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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 2

A Mechanized Jewel: Ch. 2

Now in a town we can see Jewelwriter looking around as if thinking of something. Mecha was along side her, covered head to toe so no one would see him for what he was. "It's not easy finding a place to stay is it?" She had to look around for some place to stay around.

He looked about then pointed, "How about that inn?" it had a hotspring, and it had a sign, 'Rooms available.'

She nodded, "I got it." She smiled as she got her peruse out from behind her traveling bag.

As they headed toward it, Mecha was bumped into by a rather wealthy looking meowth, "Watch your step...curr." Mecha just kept walking, until they reached the lady who gave the room keys out, "How many rooms are available?"

"Um.... Your in luck... one room left..though it's quite good."

Mecha stared, "Just one..." he groaned, "And none of the others had open rooms..." he sighed, "I guess I'll sleep on a bench tonight."

"We'll take it!" Jewel held onto him as she chuckled.

"Ok. Here's the key....and thank you." He then saw Jewel paying the Garchomp up front.

Mecha sighed, "Well...enjoy the room Jewel." he started to head back outside to start looking for his "bed".

She yanked him by his arm, "Oh no I am not letting you to sleep out need just as much rest as me and that's it."

He blinked, "But...she said there's only one room..."

"So? I paid for the two of us still since I know it's one of those delux rooms that can hold more than one."

Mecha sighed, he knew there was no way of convincing her to let him sleep outside. "Oh and so you two know...we only have one both males and females use it together."

Jewel was surprised as she heard it, but nodded. "I think we can deal with it." Mecha just shrugged, he had no intention of using the'd give away what he was. He let Jewel drag him to their room. She at least got them to the room as she sighed...he saw two beds were in the room. "There you go."

He let out a sigh of relief. "Good." he got out of her grip, "I didn't think you'd want to share a bed with me after all."

"I knew you'd panic so I wanted to at least try to comfort...and if anything I'll ask if the hottub can be no one would see. After all I know you need time to adjust."

He shrugged, "Don't use you energy on my account..." he smiled, "But thank you Jewel."

"Hey... I'm happy to do it. You deserve it. Besides me and the girls sensed you had a bigger heart than what they had since they did, as black said smell more metalic...and that would be the blood scent that can be cleaned but hasn't been taken off."

He nodded, smiling. "Thanks Jewel." he layed down on the bed.

She chuckled, "take care...I'm getting a hottub moment."

He nodded, and waved, but then got up and thought about it, "Hmm...I suppose...sneaking a peak at her...even if she's in a swimsuit...wouldn't be to bad." he stealfully went to the hottube to see if he could catch her. He did find her as she really did know magic...changing into a two piece of a blue thong and bikini as she slipped in. He couldn't help but smile at the sight of her, especially in that scantilly clad dressing. And against that white fur and the fact she really kept in shape shows well. He smiled even more, blushing a bit as he took in his fill of the sight.

It was then she started glowing with her tails, as she held her hand to the air. "Color.... Release!" his eyes were blinded before his mind saw something he didn' was ten gals in there at once! His eyes lite up and he smiled big, he seemed to have pretty good luck...ten fems...all of them just a few strips of clothing from total nudity...and all were in a hot tube. Well he saw one was bold, the pink one going Nudist as they were talking about what they were curious about. Mecha put his back to the wall, so he could hear the conversation...and so he wouldn't be distracted by that oh so lovely sight. Yellow spoke up first, "You know we are going to have to talk to him eventually."

"I know but think he can handle knowing there's ten of us... and that were just full of magic?" One spoke out, but he never heard that voice before.

"I know... he'd know what is wrong with us for sure?" said another new voice.

Jewel sighed, "Now girls... we got to keep calm...we'll see what he does and if something goes wrong we know how to do disappearing acts." Mecha thought about it, and figured...those girls with Jewel had to be the real target for whoever put the bounty on her. He shrugged, he had heard stranger. The Green fem was the silent one, though he saw an image oddly in the staff's ring: A part robotic Mightyena was looking though a door. The red vixen looked up, surprised from what was going on. Mecha gulped, he guessed that wasn't too good. Since the mightyena was dress just like was him...looking through the same door.

Green Vixen stayed silent for a bit, then opened an eye. ~It's not easy to hide from me. Espcially since I'm the elemental of time and summons.~

He heard the voice in his head...she was using telepathy. With a sigh he walked in and bowed, "Uhh...sorry about that..."

The other girls were surprised, as Jewel turned....a little down but happy. "I was going to surprise you but seems you and Green spoiled it."

Green shruged ~He asked for it when he was peaking on us.... and PINK would you please put something on.... we got company.~ Pink sighed as she plucked the air a bit and soon made a thick white two piece appear on herself as the girls looked at him.

He cleared his throat, blushing, " don't need to put anything on my account." he looked away, "And I wasn't peaking."

