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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 22 Once more the boring travel phase

"Don't look so smug with that gym badge, I have one too." Bob said, glaring back at Mech.
"Yes but you didn't defeat the guy in three moves." Mech replied. The gang was moving northward in the same fashion they had left Veilstone in though now Mech was purposefully trailing behind. He had easily defeated the gym leader, in record time too. As they walked Mech let his thoughts wander. Abruptly this daydream came to an end, by a tugging on his pant leg. He looked down and noticed Hitokage there, silently reminding him to not levitate. "Thanks for the save." He sent telepathically.
"No big. I was thinking about names for Lapras, I mean she still doesn't have a name." Hitokage said.
"I'd forgotten that. So, any ideas?"
"Defiantly something to do with water." Hitokage said deep in thought.
"Hmm, Aqua sounds too obvious, Lulu is one, Ruto is another, seems to fit with the sage thing we've got going."
"Huh?" Hitokage said confused.
"Well see we seem to have a thing with sages from a certain work of fiction going on. First Saria, then Rauru, now Nabooru. I think Ruto would fit in well with this pattern. I can only assume by the end of this crazy adventure we'll have a Darunia and Impa on our teams."
"You had me and you lost me. Though I do like that, Ruto, odd ring, like everyone else here really." Hitokage said.
"You making fun of my name?" Subomi demanded (man he's been quiet).
"What if I am?" Hitokage replied.
"Well, I know what your name means." Subomi taunted "Mech, you know what his name means right?"
"Well from my very limited experience with Japanese, something like fire lizard?" Mech guessed.
"What's Japanese?" Subomi asked confused "No, in Charizard it means no flame. It's an insult meaning their weak, and with no flame if you know what I mean."
"I'll show you no flame!" Hitokage shouted back, his tail flame roaring up to a five foot blaze, he spat a small flame at Subomi but it missed.
"Good one no flame!" Subomi taunted.
"Grrrah!" Hitokage shouted lunging at Subomi. They started brawling right there. Finally San, being the only one willing to risk injury, pulled the two apart. Subomi was sporting a few burns and Hitokage had a nasty cut on his bandaged arm.
"Just so you two learn to stop fighting, I'm not going to use a super potion or burn heal on you." Mech said.
"This is your fault" Subomi shouted.
"My fault?! You're the one making fun of my name!" Hitokage shouted back.
"Well-OW!-" The two cried out when San who had had enough much like everyone else, knocked the two together.
"Cool it you two." San growled.
"Subomi, you're going in your pokéball." Mech said sternly.
"What about no flame here?" Subomi asked "He should go in too!"
"Hitokage can't he is currently taking care of Ruto." Mech explained returning Subomi. "Does it really mean that?" He asked Hitokage.
"Well yes, but also it translates roughly to child. We're given a real name when we become Charizard." Hitokage explained.
"So we'll be seeing your father soon then?"
"I guess." Hitokage said, expressionless.
"What have I missed this time?" Bob asked, noticing we weren't following.
"Not much, just shuffling names. Lapras is now Ruto." Mech answered, turning towards Bob, and shouted "Duck!" at Bob, who froze so Mech used a little telepathy to throw him to the ground, just as something sliced by where his head was.
"Ow! What hit me?" Bob wondered after face planting painfully. He looked up and saw a Golbat swooping back, but stopped when both Mech and Erureido leapt over, katanas at the ready.
"So, you seem to have gotten fairly competent with that blade boy." A sneer came from the trees. Mech knew who it was even before they leaped out in front of the group. "You should know better to count out a member of the Command Triad!" Koga taunted, arms crossed. The Golbat flew right down next to him.
"You should be calling yourselves the Command Duo now, Sabrina is dead!" Mech told him.
"Don't you think we know that? That's why were here, to get revenge on her killer!" said another voice, obviously Lt. Surge. "And get that sword back, they ain't cheap."
"Oh you're here too Lieutenant? I'd expect a solder such as yourself to learn from past defeats. At least you learned surprise attacks won't work." Mech said addressing him.
"And these guy's are..." Bob trailed off.
"Dunno, but they work for Mewthree I think." Mech explained "They aren't very good though."
"You had an unfair advantage that time, an advantage we plan to remove!" Koga smirked. "Grab him!" He ordered. Mech had a second to react but he didn't know where it was coming from. Suddenly the ground seemed to swallow him up! He dropped his sword in shock and looked down and saw he was trapped by a Muk! He tried to move, but couldn't, the poison types hold was too strong. "There will be no movement from you. You're friends are free to move as we destroy them!"
"Oh, I think I can escape." Mech said preparing to summon up some psychic power before San stopped him.
"Don't!" she shouted "We can handle these clowns."
