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Pocket Monsters - A New Journey and New Horizons!! by giovanni


Story Notes:

The following story takes place after Ash as completed the Sinnoh League. Categories: male/FEMALE

Chapter 45 - Playpoke Photoshoot

The next morning arrived quickly for Ash, May and Cynthia and they quickly got cleaned up and dressed as they went to go meet their friends for breakfast in the Pokemon Center. The three of them were all cheery and happy after their experiences the previous night. They arrived in the eating area before their other friends and took a seat at a large table that would accommodate everyone.

“So May, what did you think of the photoshoot we did last night?” Cynthia asked May as she wondered if it was a good enough experience for her to consider doing the real thing.

“I thought it went quite well. I liked being the director but I must admit it’s a lot more fun and enjoyable being a participant instead.” May said as she recalled the previous nights events.

“Well why don’t you agree to do the photoshoot now and we can get the ball rolling? It’s good to get publicity stuff like this out as soon as possible after events like the Bikini contest as people remember events like that but the longer you want the more likely people will forget all about you and your popularity level will decrease significantly.” Cynthia said as she once again put out her best saleswomen pitch.

“I think you should do it May. Look how popular Cynthia is, you could be just as popular as her. The people loved you in the Bikini contest so I think this would be good.” Ash said as he decided that May should do it.

“You do know that you’d be in it too Ash not just me and that it wouldn’t be a private photoshoot like last night anymore. Lots of people will see the pictures in the issue.” May said as she tried to tell Ash that he’d have to do his part too.

“I’m fine with that, besides Cynthia really showed us last night that their really isn’t much to doing the photoshoot that we aren’t really doing already together. As long as were all in agreement, I think this would be great to do. Maybe even Cynthia would like to do it with us like we did last night?” Ash suggested as May and Ash looked at Cynthia to see what her reaction would be.

“That’s an interesting idea. But you know this is supposed to be May’s photoshoot not mine. I wouldn’t want to take the focus off of her.” Cynthia said as she was a bit surprised by Ash turning the tables and trying to invite her now.

“Actually, I like that idea, with your popularity, it would just make the issue even more popular.” May said as she liked Ash’s idea of getting Cynthia to participate as well.

“So does that mean you want to do the photoshoot then if I also agree to participate?” Cynthia said as she hoped to finally get May to agree to do it.

“Both you and Ash seem like your willing to do it now, and after last night, I know what to expect from it, so I might as well not miss such a great opportunity like this.” May said as Cynthia was glad that May finally agreed to do the photoshoot.

“That’s great May! I’ll inform the team after breakfast to get read of the photoshoot then.” Cynthia said as she was also now looking forward to participating in it as well.

Just then, Misty, Iris, Dawn and Brock walked in and saw May, Cynthia and Ash sitting at the table. It was quite early so there wasn’t too many people in the room yet which made it easy to spot them. They walked over and sat down with them at the table.

“Good morning guys. How are you all this morning?” Cynthia asked as wondered if Ash and May’s other friends were willing to join in the photoshoot with May as well.

“Were doing pretty well. We all had a good night sleep. Thanks.” Brock said as he was glad to see Cynthia again.

“I’m actually kinda hungry so I’m going to go get something to eat.” Brock said as he got up.

“Sound good me too!” Ash said as he followed Brock’s lead.

Everyone got up and got some breakfast and they all talked about yesterday’s contest recalling their experiences participating in it. Cynthia realized that this would be a good time to bring up the extra photoshoot with May’s other friends. Cynthia nudged May and looked at her and May realized that Cynthia wanted her to talk to her other friends about the photoshoot.

“So guys... There is something I wanted to talk to the rest of you about. Yesterday I was offered a photoshoot with PlayPoke to do shoot naked and possibly have sex during the shoot. Ash and I have already agreed to do the shoot and we asked Cynthia to join us as well and she agreed.” May said to her other friends as Brock was the one that reacted the most when he heard May.

“The offer was to May and any of her friends that she chose to join her in the shoot. I now know that you all are close friends and are having sex together so you are all very comfortable with each other. Now Playpoke will expand their special issue to include this photoshoot so many people will see it so you have to be comfortable with people seeing you naked but it’s a great opportunity to become even more popular by doing this photoshoot as it could unlock even more job opportunities in the future for you guys. Ash here is already very popular as he’s in the Master League now and May is the current winner of the Bikini contest so the issue will appeal to both guys and girls. I’d be returning to do another shoot with you guys so that would also be a popular attraction for the issue. I know that the three of you also participated in the Bikini contest so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for you guys to participate in this photoshoot.” Cynthia explained to May and Ash’s other friends.

“So my question is to the rest of you, would you like to also participate in the photoshoot with us?” May said as she wondered if any of her other friends would be willing to pose naked for the magazine or not.

“I’m in!” Brock said instantly as he didn’t need any convincing.

“Ha! As expected, Brock doesn’t even have to think when offered something like this.” May said as everyone laughed at Brock’s instant response.

“This could actually be a good way to show that I’m the most popular sister of the gym leaders of the Cerulean City gym and make my sisters a bit jealous of me for getting the opportunity to do something like this as I know each of them wouldn’t hesitate to do so, plus I can’t let you hog all of Ash and Brock’s attention.” Misty said as she was actually kind of excited by the fact that guys would get turned on seeing her naked in the magazine.

“I’m in as well. I can’t be the only one left out of this now plus if we get to strip out of some nice outfits and clothes, I’m all for that.” Dawn said as she also agreed to do the photoshoot which only left Iris.

“How about you Iris? I know this might seem a bit strange for you but you’re welcome to join us as well.” May said as she wasn’t sure if she should invite Iris or not.

“Oh don’t worry about Iris, she’s already doing it with Ash already too so she’s more than aware of what we’ve all been doing together.” Misty said as Ash tried to look a bit inconspicious.

“Oh really? We’ll then I guess she’s already been initiated into our little group then.” May said as she wasn’t really surprised to learn this.

“Uh... I guess I don’t really have a choice here do I? All of you are already participating so I’d be the only one out if I didn’t. I must admit I’m a bit uncomfortable with the fact that everyone would be seeing me naked but you guys seem to think that its fine and the benefits outweigh any discomfort we’d have participating...” Iris said as she really didn’t have much of a choice in the matter other than parting ways with Ash and his other friends but she didn’t want to do that right now.

“That settles it then. Let me go contact the team and we can get ready to do the photoshoot tomorrow!” Cynthia said May was a bit surprised how quickly Cynthia was getting this all going.

“Tomorrow? That’s pretty quick!” May said a bit surprised.

“It takes them awhile to get the magazine all setup so the quicker they can get the photos, the quicker they can finish up the issue. They are already working on the bikini contest part but now they’ll know there is an additional photoshoot coming and they can prepare it a bit.” Cynthia said as she got up to make the call.

“Wow! That’s pretty fast turn around. I for one am excited to do this photoshoot with you guys. Thanks for letting me participate.” Brock said as he was excited to do it.

“You get excited just knowing that you’ll get to be naked with us!” May said as she joked with Brock a bit.

“Brock’s a handsome and polite guy. You girls are very lucky to have a friend like him. They don’t come around very often. I for one look forward to having a bit of fun with him.” Cynthia said as she complemented Brock while also teasing him a bit as well.

By this point Brock was already at the boiling point of excitement and hearing Cynthia talk like that just about drove him over the moon and back. He couldn’t wait until tomorrow’s photoshoot.
The rest of the day went by quickly as May and her friends spent the time discussing what they’d be doing for this photoshoot and what kind of reactions they thought they’d get from people that saw them in the special issue of Playpoke. They all couldn’t believe they had agreed to do the photoshoot but something about the whole process excited them all.

The next afternoon Ash and his friends met Cynthia in her hotel room where the Playpoke photoshoot crew where setting up lights and camera for the photoshoot. Cynthia greeted them and introduced them to the photographer who would be directing the photoshoot and taking the pictures of them for Playpoke.

“So are you guys all ready for this?” Cynthia asked as she could tell that they all seemed a bit timid but once they got into it they’d be alright.

“I think so. This should be a pretty exciting photoshoot.” May said as she looked around at all the different cameras and lights setup.

“Why don’t you girls all get changed into your bikini’s from the contest first and then we’ll go from there.” the photographer said as he directed them towards the bathroom to get changed.

May was actually surprised that the photographer was a girl and not a guy. She had been expecting a guy would be the photographer but the girl actually made her a bit more comfortable. May, Dawn, Misty, Iris and Cynthia did as the photographer said and went into the bathroom to change into their bikini’s from the competition.

May changed into her expensive blue sling bikini swimsuit that won her the competition. Her cleavage was once again fully visible and didn't leave much to the imagination. Misty was more comfortable wearing her microkini bikini and this time she wasn’t too concerned about it completely cupping her breasts and didn’t fiddle with it too much as she realized that she’d be taking it off soon enough so covering her nipples and areolas wasn’t really that important. Cynthia changed into her sheer black bikini with yellow trim which was the same bikini she wore last year that won her the competition. Cynthia’s sheer black bikini was semi transparent which made it easier to see the outline of her areola’s through the material. Iris changed into her two piece bikini that was blue and matched the color of her hair while Dawn changed into her pink and white striped bikini that had a small frilly mini skirt.

The girls each knew that May was the main attraction and they didn’t want to outplay her in anyway. After changing into their outfits they went back into the main room where the photographer and Ash and Brock were waiting for them. Watching the fuve girls walk into the room reminded Ash and Brock just how sexy looking their friends were. They knew they were in for a good time that afternoon. The camera lady also looked over at the five girls walking in and realized there seemed to be a gender number mismatch.

“I didn’t realize there was going to five girls and only two guys in this photoshoot. The gender number mismatch is a bit significant. Do you guys have another male friend that could be in the shoot today? That would even up the numbers a bit.” the camerawoman said as she seemed to be a bit concerned about there only being two guys in the shoot.

