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Book 1: Not Totally Generic by mechsrule


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Oh and thank you for 10000 views. Wish I could do something special...Oh wait, I did. New goal: 20000(on top 10s!)(Man the competition is fierce.)I'm a writer. I tried writing on fur affinity, but the server there has crashed and no one has seriously commented on my stories. I'm hoping for some comments on this new story which I am releasing here first. Axe that, only here. Especially since I'm so close to getting on the top ten for most words(about 20000 more) and potentially most reads(more then 5000 now) I'll put the general disclaimer here. All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon. The original characters and plot are the property of me. I am in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of Pokemon. No copyright infringement is intended. If you are offended by anything in this story, then you have a serious problem being offended by something no one force you to read but I don't care enough so don't complain to me if you end up offended.

Chapter 37 Battle

"Honey, you need to stop working so hard!" San said rubbing Mech's shoulders.
"I know but we've finally gathered enough cesium for our new weapon and we're going to test it soon. Oh I suppose I can come back to it." Mech sighed getting up.
"Now that's more like it."
"I really do need to get away from work more. I-" Mech stopped. "This can't be good."
"Bob's on his way with Nabooru and I think Ganty's son, but something's wrong. They're flying very fast, like running away fast."
"This is bad. Are you sure?"
"He's still out of range to contact directly, but we definitely need to get on high alert. Come on, we need to get down to the courtyard." Mech said running to the window.
"The stairs are over there." San pointed out.
"It's not like I can't levitate us both." Mech said leaping out. San, with some difficulty followed. They landed a minute later. Mech barely noticed the drain. In the distance a bird appeared flying low which made sense as it did have 3 passengers. It slammed down to the ground and Bob leaped off.
"Mech! They're coming!" He shouted.
"What? When? Where?" Mech asked.
"My dad was there and I heard it from him! They are going to attack here in a couple days! We flew here as fast as we could!" Colin explained.
"They're 20000 at least!" Nabooru added.
"This is bad. I'd better worn Metagross." Mech said. He closed his eyes and stood still for a moment. When he opened his eyes again, a cry rang out. "That's Exploud. We use him for a siren. This is bad, but on the upside we get to try out our new weapon. Alright. We can't fight here so we'll need to march out and meet them. Come on we need to get ready."

"The scouts report the humans are five days away. We should be able to march in one day. Are you sure the bomb is ready?" Metagross asked as Mech put on his armor. First a bullet proof vest, stolen from a human armory, a chain mail coat, and a small plate body. He added a small steel helmet that would shield from blows but wouldn't restrict his view and some metal gauntlets. Finally he put on some steel plate legs. Most of it was fairly useless as bullets would severely dent it but it would stop them a bit and it was intimidating. To finish he put his sword belt on that still held a new katana he himself had made. The belt was fitted with notches full of Grumpig gems, which combined could hold enough energy to level a large city.
"I'm ready. Are we?"
"About 8000 have assembled." Metagross answered.
"We're badly out numbered. But I think our new weapon may turn the tide. We'd better get going. Are you coming along as well?" Mech asked.
"No, I'm getting to old to fight. My place is here."
"Alright. Could I have a moment with my family?" Mech asked. Metagross nodded and left.
"It's been a while since we've gone to battle." San commented, throwing on a chain mail coat.
"I know love. Let's hope we can finish it and go home happy." Mech answered.
"I'm ready. Let's get out to meet them." San said heading for the door.
"I'm not looking forward to this." Mech said following.
"Can't I come?" Rouro asked.
"No! You're still too young!" San said.
"I know you want to come Rouro but if you were there we'd both have to watch you and that can be fatal in war." Mech said.
"I'm old enough to fight!" Rouro protested.
"Fight yes, but not enough for war. Besides if we fail and are killed where are they going to go next?" Mech asked.
"Exactly. And almost no one here is fit to fight. It's just you and Metagross. I need someone I can trust that can insure the safety of those here. Just because you're not where the action is, doesn't mean you're not important. Try to remember that."
"Okay dad." Rouro said defeated. Mech and San left their son after a long good bye and joined in the ranks of pokémon marching off.

