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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 40 - Aopulco Resort

After an uneventful journey to the Aopulco resort, Ash and his friends are ready to spend some time relaxing and enjoying themselves in the bright sun and the sandy beaches. It has been a long time since Ash and his friends were last here and they really didn't get to enjoy themselves very much as they spent most of their time working at Moe's restaurant.

"We're finally here!" Ash said as he was feeling more energetic and ready to enjoy himself having finally arrived.

"It's always nice and sunny here. It's said that there is almost never a bad weather day in Aopulco." Brock said as he looked up at the sky to know see a few clouds.

As they walked down the boardwalk towards the beach, the girls all noticed all the beachwear shops that had many different outfits on display. A prominent poster is displayed in most of the store windows as they walk by them advertising this years Miss Aopulco.

"Hmm. I wonder what this poster says. Almost all the stores seem to be advertising it." Dawn said as she stopped and walked over to the window so she could read the poster.

Ash, Misty, and Brock were pretty familiar with what the poster was advertising and didn't really need to read it so they just stood by as Dawn took her time to review the poster.

"The Miss Aopulco is a yearly competition held by PlayPoke magazine to find the sexiest girl in Aopulco! The contests is open to all women 18 years of age. Participants will compete in public competition consisting of various events including: Bikini showcase, Body Cut-out comparison and a Photo shoot. The winner will receive the title of Miss Aopulco as well as a centerfold feature in PlayPoke magazine." Dawn read out loud as May came over to look at the poster.

"That sounds like a fun competition!" May said as she was a bit interested in the competition after hearing Dawn read it.

"Yeah it sure does. PlayPoke magazine is a very popular magazine around the world though its generally considered an adult magazine so I'm not sure what to think of the contest." Dawn said as she had heard of PlayPoke magazine before but had never really seen an issue.

"We actually held our own competition the last time we were here." Misty said as she came over to look at the poster now that May and Dawn were taking their time studying the poster.

"You did? How did that turn out?" Dawn said as she was surprised that her friends would put on an event like this.

"Yeah we did. We had a few bumps along the road but it turned out quite well. Brock hosted the event and I was one of the participants." Misty said as she recalled her embarrassment of getting in front of everyone in her bikini.

"Ash ended up getting the trophy though as everyone considered him the winner because he saved everyone from Team Rocket who was trying to wreck the event." Brock said as he continued on explaining where Misty had left off.

"Ah, well I was just trying to make sure Team Rocket didn't hurt anyone." Ash said as he blushed a bit trying to deflect the praise.

"Well I'm thinking of entering this contest. It sounds like it could be a lot of fun plus there are a lot of magazines back in Hearthome City like Poké Stylist, so getting in a popular magazine like PlayPoke would only help the winners profile around the world." Dawn said as she thought this would be a great way to promote herself if she could win the competition.

"Oh you're right Dawn. I hadn't thought of that. It would definitely help becoming more popular and it would almost certainly lead to more opportunities down the road. I think I'll enter as well." May said as she had made her decision right there on the spot.

"Are you both sure about that? PlayPoke magazine is known for its risque photos, most of which are often nude pictures as well as hardcore pictures." Brock said as he was familiar with the magazine and he was a bit concerned that his friends weren't fully aware of reputation of the magazine.

"Nude? I wasn't aware it was a porn magazine. I just thought it was an idol magazine." Dawn said as she was already having second thoughts.

"Yeah. Now this sounds like a bikini contest so it sounds like the pictures would just showcase the winner in a bikini but you'd have to check that out before you decide to enter the contest. I just want you guys to be aware though before you commit to this competition and get into something you don't want to do." Brock told them as the girls were once again thankful that they had a caring friend like Brock who was always looking out for them.

"We can go to the registration booth to find out a bit more about the contest if you guys want. We don't have anywhere else to be since were on vacation." Ash said as he was glad for once that he wasn't in a hurry to be somewhere.

"Alright. That sounds good." May said.

May and her friends walked towards the registration booth for the Miss Aopulco competition which was located at the heart of the resort complex. There were already a few girls in line as May and her friends got in line and waited for their turn. After a few minutes, a registration person became available and May and her friends approached the registration desk.

"Good afternoon. Are you here to sign-up for the Miss Aopulco competition?" the girl at the desk asked.

"Hi. Uh, yes I am but we have a few questions about the competition first before we decide to sign up."
"Sure. What would you like to know?" the girl asked waiting to hear May's questions.

"Okay great. Well the first question we'd like to know is how risque the competition will be. We read the poster that there will be a Bikini showcase, Body Cut-out comparison and a Photo shoot but we also noticed that its being sponsored by PlayPoke magazine, so we have a few concerns about that." May said as the person seemed like she had heard this question a few times already that day.

