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A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 17

The crew woke up to a full breakfast from Red as they got the map of their location and it was a trek to a place called Warrior Mountain, a place known for having several cities that serve as bounty hunter base camps but was the only way to get to Helping Hand's HQ. "By normal means," stated Green as Yellow got the pathway of a guide line to where to go. "It'll take 7 to 8 weeks by foot."

Mecha nodded, "Got it." he eats up while studying the map, the other DORs doing the same. Nina shook her head, "This is gonna get dicey...I can already tell."

Umbro smiled, "Anything worth the prize..." Espa finished for him, as usual, " worth the fight."

Jewel nods. "She's right. At least since our only mode of travel would either be by foot or the bre we'd probably be best keeping by foot or be noted by the others." Jewel saw from a side green near Mecha. Espa giggled lightly, Mecha obviously not noticing anything strange. Mecha wiped his mouth before speaking up again, " we actually know anything about Helping Hand?"

Green used her paw to get his attention, her other paw full with the staff she always held as she spoke up. "Allow me. Helping Hand is a company that has been in the way of 'assisting' mon that would be known for shady operations. By what yellow discovered few of their specialties is...biological technical enhancements & functions and weapon R&D with specializations of using what they quote as gemstone solid weapons."

Black had to jerk her head, almost gagging from eating while surprised. "You mean that they most likely supported the GORD?!"

Lancet nodded, "Praxis had to get materials from somewhere when he started out. I guess HH were the ones who helped him."

Mecha chuckled, "Ironic isn't it...they want the master emerald and Jewel...and what they end up doing is making their main task a thousand times harder by helping out Praxis."

Green chuckled from it herself, seeing how it was ironic. Jewel speaking up. "Well I wouldn't be surprised if they'd up the bounty and in turn have mon of all kinds turn themselves into monsters to try and get me."

"You and Mecha." Green sadly said, holding a rolled up pair of posters as Jewel undid one to have her eyes pop in horror. Mecha could see what the one he had was a picture with a question mark but it said Biotechnical Mightyena accompanying Jewelwriter. The Reward on his head was the same as Jewelwriter's: One wish granted with no restrictions short of company take over.

Mecha sighed, "I suppose it was bound to happen. Praxis did tell them about me."

Lucifer scoffed, "You three act as if this is a surprise and of concern. Bounty hunters aren't much worry. They won't stand a chance against us."

Blue had to clear her throat. Knowing being cocky isn't smart. "If you can remember, bounty hunters vary and there's a wide variety of them so thinking that they are all easy is just asking for 'this' to be handed to you." Blue said as Red chuckled while watching him react with his rump hit with a light cold shot.

Lucifer yelped, jumping in his seat, his face getting redder with a blush. The twins chuckled, Nina's snicker joining in with the laughs.

Green spoke up again as she felt better about it. "She's right. Meaning our foe is of varying difficulty and I wouldn't be surprised knowing that we might be in a bounty hunters trap considering the forest the base is hiding in is surrounded with those energy hounds all over the place. Even with our Umbreon Cerberus we best be ready for anything." As the crew finished up Yellow got a palm pilot to help them when needed with the map she downloaded.

Everyone nodded, stretching as they finished up their meals. Nina sighed, "Guess we're leaving huh? We just got here too."

Espa nodded, "It was nice being home for awhile." Umbro hugged his sister, "Even if only for a little while."

Lancet shrugged, "Not much we can do here though. We got to stop the bounty on the darling couple's we can't just rest."

Wic nodded. "Don't worry dear. At least we can make a new life for us when this unwanted organization is clipped down." he said while hugging her. Pink watched the two as she watched them hug, her tail waving to the sight.

"So you care to get anything before going or do you got all we need Lancet?" Black asked while Jewel and Mecha set things up.

Everyone shook their heads. Lucifer did go up to Mecha, "Mecha...not sure...but...I thought you'd might want this." he handed the mightyena the picture that he, Blue, and Red found in their room. "This picture is all your allies before ...that mishap. Right Mecha?" Jewel asked him while Green can see how he reacted to it.

