AGNPH Stories

A Mechanized Jewel by testa


Chapter 16

Green sighed as she spoke up to the Espeon as she held her staff. "It's hard to ask since you're probably more of an expert in the subject than me...but what does it feel like to have someone?"

Espa smiled at Green as they rode atop the 3 headed umbreon, "It's great...Umbro makes me feel like I' I'm..." she blushed lightly, " I'm all that matters in his world...I feel so feels better than any form of sex...truth be told."

Green nodded a bit. "I see." she spoke softly as she looked to her. "I admit it's hard to seek someone that could stand the being that is me since I admit I'm, different from the average female. But then again you're no average female yourself."

Espa nodded, "True..." she snickered, ~Why not try Mecha? I've seen how well you two get along. I'm sure Jewel wouldn't mind sharing him.~ she giggled some more. Her cheeks had to blush a bit from the idea but it was something to consider as she looked at her. ~Bold move from an incestual female. But I will consider the idea. Since I know the choices aren't easy.~

Espa grinned, "You say incestual like it's a bad thing? I mean...since we're's kinda like his cock was made for my pussy." she snickered, her brother smiling big.

"I know. But at least I know it's quite as shocking as the idea you given me." Green said but then spoke mentally. ~Not that I'm saying it isn't against the law of the heart of course.~ she looked ahead as the crew had a smooth path to find a clearing within the forest.

In the clearing was a large bunker like structure. Everyone got off the umbreon, Mecha recalling it as they stepped toward the structure. Mecha took in a deep breath, "It goes all GORD bases."

Nina walked up, "Home sweet home...right guys?" Lancet nodded, as did Espa and Umbro. Mecha just took in another deep breath, "It's been awhile since I've been back here."

It's when he saw yellow appear beside Mecha as Jewel looked around since they kept the hounds of trouble away. "You mean this place used to be where you started as...a GORD agent?"

Mecha nodded, "At least...where me, Umbro, Espa, Nina, and Lancet started. This is where I came to be...this is where I met them." he sighed, holding his chest, "This is where Praxis put the Master Emerald inside me."

Yellow grinned a bit. "If my trick did it then I could be able to hack into the system from here and find the blueprints since I know I locked out all of the controls Praxis had except the self destruct which only worked for destroying the building instead of the system."

"Maybe." Jewel said but looks around. "But if this place hasn't been used for a while then we can say that the place might be full of feral mons."

Mecha shook his head, "No...someone's here...the place hasn't been abandoned at all. wasn't THAT long ago that we crushed GORD."

"I know it wasn't long since we got GORD down but I thought the guy would have left some base alone after use sands a random check." Jewel said as she can understand how Mecha thought.

"Then let's enter with care so we can take care of our foes." Green advised while using her psy power to look around.

Everyone nodded, heading inside, past the shut door. Mecha traced his paw along the wall, "It's been so long..." he quietly whispered to himself. Green looked around as she took in the history the place emanated as Jewel gulped a bit from seeing how deep this place is. Eventually they reached the elevator, Mecha nodding, "We'll take the elevator the B5. It's the final floor, and where the control room is. We can check all the cameras when we get down there." They nod as Jewel recalled the girls to her so they didn't take up much space. Looking ready as she got her hammer out ready to fight if needed.

When the group got down, they found the room empty. "Wow..." Jewel Looks around. "...quiet place isn't it?" Yellow came out as she was going to the computers to see what she could access.

"Well well...looks like quite a number of gals are here." a voice cackled, as a robotic shiftry stepped out, "My...and a few are old acquaintances."

Jewelwriter glowed red as she kept a flame on her finger. "Well, you're the welcoming crew. Nice to meet you."

The two female DORs snarled at him, Mecha casting a deadly glare, "ShiftryDOR." Yellow kept near the computer as he got introduced. "Old timer of the place?" Jewel asked as she kept her eyes on the grass type.

"Old!? You disrespectful cunt!" He glared.

Espa snarled more, "Watch it...even Pink wouldn't be able to stand this guy...he's fucking little more than a rapist."

Jewel nodded a bit. "So what you doing here... shiftryDOR? You're out of a job already."

The male glared, "Fucking slut...I'm going to fuck that cunt so'll be loose for the rest of your life!"

She shook her head on that. "As if I'd let you fuck me you limp weed of a spruce!" Her eyes glow red as Yellow glows, getting into the computer to get the info she could while red appeared with her paws aflame. "? Who's the old oak?" Red asked.

Jewel athems. "the 'old oak' is ShiftryDOR.... though he should learn to not be mean to fems."

"Yea" Red said as she made a flameball. "And cooking him by the fire could work."

He glared, "Old oak! I'm gonna beat the shit outta you two. And why should I treat a fem any different...only thing a gal is good for is fucking...that's it. Worthless sluts should just do what Arceus made them for."