"Yes, the competition is sponsored by PlayPoke magazine and generally girls like you often have concerns about the nature of a competition like this when an adult magazine is associated with Miss Aopulco. Have you seen last years issue featuring last years winner? Unlike the normal PlayPoke magazine, the Miss Aopulco issue is a special copy that doesn't have the explicit content. Here take a look at last years issue. That will definitely give you an idea of what its all about." the registration clerk girl said as she handed May a copy of the issue for her and her friends to review.

"Great thanks." May said as she took the issue from the clerk.

May noticed a familiar face on the front cover as Champion Master Cynthia looks like she was the winner of last years Miss Aopulco. She was wearing a sheer black bikini was yellow trim. It definitely was revealing but no more than what a person on the beach would see. May was quickly put at ease about the competition even though she'd only seen the cover so far.

"Wow! That's Champion Master Cynthia! Let me see that!" Brock said as he wanted to see the issue as he'd always been a fan of her and seeing her in a bikini was like a dream come true for Brock.

"You can look at it in a minute Brock. We just want to review the issue before we decide if were going to sign up for the competition or not." Dawn said as her and May began reviewing the issue which contained many photos and articles from last years competition.

Misty peaked over to get a look at the magazine as well as it showcased many of the girls from last years competition in bikini's and to their relief there was no nudity of any kind and just featured sexy pictures like most idol magazines featured. Page after page was turned until they had finally reviewed the magazine to their satisfaction.

"It looks like last years issue was done quite well. If Brock's reaction is any indication on how popular the magazine is, I think we should be fine signing up for the competition." May said as she was a lot more optimistic about competition after seeing the issue.

"Yeah, I agree. There are a lot of great pictures in the magazine. They make all the girls look really good." Dawn said as she was impressed and a bit excited now about the competition as she realized that she could win the competition and be featured in this years issue.

"Here you go Brock. You can look at the magazine while we sign up for the competition." May said as she handed the magazine to Brock who was anxiously waiting to look at it.

"So you two are going to sign up then?" Misty asked as she was still contemplating if she wanted to put herself through doing another contest like this again.

"Yeah. It looks like it would be a good idea. Even if we don't win, it looks like we could still get our pictures in the magazine and be featured in this years issue." Dawn said as she explained her reasoning to Misty.

"Are you thinking about entering too Misty?" Ash said as he was curious to see if she was going to enter as well.

"I'm debating it with myself. As May and Dawn have said it's a great opportunity to promote ourselves and if I did win it would be great promotion for the Cerulean Gym. It would definitely become more popular" Misty explained as she was still a bit hesitant.

"Just enter Misty. You did great last time. You probably would have won if Team Rocket hadn't interfered." Ash said as he gave Misty a bit of reassurance.

"You think so?" Misty said as she was getting a bit more comfortable with the prospect.

"Yeah! Besides May and Dawn will also be in the competition so you'll have them to rely on for support as well." Ash said as he was actually contemplating seeing his friends showcasing their sexy bodies in bikini's.

"Have you guys made your decision?" the registration clerk asked as she could see that they were just about ready now.

"Yes. We're going to sign up!" May said as she turned to face the registration girl again.

"That's great. Which of you will be signing up then?" the registration clerk girl questioned.

"I will." May said.

"As will I." Dawn said as she replied right after May.

"How about you miss?" the registration clerk girl asked Misty.

"Well... I guess so too." Misty said as she finally made her decision but wasn't sure if she'd be regretting it.

"Okay great! Let me get your registration papers ready for you to sign. Be sure to read over the full rules and regulations before you sign up." the girl said as she shuffled around to get their papers ready.

The girl handed Misty, May and Dawn their registration papers as Ash joined Brock at looking at last years issue. Both of them were actually glad that their friends were signing up for the contest as they now know why this was such a popular contest as they reviewed the magazine.

Misty, May and Dawn did as they were told and began reviewing the rules and regulations. They stated:

This contest is sponsored and administered by PlayPoke magazine. All models must be female. The Miss Aopulco contest is open to all females who are 18 years or older at the time registration. As a participant of the Miss Aopulco contest, models give their consent and allow photos and videos to be used in promotional material as well as in the special yearly issue of PlayPoke Miss Aopulco. Photos and videos will contain no nudity as the nature of the competition is a bikini contest.

All contestants will be judged according to the following criteria: 33% Bikini showcase where participants will display their body and bikini to a runway audience. 33% for the Body Cut-out comparison where contestants will face-off in an elimination round where judges and the audience will vote for their favorite bikini and body shape in a blind test. Contestants will lineup behind a board where only their bikini covered breasts and bikini covered pelvic region will be visible. Contestants that make it through to the final photo shoot round will have their photos taken by professional photographers. The photo shoot round will account for 34% of the final score as the judges and the audience will then vote for their favorite photos. Contestants will be required to bring two of their own bikini's for the competition while one will be chosen by the judges and provided for the contestant.

The winner of the contest will be crowned Miss Aopulco and they will be featured in this years issue of PlayPoke Miss Aopulco. Contestants agree and must abide by all the rules. Contestants may also be asked to participate in other PlayPoke related ventures but they are not subject to the rules of the Miss Aopulco contest.

