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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Chapter 17 Old Friends

"That is quite the story." Erureido commented after Mech finished retelling the conversation he had had with the Mew.
"So that's where your powers came from. I guess that explains a lot." San agreed. "So I guess we have to find this Mewthree and stop him."
"I think we should go through with the original idea to beat all the gyms. We're going to run into him or anyone else with a grudge against him who can help. That reminds me, I should send a message to Oak. It's been almost a week and besides he might be able to help." Mech said pulling out the lap top. The message was simple, just stating there was a second Mewtwo called Mewthree that needed to be found. After sending it off he shut it off and resumed talking to his pokémon. After the fight they had pressed on the last mile to Veilstone and were currently in the pokémon center. Before that they had buried Sabrina just off the path unceremoniously after releasing her pokémon into the wild. Most seemed quite happy to leave.
At first the increase in power was almost too much but Mech quickly adjusted to it by burning it off as fast as he could. The power was enormous like what he had had was a thimble of water and now he was dealing with an entire ocean. He quickly burned it off by firing most of it off into the sky and he repeated it when he needed to, to keep the power from overloading him. He had to or it felt like it might kill him. Every time he got rid of less and less slowly getting use to it. Luckily he had gotten the hang of walking without accidentally levitating after a fairly shaky start which was harder then it sounds because unless he was focused on not doing it he ended up floating without realizing it.
"Uh Mech, I think you lost your focus." San said smiling pointing out he was now levitating a few inches off the chair he had been in.
"Oops. I'm going to have to watch out for that." He said falling back.
"Are we going to fight the next gym leader or what?" Erureido asked "It's going to be my first gym and I even have a type advantage here."
"Oh yeah, I forgot, you're the only one with that advantage until Hitokage evolves. And San is out for this match too." Mech said thinking out loud.
"Why can't I fight? I'm strong enough!" San glared.
"I know you can but this is a fighting type gym. And you know fighting types are super effective against you. I know you want to battle, but I'm not throwing you into a fight with such a bad disadvantage." Mech explained.
"I can use Aerial Ace!" San stated.
"You don't know that that move, and even though it's a TM, we don't have it yet."
"I think they sell it at the department store in town." Erureido said thinking. "Also I think while the battle is going on some of us should be at the game corner. One of the prizes is Thunderbolt and right now San is the only anti-air teammate we have and only Hitokage and Guma are neutral to it."
"Good idea. Now that I've looked up her team" Mech said putting away the dex "We need that Aerial Ace for her first pokémon, flying is its only weakness besides ghost. While we're there Guma and Subomi can be at the game corner trying to get enough coins for at least one thunderbolt."
"Why us?" Subomi questioned.
"Yeah, I have barely fought at all!" Guma complained.
"Again, type advantage in her favor and Subomi is neutral but some time away from Hitokage might cool tensions. And speaking of you, any idea why Mewthree called you 'genetic experiment 2067'?"
"Er none at all." Guma said shifty eyed "Except maybe my fur color might be it?" He said thinking. "Or my other problem." He thought quietly.
"Yeah your fur color does seem likely. So we all in agreement?"
"Yeah..." Guma said "Well couldn't I just steal the TMs we need?"
"Because stealing is wrong." Hitokage reminded him.
"I know, but it seems like a whole lot less trouble." Guma said glumly.
"It's early still we want to get there while the gym is still open." San said.
"Fine, but you might need to convince the game corner people to let us play. They can't understand us."
"Actually, I speak human." Guma said looking away. "Yeah, I guess it might have something to do with whatever Team Rocket did to me before I was born. I didn't realize it for a while. Though I can switch between the two, that's why your friend didn't understand me at first; I was speaking in pokémon then. My human isn't perfect but I can speak it fluently enough."
"That's oddly convenient." Subomi commented. "Well I guess we'll be fine on our own."
