her own to be responsible for. 

Johanna recalled her own experiences when she was Dawn's age as she was going around all the different contests. She met many guys and she was thankful that she knew about how to have safe sex as she was able to complete her dream of becoming a top coordinator. She couldn't even comprehend where she would be if she hadn't taken the precautions her mother and friends had discussed.

"Wait to you see them mom. You'll know another reason why we like these guys." Dawn said as she moved in front of Brock and Ash as May and Misty did so as well.

Ash and Brock were both in a stunned phase. They were in overdrive as they watched Misty, Dawn and May come towards them with smiles and smirks on their faces with only one mission in mind, to get them completely naked.

Dawn grabbed Brock shirt and began to lift it up. Brock instinctively raised his arms up to allow Dawn to take his shirt off. His perfectly toned torsos came into view as Dawn always loved looking at Brock's upper body every time they went swimming. She loved his toned muscles and skin color, everything she looked for in a man. 

Johanna could see the lust on her daughter's face as she took off Brock shirt. She couldn't blame her in the least as she couldn't help but feel the same way as she starred at Brock's body. After watching her daughter start taking Brock's clothes off, it finally clicked into Johanna's mind that her daughter was no longer a little kid and she was growing up and doing more grown up things now. She recalled the day Dawn left on her journey again and now she was on a different journey, one to adulthood.

Misty and May both decided to have fun with Ash as they took of his clothes. Misty took off his top while May began unbuttoning his pants and purposely rubbing her hand again his bulge to tease him a bit. Misty threw his shirt of the floor and then went to help May with his pants. Each of them took one side of his pants as Ash lifted his body up a bit so they could slide his pants down. It had only taken them less then a minute to get Ash down to his boxers which everyone could see were now practically falling off his hips.

"My, my Ash. You look a lot bigger than normal down there. That looks like it needs some attention soon." May joked as she was impressed with the size of his erect penis even under his boxers.

"It looks almost as big as Brock's bulge over here girls." Dawn said who had managed to take off Brock's pants all by herself.

Both the guys where now in just their boxers, both with very visible bulges out front. The girls had effectually stripped them quite fast but now the moment all the girls in the room were waiting for was approaching. 

"It looks like mommy is going to have to give her boy a bit of attention in a bit, it seems." Delia said teasing Ash as she watched the girls begin to take off his boxers.

"Ah mom, don't tease me. It's hard enough already with all the girls looking so sexy." Ash said as May puled his boxers down his legs as his large erect penis came into view.

"Ah! That feels better." Ash said as his penis was freed from the confines of his boxers.

"You're going to feel a bit better in a second too Brock. Let me help you with that." Dawn said as she grabbed his boxers and pulled them down his legs to reveal his erect penis to everyone as well.

Johanna was very impressed with the manner in which the girls had managed to strip the guys. She was even more impressed at the sight of the two guys erect penis's now in view. She was quickly drawn to Brock's large, hard, and throbbing penis. She couldn't believe how big it was for a guy his age. She had never seen a boy with such a big penis at any time in her life. It looked almost 12 inches long and over an inch wide in diameter. She starred in awe at it's sight.

Dawn turned around to see her mom looking at Brock's penis. She knew that she liked what she saw and that she was amazed that Brock's penis was so big.

"I bet the size of his penis caught you off guard huh mom..." Dawn said as she tempted her mom by pretending she was going to lick it.

"Brock, you certainly have an impressive body." was all that Johanna could say in reply.

"Uh, thanks." Brock said as he was a bit uncomfortable now with the fact that Dawn's mother was now starting to get a bit aroused by him but at the same time it made him a bit excited.

"And Brock's just the start. Brock's penis maybe bigger, but Ash's feels smooth to the touch!" as Misty grabbed his penis with her hand causing Ash to jump a bit by the sheer pleasure.

"Now, now, Misty. The key to a good, long and fun sexual experience is to build up the pleasure. Jump starting it like that can sometimes shorten the overall experience. Why don't you leave the guy alone now for a bit. I'm sure they are feeling a bit better now that they aren't constrained to tight clothes and I'm sure you girls will feel the same way in a few moments as well. Why don't you girls continue by taking off your skirts and shorts so your are a bit more comfortable now for the rest
of this lesson." Johanna instructed the girls as Misty was a bit disappointed that she wasn't going to get to play with Ash right away.