“Uh, no sorry. These are my closest friends here now.” May said as she also realized that the girls did outnumber Ash and Brock.

“Well you’re a Pokemon Trainer right? How about one of your Pokemon join in on the shoot today then? Do you have any male quadruped or anthropomorphic Pokemon with you?” the camerawoman asked as she tried to think of a solutions to her problem.

“Uh well I just have my Blaziken with me... But wait what are you suggesting? That it join us in the shoot as well?!” May said as he was more than shocked to hear the camerawoman even suggest that.

“If you have one then yeah, is that a problem? We need another male for the photoshoot otherwise the numbers are going to seem off and its going to be hard to get these two, no offense guy, to do everything we need in this photoshoot with five girls.” the camerawoman said as she continued her explanation.

“You want me to do stuff sexually with my Blaziken?” May asked as she wanted to make sure she understood what the camerawoman was telling her.

“Yes, of course, what do you think were doing here? This is a photoshoot for Playpoke!” the camerawoman said as she was a bit surprised that May was even questioning her.

“I think May is a bit confused as she probably isn’t fully aware of some of the aspects of the Playpoke magazine. Sometimes the magazine includes human’s interacting with Pokemon. Pokemon can be quite good at pleasuring despite what you think and it can also be a very good way to become even better friends with your Pokemon. A Pokemon can learn a lot from their trainer in many different ways.” Cynthia said as she explained the concept to May and her friends.

“Wait so you’ve never had sex with a Pokemon before?” the camerawoman asked May as she was shocked and wondered why she was even going to be doing a photoshoot with this girl.

“Uh, no just with my friends here.” May said as she was a bit shy now.

“I’m sure we can do without another male for the photoshoot. Can’t we?” Ash said as he was more than willing to step up to do whatever the camerawoman wanted him to do.

“It would be best to get her Blaziken into the mix a bit here besides, many people like that kind of think and it targets a larger audience.” the camerawoman explained as she almost sounded like she was insisting now.

“You know when I did my photoshoot, I also did a scene with my Garchomp. Both him and I were a bit nervous and uncomfortable with the whole idea as we never really had a relationship like that before, it was always master and trainer but after we did that, we actually got closer and trusted each other even more than we ever had before. Our personal lives together changed but so did our battling as we got to know each other better than ever. I know something similar would happen between you and your Blaziken if you decide to try it out.” Cynthia said as she was once again in convincing mode trying to get May and her friends to understand this weird change of events.

“You’ve had sex with your Garchomp?!” Dawn said as she couldn’t believe what Cynthia had just told them.

“Oh yes, all the time now. As I said, its good for the relationship between Pokemon and Trainer. It’s not as odd as you think it is. You guys have had sex with your parents, some people think that’s odd but do you guys? No. You’ve learned to like it and enjoy it. Well this is the same. When you love someone or in this case your Pokemon, barriers mean nothing. Besides, as the camerawomen here has said, its quite common and normal for humans and Pokemon to have sexual relationships and its very common. Just try it May, I know you’ll like it.” Cynthia said as she continued her little speech.

“It seems all a bit strange to me but I can understand your perspective. I’ve never thought about doing it with my Blaziken before though. It feels exciting in a way but I’m kind of disgusted even contemplating the idea at all. What do you guys think?” May said as she was conflicted and she looked at her friends which were all white faced and looked like they had no opinion other than the fact that it seemed like an odd thing to do.

“I dunno May, it’s up to you. This is your photoshoot.” Dawn said as she really didn’t have much of an opinion on the case.

“Don’t worry about it May. As soon as you and Blaziken start you’ll get caught up in the lust and excitement that you won’t really care. Trust me, I know from experience.” Cynthia said as she continued her convincing.

“Alright then, if you say so.” May said as she finally agreed to do so.

“Okay let’s get this photoshoot started then before anymore mishaps occur. If you want to just do a single photoshoot with your Blaziken and not with your other friends, that would be acceptable.” the photographer said trying to seem like she was being a bit more accommodating.

“I think that would work out best as I don’t think any of my other friends want to participate with my Blaziken. I’m okay with doing it only because I know and love my Blaziken.” May said as she was preparing herself to have the photoshoot with her Blaziken.

“Actually, I wouldn’t mind if your Blaziken is willing.” Cynthia said as she was trying to make it more comfortable for May.

“You would?” May said surprised to hear Cynthia say so.

“Sure, I’ve never done it with a Blaziken before so I’m sure that would be an amazing experience!” Cynthia said as she was actually kind of excited by the thought.

“Uh alright then. I’ll get Blaziken out of its Poke Ball then to explain what’s going on to him.” May said as she was still a bit shocked that Cynthia was so willing to have sex with a Pokemon especially her Blaziken.

With the flick of a switch, May’s Blaziken appeared out of its Poke Ball. May started to explain the situation to her Blaziken while May’s friends looked on to see how it would react.

“So are you willing to do this with me Blaziken? You remember Champion Master Cynthia too don’t you? She’s willing to do it with us as well.” May said as she finished explaining the situation to Blaziken.

Blaziken looked as excited as ever which was a bit of a surprise to May as she didn’t think he’d agree to it so quickly and with little convincing. Blaziken was about 6 feet high so it was a bit taller than May but around the same size as Cynthia.

“I think he’s more than happy to participate.” Cynthia said as she looked at May’s Blaziken’s reaction.

“Yeah, it seems so. I didn’t think he’d be so willing to do this. I guess I’m the one that seems to be a bit apprehensive about this.” May said as she now knew that there was no stopping this now.

“Okay, so its just going to be the three of you then for the first part of the photoshoot?” the photographer asked confirming the participants.

“It seems so.” May responded realizing that the photoshoot with Cynthia and her Blaziken was going to start.

“Fine then. The two of you go lie down on the bed naked and then will introduce your Blaziken into the mix.” the photographer said as May and Cynthia walked over to the bed as instructed and took off their bikini’s.

Brock got to see Cynthia for the first time naked and he was enjoying the view immensely. Brock quickly measured her breasts with is eyes and with his keen sense of breast sizes was able to determine they were 38dd, the biggest he had ever seen naked before. Her tits were well shaped and her light pink/brown areolas looked to be around 2 inches wide, the biggest aerolas Brock had ever seen as well. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on them.

May’s Blaziken was standing in front of the bed where May and Cynthia were now lying naked on. Cynthia stared at the tall Fire/Fighting Pokémon which was mostly except for the beige-colored feathers on its head and the yellow feathered feet it had.

“Okay let’s get the two of you licking Blaziken’s penis and then take turns giving it a blowjob. That should give us some good pictures.” the photographer said as May was taken back by the thought that she had to start licking her own Blaziken’s penis in a few moments.

May and Cynthia got on the knees and crawled to the edge of the bed where Blaziken was standing. It’s penis was just barely visible and sightly erect coming out of the red feathers of its pelvic region.

“Go on May, you first and then I’ll join in.” Cynthia said as she wanted May to be the first to start this off.

“Uh, alright, here I go Blaziken.” May said as she reached out and grabbed a hold of its penis.

Even flaccid, May’s Blaziken penis was about 7 inches long and it looked like a sausage as it wasn’t quite the same shape as a human guys penis. May had seen a few penis’s in her life so far but this seemed to be the biggest one yet as she started to stroke it a bit and it got erect pretty fast and grew to over a foot long. There was no real head to the penis like a guys penis and it looked more like a long sausage as she continued to stroke it. Blaziken seemed to be enjoying the attention he was getting from his trainer May but it got even better for it when Cynthia started stroking its penis with May in combination.

“So are we going to suck it or just look at it and stroke it all day?” Cynthia said as she was right beside May stroking Blaziken’s penis.

“Oh I’d better suck it then. I just can’t believe how big it is.” May said as Cynthia made her snap out of her daze.

“It is a very big penis but remember a lot of Pokemon are bigger than humans so other body parts like the penis are also bigger.” Cynthia said as she watched May begin to suck Blaziken’s penis.

May began licking the end of Blaziken’s red penis and then licked the underside of its shaft before returning to the end of the penis. Blaziken closed its eyes and rested its hands on the heads of May and Cynthia. May took the penis into her mouth and began sucking on it as hard as she could. She managed to get a third of it into her mouth and then began to bob her head up and down the end. Cynthia began licking the top of its shaft while May sucked it and the combination was proving to be an amazing sensation for Blaziken who was experiencing its first sexual encounter.

Cynthia went to work on Blaziken’s balls but they were so big that she could only get one in her mouth at a time. She sucked them in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it and then switched balls. Blaziken opened its eyes and looked down at the two sexy girls working on it penis and it was enjoying every new sensation it was feeling. The camerawoman was busy taking a lot of pictures as the three of them continued giving Blaziken a blowjob.

Blaziken’s penis was shaped a bit differently than a guys penis so May was having a hard time getting too much of it in her mouth. She raised her head up a bit as it was the only way she could get the best angle on its penis so she could get more of it in her mouth. The girth of it penis was also bigger so May was only able to get about 6 inches into her mouth before she realized that she wouldn’t be able to get anymore inside her mouth. She then started bobbing up and down the shaft again as her friends watched her give her Blaziken its first blowjob.

“It seems kind of exciting watching May do that with Blaziken, isn’t it?” Dawn asked her friends as they were standing out of the camera’s way as they watched this scene transpire in front of them.

“I’d a bit odd, but yeah it does seem like they are enjoying themselves now. I guess May’s initial apprehension is over.” Misty said as she was intrigued watching them.

