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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 23 Amity Park

"So that Mew just randomly picked you out of everyone else in the world?" Bob asked. We were currently in the pokémon center in Hearthome. After the fight they ran the rest of the way there before Lt Surge and Koga woke up. On the way Mech explained about Myuu and what he knew about Mewthree, but left out Gardie. When they neared the town Mech halted the conversation and after they had gotten two rooms and handed their pokémon over to be healed, Mech finished.
"I'm not sure." Mech said honestly.
"You're the first person I found." Myuu said through Mech.
"How are you doing that? I thought your consciousness was destroyed after we fought Sabrina." Mech himself said.
"Huh?" Bob said looking confused.
"Myuu has decided to chat." Mech explained.
"Yeah, I thought it would be too." Myuu explained. She was talking through Mech not unlike how Mewthree talked through Koga and Sabrina. "I held on by a few threads so I'm still here, I just can't do much more then talk to and through you."
"It's a little weird sharing a mind with someone else." Mech commented.
"I know, but if I tried separating from your mind, I would be gone for good and you wouldn't have me to help you." Myuu explained.
"That is true. So why are you in my mind now?"
"Well I left some of my consciousness to help you ease into these powers. Most of that was damaged when I possessed you those couple times, then when I caused the dreamlike state that almost tore what was left of me to pieces."
"Well I'm getting along fairly well; don't you think you should move on?"
"Not while Mewthree is still alive. Sorry, got to go now, this little conversation used up most of my strength. I've been building it up since the last time and its run out so don't expect any help or advice from me for a while." Myuu said still talking through Mech which felt weird.
"Well, that was either proof of your case or the ramblings of a psycho." Bob commented. Mech waited to see if Myuu was going to say anything but it seemed she was resigned to rest for a while.
"Well it seems Myuu won't be talking for a while. Anyway I think that answers your question."
"Uh yeah. So, after the battle there are only 3 gyms left and we have a choice after this one. We can go north and get the ice gym but she is the 6th and stronger then the guy we'd face if we went west and they have steel." Bob said.
"Well if we go west we'd end up crossing the mountains twice and without flight. Hitokage and Erureido have an advantage over both but I think north is best for us. We may get lucky and Hitokage will evolve then he can fly us over the mountains." Mech decided.
"Well, Mukkuru can already fly and I can use your HM to have her fly us over and back. You have to remember I don't have a fire type so Nabooru is my only chance with Candice so more training with her can't hurt." Bob explained. "So you can go north while we go west."
"Agreed. Remember you can't tell anyone about Myuu." Mech reminded him.
"Wait a minute, I remember now, when we left Veilstone, you're eyes started glowing and you ran off! Why didn't I remember that before?" Bob wondered.
"Yeah, Erureido wiped your memory. I guess this triggered a recall."
"Huh. Well I'm off to sleep, in the morning we'll be ready for the gym."
"Uh-uh I'm fighting her first, you fought all the others first so this is my turn."
"Fine. Good night."

"Guma use thunderbolt!" Mech called. Guma sent the attack at his already weakened opponent. It was a perfect match up for Mech, a ghost/flying vs. a normal type. The Drifblim couldn't use any ghost moves on Guma but Guma could use thunderbolt to zap it out of the air. This attack proved to be enough and it fell defeated to the floor. "Great one Guma!" Mech cheered.
"Too easy with an advantage like that!" Guma joined in.
"Don't get too cocky, I have two more to fight!" Fantina shouted returning her defeated pokémon. "Go Gengar!" she shouted.
"Well, its risky but our best bet, go Erureido!" Mech called. "You know what to do!" Mech said out loud before sending telepathically to him "She'll most likely open with sucker punch so use sword dance."
"Gengar use sucker punch!" Fantina ordered predictably. Gengar went to punch Erureido but Erureido went through a series of katas that boosted his attack. Gengar's attack failed as Mech anticipated. "Use shadow punch" Fantina shouted.