Red had to glare at him but it was then they heard a call out. "IM GSO MUNO EV PEFO I XSUPPOMTO GSO DOUQ EUQ... SO'H NIMO!" it was a surprise the pink energy shot from Jewel's tail and right into the open in front of the male, though the others could see the look on her eyes didn't show the usual playfulness. Her bow and arrows at the ready.

ShiftryDOR smirked, "My my...what a positively slutty looking fem! At least she knows her place...just for that...I'll make sure you enjoy my thick tree." he cackled. Espa and Nina were frothing at the mouth, their mates trying to hold them back.

Pink didn't let it get to her as her arrow was faster than he imagined as she shot his right eye out with one shot. "I'm the elementean of love. Former daughter of the leader of my home where earning the person and showing how deeply you believe in the bonds between you and the other mattered the most. I'll be sure you feel the stings of your injustice!" With that she was armed with another arrow.

"Worthless little bitch! I'm going to fuck that ass raw!" He rushed her. His sight was gone for good as his other eye joined the first in death. "If you try that one more time I will aim for a vital. Your weak and should be glad you're alive." Pink armed herself as she saw the others around her watch in the anger of the element show. He glared, "Fucking cunt...I'm going to make you wish you had LET me fuck you!"

Pink breathed deep. "May my arrow strike truthfully, straight, and with honor." With that her eyes glow as she pulled her arrow back. "Deathblow! Mental Disaster!" With that the last arrow speared though his skull with the power behind it, taking his gray matter with him as it shows though a hole right between the eyes.

Everyone calmed down, Mecha going up to Pink, rubbing her shoulders, "He's dead Pink...calm down." Pink deeply breathed from that. "sorry, but knowing a guy like that lives for such's enough to make me want to burn something."

"That's my job Pink so sorry on that." Red joked trying to lift the mood a bit.

Mecha sighed, rolling his eyes, "I know a good way that'll fix that for you." He pushed her to the twins, "You two...have fun with her. I think we'll spend the night here...Yellow? It is all clear in the rest of the building right?" he looks to the consol as Yellow came out.

Yellow came up as a mini icon on screen as she spoke up. "All seems clear inside though by radar their are at least several summoning towers nearby, which those hounds are using to go in and out of our world."

"So we're a bit stuck if going by magic." Red said looking at the map as Mecha got to the console. Pink yelped a bit as she was soon in their hold. Mecha shrugged, "We can worry about it later...for now...I say we get to the rooms and rest up." The others nodded, as Pink was led off by the smiling twins.


Jewel followed Mecha as she released the other colors to join their own lovers. Green staying with Yellow to get details and run security. Jewel looked around as she pet a wall. "It's odd being in what used to be your home."

Mecha smiled, as he and Jewel got his old room. "'s been so long since I've been here." he chuckled, "My old bed...I've kinda missed it." he laid on it. "Must bring back a lot of thoughts doesn't it?" She said as she knew how it felt like to be back in a place called home.

"Yeah." he sighed, smiling a bit, "It''s been so long since I've been here...I've killed so many...I've lost so much...but...I gained you too..."

"I know the feeling of lost...and found. a way it's two lost souls finding each other isn't it?" She said as she came near her love, tails waving. He smiled, nodding in agreement, looking up at the familiar ceiling. "Huh?" She looked up with him as her tails go around the back of Mecha, to hold onto him. On the ceiling was a message, "Don't forget big little sis is rooting for ya!" it was followed by a picture of him next to an absol. They were standing back to back, smiling.

"AbsolDOR?" She asked.

He shook his head, "She wasn't a DOR...she was just a grunt...but...she was a good person." he chuckled, "She acted...a little like Ribbon actually."

"Wow...that's kind of deep." She smiled, looking up as she soon was next to him. He nodded, wrapping his arm around her, sighing. "I love you Jewel."

"I love you Mecha. No matter what comes into our way I'll love you." she said, holding his paw. He held onto hers, kissing her cheek. "I wonder...if she's still rooting for me."

"I'd say, yes. But then again I can't use white's angelic powers like she could." Jewel said as she's looking to the ceiling. He chuckled, nuzzling her. Jewel blushed up, nuzzling back as her paw rubbed his more. He smiled, kissing her cheek, before nuzzling it. She was nuzzling back as her paws felt his body, taking in the details that were her yena. He chuckled, getting a little tickled from it, as he licked her cheek. Jewel turned to kiss him as she purred and felt warm. Mecha smiled at her, getting lost in her eyes. "So beautiful."

"All see is a handsome mon if you ask me." Jewel said, chuckling from it. He blushed, smiling timidly at her. Giving a smile she neared him, kissing him when her face was to his. He smiled at her, kissing her back. Blushing up as she started to kiss deeper as her paw rubbed his chest. He murrled lightly from it, not letting their kiss break. She was kissing with him, keeping it up as she tried to keep it going. He murred more, breaking the kiss for breath. While he panted, he gave her a smile. "I love you."

