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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 16 Convenient Plot Devises

Mech was having a great dream. In it he was flying, one thing he always wished he could do. In the dream he was flying over a forest, and barely too. He kept dipping up and down but was sure this wasn't right. He tried to look around to see what was wrong, but found he was moving automatically and couldn't. Soon he dipped down into the forest and began zooming around through the trees, getting through gaps he knew were too small for him normally. Suddenly he stopped when he came across someone lying on the ground. He looked closely and realized the person was himself, before he met San. He could tell from the knife on the ground where he remembered it being, and none of his pokémon there, but something was off. His other self seemed much more injured then he had been at the time. Suddenly a voice shook the dream.
"Mech!" the voice shouted. The dream melted away as Mech tried to hold it together but it was like trying to hold sand in a sieve. "Mech! Wake up!" He finally gave up with a groan. He was quite startled to wake up to find San holding him up, free of his sleeping bag.
"Huh? Did I miss something?" he said sleepily. It was very early; the sun was just rising now.
"Thank Arceus you're alright!" San cried nearly crushing him with a hug again "I woke up to see you floating in the air! I grabbed you so you wouldn't fall, then I tried waking you up! What happened?" she asked concerned.
"I was having a dream that was very weird. Then I guess you woke me up. That certainly wasn't my doing, well I didn't mean to."
"That action was your own, I think, I can and you should be able to, see psychic energy when using telepathy. The energy that was levitating you had no external source." Erureido said. He had apparently woken up as well and was poking twigs into the fire to get it going again. San finally released Mech who thanked her and proceeded to pack up to break camp. Subomi was awake at the top of a tree to catch the early morning sun while he could. Guma was yawning and Hitokage was holding the egg to his ear.
"Any news?" Mech asked.
"Nope." Hitokage reported "It's silent in there. I wonder what's inside. I hope it's a fire type so I can teach it fire moves!" He said.
"I hope not. One fire breather is bad enough." Subomi complained from his perch.
"What's wrong with fire?" Hitokage demanded
"Nothing. I just don't like being around things that can easily burn me, a plant. I'm sure you wouldn't be so hunky-dory with a water type around!" Subomi returned
"San was a rock and ground type and I didn't care!" Hitokage shouted looking up while holding the egg.
"She doesn't have an open flame! Look it's not personal, it's just I don't trust any kind of fire."
"Your grandfather was a Monferno! That doesn't seem to bother you!"
"He's not here right now!"
"So? If you're so afraid of anything that can beat you, why aren't you afraid of Erureido? He beat both of your types!"
"Because he doesn't have a permanent psychic attack floating around him."
"Oh so it's my tail flame? Sorry to break it to you but this is a physical manifestation of my life force, not some flame for my amusement at your fear!"
"So maybe you should be getting back in your pokéball so you don't put it out in the rain!"
"It's tied to my life force, not my life force is tied to it! As long as I'm fine it'll burn regardless. Even underwater."
"Well-" Subomi started.
"Hey you two shut up, breakfast is on and if you don't stop fighting, you're both going away!" Mech threatened.
"The sun is all I need." Subomi growled looking away.
"Oh boy food! What's for breakfast?" Hitokage asked walking over to join the four by the fire, holding the egg.
"Not much, just some instant pancakes I whipped up and some bacon." Mech said handing over a plate.
"I love bacon." Hitokage stated gobbling it down.
"So, do you think your plot device will show up soon?" San asked in between bites of an entire pancake. Mech couldn't help but smile at this.
"I'm getting a feeling that it's near. That dream I had might have been it but it didn't reveal anything."
"Am I missing something here?" Guma asked confused.
"It's not so important. I just have a feeling something is going to come along soon and answer some of our questions."
"And you honestly believe something that convenient is going to happen?" Erureido laughed.
"Hey, it worked last time." Mech replied "It can't hurt can it?"
"I love bacon." Hitokage repeated continuing to munch on some.

"I hate rain." Hitokage said for the whatever time. No one had bothered keeping track. They were walking through the rain trying to get to Veilstone as quickly as possible and the swamp like path didn't help things. Hitokage had a death grip on the egg with his tail curled around it, occasionally breathing a few flames at it trying to keep it warm in the torrential rain. Everyone was miserable, even Subomi though that might have been from the clouds blocking out the sun light. It suddenly stopped raining and everyone was relieved except Mech and Erureido who caught the suspicion they both shared from each others expression. Just around a bend, down the road a girl appeared to be standing still or it might have been a statue if it weren't colorful. Erureido kept walking while using telepathy to talk to them.
