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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 39 - Morning Surprise

Ashley was now sitting beside Dawn on the floor right between Brock's legs as his erect penis was standing at attention. Ashley couldn't see Brock or any of his reactions as May's body was blocking her view.

"Uhm, I'm not really sure about this." Ashley said as the thought of sucking Brock's penis was a bit disturbing to her.

"Oh come on! You heard what Misty said, you're a girl and this is what girls do. Now move into position and give it a suck. I'm sure you'll actually like it once you start doing it." Dawn said as she pushed Ashley on her back a bit to reinforce the issue causing her head to be pushed down towards Brock's penis.

"What are you waiting for Ashley? Come on Brock doesn't have all night!" Misty said as she insisted that Ashley started working on Brock's penis right away.

Reluctantly, Ashley moved in closed and held his balls in her hands as she leaned over as her mouth got closer to the head of Brock's penis.

"Come on! Blow him. I know you want to and besides you are probably pretty good at it because you know what it feels like to get one as a guy and should know how to best please Brock to make him feel good." Misty said as she was really waiting to see Ashley blow Brock now. 

"Okay, fine! Geez!" Ashley said as she knew there was no way out of this now.

Ashley moved her lips to the head of Brock's penis but hesitated for a second before she extended her tongue out and licked the tip of his penis. Her tongue began to glide down the shaft of his penis and she coated it with her saliva.

Slowly Ashley's tongue traveled back up Brock's penis and as she reached the penis head she pushed it into her mouth. Ashley was surprise how much of his penis could get in her mouth as she put more of it in until she could feel the head just about enter her throat. 

Ashley wrapped her hand around Brock shaft and began to pump is as she sucked the top end of his penis. Ashley wondered if Brock was enjoying what she was doing as she couldn't see his reactions but she could see that his toes were curled and his legs were having a hard time staying in one place. Ash remembered that when he had blowjobs, he would react in a similar way.

"Ah wow! That feels so good girls." Brock replied as he was enjoying every second of it.

"I bet you didn't think Ashley would be such a good cocksucker, huh Brock?" Misty said as she would turn her attention to watching Ashley suck his penis every few seconds.

"Yeah she's really good at it." Brock commented as Dawn got into the action a bit now as she pushed Ashley's hand away from Brock's penis shaft and began licking it as Ashley continued to suck the head. Brock's eyes widened as he felt another girls lips touch his penis. Two girls were now working on him and the sensations were amazing. Ashley and Dawn both ran a hand down to their pussy's and began to finger themselves as they sucked Brock off.

Brock was finally getting the pleasure that he deserved that night as Misty began kissing him again and May rubbed and grinned her pussy against his body as Dawn and Ashley sucked his penis. He had never felt this way before and having four girls working on him at the same time was becoming almost too much for him.

"Oh girls..." Brock managed to moan as Misty kissed him on the cheek.

"Feeling better now Brock?" May asked as she could see that he was enjoying himself now.

"Uh huh..." was Brock's reply to her question.

Ashley continued sucking until the head of his penis entered her throat causing her to gag for a second.

"Are you alright Ashley?" Dawn asked as she realized she gagged a bit, obviously pushing Brock's penis into her throat.

"Uh yeah, I think I just sucked a bit too deep that time." Ashley replied.

"Here why don't I finish Brock off. I think you've gotten enough experience at blowjobs." Dawn said as she licked up the shaft of Brock penis until her lips got to the head of it and she put it in her mouth.

Dawn was definitely more experienced at giving blowjobs as Brock could quickly tell that her technique was a lot better than Ashley's. She was able to pleasure his penis in ways that Ashley just wasn't able to. Dawn's hand was circling and cupping his balls gently while the other hand stroked his penis shaft with long hard strokes as she sucked. Brock knew if she kept that up much longer he was going to have to cum.

"Slow down a bit Dawn or I'm going to cum very soon." Brock said as all the girls were giggling now as they did their best to pleasure Brock.

"Well we can't have you cum that fast now can we..." Dawn said as she stopped sucking on his hard erect penis.

Instead of sucking, Dawn began kissing Brock's penis and balls as Misty began kissing Brock on the lips again. The kissing was enough to satisfy Brock but wasn't overly stimulating to the point that he would cum. It was a bit relaxing and the build up to an orgasm was beginning to subside a bit. A few minutes of kissing went by and everyone wanted to try something else now.

"Brock, I need it now. I need you inside me. I've been pleasuring Ashley all night, now I need to be taken care of." Misty said as she stopped kissing Brock and she was quite horny.

"Uh alright but I guess the other girls will have to stop now too." Brock said as May was still on Brock's stomach and Dawn was still kissing his private area.

Brock started to get up off the chair as Misty moved off the arm and Brock grabbed May by the waist and helped her off him. Dawn realized what was going on and she too moved out of the way and sat on the floor beside Ashley.

"Hey, I know! Why don't we all get on the edge of the bed and let Brock do all of us in turn!" May suggested as she too wanted to have sex with Brock again as she was just as horny as Misty was but she didn't want her to hog Brock the rest of the evening.

