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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 1

A Mechanized Jewel: Ch. 1

The moon is high in the sky as a cloaked figure works its way through aa unused and unkempt forest path. Roots grow into it, making the figure watch its step, let it trip and break a leg. It looks about the forest every now and again, then resumes walking. The darkness soon turned a little red as a blast sounded off in the distance, something was going on and it sounded like it was coming his way, "Road ahead...turn now!" he then saw a black and yellow pair of female vulpines, the one with yellow fur with a red hat, white shirt, and blue pants while the other black furred fem was wearing a black shirt and pants...both rebounding off the tree and hitting the road as one last fem came out of the woods... a female with a rainbow set of tail tips and in a green vest, tanktop, and skirt as she skids to try and move the way her allies did. The cloaked figure melded into the dark, watching from a tree branch, wondering who they were and what was after them.

It was hard to see though they were odd versions of Mightyena...made with dark blue fur...and with energy seeping out of them...though the quake behind explained what else was chasing it almost broke the tree it was in. "OH no you girls don't...that booty and bounty is mine!" Looked like a sage of a Grumpig riding a large three headed Umbreon, probably created by magic as they are going at a high speed to the already fast fems. The figure took a quick moment to think about the situation, then gave a small nod when it decided on a course of action. In a blink, it appeared behind the grumpig, two blades coming from its sleeves, and attempted to behead the mon without a blink.

The pig barely blocked with the wand he had as he growled, "You know it's rude to drop in on a riding mount so GET OFF!" it felt the energy pulse of his magic trying to push it off. The figure kept its body firm on the mount, before vanishing, then appearing in front of the pig, and skewering him with its blades.

He gasped and groaned...speared through as the hounds were still moving, as the bre stopped to see what was going on. The figure withdrew its blades, and slashed...severing the grumpig's head. That shook the big creature as it stopped....the mount now having a new owner as the sound of double blades slashing is heard ahead. The figure turned to the mount, "Call off those hounds." The three headed Bre looked to it before barking out... stoping the Yenas as they heard the order.The figure eyed the three fems, "Who are you three...and what's with this bounty I've heard of?"

The Yellow fem looked to the dark one, as the one with ninetails spoke up. "It's because of what powers I got....I was taking off since if you can't tell they are energy draining hounds, and if they got their fangs on us we would hve been out of energy."

The figure eyed the hounds, then the fems, "Hmm...then...It looks like I have an advantage here...I could use about you give me a reason I shouldn't go after that bounty on you very lovely tails?"

The dark fem smirked as she held her blade in one paw, "Because we didn't take anyones powers....or something for that matter....we aren't criminals, yet we're treated like that because of what is wanted....though you'd have a time catching us if your even think about it."

The figure chuckled, "I doubt that...I'm made for fighting...killing...war."

"Maybe....but you've never faced fighters like us."

The figure sat upon the umbreon, and eyed the fems. After a while it chuckled, "Alright...I guess you aren't black least...not all of you. So...I'll let you go without any trouble."

The yellow fem smiled, "Well thank you."

"But..." spoke the rainbow tailed fem.

The figure eyed them, "But what?" it had withdrawn the blades back into the sleeves of the coat.

The black fem answered him, "Sorry, we've been though a lot of ringers and trickers."

The figure held up its sleeved and gloved paws, "I'm not here to decieve you...truth be told...I've got my own hunters, and turning you lot in would get me back in their radar."

"Then...why don't we help eachother?" The rainbow tailed fem looked to him as the other two were curious.

The figure shook his head, "Sorry...but I've got my reasons for going it alone."

"...I see. At least I wanted to thank you for helping."

"Probably for the best you don't help him." The figure's head shot to the source of the voice. The fems noticed another ninetales...with a robotic tail and other robotic parts. She wore a black vest with red trimming, and G.O.R.D. in big red letters over her red, she also had a black, tight, leather pants. Next to her was a lucario, who had much the same robotic appearance and clothing.

The rainbow tailed fem jumped back, pulling her hammer out to defend herself. "Let me guess...Mr and Mrs. Trouble for him?" she pointed to the figure on the three headed Umbreon that is now in his control.

The ninetales laughed, "Hardly...we aren't a couple...we're just a team who've been sent to track down a mass murderer...ruthless assassin...and cold hearted traitor."

"Said the blood scented duo..." the black fem looked to the two. "Considering I'm an assasin of sorts I can tell your more dangerous than your letting on."

"Black....hold your ground...Yellow keep watch behind us." The rainbow tailed fem said.

The lucario shook his head, "We are only a threat to those who get between us and our three aren't in the way."

The ninetales nodded, "Right...are objective is to bring that traitor to the boss for analysis."

The rainbow fem spoke up again. "Should I ask whatis the problem to start with cause there has to be some thing to work with for everyone." She could tell tensions were tense so trying to have negotiations might at least calm things down. MIGHT...being the key word.

The ninetales sighed, "MightyenaD.O.R. there..."


She sighed again, "Fine...Mecha...betrayed G.O.R.D. and slaughtered hundreds of our men." she turned to Mecha, with sorrowful eyes, "...I just wish it wasn't you Mecha." The rainbow tailed fem had a feeling something might be wrong... though it doesn't look right as she looks to the other side to hear their story some.