May heard her Blaziken begin to moan as her tongue licked around his shaft in her mouth as Cynthia continued with its balls. Obviously it was enjoying itself. Blaziken started to force its penis deeper into May’s mouth and it was now hitting the entrance to her throat. She looked up at her Blaziken and smiled but in a way it realized that she didn’t want him to go any farther than that. Blaziken acknowledge it and recognized her look from all the training they’d done together and it just held its penis there as May pulled back a bit and continued sucking it.

The room filled with loud slurping and popping sounds as May and Cynthia worked on Blaziken’s gigantic penis. Cynthia indicated that she wanted to switch with May and they did so. Cynthia was now sucking Blaziken and May was licking and stroking its balls. Cynthia realized that Blaziken’s penis was about the same size as her Garchomp’s penis and she had always had a hard time with it but she had learned to do her best. She was enjoying feeling the hard throbbing of its penis in her mouth. It had different veins and ribbing compared to her Garchomp’s penis and she was enjoying every second of her first blowjob with a Blaziken.

Realizing there was no way she could get all of its penis in her mouth for fear of choking, Cynthia settled for sucking the upper half of Blaziken’s penis. Blaziken watched as now Cynthia was struggling to get as much of its penis in her mouth. It couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have her do that.

“Okay I think I’ve got enough pictures of the two of you giving it a blowjob. Let’s move of to it licking your pussies on the bed.” the camerawoman said as May and Cynthia stopped and lay back on the bed and spread their legs wide for Blaziken.

Both girls tried to hold themselves up on their elbows so they could watch Blaziken play with their pussies. May and Cynthia looked at each other as May motioned for her Blaziken to come on the bed with them.

“Come here Blaziken. Come lick us just like the camerawoman instructed.” May said as she told her Blaziken what to do.

May’s Blaziken got down on the bed and then dropped its head down and headed first for May's pussy. May’s excitement was building as she felt her Blaziken’s feathers brushing up against her leg. May shuddered at the first touch of Blaziken’s tongue near her stomach and Cynthia was touching pinching May’s nipple at the same time.

“Oh, it looks like its ready to lick you now May. It’s going to lick you with its tongue!” Cynthia said as she tried to make May more excited for the moment.

May didn’t need any more teasing as her Blaziken began licking up the juices from her pussy.

“Good Blaziken! Lick her pussy.” Cynthia encouraged as she watched May’s Blaziken move more of its body between May’s legs so it could access her pussy better..

Realizing she couldn’t stand it any more, May tilted her pelvis up and her pussy moved up toward Blaziken. Blaziken began to lick May’s slit as Cynthia was playing with May’s tits once again. It was mesmerizing for May to be stimulated by two separate things at the same time. Her Blaziken was licking her pussy while Cynthia was playing with her nipples.

“Mm yeah, this feels good!” May said as she couldn’t believe how good she felt.

Blaziken had a pretty big tongue which made it easy for it to cover most of May’s outer pussy lips. Blaziken couldn’t believe he was seeing its trainers naked pussy up closed and it feasted it eyes on her wonderful pussy as it slowly spread her pussy lips with its tongue to see the moist inner lips of her pussy. The aroma of May’s pussy was intoxicating for Blaziken and it drove it wild as it buried its face into her pussy. It began working its tongue as fast as it could on her pussy as it also began to suck on her clit.

Now May’s pussy was glistening wet and Blaziken as well as May realized just how fantastic oral sex between them was. Blazkien found the entrance to May’s vagina and it decided to push it’s tongue in as far as it will go. May moaned as she felt her Blaziken’s tongue penetrate her.

“Oh Blaziken! Eat your trainer’s pussy!” May said she looked down at it between her legs.

The camerawomen got on the bed as well so she could take a few close up pictures of the two of them going at it. She got some great pictures and then got off the bed as she instructed Blaziken to go do Cynthia next.

Blaziken did as it was instructed and had already moved in between Cynthia’s legs as it wedged his powerful body between them and started to lick up and down her slit. Cynthia took her hands off May’s tits and traced the soft curves of her body with her fingers as she tried to calm herself a bit from all the pleasurable sensations she was getting from May’s Blaziken.

“Did you like it having Blaziken lick your pussy? Do you like watching it lick me?” Cynthia said as she turned to look at May.

“Oh yes, it's was so good! I was surprised how natural it seemed to him.” May said as she watched it start to lick Cynthia’s pussy this time.

Cynthia began wiggling from side to side and before long her clit was hard and erect. Blaziken saw Cynthia’s clit get bigger and was fascinated by that and it began to lick her clit. She began grinding her pussy into Blaziken’s face

“That’s it Blaziken. You’re doing good. Keep licking my pussy.” Cynthia said as she smiled at May’s Blaziken to give it some encouragement.

Blaziken was starting to get some conflicting emotions as it felt a bit bad for leaving May by herself while it pleasured Cynthia but it was enjoying pleasuring Cynthia as well. Blaziken decided to go back at May’s pussy. It then started going wild as it jumped from May’s pussy to Cynthia’s pussy as it tried to pleasure them both. May caught her breath each time Blaziken was licking Cynthia’s pussy as it was almost becoming too much for her.

“Yes! That’s a good boy! Good Blaziken! Lick my pussy with your beautiful hot tongue!” Cynthia continued until she heard the camerawomen interject.

“Alright that’s enough of that position. Let’s move on to some intercourse now.” the camerawoman instructed as May had a brief flash of fear now as she realized there was no turning back at this stage.

“Okay Blaziken, climb up on May and do her from behind!” Cynthia said as May and Cynthia both got into the doggy position as they figured that would be the best position for Blaziken first time as it seemed like it would be the most natural position for it.

Blaziken was now panting heavily as it immediately mounted May. It placed its hands on her back as moved in close on its knees. It’s huge erect penis bounced around in the air as it managed to rest it on the crevice of her butt..

May felt her Blaziken’s hot, wet penis rest on her butt cheek and it rubbed against her butt as her Blaziken struggled to get into a position where it could penetrate her. She felt it finally rub the edges of her outer labia but it couldn’t position it’s penis at the entrance of her vagina with its awkward three fingers on its hands.

“I'm going to have to help him penetrate you May. It’s having a hard time getting into a proper position with you as its not its natural sexual position with another Blaziken.” Cynthia told May as Cynthia grabbed on to Blaziken’s penis to position it for it.

May looked back to watch Cynthia move Blaziken’s penis to May’s vagina opening. May wondered with anticipation how it was going to feel inside her pussy. This would be her first time having sex with a Pokemon, her own Blaziken no less. She wondered if it would feel the same as a human’s penis or completely different.

Suddenly May could feel something hot near the opening to her vagina and she realized it was the end of May’s Blaziken's penis that Cynthia was moving into position.

“Here it comes May! Now, Blaziken! Push it inside her! “ Cynthia said as May tried to look back between her legs to watch it penetrate her but she couldn’t see in that position.

Cynthia had finally got May’s Blaziken’s penis in the right position and it thrust forward rammed against May's tight pussy. Never in her life had Cynthia or any of May’s friends seen such an unbelievable sight as May’s Blaziken beginning to have sex with May. May’s Blaziken made an incredible thrust with it gigantic penis as May’s eyes bulged as she totally surprised by just how big its penis was. May had had sex with Brock who had the biggest penis she had ever had to date but her Blaziken’s penis was something that no human could ever hope to match in size or girth.

The camerawoman was snapping pictures like crazy now as flashes of light filled the room. Blaziken’s penis was stretching and filling May’s pussy like it never had before. Without any instruction, May’s Blaziken began thrusting furiously into May’s inflamed pussy from behind. May could feel her pussy juices dribbling down her legs as she had sex with her Blaziken.

Ash and his friends could hardly believe what they were watching. They couldn’t believe how huge Blaziken’s penis was as it pounded into May’s small pussy. He thought that May looked like she was really enjoying herself but he knew there was no way Blaziken was going to be able to get all of its penis inside her pussy as it was just too big.

May began to move against Blaziken as they soon fell into a rhythm as their bodies slapped against each. Blaziken loved how the soft walls of May's pussy felt against his penis and he continued to ram his penis deeper and deeper into her. She yelled a bit as she felt Blaziken’s penis impale her deeper. The skin of its penis was a lot more rough that Ash or Brock’s penis which was a lot more soft and comfortable but the combination of the size of Blaziken’s penis and her hugely excited state made up for that issue. The bed sheets were beginning to get wet from their sweat and juices but that didn’t stop Blaziken as it drove its penis in farther until it got about 9 inches in and it was about as far as it could go.

As this was Blaziken’s first time, it’s stamina wasn’t what it could have been with more experience and it could feel that it was about to cum and it began to thrust faster and faster until it suddenly began spewing his hot load of cum inside May’s pussy. May was yelling and moaning as every muscle in her body was contracting as she realized that she was about to climax and she finally succumbed to a very powerful orgasm.

May’s Blaziken first time was now over and it sat down on the bed as it pulled out of May’s pussy with a loud plopping noise. Cum began to pour out of May's pussy and the camerawoman quickly moved in to snap a few pictures of the creampie. Blaziken’s penis was still quite erect though as it had filled all of May’s pussy with cum but it still had a lot left.

“It’s my turn now Blaziken, come in behind me and do me this time.” Cynthia said as she wagged her butt a bit to give Blaziken a bit of incentive.

It didn’t take more than a few seconds for Blaziken to get up and mount Cynthia this time. Brock watched as Blaziken was about to have sex with Cynthia and he realized he would do just about anything to switch places with Blaziken so he could have sex with Cynthia but he knew he’d probably get a chance later but that still didn’t relieve his excitement now. Cynthia grabbed Blaziken’s penis through her legs and guided it to her vagina.

“Push it in now Blaziken!” Cynthia said as Blaziken thrusted in as she instructed.

Cynthia’s first time with a Blaziken was nothing like what she expected as its penis was bigger and more corse than she thought it would be. Its feathers were rubbing against random parts of her skin almost to the point that it was tickling her but it was actually stimulating her skin all over her body which was a new sensation for her.