"I'm up for that!" Dawn quickly replied as Brock suddenly realized that he was once again going to have to try to pleasure multiple girls which sounded amazing and would feel awesome but he knew that it would be a lot of work actually accomplishing the task.

"As long as I get Brock first than I'm fine with that idea." Misty said as she had already lay down on the bed and had spread her legs wide as an invitation for Brock to move in and have sex with her on the bed.

"That's fine with me!" May said as she got on the bed and lay down right beside Misty as they both moved into a positions with their pussy's at the edge of the bed and their legs dangling off the sides to make it really easy for Brock to get in between their legs.

Dawn followed suit but just before she got up she saw that Ashley wasn't moving so she grabbed her by the arm and they both got up. Reluctantly Ashley got up and Dawn dragged her to the bed where May and Misty were.

"Come on Ashley. This is going to be fun. Let's lie down beside May and Misty and wait for our turn. You'll love it." Dawn said as she could tell that Ashley was a bit hesitant at the thought of having sex with Brock.

Dawn lay down on the bed beside May and then pulled Ashley down to the bed. Slowly Ashley followed suit and lay down beside Dawn. Brock was already getting into position between Misty legs as he spread them a bit wider for him to get in closer. He then put Misty's legs up and over his shoulders and grabbed her hips with his hands and pulled her towards him. His erect penis was positioned at the entrance to her pussy and he rubbed the tip of his penis against her pussy lips a few time.

"Oh yes Brock, now put it in please!" Misty begged as she felt his penis head playing with her pussy lips.

Brock stroked his penis against her pussy a few more times before Misty felt the head of his penis spread her wide open as he began penetrating her. Brock could sense that Misty wanted it a bit hard and rough tonight but not to the point that it would hurt her. Brock began thrusting in long, strong and confident strokes as he concentrated on pleasing her to the best of his ability.

Misty was overwhelmed momentarily with the size and roughness of Brock's penis thrusting in her pussy but she was enjoying having sex with him now. She was actually impressed that Brock realized that she wanted it a bit rough due to the fact that she had all the built up energy that she needed to get rid of. Misty wasn't capable of thrusting back against him in this position with her legs resting on his shoulders, so she was somewhat at Brock's mercy and command at the moment. 

Bock felt Misty's vagina walls squeeze against his penis as he slammed his penis against her body which caused her body to visibly shake a bit each time he slammed it into her.

"Feeling better now? You're really tight tonight." Brock asked Misty as her eyes were closed and she looked like she was enjoying it.

"Oh yes, oh yes, Brock!" Misty replied as she really was enjoying it.

Brock continued to pound her hard and fast as Misty moaned and groaned though she wasn't in pain just very horny. Brock continued deeper and harder and pushed it in as deep as it would go. Misty opened her eyes and looked directly in Brock's eyes she was glad to have a friend like Brock. 

Brock grunted a bit as he pushed harder and harder filling her pussy with his large penis. Misty could feel herself building to an orgasm already as Brock made sure that she climaxed. Moments later, Misty climaxed and she arched he back as Brock watched her orgasm as he slowed his thrusting.

Brock slowly lowered Misty's legs down off his shoulders and pulled his penis out of her pussy as Misty looked calm and restful now that she had had an orgasm. May was the next in line on the bed and Brock knew May would want to have her turn right away now that Misty had orgasmed. Brock positioned himself between May legs now as Misty was completely out of it and it appeared she had fallen asleep.

"Put your hard penis inside me where it belongs Brock. I know you can make me cum one more time." May said as she once again was eager to have sex with Brock after having watched Misty just have sex with him.

Brock had just had sex with May on the chair a little while earlier and now he was having sex with her again but this time on the bed. Brock barely needed to push his penis as May's vagina was still loose and wet from earlier. His penis almost completely went inside her on the first thrust which caught Brock a bit of guard since he had to thrust hard with Misty's tight pussy moments earlier.

Even though May's pussy was loose, when Brock's penis was fully inside her vagina, it was tight and filled her up completely. Brock was going a bit rough on May just like he had with Misty but May didn't seem to mind at all. Brock held May by the waist and used his hand to pull him closer to her each time he thrusted into her. May legs were held at the sides of Brock's body unlike while Misty when he put her legs on his shoulders. Misty definitely had longer legs than May did.

"You're pounding me really hard this time Brock. The head of your penis feels really hard compared to earlier. You must be ready to explode any time now." May said as looked down at her pussy as Brock's penis slide in and out of it.

"I'm getting there but I want to last as long as I can." Brock said as he continued.

"I was so turned on watching you have sex with Misty like that a few minutes ago that my pussy got all wet again, which I'm sure you can feel." May said as she looked up at Brock to see his reaction.

"Yeah I think this is the wettest I've every seen you. It makes it really easy to put it in you thought." Brock said as her wetness felt incredible along the length of his shaft.

Brock reached down and began to rub May's clit with his thumb to stimulate her a bit more as he thrust his penis faster and faster in her wet pussy. His swollen head brushed over her g-spot as well as he thrusted. May had been on the verge of an orgasm since she watched Misty and Brock have sex but this was too much for her now.

"Ah, Brock, I'm gonna cum!" May said as she bucked her hips against Brock as May's remark made him feel like cumming too but he knew he still had to pleasure Dawn and he would be too tired if he cummed in May.