After reading the rules, Misty, May and Dawn all thought they were reasonable and what they were expecting and they signed their names and handed their applications to the registration clerk.

"Thank you girls. Now that you've entered I'll process your registrations and get you're ID cards made for the competition which begins later this week." the clerk said as she began typing in their information into the computer.

"This is going to be exciting! I cannot wait to compete!" May said as she was looking forward to the competition.

"Yeah! I think were going to have to go shopping for some new bikini's for the competition though as I doubt our current swimsuits would live up to what other girls will be wearing in the competition." Dawn said as the other girls agreed with her.

"There were plenty of shops that we saw earlier on the boardwalk. I'm sure will find some great ones there." Misty said as she recalled all the shops they past by earlier.

"Alright girls. You're all set. Here are your ID cards. You will need to present them at the gate on competition day and then you'll be instructed on what to do then. Be sure to bring at least 2 different bikini's to wear, one for each round. The final round will be provided for. Other than that, you should all be good to go. Good luck in the competition!" the registration clerk said as she explained to them what they needed.

"Thanks!" the girls all said as they took their ID cards and turned to see Ash and Brock still looking at the magazine.

"Alright guys. Let's head off. We got to go shopping for some bikini's." Dawn said as she took the magazine from the guys and returned it to the registration clerk.

"Uh!! But we were..." Brock said as he wanted to keep looking at the magazine.

"There will be plenty of time to look at bikini's later. Come on, let's go." May said as the guys got up and followed the girls as they all walked back to the shops at the boardwalk.

Ash and Brock hadn't realized just how many stores were selling bikini's until they started looking for them with the girls. Pretty much every store was selling bikini's in every different shape, form and color.

"Let's go into this store first and see what they have. It looks like a pretty big store with a large selection." Dawn said as she headed towards the entrance as her friends followed close behind her.

The store had plenty of bikini's to choose from and the girls were almost overwhelmed by the selection. There were string bikini's, microkini, sling bikini's, tankini's, two piece, one piece, see-through and sheer bikini's, ones with flowers on them and some with frills and lace. The girls didn't really know where to start looking.

"Wow! There are so many to choose from. Were going to be here all day!" Misty said as she started looking at the bikini's on the rack closest to her.

"Can I help you?" a saleswoman said as she saw the crowd enter the store.

"Uh, yes. I guess so. Were looking for some bikini's to wear for the Miss Aopulco competition." Dawn said as she was glad to have a bit of help.

"Oh so you're entering the Miss Aopulco competition? Are all three of you entering?" the salesperson asked.

"Yes we are." Misty replied as her attention quickly focused on a red microkini which she took off the rack.

"That's a wise choice there miss. The microkini bikini's always score high with the audience voters. They are a popular choice with contestants for that reason." the salesperson said as Misty was shocked by the lack of material.

"There's barely enough fabric to cover myself with this one though." Misty said as she couldn't envision herself wearing something so skimpy in front of a crowd.

"Well why don't you go try it on then and get you're friends opinions here. I'm assuming that's why you brought your friends with you." the salesperson said.

"Go on Misty, might as well. If you don't like it there are plenty of other ones to choose from." May said as she spotted a green two piece bikini that caught her attention.

"I think I'll try on this one first." May said as she picked up the green bikini.

"What about you miss? Is there any particular bikini you are looking for?" the salesperson asked Dawn as the other two had already made their first decisions.

"We'll I don't know really. What do you recommend?" Dawn asked as she continued searching around for something that would suit her body shape.

"You have a slender body shape but some nice curves. Generally though I try to recommend a bikini that fits the personality type too as you have to showcase it and if it matches your personality then people seem to recognize that as well and contestants score higher." the salesperson explained as Dawn took that into consideration.

"I'm generally quite a spunky person especially when it comes to Pokemon Contests. I always like to have a different outfit that matches my routine so I can definitely see what you mean when the bikini needs to match my personality." Dawn said as she continued looking at the racks for something that would catch her attention.

After a few moments, a pink and white striped bikini caught Dawn's attention. It also had a small frilly mini skirt that went along with the set. Dawn instantly fell in love with the outfit and she knew right away that was one she wanted to keep. She took it off the rack to get a closer look at it.

"This one matches my personality perfectly!" Dawn said as she really loved the outfit and wanted to try it out right away.

"Since you all seem to have an outfit to try out, you can head to the back where the change rooms are. There are so mirrors there as well. If you need any more help, just let me know." the salesperson said as they pointed to the back of the store where the change rooms were located.

"Great thanks for your help." Dawn said as the girls went to the back of the store to get changed into their outfits.

Ash and Brock followed the girls as they knew that they would want their opinions on their outfits before they got them. Ash and Brock were actually kind of excited by the prospect of seeing their friends try out new bikini outfits. Having looked at the magazine earlier, they knew what to expect and what kind of outfits their friends would have to compete against if one of them was to win the competition.