"I don't know what you said, but I think we can handle these guys!" Bob said unknowingly agreeing. "Gang, you ready?" he called to his pokémon. With a roar they charged forwards, Mech's pokémon with them.
"Surge, if you don't mind." Koga said coolly.
"With pleasure!" Lt. Surge said pulling out a remote. Mech realized too late what was going on. A moment later, he pressed a button on the remote, and four rods with spherical ends sprang from the ground, but were hidden from the view of the pokémon.
"Tesla coils!" Mech breathed "But those should be harmless..." he thought as Surge pressed a second button. Screams tore through the air as the pokémon within the area of the rods, or almost all of them, were zapped, slumping to the ground. Only Naetoru and Kan were unhurt. San and Subomi were injured but still standing.
"Not bad, Skunktank, use toxic!" Koga ordered, calling out the pokémon. Skunktank let out toxic fumes so fast the others couldn't react in time. San, and Naetoru passed out from the poison it was so powerful. Kan lacked a nose to be affected and Subomi was a poison type so it affected him very little. "Now, explosion!" Koga ordered. This was a very awful sacrificial move, as all those present knew. Fully aware, Skunktank jumped right into the center of the fallen and conscious pokémon, and detonated. It wasn't pretty. Those caught in it were thrown back, mostly into trees. Mech had closed his eyes and when he opened them he saw their pokémon, thrown back like rag dolls. San had hit a fairly thick tree and managed to knock it over. All who were conscious were defiantly out for the count, and in the center, a badly burned and bleeding Skunktank lay in the center of a wide scorch mark. The only two pokémon conscious were Nabooru and Ruto but they were too young to fight.
"Suddenly, I'm not feeling to good about this." Bob said, looking nervously at his fainted pokémon. "On that note, everybody return!" he called, pulling out his pokéballs and returning them all as fast as he could. Mech had managed by that point to move enough to throw his pack clear of his captor. Bob ran over and returned his pokémon too, apparently there was no conflict of Hitokage carrying Ruto. "So, Mech, what now, we're pretty stuck. In your case literally."
"Ha ha. And we're fine." Mech replied once again summoning up his psychic energy immediately regretting having used so much the previous day, he had very little left, which, given how much he could have was still a lot. He pondered his options. "I could use a psychic move on the Muk, but it being behind me, I might miss, and I haven't used one before. I could try teleporting out but he might come with me or I might burn up all I have." He thought.
"Levitation!" a voice in his head said. He was taken aback and wondered if he was going crazy. "It's me Myuu!" the voice came again. Mech almost asked what was going on, but decided there were more pressing issues at hand.
"Uh, Mech, what are you doing?" Bob said nervously.
"Shut up!" Mech snapped "I need to focus here!" he shouted, trying to levitate out of the Muk's grip. It was like trying to swim in month old pudding, but slowly he began rising out, using telepathy to force the Muk off him at the same time. With a sick sucking sound like pulling a boot out of mud, Mech flew out, telepathied his katana to his hand, landing a few feet away, taking up a battle ready pose.
"Say, would anyone mind if I just sort go over there?" Bob asked. No one said anything so he walked over to the tree San had knocked over; forming a makeshift chair which Bob climbed on and sat watching looking like a child experiencing a day dream.
"Gotten use to those powers I see." Koga said angrily. "No matter, you can't take both of us!" he shouted drawing a katana. Lt Surge activated an odd device on his back causing his gloves to spark.
"Like 'em?" Surge asked, cracking his knuckles. "I'm completely safe from the shocks, but no one else is!"
"Enough witty banter. Time to make you pay for breaking up the triad and taking my best katana!" Koga shouted jumping up, wielding the blade expertly. His first strike a predictable down slice was easily blocked by Mech, but he fell in pain when a punch from Surge connected with his right shoulder. Mech was after all right handed so a severe injury there would hinder his fighting ability.
"You may be able to take one of us, but not both!" Surge echoed. Mech knew he was at a disadvantage, and needed an edge, when he noticed another katana sticking out of a tree! Erureido must have dropped it when they got hit! Knowing this was his only chance; Mech blocked a slash and ducked under another punch before running full out at the tree. Quickly he pulled it out and took aim.
"Bob! Catch!" he yelled, hurling the spare katana across the field to his friend. He could have used them himself but never got the hang of two swords. Bob who was pretty stunned earlier seemed to come to his senses somewhat and picked up the swords slowly. Having played video games just as much as Mech, he too knew a bit of swordplay, and immediately took up a stance.
"I'm very confused. Shouldn't there be a convenient back-story scene right about now?" Bob said glancing sideways at Mech.
