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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 20 Exposed

(Once again credit for the dex entries goes to

The Great Marsh was as the name implies a very large marsh. Mech and Gardie had left their stuff at the center and their pokémon to heal. Trainer pokémon were not allowed in the Marsh much to their disappointment. Mech had also left his katana, confident he could handle anything the marsh could throw at him; his psychic energy already close to overload. As they trudged through the marsh, Mech fell behind so he could use it without being seen, and proceeded to waste it on pointless things he could have done himself like moving a branch out of the way or keeping himself from sinking into a mud pit. He could already levitate without effort so the latter didn't burn too much energy.
They talked a lot while they searched for pokémon, a stupid move but it kept them busy. Neither would reveal why they could understand pokémon. Mech was starting to wonder if there were any pokémon here at all when there was a rustling in a nearby bush. A Carnivine emerged looking straight at them.
"I already have a grass type." Gardie said and moved on.
"Me too. Doesn't make sense to have two." They went on but few moments later two more Carnivine revealed themselves. "Something tells me this is not a coincidence."
"Agreed. There was something about Carnivine but I can't quite remember what..." Gardie said trying to think. Mech pulled out his pokédex and pointed it at the Carnivine.
"Carnivine the bug catcher pokémon. It attracts prey with its sweet- smelling saliva, then chomps down. It takes a whole day to eat prey. Known to attack anything it believes it can eat." The voice chimed.
"Hmm. So that explains them." Gardie realized backing up.
"Yup. All fifty of the buggers." Mech agreed.
"So what's the plan now?"
"Well neither of us have any pokémon; I'm short one katana so I think the classic should do nicely."
"Run full out screaming in panic?"
"I was going to say run like hell but that works too." Mech agreed. Not wanting to see what the Carnivine had planned, the two turned and ran flat out. Mech made sure to stay in back and used psychic blasts to trip up their procurers by knocking down tree limps or heaving rocks behind them, turning only to see if they were being followed which they were. Quickly they dodged between trees not sure where they were running too. Eventually the trees broke and they were fleeing across a grassy plain towards a small lake. They skidded to a halt at the lake front and turned to see how many were left. Their hope dwindled when they saw a few hundred rushing across the plain towards them.
"I don't think they want to have a friendly talk." Gardie observed.
"So, what now?" Mech asked.
"We could wait to see what they want." Gardie suggested.
"I think the chats of 'food food food' answers that question." Mech replied.
"Okay then. We could swim for it, but no doubt the lake is full of other predators. Plus I don't take to water very well." Gardie said thinking out loud. The Carnivine were close, in a ring to prevent escape, slowly advancing.
"Guess I have no other choice." Mech muttered.
"Time to let the cat out of the bag!" Gardie shouted before drawing breath.
"Time to use the ace in the hole!" Mech shouted at the same time charging up a psychic blast. He fired a small beam at the nearest one. It was strange, normally he would have gone for a fire move but this felt more natural. Another side effect of Myuu's power he guessed. Being smaller and more focused it used less energy anything else. He aimed another at a group to take them out but Gardie took care of it. Once they were close enough he exhaled, but coming with the breath was a torrent of flame scorching the grass types. Mech started to say something but decided there were more pressing issues to deal with so while Gardie torched on one front, Mech blasted on the other.
Mech was clearly having fun; it was reminiscent of an fps video game but all the while well aware of his dwindling energy supply, which was draining very quickly. Luckily after seeing what the two 'humans' could do, most fled back into the forest. Mech thought they were just about finished when he glanced at the lake. A fin was snaking through the water right at them. The fish leaped from the water, a large Sharpedo, flying right at them. Gardie saw it but had no way to counter a water type and psychic moves would bounce of its dark half so Mech opted for a new move.
"Thunderbolt!" He shouted feeling the familiar jolt of power as the electricity build up. He wasn't sure exactly how to use it; his pokémon seemed to have their own styles so he simply thrust his palm towards the incoming shark. The bolt erupted from his hand and stopped the fish in mid air, sending it splashing back into the lake, twitching from the electricity. Mech then fell back, a combination of exhaustion, and feeling a bit sick from blasting them. "Stupid tied to life power." He thought rubbing his temples. The feeling was diminished by the fact he was acting defensively but it still made him feel awful physically, mentally he didn't care. Gardie sat down nearby, oddly panting. Myuu's power had obviously boosted his telepathy as he almost automatically used it to check for anything else coming at them. Besides the burnt corpses nearby there seemed to be none, until Mech focused his attention on the edge of the trees. There the Carnivine were immerging once more, apparently noticing their prey was tiring. Panicking slightly Mech checked how much psychic energy was left. He had enough for maybe one or two blasts and no more.