The camerawoman was able to get a picture of May’s pussy still oozing cum while Blaziken began thrusting its penis into Cynthia’s pussy. Blaziken’s strong, muscular legs give it immense lower body strength so its thrusts were unlike anything Cynthia had felt before. Like May just before her, Cynthia knew she wouldn’t last too long like this.

“Ah, it's so big!” Cynthia said as Blaziken began pounding her pussy.

Cynthia breast were swaying back and forth as they had sex and they were starting to get a great rhythm going as the two of them were grunting and moaning with pleasure as Blaziken pounded its big penis into Cynthia’s pussy.

“Oh this almost feels as good as when I do it with Garchomp!” Cynthia exclaimed.

Blaziken was able to get more of his penis inside Cynthia than he was with May. Cynthia was also bigger than May so that helped a little. Cynthia was also a bit looser than May was and before long, Blaziken had almost all 11 inches of his penis sliding in and out of her pussy and Cynthia was now pushing back against it. Her long hair was laid out over her back as it moved a bit from side to side.

May had finally recovered from her orgasm and she looked over to see her Blaziken having sex with Cynthia now. The image of its big penis sliding in and out of Cynthia’s pussy was burnt into May’s memory forever as she realized that’s how it looked when she was having sex with Blaziken.

“Enjoying having sex with Blaziken?” May asked Cynthia.

“Yeah I like it a lot!” Cynthia said as she was enjoying herself.

The feeling was exquisite and was like nothing she'd ever experienced before. Blaziken’s penis was buried deep in her pussy and it felt incredible but it was also an entirely new experience. Her pussy was tightly clutching at its penis causing incredible friction between them.

Blaziken loved the view he had as hee glanced down and watched with fascination as he saw his penis disappear partly inside Cynthia’s pussy just like it had with May’s pussy.

“Go a little harder and faster now Blaziken. Make her cum.” May instructed her Blaziken as it did as it was told.

“Oh yes, that’s so good!” Cynthia moaned as Blaziken began to buck hard and fast against her which caused her big tits bounce all around beneath her.

The sensations were incredible and too much for Cynthia as she could no longer control herself from climaxing. Blaziken also couldn’t keep up this pace and it climaxed for the second time as it began spurting loads into Cynthia’s pussy this time. The three of them slowly recovered from their orgasms as the photographer took the final shots from the scene.

“These are going to be some amazing pictures for the issue!” the photographer said as she was pleased with the results.

“That felt really good. Blaziken was good for its first time. Did you enjoy your first time with a Pokemon?” Cynthia said as she complemented May’s Blaziken.

“Actually I did. It was a lot better than I thought it was going to be. Why don’t you take a rest in your Poke Ball Blaziken. You deserve it!” May said as she grabbed her Poke Ball and recalled Blaziken who gave her a tired smile as it disappeared.

“So May, which do you like better: Ash and Brock’s penis’s or Blaziken’s?” Cynthia asked May as she was interested in hearing her answer.

“Uh well Ash and Brock’s penis’s feel quite good but so did Blaziken’s. It’s really hard for me to decide.” May said as she didn’t want to make that kind of decision.

“Why don’t you and Cynthia go take a quick shower and clean up before we start the next session. Change back into your bikini’s though.” the photographer said as Cynthia and May were sweaty and dirty from having sex with Blaziken.

“Okay, we’ll be back shortly.” May said as the two of them got up and went to have a shower.

A few minutes later May and Cynthia returned all cleaned up and ready for the next photo session with everyone else.

“Alright, let’s get everyone else involved now. Let’s start off by getting the guys in the middle of the room by the sofa and will have all you girls strip off your bikini’s one at a time so I can take pictures of you stripping so people get to see what they missed at the bikini competition.” the photographer said as May’s other friends were glad to get into the action now as they were all quite horny from watching May and Cynthia have sex.

Ash and Brock got in the middle of the room near the sofa as all the other girls came over and got in close with them. The photographer took a few shots of them all together before she instructed the girls to take off their bikini’s.

“Are you nervous?” Iris asked Dawn as she was the closest girl to her.

“Not really why? Are you?” Dawn asked as she knew Iris had the least experience in the group.

“Very nervous!” Iris answered trying not to let anyone else hear her.

“Don’t worry. You'll be fine. Were all friends here so there’s nothing to be nervous about.” Dawn said as she reassured Iris.

“You first May.” the photographer instructed as May assumed she’d be the first one to strip.

May was once again wearing her blue sling bikini swimsuit and Ash and Brock watched as May hands slowly pushed the top portion of the sling bikini to the side of her breast to reveal her nipples. The camerawoman took a few shots as she pulled the sling bikini over her shoulders to loosen it and so she could completely take it off. May stood there for a few moments as her big round breast were completely exposed for the camera. May then slipped off her bikini as Ash and Brock watched in fascination as her pussy was once again revealed to them and the camera. The camerawoman took a few more pictures of May before instructing Misty to go next.

Misty microkini bikini weren’t completely covering her nipples and areolas at this time but that didn’t stop the camerawoman from starting to take pictures already. She figured it was a good tease for when they were fully revealed. Misty reached around to untie the bikini top and she let the top of her bikini fall to reveal her naked breasts. Misty fumbling a bit with the string that tied the sides of her bikini bottoms together but it came loose moments later. The camerawoman snapped a few pictures as Misty smiled and posed for the camera.

Cynthia’s sheer black bikini was semi transparent which made it easier to see the outline of her areola’s through the material and the camerawoman snapped a few closeups of the bikini before Cynthia took it off to reveal her breasts. Brock was standing right beside Cynthia and he finally got a close up look at her breasts. Cynthia noticed Brock starring at them but didn’t say anything but enjoyed the fact that he found them attractive. Then she removed her bikini bottoms and tossed her blonde hair a bit to give the pictures a bit more flare.

Iris was next as she was in her two piece bikini that was blue and matched the color of her hair. She realized that some of the people here hadn’t seen her naked before but a lot more people were about to see her naked as the pictures that were about to be taken would be in the latest issue of PlayPoke. Iris took a deep breath and took off the top of her bikini to reveal her breasts. Brock’s attention turned to Iris now as this was the first time he’d seen her naked. She had small breasts but they were very nicely proportioned and fit her body well. The camerawoman took a couple of pictures and then Iris realized she’d have to take her bottoms off as well. She fumbled a bit as she was a bit nervous but she managed to slowly take her bikini bottoms off to reveal her pussy.

Dawn was the last girl to strip and she was wearing her pink and white striped bikini that had a small frilly mini skirt. Dawn slowly reached behind her body and began to untie her bikini top as the material tightened slightly against her breasts before it loosened and fell to the floor. Her breasts weren’t as large as Cynthia or May’s but they seemed the perfect size for her body. She then slowly slid the small frilly mini skirt off to reveal a thong. The camerawoman took a lot of pictures as Dawn took off her thong to reveal her pussy as well.

“Now put your fingers on your pussy lips and spread them wide for the camera.” the photographer said as she wanted to get pictures of all their vagina’s.

The girls all complied and spread their pussy lips wide to reveal their inner labia’s and vagina openings. The guys penis’s were now fully erect beneath their shorts and needed stroking as the girls finished showing their pussies to the camera.

“Okay, let’s get the guys naked now. Girls take off their shorts and t-shirts.” the camerawoman told them as Ash and Brock where now surrounded by all the girls.

Cynthia reached down on Brock’s shorts and slowly began to tug them down his body as Dawn began to lift off his shirt. May took off Ash’s shorts while Misty took off Ash’s t-shirt. It didn’t take the girls more than a few seconds to get the guys naked as well. The camerawoman told everyone to face them for a final standing group shot together before they went down to business. Ash and Brock’s penis’s were standing at attention for the pictures and they felt kinda silly posing for pictures like that.

“Next, let’s give these guys some boobjobs and blowjobs girls.” the camerawoman said as she prepared to take a lot of pictures fast as there would be a lot of action going on at the same time now.

“Do you like my tits Brock? I saw you starring at them earlier.” Cynthia asked Brock.

“Oh Cynthia I love your tits!” Brock exclaimed as he reply to her.

“Come up here and give me a kiss. Go ahead and touch my breasts before I wrap them around your penis and stroke it with my breasts.” she said as their lips met and locked for a quick kiss.

As Brock and Cynthia kissed he reached up and cupped her breasts with his hands. He started to massage her large breasts and he loved how soft they felt despite their large size. Brock barely got to play with them before Cynthia broke off her kiss and got down on her knees in front of Brock. She cupped her breast and pressed them tightly around Brock’s large erect penis and then began to move her breasts up and down his shaft. Brock ran his fingers through her long hair and she gave him a boobjob.

“Wow you’ve become quite a big boy haven’t you Brock?” Cynthia said as she couldn’t completely encompass Brock’s erect penis with her breasts.

“I may not be as big as Blaziken but I know how to please a woman and I’m pretty big for a guy.” Brock said as she continued to stroke his penis with her breasts.

“Indeed you are. I just might have to try it out for myself later.” Cynthia said as she looked up at Brock and gave him a sexy and seductive smile that drove him wild.

“Oh I hope so! You know, I’ve always though you were one of the most beautify women in the entire world. You are on the top of my list and now I’m almost overwhelmed that I can do this with you.” Brock said as he literally poured out his heart to Cynthia like he had done to just about every other girl he’d ever encountered.

“You're just too sweet! Do you really think I'm attractive and aren’t just saying that so I’ll keep up this boobjob?” Cynthia said as she was glad to get the complement.

“Yes. You're very beautiful!” Brock replied as she continued with the boobjob.

“Why thank you Brock. I'm enjoying this just as much as you are though.” Cynthia said as she loved the feel of Brock’s large penis between her breasts.