The girls slowly complied as the all moved away from the guys as Ash and Brock both took a deep breath as the moved away to help slow their pulsing heart rates which were going crazy from all the excitement. Dawn was the first to get up again and she grabbed the button holding her skirt tight around her waist and she unbuttoned it, loosening the skirt enough for her to let it drop to the ground. Her pink panties were now visible and parts of her pussy lips mounds were formed around the fabric.

Ash and Brock's attention quickly changed to Misty who unbuttoned the front of her yellow shorts and slowly let them drop to the ground in a similar manner that Dawn had done. Her panties weren't as tight to her skin as Dawn's were but seeing her panties was more than enough to make Ash and Brock excited. Misty spread her legs a bit and then adjusted her panties which had bunched up a bit on the sides under her shorts.

May was the last to start stripping again and as always she was wearing spandex shorts which were very form fitting. Ash and Brock had always wondered how she got in those shorts every day as it seemed like it would be very difficult to do so. May grabbed the sides of her tight shorts and began to slowly take off her shorts as Ash and Brock starred at her pelvic area awaiting to see her panties just like they had watched Misty and Dawn moments earlier. May was a bit slower taking her shorts
off than Dawn and Misty, but finally she lowered her shorts low enough for the guys to see her panties underneath. Her shorts became looser the further down her legs she pulled them until finally they gave way and fell to her ankles as she stepped out of the shorts.

"Don't they look hot and sexy in their underwear boys?" Johanna asked.

"They sure do!" Brock replied.

"Those bra's look like they are really getting tight for all you, so why don't you take off your bra's and free those enlarged breasts now." Delia said as she knew the boys were starting to get a bit anxious to see the girls naked.

The girls all didn't hesitant and began to undo the clasps on their tight bras. Almost in unison the girls loosened their bra's and slowly began to strip them off their bodies. Dawn was the first to shed her bra as her breasts and tits came into view. Ash and Brock could definitely tell her breasts were larger than normal. Even her aerola was bigger and the nipple looked quite erect already. They loved seeing Dawn's naked breasts but they quickly looked at May's breasts which were also bigger than
normal. As May dropped her bra to the floor and her hands were moved out of the view of the boys, they could see that her breasts were now the size of Delia's breasts normally. They had grown a few sizes and had a great round and curvy shape to them that matched the contours of her body.

Misty, not to be out done by the other two girls, she quickly unhooked her bra and then slowly pulled the shoulder straps down her arms. She held the bra in place for a second as she slowly and seductively she removed her bra, revealing her tits to the boys who were watching. She looked down and saw that her breasts were quite bigger than normal and her nipples were hard. Misty felt a bit more confident with the bigger breast size as it made her happy that the guys seemed to like what they saw. She put her hands under her larger breasts and lifted them up. Misty loved the feel of her larger breasts and she thought to herself that she could get used to them really easily.

"So girls, do you like your larger breasts?" Johanna asked wanting to hear their opinions.

"I love it. They feel to big and soft." Misty said as she continued to play with them.

"There's not too much difference with mine, but they were already big to start, but they still feel really good. They feel a bit heavier than normal though." May said as she also began to massage her breasts feeling the size difference with her hands.

"That's because your breasts are starting to make milk now." Johanna replied as she explained it to May.

"Don't you find this sexy guy?" Delia asked the boys.

"Oh for sure. They all look amazing." Ash said as he starred at the girls naked breasts.

"So what do you want us to do now mom?" Dawn asked her mom waiting for the next instructions.

"Well what I have in mind is going to make the guys a bit disappointed for a bit unfortunately. For this part of the lesson, I want you girls to explore each other with some of the toys I brought. I know you've had some experience with the boys, but I don't think you've had much experience with each other girls. I want to teach you that having sex with each other can be just as fun as with the boys." Johanna explained as Ash and Brock's hearts both sank as they listened that they won't be getting any of the action even though they were getting really excited.