The change rooms where just small cupboard like rooms with a curtain to pull across for privacy. The girls each went into their own room and pulled the curtains across while they changed. The curtains didn't close completely across and there were a small narrow gap on one side of them but barely enough to let light through.

Ash could tell that there was a bit of an opportunity to peep on the girls while they changed into their bikini's and he tilted his head through to see through the gap in the curtain in the first change room where Misty was changing. He couldn't see too much going on from the narrow opening that the curtain created and he didn't want her to notice that he was watching her change. Realizing that he wasn't going to be able to see anything he sat down beside Brock who was just waiting for the girls to change.

The girls didn't take too long to change and May was the first to come out of the change room sporting the two piece green bikini she had picked out. Ash and Brock's penis's stirred in their shorts as they saw their sexy friend in a bikini right in front of them modeling her body for their approval.

"So guys what do you think? Will I win the competition with this outfit?" May asked as she looked in the mirror to see what she looked like with the bikini on.

Ash and Brock couldn't pry their eyes off their gorgeous friend in front of him as her breasts were pushed together showing ample cleavage. May's stomach was well toned while the triangle shape of her bikini bottom covered her lower private region. The bikini wasn't completely skin tight but May looked comfortable wearing it.

"You look good in it May." Ash said as he couldn't take his eyes off May.

"What do you think of the color?" May asked as she looked at herself in the nearby mirror as she adjusted the bikini's material a bit.

"You always look good in green May, so I think it's a good match." Brock replied as he thought she looked quite sexy in the bikini.

Before Brock and Ash could even get to grips with looking at May in her bikini, Dawn came out of her change room in the bikini she had picked out. Brock and Ash's attention quickly changed from May to Dawn. Dawn's breasts were noticeably smaller than May's as she didn't have as much cleavage but the small frilly mini skirt that went along with the bikini certainly looked stunning on her. The mini skirt didn't cover Dawn's ass completely so as she turned around, Brock and Ash could still see part of it while the bikini covered her private area. Her bikini top seemed a bit too small though as it looked tight on her breasts but it did manage to cover and cup them okay.

"You look good in your bikini!" Dawn said as she noticed May was looking at herself in the mirror.

"Wow! That's a sexy outfit Dawn! You look good too!" May said as she turned to look at Dawn in her pink outfit.

Dawn went over to the mirror by May so she could also look at herself in the mirror. Ash and Brock were almost drooling at this point but they tried to keep themselves composed and mature while their friends picked out their bikini outfits.

Misty was still in the change room fiddling with her bikini. She didn't realize just how small it was until she put it on. The red bikini wasn't big enough to cup her breasts and just enough material to cover her nipples and areola. The bikini bottoms were tight against her pelvis while part of her labia majora was showing and Misty kept adjusting the material to cover it properly. The bikini was so tight against her skin that it was creating a quite revealing camel-toe and the shape of her nipples were protruding through the bikini top's material.

"Are you done changing yet?" Dawn asked Misty as she was wondering where she was as she was taking a long time to change.

"Uh, just a minute, I'm just adjusting it." Misty said as she was scrambling to make the bikini she picked out fit better.

"Hurry up then, we don't have all day!" Dawn replied as she wanted to see Misty in her bikini so she could compare outfits together.

"Alright, alright." Misty said as she adjusted her bikini once more to make sure she was all covered up and opened the curtains.

Everyone was looking at Misty and they were all surprised by what she was wearing. They could tell she was a bit embarrassed as she was trying to cover herself a bit with her arms. Brock and Ash's eyes opened wide as her bikini just barely covered all her private parts and most of her body was visible. She had great looking skin and had a bit of a tan but she was still quite white.
"I think the bikini top might be a little too small." Misty said as she looked down at her breasts where all her friends were starring.

"Oh! It's fine! That's what the microkini is supposed to look like. You wear it well actually." the salesperson said as they returned to see how the girls were doing.

"I feel like its revealing too much though." Misty said as she didn't seemed to like wearing the outfit and was a bit uncomfortable in it.

"No, don't worry about that. Everything's covered up and the bikini shows your skin and body curves quite well. Like I said earlier, it will score high marks." the salesperson said trying to give Misty some reassurance.

"What do you guys think? It feels like my tits might pop out of this bikini if I move wrong." Misty asked her friends wanting their approval.

"Uh... I think you look really good in it." Ash said clearing his throat before he talked as the bikini didn't really leave too much to the imagination.

"The bikini looks like it fits fine. You really picked a sexy outfit. The guys will love that outfit if you decide to pick it for the competition." May said as she was surprised Misty of all people would pick a bikini like that.

"May's right. If you're going to wear a bikini like that, we're going to have to find really sexy bikini's like that to match you, otherwise we won't stand a chance against you." Dawn said as she looked over Misty.