"Erureido counter with psycho cut!" Mech called. Gengar instantly vanished into the shadows and Mech looked around to where he might pop up but Erureido stood perfectly still. Without warning, he spun in a circle shooting off a psycho cut in all directions, all those not in the battle ducked under it, but Gengar couldn't and while invisible was not intangible so the attack hit him, throwing him out of his hiding space in the shadows and into a wall. "Nice move!" Mech commented.
"I got that from that sword spin you did earlier. What's it called again?"
"The Kaitengiri or spin attack." Mech replied as Gengar tried to get back up.
"Stay down!" Erureido ordered firing another psycho cut at Gengar. This time he didn't get up.
"Gengar return." Fantina said sadly. "It's up to you Mismagius." She finished.
"Fine, San, you want a go?" Mech asked.
"Huh?" she said distracted as she had been for a while "Oh, sure, I got this one!" she said stomping out.
"Mismagius use magical leaf!" Fantina commanded.
"San, dark pulse should work." Mech suggested.
"Too easy!" San commented, firing the pulse at Mismagius but it dodged at the last second and sent the leaves at San who blocked the move and it did almost nothing despite the type advantage. With a roar San fired a flamethrower at Mismagius. The flames torched the ghost type but it shook it off.
"Remind me not to make you angry." Mech joked. "How about shadow claw!" Mech called. Despite being slow San managed to hit Mismagius before it could dodge, batting it to the ground. It couldn't get back up.
"Mismagius return." Fantina said.
"Awesome battle San!" Mech congratulated her with a hug.
"It wasn't that great." San said blushing.
"No? It took two moves, that was great!"
"That was a good battle, we didn't stand a chance." Fantina said walking over. "Here's your relic badge. Now you can use surf outside of battle and blah blah blah, you know the drill by now."
"Uh yeah." Mech said unsure what else to say. With that they left and walked back to the nearby center.
"Easy win then?" Bob asked as they walked in.
"Yup. Now then who needs healing up?" Mech asked his team. Guma and Erureido did but San insisted she was fine. "So, what have you been doing all day?" Mech asked Bob as he handed them over to be healed.
"I'm trying to teach Nabooru more English. It's slow going."
"I'm better talking pokémon." Nabooru agreed, in English. "See, I still don't have it all down. I'll get it eventually." She added in pokéspeak.
"You are defiantly more fluent in it but that's not surprising." Mech agreed. "Now, it's to late now to travel so what should we do?"
"We could go to Amity Square. It's a big human/pokémon park. It'd be a great place to spend a day. There are a few ponds and Ruto needs to stretch her legs or fins." Hitokage suggested. He was much happier today now that his arm was healed and he didn't need the cast anymore.
"Yeah, that might be nice." San agreed.
"I guess." Subomi said reluctantly. So they went to the park, Hitokage and Ruto off to one of the parks ponds, Subomi off somewhere but he didn't say where, and San and Mech off to explore some old ruins there.

"Here you go Ruto!" Hitokage declared releasing her into the pond.
"Yay! Water!" Ruto cheered happily. Excited to finally be out on open water she swam around while Hitokage refilled her pokéball. She playfully hit Hitokage with a water gun.
"Hey!" Hitokage complained, putting his bag down before jumping in after her. "You're asking for it!"
"Can't catch me!" Ruto taunted swimming out of his reach.
"Oh yeah?" Hitokage responded swimming after her. Normally fire types hate the water but the Charizard tribe had lived near ample water and unlike the other Charmander, he had learned to swim much to their mocking, but unlike them he didn't fear water. It couldn't douse his tail flame and it was easy. "Gotchya!" He declared placing a hand on her back after splashing after her for a while.
"Let her go!" Shouted a voice from near by. Hitokage spun around searching for the source, clutching Ruto closer to keep her safe. A second later a blast of water slammed into him causing him to release Ruto. Before he could retaliate something, maybe a rock barreled into him sending him flying across the pond, into the bank. Wincing in pain he opened his eyes to see a Wartortle holding a crying Ruto aloft. "Don't worry, I've got you." He said trying to comfort the crying infant.