The lucario cleared his throat, "We are G.O.R.D. and we desire to bring peace and longevity to the world and it's people. Our goal is honorable and well ment...but Mecha seeks only to keep the chaos going. He took two of our small time units...and rebelled, slaying hundreds of our militia soldiers...and several of the elites who watched over their little brethren." he shook his head, "He later slayed both his companions...then attacked our leader Praxis." Mecha chuckled, "Luckily..." Mecha's hooded head shot to them, "...master Praxis is still here to lead this world into a bright future."

"No way...he...survived?"

Yellow had to look at them...something was wrong with the picture...she can tell something isn't right as she looked at she had something bad to feel about them, as the rainbow tailed fem keeps her hammer ready looking on. Looking to the last of them a bit with a little wonder. "Aren't you defending yourself Mecha?"

He scoffed, "I can't deny anything they said of my actions...I'm a mass murderer...a traitor to G.O.R.D. and slayer of my friends who followed me into betrayal." he sighed, "And...I suppose in the end...that will be what G.O.R.D. brings to the world." he stayed silent, "...but..." The black fem saw him as he was still on the Umbreon as the other hounds are at least infront of him, "Praxis would do anything to achieve that honorable dream! He'd kill whole cities if just one person defied him! And all those in G.O.R.D. willing slaughter people, fathers, mothers, and children to accomplish this so called greater good! I left G.O.R.D. because that wasn't the right way to achieve a better world! And that's why I tried to end it...and why I shall try again!"

Black growled, "...I knew it...all that blood shouldn't be on any one that defends."

Yellow turned to the rainbow tails, "Jewel..."

"I know peace is going to be in the world... but if your killing just for one person I think it woulbe good if G.O.R.D. disbaned like the trash it is." She held her hammer forward as she silently signaled the girls to get ready to strike...knowing what might have to be done.

The two gord agents sighed, "Fine then...we shall fight. I am Mecha-NinetalesD.O.R."/ "And I am Mecha-LucarioD.O.R."/ NinetalesD.O.R. growled, "You shall in opposition to our crusade!"

Jewel grinned as she called out, "Maybe.... but biotechs are not one of the smartest fighters as far as I seen. Black, Yellow X strike!" The two glow as they move almost too fast to even robotic eyes....before the front of LucarioD.O.R. Got a powerful slash in an X infront of him... sending him into three trees...though two of them.

NinetalesD.O.R. growled, "Damn! That's unreal...and...Mecha would be a problem by him..." she yiped, leaping back as he slashed at her. She smiled, "You..." she closed her eyes, a look of utter happiness on her face, "...glad to know you don't hate me Mecha..." she lept to LucarioD.O.R. who was coughing, "'d be tough even for both of us...but...with these friends...I doubt we'll win." she helped LucarioD.O.R. up, "We'll take our leave then." she eyed the girls, "But none of you tramps better lay a hand on my Mecha! He's gonna be my husband to be."

Mecha sighed, "Oh for god's...that's not happening!" She just smiled at him, before they vanished in a puff of smoke. He sighed, "I's good to see they're good health."

"With friends like that...there asses." Black chuckled.

Yellow turned to the dark vixen, "BLACK...they're the foe."

"Doesn't make it any better."

"Sorry if we got involved but I don't think it'd be right if we just stood by." Jewel said to Mecha.

Mecha turned to her, and just eyed her. After several seconds of silence, he removed his hood, revealing his robotic implants, most prominent on his head being the faint red glow in his right eye. "I...thank you for the aid." he bowed.

"Your welcome..." Jewel had to smile. "Your not half bad." the trio then remembered, as a nose rubbed Mecha from behind.

Mecha turned, "Ahh guys...hmm...what do I do with you." he bobbed his head left and right, "I could let you tag along...but that would be a dead give away...course...I got to guys would be useful to have around."

"A party of two can do..."

Black nodded, "See ya."

Yellow smiled, "We'll see you around."

Jewel put her hand to the air. "RETURN!" the two fems flash...before they became energy... shooting into Jewelwriter.

Mecha nodded, "well...that solves them...but what about the pack issue I have...I can't just..." he smirked, and pulled out a disk. "Alright...I'm gonna digitize you lot." he smiled, "I'm gonna turn you into data and store you in my body, you'll reside in an area that you all create, and stay there until I need you and bring you into the real world." he chuckled, "Best part of this won't need to worry about data...I can keep you alive for as long as I live." he snickered, "Besides...I've been wanting to use the digitize disk." he threw the disc over the pack of canines...before they were turned into binary code and sucked into the disk. Mecha placed a paw on the disk, and it glowed, " stored."

Jewel chuckled, "That big bree you got might be handy if we need a ride but for now how about we take a trip?"

Mecha smiled, bowing, "Very well...I am happy to join you Jewel. My name is Mecha-MightyenaD.O.R. but I prefer and demand Mecha."

"Well the full name is Jewelwriter Eli Moonstar if we are getting that formal." she stuck out her tounge as she seemed more relaxed.

He growled, "Do that again...and I might eat that tongue of yours." he snickered, "It's nice to meet you Miss Moonstar." he shook her paw.

"I think Jewel would do better Mecha. And you trying to kiss me?" She chuckled.

He blushed, pulling back, "No! Of course not!"

"Oh relax....besides we just met and if you were hitting on me it would have been more clear."

He growled, "That wasn't funny." he was still blushing.

She chuckled, "I wasn't laughing at the threat...I was laughing because you seem rather cute from the moment."

He blushed more, looking away. "...Bah." She had to smile..walking with him as she knows things are going to be interesting between a magician and himself.

Chapter End Notes:

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