Misty went over to the mirror and looked at herself in the bikini. She knew that she was showing more flesh and skin then she normally would but this being a competition, she knew that she had to pull out all the stops. Her friends seemed to think she picked a good bikini so she had to stick to her initial decision that this was a good bikini to pick.

"Brock what do you think about my new bikini?" Misty said turning away from the mirror and walking towards Brock.

Misty knew Brock would give his honest opinion and over the years she had really come to trust his advice on just about everything. Brock was still a bit stunned by her bikini as she looked sexy in her red bikini. May may have the bigger breasts and most cleavage but that doesn't always make a person the sexiest.

"I have to agree with everyone else. You look quite sexy in that outfit. If I were judging the three of you right now, I think I would give you the top marks." Brock said as his comment made Misty blush a bit as she wasn't expecting such a nice complement.

"So are you girls happy with those choices then? If so, if you go change out of them I'll take them to the front and get them packed and ready for you." the salesperson said.

"I'm happy with mine. I'll go change now." Dawn said as she liked the outfit she chose.

"As am I." May said as she went to go changed as well.

"Everyone seems to think this bikini is good so I guess I'm fine with it as well." Misty said as she was still uncomfortable with it but all her friends seemed to think it was good.

The girls went back into their change rooms and got out of the bikini's they had chosen. They were a lot faster changing this time and they gave their outfits to the salesperson.

"You all seem pretty happy with your choices. You all picked out great outfits." Brock said to the girls as he looked forward to seeing them again in their bikini's during the competition.

'Yeah! You all looked great. Did you guys want to look around for one more bikini for the competition or go to another store?" Ash said as he wanted to make sure he complemented his friends.

"Thanks Ash. I'm glad we were all able to find something we liked. I think it might be best that we check out the other stores selection though so we're not limiting ourselves to one brand." May said as she thought Ash's suggestion was pretty good coming from someone who didn't like to shop for girls stuff very much.

"I agree. Lets get our stuff and check out the other shops." Misty said as she was looking forward to doing some more shopping.

Ash and his friends spent the rest of the afternoon going through all the stores looking for bikini's. Ash and Brock didn't mind one bit going shopping for bikini's as they got to see their sexy friends in all different kinds and colors of bikini's. They were more than willing to be patient and they actually didn't want this time to end so they had started to slow the pace down a bit by telling the girls they should look for other ones. It didn't take too long for the girls to realize what the guys were up to but they didn't mind since they were enjoying trying on all the different bikini's themselves.

"Are you guys just trying to stall us by saying we should look around more?" Misty said as she finally caught on to the guys ploy.

"Uh! No we wouldn't do that! We're trying to help you pick out winning outfits!" Ash said as he looked away from the girls while saying his response.

"Brock, tell us the truth!" May said as she knew Brock would be honest and up front.

"Well, uh... you see! We didn't want to stop watching you guys try on bikini's. You all look so sexy in them..." Brock said as he realized they finally caught on but hoped they weren't angry with them.

"We're not stupid. I'm sure you realized we'd catch on and we did. But don't worry were not mad as we enjoy teasing you guys so we're going to keep on teasing you for the rest of the day." Dawn said as she realized that teasing the guys would be the best revenge they could do.

"That's right and you guys will just have to sit there and only watch us the whole time unable to do anything about it." May said as she had noticed a few times during the day that the guys had hardon's.

"Let's go try on a couple more girls and let the guys sit there and wait for us." Misty said as she Dawn and May went into the closest store to try on some more bikini's as Ash and Brock a bit ashamed of themselves for getting caught followed them in.

The girls had been in plenty of stores throughout the day but this particular one seemed to have some pretty nice but expensive swimsuits. The girls all smirked to themselves when they saw the price tags and realized that since the guys were now in the doghouse, they might feel a bit more willing to pay for their expensive bikini's from the shop.

May was the first to find an expensive looking blue sling bikini swimsuit. She really liked it and as she modeled it against her body, she shouldn't wait to try it on. She looked at the price tag and it was the most expensive swimsuit she had looked at all day but it was also the best one she had looked at.

"Nice! A sling bikini. That will look very amazing on you May especially since you have great breasts." Dawn said as she watched May model it against herself.

"You think so? I'm going to try it on then." May said as she was happy with her choice.

Misty was looking around at the racks and this time she was looking for something a lot more conservative than her last choice. She still wasn't fully comfortable with picking her last bikini so she wanted something that looked good but wasn't as revealing.

Misty's eyes quickly locked onto a simple but elegant yellow bikini with a few frills on it. It was exactly the type of bikini Misty was looking for. She didn't even need to model it against herself as she knew that she was going to try it on to make sure it fit her. The tag said it was her size too so she was quite happy that she was able to get a good looking bikini.

Dawn was also looking for a bikini now as well as she rummaged through the racks of swimsuits trying to find one that she liked. Unlike Misty who was looking for a more conservative bikini, Dawn was trying to find a bikini that showed a bit more skin and her curves a bit more than her last bikini. She wanted to make sure she had a good variety of different outfits for the bikini contest so that the people judging could see different perspectives of her personality and her body. After a few minutes of searching the racks, Dawn found a bikini that caught her eye. It was a light blue string bikini.

