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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 19 I told you she'd be back.

"Come on, we're almost to Pastoria city!" Bob urged.
"It's the beach, can't we take a break?" Shio complained.
"The next gym waits. Shio, you and Naetoru are in charge in this place, the guy uses water types." Bob said ignoring Shio.
"Water types. Well that hinders my team." Mech said rolling his eyes. "Only Hitokage and Lapras are completely out. Speaking of which, how is Lapras?"
"She's doing okay, but I think she'd be happier if she were swimming right now."
"I can tell." Guma commented having taken a liking to the infant. Being so young she was only about a foot from head to tail, covered in light blue scales in contrast to Hitokage's bright orange scales. Right now she was floating in the water in her pokéball, strapped to Hitokage's satchel's strap, her odd blue eyes trying to play the pity card.
"I know you want to try swimming in open waters buy you're still to young." Hitokage explained looking down. "Don't lower lip me!"
"Look, you can see the city already!" Bob declared.
"Not much of a city." Mukkuru commented flying back to land on Naetoru's back, seemingly her favorite perch. "This place is tiny."
"Huh. I guess the gym gives it city status." Subomi suggested.
"Man I hate being out of these conversations." Bob complained.
"Not our fault." Guma answered in English.
"It's for the best anyway." Erureido added in pokémon.
"You got that right." Mech agreed.
"Hey kid stop right there!" came an all too familiar voice.
"Great it's Maya" Erureido said slapping his forehead.
"Oh yeah the girl you got Erureido from." Bob noticed. "Get lost you uber noob."
"Don't you mean uber nub? She has yet to earn that extra vowel." Mech joked.
"What did you call me?"
"Never mind. Fine we'll beat you just like very other time."
"Not this time. Purugly you're up!" she shouted.
"Erureido, you up for thrashing an old friend?" Mech asked.
"You could hardly call us friends even when we were on the same team." Erureido explained walking out after removing the katana strapped across his back. "Bring it fur ball!"
"Purugly use attract!" Maya ordered. The feline when through the series of suggestive posses but Erureido seemed unfazed.
"Please after seeing that so many times, it gets old. That move won't work on me anymore, not from you anyway."
"Erureido use drain punch!" Mech called unnecessarily as Erureido was already rushing forward and the attack connected in the form of a powerful uppercut that sent the cat reeling back towards it's trainer but it managed to get back up.
"Use giga impact" Maya commanded the feline all too happy to leap forward to crush Erureido with its weight. Erureido managed to catch it but only served to slow it down as he struggled to lift it in an effort to keep from being crushed.
"Erureido use bulk up!" Mech called. The move was just the boost he needed and he finally threw Purugly off. "Now use night slash!" The attack finished Purugly off and Maya recalled her.
"Go Milotic!" she shouted.
"Nice match Erureido, Subomi you're up next!" Mech said.
"Milotic use hydro pump!"
"Subomi dodge and use magical leaf!" Hydro pump was already inaccurate so it missed the moving target while Subomi's attack could not be avoided and hit his foe. "Now use giga drain!"
"Milotic use attract!" The serpent had more difficulty with this move but pulled it off, causing Subomi to drop his guard.
"Some on, shake it of Subomi!" Mech urged.
"Now then use ice beam!" Maya ordered. Subomi was unable if not unwilling to defend himself as the super effective attack hit him. "Keep using ice beam!" Milotic did so but after the second, Subomi had been frozen solid.
"Well then, Subomi return. Guma I guess it's your turn."
"Finally, my turn!" Guma said removing his belt and charging out.
"Milotic aqua ring!" Maya shouted.
"Perfect! Guma use thunderbolt!" Mech called.
"Milotic dodge!" Maya countered but even as Milotic dodged the bolt, it was hit by an electrical attack anyway. "What just happened?" Maya demanded to know as Milotic fainted.
"You realize the environment is a factor right? Electricity travels through water so even though you dodged the move, it still hit the aqua ring which conducts electricity."
"Alright go Ninetails!" Maya called.
"Hey, dudes!" Ninetails called across the field "Dude Erureido, remember me?"
"Hi Rokon." Erureido replied unenthusiastically.
"You know each other? I thought Maya only had you and Purugly back then." Guma asked confused.