She panted but smiled to him as well. "I love you too." Her paw rubbed his body more. He murred lightly, resting his head against hers, his paws running through her head fur. Jewel had to chuckle, covering him in her tails as if a blanket. A smile upon her face as she leaned her head to his as well. He gave her a sweet lick to the nose, smiling as his paw pet her tails. "Cute." she laughed it up as the two kept close, her paw running along his back and body while looking to him.

He couldn't help but murr from it, smiling at her sweetly. She smiled about it as Jewel had to be curious, slowly rubbing all along his back and going down. He started to gain a small blush as he felt her paws work down his body. Giggling she started to slowly play with his rear. He was crimson underneath his fur. "It's just us, no other element in me." She said to convince him as she stroked his tail and kissed his cheek.

He went even redder, "It's just...I'm not used to having...there...fondled."

"Well I wanted to play with you like this if you don't mind." She said as she had to giggle from it, stroking his tail a bit faster while looking to him sweetly.

"Oh...I don't mind." he smile, shaking lightly from it, murrling. She nodded as she started to stroke his tail more and sweetly. He smiled, giving her the same treatment. She felt him do that and giggled from it as it made her ticklish from how he felt up her tails. He smiled, keeping it up. "Like that?"

"It's very good thanks." Jewel said while chuckling, looking to him with her eyes. He smiled, licking her nose again, before his paws found her sides...and started to tickle them. Having the case of the giggles had her laughing louder, trying to keep from falling onto her sides. He chuckled keeping it up, smiling big as he tickled on. She was gasping and laughing it up as she was loving it so good as she closed her eyes into a laughter fit. He smiled, keeping it up for a bit more, before coming to a rest on her. A giant smile plastered on his face said he was enjoying tonight.

Looking up to him she had to blush and pant. Looking to his face. In a way this is quite a wonderful night. "Jewel..." he smiled at her, his lips hovering over hers."I love you. With all my heart."

"I love you too Mecha. Always and forever." She was able to smile as she kissed him anew while he was over her. While they kissed, his paws roamed her body, working under her clothing. Jewel blushed as she felt him touching as he can tell she was growing excited, her own paws starting to slip under his too. He smiled, as he started to slid her vest off. As he did that she helped him undress, taking off the jacket he wore. He smiled, taking her tank top off next.

Now topless she felt her breasts bounce free as she blushed up a little, letting him enjoy the view for a while. And he was certainly enjoying it, as he stripped off his vest next. She had to giggle, watching his chest with a smile, feeling quite happy at the show. He smiled, wrapping his lips around hers again, his paws groping her chest. Giving a low moan, Jewel felt him pleasure and molest her as she murred in joy. He murred himself, his paws leaving her chest to undo her pants. She adjusted her hips to help him take at her as she smiled from his work, giving a long smile as her pants are worked off. With her only in panties, he joined her in a pant less state, kneeling over her in his boxers.

Her sex was growing wet while seeing him in just his boxers as she took in the view, the tails behind her waving softly. He smiled, kneeling down, his snout in her groin before a lick when up her clothed covered sex. She had to moan as she felt him slurp her good, getting her wetter while loving the moment as it stirred her more and more. He smirked, not letting up on her, his tongue continually going over the cloth covered treasure. "Ohhh y..YES" She moaned out, her paw holding his head. He growled happily, slurping on. Her juices feed him as she groaned out so wonderfully, blushing out so wonderfully, enjoying it all the more.

And he wasn't letting up in the least, his tongue slurping over her box again and again, getting what nectar it could from her panties. Her eyes kept shut as she moaned his name, feeling so good and happy from his touch as she purrled out in bliss. "YEs.. Mecha... more... Mmmm more!" He happily obeyed, slurping on, lapping at the cloth covered love tunnel. She couldn't stand it as she was soon cumming with a long scream of bliss, her head trashing a bit in joy. Mecha smiled, managing to suck up a large amount from her panties.

Panting she looked to him, blushing up from it. He smiled at her, sliding her drenched panties off, removing his boxers soon after. "I love you Jewel." he put his tip to her entrance. Using a little magic she giggled, blowing a kiss to him as a little magic made a heart appear to him. "I love you too Mecha." She could feel the tip prod her as she was ready for him. With a happy smiled, he pushed into her.

Giving a low moan she felt him so good, griping him within her as she took all he gave her. He groaned out, a big smile on his face, before his hips started to gently thrust. Jewel sat up, looking to their union in joy, feeling each hump fill her then escape her, gaining moans in the process. He smiled, moaning out with her, his head nuzzling hers as he pumped on. She nuzzled back, holding her love to her as he took her, loving each pump filling her and having her want more of him. He panted out, smiling, moaning her name out lightly. She moaned his name as her breasts bounced at the pace they kept, her tails going while in the moment. He panted and groaned, smiling big as he humped on, "Jewel!"