"Let's go try these on girls." May said as she could see that her friends had all picked out swimsuits to try out.

The change rooms in this store were a bit different compared to some of the other stores they had been in earlier that day. There was a waiting bench and a few mirrors outside them and like they had before, Brock and Ash took a seat as they waited for their friends to change and then model their chosen swimsuits. The girls went into their respective rooms to change as the guys waited for what seemed like the hundredth time that day for them to come out in their outfits.

Misty, Dawn and May each quickly changed into their bikini's and quickly came out of the change room to model themselves once again. They all seemed pleased with their choices and they all suited them well.

Ash and Brock immediately turned their attention to May who was in a quite revealing sling bikini. May knew that her biggest assent in a competition like this was to show off her large breasts and cleavage, something most girls her age didn't have which would definitely be an advantage as a bikini competition which was primarily about how good a girls breasts look.

The top thin strips of fabric started at her shoulders where they were tied together behind her neck and then traveled down to her breasts and then met just below her belly button where it connected together to form a small bottom part which covered her pussy and ass crack. The outline of her nipples could be seen through the fabric because the sling bikini pulled the fabric so taunt that it pressed against them significantly. The curves of her breasts were clearly visible on each side of the straps and her cleavage was fully visible which it didn't leave much to the imagination. Ash and Brock didn't think she should actually swim in a suit like that without a wardrobe malfunction. It was definitely more for show than for its practical use but since there wasn't actually going to be any swimming in the contest, they figured she would be fine with the choice.

"How does this bikini look guys?" May asked them as she pushed the sides of her breasts together as she looked in the mirror so they fit better in the bikini.

"Ah... Uhm... It looks amazing May." Brock said as he ogled May in her sexy looking bikini.

"I thought you guys would like it. It feels kinda tight though so I might have to try on a different one." May said as she wasn't fully comfortable with the straps that made it feel like her whole body was being vertically pulled together.

"No! ...I mean I think that's the perfect fit for you May. I think that's the best one you've worn all day." Ash said as he thought it she looked really sexy in it.

"You think so? Well I guess I could get used to it." May said as she modeled her body around in the mirror as she realized just how revealing the bikini was.

Misty walked out of her change room with her yellow bikini with frills. The guys thought she looked quite cute in the bikini and even though it wasn't as revealing as May's bikini, it still suited her well.

"Wow May! That's quite the bikini. Your breasts are almost completely visible." Misty said as the first thing she saw while exiting the change room was May modeling herself in the mirror.
"Do you think its too revealing? I'm kind of uncomfortable in it but after your early choice of a microkini bikini, I figured I should try something a little more unconventional." May said as she turned to talk to Misty.

"It's no more revealing than that mircokini I was wearing earlier and the guys thought it was great. What did the guys say about your bikini?" Misty asked as she was curious to hear what they thought.

"They both thought it was a great bikini and looked good on me." May said but the girls both knew that the reason they liked it so much was because it was quite revealing.

"Well then, its up to you then if you want to keep that one or try out some more. Personally I'm already loving this yellow bikini. The frills look so cute!" Misty said as she got a glimpse of herself in the mirror.

"Yeah you look really cute in that outfit Misty. Sometimes a sexy outfit is not about how much skin your revealing but how good you look in an outfit." May said a she thought Misty really picked a good bikini this time.

Dawn finally came out of her change room wearing her light blue string bikini. Like Misty's bikini, it was a lot more modest than May's bikini and suited her well. It fit her perfectly and showed enough skin to please the audience. The color blended well with her hair that she had let go long over her shoulders.

Ash and Brock had to subconsciously remind themselves all afternoon that they were in public and that they needed to control themselves. They both found that hard when all they did all afternoon was watch their friends change in and out of sexy looking bikini's the whole time. They tried as hard as they could to make sure that they didn't get erections and then get embarrassed because of that.

"So girls, how are your selections? They all look great on you." a salesperson said as they approached the change room area to see how the girls were doing.

"Great. I'm going to get this one." Dawn said as she took one last look at herself in the mirror.

"And I'll take this one." May said as she decided that she would actually get the bikini.

"I guess that means were done shopping for today then as I want to get this one as well." Misty said as the girls had all got the required 2 bikini's they needed for the competition.

"Alright then. If there is anything else you girls need, just let me know." the salesperson said as they walked away to greet some other new customers entering the store.

The girls then went into their respect change rooms to get into their street clothes and to pay for the bikini's. The girls all knew the guys would croak over the prices at this shop but they figured that they wouldn't mind after getting their own private show all afternoon.

"That will be $300 please." the salesperson said as Ash and Brock's eyes bulged from their eye sockets when they hear the price.

"$300?!" Ash said as he couldn't believe how expensive these swimming suits were.