"Ugh! I'm going to cum too if I don't stop now." Brock said as he couldn't hold it any longer.

"Please don't stop! Cum inside me please!" May begged as she was almost ready to climax again.

May let out long moan as she wrapped her legs around Brock's waist tightly so he couldn't back off. Brock felt his penis head touch her cervix and it was enough to send them both to a climax. Shots of Brock's cum was shooting into May's womb as Brock stopped thrusting to let himself unload inside her. He had been building to this orgasm all night and he was beginning to feel weak from all the tension disappearing throughout all his body muscles.

May rested her head on the bed as she felt Brock's cum flood her body. Spurt after spurt of his hot cum was filling her vagina and womb up. She had rarely felt cum actually spurt into her womb but with Brock's head up against her cervix, there was no where else for the cum to go but into her womb. 

Brock fell on top of May as they were both exhausted. Brock's once hard and erect penis was now starting to shrink inside May's pussy. May was still moaning and her body was thrashing around as he lay against her body. The two of them were just enjoying the sensations and once May realized that Brock and fallen against her body, she reached her arms around him and began to hug him.

"Oh Brock, that felt so good. I was surprised you actually cummed inside me." May whispered as she was returning to her senses after a blissful orgasm. 

"Well I was trying to hold off but I couldn't any longer, it just felt too good." Brock said as he was glad to of finally cummed.

"Is that all you got Brock? Come on, I wanted a turn too!" Dawn said as she was a bit mad at Brock for cumming inside of May without letting her have a turn too.

"Don't worry I still got plenty of cum where that came from." Brock said as he moved off of May and stood up and moved in front of Dawn.

Brock grabbed Dawn's legs and put them over his shoulder's like he did with Misty and then guided his penis to her entrance.

"Since your so eager to have my penis, I'm going to rock you harder than both the other two girls combined!" Brock said as he was more than erect again as he quickly pushed his penis into her pussy as he felt her vagina wall spread and stretch around his penis.

"No! That's too rough!" Dawn said as she was now wishing that she hadn't teased Brock so much but she was still beginning to like it.

"Maybe you will finally learn not to tease me as much anymore Dawn. Consider this payback!" Brock said as he increased his pace not allowing her vagina to get used to his intrusion.

Dawn couldn't believe how fast and how rough Brock was having sex wit her. She had never seen Brock act so savage but she knew she kind of deserved it as Brock was always a kind and nice person and all she ever did was tease him. Dawn wanted to show that she was determined no to be shown up by Brock and tried to put on a straight face to show that she was tough.

Brock was penetrating further inside Dawn with every thrust. Dawn knew that he had managed to penetrate May into her womb and had cummed inside her earlier. Dawn now knew how May felt earlier as ever few thrusts Brock would hit her cervix, loosening the entrance to her womb a bit each time the head of his penis hit it. It would cause Dawn to wince a bit but she quickly tried not to show that it bothered her.

"Oh wow, Brock slow down! You're going to rip her apart if you keep up like that!" May said as she had turned to watch them have sex.

"More than she deserves for teasing me!" Brock said as she was almost on a rampage now as his balls bashed against Dawn's butt as he thrust his penis deep into her.

Brock knew that Dawn was enjoying this more than she would let on. She was always the type to say something different that what she actually meant and wouldn't admit it if someone brought it up. Brock was more the sensitive type but he knew that by putting on this rebel persona while having sex with Dawn would turn her on.

Dawn indeed was really enjoying herself. She hadn't had sex this rough before but she was enjoying it now as she was getting used to the roughness and all the movement. She was holding onto the sheets of the bed to balance herself and to keep her steady. Her small but adequate breasts were bouncing all around in every direction as Brock's thrusts caused her whole body to shift each time. She knew Brock was really strong but this was the first time she'd really felt how strong that he really was. She looked up at Brock and his face and chest now were completely covered in sweat. She knew Brock couldn't keep this pace up for very long as he would be exhausted and out of energy.

"Oh are you getting tired Brock? Why don't you just shoot your hot cum in my pussy and get it over with." Dawn said as she too was getting tired and close to an orgasm but she didn't want to relent and let Brock know that.

"And let you get away with just a short punishment. Never!" Brock said as he started going even faster.

Brock pounded his penis into Dawn's pussy harder and harder and faster and faster with each thrust. Dawn couldn't control herself or her reactions now and was making loud moans. Finally Brock had got Dawn to relent a bit as he heard her moan. Dawn realized that she was moaning now and she knew that she couldn't show that she was enjoying this.

"Oh Brock! Stop punishing me for teasing you and being a naughty little girl." Dawn said as she teased Brock yet again which got Brock into a bit of a small rage.

"Just for saying you want it to stop, I'm going to go even faster now!" Brock said as he knew he couldn't last more than a minute at this pace as he used some of his reserve strength to carry on.

With each thrust, Dawn was moaning and squealing with pleasure as she was fast approaching another orgasm. Brock was very close to cumming now to as the whole acted out scenario between the two of them was proving to be too much for his stamina and energy. Brock knew Dawn's teasing and attitude was just a show to get him more turned on with her and it certainly proved to work on him. Dawn started pressed back against Brock as he was now doing longer thrusts. 