"Sorry guys, looks like the teacher has something else in mind for us all today." Misty said as she shook her breasts at them in a teasing manner.

"Oh but don't worry guys. While I'm teaching the girls, Mrs. Ketchum is going to be teaching you two for a bit. She told me ahead of time that she had something special planned for you two, so you won't be left out at all." Johanna said trying to comfort the guys a bit after a bit of a let down.

"That's right. While they are having fun, we will be too. Why don't you come over here then and will let the girls have some time on their own." Delia told them as she motioned them to come over to her.

Delia knew the guys would soon forget the fact that they couldn't have fun with the three young sexy girls. She was going to teach them some more techniques that would help them pleasure the girls later on. The other girls had now moved to the other side of the room and had gathered around Johanna for their part of the lesson.

"Ash you sit on one side of me and Brock you sit on the other side. I want to teach you something that you should be good at but I am going going to teach you how to make it pleasurable for girls when you do it." Delia explained trying to see if the guys could guess what she had in mind for them.

"Sounds fun. I cannot wait!" Brock replied.

"It will be. Like the girls, I also took a lactating pill earlier so I could teach you guys the proper technique to make lactating very pleasurable for the girls."

"You mean you want us to suck your tits till they start milking?" Brock asked a bit excited by the prospect.

"Yes. Not only that Brock, but it will also be good for you guys as breast milk is very good and nutritious. As babies, you both drank milk to make you the strong and handsome boys you are today." Delia explained to them.

"You want us to drink your milk too?!" Ash said a bit scared of the thought of drinking milk out of his mothers breasts.

"That's right Ash. I need you guys to start doing it right now though as my breasts are really full." Delia said.

"Alright. What do you want us to do?" Brock asked waiting for more instructions.

Delia began to unbutton her front of her shirt enough to loosen it a bit. She then lifted her shirt to reveal that she was wearing a nursing bra. Ash was puzzled by the look of the bra as he had never seen his mother wear one like this. Delia's large breasts were hanging out the top of her bra as they could both see that her breasts were really large. Delia continued taking off her shirt revealing her entire bra and cleavage to the guys.

"What kind of bra are you wearing mom? It looks different that the other ones I've seen you wear." Ash said as he studied the bra his mother was wearing.

"It's a nursing bra Ash. I knew that I was going to be teaching you guys this earlier, so I changed into it beforehand. It's different than a normal bra because a girl doesn't have to take the time to remove her bra so a baby can get to the nipples easier and in this case, you two. The front of the bra cups open up like a door to give easy access to the nipples." Delia explained to the guys.

"Alright guys, move your heads in towards my breasts and each of you take one of my breasts. The bra cups should easily unlatch." she said with her arms out in an inviting manner.

"Okay." Ash and Brock both said as the bent over towards Delia's breasts.

Brock was the first to move his hands up to Delia's breasts as he looked closely at the bra flap at the front. He could see Delia's nipple outline behind the fabric poking an outline in the fabric. He put his fingers around the flap and gently tugged it abit until it came loose and detached from the main part of the bra revealing her engorged nipple. Brock was amazed how big her nipple and aerola was. It looked a lot bigger than the last time he had seen them and it was more a dark red this time.

Seeing Brock reveal one of his mothers tits, Ash decided to do the same with his breast. Like Brock he grabbed the flap part of the bra and tugged it off to reveal her other nipple. It was similar to her other one, all red and engorged.

"Okay guys. First why don't you lick around my nipples and on my aerola's and get them a bit wet with your tongue. Be careful not to bang heads though when you go towards them." Delia told them making sure they didn't hurt themselves in the excitement of the moment.

Ash and Brock did as they were told and slowly moved their heads towards their respective nipples. Delia was starting to get really excited by the prospect of her son and his friend sucking her nipples. She could feel that she was starting to get wet and a bit horny now. Around the same time, Ash and Brock's tongues touched Delia's nipples as they slowly began to lick her erect tits. She was loving every second of the experience of having two guys licking her tits.

"That's good. Keep licking them like I taught you guys to do before. You're both doing good." Delia said as she loved the attention she was now getting from the two boys.