"Just be careful, Team Rocket seems to want Guma. Here, this should get you enough coins." Mech said pulling out a few coins and putting them in a bag. They left the center and split up, Mech, Erureido, San, and Hitokage carrying the egg heading off to the department store, Mech leaving the katana at the center in the room along with his pack. They walked up to it but a door man blocked the way.
"Sorry, no large pokémon allowed outside their pokéballs." He said looking at San "Your Charmeleon and Gallade are fine the Tyranitar has to be put away." San was disappointed at this and Mech felt it. Secretly Mech was glad; he intended to get something for her anyway as well as something for everyone else.
"Alright. San, I'm sorry but we need that TM." Mech signed returning her. The man stepped aside and they entered. "You guys want to look around for stuff? I have more then enough money for anything."
"I think some baby stuff might be useful when this egg finally hatched lacking a mother. Plus San is the only female in the group and she's not a mammal." Hitokage said listening to the egg out of habit while walking off to search.
"I'm going to look at the combat equipment" Erureido said also walking off. Mech put San's pokéball in his pocket, ignoring her loud protests.
"I know you don't like it, but you'll understand later." He said which stopped her cries of protest but she still fumed. Mech looked around the place before finding the TM counter and bought a few. Finally having time he looked for more useful items. For Subomi he found a root that boosted Hp draining moves. He found some leftovers, which healed the holder slowly. He also found a black belt that would boost fighting moves which suited Erureido and a coin amulet that supposedly made it more likely to find items and get more prize money which Guma was sure to take advantage of. Then he looked long and hard to find something for San. He began to lose hope when he stumbled upon two things that worked. One was a red belt that would prevent a pokémon from fainting in one hit if it was at full strength before. The second was a frayed black belt that boosted super effective moves. Unable to decide Mech got both. He went to pay but stopped when he saw a row of ribbons that did nothing. He picked out a large yellow one and continued on his way. He paid for everything and waited for Erureido and Hitokage to return. Presently Hitokage stumbled back weighted down with an assortment of bottles, formula and a satchel for it all.
"You're really getting into this egg." Mech commented with.
"Well back at home I usually had to care for the newborns when the rest were out hunting. I guess I took a liking to it and this egg." Hitokage said from behind it all.
"I can see that." Said Erureido walking over carrying a sword with them. "I figured you'll need every advantage in the future so I picked this up to help teach you swordplay." He explained holding up the katana he had found.
"I was expecting a bigger sword then that." Hitokage said peering around his supplies. "I guess that's all they had; this doesn't seem like a weapons shop."
"Well two handed swords are usually too cumbersome and slow while the katana while a two handed sword its still better for speed which you'll need. And I had to ask at a desk. They were in a backroom. Apparently with the spike in criminals trainers started carrying weapons to defend themselves. Most were absurdly oversized weapons I guess I was lucky when I found this one." He explained "It seems well made."
"Weird, their all weapons from my world but their here too. I can only assume the history is different. Well if that's it we can go. San you need anything?" he asked pulling her out of his pocket.
"I need to get out of this prison!" she groaned. "Let's hurry this up and get to the gym."
"Okay I think that's all we need." Mech said heading for the nearest counter. The katana nearly bankrupted him, leaving 2k, but he knew it was worth it and he would be fine in a few days. Erureido gave a guilty look at the price but Mech ignored it. "You earned guys earned the money. If anything I should owe you." They dropped the things at the center and walked over to the gym after letting San out, Subomi and Guma still gone gambling. Before they proceeded Mech used the TM on San and stored it away even though it was useless. As they reached the gym a familiar someone came striding out looking triumphant.
"Hey Mech, good to see you!" Bob shouted running over.
"Bob, what are you doing here? I thought you would have beaten this gym and been heading to the next one by now!" Mech said walking over.
"I was but we had to stop for a few days when the egg we got hatched. Meet my Riolu. She's still too young to fight but we're training her." He said holding up the small canine. She looked very nervous.