"Uh! Dawn your pussy is so tight right now. Here it comes!" Brock said as couldn't hold it any longer and he let loose inside Dawn's tight pussy. 

"Yeah Brock! I've been a naughty girl! Punish me for being naughty and teasing you and fill me with your cum!" Dawn said as she felt his cum spew inside her for ages as both Brock and Dawn orgasmed around the same time. 

Moments later, Brock regained his senses and realized that he was lying on the bed beside Dawn and Ashley. He had an amazing orgasm and it had completely drained him of all his energy as it was one of the most intense orgasm's he had ever had before.

"Wow Brock, that was great. You were really going at it and you filled my pussy full of cum even though you just cummed in May earlier." Dawn said as she could still feel all of Brock's cum inside her womb and vagina.

"I told you I still had enough left over. I got to make sure I'm not being subjective with who I climax with otherwise you girls will get a bit jealous and that will leave me in a hard situation." Brock said as he was still panting hard as he was trying to regain some of his energy.

"Brock's got it all figured out doesn't he?" May said as she turned her head to look at Dawn and smile as she knew that Brock was quite smart for understanding the girls feelings.

"Well it seems you only have one more girl to please Brock before we all go to sleep tonight." Dawn said as Brock suddenly realized that she was referring to Ashley who was looking a bit nervous now after hearing Dawn's remarks.

"Uh! That's okay! Brock looks tired and I'm kind of tired too! I say we all just go to bed now so were all rested for tomorrow!" Ashley said as she was trying to shift the topic of conversation away from her again.

"Oh no! Not so fast! We've all been waiting for this moment all night and we're not going to let you go to sleep right now." May said as she and Dawn both had the same idea in their minds.

"That's right. Ashley is only going to be a girl for a little while longer, so she has to experience fully what it means to be a girl and that means having sex with a guy. Since Brock is the only guy here, he's the one." Misty said as she too had recovered and was a bit tired but she didn't want to miss seeing this.

"I'm kind of surprised that you'd pass up having sex with a girl Brock. You're always more than eager to do so." May said a she teased Brock a bit knowing that his manly persona would be a bit injured if he didn't have sex with Ashley.

"It's not that... It's just that.." Brock said as he scratched his head a bit.

"Don't be scared or nervous Brock. Ashley is a girl just like us! Play with her first and you'll see." Misty told him in her authoritative and strict voice.

"Uh.. Alright." Brock said as he turned his body to face Ashley who was still lying on the bed beside him.

Brock couldn't help himself as he looked at Ashley's body. She definitely looked like a sexy girl but Brock still knew that it was Ash. Nonetheless, Brock finally built up enough courage to cup her breast with his hand. Ashley said nothing but moaned a bit when he did so. Brock then moved his body closer to Ashley and then pinched her erect nipple to see if she would react like a girl normally would.

Ashley moaned softly again as Brock played with her nipple. Brock was playing with it hard at first but he soon got less tense and his grip on it began to diminish into a nice playful touch. Ashley was beginning to enjoy it as she looked down at her chest to watch.

"So are you convinced yet Brock?" Dawn said as she watched Brock begin to play with both of Ashley's breasts.

"Well they feel like a girls breasts and she reacts like a girl should, but I still know that its Ash inside that body though and that kind of makes it a bit strange for me." Brock said as he was still a bit hesitant to do anything more with Ashley even though the other girls were trying to convince him otherwise.

"We know you want to fuck her. We know you've been looking at her all night. You always get that lusty look when you see any girl, regardless of who it is. Ashley is no different." May said as she knew that Brock was just trying to justify himself.

"But its wrong to have sex with Ashley because I know who she really is..." Brock said again as he was trying to justify his argument. 

"Looks at her Brock. Does that look like Ash to you? Does Ash have big breasts and a pussy like Ashley does?" Misty said as she continued to try to convince Brock.

"Uh.. No." Brock said as he hesitated a bit when he answered Misty's question.

Ashley looked so beautiful lying naked and spread out on the bed with all her friends beside her. Brock's penis had got hard once again and was throbbing a bit as he looked over Ashley's naked body and thought of what his other friends had said. 

"Touch her pussy now and they you'll know for sure." Misty instructed Brock as he looked over at Misty and then at Ashley.

Ashley looked down as Brock's left hand made its way to her pussy lips. She then looked over at him and her eyes instantly locked onto the erect penis that was sticking up from between his legs. Brock was now rubbing her slit with his fingers and as he reached the top he could could feel her sensitive erect clit. He could now tell that her breathing become less controlled and she was taking shorter breaths as her chest caused her breasts to start to rise and fall.

Brock loved how smooth Ashley's pussy felt. It was very wet and warm to the touch. He slid one finger inside the lips of her pussy and moved it up and down a few times as he heard her moan softly to his touch. She seem to be enjoying him do that and Brock was starting to forget about his initial hesitation. Ashley's pussy looked and felt like a real girls pussy and Brock was getting more and more convinced that this wasn't his friend Ash anymore but a sexy, mature girl.

"Are you convinced that she's a girl now that you've played with her pussy Brock?" May said as she could tell Brock was starting to get horny again.