The girls across the room had yet to start their part of the lesson with Johanna and had turned to look at Delia, Ash and Brock. The girls were all a bit envious of Delia as she now had both the guys to herself. They could tell that Delia was really enjoying herself by her body movements and facial expressions.

"Now, both of you put your lips around the nipple and suck. You have to suck hard at first and then you should feel the milk begin to flow easy in to your mouths. Remember to drink it all up while your sucking." she explained to the guys.

Ash leaned in some more and placed his mouth over her nipple as his mother looked down at him to watch him do so. She then nodded to him that she wanted him to continue. He began sucking hard on her nipple. He could feel the nipple in his mouth now as his tongue touched it inside his mouth. 

Brock began to do the same with her other nipple and he began to suck it just like Ash was Brock found the whole tit sucking very erotic in a strange sense. He found the whole process very natural and fulfilling sexually. He was hoping that he was doing a good job sucking because he had yet to get any milk to come out of her breasts.

"You're both doing good, but you have to suck a bit harder. You are both been gentle which is good, but to get the milk started you are both going to have to suck harder on my nipples." Delia explained as she could feel the boys tongues licking and sucking at her erect tits.

The guys did as they were told and were then rewarded with a blast of breast milk from Delia's breasts in their mouths. Ash was surprised how much he liked the sensation of his mothers milk splashing into his mouth as he sucked her tit. He also liked how it tasted and began sucked on it for more. His mouth was starting to get full of her breast milk and like she had instructed earlier her gulped it down as more milk began flowing from her tit.

Brock also managed to get his breast to start spurting milk as well At first he didn't know what to expect when it started to flow, but after a few moments he got a handle on it and he instinctively reached up and began to squeeze Delia's breast with his hand as he sucked on her other tit.

Delia was thankful to feel some relief as her breasts were starting to feel heavy and sore from the milk that was being produced. She loved the feeling of the milk from her breasts being drained into the mouths of the two guys sucking on her tits. This was quickly making her more and more horny by the second. Unlike breast feeding a baby, having two grown guys sucking her tits was very sexually stimulating for her and she leaned back a bit to relax and give the guys better access to her breasts as the protruded out further from her body by doing so.

"Oh Ash! Oh Brock. This feels good. You are both doing a great job. Are you enjoying this and does my milk taste good?" Delia moaned as she could feel her pussy getting wetter by the second.

"It tastes really good mom! I could get used to this!" Ash said as he stopped sucking for a second to reply.

"Your tit feels and tastes so good in my mouth. When I squeeze your breast, the milk comes out faster and squirts into the back of my mouth." Brock told her has he loved feeling the squirting milk hit the back of his mouth as he did so.

Ash suckled on her tit again and decided to try what Brock had just said. He reached up and squeezed his mothers breast through the bra she was still wearing. He could feel the milk coming out faster and stronger when he squeezed and he swallowed another mouthful of his mothers delicious breast milk.

Ash felt his penis getting harder and he wondered if his mother was still enjoying them sucking on her tits. He hoped it was making her horny too as they did so. Delia let out a soft moan and placed her hand on the backs of her son's head and Brock's head, pushing them into her breasts more. Ash's face was almost completely covered now by his mother breast but he moved his nose a bit so it wasn't covered by her breast so he could breath as he continued to suck.

Brock got turned on more at the fact that Delia was encouraging them to continue. His motivation increased and he also began sucking harder now. Every now and again he'd lick the tip of her nipple as the drops of milk landed on the tip of his tongue. The taste was sensational and he couldn't believe that a human could produce something from their body that tasted so good. He was getting addicted to sucking and drinking breast milk and he'd only just done it for the first time moments ago.

"Oh Brock! I love it when you lick my tit like that while your sucking. That feels so good. Keep that up. Your doing... an amazing job. Your both learning so fast that I hardly need to teach you guys anything." Delia told them as she continued to hold the back of their heads tight to her breasts.