He sighed, "Kitara...Jack...they weren't just allies Jewel...they were my friends."

Jewel and Green held him a bit as Green tried to speak on Jewel's behalf. "Friends like that are hard to come by." Green said.

"Yea. And sorry. I messed up there. Sorry" the mage apologized though kept a note on Green's action.

Mecha nodded, "'s cool Jewel. And thanks." he carefully slipped the picture out of the frame, putting it in his pocket. "Thanks Lucifer." the dragon nodded.

"That's big of you fireball. Happy to have got with you." Red said as she hugged him from behind as best the vixen could.

Lucifer blushed, smiling, "Thanks Red."

"Welcome" as she kept on his back Blue kept besides the Char as the rest of the crew is ready to get moving. Everyone nodded, and began marching off, Mecha staying silent and in thought.

Jewel noted something as she thought it would be best to keep quiet though Green kept near while walking with them. ~Need someone to talk to Mecha? Or um...mind talk to in this case.~ she offered. Green knew she could do more but didn't want to invade the most personal of spaces, his mindset.

He was silent for awhile, hear me? I'm...not this...~

Green nodded. ~I had to help Jewel when she was not opening up to me, Yellow Orange, Blue, and Red so it's the least I could do to help someone such as you. In a way you two are almost least...when it comes to sad paths.~

He nodded, ~Yeah. Guess you're right. I miss them Green.~

~I can feel that.~ she told him as she looked to Mecha in a way that was different from her usual mentality set, holding his paw. ~And I can guess despite what they have experienced that the two of them and you are still connected at the heart.~

Everyone started looking at Green, blinking at the sight. Mecha was lost in the thought though, before smiling, ~I're right. Thank you Green.~

Green told him with her mind how she felt. ~Yeaj dopxeno. Or as you guys would put it...Your welcome.~ He smiled, nodding.

Jewel spoke up. "You two feeling ok?"

"Besides the feeling we got a numerous eyes looking at a few of us like food I honestly feel good thank you." Green responded as she knew Blue, Red, Black, and Pink could feel the unease.

Mecha nodded, "I'm fine." he blinked, looking at the others, oblivious as to why they had been staring. Green had to let go as she was glad she was still facing away from the others as she was blushing, keeping her senses open as if radar to find out if someone is coming.

Espa giggled, ~Not the most subtle of methods...but...given that it's was subtle enough.~

Green had to ahem as she mentally spoke back. ~You heard what I told him didn't you?~ She noted the tone of Espa's message while she noted that the energy draining hounds are starting to get closer around them.

Espa snickered, ~Yeah. I know they're getting closer too. In fact...they're almost in range.~

Green smiled before she hard what was said. "Watch the Pidgey!" An explosion hit over head as the GPS shut off on the spot as the ex-GORD crew felt some of it as it was an electronic bomb meant to short them out. Green's eyes focused as a Girafarig appeared as he yanked off a cloaking device while in the path of the crew. "My lucky day, a bounty and her guard. Knew setting up towers along the forest edge will get a catch of a magic user, and you'd make 10."

The DORs didn't flinch though, Espa giggling, "You really thought we'd be so easy to take out. We're part organic too. EMP bombs are useless on us." The twins went feral. Espa keeping up the conversation, ~And we did notice your pets. Now...notice this!" She leapt up, Umbro's energy creating a dome around the group, Espa crying out as a psychic blast shot out, blasting anything not protected by the barrier away and out cold for at least an hour.

The hounds were clocked as the Psy pokemon had to glow as he jumped. "Double Summon, TONBERRY, SALAMANDER fight for this summoner!" With two lights surrounding him the gang saw a Cubone wearing a cloak and a dagger made of bone while holding a lamp and wingless charizard but burning all over with a growl and unearthly glow in the eyes.

"Well he's not playing around, though we might get more hounds soon." Jewel said noting some feet are nearing from the far end.

Mecha had his blades out, "Kill the summoner the summons go back...easy enough." The Cubone was fast to go at him first as the summoner glowed blue in the eyes, giving a quick message to the smaller mon to go at the most dangerous of the crew as howls were sounded. Blue got near the barrier's edge as she watched the hounds trying to near. "I can see this'll get a little crowded." Jewel got ready knowing this'll be a pain if this keeps going.

