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Book 1:The Lost Chapters by mechsrule


Story Notes:

This story is part of my series for a good reason. If you can't guess the reason by the end of the first chapter, read it again until you do! I'm trying out a first person perspective, a perspective I haven't written in for a while. I hope I can still do it well. The rating will go up as the story progresses and warnings will appear when necessary.General Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners; Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon inc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Gardie's Journey: Chapter 1 A shocking discovery

"Hey Gardie!" came a voice. I turned around to see who was calling me. It was none other then by best friend Ven.
"Hey Ven." I replied. I guess I should start by saying a little about my self. My name is Gardie, and that's not a nickname. I'm 14 years old, roughly four and a half feet tall, scrawny, with very light blonde hair that is almost white which never lays strait in the back and shocking pitch black eyes. Ven and I have been friends ever since first grade. Oddly enough that's his real name. We were the frequent target for bullies but we were lucky because he already had a pokémon, much to the annoyance of his two siblings, a Torchic named Bashamo though he couldn't show him around. He's also lucky because he has a dad. As far back as I can remember, it's always been me, my mom, and Arc my mom's Arcanine. Though rare for a non humanoid pokémon, Arc had learned to speak English quite fluently, a shocker to anyone who visited. One time I asked where dad was and my mom said "He's closer then you know" and wouldn't explain.
"Dude you'd better watch out Steve is on a warpath today." Ven warned opening his locker, conveniently next to mine.
"Thanks for the heads up. So what's going on after school?" I asked.
"I was thinking I'd do some training with Bashamo so we'll have a head start once we graduate at the end of the year." Ven said. Everyone was excited. This was our final few days before we graduated and could become pokémon trainers. Apparently at one time kids became trainers at 10 but that was too young so they changed so you have to graduate which is usually 14 or 15.
"I wish I could catch a pokémon." I complained.
"You could come along and you might catch a wild pokémon while we're training." Ven offered.
"I might as well though I never catch anything."
"That's the spirit!"

The day dragged by but eventually it ended and Ven and I left headed for the woods outside Twinleaf, our home. Every day we had to walk all the way to Jubilife for school but it wasn't too far. Ven always carried Bashamo with him for emergencies. Once we were a distance in the woods he released Bashamo from his pokéball. He had a good reason to hide him; it was illegal to own a pokémon without a trainer's license so he had to keep him hidden.
"Man those things are cramped." Bashamo yawned, ruffling his feathers. That's another thing about me. For some reason I've always been able to understand their language when no one else around me could. Maybe that's why my early friends were all pokémon. "So we training today?"
"You are. I'm going to look for wild pokémon." I answered. I really appreciated having Ven for a friend. When most learned I could talk to pokémon they tended to avoid me but he didn't. Plus people found my black eyes disconcerting.
"One of these years you have got to teach me how you do that." Ven commented shaking his head.
"I keep telling you, I don't know how I do it. If it weren't for everyone saying pokémon don't speak English, I wouldn't know they didn't." I repeated. Ven and Bashamo went off to train while I went to see if I could find a weak pokémon to catch. I only had one pokéball with me; one of the dozen or so left over from when my mom was a trainer. At one point I thought I saw something green run through some bushes but when I ran over it was gone. Disheartened I meet back up with Ven and said I was going home. He had had enough training for the day and joined me. We were nearly there when a guy came crashing through the forest. He looked a lot like a thug but seemed to be running for his life, the wet stain on his pants betraying his fear.
"Dude calm down!" Ven said.
"No way! This kid just punched out my Blastoise! I'm getting out of here as fast as I can" the guy shouted as he ran, barely slowing down. Ven and I looked at each other confused before breaking into laughter. A kid taking out a pokémon let alone a Blastoise was so ridiculous.

The next few weeks were okay, everyone antsy in anticipation for graduation. I wasn't as much. Most kids got their first pokémon from their parents when the graduated, but my family, if you could call it that, couldn't afford one. That's why I was so intent on catching one early before everyone snagged the good ones and I would have to wait till the pokémon returned. Finally the day arrived, my name was called, and I got my license, and walked off the stage. After I went to my locker to congratulate Ven when I heard a voices around the corner. I snuck over and listened:
"Look wimp, I know you've got a pokémon and you are going to give it to me!" a voice demanded.
"No way! I'm a trainer now so back off and get your own!" a defiant voice returned, the voice belonging to Ven!
"I'm going to spell this out for you. I know you've had that pokémon for a while and if you don't give it to me, I'll tell the teachers and they'll tear up your license. But if you do I'll leave and won't tell." The first voice threatened.
"I won't give you Bashamo!" Ven shouted defiantly.
"You seem mistaken. You never had a choice in the matter."
"Leave him alone!" I ordered jumping out from the corner to see the school bully, Steve bearing down on Ven.
"What did you say to me?" Steve snarled.
"I said, leave him alone!" I repeated trying to sound brave even though my legs felt like jello, rage building inside me at this jerk who had tormented us for so long!
"Did you just say what I think you said? Cause I heard 'Please beat me, I'm a wimp'" Steve said cracking his knuckles.
"I said leave us alone!" I shouted, but something happened this time. As soon as I said 'alone', a blast of flames came billowing out of my mouth! The plume of fire didn't get very far and dissipated before reaching Steve though the color quickly drained from his face.
"I always knew you were a freak! I'm outta here!" Steve shouted running for it. I'm not sure who was more shocked, he or I.
"DUDE!" Ven called brushing himself off. "What just happened?!?"
"I'm not sure." I said. Somehow I had breathed fire and yet had not been burned by the flames coming out of my mouth. Experimentally I tried repeating the feat and after a dozen tries I got it right and this time a small spark flew out. "Whoa this is weird!" I commented, though it felt as natural as walking.
"You're telling me? Can't say I'm complaining, you just saved my skin!"
"But how, and why?" I sputtered "I'm so confused."
"Well maybe this has something to do with your dad." Ven suggested.
"I never knew my dad!" I snapped.
"Exactly! What if this is something you got from him? Ask your mom!" Ven continued.
"Good idea." I agreed. After that we planned to rush to my house but Ven's parents wanted him home first so he couldn't join me. So alone, scared and very confused I entered my house to talk with my mom.