"Hey there. Don't worry we wont hurt you." Mech said bending over to talk to her.
"Hello!" Hitokage said. The Riolu started crying at the lizard smiled in her face. "Oh sorry." He said shifting his grip on the egg. "That's something I have to remember when this egg finally hatches."
"Come on." Bob said trying to calm the infant Riolu. "Well I can see you got an egg, is it from the breeding center too?"
"Yup. We're here to challenge the gym."
"Aren't you missing two members?"
"Guma and Subomi are at the game corner trying to win a TM."
"Huh. Well this gym is a pushover. Mukkuru took them all out. She even evolved again." Bob explained "I'm going back to the center to heal everyone up. Anything interesting happen while I was gone?"
"San evolved as well as Subomi. But that's about it."
"Cool. Well good luck in the battle. Maybe after this we can team up again."
"Sure. See you back at the center and be on the look out for Subomi and Guma."
"Will do. And watch out, she's still good."

"The match; trainer Mechsrule vs. Gym Leader Maylene will now commence. Each will use three pokémon each. No mid battle substitutions." Declared the official as Mech and Maylene faced opposite sides of the field. "Begin!" the official called.
"Go Meditite!" Shouted Maylene sending her pokémon out.
"San, this one's all yours." Mech called. San looking very happy rushed out of face her opponent.
"A Tyranitar? Please, this is too easy. Meditite, drain punch!" Maylene ordered.
"San, just like we planned." Mech called. San nodded. Meditite was charging at her and she stood there waiting. As it reached her and wound up the punch she grabbed its other arm, swung Meditite around and threw it back towards its side of the field. Before the Meditite even hit the floor San was going on the offensive charging full out at it, her arms glowing like a birds wings would in aerial ace. Before the Meditite knew what had happened, San mowed him down. This time he was out cold.
"What just happened?" Maylene wondered stunned.
"Meditite is unable to battle. The challenger wins the first round." The official declared. Maylene reluctantly returned her pokémon.
"Great going San. Now its Erureido's turn." Mech congratulated. San walked off feeling better as Erureido walked out, getting into a ready pose.
"Go Machoke!" Maylene declared sending her next pokémon laughed. "Machoke use mach punch!" She shouted. Erureido could barely get his arm up to block before the punch connected. The block was effective and he was relatively unharmed.
"Erureido use psycho cut!" Mech called. The attack hit Machoke. Being hilariously overpowered, Erureido felled his opponent in one hit.
"It seems Machoke is also unable to battle." The official said shocked.
"It's up to you Lucario!" Maylene called, the pokémon leaping out from no where.
"Alright Erureido, great battle. I think Hitokage can handle this one." Mech said. Erureido bowed out of the ring.
"San, can you hold the egg for me?" He asked.
"Sure thing." She said holding it carefully to not scratch it with her claws."
"Thanks." He said walking out, getting ready to fight.
"Lucario use force palm" Maylene commanded.
"Hitokage use flamethrower to counter!" Mech said but telepathically. Lucario readied the attack, rushing forward when Hitokage opened his mouth wide, and a torrent of flame shooting out at the fighting/steel type. The attack threw it back but it managed to get up though with some serious burns. "Now then, use fire fang" Mech called out verbally this time.
"Lucario use 'me first'" Maylene ordered. Lucario charged at Hitokage who tried to block it but Lucario bit down on his outstretched arm, flames blazing on its teeth. Hitokage cried out and tried to get Lucario off but Lucario had a death grip on him.
"Hitokage use slash!" Mech called. Hitokage swiped at Lucario's face with his with his free hand and the claws were enough to make Lucario let go and back up. "Now then flamethrower!" Mech shouted. Hitokage noticeably angry let loose the biggest flamethrower Mech had ever seen. If it weren't for the high ceiling, the whole place might have gone up. As the flames dissipated Lucario lay in the center of a large burn on the floor, badly burned.
