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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 2 The Generic Forest Chapter

"What happened last night?" Mech wondered as his throbbing head woke him up. He forced his eyes open and the first thing he noticed was he wasn't in his room. This jarred him until he remembered what did happen last night. Suddenly he remembered it all and had hoped it was just a bad dream. He clenched his eyes willing himself to wake up but he didn't. So he picked himself off the ground and examined his surroundings.
He seemed to be in a forest that lacked undergrowth but was full of trees. He had been lying on a bed of moss which was surprisingly comfortable. He was glad to find his knife on the ground a few feet away and that his backpack was still on his back. Having no better choices or ideas he got up and started walking in what he hoped was a straight line.
Lacking basic navigational skills Mech sort of stumbled along hoping he wasn't walking in a circle. Then by some miracle of luck the forest began to change. The undergrowth became so thick Mech was forced to draw out his knife and use it to hack away at it to clear a path. As he forces his way through the millionth bush and into a small clearing a noise to his side caused him to turn only to be bowled over by what could only be described as a greenish grey blur though he obviously didn't have the chance to see it clearly even to identify its color as he was to busy being knocked over by it to see it. He jumped back up at the sound of dogs barking. The what-knocked-him-over ran behind a tree and attempted to climb up it to no avail. Mech brandished the knife in the direction of the barking and didn't have to wait long before three wolf like animals with black and grey fur jumped out snarling at him.
"Hey look it's a human!" snarled the largest. Mech was very surprised to hear it talk, but after what he'd seen with the mutant cat thing this didn't shake him too much.
"I hear human meat is excellent eats!" said another, the trio circling him. He held the knife in a ready to strike position watching them carefully.
"I say we jump him. He's a youngling. The worst he could do is leave a flesh wound as we kill him." Added the third
"When I say so you" referring to the second one "jump for his throat" he paused until the one waiting for orders was behind Mech's back then he yelled "NOW"
Mech overhearing the entire conversation simply ducked and watched as the one behind him leaped up, missed him completely and crashed into the third one. The first one gave a yelp of surprise but was cut of by the knife suddenly at his neck.
"Now unless you all want to die, get out of here now" Mech said calmly
"Impressive human. Fine Larvitar meat is to tough anyway. Boys, lets get out of here." He said loping off with the other two. Mech straightened up before commenting.
"Well that was odd. I didn't expect talking animals, but okay." He said turning to see if the whatever it was, was still there. The thing was sitting on the ground looking inquisitively at him and gave him the opportunity to look at the thing closely. It was a relatively small lizard-like thing with a horn on its head and a very odd tail that looked more like its tail had exploded into a flower like shape but remained attached. It had a diamond on it's front with smooth and larger belly scales, as well as a few patches of black scales mimicking the diamond shape. The lack of anything immediately noticeable meant it was female. To be honest it was kind of cute, but if it was taller it would be intimidating but something of that size looking like that is always cute and funny. Defiantly no animal he had ever seen. It noticed how the human was staring at it so strangely and finally worked up the nerve to utter a "Hello?"
"Hello." He replied back not knowing what to say.
"Thanks for getting rid of those creeps. They were trying to eat me and that would have been bad for my health."
"Just a little. And no big deal." He replied
"Wait did you just understand me?" the creature asked
"Yeah, you mean you aren't speaking English?" he asked confused
"No, I'm not. That's odd, not many humans can understand pokémon."
"I don't think I've heard of that language, where is it from?" he asked still confused.
"It's not a language it's what I, those guys and everything that isn't human is. You're not from around here are you?"
"I'm defiantly not in Kansas anymore" Mech replies sarcastically. "So could you tell me where I am little pokémon?"
"Call me Sanagirasu, or just San. You're in the Sinnoh region. Where are you from?"
"Uh, I'm Mechsrule or just Mech from the United States. Ever heard of it?"
"Ye-no wait no. Never."
"Yup defiantly not Kansas"(not I do not live in that godforsaken hellhole. No offence to you Kansasites yes the ten of you. And yes I'm a cool enough atheist to use words like godforsaken)
"You could try the human city nearby; they might have something you can use to find your home."
"Thanks. Can you show me the way, cause I am some kinda lost."
"Sure, but aren't you going to catch me first, to add me to your pokémon team?"
"Er, I would I go about that?"
"Wow. Where ever you're from must be very far away if you don't have pokémon. And that only makes it weirder that you can understand pokétongue when you don't know what pokémon even are." San said "Are you just messing with me?"
"No! Why would I mess with someone I don't know?"
"That's a good point. Come on, I'll show you the way to the town. On the way I'll try to explain the basics so you won't be so surprised."
"Thank you. That's very kind."
"Well you did save my life. It's the least I can do. Come on" San said turning and starting to walk away. "Now I don't know much about humans because I never stay around them, there is a few things that all pokémon know. I going to assume you know nothing about this. Basically there are two groups in the world, humans and pokémon. There are hundreds of different pokémon each with unique traits and powers. Some people a while back figured out how to capture pokémon and use them to battle each other."
"That doesn't sound very nice."
"It doesn't seem that way but pokémon are naturally competitive and with thugs like those guys, its safer. Just about every kid tries to become a master and it's uncommon when one doesn't try being a trainer. And very few can understand pokémon and it's the result of years of practice and hard work. So what's it like where you're from?"
"Well the animals don't talk, have greatly varying intelligence but only one or two coming close toe rivaling humans. I don't understand what makes this world tick but I accept that it works. You're probably wondering how I got here, well I'm not to sure, but some guy that looks like a mutant cat tricked me through some sort of portal thing, knocked me out and apparently dumped me in the woods some distance over there. Though I can't say that I mind too much, I mean my old life was boring and sucky. Though I do want to get home. Somewhere deep down. Very deep down. Well I'd like to have the option."
"Mutant cat. Doesn't sound familiar. Hey we're almost there, you should be able to see the city soon." San replied. True to her word the forest began to thin out and Mechs could soon make out the gleaming city. As they approached it seemed more like a town then a city. As they neared the city San halted and turned. "Alright we're almost there, but there's a few things I should tell you first."
"I thought you already did." He said stupidly
"Well I just thought of it. Since you don't know anything about this world, and I'm also bored, I'm going to stay with you for a little while, at least until you get your bearings." She said calmly
"Fine by me."
"And since you don't have a pokéball to catch me and register me under your name, this could be tricky. I'm going to assume you don't have any currency with you. Now you have to remember most humans can't understand us so pretend you can't hear them or something. Also stick close to me so no one tries to catch me and if they do I'll be forced to follow them. Got it?"
"I think so. Treat pokéspeak like the mad ramblings of a hobo, and stick to you like glue."
"Close enough. I don't really know where to go, having never been in a city before, so you're on your own to figure that out."
"You could climb on my shoulders and look around to get a better view. That would solve most of the problems." Mech thought out loud.
"Er, yes and no. It would but the spinal injuries would kind of ruin the plan. See one thing about pokémon is they are divided into types based on where they lived and their physical attributes and I happened to fall under rock and ground."
"That makes sense but I still don't see the problem."
"It's in the rock type. My skin is quite literally solid rock. I weigh well over 100 pounds. And I could be considered a feather weight to my kind."
"Now I see the problem. Anyway, I would I get money to fund food and shelter?"
"You beat other trainers and get prize money."
"Huh. Guys using others to fight in order to get money. How strange."
"They don't do that in your world?"
"Actually they do. All the time. That's what's so strange. Different people, same actions. Well we might as well start looking over the city."
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