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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 38 Plan J

Mech groaned and blinked. "I'm alive?" he mumbled, sitting up. He was in one of the beds in the infirmary.
"Mech! You've woken up!" San cried hugging him.
"San if you don't stop crushing me, I may have to repeal my last statement." Mech pointed out.
"I'm sorry. I just didn't think you were going to make it."
"Did I really go that overboard?"
"You blew up an entire fortress! You promised you wouldn't abuse your powers!" San growled.
"I'm sorry San. My powers were overloading already. I had to burn it off and I figured I might as well do something useful at the same time." Mech answered.
"You promised because you agreed abusing your powers cause you to become more mew like!" San argued.
"Like my ears. Well what's the worst that could happen?" Mech shrugged.
"How about this?" san asked pointing to a pink bulb poking out of the sheets. "This is why you shouldn't abuse your powers!" San shouted, pulling the bulb, and as a result, pulled Mech out too. He blinked, confused then realized what it was.
"Huh. I grew a tail. Now that's weird." Mech said slowly, holding the foreign thing in one hand. He stood up and tried flicking it, but failed miserably.
"Now what?" San demanded. "You can't travel around in human lands like this! You promised you wouldn't do anything like this! You knew this could happen and you did it anyway! That was so irresponsible!"
"I'm sorry San. I really blew it. It's just I would have had to release that energy anyway or it would have most likely killed me. I made the choice that I'd rather not die."
"I didn't realize."
"San I did get one other thing before I blew up the place. It should be in my pocket." Mech said pulling out what he had grabbed. A pokéball. "I did swear never to use one on you again, and I won't go back on that promise."
"Oh you wont then?" San asked grabbing Mech and lifting him into the air. "Oh dear. You seem to have dropped the pokéball and I seem to have picked it up." San narrated before taping it to her chest and vanishing.

"This is just like the old days, just us traveling, seeing the world!" Bob declared, leading the group. The group, consisting of Mech, Bob, Gardie, Ganty, Colin, and a disguised Nabooru, was on its way to a secluded location in a mountainous region. Everyone else was away in pokéballs and Ven who would meet them on the way.
"This is nothing like the old days." Gardie remarked, wearing a hooded cloak to hide his ears and tail.
"Yeah. Seriously three pokémon and three humans? We'll be lucky if they don't realize what's going on." Mech added, wearing a similar cloak but without the hood, his katana strapped to a new belt with Grumpig gems on the inside to hide them.
"I just need to remember to speak human." Nabooru added. "Colin already came up with a great cover story for the mask."
"Not really. It's just most people are too stupid to realize it's impossible to be fatally allergic to pokémon. Though people seem to act that way." Colin replied.
"Still, we're all together and nothing can go wrong!" Bob shouted.
"Great. You just had to say that didn't you." Mech growled. "And stay down you!" He shouted in frustration at his tail which he still hadn't learned to control.
The group traveled on, catching up. The kids, had been left at home for safety, in the care of Camerupt, the official childcare leader. It began getting dark as they neared a town.
"Let's stop here for the night. It's better then sleeping on the road." Ganty suggested.
"Great! These boots are chaffing." Nabooru complained, rubbing her foot-paw.
"You don't have to wear those all the time, just when we meet people. I doubt anyone will notice that." Colin replied.
"People are approaching from the town, through the trees. Get ready for a fight but not too ready." Mech said sharply.
"Finally a chance to try out my new powers!" Nabooru smirked from behind her mask.
"Too noticeable. Here use this instead." Colin said handing her a handgun and took one out himself.
"Shh!" Mech hissed.

"Well what do we have here?" snarled a thuggish looking man as he approached the group.
"Just a group of travelers." Mech said expressionlessly.
"Say, isn't this your face on this wanted poster?" The man demanded holding up a very inaccurate picture of Mech.
"I'm not the man you're looking for." Mech said waving his hand.
"You're not the man we're looking for." The man parroted.
"You were leaving." Mech added.
"We were leaving." The man repeated. "Come on guys, they aren't worth it." He said walking off.
"Dude that was cool." Bob said once they were out of earshot. "I didn't know jedi mind tricks worked."
"They don't, but possessing someone's mind and convincing them you're right does. Weak minds are very vulnerable to cheap theatrics."
"Huh. You haven't done that to us have you?" Bob asked.
"I have not done that to you." Mech said waving his hand.
"You have-" Bob started. "Hey!"
"Like I said before, cheap theatrics." Mech smiled walking ahead towards the town.