"Oh fuck Mecha!"She moans out in bliss as she's pumped on and loving it. He pants and groans, humping on. "Yes oh fuck yes Mecha!" Jewel purrled out she felt him take at her. He gave a loud groan, panting as he kept on plowing. Groaning out to him she gripped him into her, loving it as she felt so good. He gave out a loud moan, panting harder, his limit nearing. She was growing close too as she called for him by name, wanting him to send her over the top. He managed to hold on a bit longer, before he hilted in with a howl. She groaned out in bliss, feeling him in her as she came with him, arching her back in bliss.

He panted, laying on his side, nuzzling her face. "That was...great Jewel."

"I agree. Your...fantastic...Mecha." she said, barely able to keep her eyes open as she panted with him. He smiled, petting her cheek, kissing her gently as she fell asleep. With her pressed against his body, he quickly joined her.


Nina giggled, leading Wic into her room, smiling as it still had all of her stuff in it. "It hasn't changed a bi...i..Achoo!" she giggled, "a bit dusty."

"Bless you." he said quickly while looking at the room, pardoning the dust layer...or layers that have gathered. She smiled, "Thank you Wic." she smiled, "Still...even with the room is still the same." she giggled, getting the dust on her bed off with a quick quilt flick in the hall. "There. Least we don't have to sleep in dust." she giggled.

"Yea." He said, putting the bone weapon he had down against a wall. "This isn't bad. Though I can imagine you never thought of this happening. In a way." He was trying to find the words as he knew she had thoughts of a mon in her room. She smiled, "Yeah...been so long since I've been here." she giggled, "I've kinda missed it."

"At least tonight your home." He said though looked around. "Though the question is trying to think of a new home, for us someday."

She blinked, "Why? What's wrong with this place?"

"Nothing." He said but looked to her. "I was just thinking of what we might do for making a home for the two of us when this adventure is over."

She smiled, "Wic." she had a tail wrap around his paw. "You're so sweet." The ground type blushed as he heard her say that. "Thanks. Though at least for now I'm in your home and I'll enjoy every bit of it I can hot stuff." He said petting her tail, knowing she's got eight more ready to ambush him. She smirked, her tails quickly latching onto his body, "Thanks...Bone rusher." she giggled.

He had to chuckle from it before realizing her tails got him, and kept laughing as he got closer to her. "I'm not going to hear the end of the bone jokes, am I?" he had to ask her, probably knowing the answer but it sounded like he wanted her to keep them up.

She smiled at him, winking, "As long as you got a bone that I love to help bury...than yeah...pretty much."

"Then I'm going to have to be sure to give you reasons to moan for it too." He said while rubbing her, his paws enjoying her soft luxurious fur. She murrled out, smiling big, "I think I'm going to like that." she giggled, her tails rubbing him. He chuckled and started to grin and ooh at her tails work while he started to rub her body. She murred at him, her tail starting removing his clothing, "Tell me you think I'm beautiful?"

He started to help her lose her own clothing but stopped as he heard her say that. "Yes, I know you're beautiful."

She smiled, "Do you love me?" her tails began to rub his thighs.

"Yes." as he got back to undressing her. "I do love you. What could make you say otherwise?"

She giggled, "Nothing." she looked to him, "Do you want to make love to me?"

"Very much thank you." He said with a murr while feeling so hot as he got her lower clothing removed. She smirked, a tail rubbing at his gems. Giving a low moan she knew he was fully hard as he was happy to enjoy the view of his love while he started to pleasure her with groping her breasts. She moaned out, her tail wrapping around his member, stroking it while she was fondled. He was groaning and kept it up as she was getting him to precum to her tail, his touch going lower. She grinned, letting out a moan as her tail kept working him.

He pawed at her while he moaned and smiled back to her, still groping a breast while he did so. She shivered, murrling out in joy, her tail stroking him faster. Humping to her tail, Wic murrled out as he leaned a bit to start to suckle and grope at her breasts as he pawed her good. Nina let out a loud moan, smiling big, her tail working his shaft, a second tail coming in to help. He moaned longly as he kept suckling and pawing her, his rod pulsing as he precums and used his tongue to tease her good. She shivered, murrling out in bliss, "yes." He muffled a groan as he humped to her work, pumping more fingers to her with more luster. She groaned out, thrusting into his fingers, her tails working his shaft even faster.

Humping to her he was feeling close to losing it as he tweaked her nipple while pawing faster. She groaned out, "Wic...I'm...gonna..." she wailed out, her juices gushing out to drench his paw, her tails working his cock at their fastest. He lightly nipped her nipple as he groped her in the mist of his orgasm, shooting his white along her tails. She groaned out more, shivering, feeling his seed cover her tails. Wic panted as he felt such soothing joy rushing her body, murring from it. Giving a moan to her breast he looked up to her. She giggled, petting him, "You up for more Wic?"