"It's really amazing how much she really was transformed by that potion." Brock replied as he was impressed by how well the potion had transformed Ash into a girl.

"Spread your legs nice and wide for him Ashley so he can get in between them." Dawn said as she thought it was about time they stopped playing and got a bit more intimate.

"Uh... Okay." Ashley said as she spread her legs wider to reveal her pussy.

"Now you know what to do next Brock." Misty said as she was getting excited to watching the two of them have sex.

"I don't know about that Misty. It still seems a bit weird to me." Brock said as he was now in between Ashley's legs with his penis standing erect in front of him.

"Just do it now. Put it inside me." Ashley said as she couldn't take any more of Brock just trying to justify himself.

"Are you sure?!" Brock asked surprised that she suggested it then.

"Normally it would be strange but like the girls said, I'm Ashley right now, not Ash so its fine." Ashley said as Brock gained a bit of confidence when he heard he say that.

"Alright then... Do you want me to put on a condom?" Brock suggested as he was trying to make the situation a bit more comfortable.

"Forget the condom Brock! Besides we don't have any for you to put on anyways. Just go at it. Once you start you'll be glad that you did." Dawn said as she was getting a bit annoyed with Brock's stalling tactics.

"Alright! Alright! I'm going to do it now." Brock said as he grabbed his penis with his hand and moved in close to Ashley's pussy.

Ashley could feel Brock's penis start to rub against her pussy and the thought of Brock putting his hard penis in her was a bit disgusting to Ashley in a way but for some reason it turned her on and made her very excited. She remembered having sex with Misty earlier and wondered if a real penis would feel the same.

Suddenly the amazing feeling of Brock entering her pussy began to overcome her, only for it to quickly subside as he withdrew his penis head from her outer lips and rubbed it against her slit.
Ashley shook her head from side to side as her pussy juices were now covering Brock's penis and getting it wet as he stroked it against her.

Brock took one last look at Ashley's pink pussy before he began to push the head of his penis between her pussy folds and into her vagina. She was unbelievably tight, and I knew instantly that she hadn't lied about being a virgin. Ashley moaned in pleasure as he worked just the head of his penis in and out of her pussy. 

Ashley continued to moan softly with delight as Brock pushed his penis in further as her pussy began to adapt to his large size in her tight pussy. Brock was finding it a bit hard to get his penis inside her as it was so tight.

"Oh Brock you're so thick and big!" Ashley said as she was surprised how different it felt having a real penis inside her instead of a strap-on like she had inside her earlier when she was having sex with Misty.

"Push it in further Brock! We want to see you put it all inside her!" May said as she was enjoying watching them start to have sex.

"Put that hard penis of yours deep inside her until you cum!" Dawn said as she was once again teasing Brock to no end.

"I'm trying but she's really tight!" Brock said as he groaned as he push his penis in a bit further.

Every inch deeper that penis penetrated, the more the connection between them grew and the anxiety disappeared.

"How does it feel to be inside me?" Ashley asked as she was curious if Brock was enjoying himself now or not.

"You're incredibly tight." Brock said as he still hasn't pushed his entire penis inside her yet.

"Well she was just a virgin earlier. Just keep working at it. When you both relax, it will get a lot better." Misty pointed out to him.

Brock's penis finally disappeared inside Ashley's pussy as he felt her cling to him. He began thrusting and he reached down and gripped her breasts in his hands to help balance him as began having sex with Ashley.

Ashley moaned as she felt Brock inside her and his balls slap against her butt. He began pulling his penis in and out as he panted and groaned. Ashley felt him hit her cervix and she wondered if it was possible for her to pregnant if he cummed inside her. Ashley was starting to get a bit worried now. What if Brock cummed directly in her womb and she got pregnant and she couldn't turn back into a guy tomorrow. Ashley's mind started racing but Brock was unaware of what she was thinking and was continuing to pound her pussy with his penis.

"It appears the two of you are enjoying yourselves now." Misty said as she could see that they were relaxing a bit now as Brock's rhythm was starting to get better and more in unison with Ashley's body movements.

"It sure looks like it. Brock go a bit faster. I want to see your penis start pistoning into her pussy faster." May said as she was starring intently at the point where Brock's penis penetrated Ashley's pussy.

Brock drove his penis up inside Ashley harder and faster and it seemed to him that she liked it. Ashley started bucking against him as his thrusts started meeting her hip movements towards him allowing Brock's penis to go completely inside her each time he pushed against her. Ashley was very wet and tight and Brock could already start to feel his cum start to rise.

"Ashley, I'm gonna cum soon! Where do you want me to cum?" Brock asked her wanting to get approval before he exploded.

"Cum inside me. I want to feel what its like for a guy to cum inside a girl." Ashley said as Ash had cumming inside all the girls pussy's here but had never really felt what a real penis felt like when it cummed inside a vagina.

Brock's penis was going in and out of Ashley's bald pussy furiously as he rubbed her clit with one hand and cupped one her breasts with the other hand. Brock looked straight into Ashley's eyes and when she realized that he was looking at her she looked back at him.