"Put her down. NOW!" Hitokage shouted getting up, brandishing his claws. The Wartortle turned and swam off, carrying Ruto with him. "Ruto!" He shouted rushing off after them, but wasn't fast enough to catch up. The Wartortle jumped out of the pond and took off running, still carrying the crying Lapras. Moments later Hitokage reached the opposite shore and charged after the Wartortle.
"Back off! I won't let you harm her!" The Wartortle shouted shooting another water pulse at Hitokage who ducked under it, and continued running, so focused on saving Ruto he didn't hear anything but her cries. Faster on land, he reached the turtle and grabbed his shell, stopping him in his tracks, the Wartortle clutching Ruto who was still crying. Hitokage raised his arm to hit the Wartortle with a metal claw.
"Let her go or else!" Hitokage spat.
"Not a chance fire breather!" The Wartortle shouted hitting Hitokage with a close quarter's water pulse knocking him back. Wiping water off his face, Hitokage momentarily let go giving the turtle a chance to run off again. The attack fazed Hitokage for longer then it should but he leaped back up quickly and took off.
For a turtle the Wartortle was surprisingly quick, staying ahead of Hitokage. Without noticing he broke the trees and was sprinting across a field. He looked back and saw a glowing Charmeleon chasing him. Even more scared now; he put on a burst of speed running from the newly evolved Charizard, now flying after him.
"Now then." Hitokage said menacingly, picking the turtle up mid-flight before landing and holding him up. "I got you Ruto." He said comforting the Lapras with one arm while holding the Wartortle by his tail. "Now then before I torch you, why did you go and try to kidnap her with me there?" He snarled at the Wartortle.
"You're friends?" He said shocked. "I thought you were bullying that Lapras so I stepped in to save her." He explained. "You still going to torch me?" He asked retreating as best he could into his shell.
"We were playing." Hitokage growled. "No, I'm not. You were just acting rashly without thinking about any possible explanations and I evolved as a result and I'm not complaining. You okay Ruto?" He asked, she had stopped crying now.
"Yeah I'm okay." Ruto said quietly. "That was scary."
"Well I thought he was trying to kill you!" The Wartortle replied.
"Why would you think that? You could have asked!"
"Well, I've met a few fire types around here and they were all really aggressive and attacked weak pokémon. If that's it, I'll just be going now." The Wartortle said feeling awkward.
"Yeah, alright." Hitokage said putting him down. Without hesitation, the Wartortle ran off not waiting for anything. "So, Ruto, you still up for swimming?"
"Just as long as he didn't have any friends." Ruto replied. Hitokage nodded smiling and spread his wings. The moment they were in the air he decided he loved flying. It was like swimming but on air. It was natural to him, unlike swimming. Taking care to hold Ruto safely he few back to the pond.
In most respects he had evolved into an unusual Charizard. Possibly due to not being fat and lazy or good genetics he was much thinner and seemed more like a large, long necked, winged Charmeleon then a full-blown Charizard, a twist he greatly appreciated as it didn't diminish his swimming ability. A talent most find impossible due to being awkward and to heavy. He spent the rest of the day swimming with Ruto. When the time came they went off to show Mech what had happened.

"So, these ruins are ancient huh." Mech commented, looking at the stone houses.
"Apparently. Look, I didn't suggest we go here just to see the history." San said.
"I know, you want to talk about something." Mech said plainly.
"I thought you said you wouldn't read my mind!" San said indignantly.
"I haven't been but you have to remember I'm empathic so any strong emotions I can sense, plus it seemed obvious leading me way over here where there isn't anyone else around."
"Yeah. Are you sure no one else is around?" she asked. He closed his eyes for a moment, scanning for life.
"Nothing sentient."
"Good. I didn't want anyone eavesdropping."
"Let me guess, you've been thinking?" Mech said raising an eyebrow.
"Actually yes. More reading my mind then?"
"More watching too much TV then that. First out of the mouth when someone wants to talk to someone else when they need to be certain no one's listening. Good to know we're still dealing with stereotypical events."
"Whatever. Anyway as you said, I've been thinking. Remember how you asked who said it was wrong and I wasn't sure?"