"Yeah, he was just a Vulpix and the only other male on the team. Maya was still training him at the time. I guess my departure made her forget him."
"So who am I fighting; this weirdo?" Rokon asked looking at Guma.
"Hey!" Guma growled.
"No. San you want this fight?"
"Oh yeah. You're toast." San taunted.
"Ninetails use solar beam!" Maya commanded.
"Man she just refuses to use our names." Rokon groaned. "Regardless;" he continued trying to absorb energy for the attack.
"San, I think earthquake should work." Mech suggested "Or rock slide, your call."
"Earthquake should do the trick!" San replied, stomping down and sending shockwaves through the beach. The tremors knocked Rokon off balance and he fell face first into the sand.
"Ew, nasty!" he spat getting back up.
"San, stone edge!" Mech called. San nodded summoning up sharp stones beneath Rokon and send them flying up slashing by him inflicting some serious wounds to which he collapsed to.
"Who's next?" Mech taunted.
"I'm out. You win again kid." Maya conceded returning her pokémon and walking past them.
"Hello?" Mech cried angrily.
"What do you want now?"
"Well after a match the loser shells out prize money and you have yet to do that." Mech explained.
"I don't carry money with me but here, I don't need this anymore." She said throwing a disk at him which he nearly fumbled. "That's HM 03, surf but you need the Relic badge to use it out of battle." She summarized walking away.
"Well what are you going to do with that?" Bob asked "I think Kan can use that but Lapras is too small to use surf."
"Actually San is going to learn surf. At least until Lapras is old enough." Mech replied.
"But San is a 400 pound rock! How can she swim at all let alone with a passenger?" Bob exclaimed.
"I just can." San replied.
"You know what? Forget it. Let's just move on and beat the next gym."
"Which gym has the Relic badge?" San asked which Mech relayed.
"The one in Hearthome."
"We were just there! Why didn't you tell us there was a gym there, we could have beaten it already!"
"She only accepts challenges from those with four badges, plus she uses ghost pokémon. Not an easy fight."
"So what does the next gym use?"
"Water types remember, and this is one gym you can't use one mon."
"He's that good?"
"No but the types are, water/flying, water/ground, and plain water. We should be fine though with Naetoru and Shio and you with Subomi and Guma."
"Will there ever be a challenging gym?" Mech wondered.

"So, how's going to battle first?" Bob asked as they neared the gym.
"You can go ahead, I'm gunna heal my team up first." Mech replied. At the center he handed Erureido and Subomi over to be healed. While that took place the nurse who seemed to follow the clone pattern of all the others checked Hitokage's arm which was fine but still needed to be in the cast, a fact that annoyed him greatly. After a while the Nurse returned with the two pokéballs and Hitokage. As they returned to the gym Hitokage gnawed at the bandages.
"Hitokage you know you shouldn't be doing that." Mech reminded him.
"I know but my arm is itchy." He replied.
"Well you might move the bone and then it won't set right and your arm might end up at an odd angle."
"Fine. Hey, looks like Bob won another." Hitokage noticed.
"Another one down!" Bob declared holding up the badge up.
"Well I guess it's my turn." Mech replied.
"Don't bother. He only accepts one challenge a day. He's already locked the gym door."
"Great, now what do I do?"
"You could check out the Great Marsh. A lot of rare pokémon there!" Bob suggested.
"I already have 6 pokémon."
"Well that Oak guy wants you to talk to pokémon right? That's a great place to start."
"Fine." Mech agreed. He continued on to the Marsh entrance but as he passed the gym he nearly bumped into another trainer.
"Sorry." The kid mumbled. "I guess I was in a hurry to beat the gym."
"Can't. He only takes on one trainer a day and my friend got here first."
"Great, just what I needed. Another delay!" the kid shouted. That was when Mech noticed the unusual thing about him. Like himself the kid also did not keep his pokémon in pokéballs. He didn't seem to advanced, his party being Bayleef, Cubone, Murkrow and Nincada.
"It's okay Gardie there's always tomorrow." The Bayleef spoke.
"Sorry to interrupt but I'm battling tomorrow. My friend is traveling with me and I doubt he wants to wait an extra day." Mech interrupted.
"Did he just..." the Bayleef started.