"Uh, Mech?" Gardie said nervously.
"I know." Mech answered jumping back up. "I have an idea, grab my hand." Mech said "And hold on. I've never tried this before."
"Well we don't have much to lose at this point." Gardie said sadly taking the offered hand. Not wanting to wait, Mech instantly began levitating, lifting Gardie with him. It wasn't easy; Mech had rarely levitated on purpose before and never with a passenger but he floated high enough so they both cleared the ground. Still unsure how to levitate he mimicked how he moved the twig in the clearing. Before the Carnivine realized their prey was escaping, they were rocketing across the lake, just barely over the surface. Mech knew his energy was dwindling. He knew it wouldn't get them all the way across the lake so he sped up as fast as possible hoping the momentum would get them the last few feet. Perhaps 50 feet away he stopped levitating to conserve the remainder for landing. The speed was barely enough but they cleared the edge of the water at Mech used the last to slow them down. This was not enough and they crashed into the beach. "You have got to work on those landings." Gardie commented, shaking sand out of his hair.
"Hey, that was my first real landing." Mech replied. "Shit, tanks completely empty. Once they get here, I can't stop them."
"I'm low on fire too." Gardie replied spitting out a few sparks. "I remember this lake! We're near the exit!"
"And there it is!" Mech exclaimed pointing at a building through the trees. They picked themselves up, brushing the sand off. Mech found it odd that even in the humid environment; Gardie still wore long sleeves and pants, but stored that thought for later.
"Come on, their trying to cut us off!" Gardie shouted running towards the building. Through the trees he could see Carnivine headed for the gate in an attempt to stop them. They ran full out, just sliding through the gate at the last second. "Close the gate!" Gardie shouted at the guys in charge. They were too shocked to do anything so Mech jumped up and closed it himself. The Carnivine hit the gate and were trying to break through when the park rangers, finally realizing the situation hit a switch, electrifying the fence. The Carnivine instantly pulled away and went grumbling back into the forest.
The rangers were curious to know why they were so aggressive. Mech and Gardie in turn explained what happened, leaving out the fight and opted for 'they ran all the way here' story instead. Finally they left walking towards the center.
"So, what happened back there?" Gardie asked.
"Don't talk. This will work fine." Mech sent telepathically, one of the few things he could do even on zero power.
"What the hell?" Gardie said again.
"Don't talk! You don't want our secrets, whatever they may be getting out would you? I've checked and no one here is telepathic so we should be fine." Mech sent.
"So you're reading my mind? This is weird but I guess safer." Gardie sent shakily, unsure of what to do.
"Only what you choose to broadcast to me. I think it's rather rude to read someone's mind without their permission, don't you?" Mech sent "So, care to explain the fire?"
"How about you explain the electricity, and the flying, and everything else!"
"First off it's levitating, not flying. There is a small distinction." Mech replied. He was thinking of the best way to explain when a memory that was not his popped up. It was more of the memory of when Myuu gave up her powers. "Perfect." Mech thought to himself sending it over. The memory showed Myuu glow with energy, then the energy formed a sphere around her. After a while it left her and entered Mech, causing him to glow for a moment. The memory ended as Myuu disappeared into a shower of sparks that vanished.
"I was not expecting that." Gardie said out loud. "Sorry. So a Mew gave you its powers? Why?" He sent this time.
"So I could finish what she started." Mech sent simply. "So, the fire breath?"
"Right." Gardie sent. Finally he found the memory he was looking for and sent it over. Mech saw a homely scene, through Gardie's eyes. In the memory, Gardie entered his house. A woman, obviously his mom cheered
"Welcome home my future pokémon master!" she looked at Gardie, though Mech only had the audio/visual half of the memory so Gardie's emotions were hidden. "What's wrong?"
"Mom, something happened today that I can't explain." The memory Gardie said.
"Yeah, watch." Gardie said. He exhaled a few times before producing a small wisp of flame.
"Oh my." Was all she could say.
"No way!" An Arcanine said, frozen in the door way.
"So can you explain it?" Gardie asked.