The softness of Cynthia’s breasts was exquisite and was everything Brock had hoped for. Beside them May and Misty had knelt down in front of Ash and had begun to lick his penis together at the same time. May was on one side of him while Misty was on the other side. The two of them began licking the tip and then going down the shaft with their tongue. May and Misty both loved giving Ash a blowjob and handjob together.

May then moved to the front of Ash’s penis and put the head of his penis in her mouth and began to give him a blowjob as Misty licked the shaft of his penis. Not to be left out, Iris now came over and took May’s spot on the other side of Ash’s penis and began licking as well. All three girls were now licking and sucking Ash’s penis at the same time. The camerawoman moved in close to get some pictures of the four of them going at it.

After a few minutes of sucking his penis, May then positioned his between her breasts and began a boobjob similar to the one Cynthia was giving Brock but in this case Iris and Misty were licking and sucking Ash’s balls now. The girls were all determined to give him the best combined boobjob and blowjob he'd ever had.

His penis had a hard time staying in place in May’s cleavage but she used her hands to push her boobs up and down his shaft to give him immense pleasure. May rarely looked at Ash directly in the eye because she was trying to focus on giving him a great boob job. Ash was already struggling with all his might not to orgasm and he was holding up remarkably well considering all the varied sensations and attention that his penis was getting from Iris, May and Misty.
“That’s good now girls. Let’s move on. We got more things to do. Let’s have May have intercourse with one of the guys and then will get all five of you lined up in a row for the two guys to go at each of you. First, be sure to take anti-pregnancy potions girls and lactation potions if you wish and guys take some cum potions.” the camerawoman said as Ash didn’t want the girls to stop but he realized sex was better than any foreplay.

The girls each took an anti-pregnancy potion while both Brock and Ash took cum creating potions to help them be able to have more cum to shoot out. They were both impressed the first time they took the cum pills that Johanna had given them so they didn’t hesitate taking this potion that the camerawoman provided for them. Cynthia and Dawn were the only ones that took the lactation potion as the other three girls didn’t feel like taking it.

Dawn remembered that when she took the lactation pills her mom had given her, it had made her breasts noticeably larger than normal and the guys seemed to like it so she figured it would be good as other people would now be seeing them in the photos for the Playpoke issue. The milk that built up in her breasts would also make Dawn’s breasts look firmer as well so Dawn took the lactation potion and quickly swallowed it.

“Would you like to do it with me first Ash?” May said as she had already chosen Ash ahead of time.

“Sure. I’m ready!” Ash said as he as actually a bit nervous realizing that these pictures that were about to be taken would be seen by a lot of people.

“How about you guys do the Pile Driver position. That should make for some great photos.” the camerawoman said as she prepared once again to take some photos.

“Pile Driver position?” Ash said as that wasn’t one of the moves his mom had taught them yet.

“You don’t know what the Pile Driver position is? Uh, why do I always get the amateurs?” the camerawoman said as she couldn’t believe they didn’t know what the position was.

“It’s alright, I’ll teach them. I’m sure they are fast learners right?” Cynthia said as she tried to calm the photographer down a bit and to make May and Ash a bit more comfortable again as they looked a bit confused now.

“Uh right!” Ash and May both said as they were glad Cynthia stepped in.

“In the Pile Driver, May will lay on her back on the floor with her legs raised all the way up so that her ankles are either side of head. This will make May’s pussy easy to penetrate from a standing position as her groin region is up in the air almost level with Ash’s groin. Ash just stands in front of May and pushes his penis into her in a standing position and thrusts in and out. You may have to balance May with your hands Ash, so try holding onto her thighs if you need to. Its pretty easy, huh?” Cynthia said as she explained the position to them and they seemed to understand it pretty well.

“Sounds like it could be quite a hard position to pull off.” May said as she thought she might have a hard time getting her legs into position.

“The position actually requires a lot of flexibility but once you get into the position you can pretty much stay in it the whole time and like I said Ash can help balance you.” Cynthia continued as she realized this was a pretty experienced position the camerawoman wanted them to do.

“Now that you know the position, why don’t you guys try it now and if you find it too hard I’m sure we can do a different position?” Cynthia said as she asked the camerawoman.

“Well I guess so, attempt it first though and if you can’t do it we can try a less difficult position.” the camerawoman said as she softened a bit with Cynthia’s advice.

Ash and May then went to the center of the room in front of the camera and May got down on the floor like Cynthia said. She started to raise her legs over her body but was having a hard time as she wasn’t used to flexing like that. Ash helped he a bit and balanced her lower back against his thighs. May found that a bit easier now and was able to move her legs almost into position and then finally after a few seconds of moving around she managed to get into position. Ash’s penis was already hovering above May’s pussy as he stood in front of her.

This was a new perspective for May as she was looking up at Ash from the floor. Ash smiled down at her and grabbed his erect penis and began to position it at her vagina opening. The camerawoman started taking a lot of pictures as Ash managed to get the head of his penis inside May’s pussy now.

Her pussy was amazingly warm and wet and Ash slowly withdrew and then pushed all the way in. Cynthia, Dawn, Brock, Misty, Iris and the camerawoman were now standing just to the side of Ash and May watching them go at it. Ash and May had never really had this many people watching them have sex as their friends were normally busy having sex of their own to bother watching them go at it. It felt funny for Ash and May to have their friends intently watching them have sex but at the same time it thrilled them both immensely. They both were burning with a desire and excitement at a level never felt before as May was really enjoying Ash’s penis inside her while Ash’s felt so good inside of May that he never wanted the feeling to end.

“You two look so good together doing that. You’ve seemed to have gotten a hang of the position just fine.” Cynthia said as she loved watching them have sex.

May looked up to watch Ash’s penis disappear inside her and she though it was the most erotic thing she had ever seen. The Pile Driver position gave her an excellent view of the penetration.

“This feels so good! I can't believe we are doing this and everyone is watching us do it!” May said as Ash was starting to go faster now.

“I know, this is crazy! Who would have ever thought we’d be doing a photoshoot for PlayPoke magazine!?” Ash said as he saw the camera flash a few more times.

May’s legs were spread as wide as I could get them how and she was attempting to raise her pussy to meet his penis. May’s breasts were hanging towards her face and were bouncing all over the place as Ash started to thrust harder now. Every time the camera flashed turned May on so much as she thought about all the people that would now be seeing her naked and having sex. No longer was their intimate relation a private thing as people were going to be able to see if for themselves now.

Ash continued to force his penis deep into May’s tight pussy which he found was very tight in this position. His knees were starting to buckle a little as he was doing almost all the work in this position, the thrusting and balancing himself and May also.

“That actually looks like a fun position. I’d like to try that sometime.” Misty said as she could tell May was really enjoying it.

“I’m available right now if you want to try it!” Brock said as he needed some relief now as watching May and Ash go at it was almost too much for him to handle.

“Wait until the camerawomen instructs you to do something guys. She’s the director of the scene.” Cynthia said as she got them to hold back till Ash and May’s initial scene was complete to the camerawoman’s satisfaction.

“Awe, okay...” Misty and Brock said as they were both really horny now.

Ash’s strokes were now long and hard and May was having a hard time being quiet as she was moaning loudly now. Ash was fascinated watching his penis penetrate May’s pussy as it went int and out over and over again. He thought the he could never get tired of watching himself slide in and out of May’s pussy like this. The two of them were both getting close to an orgasm and the camerawoman could see that Ash was starting to struggle a bit now.

“Be sure you don’t cum inside her in this position as we won’t be able to see anything. Just before you cum pull out and cum all over her pussy.” the camerawomen said as Ash just grunted in acknowledgment.

Seconds later Ash's eyes rolled back in his head and he let out a loud moan as he quickly pulled his penis out of May’s pussy and began cumming all over her pussy as he was instructed. Flash after flash of the camera filled the room as the camerawoman wanted to make sure she got as many pictures of their climax as possible. Feeling Ash’s cum starting to land on her clit and outer pussy lips drove May wild and she began to climax as well. Spurt after spurt kept landing on May’s pussy till it was almost completely covered with Ash’s cum. Ash couldn’t stand any more and he slowly fell to the floor as May slowly got out of the Pile Driver position as her body was overcome with the amazing climax.

“Okay, which one of you girls wants to lick the cum off of May’s pussy?” the camerawoman asked as Dawn was the first to move towards May on the ground.

As soon Ash was out of the way, Dawn got between May’s legs and began to lick up all of Ash’s cum from May’s pussy. Dawn eagerly moving her tongue all over May’s pussy as she scooped up all of Ash’s cum. She loved the taste of Ash’s cum and couldn’t wait for him to actually put in inside her directly. Although her orgasm had exhausted her a bit, May was starting to get excited again as she opened her eyes to watch Dawn lick her pussy clean. The camerawoman was zooming in close to get a close up of Ash’s cum being licked up. Dawn licked up the last big globs of cum leaving May’s pussy clean once again.

“Great! That was a good scene you guys. Well done. Let me transfer these pictures off the camera and will get to the next scene. Take a few minutes break to recover and then girls change into a pair of stockings and garters with panties. There is a pile to choose from in the closet.” the camerawomen said as she seemed very pleased with the photo results from the scene.

Ash and May were both grateful for the break and they both rested but their friends were all excited and horny and having to wait a bit longer for their turn was proving difficult for them.

“I have to agree with the camerawomen, you two looked really sexy together.” Misty said as she was a bit jealous that May got to do it with Ash like that.

“It sure was. I think it's was pretty erotic.” Cynthia said as she loved being able to see that happen first hand as the pictures never turn out exactly as what it looks like in real life.

After a few minutes the girls all went over to the walk-in closet to see what clothes had been brought by the PlayPoke photographer. When they walked in there was quite a few different sexy outfits hanging up. The girls all began sorting through them to pick ones they thought would suit them.