"Oh don't worry Ash. You can afford them." Misty said as she took his wallet from him and gave the payment card to the salesperson.

"But... but..." Ash said as he was still stunned by the price.

"We can go find some cheaper ones if you want Ash but it will take a few more hours to find ones that we like. Besides you said you liked these ones as well." May said as she and the girls were getting a bit of revenge back at the guys now while teasing them a bit.

"Erm... She's right Ash, we did say we liked them. We can afford these, we'll just have to ration our expenses for the next week or so." Brock said as he was doing the number crunching in his head to see if they could afford them.

"I know, I know, but $300 is a lot!" Ash said complaining a bit that they were so expensive.

"You want one of us to win the competition right? Well then stop complaining and pay up!" Dawn said as she got into the teasing mode as she gave Ash a big smile as she watched the salesperson ring through the bikini's.

"Fine, fine." Ash said as he got his payment card back as he relented to purchasing the expensive bikini's for his friends.

"Thanks Ash! You're such a great friend!" May said as Ash knew she was exaggerating to get the salesperson approval.

The salesperson put the bikini's in the bag and Ash and his friends went out of the store. It was getting close to dinner time so they all decided to head to the Pokemon Center to get something to eat and to book a room for a few days while they stayed in Aopulco for the bikini competition.

Ash and his friends arrived at the Pokemon Center a little while later and they approached the front desk where Nurse Joy was smiling as she saw them approach. Unfortunately she had bad news for them when they asked to book a room.

"I'm sorry guys but with the Bikini competition upcoming, we are completely full and booked up. There aren't any rooms available." Nurse Joy said as Ash and his friends hadn't even considered their accommodation.

"Are there any other Pokemon Center's nearby that we could say at?" Brock asked as he was now a bit worried about where they were going to stay.

"The nearest Pokemon Center is quite far away and its too impractical to go there if you want to be here in Aopulco. All the hotels are also booked up too." Nurse Joy told them as she could tell they all looked a bit distressed.

"This is bad. We completely forgot to book ahead." Misty said as she figured they'd have to camp out for the duration of their stay.

"Do you know anyone here in Aopulco that you could stay with?" Nurse Joy suggested as she wanted to make sure they had some place to stay.

Ash and his friends pondered for a few moments and recalled their last visit to Aopulco. Ash, Misty and Brock almost at exactly the same time shouted out loud the same person.

"Moe!" . Ash, Misty and Brock said.

"Moe?" Dawn and May said as they wondered who they were talking about.

"We met Moe here the last time we were in Aopulco. Hopefully he's returned from his trip and we can stay at his place." Ash said as he hoped that Moe was back and would be willing to let them board with him.

"Let's go find out!" Brock said as they thanked Nurse Joy and headed off to the beach where Moe's restaurant was located.

After a little while, Ash and his friends arrived at Moe's restaurant to see it busy as ever. They were all glad to see that it was a busy place as they had helped Moe get the restaurant turned around. They entered the restaurant and then looked around to see if they could see Moe.
Sure enough, they could see Moe in the back of the restaurant cooking and preparing stuff for the customers.

"Can I help you?" a waiter said as he approached Ash and his friends.

"Uh Hi. We're friends of Moe. We've come to see him." Ash said as he told the waiter.

"Oh alright. I'll go tell him you're here. May I ask your name?" the waiter said.

"I'm Ash Ketchum. These are my friends: Misty, Brock, Dawn and May." Ash told the waiter.

"Okay. If you don't mind waiting here, I'll go tell him you're here." the waiter said as he walked to the back of the restaurant.

After hearing that Ash and his friends were waiting to see him, Moe quickly came out of the kitchen to greet them.

"Ash, Misty, Brock! Nice to see you guys again. How are you all?" Moe said as he began shaking their hands.

"Hi. Moe it's good to see you again. It looks like your restaurant is doing quite well." Ash said as he was glad to see Moe again.

"Here. Why don't you have a seat over here at this table and we can get caught up and you can introduce me to your other friends here." Moe said as he remembered how sexy Misty looked and now she was back with two other sexy young friends.

"Thanks Moe." Everyone said as they all took a seat at the table.

"So you all have grown a lot since I last saw you? You must be getting pretty old now." Moe said as he wondered how old they were now.

"Yeah we were pretty young went we first met you. Hopefully we've matured since our first encounter." Brock said as he remembered Moe's out of control boat that they crashed and damaged.

"Well you certainly showed maturity back then when you helped out with my restaurant and then took on Team Rocket." Moe said as he remembered their experiences from that time.

"How was your trip?" Misty asked.

"I had a great time but to be honest, I'm glad to be back. The restaurant is doing great and is one of the most popular sites in Aopulco now." Moe told them as he was proud of how his restaurant had turned out.

"That's great Moe. It's looks really busy in here." Ash said as they were lucky to actually get a table.

"So are you guys here on vacation?" Moe asked as he wondered what they were doing in Aopulco.