"I think I know where this is going." Mech thought.
"Well, I think I've got an answer."
"And that would be?" Mech asked before being interrupted by San pressing her lips to his. The kiss lasted only a moment before San broke off, blushing and feeling awkward.
"Sorry. I should have given you a heads up, or" San stammered before Mech returned the kiss. After considerably longer, they broke the kiss.
"So was that your answer?" Mech joked.
"Well yeah." San replied blushing. "I decided I should live life how I want and society can fuck itself."
"Glad we're in agreement on that." Mech agreed embracing San. They sat there for a while, just enjoying the others presence. Eventually San started chuckling breaking the silence. "What's so funny?"
"Just to think a pokémon could care so much for a human and a human care so much for just a pokémon." San remarked.
"San I view you as a friend first not a pokémon. And how odd is it we know Gardie's ancestry." Mech reminded her.
"Yeah but it's still rare." San replied. Finally Mech stood up reluctantly. "Well, we should be getting back; the others may worry about us." He said planting a kiss on her cheek.
"Yeah. Won't we have a story to tell?" San smiled as the pair walked off hand-in-hand.

"Sigh, I'm lonely." Subomi said sadly. For a while now he had just been sitting in amongst a field of flowers wishing he had someone to talk to but no one else on the team was a grass type and only Guma was an odd ball too. Bored, he laid back to take a nap but a noise in the flowers startled him. "Who's there?" He called.
"Just me!" a small voice came. He looked over and saw what he took to be a Minun nearby standing sideways to him. "I didn't mean to scare you, but most get freaked out when they see me."
"Why would that be? You look like an ordinary Minun to me!" Subomi noticed.
"Not exactly. I'm not totally Minun." She replied. "See?" She added turning. Subomi gasped. While at one angle she was a normal Minun, when you looked at her from the other side you saw a Plusle. Basically, one side of her was that of a Plusle, red ear and plus sign marked cheek, but the other was that of a Minun, blue with a minus sign. "I get that a lot. Don't feel bad." She said but she still looked sad.
"It just surprised me is all." Subomi comforted getting up. "I already hang around with an orange, English speaking Linoone. Plus I have something to show from my Monferno grandfather so stuff like this doesn't really faze me." Subomi said holding out his hand. "Names Subomi."
"You guys should join my trainer's team!" The Plusle/Minun said excitedly, shaking his hand with both paws. "Sorry, forgot to introduce myself. My trainer calls me Plusun, being half Plusle and half Minun and Minle doesn't sound good. She gathers us odd balls and gives us a home. I wouldn't have lasted if it weren't for her, but she hasn't found many of us yet. So far she has me, a three tailed Buizel, a female Gallade, and a Vupix with Pidgey wings." (The 14 who read my last story will be familiar with two of these; yes this is a slight reference)
"Sounds cool, but I'm already on a team and as far as weird goes we take the cake. Sure there's me and Guma, the Linoone. Then Erureido but he's normal for a Gallade, so is San for a Tyranitar. Then Ruto the Lapras but she seems normal but she's young. Then there's that pest Hitokage but the only thing about him is he's so thick." Subomi explained, happy to have someone to talk to. "But a Mew gave its powers to our trainer before it died so now he's got all the powers of a Mew."
"Well that does beat us. All that's unique is our trainer can understand us but that's because she's from Viridian Forest and that is not uncommon there." Plusun replied. "Maybe you've heard, her name's Ganty." (Obscure reference. More in end notes.)
"Nope. Man it's late, Mech will be wondering where I am so I'd better get back. Just promise not to tell anyone about him." Subomi said standing up.
"I won't but you should defiantly tell him about Ganty I'm sure she would love to meet you and that Linoone." Plusun said. "I'll keep the secret. Well, bye!" she said, bounding off. Subomi found himself missing her already, but shook it off and went off to meet up with the rest.