Brock could feel that Ashley was getting closer to an orgasm as well as her pussy was clamping onto his penis even tighter. He began thrusting into her pussy as fast as he could which caused her to scream a bit as he muscles continued to contract around him. Finally Brock could hold it no longer as his strength was already slow from having sex with the other girls earlier.

"I'm cumming!" Brock groaned as he began unloading his cum into Ashley's pussy.

"Yes, cum inside me!" Ashley screamed back as she felt his cum start to pump into her pussy causing her to climax as well.

"Ah! Brock just cummed inside me! I can feel his cum inside my pussy!" Ashley said as she lay back on the bed and moaned loudly as her orgasm filled her entire body.

Brock's penis was convulsing in Ashley's pussy sending spurt after spurt of his remaining cum splashing inside her. Misty, May and Dawn looked down at Ashley's pussy just in time to see some of Brock's cum start to come out the sides of her pussy.

The girls were all envious of Ashley as Brock's cum poured out of her pussy as Brock pulled his penis out of her and lay down on the bed beside all the girls. He couldn't believe how amazing it was to just have sex with four different girls at the same time. His luck with girls had certainly changed over the years and he was glad that it did. Brock was really tired now and he quickly fell to sleep and the other girls all cuddled together around him on the bed and fell asleep as well.

In the morning, Brock was the first to wake up and he realized that all four girls were cuddled up naked around him. It was an amazing sight to see just waking up, four sexy naked girls beside him. He didn't want to get up but he knew that he needed to have a shower and get cleaned up and ready for the day. He looked over at the clock and realized that it was already 10am. They had all slept in late again after a long night.

"Hey girls! It's time to get up." Brock said as his moments to get up off the bed woke all the girls.

"Already?" Dawn said as she was still a bit tired.

"I'm going to go have a shower. Ashley only has a little while left until she turns back into Ash, so why don't all you girls go have a shower as well. It might help you all wake up." Brock said as May and Misty were now rubbing their eyes and were sitting up on the bed.

Brock got up off the bed, even though he didn't want to, got dressed and then left the room and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. The girls finally got the cue and got up off the bed and started to gather their clothes as well.

"Seems you're still a girl for a while longer Ashley." May said as Ashley had yet to turn back into Ash.

"Yeah, I hope I turn back soon. I want to get back to normal. I've had just about enough of being a girl for one lifetime." Ashley said as she was starting to get a bit tired of being a girl.

"Hey! It's not that bad. Some of us here like being a girl!" Misty said as she got a bit offended by Ashley's remark.

"Well let's go take a show then and meet Brock for breakfast and then we'll decide what were going to do next." Dawn said as she put on some clothes and waited for the other girls to do the same.

The girls got dressed and just as Brock did, they went to the bathroom to have a shower. Ashley was still a bit uncomfortable going into the girls bathroom but it got even more uncomfortable when she walked into the room. The bathroom was full of other girls from the Pokemon Center getting ready by having showers, putting makeup on and general girl stuff. Ashley was quickly taken back by the sight of all the other girls in the room. She wasn't expecting there to be anyone in the room.

"Wow its quite busy in here today. The Pokemon Center must have been completely full overnight." May said as she was also a bit surprised by how many girls were in the room as well.
"Let's just take a quick shower and get out of here." Ashley suggested as she didn't want to stick around here for too long incase she turned back into Ash and someone noticed.

All the girls agreed that a quick shower was in order as it was so busy in there that they just wanted to get in and out as fast as they could so it would be the least hassle possible. They didn't realize that Ashley was a bit uncomfortable with having a shower in the girls bathroom but for Ashley it was about to get even more uncomfortable. Even though Ash was currently a girl, the thought of being around other naked people while naked was a bit disturbing plus they were people that he didn't know so that made it even more uncomfortable. May, Misty and Dawn didn't seem to be too uncomfortable with the idea of being naked around other girls though.

Ashley was now about to go somewhere where Ash had never gone before, the girls shower room. Ashley followed May, Misty and Dawn as they walked into the shower room and then began stripping off their clothes. There was a bunch of shelving compartments like the guys shower room had where people could store their clothes while they showered. Each of the girls took an empty slot and placed their clothes there neatly. Misty and Dawn, now fully naked walked over to a shower head to start having their shower.

"You know you have to get naked to take a shower otherwise your clothes are all going to get wet." May joked as she noted that Ashley had yet to take off her clothes.

"I know that but it just feels a little strange going into the girls shower room with other girls other than you guys there." Ashley said as May kind of understood her dilemma.

"I kind of understand but what are you so afraid of? Isn't this every guys dream to see a bunch of naked girls and not get caught?" May asked as she joked around with Ashley a bit to make her more comfortable.

"Yeah. I guess you're right. But I feel like I'm a peeping tom doing this though." Ashley said as she began taking off her clothes to join the other girls in the shower.

"There's nothing to worry about. You wanted a quick shower, so we'll make it quick." May said as she was now naked and was heading over to an open showerhead.

Ashley watched May as she walked over to the showerhead and began to run the shower. There was about ten other girls in the shower room having a shower at this time but no one was really paying attention to anyone else. Ashley figured that was a good thing and finally got undressed and walked over to a showerhead that was open near May.