"Welcome home my future pokémon master!" she cheered as I walked in. I wasn't in the mood to smile but joined in half heartedly. She noticed and asked "What's wrong?"
"Mom, something happened today that I can't explain."
"Yeah, watch." I said attempting to reproduce the flame. After a few tries I got it right and a small wisp of flame popped out.
"Oh my." Was all she could say.
"No way!" Arc said stunned, frozen in the doorway.
"So can you explain it?" I asked feeling more scared by the moment.
"I'm afraid I can. You'd better sit down." She said. I did so and she continued. "Remember how when you asked where your father was, and I said he was closer then you know, do I put this?" she paused.
"I think I can put it right. Hello son." Arc said calmly. I nearly fell of my chair when I heard this. The words just hung there and I started laughing nervously.
"Heh heh, good one Arc?" I said nervously.
"It's no joke. Arc is your father." My mom said so seriously I stopped.
"Oh how long I've wished to say that" Arc said to himself.
"But that's impossible!" I cried "I'm human, your human, he's a pokémon."
"Did I ever tell you how I met your father?" she asked "Well he was not my first pokémon. We met during a raid on a Team Rocket base that was holding one of my friend's pokémon. We freed the others but Arc stayed with me. After a while we became lovers and moved back here. I released my other pokémon and settled down here. A few months later I discovered I was pregnant with you. Needless to say Arc and I were confused as to how this had happened and what would become of you. We assumed it was from something Team Rocket had done to him. In the end you were born much like you are now."
"So the fire, understanding pokémon, that's all from, you." I said slowly, shocked, looking at Arc who seemed relieved this exchange was taking place. "Wait much?"
"When you were born you also had a tail. Other then that you looked completely human. Out of fear of being discovered we had it removed."
"Why would being discovered be such a problem as to remove one of my limps!?" I frowned.
"Because human and pokémon relationships are illegal!" Arc said angrily.
"I hadn't thought of that. But why didn't you tell me before?"
"We didn't think something like this would happen."
"But I had to grow up without a father! That's not right! You don't know how hard it's been for me!"
"Calm down, it's been hard on us too. Harder in fact. True you had all that to deal with, but we had to watch you deal with it and could not help." Arc said sadly.
"I hope you can forgive our cowardice. We were too afraid to be found out." Mom said. "Look, you've been through a lot. Maybe you should go lie down for a while and organize your thoughts." Mom suggested. I tried to protest but a steely look from Arc or should I say dad put an end to my arguing and I trudged to my room."

"Half pokémon." I whispered aloud. I could barely believe what I had just been told. I kept expecting to wake up and for it to all be a dream, but I didn't. "I can't believe all this time, wondering who and where my dad was he was here the whole time. I can't believe my dad's an Arcanine for that matter." I was still a little confused and scared. What if the fire breathing was just the tip of the iceberg? What if I actually turned into a Growlithe? My future as a trainer would be gone, and I might end up some other trainers pokémon. I shivered at the thought. Suddenly a knock came at the door.
"Gardie, you awake?" It was my mom. I said yes and she and Arc or well dad came in.
"You feeling better now that you've had time to absorb all this?" Arc asked.
"Sorta. Hey I had another question. Why did you name me Gardie, it isn't a very common name." I asked.
"Gardie is the name of a famous Arcanine hero. Famous to Arcanine anyway." Arc explained.
"So what's going to happen now?"
"Hopefully nothing. Did anyone see that flame?" mom asked.
"Just Ven. And Steve." I said, a feeling of dread sinking like lead in me.
"Steve? The bully?" Arc said worried.
"Yeah, he was trying to take Ven's pokémon but I told him to leave us alone and the fire just popped out. I'm sorry I blew your secret." I said sadly.
"You have nothing to be sorry for." Mom said trying to comfort me but I still felt bad.
"It's our fault for not telling you sooner. And you were just helping a friend no one can fault you for that." Arc said. That made me feel a little better.
"So what happens now?" I asked.
"Well you're packed for your journey so I guess that'll be the plan. With any luck he wont tell anyone and things will be fine." Mom said thinking. Suddenly Arc's ears perked up.
"Something tells me we're not that lucky right now." Arc said running out the door and through the house. He came back shouting "It's the police I think! We'd better do something quick!" We we're starting to hear sirens in the distance.
"Gardie listen carefully. You need to get out of here. Take your pack, some pokéballs and just run. Don't even think about coming back. If they catch you, who knows what they'll do to a half human. Use the window and head into the forest you know it better then anybody. Find a place to hide and wait there until everyone is gone. Don't worry about us, we'll be fine." Mom said urgently. As if in a trance I grabbed my pack which already had everything I needed and I clambered out the window, a task only possible because it was on the first floor. It was already pitch black but I guess my canine half was what gave me my great night vision. The sirens were louder now, almost at the house. Without a second thought I off ran into the woods, not looking back even once.
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