"Well for once I'm not glad I'm early." Subomi commented. He had arrived at one of the gates to Amity Park where they had agreed to meet. He had been there a while and was starting to wonder if he had the wrong gate when a familiar looking Charizard flew down. Looking more like a large winged Charmeleon then a Charizard. It was clearly a Charizard but with the build and proportions of a Charmeleon. An interesting combination.
"Hey Subomi!" Hitokage greeted. "Yeah I evolved and Ruto had a good time." He added.
"I miss open water already." Ruto complained from inside her pokéball.
"Well this is unexpected. I'd expected you to evolve into a generic Charizard. Though I'm not happy about your tail flame getting bigger, all the better to burn me with." Subomi replied.
"Well I can still swim as well as before so I like the way things turned out. Oh and Mech and San are on the way, I spotted them as I flew over here." Hitokage informed him, smiling oddly. "So anything interesting happen to you?"
"Yes but I want Mech to hear it and I don't feel like repeating myself." Subomi answered. "And what's with the face, it is happy and at the same time disturbing."
"Nothing." Hitokage replied smiling more broadly now, a difficult task for anything with a muzzle but he managed. "Nothing we didn't see coming anyway."
"What has Mech gone full Mew? No you wouldn't be laughing at that." Subomi wondered.
"I don't understand what was going on." Ruto said confused.
"Hey guys!" Mech called. Subomi turned.
"Now I know what you mean." He said, noticing Mech and San holding hands as they walked over.
"I see you two patched things up." Hitokage commented turning slightly.
"Yeah. Congrats on the evolution Hitokage. We should be getting you home soon."
"What are you talking about?" Hitokage asked confused.
"Well you said once you became a Charizard you receive a real name and I figured you wouldn't want to wait."
"True, Hitokage is getting really old and we are fairly nearby, just a quick flight over the mountains." Hitokage announced.
"Don't like being called no flame then no flame?" Subomi joked but a glare from Hitokage silenced him.
"I don't see why not. It's not like we have to rush though if we do, our plans to go north are scraped and we might as well join Bob in going west. Think your dad would mind if he showed up with us?" Mech smiled.
"Not if he's with you. I hope no one threatens Ruto, my kind take to water types like Subomi does to fire types." Hitokage said clutching his charge. "But they won't challenge my dad's authority and I doubt he will challenge yours."
"We should get back to the center to see if Erureido and Guma are all healed up. You need some sleep before we fly tomorrow and I fear you won't fit in the room with the rest of us, most places are going to be cramped with you, San, Erureido and myself. Subomi and Guma are small enough (Hey!). So the pokéball may be the only option. Plus we don't want you to set anything on fire especially a room we are currently in."
"Fine. I still don't get how Ruto can be in her pokéball in my pokéball."
"She's more your pokémon then mine maybe that's why? Or maybe there's no problem because this doesn't typically happen."
"Whatever the reason, away I go." Hitokage said bowing to be returned.
"That can wait till we get into town."
"Hey now everyone's evolved. This is great! No more annoying flashes of light." San cheered.

Later in the town, light was fading but a few people were out doing last minute things. On the way they passed a large church and Mech couldn't help roll his eyes. He disliked most religions. Why was subject for debate but the likely cause was having an atheist father and never really caring for religion much (true). The thing he disliked wasn't the church itself but the people in it, mainly the preachers who preached half of what ever holy book the religion was based on, and not the other half and get all indignant when people point that out and the people who hear this sometimes do awful things because they only follow what they like and not all so it was understandable that Mech got a little annoyed when one of the preachers (his uniform suggested that but it was different from things back home but that was to be expected) came walking towards them, not simply crossing paths but at them with the intention to talk to them. San noticed too and started releasing Mech's hand but he only held tighter.
"Remember, I don't care about society's views and neither should you." He whispered as the man came over. They had seen the man preaching to a group of people earlier and had been before they walked by on the way to Amity Park. The crowd followed him. "May we help you?" he asked the man, hoping the bored expression on his face would drive the man away.
"See, this is a prime example of the work of Darkrai!" The man shouted addressing the crowd. "For it is the word of Arceus that 'man shall not sleep with another man nor beast'" (yes I know this is crude but I've never read the bible myself and don't plan to.)