Delia could feel a climax starting as it had been building all this time. Delia always loved having an orgasm when it was generated by not having sexual intercourse but generated by stimulation instead. Those types of orgasms always seemed to her to be more satisfying. The warmth of Ash's and Brock's faces against her breasts as the continue to suck finally ended up being too much for Delia as she arched her back and closed her eyes as she felt her first orgasm of the night pulse through her body. She loved the fact that it was her own son that had created that orgasm for her and hoped that she'd feel more of those as time went on. Delia moaned and grabbed the hair at the back of Brock's and Ash's head as the orgasm started to subside a bit.

"Did you just climax mom?" Ash asked as he stopped for a second to ask his mom what was going on.

Delia couldn't respond immediately as she was still feeling the overwhelming sensations that encompassed her entire body at that moment. She wanted to feel like this for as long as possible. Finally after a few moments, continued to subside and she realized that her son was asking her a question. 

"Oh yes dear. That felt so good. You guys are doing so good that I couldn't hold back any longer." Delia told them as she let go of their hair.

"Wow! That was amazing Delia. I'de never thought a girl could climax like that." Brock stated as he was amazed that Delia found their work so exciting.

"There are many ways to pleasure a women Brock. Remember that. Each girl has certain things that will make her excited and its up to you guys to stimulate that girl as best as you can. I need to keep reminding you guys of that. Sexual intercourse isn't the only way to get people to orgasm and feel good." Delia said as the effects of her orgasm were finally wearing off.

"I guess your right. There is still a lot we haven't learned." Ash said realizing what his mother had just said.

"Your doing great though and you've both learned a lot. Why don't you finish off emptying my breasts. They are almost empty now and I sense you guy both enjoyed sucking the milk out of them a lot." Delia said as she smiled at the two boys as she grabbed her breasts from underneath in an inviting manner to get that guys to get back to work sucking them.

Without hesitation, both Ash and Brock lowered their heads again and sucked her tits. Delia could start to feel that her breasts were starting to get empty now. The boys had both been sucking so hard that they were draining her breasts at an incredible rate. They both seemed to really love what they were doing. Delia could see that the boy's penis's were both hard and erect. She decided that she needed to reward them for their great work.

Delia though that it would be good for her to stroke their penis's for a bit but not so much that they would cum, but just enough so that they would get a bit of relief. She lowered her hands in between their legs in search of their erect penis's. Ash and Brock could feel Delia searching for their penis's as they sucked her breast but couldn't see exactly what she was doing with their heads planted in her breasts. Seconds later, Delia had found both of their hard penis's and she grabbed them gently.

Ash could feel his mother's soft warm hands now grasping his penis. He loved the feel of her hand around his aching member. He began to moan as she began slowly stroking his penis as he continued sucking. He closed his eyes and moved his hands putting one on her back and the other on her stomach to balance himself as he was starting to feel weak in the knees as she stroked him. Milk continued to flow into his mouth and the sensations at both ends of his body were beginning to put him in overload.

Brock too could now feel Delia's other hand around his penis. His penis was bigger than Ash's and her small hand could barely get around the thickness of his erect penis. She also began stroking his penis at the same time she was doing her son's and Brock began finding it hard to concentrate on sucking her tits now that she was playing with him too.

"Oh Delia. That feels so good. Keep stroking." Brock said as he loved the fact that he was being stroked by her.

"This is just a little reward for my two brave young men who did their best yesterday to help out here as well as for making me feel good earlier. But keep sucking Brock. My breast is almost empty now." Delia to them as she wanted to make sure her breasts were completely emptied.

For around five minutes, Delia slowly stroked the two guys penis's until both her breasts finally stopped giving milk. Delia's breasts felt a lot better now but they were noticeably smaller than they were earlier and her bra was now drooping a bit in the cup due to the reduced breast size.

"I've been wanted you to do this for a while now Ash. There's a bit more left to suck " Delia told him as he began to squeeze her breast to encourage the last bits of milk to come out.

Ash was a bit disappointed now as he knew he had just emptied the breast that he was working on but he continued to play with his mother's tit in his mouth trying to lick up a few more drops of her sweet milk. Since the breast was finally empty and instead of sucking her tit for milk, he began licking and kissing it. Delia did not say or do anything so he continued to suck on it as she slowly play with his penis in her hand.