He chuckled as he nodded, letting go of her nipple while taking a taste of her when e pulled his paw out of her. She smirked, getting on the bed, on all fours. She raised her tails up, waving them invitingly to him, "I do believe I'm about to be hit by a bone rush." Wic chuckled it up, knowing his last name is going to go far in this relationship as he got to aim into her with a groan of bliss. She joined his groan with her own, smiling big. Taking a tail per paw he started to do just as she said: hit her with Bone Rush, though he knew this bone won't harm her but clearly will get her sex hammered. She let out a wail, smiling big, "Oh gods! Yes Wic!"

"Nina, you...tight vix." He groaned as he kept her tails in his grip before going for a hammering session as he sent his personal bone deep into her, panting her name. She moaned out, thrusting back to meet him, wailing out his name, her face the picture of lustful joy. Captivated with his lover's moans and motions he tried to go faster, letting out a feral groan at times as he tried to hammer in deeper. Nina moaned out, groaning in bliss, panting hard as she was taken.

He wasn't letting up as he humped harder. An eye closed as he watched her take the hammering as he tried to slam in harder. She groaned out with each thrust, panting hard as she quivered and shook beneath him. He tried to keep it up as he grunted to her wonderful feeling love tunnel, her face driving him to the edge as he groaned. She saw he was near, and panted out, "cum in me Wic...fill me up...I want your cubones!" she was close to her own explosion. He nodded before going forth, pounding her a few more times before hilting in, taking a firm grip on her tails as he shot into her with a strong volley of white bone juice into her. She didn't scream out, she only twitched as she came upon the first splurt from his member, her face a mask of pure pleasure.

Exhaling he sighed as he kept in her as his cumming finished as nicely as it started. She smiled at him, faintly whispering his name before clonking out. He adjusted himself as he kept in her. His mind wondering with a smile before hugging her.

Lancet smiled, " room." he bowed, letting Black in. Black took a look around as she got a visual into some of the mind of her Lucario. It was pretty obvious he was into combat, since his walls had spears, naginatas, swords, and even a scythe on them. She was looking at his stuff though he could tell he got her interest with the weapons as she was noting the blades. "Impressive. I bet you scared a few fragile girls with this." pointing to the blades besides her as she had the kind of smirk she had when going for silent kills for some of her foes.

He blushed, rubbing his head, "I've...never gotten a gal in the room...short of Nina...but...we never...did THAT."

The dark fem had a snickering fit while nodding to him. "Of course. Miss TeaseDOR couldn't stand to lift her tail or lend a paw to help out other than who she wanted." She imagined how those encounters came out.

Lance blushed, looking away, " make it sound like I wanted to fuck her."

She slips away from the weapons to him. "I wasn't saying you wanted her. But I was saying she was a rear for teasing and being as revealing as she is while round you instead of who she wanted. Of course, you are a lot better than her if you ask me." she said to him while trying to be cute.

He blushed, smiling slightly, "Black..."

"Yes?" she asked while her tail waved with a grin.

He looked to her, "I love you."

"I love you too." She purred and started to take his stuff off, nose to nose with him. He smiled, murrling at her, helping her take off his clothing. She took her time with his pants, as her tail bounced a bit, her tongue slurping at her lips at what is ahead. He smiled, his pants dropping, boxers soon joining them. She grinned as she moved herself up to suckle on his personal sapphires. He groaned out, smiling big. She kept it up as she slowly traveled upward, taking a moment to lick the base of his sheath before going upward.

He groaned, his hard shaft twitching from the attention. Her smirk showed as she started to taste her lover, going from the base and slowly working her way up, knowing she was teasing him with each lick. He moaned out, resting a paw on her head, "Oh Black...that's good."

"Wait until I start feeding." She purred while starting to really slurp his member while working him over with tension. He groaned, panting out as he enjoyed her treatment. Her paws held his gems as she finally got to the tip after all the licking, and now suckled his tip. He groaned, smiling big. Grinning she took more of it as she suckled him deeply, her maw working him over. He panted and moaned, smiling big as he enjoyed every bit of her oral work. Taking more of his rod she was going with such a purr, suckling on.

His moans and groans echoed out in the room, as he enjoyed it so much. She purred, slowing as she bobbed her head, grinning as she knew how strained he is, just as she wanted. He panted, groaning out from it. Licking her lips she got up giving a devious snicker to him. He whimpered lightly, "That's...cruel."

"Well..." she explained as he saw her undressing herself. " else are you going to enjoy me if I'm not in the right attire?" He smiled, his tail waving from the sight. She grinned, now to just her panties as she pulled a Taunt at him. She knew she asked for it and yet, itching to know how he'll get her for it. He slammed and pinned her to the bed, ripping her panties off before slamming his cock into her. "LANCE! OHHH!" With her love showing his power the element could only take the canine's lustful fury as his meat dove in like a beast's.

The male moaned out, panting hard as he slammed away at her. Her moans sound off as she felt him fuck at her relentlessly, her legs holding onto him as she wailed his name. He groaned out her name in response, his hips blurring as he took her. She gripped him as best she could as his dick was going at her faster, a slight blush on her face as she enjoyed it. The male didn't let up in the least. Her screams of bliss had her gripping the bed in the fury, taking a look at her mate as she had to wonder how he was loving it.