"And here we are." Mech declared a few days later at the base of a mountain. "At the top of this mountain is our goal. That is assuming the map is right. I can sense a very powerful being at the top but it could be anything."
"Sweet. Let's hurry up there." Ven sighed.
"Come on San, it doesn't matter anymore." Mech said.
"Man I forgot how cramped those things were." San yawned, stretching. Behind them Colin started laughing.
"What's so funny?" Nabooru demanded, having taken off most of her disguise.
"Nice hat hair." Colin chuckled.
"You suck." Nabooru replied punching his arm.
"Come on, just a couple miles to go." Mech said climbing.
It took a few hours to climb the mountain, ducking under branches, clambering up rocks, negotiating cliffs, and crossing small swamps. The mountain was pretty small, about 4000 feet so the trip took a couple hours, but they eventually made it to the summit. The summit was a small open area surrounded by trees with a crude path leading off to a rocky lookout. Sitting on the lookout was a small star shaped creature. White, with a gold crown it sat there.
"It seems I have visitors." It said floating up into the air.
"Hello Jirachi, the wish maker." Mech greeted bowing.
"Hello half mew." Jirachi replied. "Now you came to make a wish."
"How- never mind." Mech said. "Yes, we, wish to go back to our own time, the time we left so we can stop this awful war, us and our kids."
"I'm sorry I cannot." Jirachi said. "There is two reasons I cannot. First Celebi handles time travel, not me, so the best I could do is summon her here to help you. Second, I cannot because my powers only allow for one wish every thousand years, but if you want to wait the necessary 947 years..."
"I figured something like this might have happened. So can you tell us where Celebi is?" Mech asked.
"She lives near our home." Gardie interrupted. "I just didn't think of it before."
"Still the mystery remains who made the last wish." Mech commented.
"Actually I know that one." Nabooru answered. "When in human land we explored a Lucario shrine. An elder had left their mind in an aura pool there and spoke to me and among many things he told me they made a wish 53 years ago but didn't tell me what."
"I remember that wish. I remember them all, there being so few, but I do remember the exact wish and I feel like I should tell you." Jirachi said. "A Lucario elder made the wish. He took me into a cave filled with pokémon eggs." Jirachi explained. The world around the group became translucent and vanished to be replaced by the inside of a cave filled as Jirachi had said, with eggs. In walked a grey furred Lucario and Jirachi.
"As you know this war has had terrible consequences on our numbers. Even now we face eradication. So we collected every Lucario egg we could find, and many others from hundreds of pokémon and placed them here." The Lucario said. "Hopefully here they can wait out this war then once it's all over, they will be safe."
"How can I help?" the second Jirachi asked.
"I've thought about this wish a lot and I think I've found the right words. I wish that these eggs cannot be harmed and would stay like they are until touched by a human who means the pokémon inside absolutely no harm." Lucario said slowly. The second Jirachi nodded and closed its eyes. The eye on its chest opened. An aura formed around it and the eggs, illuminating the entire cave in an eerie glow. After a few seconds the light vanished and Jirachi opened its eyes and closed its third but sank to the cave floor.
"It is done." Jirachi said.
"Rest my friend. We may have just saved us all from extinction." The Lucario said kneeling. The cave vanished and the mountain top returned.
"That was a memory?" San asked.
"Yes." Jirachi answered.
"Hey, the elder that spoke to me said that the Lucario weren't dead but if I came to a mountain and found the hidden cave, I could save our race. I assumed there were Lucario hiding here but this is better!" Nabooru exclaimed.
"Would you like to see the cave?" Jirachi asked.
"Yes please." Nabooru bowed.

