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Book 1:The Lost Chapters by mechsrule


Story Notes:

This story is part of my series for a good reason. If you can't guess the reason by the end of the first chapter, read it again until you do! I'm trying out a first person perspective, a perspective I haven't written in for a while. I hope I can still do it well. The rating will go up as the story progresses and warnings will appear when necessary.General Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners; Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon inc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Gardie's Journey: Chapter 2 A rude awakening

"Hey wake up you!" a voice called accompanied by something poking his side. I ignored the voice, slowly waking up. "I said wake up! You're in my house!" the voice came again, a sharper poke this time. Finally I opened his eyes, blinking in the sun conveniently shining right at me. I looked to see who was talking to me and I wasn't very surprised to see a very angry Chikorita standing over me. I tried remembering what had happened last night. I vaguely remembered running into the woods, finding this hollow under a tree and laying down here feeling a bit odd. Something else was bothering me, this Chikorita seemed to be about my height!
"Uh, sorry?" I said trying to stand up, but fell down. Something was wrong; my hands felt wrong. I looked down at my hand and nearly fainted in surprise. They weren't hands at all, but paws! I looked around but my now baggy cloths were obscuring my view. I shrugged them off and examined myself. I knew instantly what had happened. Somehow during the night I had transformed into a Growlithe. My nightmare was coming true. I turned again searching for my tail, but it simply wasn't there. I guess that carried over, and when I realized this, my stomach sank a bit lower, but I wasn't quite sure why.
"Sorry?!" The Chikorita exclaimed "You're in my house! You should have known from the smell this place was taken! And what are you doing with all this human stuff anyway?" she said still very angry. I heard her comment and sniffed experimentally and found a whole world of smells but lacking any instinct or experience it was pretty meaningless. I thought quickly for the best answer I could but they all seemed pretty weak. Finally I said:
"I didn't know this place was occupied. I was just trying to find a place to hide for the night. I'll be leaving now." I said trying to pull my things out. This wasn't easy being much smaller and lacking thumbs. Man you never realize how important something is until it's gone. I dragged out my cloths but my pack was pretty heavy and I could barely move it, using my teeth to pull it. It's easier then you think, walking on four legs but I knew I was making a mess of it anyway.
"Fine I'll help you." The Chikorita said rolling its eyes. It got behind and helped push it out from under the tree. Once it was out she walked around looking at it then me before asking "Okay, how did you get that in my den in the first place? And what are you doing with it anyway?"
"It's mine. Let's just say it seemed a whole lot lighter a few hours ago." I said.
"You're lying. Or just not telling the whole truth."
"Why do you say that?"
"Let's see, first off you claim to own stuff that is human stuff and you are a Growlithe. You didn't check to see if a den was inhabited first. You walk like a newborn. But most of all, you're speaking in human."
"I am?" I said shocked. I'd changed shape but my language hadn't. With everything else seeming foreign it did make sense. Still that was a small comfort, I could still talk to humans, maybe find Ven and work something out.
"You mean you don't know you are? You're not a normal Growlithe are you?" It said eyeing me.
"Err... No. Up until last night I was human." I said slowly. The Chikorita burst out laughing, rolling on the ground in hysterics. "I'm serious!" I shouted. "Well half human any way." I said remembering yesterday, the comment only spurring on more laughter. The Chikorita finally stopped laughing and got back up.
"That's a good one. Half human. Everyone, pokémon or human knows that's impossible." It chuckled.
"I'll show you." I said. I then struggled to get back into my oversized cloths and somehow managed it. A little unsure about what to do, I tried thinking about being human. I began to get nervous as nothing was happening but suddenly I felt the funny feeling from last night. This time I was awake and it was not pleasant. The fur began receding, my new muzzle joined in, causing a lot of pain in my jaw. My paws once again became hands. All over I was becoming human again, the whole time growing. After a minute I was back to normal, or as normal as I was. I looked over at the Chikorita who looked very shocked. "I told you I'm half human." I said. It began cringing back. Apparently this Chikorita wasn't too fond of humans. "What's wrong?"
"You just, but, leave me alone!" it squeaked running into the den.
"I'm not going to hurt you!" I cried.
"You're a human. Probably a trainer. I hate trainers!" it shouted.
"Why do you hate trainers so much?"
"Trainers took away all my family and left me. Said I was too weak to be worth the effort. Now I'm all alone and it's all because of human trainers!"
"I'm sorry you're all alone but that's not directly my fault." I replied. "And I told you, I'm not human, I'm half human."
"Well that was pretty weird. I guess you can't be 100% human if you can do that."
"That isn't all." I said. After a couple tries I got a small flame to come out. It seemed to be getting easier and stronger. "See? Half human."
"Fine, take your half breed ass and leave me alone." Chikorita said rather angrily.
"But, I don't know where to go." I said, the realization of this nagging fact hitting me like a truck.
"Sure you do! You can go home!" it suggested.
"No, I can't. I had to leave to escape arrest for my pokémon half. I can't go around human towns. Pokémon are also out; I'm still half human. I really don't have anywhere to stay." I explained quietly.
"So what are you going to do?" It asked walking out from under the tree.
"Well I need to get my parents out of jail. I don't think I can get them out with force so I'll have to make it no longer illegal. Working my way to the political top where I can do that won't work either. I guess the only way is to become the champion of the Elite Four! They have the highest political authority! If I can put together a great team and win I can change the laws and save my parents!" I said excitedly, jumping up into an epic pose.
"Yeah good luck with that." Chikorita laughed.
"I'm serious. Say, what to come along? I need a starter and haven't had much luck so far." I asked pulling out a pokéball. Haven spoken to pokémon all my life I had bought the see through pokéballs. It seemed bad enough they had to be trapped in those tiny spheres but not being able to see, well I know I wouldn't like it so I got these even though they were more expensive then the normal ones.
"You really want me to join you? Even when there are much stronger pokémon around?"
"I haven't seen any around here. Every trainer needs a starter; I can only get so far on fire breath."
"Well I have been pretty lonely here. It can't hurt. If it sucks I can always run away back here." Chikorita decided walking over. "So now what?"
"Just hold still for a moment." I said tapping the ball to its forehead. In a flash Chikorita was in. The ball didn't even shake. A moment later I let her out again. "That's all. So, I guess we should be getting to Jubilife city."
"Well that was easy. It's not very nice in there."
"I don't think pokémon should be trapped like that, but necessary to register you under my name and prevent anyone else from catching you. Well we should hurry to get there. I want to get my parents out as soon as possible." I said putting my pack on. "Need to bring anything Chikorita?"
"My name is Saria, and just my mother's necklace." Saria said dashing into the den and came out a moment later sporting a simple necklace that seemed to be a green medallion. When she ran in, I noticed Saria was female for the first time, if the name wasn't enough of a give away. I hadn't noticed. Shut up.
"Well Jubilife isn't getting any closer." I said starting off in the general direction of the city. The trek was long and made slower by Saria's small size but I didn't mind too much.
"So, how come your half pokémon?" Saria asked suddenly.
"Hmm?" I mumbled only half paying attention "Oh well, I'm not sure really. All I know is my dad's an Arcanine and my moms human. I only knew my dad for a few hours before I had to run for my life."
"How is that possible? It's rare enough for human shape pokémon to mix with humans but Arcanine does not fit that."
"I think it is somehow related to Team Rocket. Mom said she saved him from them so that must be it."
"It's funny you don't really look half human."
"Well I was apparently born with a tail but that was cut off, though I guess I miss it now I know it's gone. That's why I didn't have one as a Growlithe. My eyes are black like a Growlithe's. Then I can understand you, and I've been breathing fire for about a day now. Then I guess I can shapeshift, now too what with just happened."
"Don't forget the fur pattern." Saria said like she was stating the obvious.
"What fur pattern?" I said looking down. I gasped in surprise; faint markings like the black stripes of a Growlithe ran up and down my arms! If it was this obvious, I was surprised I hadn't noticed more then that it had happened. I decided I should hide that so I'm not discovered so I pulled out a sweatshirt and kept going. "That is new."
"Maybe you didn't shift all the way back." Saria suggested.
"No I'm pretty sure I did. Maybe this is just a reminder of it. Hey look, we're almost there!" I announced, changing the subject. True enough through a break in the trees the city shined! A gleaming metropolis swarming with trainers; the place was a junction and always busy. "And its almost dark, good we don't want to be stuck out in the dark." I said hurrying along before I noticed Saria wasn't. "What's wrong?"
"Remember before, how I said I hate trainers?"
"There are a lot of trainers in that city aren't there."
"They can't hurt you while you're with me, I won't let them. They try and I might just reveal my little ability sooner." I said, blowing a few flames out.
"Well I guess. But to be safe," she started, whipping out some vines and grabbing a branch overhead. She used them to jump up onto my pack. "I'm staying up here."
"Alright, just don't fall off." I said as she got comfortable finally opting to sit half on my pack and half on my shoulder. "Hey maybe we'll run into Ven."
"Who's Ven?"
"My friend. Don't worry, I know he treats pokémon well, I've talked to his plenty of times and he never complains much." I explained as we descended the last small hill before the town.