"Yeah. We're here just to relax and the girls are going to enter the bikini contest." Brock explained as Moe turned his attention to the girls.

"Oh? Well you're all very pretty so I'm sure you'll all do great. I'll have to make sure to clear some time to come watch you compete." Moe said as the thought of seeing these young girls in skimpy bikini's was exciting especially the thought of seeing Misty in a bikini again.

"By the way, this is Dawn and May. You've met Brock and Misty before." Ash said as he introduced his friends to him.

"Nice to meet you Moe." May said as she smiled at him.

"Same. You have a nice restaurant." Dawn said as she tried to think of a complement.

"Thanks. I owe a lot of it to Ash, Misty and Brock who helped me revitalize it. Why don't you all order something and will have a great dinner." Moe said as he was getting a bit hungry himself.

"Oh great thanks Moe." Ash said as they all looked at the menu for something to eat.

Ash and his friends all ordered something to eat and were all very grateful to Moe for providing them with a dinner. They all enjoyed what they ate and they discussed many of the things that they had been doing since they last saw Moe. Moe though had a hard time trying to keep focus on what they were saying when all he could think about was the young sexy girls sitting at the table with him.

After a long dinner, Misty realized it was getting late and they still hadn't asked Moe if they were able to stay at his place for a few days. Misty nudged Ash and gave him a look as if to tell him that it was time that he asked Moe. Ash got the message and cleared his throat as he asked Moe.

"Hey, Moe, we were wondering if it would be possible to stay at your place for a couple of days? We went to the Pokemon Center earlier but they were all filled up." Ash asked as he hoped he would agree.

"I'm sorry Ash but I really don't have anywhere for you guys to stay. I live in my boat these days and there isn't much room there. I really don't have anywhere for you guys to stay." Moe told them as he really wanted them to stay and at times like this he wished he had built a house.

'That's okay Moe. Do you know somewhere where we could stay?" Misty asked Moe as they needed to find somewhere fast.

"Not really. The whole area is pretty much packed for the bikini competition. You could just sleep on the beach. I've noticed a few people have been camping out." Moe suggested as he couldn't think of anywhere where

"Well I guess were camping out in our sleeping bags tonight gang, until we find a more suitable place to stay." Brock said as he didn't mind the thought of sleeping on the beach as long as it didn't rain but it rarely rained in Aopulco.

"Were used to that I guess. Thanks anyhow Moe." Ash said as he found it unfortunate that he wouldn't have a bed to sleep on that night.

"We'd better go find somewhere to camp out for the night then." May suggested as she realized it was getting late now.

"Yeah. You're right. Thanks for the dinner Moe. We will probably stop in a few times during the week to get a bite to eat." Misty said as she was now stuffed from the big meal that Moe provided for them.

"Anytime! I got to get back into the kitchen for the night and clean up. I'll see you guys later." Moe said as he really didn't want to leave but he knew he had chores to do before the night was up.

Ash and his friends got up and left Moe's restaurant and went down to the beaches camping area. It took them awhile to walk there but they were all used to the walking. There was quite a few people already at the camping area with tents setup as it appeared they weren't the only ones that didn't have accommodations for the night. People were marking their area for the night and getting setup. Ash and his friends were all surprised by just how many people were there.

"Looks like were not the only ones that have to camp out." Brock said as he looked around at the camping area.

"There sure are a lot of people here." Misty said as she searched for somewhere to setup.

"I think there is a large enough area over there. Let's go check." Ash said as he could see an unused area in the distance.

Ash and his friends walked over to the area and began setting up for the night. They got out their sleeping bags and prepped the area. A little while later they were all setup and they decided they should just go to sleep for the night.

Everyone was greeted by an amazing sunrise that they could see quite well on the beach. They all arose from their sleeping bags to watch the magnificent sun appear from the horizon.

"So, do you have anything planned for today for the contest?" Brock asked as the sun was now fully visible and he turned to his friends to find out what they wanted to do for the day.

"Oh, I don't know. We could go back to the Pokemon Center to see if Joy has an opening for a room." Dawn suggested as she missed sleeping in a Pokemon Center.

"That works and even if she doesn't we could get something to eat there." Ash said as he thought it was a good idea.

The group packed up their sleeping backs and stuff and headed off to the Pokemon Center with high hopes that they could get a room to stay at. The walk to the Pokemon Center seemed longer than before but eventually they returned to find the building just as busy at it was before. People were busy and Pokemon were being looked after as Nurse Joy looked as busy as ever.

Ash and his friends went into the long line as they waited to talk to Nurse Joy. They figured it was hopeless with this many people already in line but they figured that they might as well try. After waiting for a few minutes, Ash heard a familiar voice yelling his name.

"Ash!?" the voice said as he turned around to look but since there was so many people in the building he couldn't see anyone he recognized.

"Ash!? Is that you? I'm over here" the voice said again as it sounded louder this time as Ash turned around and finally recognized who was talking to him

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