Ash and Brock took up positions just outside the walk-in closet so the could watch all the girls get dressed and roll on their stockings and attach them to their garter straps. The two of them played with themselves to stay erect while they waited for the next scene to start as soon as they all changed.

Cynthia was the first to pick out an outfit. It was a sexy lace black garter belt with beautiful floral embroidery on the hips and a delicate scalloped trim. It was paired with a lace black panties that had a red bow at the top and the black stocking had lace near the thighs where it attached to the
garter straps. Cynthia seemed to like the color black as it contrasted well with her blonde long hair.

Dawn was the next one to find something that she liked. She picked out a dark pink redish garter belt that was a mix of latex and spandex that had a black pretty floral lace trim. There was a pleated ribbon detail on front and thin straps connecting them to sheer black stockings. Her panties were also the dark pink redish color and it was inlayed with strips of black lace.

May spotted an interesting set and decided to wear it. She put on the white stretch lace garter belt with ace trim which had a matching pair of thong panties that had an open crotch which was held shut with a red laced up ribbon. The stocking were also white to match the outfit. May realized the guys might like having sex with her panties still on which it would allow.

Iris picked out a simple yet elegant blue garter and stockings that had a mesh design and ribbon ties. Misty picked a lite pink set that had a few frills and lace and she thought it suited her well. Now that all the girls had selected their clothes, they walked out of the closet and passed by Ash and Brock who were looking on.

The girls were all naked except for their garter belt, stockings and panties and they got into the doggy position in front of the sofa as they all rested their hands on the seat. It was a tight squeeze for all five girls to get into position as it was only a love seat meant for only two people to sit on but the closeness would make it easier for Ash and Brock to switch between girls. Getting into the doggy position made all of the girls panties tight revealing every detail of their puffy cameltoe’s. The camerawoman took a few pictures before Ash and Brock were motioned into the scene.

“I want one of you to cum in each girl so I can get a group creampie picture which I think many people will enjoy. Also be sure not to take off their panties completely, just enough for penetration.” the camerawomen said as she gave instructions to Ash and Brock.

Brock quickly moved in behind Cynthia who was at one end of the sofa. May was in the middle of the girls, Misty and Cynthia to her right and Iris and Dawn to her left. Doggy style was one of Cynthia’s favorite positions and she saw Brock get in behind her and was stroking his penis to keep it erect. Brock grabbed Cynthia’s lace black panties and pulled them down to reveal her pussy. This was the moment Brock had been waiting for and he guided his penis to her vagina opening.

“Put me in your pussy Cynthia. Take my penis in your hand and guide it into your pussy fully. Let me know that you want my penis in your sweet little pussy!” Brock said as he teased Cynthia a bit as she grabbed his penis and eased it into her.

Brock then grabbed her hips with both hands and started slamming into her pussy. Cynthia was almost embarrassed by all the noise she was making and she felt Brock’s large penis penetrate her. She had never been this loud so early while having sex but then again she had sex with Brock before. Her pussy started to get wet and she reached between her legs and started rubbing her pussy furiously as Brock thrusted into her.

“Put it all in me Brock! I want every inch of your large penis inside me now.” Cynthia said as she couldn’t believe how big Brock was considering how young he was.

Brock was already bottoming out of her pussy and the head of his penis could feel her cervix. Like he had with the other girls before, with one large thrust he pushed past her cervix despite its size and refusal to let him penetrate farther. The head of his penis was now in her womb which was an amazing feeling for Cynthia.

“Don't move Brock! You’re so deep inside me. Stay inside of me like this. I want to feel you inside of my womb. I what to know what it feels like with just your penis inside it as it will soon be filled with all your hot cum.” Cynthia said as she loved how she felt.

Cynthia finally pushed back against Brock and he got the hint and he continued his thrusts again before almost fully withdrawing from her pussy and then pushed back into her deep. Brock could feel her pussy muscles starting to grip his penis as she began to meet each thrust with her own push. Brock reached around for Cynthia’s breast and he cupped them but he realized they were bigger than earlier as she took the lactation potion. Brock was suddenly overcome with the desire to suck her tits so he flipped Cynthia over onto her back and then bent down began to suck her nipple.

Cynthia’s breasts were filling up with the milk she was creating from the potion and her nipples were really hard so the initial relief felt amazing when Brock’s lips toucher her nipple and he began to suck. Brock was cupping her right breast and sucking very gently but enough for the milk to start flowing into his mouth. Cynthia let out moan of pleasure and relief as she felt the milk start coming out of her breasts and into Brock’s mouth.

Brock began gulping down mouthful after mouthful of Cynthia’s milk. He never imagined that he’d ever do this with Cynthia but he was loving it. Cynthia moaned with pleasure as he teased her sensitive nipples a bit with my tongue as the milk dripped on to Brock’s tongue.

“Oh Brock, it feels so good to breast feed you like this. I hope you like the taste. Your hands and lips feel so nice on my breasts. I wish you could do this all day long!” Cynthia said as she loved the erotic nature of breast feeding a young man.

“It tastes so good Cynthia. I love every drop of your milk! Your breasts have become even bigger since you took the lactation potion and I’m sure you must have half a gallon in your breasts right now!” Brock said as he wondered if he’d be able to drink her dry or not.

The camerawoman zoomed in on Cynthia’s left nipple which was now dripping milk and took a few pictures. Brock noticed that Cynthia was starting to leak milk on her other nipple and not wanting to loose a drop of her precious milk, he began sucking the other nipple. Milk began to seep out of her nipple and into Brock’s mouth again and he sucked a little bit harder as the milk squirted in his mouth.

“I'm so glad you like it. I certainly do.” Cynthia said as she grabbed her right breast and moved it up to her mouth and began sucking the milk out while Brock did her other breast.

As Brock continued to drink Cynthia’s milk from her breast, Brock he could feel the swelling of her breast slowly diminishing and her breast getting smaller again. Cynthia seemed to be relaxing again as the pressure on her breasts was starting to subside. Afer a couple minutes, the breast Brock was sucking on was drained and Cynthia stopped sucking her own breast and gave it to Brock who continued to suck the last of the milk out of the other breast. Brock rarely ever drank that much milk but he enjoyed ever drop of it.

“That felt so intimate being able to do that with you Brock. It felt really good.” Cynthia said as her breasts felt relieved now.

“I loved it too but this is going to feel even better!” Brock said as he turned Cynthia over once again into the doggy position and began to thrust fast and hard.

Brock returned to his thrusting and soon Cynthia was matching his rhythm as they were both building to a climax. The pace built up until finally Brock was ready to blow. Brock’s eyes remained fixed on Cynthia’s swaying breasts that he could see moving below her. Brock pulled towards him and with one final thrust he began fill Cynthia’s pussy with his cum.

Cynthia felt her orgasm explode at the same time that Brock began spurting inside of her pussy. His penis stiffened and the head of his penis penetrated into her womb again as she felt her womb being filled with his cum.

“Quickly pull your penis out of her and pull up her panties so your cum doesn’t cream out of her yet.” the camerawomen told Brock and he did as he was told and pulled Cynthia’s panties up and back into position to hold back his cum from leaking out.

At the other end of the sofa, Ash had moved in behind Iris and pulled her blue panties to one side to reveal her young bald pussy. This was only the second time he’d see it so it was still unfamiliar to him. It looked really tight and wet as Iris was dripping a bit with anticipation. Iris used two fingers to push her labia apart exposing the pink flesh and vagina opening within. She was excited and was anticipating having sex with Ash for her second time.

Ash hadn't even realized how much he wanted to have sex with Iris again until that moment and he ran his penis up and down her slit in eager anticipation. Ash watched his penis slowly push into her wet pussy. Iris winced a bit as she slowly adjusted to the discomfort of Ash’s penis entering her. Ash slowly began to move in and out of her tight pussy.

“I can't believe we're doing this.” Iris said as she saw the flashes from the camera go off and she realized her picture was being taken having sex with Ash.
May and Dawn watched as Iris and Ash had sex in the doggy position beside them. They realized their turns would be next and they both were eager in anticipation as they saw how much Iris was starting to enjoy herself. This was the first time they’d seen her have sex and like their other friends, Iris didn’t seem to mind being watched. Dawn and May were both excited to see Ash have sex with another girl other then themselves as his penis was already filling Iris’s tight pussy. They were impressed at just how well Iris seemed to be handling having sex with him despite her lack of experience.

“You two look like you're having a lot of fun. Does Iris’s pussy feel good Ash?” May asked as she wondered if Ash enjoyed sex with Iris.

“It sure does but I’m sure it feels just as good as yours.” Ash said as he didn’t want to seem like he was favoring any of the girls.

As was starting to feel a bit tired already as he already had sex with Max earlier in a tiring piledriver positoin but the joy of having sex with Iris overwhelmed him and realizing that Dawn and May were next made Ash find his reserve energy. Dawn and May watched with longing as they remembered the times Ash had done each of them in the doggy position. Iris’s eyes rolled back into her head a bit as she tried to control her emotions but the feelings were just so overwhelming for her.

“Let's cum together Ash! I don’t think I can last any longer!” Iris said as she knew the second she felt Ash’s cum start spurting into her she wouldn’t be able to hold on any longer.

Ash’s penis was as hard as it had ever been as the potion seemed to be assisting in that regard as well. Ash suspected that his penis was actually a bit longer and more engorged than normal but he didn’t mind as the sensations that he was feeling on route to an orgasm were amazing.

Ash began to spurt his load into Iris and her eyes and mouth opened wide as she felt his cum enter her body. At that instant she let go and began to climax as well and the pleasure flowed through her. He filled her pussy with his cum and like Brock had done with Cynthia moments earlier, Ash pulled his penis out of Iris’s pussy and covered it with her blue panties that had been pushed to the side.