"Here it is." Jirachi announced after leading them down the mountain and into a cave. They gasped as they saw what lay within. Just like the memory, there were eggs heaped in the cave, mounds touching the ceiling, and endless sea of pokémon eggs.
"It's wonderful!" Nabooru exclaimed.
"Yeah it is." Bob agreed reaching for one of the eggs, but Mech quickly pulled him back.
"Moron! Weren't you paying attention? If we touch one of the eggs it'll hatch!" Mech growled.
"Well what else are we going to do? These pokémon could give us the advantage in this war!" Bob yelled back.
"Because they were brought here to be safe from the war and I will honor that!" Nabooru shouted.
"I have a better idea anyway." Mech said. "Hear me out. All the adult humans are set on eliminating us, right? But the kids, as evidenced by Colin here, are not as brainwashed as their elders. Now they hate pokémon, but don't want their kids hurt. We already know we can't win this war on force alone. We need to influence the younger generations then they will end the war for us. That was my original final plan, but I couldn't enact it because there just was no way to do that, but this works. In my experience kids are naturally innocent and protective. Baby's do not love or hate because they have no concept of it. And they love either keeping secrets from their parents and/or taking care of small animals. Therefore my plan is we somehow find a way to distribute these eggs to all the children in the world that we can. Some of the eggs won't hatch but because of Jirachi's power, they can't be harmed. The eggs that do will be in the hands of someone who can take care of it and be influence to the point where they realize how pointless this fighting is and come over to our side. The uproar the parents will cause coupled with the loss of potential soldiers will cripple them and maybe even get them to surrender." Mech explained.
"But how do we distribute them? Just get a few Pelipper to fly around and drop them down chimneys?" Ganty asked.
"No we use teleport to send them into the bedrooms. We psychics can scan their mind to see if they have good potential, so we don't waste our time on one dead set on hating pokémon." Mech answered.
"Since the Lucario made the wish, I leave them in your care they are yours to do with as you please." Jirachi said leaving the cave.
"I like this plan. It could work, and there's very little risk. Let's do it." Nabooru agreed.
"Alright, let me set up the transportation for these eggs." Mech said stepping outside.

Mech pulled out a radio. Unlike human radios that ran off electricity and produced radio waves that we're all to easy to intercept, these radios ran on psychic energy and basically functioned as a telepathy booster that also produced an image on the radio and non psychics could talk but a psychic had to power it.
"Metagross? Are you there?" Mech asked.
"Hmm?" Metagross mumbled, getting up, apparently he had been napping.
"Listen the mission was a wild goose chase, we need the help of Celebi. Anyway It'll be a while before we can return but I need you to round up all the teleporters there and get them to come to my location. Send them on birds with lots of bags. I'll brief them when they arrive." Mech said.
"Understood." Metagross nodded and floated off. Mech closed the radio and went back inside.
"All right, it'll take a while for them to get here so we should gather all the eggs and get them ready for transport." Mech ordered as he returned.

The process took a few days, the most for the pokémon to get there. Then the eggs were collected and distributed in human towns to kids they felt, after scanning their minds, would not harm the baby pokémon. Then the group returned to the fortress to start the next leg of the journey.
"Greetings Mechsrule." Metagross said as they reached the base.
"Hello. Since we're traveling through pokémon territory we should bring the children with us." Mech stated.
"Uh, yeah...Makes sense..." Metagross said nervously.
"Care to explain why they are not within a mile of here?" Mech demanded.
"What? Where's my son?" San shouted.
"I- see...they' missing." Metagross said backing up. "My guess is they heard you say you needed Celebi and since Jessica is with them, I can only assume they are going to fetch her."
"How long have they been missing?" Mech asked.
"Since the day you radioed back." Metagross answered.
"That was over two weeks ago! How could you not find them? Why were we not told?" San growled.
"I didn't tell you because I thought we could find them, but unfortunately our best scouts and trackers could not find them."
"So now because of your incompetence my baby is out there all alone!" San cried.
"She's so young she can't survive out there!" Saria added.
"They're not alone, they have each other." Mech said trying to remain calm. "We taught them what to eat and what not to eat, and if they remember that, they should be fine. However we best be hurrying after them."
"I'm terribly sorry for-" Metagross apologized.
"Shut up." San snarled as she stomped off.
Chapter End Notes:Okay so I'm done with this series for now. I've hit massive writers block so I'm giving up for now. I may come back to finish, but probably not. I'll post what I have but I won't finish any of the chapters. Just to be nice, I will actually tell you what was supposed to happen so you aren't left wondering. Okay so anyway, the gang find Celebii, find out they were actually in the past. They go back to the present, fight Mewthree in an epic battle. The battle ends with the sextuple strike. Rauru uses zap cannon, Saria frenzy seed, Darunia blast burn, Ruto hydro cannon, Nabooru aura blast, Impa night shade. Anyway, Mewthree is vaporized and the attack rips a hole in the fabric of space time leading back home, and bob goes through alone. Everyone lives happily ever after. Pokemon are then allowed to become trainers themselves, and Mech is champion for a good 60 years before retiring. That's it. Yay happy ending
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