May, Misty and Dawn were already wet and having their shower, washing up and getting clean. Ashley turned on the showerhead and began having a shower. It was a bit different than all the previous showers Ash had ever had, not just the environment but the feeling of Ashley's long hair getting wet and sticking to her back. Every time Ash looked down at his body, he was reminded that he was still a girl as the two large breasts protruded from his chest and were hard not to notice.

Ashley decided that she'd better get washed up and get out of the shower room because the 24 hours that Erika's transformation potion was supposed to last was almost up. Ashley began washing her body with soap, up and down her legs, then to her butt and then spent some time rubbing soap on her breasts which was actually a pleasant experience. 

Ash tried not to look around at the other girls as he had a shower but it was just too tempting to look at some of the other naked girls in the shower room. The girls all had different body types just like his close friends May, Misty and Dawn. Their skin color was different, their breast shapes were different but he liked being able to see all the different body shapes as he found them all sexy. This was definitely going to be one of those experiences he wasn't going to forget any time soon. Ashley quickly went back to washing her body to make sure that no one notice that he was looking at all the other girls.

Ashley started washing her hair with soap. She had a lot of hair and it was taking forever to rub the soap through it all. Ash was used to the shorter hair he normally had that only took him a few seconds to watch but this was taking a lot longer than he wanted. This was one aspect of being a girl that Ash didn't like but it actually help his appreciation of realizing why it takes girls so long to get ready every day. Ashley continued washing her hair trying to make sure it was all covered.

"Having a hard time washing your long hair huh Ashley?" May said as she noticed that Ash was having a hard time cooping with the longer hair.

"Yeah. The longer hair is a bit annoying now and it seems to be getting tangled a bit as I try to wash it with the shampoo." Ashley said as she was starting to get a bit frustrated with the whole situation.

"Just work with the hair with your hands a bit like a comb. That should help." May said as she gave Ashley a tip to help out.

"Okay. Thanks I'll try that." Ashley said as she tried doing what May told her to do.

Ashley continued washing her hair, employing the technique that May had told her. Ashley seemed to be getting the hang of it as it was getting easier but what she didn't realize was the reason it was getting easier was because her hair length was beginning to reced. Ash continued washing it for another minute or so until he realized that he was beginning to turn back into his normal self already. The potion was wearing off a bit early and he was not in a very good place to be transforming back into a guy.

"Oh no! This cannot be happening right here and right now!" Ash thought to himself as he looked down at his chest to see that the once large breasts that protruded from his body were now shrinking and beginning to disappear.

Ash was starting to panic but luckly no one had noticed that he was changing yet but he had to think of something really quick before someone did notice and he was caught. He knew he'd get in a lot of trouble if he was caught.
"Uh May. I need help quick." Ash said as May noticed that Ashley's voice was beginning to sound like Ash's voice.

"Oh, what is it this time?" May said as she turned to look at Ashley and then suddenly realized what was going on.

"Ash! Your turning back into yourself already!" May said as she was surprised to see that he was already transforming. 

"I know! I need to do something quick before someone sees me. Help me get out of here, please!" Ash begged May as they were both scrambling to think of a way for Ash to get out of the shower room unnoticed.

It was too late though as the girl across the room had turned around and noticed Ash standing there, fully transformed as his normal self now but fully naked in the girls shower room. At first the girl didn't know what to think as she didn't remember him come into the shower room at all. But then her reaction and instincts took over and the room began to be one big hassle. 

"Oh my God! How did a guy get in here!?" the girl said as she quickly tried to cover her private parts with her hands.

"Huh? A guy?" other girls in the shower room said as they all turned around to see what was going on.

Now all the girls in the shower room were looking right at Ash who was no longer a girl and was standing there just as stunned as they were. Misty and Dawn realized what had happened and they quickly grabbed Ash's hand and they quickly guided him through the shower room towards their clothes.

"Here, put a towel around your waist and run back to our room and get changed. Will follow behind you and try to stall some of the other girls here." Misty said as she knew Ash would be in big trouble if he were caught.

"Alright, thanks!' Ash said as he did as he was told and quickly wrapped the towel around his waist and ran out of the shower room and into the main part of the girls bathroom.

Ash ran as fast as he could but made sure he didn't slip as his feet were still a bit wet from the shower. There were only a few girls in the bathroom at the time and they weren't expecting anyone to be running through the bathroom. They only caught a brief glimpse of him as he ran out of the bathroom towards his room.

Ash had never run so fast or was as scared as he was right then. He was very focused though as he knew as long as he could get back to his room, he should be alright. Luckly no one was in the hall and Ash made it to his room where he quickly shut the door behind him.

"Phew!" Ash said as he was glad to be in his room.

Ash went over to his backpack and got his regular clothes out. He was glad to be back to normal albeit for the awkward timing for his transformation back to normal. He put on his clothes which were a lot more comfortable than the clothes he had been wearing for the past day. He then turned around as Dawn, Misty and May all entered the room.

"Boy was that close!" Dawn said as she breathed a sigh of relief as well.

"What a time to transform back." Misty said as she couldn't believe that Ash transformed back while he was in the girls shower room.