The look said it all; he was in heaven, his tongue hanging out as he fucked her pussy raw. "I fucking..." Black groaned out s she felt him fuck her so good. " you... Lance!" He humped on for several seconds, before hilting in, "Black!" his seed gushed out. She screamed out as she came to him as her legs gripped him, really whimpering out in pure pleasure, her body arching as she felt his gift sink deep into her. The male panted, holding onto her, laying on top of the dark vixen. Black smiled, knowing she's got him so full, and had to purr as she licked his cheek. "Worth every bit." She purred to him, feeling so happy.

He smiled back, kissing her sweetly, before laying his head down to sleep. She joined him in slumber soon after, a smile upon her face.


Pink giggle as the two and she take a room. The twins giggled, helping her onto their old bed, Umbro smirking, "Ahh...the stories this bed could tell." he chuckled, Espa wrapping her arms around his middle. Pink had to purr as her arm got onto his middle too. "Do you think it can talk after all the times you two made it wail?" She joked as she looked to them, feeling a lot better.

Umbro laughed, "Point." he felt his pants drop, curtsey of Espa. Pink was quick to go onto her knees as she started to move her own toga up to show off her sex, knowing the lusty personalities between her and Espa is going to take the Umbreon to the gates of paradise and back. He could only smile, as his twin joined Pink on her knees, eyeing his member hungrily as it already began to stiffen. The element moans as she groped herself while starting to kiss and lick at the eon love stick, knowing it's going to be a kiss and lick fest with one happy mon between them.

Umbro groaned out, Espa joining Pink in pleasuring his stick, both tongues working his rod marvelously. Pink grinned a bit as she worked the side she got as she worked her magic on the mon. He panted and murred, smiling big, Espa giggling as she kept pleasure her brother. Pink giggled, suckling part of the length she got as her paws glowed in her color, goosing Espa in the process while getting into it. Espa murred, smirking at Pink, keeping up the oral work. Pink giggled and started to french the male between them as Pink tweaked her in her clothing as Pink's own needy pussy was starting to drip. Espa groaned, happily frenching Pink...and everything in between. The male moaned and groaned, petting both their heads.

Pink purrled as she kept it up, her tongue going over to Espa's mouth as it was really good now while she groped, driving more luster into the eon. He groaned out, panting hard, "I'm gonna...cum..." Espa smiled, going at him more. Pink did the same as she let go of Espa and was ready for a lot of fun as the bre was under double the pressure. With a loud moan, Umbro couldn't hold back anymore, seed gushing out of his member. Pink was quick to helping Espa get creamed on, frosting both of them in little eevees. While the male panted, Espa giggled, "I hope you aren't out of juice yet still got to let us jump your bone."

Pink giggled. "Yea. And with two horny, wanting girls you might need a boost. MMm?" She looked to Espa as a dark pink energy ball formed in her paw.

Espa smirked, "Do it." Pink gave Espa a wink as her paw sunk the energy ball into him. Umbro's body felt a very intense change as he felt a second erection emerge out of his sheath and his balls grew to a larger size. Pink smirking at Espa with as she spoke up. "If those clothes aren't off soon he's going to double fuck me till I'm hammered first."

Espa smirked, in a flash she was naked and soon had Pink on her back. Espa giggled, pressing her breasts to the vixen's own, "Like I'll ever let you get all the fun." She smirked as her brother quickly slammed into both of their cunnies. Pink moaned out hard...feeling her nipples grind to Espa's as she could feel the heavy sack hit her."That's what I want to hear." she said as her smile grew as the elementean gropes the rump of the former DOR as they get their fill.

He wasted no time in fucking them both hard and fast, growling low in lustful bliss. Espa moaned out, smiling big from it. Pink started to make out with Espa as she felt herself stuffed and was not letting go of the shaft in her while feeling Espa's body bulge a bit from the hammering. Espa panted, moaning and groaning while frenching Pink, Umbro not letting up in the least. Pink blushed while frenching back, both tongues dancing together as pink murrled while loving the screwing that each got company. Umbro moaned out, smiling big as he went faster.

Pink finally broke the kiss after a while but now went into a molesting spree with her breasts. Espa moaned out, wailing soon after as the pleasure began to reach its peak. Pink was nearing too as she knew she was going to enjoy the big burst of joy in her. The male kept plowing on, and even going faster and harder. Pink screamed as she came as she hugged the espeon. Espa didn't last any longer, wailing out in bliss, their juices drenching his cock and crotch, but he kept plowing on, the only sign he was nearing his burst being his rings starting to glow.

Pink blushed hard as she nuzzle Espa while feeling the bre bang them both to a second orgasmic rush. "UMBRO!" Espa wailed out, cumming a second time, the male panting hard, about to cum himself. "UMBRO!"Pink joined in as her body quivered with Espa's, both of them wanting as he can feel their demand. He couldn't hold on anymore, with a large howl out, he hilted in and started dousing their inner fires with his seed. Pink murred, feeling the soothing pleasure rush though her with each shot the eon gave her.