Pink chuckled while Green athemed. Jewel smiled, "Well I might as well intro the you can tell they aren't normal." she pointed to each. "Red is over there." she was a red furred one tailed fem, like the others sans color that is their fur. "Blue, She's Orange, you met Yellow the youngest of the elemental girls, the oldest elementals Green." she gave a nod as she was mentioned, "Purple our hybrid, the sisters of balance Black and White.

"Pleasure sending that fighting type into the sky." Black snickered.

White smiled, "Nice to meet you."

"And the last of them is-"

"Nice to meet you hot stuff." Pink was quick to greet him as she was teasingly close. He soon saw her get a green glow as the elemental that spoted him floated her back into the water, "DON'T...try it." Well Green had a normal voice too.

Mecha blushed at Pink, "Hot stuff? Me? No..." he rubbed his head. "It's nice to meet you all...I'm Mecha."

They nodded knowing his name as Yellow spoke up. "It's good to see your not like those bounty hunters after us...some of them even magic users themselves."

He smiled, "I'm glad you aren't trying to kill me because of what I am."

Jewel smiled, "That's because there's more to a person than what is said bout them. Besides...I wasn't liking how they were proclaming peace since we haven't heard of some GORD in anything good or at all. And the governments are starting to get peace together so why would they even want to try if they are just new to it?"

Mecha shrugged, "I don't know." he leaned against a wall, to help relieve the annoyance of standing for so long. "G.O.R.D. is after it's own form of peace..."

"I got it. Madmon wanting to take over the world story!" The girls had to look at Purple on that. It was quite a colored outburst since it seemed to slip in like she predicted it.

Mecha shrugged again, "Probably...Praxis is insane enough." he adjusted his footing.

Jewel turned to Orange, "Orange if you please." She nodded...clapping her hands before he saw a chair appear made out of solid stone.

He smiled ,"Thanks...but...I'll be going...a place like this isn't ment for someone in as much clothing as I'm in."

"See you in a bit." He had to be glad they didn't invite him or they'd have more to be surprised about. But then again they seem like they seen things of the likes of him before. Mecha rubbed his head as he headed off, kinda wishing they had invited him in...he could use some relaxation. At least they didn't force him to do it as after a while Jewelwriter is back by herself and seems dry already. Mecha smiled, "Enjoy your soak?"

"Yep." Using her tails she shook them and soon he saw her back in her travelers clothing that he met her in.

He yawned, "I guess we should turn in for the night...and see where we'll go from here tomorrow."

"Yea....though if anything I'll have one of the girls watching over us for a time if you don't mind?"

He shook his head, "I don't mind at all."

She nodded as she called out Black as the dark fem nodded...taking to the darkness of the room for the time being while Jewel changed with her tails hiding her get ready for bed. Mecha watch, slightly amazed at how she was able to change clothing so easily. He yawned again then, and layed on the bed in his current clothing. She gets to sleep too.... Black having to watch over them to keep them safe. Mecha quietly slept, slipping into dream mode...and it was the usual...nightmares. Jewel was waking up hearing him whimper in his sleep. He started to toss and turn, as the visions kept diving into more and more unpleasant memories. He was soon shaken as he heard, "Mecha... Mecha get up!"

His eyes snapped open, and looked about, "What the...!?"

Her hand was holding him. "A bad...dream."

He sighed, "Ah...of course." he layed back.

Jewel held him. "...listen....if you need me let me know. You really seem bad off."

Mecha blushed in the hold, but nodded, "Right...thanks Jewel."

She nodded, "Welcome." she held him nicely. He was still blushing up, unsure if he should try to work his way out of the embrace...since he didn't want to send a hurtful he didn't want her to touch him. Her touch soon gave as she let go of him. He smiled sheepishly and rolled up on the bed, forcing himself back to sleep till morning.

He could smell breakfast, as Jewel woke up with a yawn. He smiled at her, "Morning Jewel."

She smiled back, "Morning."

He heard Red's voice, "Hey... breakfast is ready."

Mecha smiled, sniffing, "AHh...smells good."

" saugage, eggs, and bacon." Jewel had to smirk on that. Mecha blinked, unsure of what she was smirking about, but he was too hungry to care. Jewel was eating the tube saugage first as she mmmed it up. Mecha was chomping down everything indesciminently. She ate up more, before she finished up...checking things out as she gets out. He finished up his own meal and followed her, "So...where are we headed next?"

"...I'm going to do a show at Kobblestone Town so it'll be the next city from here before I try to head home."

He nodded, " Kobblestone then to...uhh...where ever the hell you're from."

She chuckled, "Softstone."

He blinked, "Softstone..." he broke out into laughter, "My god...what is it with you and minerals...Jewelwriter...Kobblestone...Softstone...I'm noticing a lot of gems, crystals, rocks, and other earthly minerals in your life."

"Funny..." She laughed. "Though you can blame my parents for the name."

He snickered, "What are their names? Rock and Ruby?"

"Rolla and Ron." she replied with a snicker, knowing she stoped his rolling joke storm about how the stones were coming up.