"Well this is oddly comforting, different world, same basic beliefs." Mech groaned. "Now he's going to say something about repenting." Mech said quietly to his group. As almost on cue the man turned and addressed Mech.
"Repent my son for you are not far from the path of redemption and salvation with Arceus. Many have fallen prey to the allure of pokémon but the true believers shrugged off Darkrai's tempters and followed the path to redemption." The man spoke, but Mech rolled his eyes so much they almost rolled out of his skull.
"I knew something like this was going to happen." Mech said eyes still rolled. "Look that's all fine and dandy for you but as you said, true believers and I don't believe in any invisible men floating in the sky watching everything everyone does every second."
"Mech I don't think you know this religion well enough." San said.
"Enlighten me then I'm sure it'll make a lot of difference." Mech said his voice thick like sarcastic marmite.
"Well, basically Arceus created the universe with his two children Dialga and Palkia. But an evil entity was created called Darkrai. He pulls down the evil and dishonest for torment while Arceus takes the good people and rewards them. The two don't live in the sky but in different dimensions." San explained.
"So much like the religion back home, just different names." Mech said to himself. "Sorry then, I wasn't aware of exactly what you believed in so allow me to rephrase. You believe that three pokémon created everything and watch you and so on."
"We do not simply believe we know!" A man in the crown shouted.
"Really. So what do you say will happen if I do this?" Mech smirked before kissing San full on the lips to her and everyone else's surprise. "Sorry San but I think that made the point." Mech sent telepathically while turning back to the crowd, not at all surprised to see many disgusted faced.
"Why do you continue to defy the word of Arceus even in the presence of one of his messengers?" The preacher asked, not very fazed by the kiss.
"Could be because I'm atheist and I don't believe in any gods be they pokémon or otherwise." Mech stated.
"Oh I pray for your salvation my son and for you to see the light." The preacher said, shaking Mech by the shoulders.
"Please don't do that." Mech said backing away calmly. "Look I don't care for any religion so as long as you don't spit your religious babble at me and I won't kiss San in your presence. Or to quote someone, "Don't pray in my school, and I won't think in your church." (unknown) And don't look all offended, I've had experience with religion before and there is one conclusion I have come to. "Religion does three things quite effectively: divides people, controls people, deludes people." (Carlespie McKinney). So if you people will kindly live my life the way I choose to live it I'll be one my way." Mech said equally calmly turning to leave, waiting for what he said to sink in.
"You are going straight to the pits of hell with Darkrai!" a woman in the crowd shouted. Many nodded in agreement and Mech sighed before replying.
"Good. That means I don't have to deal with your god who acts like a popular girl only inviting certain people to a party. This Darkrai seems to be the all around good guy who invites everyone else. Sure the party isn't as good but its more fun and they don't care what you do there as much. You have a problem with loving a pokémon then that's your opinion and just turn a blind eye to me." Mech said walking away, the gang following quickly. Turning his head slightly he called back: "Oh and don't bother with a lynch mob, I sleep with one eye open all the time!" Neither the crowd nor the preacher followed.
"Nice one!" a thought floated threw his mind obviously from Myuu. "I expect you'll be needing help keeping watch tonight?"
"I shouldn't but just in case. These ultra religious types tend to be very violent when their beliefs are questioned or contradicted." Mech thought, guessing Myuu would be able to pick up on it and she did. "So, talking through me is too much but this isn't?"
"Well we do technically share the same mind so I'm just letting my thoughts seep out. It's depressingly roomy in here by the way."
"Thanks for the compliment." Mech growled and San jumped at this. "Sorry, talking to Myuu."
"Myuu? I thought she was gone." San said thinking. The others looked at him confused too.
"Right, you guys were being healed at the time." Mech remembered and embarked on a retelling of what they had missed.
Chapter End Notes:The reference to Ganty is from the Legend of Zelda manga: Triforce of the Gods, the original one based on A Link to the Past. If you have read this you already know what Ganty looks like. Many lines taken from Zero Punctuation done by Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw
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