"Time for an emergency lesson. That girl is a very powerful psychic. Her aura rivals that of an Alakazam. And I don't think she's friendly. I'm going to tell you to block mind probes. Just focus on an image, preferably something strong like a rock or shield. It should work and we have to hope it works we have no idea her intentions but let's just assume it's hostile. I have never seen a psychic this powerful every in my life. This goes for everyone, even San. I know you're a dark type but you're still susceptible to having your mind read. Wait, something's wrong. That aura is not totally hers. Get your shield up and focus like your lives depend on it, and they just might!" he said urgently.
Mech had some trouble with this at first. He tried a rock but couldn't focus on one, so he moved onto the shield focusing on the best he could, the Hyrulian shield, but even that wavered. Thinking quickly he let his mind wander to find something he could focus on. An image of San flashed by and he grabbed it. The though stood still in his mind as walked closer to the girl. By now he could see she was not dressed elaborately, a simple outfit with a large "R" on her shirt and long black hair. Her belt sported 6 pokéballs and Mech wondered briefly if she intended to battle him but when he did he felt something poking at his mind so he switched back to San. The poking ceased instantly.
"Greetings hero, your resistance is unexpected and pathetic." She said in a weird echoic voice. "Ah genetic experiment 2067, you are alive." She said staring at Guma.
"What did you call me?" Guma demanded.
"You are genetic experiment 2067. We never did see you because your mother escaped our facility before your birth. You will return to Team Rocket HQ for testing with me to see the success of the experiments."
"I'm not going anywhere." Guma growled.
"You will eventually. But I'm not here for you anyway. I'm here for the human." She said turning to Mech "Don't be surprised, I've always been able to understand them, just another benefit of being psychic. Now you're the guy I'm supposed to kill to become all powerful? Is this some kind of joke? I won't even have to kill you personally; this mere human puppet is easy enough. Now, no distractions while we battle." She said waving her arm. Psychic bubbles formed around Mech's pokémon rendering them unable to move much, then with another movement they were rolled off to the side of the road. "Now time to die."
"I'm not going down that easily!" Mech shouted drawing the katana "and if you're with Team Rocket, then I'm not going to show mercy." The girl laughed with the weird echo again.
"You honestly think you stand a chance against me? I who am all but invincible, I who have nothing to lose in this fight? Now then worm, die!" she shouted firing a wave of psychic energy at Mech who easily dodged it. "It's not going to be that easy, psychic!" she called. The attack hit Mech, who focused on San and returned a move.
"Conversion 2!" he muttered not wanting to give it away. Suddenly the attack no longer touched him. The move had changed his type to dark even though he wasn't aware he had a type but he decided to roll with it. "Dark Pulse!" he whispered mimicking San. The girl dodged out of the way.
"So you have a few tricks, I'll still kill you human!"
"You're a human too so stop calling me that!" Mech yelled.
"This puppet, Sabrina is just a puppet. She is the only one of the Command Triad of use because of her natural psychic abilities allowing me to extend mine through her."
"Then who are you?" Mech demanded tightening his grip on the hilt.
"You could call me Mewthree. Technically I am the same being as that failed experiment Mewtwo but I am so much better, stronger, that he does not deserve to share my name!" Sabrina in the echo shouted.
"You're the one who sent me here!" Mech realized.
"Will send. Get your tense right." Mewthree corrected "And yes. Not that it matters, you and everyone here is going to die. Aura Sphere!" it shouted through Sabrina. She charged that attack and fired it of instantly. Trying to think of a counter Mech was unable to dodge in time and took the full force of the attack. It sent him reeling back before ending up facedown on the path. He got onto his hands and knees trying to ignore the pain the super effective attack had caused. He looked over at his opponent who was faring badly too. Her wrists looked half dead like the life force had been sucked out.
"Stop this; she can't handle that!" Mech ordered trying to stager back up.
"One life to secure my total victory, hardly a loss." Mewthree said shrugging "Now then, this is all over, Guillotine!" she shouted raising her arm up ready to kill Mech with the single blow. He was too weak from the power of the last attack to even raise the katana in defense. As she brought the arm down Mech closed his eyes. When he opened them, he found the green shield of a protect disappearing. He knew instantly he was not in control of himself like before. He watched in slow motion as he brought the sword up and stabbed it through Sabrina's stomach. She seemed as surprised as the fierceness as Mech. "Thank you." She whispered as she fell back, the sword still stuck, the echo gone. Immediately Mech tasted bile, but his body moved without his control. He pulled the sword out, wiped it on the grass and walked over and used it to pop the psychic bubbles imprisoning his friend.