Mecha easily kept pace with the cubone, glaring at the summoner, "Sorry bout this man...but I got to go through you to get to him."

Espa leapt up again, letting loose another psychic blast, knocking away more of the canines. When she landed she panted heavily, exhausted from the attacks. Umbro didn't have need for the psychic blocking sphere so he dropped it and went to make sure no more hounds proved a problem. Lucifer was feral, fighting against Salamander. Blue joined in with Ice Beams from afar as Green helped Espa stand up, sending a message to Jewel as the Summoner goes at Mecha's love with a bow. "Mecha, watch that blade Tonberry has! It hurts as much as you killed and I rather not find out how painful that is." Jewel called out, thankful to know that from Green while the others took care of the rest of the mess around them.

Mecha gulped, not liking what he had just heard. Standing at the ready. "Let's see how much bad KARMA you got!" the Cubone said as he puts the lamp down, the blade glowing as if a ruby made up part of it, giving the mon a chuckle as he goes at Mecha. Salamence meanwhile had double trouble as Red's fireballs pelted the summon which distracted it from Lucifer. The hounds were still coming as they try to take bites of the heroes against them but fall as they couldn't get fangs into the Umbreon or Blue and others that kept them back.

Mecha tried to push the male back, as Lucifer stomped his enemy. Umbro and the other DORs making easy work of the feral feeders. A psy glow held the summon going at Mecha as Green called out. "Mecha now! I got him held down for now." As Jewel evaded flying mute tags coming at her as the male had them on darts. "If it wasn't for the fact that you wasn't wanted alive I would have called for bigger summons."

Mecha cuts through the summon, sending him back home, "Thanks Green!" aims with his shoulder cannon, blasting the summoner. The Girafarig yelped as he kissed floor and soon saw Jewel capture him with a few rings of light energy. Mecha smiled, watching as Salamander vanished, and the magic eaters fled. Jewel yanked the mon up to glare at him. "You should be glad that I don't like to harm others for punishment. My friends and lover have other ideas."

The male glared, eyeing the summoner with his blades drawn. The summoner could see the look on the other's faces, gulping. "This, is going to hurt isn't it?" he looks at the one approaching, knowing without any of his powers he's a living bull's-eye. Mecha was over the male, "How to deal with you?"

"Just a moment." Green said pulling a green gem from the pocket and shattered it with a strike of her staff, the warp towers for the hound that draw magic and energy gone which had them running out of the area for good and some gold. ~He knows no one after us since I checked his mind. Put him along with the trash if you please.~ Mecha nodded, doing just that with a smirk.

Jewel winced as Green pat her shoulder, knowing she was happy it was over even if a little messy as Mecha finished with the mon, his body in pieces for scavengers to enjoy. Pink giving a sigh seeing no one got injured from all the mess. Mecha grumbled, "Now...I got to wash up." It was a moment later the crew got a bit of a moment of comedy as Mecha got washed with the spell Rain of healing before getting blow-dried by Jewelwriter.

Mecha grumbled, smirking at Jewel, "Gee...thanks." he tried to smooth his puffed up fur. A few chuckles all round ended as Green used her psy powers to send his fur back to normal. He smiled, "Thanks Green."

Green nodded. ~No problem. So shall we resume? And before you ask, she did it to herself at times too so as to not to get in a bind with time.~

Mecha nodded, "Alright...let's get going gang!"

The others got moving as Green joins Jewel and Mecha, Pink is with Umbro and his sister Espa, Blue walks with Lucifer with Red holding onto his back, Wick and Nina together, and Black binding her tail on Lancet's while they make their way.


A vulpix in ribbons looked to her home as she wore a backpack full of the stuff she thought she needed, and her one tailed teddy as she looked at one of the cloths hanging on a tree. "Where's my sister going?" as if to answer her it formed an arrow pointing in a direction. "Thank you." With that she took off, hoping to find her as best she could.
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