"I'm afraid I can. You'd better sit down." She said. Memory Gardie did so and she continued. "Remember how when you asked where your father was, and I said he was closer then you know, do I put this?" she paused.
"I think I can put it right. Hello son." The Arcanine said calmly. The memory ended and Mech looked over at Gardie who was looking away.
"Okay, I was not expecting that either." Mech sent. "Still, that must be cool, being half pokémon."
"COOL?" Gardie shouted mentally "You think it's cool, wondering if in the next town the police have caught on and are waiting to arrest you? You think its cool not knowing where your parents are or if they are still running? I'm the product of an illegal relationship! It is not 'cool'."
"Hey, my life hasn't been all flowers recently. I have so much power; I have to burn it off to keep it from killing me. I have to worry about being spotted. I've got the criminal gang Team Rocket after me, as well as quite possibly the most powerful pokémon ever created trying to kill me! I'm even traveling with my best friend who I can't afford to let on I have these powers. Oh and there was something else, or right I'm trapped in another dimension!" Mech shouted back telepathically. "Oh sure, you've got the chance of police arresting you. I've got problems spanning two separate worlds! I have no idea what's happening in mine, I'm stuck here with no way home other then to find out how the aforementioned most powerful pokémon did it! For all I know, my world has figured out how to do it and knowing my government, will be stupid enough to try to blow this world to pieces to stop all the pokémon who have been sent over there! Oh but no pressure!"
"Wait, I think you lost me there." Gardie sent.
"Okay, let me explain. A being calling itself Mewthree, kidnapped me from my world and sent me here. Myuu tried to stop him but failed then gave her power to me to stop him. Now he is trying to kill me. All I know is the worlds are getting closer together. Portals from this world to mine are popping up. The last news I had came with Bob, a few weeks ago, the news being the army in an uproar. I have no idea what they plan to do but it can't be good. I'm actually surprised no one else from my world has ended up here." Mech relayed (yes this is a plot summery, get over it)
"Well that really dims my problems." Gardie said smirking "I have to become pokémon champion in order to make pokémon/human relationships legal. Then I can save my parents and myself."
"Well you're welcome to join our gang." Mech offered speaking this time.
"Can't. I've planned to meet my friend Ven in Veilstone soon. Besides you, he's the only one who knows of my secret." Gardie replied also speaking.
"Still, it's cool you being half Arcanine and all." Mech sent.
"Half Growlithe."
"How can you tell?"
"Well there are marks on my arms like a Growlithe's fur pattern. Plus I've shapeshifted before into a Growlithe."
"Hmm. Shapeshifting. That's a mew power I haven't tried yet." Mech thought to himself "Hmm, I wonder what would happen if someone hit you with a fire stone."
"Not sure. Never really wanted to find out."
"Well if you ever do, Guma has an eternal evolution stone belt. He might be willing to let you use it."
"There may be unforeseen consequences. I don't want to risk it until I'm champion. Or Ven, he promised to help my cause."
"Well you have my support, though for Bob's I'm not sure."
"Thanks for the support. Aren't you worried I could spill the beans on your secret?"
"Not really. You can't do that without running the risk of me exposing your secret and I doubt you're stupid enough to do that."
"And vise versa too." Gardie realized. He looked up and saw they had arrived at the center.
"Hey, your back!" Guma exclaimed bounding around the corner. Mech had sensed him coming and wasn't surprised.
"Hey Gardie!" Said Nukenin Gardie's Nincada sitting on Guma's back.
"So, how is everyone?" Mech asked.
"Feeling fine." Erureido answered walking out. "So, what's the plan for tomorrow?"
"Gardie's going to challenge the gym leader and we wait a day." Mech replied.
"What are you talking about? You won! I should wait a day."
"You have a friend to meet plus a more urgent deadline. Sure I do too, but the deadline is not mine, so I'm more or less biding my time. Plus it'd be a great opportunity to spar with Erureido."
"Well, thanks again."
"Hey, if it weren't for you I would be Carnivine food right now."
"Did we miss something?" Guma asked. Mech and Gardie looked at each other smirking.
"Not really."
"Nothing at all."
Chapter End Notes:Alright a general response to comments. There is a specific reason those three gym leaders are villains and called the command triad. Bonus points for all who know why I choose them. Bonus points also go to those who know where all my names come from. The next chapter will be more interesting from Gardie's perspective too bad that story is running slower
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