By this time Brock had also emptied her other breast and he gently licked the tip of her nipple and gave it gentle squeezes with his lips before moving his head away from her breast. Brock was now in a position to see Delia stroking his penis and he looked down for a moment to watch her do it. He wished that she would never stop doing it.

After seeing Brock stop, Ash reluctantly stopped sucking his mother's tit and he moved off her body but during the process her skirt had rode up to her panties revealing them to the guys. They could both see that her panties were really wet, obviously from all the activity.

Delia realized that her skirt had rode high up her leg now and that the guys could she her wet panties underneath her skirt. She knew that they wanted some play time now with her pussy from the looks on their faces and the fact that they were both starring at her panties.

"So how did you guys like your first nursing session now that you are grown up?" Delia questioned them as she let go of their penis's as they both moaned a bit feeling her hand leave their swollen members.

"It was amazing mom. I never knew doing something like that would be so fun and your milk tasted so good and sweet. I loved every second of it." Ash told his mom as he gave her a hug and she kissed him on the head.

In the process of hugging his mother, Ash's right leg had gone in between his mother's legs and her pelvis was grinding against the top of his thigh.

"What about you Brock?" Delia asked as she continued hugging her son.

"The same as Ash. It was great. I hope we can do that again some time." Brock said as he smiled a bit as he watched the two hug.

Delia could feel her son's leg in between her leg and his naked penis was rubbing against the top of her leg and stomach as they hugged. She knew that Ash could probably feel the wetness from her crotch so she decided that it was time to carry on.

"Ash, why don't you feel my pussy. Stick your hand inside my panties and run your fingers through my wet pussy. It's really wet down there from all the fun we've had." Delia told her son.

"Really? Oh this is going to be great!" Ash said eager to oblige. 

Ash moved his body to the side and eagerly lifted his mother's skirt up enough so that he could see the top band of her panties. He slipping his fingers and hand inside the band of her panties and he slowly began to lower it. He could feel her pubic hair running through his hand as he slowly move towards her pussy.

Finally he could feel the heat and wetness from his mother's pussy lips and he began to slide his hand up and down the slippery lips of her wet pussy. Delia moaned a bit at the feel of her sons hand against her pussy. She loved his touch as Ash began to wiggled his fingers under her panties. 

Brock watched as he watched Ash begin to play with his mother's pussy under her panties. He couldn't see much but he knew they were both enjoying what was going on. With his other hand, Ash moved it up under her left breast and began squeezing it gently. It wasn't as heavy or as tight as it was earlier. It seemed to rest more naturally now that he had emptied the milk out of it.

Ash began to slowly stroke the slit of his mother's pussy up and down as he cupped her breast at the same time. Delia was impressed with her son's technique as he must have been practicing a bit with the girls since their last lesson a while ago. He was starting to turn into quite the women pleasurer as he reached her clit with his hand and he circled it with his index figure, stimulating it a bit as he did so.

'"Oh that feels so good Ash. Your really getting good at doing that. How about I take off these panties so you can see my pussy." Delia suggested as she began to shift her body a bit.

"Okay mom. I cannot wait to see it again." Ash said anticipating his mother stripping completely naked in front of him and Brock.

"I might as well take off this bra too now while I'm at it as its just getting in the way now." Delia said as she got up and began to take off the remaining underwear that she was wearing.

Delia reached behind her back, found the clasp to her bra and undid it allowing the shoulder straps to come loose and let the bra fall into her hand. Her breasts moved a bit out of the position they were in while in the bra as she no longer had the support from it to keep the large cleavage valley tight together.

Ash and Brock continued to watch Delia strip as she moved on to her panties next. She grabbed them by the bands and began to pull them down her legs. Slowly her pubic hair came into view. It was as they both remembered, nicely trimmed just above her pussy. As she continued to lower her panties, the lips of her pussy that Ash had been playing with were starting to come into view. They were red and puffy from all the massaging Ash had given them. As the panties dropped to the floor, the guys could see that Delia was really wet and there was a bit of liquid hanging from the lips of her pussy. It looked really inviting and they both couldn't wait to get some action from it.