"I don't think anyone recognized you Ash, so that's a good thing. I think you should stay low and we should probably head out of here as soon as possible." May suggested as they all thought it was about time they began traveling to their next destination.

"Yeah, that's a good idea but where do we want to go next? Have you thought of who you are going to challenge next Ash?" Misty wondered as she hadn't really figured out who he should battle next.

"Hmm. That's a good question. I'll have to think about who I want to ask next to challenge me." Ash said as he really hadn't thought about it yet as he was too busy the last few days worrying about his battle with Erika and being a girl to contemplate what he was going to do next.

"How about we go find Brock and see if he has any suggestions. We have to meet up with him anyways so we can head off." May said as everyone nodded in agreement.

Everyone went looking for Brock and it didn't take them long as he was flirting with Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny in the front lobby. Ash and his friends went up to greet them and Brock quickly recognized that Ash was back to normal.

"Hey there guys! What are we up to today?" Brock said as he stopped trying to flirt with Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny for a second to talk to his friends.

"Uh hey there Brock. Well we're not quite sure at the moment, that's why we came looking for you to see if we could decide what our plans are going to be." Ash explained as Officer Jenny looked a bit concerned and wasn't really paying any attention to Brock's flirting.

"Hi Ash. It's good to see you again. Perhaps you guys can assist me then since you're not too busy at the moment? I'de like to ask you guys a few questions." Officer Jenny said as Ash's stomach felt like it dropped to the floor.

Did Officer Jenny realize that it was him in the girls washroom earlier and she was here to drag him off to jail? Ash was getting a bit scared and his friends were thinking the same thing. Ash hesitated fora brief second before finally replying to Officer Jenny.

"Uhh.. Nice seeing you again too Officer Jenny. Uh.. What kind of questions did you have in mind?" Ash said as he was trying to cover his nervousness.

"Oh don't worry Ash, you're not in any trouble. Nurse Joy was just explaining to me that there was an incident in the girls bathroom earlier and I am on the lookout for a pervert that was spying on some girls in the shower. I was just going to ask your friends that are with you if they happened to see anyone and could perhaps give me a description." Officer Jenny explained as she turned her attention to Misty, Dawn and May who all went wide-eyed pretty fast when they realized they were going to be the ones being questioned.

"Umm... Sorry Officer Jenny we didn't get a good look at him." Misty said as she tried not to give away the fact that it was actually Ash.

"So you did see the perpetrator?" Officer Jenny asked wanting to know a bit more.

"Uh.. Well not exactly. We heard the other girls scream but by the time we realized what was going on, the guy had already ran out of the room fast." Dawn said as she smiled and blushed a bit at the same time as she explained the situation to Officer Jenny the way she wanted her to understand it.

"I see. Well I guess I'll have to keep on questioning others and continue the search now. Thanks for your assistance." Officer Jenny said as she waved to everyone and started questioning other people that were in the Pokemon Center.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief after Officer Jenny wandered off to interview others. They all realized that it was a close call.

"Well I have to get off to work too. It was good to see you all again." Nurse Joy said as she saw the look on Brock's face as he realized she had to leave to do her job.

"Goodbye Nurse Joy! Until we meet again!" Brock said with almost a tear in his eye.

"Oh give it a rest Brock! We have other things to do now." Misty said as she was about ready to smack him.

"Uh.. Right!" Brock said as he saw the fire in Misty's eyes and he knew he'd better drop it otherwise he'd be feeling her wrath for the next couple of days.

"Now, we need to decide the next place we should head off to." May said as her friends all grouped around in a circle to discuss where they were heading next.

"I know! I saw a poster over by the front desk advertising this years Aopulco Beauty Contest. After Ash's two wins, I think we deserve a bit of a rest and visit the Aopulco resort." Brock suggested as everyone could tell that he wasn't going to take no for an answer.

"The Aopulco Beauty Contest?" Dawn said as she wondered what it was exactly.

"Yeah, its an event where girls can participate in a beauty contest and there is a prize at the end. Misty entered it the last time we went." Brock explained.

"Yeah, but Ash ended up winning not me! Plus I was really embarrassed." Misty said as she still remembers the nightmare of Jessie and James making fun of her breast size.

"Ash won the beauty contest?! Hah, how did that happen?" May said as she knew there was no way Ash could have won it by looks alone.

"Well he didn't really win it, you see Team Rocket showed up and tried to ruin the event and Ash stopped them so they gave him the trophy as the honorary winner." Brock explained to May as he recalled the circumstances that lead to Ash getting the trophy.

"My mom still has the trophy too!" Ash said as he laughed a bit remembering it as well.

"So are we all in agreement then?" Brock said a he was practically out the door and on his way there already.

"It sounds like a good time. I could use some time at the beach as well." May said as she thought it would be a good idea.

"Well I have a title to defend, so I'm all for it!" Ash said as he liked the idea as well.

"You can't enter it Ash. You're a guy again and only girls can enter a beauty contest." Misty said as she spoiled a bit of Ash's enthusiasm.

"I think we should go. Sounds like a great time to relax a bit before Ash's next match." Dawn said as she was looking forward to it.

"Well its settled then. Let's get our things and head off!" Brock said as he was looking forward to getting to Aopulco.

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