When Umbro's member finally finished shooting off, he collapsed between the two girls, panting. Espa smiled at her brother, bringing his head to be buried in his favorite valley. Pink purred as she hugged the male from behind... knowing she was hoping in a way to be like Espa, in every way.


Lucifer had no old room here, opting to pick one at random, Red and Blue behind him. Blue looked around as Red lit a finger of hers to give them some sight. "Dark place isn't it?" Red joked as a light came on. Looking around, Lucifer saw a picture on the GORD equivalent of a dresser. Picking it up he saw Mecha, a robotic houndoom, and a robotic absol. "It's not Mecha's room." he opened the dresser, finding male clothing. "Must be the houndoom's. He's not a DOR though...must have been a grunt."

Red looked on. "Whoa... they looked close."

"...I already had a feeling they aren't here...or anywhere in this plane." Blue spoke out.

Lucifer nodded, "I heard Mecha had two friends join him in betrayal...but he killed them not longer after in an ambush that forced him to go feral. These two must have been them."

Red whinced, feeling uneasy. "And to think Jewel defeated Mecha's feral form?"

Lucifer shook his head, "She didn't defeat him...she managed to snap him into control of it. Big difference." he chuckled. Blue nodded. "Well we should try something different..."

"Dsy meg emo ev ah guqo umegsoj vejn?" Red offered as Blue she held her fist in a bit of a challenge.

"Only if he wants it too." Blue said, knowing something Red said slipped by Lucifer.

The male blinked, "Umm...uhh...I guess. Why not..." scratches his head, "What did I just say yes too?"

Blue spoke up. "Red wanted one of us to use some higher powers we got to change things up." Blue made her own first before they both speak out. "Emo, gde, GSJOO!" Blue had her hand open while Red had hers in a fist. "I get to do it...this'll be fun." Blue said as she took a step back.

Lucifer blinked, wondering what was coming. Red got beside him as Blue let out a light dragonic roar as her body started to be swallowed in energy, a moment later a Blue claw came the power came back into what is now a larger Dragonite female, the white bra holding her robust fruits as the white panties hides what he could already tell was his. Her true sapphire blue eyes still the same but larger now to him. He gulped, "'s..." he blushed, knowing this meant...he could...put a lot more than cock and cum in her.

"Dragoness Blue, at your service." She said while bowing to him.

He smiles, taking a step to her, licking his lips, "You look...lovely Blue."

Blue giggled from it as Red snickered a bit. "Only three of us got dragonic like forms...out of all of us elementals." Red said with a grin.

He looked to Red, " else?"

Both said it together. "Black."

Lucifer laughed, "I feel sorry for Lancet should she ever do that to him."

Red spoke up some. "She's a hybrid of a salamence and arcanine. So he's got two fierce mon in one." She laughed from it. Lucifer laughed to, smiling as he looked back to Blue, " I...going to be able to mate the lovely dragoness?"

Blue nodded as Red grinned. "Yes... and I got to play as normal." Red commented as she undressed. He nodded, smiling as he stripped down, "It's been so long since I've been with another dragon."

Blue blushed. "Well I'm glad to help out some." She said, as Red takes care of "heating the sausage" while Blue got close to let him feel her up. And he happily did so, moaning as his member was called out by the vixen. Red suckled and worked him between her breasts as Blue moaned in his grip, loving his texture differences he can feel. He smiled, murrling, taking off her bra and starting to slurp the nipple. She moaned, enjoying it as he got her petting his head while watching how he loved it. Red working him harder as she held the fireballs in her paw. He moaned out, " nice."

Red chuckled as she worked faster and harder while Blue looked to the Char with a smile. He murrled, panting lightly, suckling her chest on. Blue moaned louder as he was loving it, getting wet at her panties while he got blown with such vigor. He groaned out, panting, slurping at Blue's chest. Blue's face turned purple in a blush, the work from Red going at a furious pace. The male wasn't going to last long, his paws groping Blue's rear. Blue blushed and gasped as he goosed her rump while Red slurps hard to get his cream with joy. The male let out a loud groan, holding Blue tight as his seed gushed into her maw.

Red was drenched in seed as she tried to down it all while Blue blushed while he was between two breasts. He smiled up at her, murring lightly, "nice."

Red giggled. "Thank you."

"Of course there is more." Blue said with a smile. He gave a happy growl, his member still hard. Red got up a bit, drenched as Blue pet him. "Well who first love?" Blue asked with a smile.

He smiled, "You...I'm...kinda eager today...and I don't want to hurt Red. But as a should be able to take everything I give."