"Now that you've seen a few more pussy's since the first time you saw mine, what do you think Ash?" Delia asked her son wanting to hear what he had to say.

"You're as sexy as ever mom. Your pussy looks so hot right now." Ash instantly replied as he mother smiled as she was happy to hear his compliment. 

"I think it's Brock's turn to have a bit of fun so why don't you come over here Brock and lick my pussy. I want to see if you guys have learned anything about pussy licking since last time." Delia said as she sat down on the carpet but spread her legs out wide so that Brock could get access to her pussy.

"Alright!" was all Brock could say. 

Delia grabbed the two sides of her pussy lips with her fingers and made a V with with them, spreading her pussy lips apart. Brock could see that her clit was huge at the moment and by spreading her lips open, he was also able to see deep inside her pussy to the vaginal canal even though it was starting to get dark outside and the room was getting a bit darker.

Brock put his hands on both her thighs to balance himself as he moved in closed to her pussy which she was continuing to spread wide open with her fingers.

"Can you see inside my pussy? Can you see up inside me all the way to my cervix? Can you see my cervix, the entrance to my womb?" Delia asked Brock hoping he could see alright.

Brock's his penis was rock hard and waving round as he knelt between Delia's legs. He could see all the way inside her vagina all the way to her cervix as she managed to spread her pussy enough so he could see. Brock had never seen the inside of a girls pussy like this and it excited him a lot.

"I can see all the way inside you. It looks hot and wet inside and I can see your muscles moving around too." Brock said as he studied his view of her pussy intently.

"Does it excite you to look inside my pussy where you'll put your big hard penis in soon? I bet you want to put it in there right now don't you?" Delia teased him as she knew he was fascinated by what he saw.

"Oh I do, I do!" Brock said as he was eager to ram his aching penis into her pussy right there and then.

"Heh. Well not so fast. You still go to show me how we you can lick a girls pussy now. Then we can have some more fun, if I am pleased by how well you managed to lick my pussy." Delia told him continue to tease him.

"Okay! I'll do my best!" Brock said as he was ready to do as he was told.

"Now remember, concentrate on the clit to increase the pleasure. Suck it and lick it." Delia told Brock as he moved his head into position right near her pussy.

Delia was quite different from May, Dawn or Misty and as he moved his lips and tongue to her puffy swollen outer lips, he noticed that she had shaved her pussy lips smooth where as the younger girls didn't even need to do that yet. Her pussy list glistened with moisture from before and Delia was now starting to breath heavily as she felt Brock's tongue touch her pussy slit.

"Lick me! Lick my pussy Brock!" Delia said as she felt Brock's tongue starting to move its way around her pussy.

Brock began to lick her pussy, moving it up and down her slit and finally to her hard clit which looked like it needed his attention. Brock heard Delia moan a bit as he began eating out her sweet pussy as Delia was still recovering from her previous orgasm she could now feel another one starting to build. 

"You like licking my pussy Brock? Like to taste my pussy?" Delia asked Brock as she liked what he was doing.

"It's so good. Am I doing a good job?" Brock asked.

"You're doing great. All you have to do is keep touching my clit the way you are doing now and I'll be climaxing in no time." Delia told him as she loved the feeling of his tongue licking her clit.

He licked her clit for a minute or so very enthusiastically as he gently rubbed his finger over the shiny tip of her clit as he licked it with his tongue at the same time. Delia moaned a bit louder as he did this and Brock knew that her moaning meant he was doing a good job.

Brock then decided to stick his tongue deep inside the opening of her dripping wet pussy which she showed him earlier. Delia noted that technique was a little better than the last time she had done this with him. It wasn't as unpracticed as the first time she had let him play with her pussy like this. She liked the fact that she could educate her son and his friend about oral sex and that thought further added to her already building lust for both of them.

Brock reached up and fondled her breasts as pushed his tongue deeper into her pussy hole. Her protruding outer pussy lips were thick and red from his work and he was able to suck them with his mouth as he probed her pussy with his tongue.

"I love feeling your tongue in me. You're going to make me cum! I can feel it coming Brock!" Delia said as she couldn't take any more of Brock's amazing technique.