Mecha snickered, "Well...I was close...they both start with then...lets get going." He started walking for the direction of the town.

After a couple hours had passed he turned to Jewel, "Hey Jewel...what's your story...all I know about your life before now is that you met the nine fems...and that you're being hunted."

She sighed, "I should... but it's a bit of a mixed blessing that I gained for being the magic user of a city."

He smiled, " don't need to tell me anything if you don't want to Jewel."

She was starting to look to him as she started to speak out. "My family was lucky that I wasn born since I was a weakened from the fact my flame was weakened. The elder was looking over to me and he saw a great future in me to try and learn the power of magic. I studied it for quite a while...which lead me to know two good friends... Wic Bone and Samuel Maxster, a Cubone and Pikachu if your curious." Mecha nodded, listening intently. "Those two were close to me.... Wic was helping me train by showing his physical talent and Samuel was always by my side... and I have been happy about it all... that was till my 16th birthday." Mecha nodded solemly.

She sighed.... that day must have hit hard....she held a finger up as she spoke out, "Color release.. green." Soon he saw walking beside them was the time fighter, Green. Dressed in clothing that would suit a sage and summoner she neared Mecha. "I should explain from here... it still hurts her to remember that day since it was when she lost a lot."

Mecha nodded, "I understand."

"Jewel was kidnapped by some scyther that was aiming to hve fun with her before getting the so called bounty for her. Wic and Samuel whent to rescue her.. risking their lives though Samuel had never predicted how it woud end." As she spoke she spun her staff a bit as in it was a picture that was moving, showing the Scyther strike and then slash the Cubone out of the area... and into the woods...the Pikachu sparking as he slams his fist to strike. Soon he saw the bug glow.... before vanishing... the area growing darker as white lines were made as the bug vanished... so many nasty cut thoughs.

Mecha didn't flinch...he was used to sights like that...and thousands of times worse. But he did feel sorry for Jewel. It was horid to see someone turned into atoms though, as the bug turned to Jewel again, Green spoke back up, "Jewel was alone and only had her staff as she grips it hard as she didn't realize she was holding a firestone in a hand without knowing it due to her panic so.... she did evolve... the power radiating so hard.. she was sending him off the cliff... slain by the spikes below."

He nodded, "I see." he shook his head, "Poor Jewel."

After the mishap the adults asked her to try and seek a way to try and pay tribute to she traveling around to try and find a way...which lead her to learn about the girls."

Jewel stepped in, "I visited 9 places that were quite hard to find as far as elemental power."

"Well I'll let you try to complete the story Jewelwriter."

Mecha moved up to Jewel's side and hugged her, "I'm sorry about what happened to your friends Jewel."

"Must be hard to cry when you seen it."

He sighed, "...crying..." he looked up, "...Jewel...what's it like to cry?"

"It's at times joyful since you can't keep it in, but it also is when sadness is so unbarable."

He tilted his head down, "Is that what tears expression of true joy or true pain..." he chuckled, "Interesting..."

She nodded, "Trust me... deep emotions hit deeply."

Mecha walked on in silence for several seconds before he laughed, "You know...I've never been able to cry...not when I'm happy or sad...that ability was taken...since it was deemed...useless..."

"It's a painful thing to do."

"Shows how heartless people can be. If you can't express your ability to cry because it is called useless shows what kind of heart they have within. Yellow should modify you someday." Green said while still behind them.

Mecha turned, "No! No one's going to mess with me on that level."

"Ok.. at least I wanted to try and help a bit."

He sighed, "Sorry...but...there are things in this body...that can never be learned about..."

"Ok but if anything I hope you'll be fine about how you feel...eventually."

He smiled, nodding and hugging her again, "And Jewel...I'll protect you no matter what...I won't let your past repeat itself."

She blushed on his hug... before her tails and her hugged him back. "Thanks. In a way I know we'll be supporting eachother more through this."

"Now aren't you two cute as buttons... now step aside scrap before I cut the s off with my gun." someone was behind them as it was a Primeape with a Remoraid blaster.

Mecha turned and glared, "Scrap? Do you have any idea what I am?"

"yea.. one of those biotiek that got their brains replace by compudas."

Green appeared from behind the shooter "1... it's Biotech, 2... it's computers, 3...clean that mouth!" as a psy blast sent him to the ground as Jewel and Mecha look down to him. Mecha scoffed, and a gun appeared from his left shoulder. With a loud bang, a hole was left smoking and gaping...inches from the idiot's head.

"And four...don't try this again. It's not good for your health." Jewel turned.

Mecha smashed his gun, before heading off toward the town, "So...what's this you said about putting on a show?"

"I got to earn a living at times so why not as a magician?" She chuckled.

He smiled, "Cool." he chuckled, "I'm sure it'll be a great show...I can't wait."

She laughed, "Trust'll be fun."

He smiled, "I'm sure it will be." he laughed to himself, as the town came into sight.
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