"I'll wait my turn...after all I get to lick the spoon clean after your done with her." Red laughed as Blue knew what was coming as she went to take off her panties. He growled happily, his tail waving, and his member standing tall. Blue giggled in her dragon form, posing to the wall. Tail up and showing off as she braced for her angel to take her to the clouds. Lucifer got behind her, hands on her hips, his member slamming into her. The Blue Dragonite groaned from it as she felt him so deeply in her, feeling how he is without restraints to his work into her. He wasted no time in hammering her, going at her without any limitations that he normally had for his more fragile lovers.

Her breasts bounced from the power sent into her as she felt him go for her with all he had which she was quite amazed and very happy to enjoy. He panted and moaned out, slamming away at the dragoness, humping her harder and faster. The long moan of bliss sounded off as she enjoyed the ride as the wall did a good job in helping her push back to her lover. He groaned out, panting as he plowed into her with a feral like fury. "Gods Lucifer! OHHhh Never knew you'd MMMM be like this!" Blue groaned out as he pumped on.

He smiled, humping away at her, "Because...I never...wanted...oh hurt you!" he roared out, grabbing her breasts as he fucked her. A long moan squealed out of her as he got paw fulls of her while she milked him harder. Her final form able to give him joys he longed for was giving her a rush that she never felt and in a way was thankful she could experience it at least once. He panted, moaning out hard, thrusting away at her faster and harder. "OH FUCK YES!" She moaned out, rocking a lot more intensely as she milked her love with all she could. He panted, growling out, "Arceus! Blue...I'm...close!"

Her body was close to losing it as she screamed out, "" she groaned while her eyes closed to scream out from it. Lucifer managed to keep thrusting a big more, before hilting in with a roar, seed spilling out to fill the female. Blue roared out with him as she had a very intense orgasm flooding her. Draining him of all his seed was quite a task as she felt him give up what he withheld in himself into her cool cavern. The male panted, resting against her back his paws rubbing at her stomach, "You know Blue...I...might have just put something in here." he snickered, licking her neck.

Blue had to turn purple from that. "If that's true I'd feel it and it's early to say so love. Though I do hope so." She chuckled from it.

It was his turn to blush now, "R...really?" Giving a soft nod she could see him blush. He smiled, nuzzling her. "I love you Blue."

Blue smiled and nuzzled back. "I love you too. Though don't forget I'm not the only one here." She pointed out as she had a grin. He smirked, "Oh I know. I can smell her arousal from here." Red purrled as she had enjoyed the show while Blue rubbed her tail on him, chuckling at how he acted a lot more cheerful than normal.

He smiled, taking a seat, "Wanna ride pretty lady?"

Red smirked as Blue got off his rod to sit beside him. "I sure do but first..." the fire fem spoke up before taking a slurp at the male. He moaned out, smiling big. Red grinned licking her lips as she giggled. "I did want to lick you before having my fun." she chuckled as she started to get over him. He smiled, obviously like what was happening. She moaned and rode onto him... the extra juices helping her slide down. He groaned out, feeling the vixen's love tunnel milk his member. She heated up as she clearly felt him fill her full, having her moan deeply. He smiled, groaning out, loving it.

Red bounced as she moaned. The help of her mate was helping her keep going. He moaned out, paws on her hips, helping her go, "Oh yes." She was bouncing faster as the flame fem enjoyed it. He groaned, thrusting up to meet her bounces, groaning out in joy. Going faster she growled and moaned in joy, her hotcakes bouncing in the motions. He smirked, groping the bouncing beauties as the fun kept going, a moan escaping his mouth. She moaned out too as she heated him up with her sex, juices drooling down as she sped up. Lucifer couldn't help but moan out, smiling big as he was ridden. Her groans of bliss got louder as she kept bouncing and gripping him within her, knowing she was nearing the proverbial boiling point.

He smiled, panting hard as he thrusted up more, meeting her harder. Red let out a stream of flame to the air as she came, groaning out as it hit her good. He panted hard, trying to last, but failed. With a loud roar he came, seed shooting off like a geyser into the wanting fem. Red panted as she felt herself so full as his cum it leaked out, but she was still happy. The charizard smiled, hugging the vixen, licking her cheek. With yawn he got up and headed to the bed, bringing both fems with him. Using Blue's chest for a pillow and Red for a blanket, the male quickly drifted into slumber.


With the crews asleep Yellow is busy working though the network of the GORD computers as Green wonders to herself if she could take the risk, knowing what will come if she attempts the idea mentioned and fail. 'Could he really accept me like he would his love? Espa thought so, though was she in her right mind in doing so. For all I know it might be dangerous still. But then again it's better than to be alone.' With a sigh she ponders on, keeping watch by the screens.


Meanwhile, at the ruins of GORDs main base, three figures survey the damage, "So...this is where Praxis fell...right brother?"

The middle figure nodded, "'s too bad Praxis told that ancient fossil about Mecha though."

The third one sighed, "Brother...can the emerald...really help us find mother?"

"Don't cry Azjol." said the first.

The middle held up his hand for silence, "Don't worry...the emerald is suppose to be all powerful. Even if we must sacrafice the whole world to achieve it...we'll have mother back."
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