"They're sending the customary emissary." Mech stated watching a lone soldier walk across the waste land that would serve as a battle field. The man was unarmed. At Mech's side was San, and Bob. A way's off Colin and Nabooru stood near, ready.
"I wouldn't normally bother with this but we can see there are humans among you. You can all burn for all I care but if you don't surrender we'll destroy you." The man shouted. "If you don't you'll die faster or something."
"I hope you're not surprised that we won't take that option." Mech shouted back. "But the same goes for you."
"Whatever. I was actually sent over to do this!" he shouted pulling out a hand gun from behind his back and emptied the magazine at Mech but Mech simply stopped the bullets in mid air, having seen it coming by reading the man's mind. "Orders are orders. No hard feelings right?"
"Not really but I need to make an example so you don't waste my time again." Mech glared before flinging the man into the air and to the feet of the opposing line. With a shout they started aiming their weapons. "Psychic shield up!" Mech ordered. The guns fired but all the bullets ricochet off a psychic barrier. "Let's try out our new toy. Rain dance, go!" Mech commanded. Simultaneously, a group of water types did an intricate dance summoning up a brief rain that left everything soaked. "Fire the cesium bomb!" Mech ordered. Somewhere in the rear ranks, a catapult fired a giant glass sphere full of metal into the air. As it arced over the human forces, Mech gave the final command: "Pin missile." This he did himself, firing them directly at the sphere, shattering it despite the distance. The humans looked up in confusion as metallic flakes rained down, but the stun didn't last long. An instant later explosions and bursts of fire erupted from the opposing side, causing cries of pain to ring out. It wouldn't be fatal to many, but it would injure and demoralize a good portion of them. "Charge!" He shouted during the confusion.
The two groups met head on, and finally dissolved into chaos. Mech and San fought back to back. Mech, having shifted into a Tyranitar form to make himself essentially bullet proof, was easily tearing through the enemy ranks. The armor had conveniently shifted with him. The battle was going surprisingly well. He had already spent a third of his energy reserves on waves of energy that sliced through the soldiers, but there just wasn't an end to them. Something caught his eye as he turned to find another target. Someone was running towards him and San with a small red and white sphere. He didn't think, he didn't say anything. He could have easily knocked it out of the air when the carrier eventually threw it at San, but he didn't. Instead he jumped in front of it. The ball struck his side but he didn't really think anything of it.
"I'm human. Pokéball's don't work on me." He thought. Then the world vanished in a flash of red light and then faded to black.

San roared in anguish when she turned and saw Mech vanish into a pokéball. They weren't supposed to exist anymore, but here was one. A soldier ran up and retrieved it and ran. San roared again and charged after the unfortunate human, knocking everyone out of the way. She tackled him to the ground but the ball flew away into the hands of a human covered in medals. This new human was in a vehicle of some sort and the driver sped away faster then San could ever hope to run. Furious, San fired a hyper beam into the ranks, tearing through hundreds of soldiers, then sent earthquakes out, knocking hundreds more over, crushing some.
The battle raged for several more hours, but with San's added rage, it ended quickly and badly for the humans.
"That went surprisingly well. Few losses on our side and they're gone." Bob smiled.
"They got Mech." San glared, speaking in English.
"He can't be dead!" Bob blinked.
"They did not. They used a pokéball. I do not know how they got it or how it worked on him, but it did." San answered In English.
"I know." Nabooru said. "At least how they got it. When we were escaping the fort where Bob was held, I was shot in the shoulder and dropped his pack. I didn't lose his other pokémon but everything else is in their hands."
"This is bad." San groaned. "Who knows what's going to happen to him!"