The potion was doing its job and already Ash could feel new cum starting to fill his balls and his penis was still erect even after unloading in Iris’s pussy. Iris was now resting her head on the sofa as she could feel Ash’s cum inside her pussy just waiting to leak out but her panties were holding it inside her. Ash saw the camerawoman motion to him to move onto the next girl which was Dawn so he got in behind her as he saw Brock move in behind Misty. The two of them exchanged glances but didn’t say anything as they got into doggy position again.

Dawn’s dark pink redish garter belt that was a mix of latex and spandex that had a black pretty floral lace trim looked very sexy on her and Ash though her outfit looked a bit nicer than the one Iris had chosen. Dawn had always been a lot more concerned about her clothing than Iris ever had been and it showed. Instead of pushing Dawn’s panties to the side like he had done with Dawn, Ash pulled them down a bit so that they rested just below her butt cheeks but low enough so that he could penetrate her pussy fine. As he pulled her panties down, Dawn’s pussy came into view. Ash looked down and saw his penis was still erect and throbbing just a few inches from her pussy.

“Ready Dawn?” Ash asked her as he put his penis head on her pussy lips in preparation to penetrate her.

“I’m ready and don’t hold back! Do me hard and fast! I think lactation potion has also taken effect as my breasts are also quite big so be sure you spend some time on those too!” Dawn said as she was looking forward to this all day.

“May why don’t you suck your friends breasts while Ash here does her from behind. Stay in your doggy position though, just lean under her and suck them.” the camerawoman said as May nodded and moved her head underneath Dawn’s right breast.

May was surprised how big Dawn’s breasts were as they normally weren’t this big. Drops of milk were starting to leak out of both nipples and as May grabbed Dawn’s breasts, May noticed that Dawn reacted a bit different than normal and she seemed to be a bit more sensitive to people touching her breasts now that she was lactating.

May pulled Dawn’s breasts a bit towards her mouth and latched onto her nipple. She began to happily drank the milk out of Dawn’s breast as she caressed the round fullness of her milk filled breast that she was sucking on. The sensations Dawn was feeling were so good she was enjoying the experience of May drinking her milk.

Ash decided it was time to join in the fun and he pushed his hard penis into Dawn’s pussy. For a second Dawn was surprised to feel Ash penetrating as she had forgotten about him and was concentrating on May sucking her breasts but now she was getting a combined sensation that was pretty overwhelming.

Iris had now recovered from her orgasm and turned to see Ash having sex with Dawn now while May was sucking on her right breast. The camerawoman instructed Iris to suck Dawn’s other breast at the same time now as well. Initially Iris hesitated but she moved in pressed her lips to Dawn’s left nipple and began to suck it. She didn’t know what to expect as she had never sucked another girls nipple before other than when she was a baby but this was a more intimate and sexual sucking.

“My breast have swollen up so much that it has started hurting me they are so filled with milk but its feels so good having you two suck them!” Dawn said as she was getting sexual relief from three people at once which was an amazing feeling.

Dawn let go of her mother's breast and licked the milk from her lips. She stared at her mother's nipples. Milk was spurting sporadically from them. Her breasts were sticking out about seven inches from her chest. Dawn grabbed her mother's areolas and milked them like cow udders. The streams of milk sprayed forcefully into May and Iris’s mouth’s as Dawn closed her eyes and started moaning as wave after wave of pleasure filled her body. Dawn felt a bit like a Miltank being milked as her breasts felt like massive utters being drained. She loved the sensations of lactating and with Ash doing her from behind still in the doggy position.

The camerawoman got in close between Ash’s legs and took a picture that captured Ash’s penis penetrating Dawn’s pussy with the two girls sucking her breasts. It was a unique angle and she thought people would love the picture.

It didn’t take Iris and May long to suck out all the milk from Dawn’s breasts and by that time Ash was almost ready to cum as well. Dawn moaned from the intense pounding her pussy was getting from Ash now as he was getting ready to cum inside her. Ash started going faster and faster and began making moaning noises as he raced towards cumming.

“Yeah that's it Ash. Give it to me hard and fast and cum inside my pussy! I’ve been waiting for this all day!” Dawn said as Ash penis exploded in her pussy sending his warm cum deep inside of her.

Ash stopped thrusting and just held his penis inside of Dawn as he unloaded in her pussy. He was breathing heavily and he knew he wouldn’t be able to have sex with anyone else that day as he was too tired from cumming in May, Iris and finally Dawn all in the same sex session. He considered himself a very lucky guy to have close girl friends willing to have a group sex orgy like this all the time.

Dawn also climaxed just after Ash did as having Ash, May and Iris working on pleasuring her was just too much for her to handle as she shook from the powerful orgasm that overcame her. She felt Ash pull out of her pussy as it felt full of his cum and Ash quickly pulled her panties up and covered her pussy before his cum all poured out of her. Ash then sat down on the side of the sofa as he was exhausted from all the hard work having sex with the girls but he enjoyed ever second of it.

At the same time Dawn was having sex, Brock and Misty were also going at it as well. Misty and Brock had become even more comfortable with each other since they started having sex together as their longtime friendship had evolved into a more intimate and enjoyable friendship as sex friends.

Misty turned her head towards Brock and smiled at him wickedly as she pulled her panties down a bit and then grabbed her ass cheeks as pulled them apart for Brock and the camera woman to get a good look at her pussy and butt hole. The camerawoman took a few pictures before she motioned for Brock to move in.

Misty loved being pounded from behind in the doggy position as the guys penis’s always seemed bigger and would go deeper in that position. Brock rubbed his penis head up and down Misty’s wet pussy slit for a minute before he pushed it into her vagina. Misty moaned and whimpered for a few seconds as she felt Brock’s large erect penis enter her body. Misty felt a bit strange having sex with Brock this time as she knew that pictures of them doing this would be seen by tons of people. That excited Misty more than she had originally anticipated and her nipples became very hard while her clit became erect with the emotional and mental realization that people were going to see her naked and having sex. It was no longer a private affair between friends and now all the PlayPoke fans would be seeing her.

“You feel so good Brock! Do me hard and fast!” Misty insisted as she wanted it rough as the camera taking pictures of her while her friends watched her drove her crazy.

Brock didn't need to be told twice and he grabbed her hips and started thrusting harder and faster. On each stroke he would pulls back until only the head of his was in Misty’s vagina and would then thrust fully forward again driving his entire penis into her.

Misty’s initial fear and embarrassment of doing this photoshoot was now replace with excitement and arousal as she felt amazing throughout her body. Misty recalled the warm reception that she got at the Bikini contest and she wondered if people though the same about her seeing her naked and having sex.

“I wonder if people will actually masturbate to looking at these pictures of us?” Misty asked as she felt Brock’s penis continue to move in and out of her.

“Of course they will. These pictures will give people the opportunity to fulfil a fantasy of their’s to see you girls naked and having sex while pretending they are having sex with you.” Cynthia explained that people would love these pictures they were making during this photoshoot.

“You might you fantasize about me?” Misty said as she like the thought of a lot of boys finding her sexy.

“They most definitely will Misty.” Cynthia said as she was kinda surprised Misty was even thinking about that.

“Brock, have you ever had any fantasies about me?” Misty said Brock.

“What’s there to fantasize about? I’m living my fantasy right now with you.” Brock said as all the girls were instantly touched by Brock’s loving remark to Misty.

“Oh Brock... Do me as hard as you can! I want all your cum inside me!” Misty said as she was so touched by Brock’s comment that she just wanted Brock to cum inside her right now to feel his affectionate love for her culminating in a orgasm that cause him to squirt all his cum into her.

Misty was breathing heavily now and her arms were getting tired as she had been in the doggy position the whole time the other girls had had sex with the guys and they were now a bit sore. She realized that this was really exhilarating though and was more fun than she thought it would be.

“May, why don’t you get on top of Misty and Brock and do you both in a stacked doggy position. I don’t know how much longer he’ll last so at least this way we can finish off the photoshoot with him finishing off with you two.” the camerawoman told May as May nodded and began to climb on top of Misty.

Misty had to lower her arms and rest her chest on the sofa but she didn’t mind that as her arms were sore. She felt May get on top of her and then lay down on her. There heads were pretty close together now in this position and Misty tilted her head up to see May looking down at her.

“Hope you don’t mind me joining the fun over here.” May said as she looked at Misty directly in the face as they were so close now.

“Well this is your party so I don’t mind at all but I do admit sharing Brock at the moment is a bit of a downer.” Misty said as she didn’t want to give up Brock to anyone.

“I guess I’ll just have to make up for that then won’t I!” May said as she moved her head to line up with Misty’s and she kissed her on the lips.

The kiss was a bit surprising and a bit awkward for Misty in this position but she liked it as May’s soft lips touched hers and she decided to return the kiss. They passionately kissed as the camerawoman took a few pictures of them as Brock began thrusting into Misty again but he was now eyeing May’s pussy which was covered by her thong panties that had an open crotch which was held shut with a red laced up ribbon. Her white stocking contrasted against Misty’s legs which weren’t covered with any stockings.

Brock was fascinated by May’s laced up ribbon panties and he quickly found the tied up bow that was holding the sides of the open crotch panties together. He slowly began to untie it as he slowed his thrusting a bit into Misty but still tried to continue having sex with her while he untied May’s panties. May and Misty continued kissing only stopping every once and awhile to catch their breath but would go back at it as soon as they’d both done so.

Brock managed to untie the bow on May’s panties and slowly began to unlace the panties. Every loop that was undone would loosen the panties a bit revealing a bit more of May’s pussy. Brock loved these panties as it was definitely an erotic and stimulating tease which made him more excited. Misty could feel Brock’s penis twitching inside her and she loved the different sensations his penis was creating. After a couple minutes, Brock and completely unloosened the ribbon holding May’s panties together and he completely removed the ribbon from them.