"You want a story? Fine, thugs over their, kill they ass!" Mech ordered "I've got Surge." Mech called, throwing off his sweatshirt but carefully as it had four badges pinned on it. Bob took to the blade fairly well, going toe-to-toe with Koga, while Mech stared down Surge.
"Kid, not the brightest of moves!" Surge taunted throwing a punch. Mech blocked it easily with his sword, but was electrocuted and fell back from the pain. "Metal is a conductor. You can't block my punches!"
"Oh, so you think electricity will help you?" Mech smirked. "This worked last time, Conversion 2!"
"What ever kid?" Surge said throwing another punch. Mech blocked this one too, and didn't feel the shock, being grounded now. "Wha?"
"Didn't your boss tell you? I can change my type some how. I did when I fought him last and stopped his psychic moves. Now I'm immune to your electricity. You just lost your ace in the hole." Mech stated, slashing the sword, but Surge leaped back.
"So that's out, well you can't make your self bullet proof!" Surge shouted pulling out a hand gun. He emptied the magazine at Mech, who didn't flinch, the bullets hung in mid air for a moment before dropping to the ground.
"Telepathy, you got to love how it can catch just about any projectile." Mech taunted, moving forward, brandishing the sword, ready to strike. Lt. Surge was truly desperate now, having no effective weapons other then fists, while his opponent had yet to have a disadvantage.
"So you can block bullets, how about lightning!" Surge smirked trying to sound confident. He pressed a few buttons on the devise on his back and the sparks erupting from his fists became larger and more violent.
"I'm grounded, it won't work." Mech reminded him.
"Who said I was aiming for you?" Surge smirked again, aiming his fist at Bob instead. He made a jerking motion, releasing a bolt towards him.
"Baton Pass!" Mech shouted in the instant he had, the action driven by Myuu not him. An instant later he was facing Koga instead of Surge. Myuu still in control he grabbed Koga's sword. The bolt hit him and Koga roared in pain before crumpling to the ground. Surge looked dumbstruck that not only had he hit the wrong kid but he also took out his ally.
"Suddenly things aren't looking so good now." He said, rummaging around in his pockets for anything.
"Oh no you don't." Bob threatened holding Erureido's sword at Surges throat. When Mech had used baton pass, the two had instantly switched places and after a moment's disorientation, moved the blade to its current position. A strange smile spread across Lt Surge's face. Mech realized Bob's mistake right away.
"Follow me!" Mech shouted using the move rather then a call as Lt Surge had no choice now but to attack Mech but couldn't. A vein pulsed in his forehead as he conflicted with the move. "Hypnosis!" Mech called staring directly into Surges eyes until he slumped over in sleep. "I suggest we book it before these two clowns wake up." Mech said turning to Bob. A noise made him turn back. Koga was rising of the ground, but not of his own accord but more like a Marionette. When he spoke it had an eerie tone that caused a feeling déj� vu in mech.
"Enjoy your victory today but know this is not the last you have seen of me or my minions." Koga said in a weird and familiar double voice.
"I thought you said I could go home when I fought you." Mech said recognizing Mewthree talking through someone.
"We haven't fought one on one yet and believe me we will. So rest easy but not to easy, I will be coming for you soon." Mewthree said.
"I look forward to beating you!" Mech said sheathing his katana.
"Confidence is a sign of ignorance. You know not what you face."
"Fine then, pop on over here and then I'll know what I'm facing."
"We will fight soon enough." Mewthree said letting Koga fall back to the ground.
"I think we best get going then." Mech repeated.
"Uh... yeah good idea." Bob said still confused at what had happened. "Would you mind explaining what the hell you just did and what just happened?"
"I will, come on!" Mech said shouldering his pack and waving at Bob to follow before walking off at a good clip. After a moment Bob grudgingly followed. "I have to say you did well despite the circumstances."
"Well I guess staying alive was a little more important at the moment. Here" Bob said handing Erureido's katana to Mech, and since it lacked a sheath, Mech simply held it at his side. "I thought since they don't really need it, I nicked that ninja guy's sword stuff." Bob said holding up a katana, sheath and belt similar to Mech's.
"Figures, I did the same."
"I think I'll sell it for a better sword. Maybe a great sword or long sword." Bob said thinking out loud. "So, explanation?" Bob prompted.
"It's a long story, sort of..."
Chapter End Notes:Okay, the next chapter is the longest by far, 9 pages and I'm not sure what to write for the chapter after it so it may not be up for a while. Now for a DBZ like preview.

In the next chapter of Book 1: The Saga of Mechsrule, Mech explains things to Bob, Myuu reveals why she is still there, Mech gets his fifth badge, and they split up in Amity park which leads to trouble for all. A new main character may be on the horizon. All this and more in the next chapter of The Saga of Mechsrule!

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