"Now I see why San hates these things." Mech thought to himself as he floated in the pokéball. It was very weird, he wasn't levitating, he was just kind of suspended in the air, back in human form. It was pretty dull too, just grey with glass panels that were hard to see in the dim light. Eventually he fell asleep again. He awoke several hours later but it was still dark, but he wasn't floating anymore. Looking around he discovered he was unsurprisingly in a dungeon of some sort. His armor was missing and so was his belt. In the low light he could make out a pile of straw for a bed and the bars on one wall.
He summoned up some energy and started to fire it at the bars when a pain surged through his body and he collapsed to the ground clutching his neck. Around it was some sort of metal collar. He tried firing another blast but another wave of pain stopped him. Giving up on that, he stood up and walked over to the bars.
"Ah you're awake. I'll tell the commander." Said a guard a few feet away. The guard left and returned a few minutes later. "I've been ordered to take you to him. Put your arms through the bars." The guard ordered. Reluctantly Mech did so and the guard put some chains on them, and then opened the door letting Mech out.
"Are these really necessary? It's not like I can do much. I'm just an ordinary human." Mech lied.
"Nice try, but we know what you are. Come on the commander doesn't like to be kept waiting." The guard said leading Mech away. Mech was led up through a fort, similar to his home to a room with very impressive doors and surrounded by guards. "The commander ordered me to bring this prisoner here."
"Private Sanders with the human!" Declared one of the guards.
"Let them in." came a voice from inside the room.
"The commander is quick to anger so do not offend him." Mech's guard advised before shuffling him in and left, closing the door behind Mech. The room was very luxurious.
"Do sit down." The man at a desk on the far side said. The man was younger then he looked, but command did tend to age one. A stern face hid under a short white beard. Mech sat down in the only available chair opposite the man.
"I am General Hopper. And you are?" Hopper asked faking a friendly attitude.
"Mechsrule." Mech answered shortly.
"Now. Are you're accommodations to your liking?"
"I'm in a prison cell so I have to say no."
"Well this is war. Now tell me what happened to the Tyranitar we captured." Hopper ordered.
"How about you tell me where you got that pokéball." Mech countered.
"You're friend dropped a whole bunch here. We saw how they worked and decided to use it on you, well actually that Tyranitar but we ended up with you instead. Now how did we end up with you? We've figured out it doesn't work on humans."
"If you're talking about my wife, then I took the hit. Or if you mean the other Tyranitar, that was me. I can sort of do that."
"So tell me, what are your war plans?"
"I'm not a traitor and I'm the commander but honestly our only plan is to survive this war."
"Don't we all? I know you are planning something."
"So what if we are? I am not about to tell you. I will not betray them."
"You are a human or you look like one. Why turn on your own?"
"I'm not. I am disgusted by how you are attacking them despite they are sentient but have vastly inferior technology. I will do anything to stop this war."
"Interesting. Well I'm sure our scientists will be able to figure it out from the DNA sample we took from you." The General said.
"What? That's it!" Mech shouted, trying to slice his bonds with a psychic blast, but a shock of pain brought him to his knees.
"Like it? These collars are made just for psychic pokémon. We can counter all the other beasts but not that until they invented these. They block the energy and throw it back at you. I know you're mad but you can't overload it." The General smirked.
"I wasn't trying." Mech replied.
"Your eyes betray you."
"They can't be glowing!" Mech cried. "How long have I been here?"
"They are, and a week or so."
"You've got to get this collar off!" Mech cried, trying to pry it off.
"Not a chance. It won't hurt you unless you try to use a psychic power. Or that's what they've told me."
"If you don't I'll overload on energy and I don't even know what will happen then! At least I will die, but at most it will destroy this thing and level this whole place!"
"Sorry not buying it. Guards, we're done here."
"Can I at least have my belt back?
"No. And don't bother changing your shape. The collar will resize itself." Hopper said as Mech was pulled away back into the dungeon.