The two sides of May’s panties opened wide and the slit of her pussy was now in view. Since he was still having sex with Misty at that point, Brock decided to play with May’s pussy with his fingers instead. May began to softly moaning as she felt Brock starting to probe her pussy with his fingers.

“Ah yes! that feels good Brock!” May said as she broke her kiss with Misty for a moment.

Brock’s fingers slid through the lips of May’s pussy and he then rubbed her clit for a moment or two and he could feel it getting a bit erect as he played with it. He then fingered around the opening to her vagina for a bit as he continued thrusting into Misty. The two girls were both enjoying Brock’s attention and they went back to kissing each other in an attempt to control their feelings which were beginning to become a bit overwhelming.

He pushed slowly into Misty now as it was hard to concentrate doing both girls at the same time but as Brock’s penis grew erect even more inside Misty’s vagina, it managed to compensate to accommodate his increased size. Brock pushed a few fingers into May’s vagina and he was pleased to find that it was equally tight and warm and wet as Misty’s vagina was which currently had his penis in it. As Brock played with May’s pussy, it started to get wet again and began to soak her panties which were still covering most her pussy lips.

“Brock I need you inside me now! Hurry!” May said as she couldn’t take not having a penis inside her even though Brock’s fingers felt good it just wasn’t the same as a real penis.

Brock pulled his penis out of Misty’s pussy and shifted his body forward a bit with his erect penis dangling in front of him. The head of his penis didn’t enter May’s vagina but instead the head ran up her slit instead of going inside. Brock always liked feeling the outside of a girls pussy before actually putting it inside her. May still moaned a bit as she felt Brock’s hard penis rub against her pussy but Brock grabbed a hold of his penis this time and pushed his penis to the opening of her vagina. His penis head slid in and he began to stretched her vagina as pushed deeper into her with every push. To make sure Misty wasn’t feeling left out, Brock began to play with her pussy with his hands just like he’d done with May earlier.

Brock pressed his penis in May’s vagina as deep as it would go until he his her cervix. Brock felt his hips press against her soft warm butt and he felt his enlarged balls slap against her swollen pussy lips as he thrusted. Brock had now worked up a rhythm as May couldn’t really do much but lay on top of Misty in this position and take it.

“You three look so gorgeous having sex like that together. People are going to love seeing this!” Cynthia said as she felt Brock’s cum still inside her pussy just waiting to leak out of her.

Brock continued having sex with May on top of Misty as the camerawomen took a few close up shots of the three of them. Brock was getting tired as this was a lot of sex pleasuring three girls so much right after another. Brock couldn't believe that May could be so tight after all the sex she’d already had but his penis was really erect today and a bit bigger than normal so that only added to tightness.

May also couldn’t believe how full her pussy felt with Brock’s penis inside her body and she could also tell that it was bigger than normal. She could feel her pussy muscles adjusting each time Brock thrusted. May moaned and when back to kissing Misty as she couldn't believe this was actually happening and soon people would see her pictures in the magazine. Like Misty, May found this to be a lot more exiting having sex when she knew people would be seeing her and she didn’t even know them. The exhibitionist feeling May was getting stemmed from the feeling she got when she won the bikini contest and how people approved of her but now they could see her in a whole other way now as she didn’t have a bikini to cover up her private parts.

Iris and Dawn watched as May and Brock had sex. They were both sexually satisfied after having sex with Ash but they still found it fun to watch Misty, May and Brock finish up the photoshoot.

“Enjoying watching?” Cynthia asked as she smiled the girls as she saw them looking at Misty, May and Brock

“Yeah, I’m surprised how much I actually enjoy watching other have sex. It’s almost as good as doing it yourself. I’m looking forward to seeing the magazine and to see what people think of it.” Dawn said as she continued watching the girls and Brock.

Brock watched as his penis fully disappeared into May’s pussy each time he thrusted in. He decided to pull out and put it back in Misty as he could feel that he wasn’t going to last much longer so he wanted to make sure both girls had an equal share.

“Oh Brock, no! Put it back in!” May complained as she realized that Brock was now having sex with Misty again.

“I need to make sure you both have an equal turn!” Brock said as Misty was moaning again as she felt Brock enter again.

“Don’t worry about her Brock, just focus on me now!” Misty said as she loved Brock’s penis inside her as his fingers were no substitute.

“Oh Misty you're even tighter than earlier!” Brock said as he felt her pussy tighten around him more than earlier that he was now finding it harder to thrust inside her.

Misty smiled and smirked at him and then moaned loudly as she felt his penis push up against her cervix. Brock loved doing this double stacked doggy position with May and Misty as they were both about the same size so their bodies lined up pretty easily to make it easy for Brock to move back and forth between them.

“You mist feel so good right now Misty having Brock’s big penis in your tight pussy I bet you’re almost ready to cum yourself huh Misty?” May said as she looked back into Misty’s face as she talked to her.

“Ah I’m getting close. It’s so big today! Brock must be really excited!” Misty said as she knew it wouldn’t take much more to drive her over the edge.

“Hurry up and cum in her pussy Brock so you can put that large penis of yours inside me again and cum in me too!” May said as she thought she’d try to motivate Brock a bit by talking a bit dirty to him.

That seem to work as Brock went into overdrive and began thrusting fast and hard into Misty. Misty felt like she was going to break as his thrusts were so strong. She knew Brock was a strong guy but she never really realize just how strong he really was till she felt him go at her like this. Brock quickly felt his cum start to shoot out of his penis and into Misty’s tight pussy and Misty began to cum as well. May thought she was going to cum soon too from just the excitement of watching Misty up close like this and feeling her body shake as she orgasmed. Brock finally stopped cumming in Misty’s hot pussy and pulled out her pussy. May looked behind her and watched as Brock’s cum covered penis slipped out of Misty’s pussy. Realizing that Brock had forgot to cover Misty’s pussy with her panties again, May quickly grabbed them and pulled them up to cover her pussy. Misty was now face down on the sofa as she was now recovering from her climax. She could still feel all of Brock’s cum pooling inside her pussy just waiting to be released.

“Misty really seemed to have an amazing orgasm. Why don’t you get off Misty and let her rest why Brock finishes you off and we finish this photoshoot for the PlayPoke magazine?” Cynthia said as she could tell Misty got really tired from that as she was still resting below May.

“Okay that sounds fine. Brock come over here. We have some unfinished business.” May said as she wiggled her butt a bit to make it look inviting to Brock.

“You guys don’t even need my help directing this anymore! Keep it up were getting some great pictures!” the camerawoman said as she got ready for the final intercourse scene.

May got off of May and got into the center of the sofa where she was before and stayed in the doggy position. Brock moved in behind her again, his penis amazingly was still erect and he had just enough energy left to finish with May. He knew it would only be a short bout but he slowly reached down and took his penis head and began pushing it back inside her vagina. May shook a bit from anticipation as she felt her pussy lips begin to be spread open by Brock’s penis. May really loved having his penis inside her.

“Yes! It’s back inside me again!” May screamed as Brock’s penis was disappearing into May’s wet pussy.

“I'm not going to last very long!” Brock told her as he could already feel his balls tightening again.

“That’s fine! Just cum enough so I can creampie with the other girls for the final picture of the photoshoot.” May said as she encouraged Brock to do his best.

“Okay girls this is it. Get as close as you can and get your hands on your panties and prepare to take them off for the final group creampie shot.” the camerawoman said as she got into a position where she could get that final picture.

“I'm almost there!” Brock said the girls took that as a sign to get ready.

“Are you ready for Brock’s cum May? You want Brock’s hot cum shooting in your pussy and then dripping out of you, don’t you?” Cynthia said as she hoped it would help May reach a climax faster by describing what was going to happen to her in a few moments.

“Oh I can’t wait!” May said as that did turn her on more and she too was close to an orgasm again despite the short amount of time she and Brock had had sex this round.

Brock couldn't hold out any longer as he grabbed on to May’s hips and gave one last thrust before he began shooting the remaining cum he had inside her.

“Oh! This feels so good cumming!” Brock said as he moaned as he filled May’s pussy with his cum.

May was shaking as she climaxed once again and she closed her eyes tight as the waves of pleasure filled her entire body once again. After dumping his remaining cum inside May, Brock got out of the way and lay down on the bed to rest as his cum began to spill out of May’s pussy.

“Okay girls take off your panties for the final shot now! Hurry!” the camerawoman said as the girls did as they were told and pulled down their panties.

Cum began to spill out of each girls pussy as they were all filled with Ash and Brock’s cum. The camerawoman began taking pictures of the group creampie until the cum from all of the girl’s pussy’s had stopped dripping.

“And that’s a wrap everyone. Good job with the photoshoot. This is going to be an amazing issue.” the camerawoman said as she had the pictures she needed for the magazine and was happy with how it went.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief but at the same time they really enjoyed their time together with each other. Cynthia was glad she got to spend time with Ash and Brock and their friends as she had watched them grow over the years and now they’d all become mature, sexual friends.

“You look tired Ash? Did you enjoy yourself?” Cynthia asked as she saw him resting.

“Yeah, that was actually a lot of work pleasuring you girls. Five girls and only two guys makes it difficult to keep you all pleased.” Ash said as he really was tired from all the sex.

“You did a great job though guys. I think we’ll have to get together another time and do this again but without the structure of a photoshoot and just go at it as we please.” Cynthia said as she suggested meeting again.

“That sounds like a good idea. I really enjoyed today.” Dawn said as she liked that idea of having Cynthia with them again.

“Why don’t we all go have a nap on the bed there with Brock. It’s a big enough bed for all of us.” Cynthia said as she suggested that they all have a rest to regain their energy and strength.

“Good idea! I could use a bit of a nap now.” May said as she quickly walked over to the bed and lay down beside Brock and fell asleep.
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    Fixed the error. Johanna will definitely return
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