Brock nodded gently nodded his head to tell her he was ready and moments later Delia could feel the flow of her juices hit Brock's tongue as she began to climax for the second time that evening. Delia couldn't believe she had already climaxed as once again the amazing feeling covered her entire body.

"Oh yes Brock! That's so good." Delia said as the climax continued.

"Did I do okay? Did it feel good?" Brock asked as he could see that Delia was recovering from her orgasm as he raised his head to look at her.

"That felt great Brock. You've definitely improved upon your technique. I came a lot faster than I though I was going to that's for sure." Delia said complementing him on a job well done.

"So I passed then?" Brock said hoping that it was enough to please Delia.

"Oh with flying colors and you'll get your reward in a bit, but first Ash has to pass his test now before we go to the next round of this lesson." Delia said as she turned to her son who had been watching the two of them this whole time.

"My turn?" Ash said wondering what his mother had in mind for him now.

"That's right Ash. Come over here and sit beside me. I want to see how good of a kisser you are now." Delia said as Brock moved out of the way so that Ash could go and sit beside his mother.

Ash did as he was told and came down and sat beside his completely naked mother. His penis was still erect so it made sitting down a bit harder than normal as he positioned himself so his penis wasn't getting in the way too much.

"Alright Ash, let's see how good your kissing is. Kiss me on the lips." Delia said as she made a kissing motion as she waited for her son to kiss her.

"Uh.. Well, you see mom..." Ash said as he was a bit caught off guard by his mothers request.

"What is it Ash honey?" Delia said as she looked back at her son.

"Well.. you see, I'm not too good at kissing on the lips like that." Ash said trying to figure a way to get out of the situation.

"Then it's time for you to practice. Just like when you first had sex with me, I had to teach you, so I guess teaching you how to kiss properly is another thing a mother can do for her son." Delia said as she was now quite eager to teach her son how to kiss better.

"Now, put your arm around me and kiss me on the lips. I'll help you with the rest as we go along." Delia instructed her son.

Ash put his arm around his mom's shoulder and started to kiss his mom on the lips but she didn't respond at all as he tried to figure out why. He began to move his other free hand down the side of his mother's body instinctively as he loved the feel of her soft body against his hands. Delia began to moan a bit and she finally began to kiss back.

Delia put her arms around Ash as she began kissing him and slowly pushing her tongue into his mouth. Ash could feel his mom trying to do so and he opened his mouth a bit and began to move his tongue similar to the way she was doing. Seconds later their tongue met and Delia began to swirl it against his. Taking the key from his mom, he began to do the same and swirl his tongue with hers as their lips touched and they began hugging each other tightly as they kissed.

They began hugging tighter as they kissed which caused Ash to move positions a bit. Her breasts where now pushed up tight against his chest and he could feel a bit of the remaining milk in her breasts begin to trickle out of her tits. The milk slowly dripped down their stomachs. Some of the milk managed to reach Ash's erect penis and dripped all the way to the head of his penis were it began collecting a bit. Ash continued to kiss his mom as he felt her milk on his penis. 

The hardness of his mothers tits against his bare chest hardened Ash's penis even more. Finally the collected milk at the end of his penis dropped off and feel onto the floor. Ash moved again as they kissed and now his penis was rubbing up against her stomach.

Ash's body almost felt like it was electrified. It almost felt the same way it did the many times he had been shocked by his Pikachu but this time it was pleasurable kissing him mom. Ash had never been kissed quite like that before in his entire life and the feel of her tongue exploring his mouth sent his senses reeling. Delia finally ended the kiss and smiled back at her son.

"That was really good Ash. You picked up the technique really quickly." Delia said to her son as she was proud of how fast he was able to learn how to kiss well.

"Thanks mom. That was really an amazing kiss." Ash said as he enjoyed it just as much as his mother did.

"Well I think you did well enough to move along with Brock to the next round of this lesson, but were going to have to wait for Johanna to finish up with the girls over there before we do. I know she has something special in mind." Delia said as she told the guys who turned their attention over to the girls who they had completely forgotten all the time they had been having their lesson with Delia.

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