Days passed and Mech had not tried to escape. He was waiting for a distraction he could use to break out. Every day, the pressure of psychic energy built up and Mech was unsure how long before it would tear him apart. If something didn't happen soon, he'd have to break out regardless and just hope he could escape on his own. He was munching on a lump of hard bread when someone came running into the dungeon.
"We're under attack! All spare men are to fight!" The man shouted. The guards in the dungeon ran off.
"That'll work." Mech smiled. Standing up he transformed into a Tyranitar. The rags he was in were torn apart as spikes shot out of his back. He stomped over to the bars and ripped them apart like paper.
"My god!" someone whimpered in another cell.
"There's someone else here?" Mech looked around surprised. In his whole time there, he hadn't realized anyone else was there. The collar blocked his telepathy.
"I've been down here for years. I refused to fight when I got drafted and I still do." One man said coming to the bars.
"Time for a jail brake." Mech said grabbing the man's cell bars and tore them out of the wall. "I don't know why you're here but I don't care. I'm letting everyone out. If you're real criminals, you'll just get caught again. If you're not, go home or change sides. I really don't care but everyone deserves a second chance." He went through the place braking open all the cells.
"Thank you sir." An old man said. He was so weak he could barely walk but a couple other prisoners helped him. "If you want to free your friends, you know other pokémon, I heard from the guards there a few on the floor below."
"Got it." Mech nodded grabbing the floor and clawed the stone apart. After there was a big enough hole, he jumped down into a new prison that still had guards in it. They were pretty startled to see him fall out of no where so it was easy to dispatch them. Without pausing he began freeing the captive pokémon. Here it was less orderly. Just a few super heavy doors with dozens of pokémon behind them.
"Thank Arceus we are saved!" said one as the door was smashed open.
"We're not safe yet. We still need to get out. Everyone with me!" Mech commanded heading for the door. He led the escapees out of the underground, joining the human escapees. As they climbed up, more and more guards ran by, but Mech disarmed them by snapping their weapons in half. He finally discovered what was attacking the soldiers. Between the outer wall and the fort, a Tyranitar was single handily taking on the entire garrison. Mech ran over, transforming back to a human. "Good to see you San."
"Mech? You escaped already?" San asked surprised.
"Yeah. Say, can you get this collar off?" Mech asked. San grabbed it and pulled it apart easily. "Thanks. Now I need you to make sure these prisoners make it out of here. I'm going to level this place."
"I'm not leaving you again!" San declared grabbing him.
"San it's not open for argument. I'm close to overloading on energy. I don't want anyone around when I burn it off. Just get them out of here. Please." Mech begged. San sighed an answered.
"Okay but don't ask me to do anything like this again." San said. "Come on. I'm going to dig a tunnel out." She burrowed into the ground without waiting and the prisoners ran after then quickly. Summoning up his dormant energy, Mech levitated up the fortress wall until he got near where he was sure the commander was. He tore the wall apart and kept going through the rooms until he got lucky and looked in at the started commander at his desk.
"I'm only going to ask once. Where is my belt?" Mech demanded.
"Uh, right here in my desk." The Commander said reaching into one of the drawers but pulled out a hand gun and emptied the clip at Mech but dropped it when all the bullets were deflected.
"I asked you nicely but you lied. Now I'm going to have to make you tell me." Mech growled, walking over. He placed his palm on Hopper's forehead and closed his eyes.
"What are you doing?" The Commander said drunkenly. Mech ignored him and focused. He hadn't done this since he initially tried so it wasn't easy. He reached out with his mind towards the Commander's. Unlike when he tried with Erureido, this was much easier, both as a result of his abilities growing and also the Commander was just a normal human with very little defense to this. Moving awkwardly Mech invaded the man's mind and sifted through the thoughts. It was weird, like trying to remember something that you couldn't but ten times harder. During this Mech was treated to random memories but he ignored most of them. Finally he found where all his stuff was.
He retracted his mind and removed his hand from Hopper's head. The man slumped over in his chair. Mech went over to where a safe was hidden in the wall and tore it open. Inside was his belt and katana which he strapped on after removing all the gems.
"Thank you for your hospitality Commander Hopper." Mech said crushing the gems in his hand, releasing all the energy at once. He looked inside again and took one more object. "I really should return the favor."

"San?" Bob asked as she burst from the ground next to him. "Did you get Mech out?"
"He going to... kill town?" San fumbled in English.
"We've already retreated." Bob said looking at the fort through binoculars from his safe perch. "Now that's something."
"No!" San gasped. From the fort, a beam of pink light fired up into the sky. A sphere of energy expanded from an unseen but obvious source until it encompassed the entire place, walls and all. Rubble flew everywhere. After a minute the light vanished, and a smoking crater was all that remained. "Mech..." San said shaking her head.
"Let's see if anyone survived." Bob suggested, but San was already running there.
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