"That was unexpected." San said staring. He wanted to reply but he still was not in control. Or at least his body wasn't. Frantically he tried using telepathy to communicate. He reached out to her mind and through trial and error got a message through.
"Help. I'm not in control." He sent desperately.
"Mech?" She said out loud. "Was that you?"
"I think it was. That wasn't very good but we got it." Erureido said. "Grab him!" he shouted. The others looked confused but San obliged pinning Mech's arms behind him.
"Now who are you?" she demanded.
"You will find out soon enough." He heard himself say. In an instant he was himself again. "San, I'm back, you can let go now." He said. She did but reached out to catch him as he blacked out.

"Sorry I had to be so blunt but you can't die just yet." A voice came. Mech found himself floating in a void, the voice coming from everywhere at once. "Now I'm guessing you have some questions for me."
"Yeah you can start by saying who you are!" Mech demanded. Pleasantly a figure emerged from the void; a small version of Mewtwo, but it looked more natural with pink fur instead of the grayish purple of the larger, and it looked friendly.
"Sorry, I guess you wouldn't know me, I am known as Mew. It has taken all I had left to induce this state so we must make the best of it. There was a time when Mew were everywhere but those days are long gone. Now there are just a few of us left in hiding. A few weeks ago there was a disturbance in the balance of things and as a Mew it was my duty to solve the problem. I confronted Mewthree but I was not strong enough and he quickly overpowered me. I barely escaped with my life. I flew as quickly as I could trying to come up with a plan when I happened to come across you, lying in the forest."
"So the dream I had was your memory?"
"Yes. By that time I had all but lost the battle with death. I had to give the world a chance before I died so using the last of my strength I relinquished my powers onto you as well as some partial memories to like this one to explain things and to help in dire situations. I'm sorry to impose so much on you but this world must be saved." The Mew explained.
"Wait so that's why I'm psychic now? And the understanding pokémon and the using their moves? That's because of you? Well I can't say I mind much." Mech said wide-eyed.
"Correct. Though I had to control the appearance of them so you wouldn't be overwhelmed but when you fought that thug with the Blastoise, well I couldn't let a fellow pokémon die so I sprung that ace a little early."
"Any other powers I should get a heads up for?" Mech asked.
"Well after this, all my remaining strength will be exhausted so I cannot suppress them any longer."
"So I'm going to turn into well a Mew?"
"No, I only gave you my powers, not my form. You will remain human, or as human as you can be. As for other powers, spontaneous levitation is one to look out for. Its one ability unique to Mew. As you can tell we were not built to move on the ground, so we tend to move solely through levitation. It's as instinctive as breathing so you might be surprised to notice you're walking a few inches off the ground without knowing it. Another which I didn't want you to get but you got some remnants of is being tied to all life in the world. You've felt that before. You're lucky to only get a bit because Mew can feel all life so a death anywhere can be felt by us. It's one thing we would give anything to be rid of but our duty is to protect the world so I guess that's why we have that."
"What makes me understand pokémon?"
"Not sure, it might be a side benefit of my powers. One other thing you might experience a major boost in psychic ability after this, just try not to be overwhelmed by it. The last human we tried sharing our power with died of insanity from all the sensory overload."
"Great. So how do I defeat Mewthree if you couldn't?"
"That I don't know, but remember you have two things he doesn't have nor does he understand."
"Is this going to be something cheesy?"
"No. One is morals. And if anything that makes your job harder. He will use who and whatever he has to, to get his goals. The other you also have is friends so you won't be alone when you fight him. Just remember, I was alone but you have friends. They might be the edge you need to push the odds in your favor."
"Okay. If you can't stand it when people are killed, why'd you kill her?"
"She was under Mewthree's control and I doubt he intended to release control over her at all unless she died. I could tell she wanted to be free of his control even if it meant death. Well look at the time, our time is almost over here." The Mew said sadly.
"Okay, anything else I should know?"
"Nothing important I can think of. I only wish I could instruct you in how to use these powers and how to control them all but you'll just have to figure them out on your own. Well it's time for me to pass on."
"Wait, what's your name?" Mech asked.
"Just Myuu." The Mew said as everything vanished in a flash of white light. Mech shielded his eyes and when it faded he removed it and looked around.
"Hey San, don't worry the plot devise just showed up." He said noticing she had been almost crying.
"Mech, I'm really glad you're okay too."
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