"I need to battle tomorrow! I have to beat all the gyms as fast as we can and you know that!" the kid, apparently named Gardie, replied.
"One more day isn't going to kill us! Besides the tournament is held once a month!" The Bayleef shouted back.
"Look if it's that much of a problem I'll battle you right now; winner battles the gym leader tomorrow." Mech offered.
"Alright but only three pokémon each. You go first." Gardie said.
"Smart move having me go first. Fine who wants first go?" Mech asked.
"I haven't battled today so I'm game!" Hitokage declared taking off the bag and setting Lapras down so she could watch the match.
"A Charmeleon then. Well then Gara you've got this match in the bag!" Gardie said, the Cubone walking forward, bone club in hand.
"Gara use bonemerang!" Gardie ordered.
"This is going to be a challenge. Hitokage use metal claw to counter it!" Mech called. (Yes I realize in D/P it is now dragon rage. I don't understand the change nor do I care there has been a change. As far as I'm concerned Charmeleon learns metal claw at level 16, nothing else.) Gara hurled the bone at Hitokage who used the metal claw with his good arm to deflect the bone back at the thrower who caught it expertly.
"Gara use false swipe!"
"Hitokage use slash!" The two charged each other, leaping back and forth trying to get a hit in but blocking each other every time, but Hitokage had only one good arm and tired faster. Finally Gara saw the chance and swiped at Hitokage's bad side. The attack sent him to his knees, rubbing his arm.
"Gara use bone club!" Gardie shouted. Gara delivered the final blow before Hitokage could even raise an arm to block. It didn't knock him out but he wasn't in any shape to continue. Mech returned Hitokage to his ball. "Great one Gara, this'll be easy!" he declared. "Saria, you ready?" The Bayleef nodded and switched places with Gara.
"Erureido, your turn." Mech said.
"Well this could have been a better match up." Saria observed.
"Right. We're just going to have to wait it out. Use poison powder!" Gardie commanded.
"Erureido dodge with teleport then use psycho cut!" Mech ordered. Saria started producing poison spores from the buds on her neck and aimed them at Erureido who teleported out of harms way just in time and fired the psycho cut at the Bayleef. She cringed but stood her ground.
"This isn't good, use barrier!" Gardie suggested.
"Erureido, confusion should finish this." Saria got the barrier up but since confusion wasn't effected it passed right through at hit her. The severe level difference was enough and she collapsed.
"Saria..." was all the kid said.
"Erureido ftw!" Mech congratulated.
"Ftw?" he said confused.
"For the win."
"Karasu get him!" Gardie ordered sending out the Murkrow. "Wing attack!"
"Thunderbolt!" Erureido fired the bolt off but Karasu flew above it and collided with Erureido.
"Now use night shade!" The combo was excellent in hitting Erureido's two weaknesses and they knocked him out of the battle. "Great one Karasu!"
"Guma you're next." Mech said returning Erureido. Guma removed his belt and charged out. "Guma thunderbolt!" Mech called. This time Karasu wasn't ready and the attack knocked him out of the air and to the ground. He didn't get up. "Well that was a one hit wonder." Mech taunted.
"I guess you win. Rauru is a fish and Nukenin is too weak to fight." Gardie said defeated.
"Hey that was a good battle. Never lost two in one battle before." Mech said surprised. "You're gunna be a great trainer and I look forward to fighting you again Gardie."
"Thanks I-" he stopped short.
"I never told you my name." he said bluntly.
"Saria mentioned your name." Mech replied.
"You can understand pokémon also?"
"Yeah, long story."
"I guess I could say the same." Gardie joked.
"Well it's cool to know I'm not alone. I'm just going to heal my pokémon then head out into the Great Marsh."
"Mind if I join you? I'm still looking for a sixth member."
Chapter End Notes:GRR! NONE OF THESE NAMES ARE FROM NARUTO! The Cubone is not named for Gaara from Naruto. Anyone who knows the pattern with most of my names will know why. He was going to be named Kara but with Karasu that would have lead to confusion. Is anyone noticing the other pattern solely with Gardie's party? The pattern will be continuing in just a few chapters in the other parties.

Seriously what is with you people. I just said the names have nothing to do with Naruto. I wrote this to say they aren't the same! Try googling hitokage and you'll realize the pattern
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