"Lucario!" Maylene cried rushing over to her pokémon.
"Round three goes to the challenger." The announcer said.
"That was a little overboard." Mech said as Hitokage walked off the arena.
"That bite hurt a lot." Hitokage said shortly. He added walking over to San who handed the egg back. Out of habit he held it to his ear which was difficult with his injured arm causing him to cry out and let it hang limp. He didn't hear anything so he sat down next to San as Maylene walked over after returning her Lucario.
"I must say that is one aggressive Charmeleon. Well you won so here, the Cobal badge and TM 60, drain punch. You can now use fly outside of battle and such." She said quickly "No then I have to get my Lucario to a healing bed." She finished running into the backroom after handing the things over to Mech who pinned the badge on the inside of his dirty but still intact sweatshirt along side the other two.
"I guess we should leave now." San said feeling the awkwardness. They left after Mech used the TM on Erureido incase it ever became useful.
"Hey Mech, how'd it go?" Bob asked as Mech walked in having returned Hitokage to be healed up.
"Great! Seen Guma and Subomi yet?" Mech asked.
"Nope, and I've been here the whole time." Mech sighed and handed Hitokage over to the nurse who must have been a clone of the others they had seen. The doors to the center opened and he turned to see Guma and Subomi walking in triumphantly dragging along a very full coin bag. "I guess that went well." He commented.
"You bet. We had some trouble at first but after I explained everything and they got use to me speaking English they finally let us play. We ended up getting four thunderbolts with all the coins we won and had all this left over." Guma said excitedly. Judging from Bob's unchanged expression it wasn't in English.
"Four?" Mech asked, the number seemed odd.
"One for Erureido, one for Guma, one for San, and one for the egg if it can use it." Subomi explained
"Wait Tyranitar is a rock/dark type, its weird enough it can learn a flying type move but an electric type?" Mech said confused.
"Actually Tyranitar can use most moves." San explained simply.
"Well great job anyway, you should have gotten something for yourselves."
"There wasn't anything there that seemed useful enough, it was mainly TMs."
"Well I grabbed a few things at the store, come on they're in the room" Mech said leading the group off. In the room he passed out what he had picked up, while Erureido tried to find the best way to wear the sword belt and Hitokage resized the strap for his satchel to fit over one shoulder which was made very difficult with only one arm; the Lucario's bite had broken the other and it would need a cast for a few days even with the healing beds. He handed the two belts to San before hiding the ribbon. "San, wanna take a walk outside with me for a moment?"
"Sure." San said uneasy. They exited the center and just randomly walked around town.
"San, I wanted to thank you for everything." Mech started.
"Thank me? For what?"
"If it weren't for you I'd probably be lost wandering those woods forever. You really helped me along and everything else, I couldn't have done it without you and I really owe you."
"Owe me? You've saved my life twice, and helped me achieve one of my dreams! If anything I owe you."
"Well I know it's not much but I got this for you." He said pulling out the ribbon.
"Aw, you shouldn't have!" Fixing the ribbon on the front of the two belts she had put on. "Thank you." She said kissing him quickly on the cheek. Suddenly she realized what she'd done and turned away blushing. "Sorry."
"I shouldn't have done that." She said walking off.
"What? Why not?"
"You're a human and I'm just a pokémon. Look I shouldn't stay with you anymore."
"What?!? You're my closest friend, why shouldn't you stay?"
"I know we're close, that's why." She said still looking away
"I don't follow."
"Look, just forget this ever happened. Thank you for the gift now let's just go back to the room. I don't want to talk about this right now."
"Alright, come on then." Mech said trying to rub her shoulder reassuringly but she shrugged him off. Slowly they walked back to the room in silence.
Chapter End Notes:On a side note, thank you for the 4000 views. It vastly outclasses my previous record of around 1000. Well anyway thank you for the views. If I wasn't going on Hiatus I would do something special. Plus I don't have any drawing skills so that's out
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