A large sign welcomed us to the city. I was very nervous but didn't show it. What if I was a wanted man? What if this was a trap? These thoughts floated around in my mind, distracting me and I nearly ran into someone trying to get in the center.
"Excuse me." They said in a familiar voice.
"Ven is that you?" I said smiling.
"Gardie! Dude I thought you were gone!" Ven exclaimed
"Why would you think that?"
"Well let's see, it may have been the cops surrounding your house or your mom and Arc running off into the woods towards Mt Coronet. I didn't see you so I assumed they got you but I guess you escaped."
"When we heard them I booked it out of there. And do you mind?" I growled at the snickering Chikorita on my shoulder.
"Sorry but Gardie? What kind of a weird name is that?" she chuckled.
"It happens to be the name of a famous Arcanine!" I retorted.
"Hey you got your self a pokémon, congrats!" Ven said giving a thumbs up.
"Yeah. Long story behind that."
"Must have been an easy catch with the, you know." Ven said referring to my fire breath.
"No, I ended up hiding in her house and yeah. So what happened to my parents?"
"Not sure, last I saw they were running into the forest. I have to say that made it on to my top 5 list of coolest things I've ever seen. You scaring of Steve is one, meeting Bashamo is another, and what happened last night was cool. I saw the whole thing, your mom jumped on Arc and they ran off into the forest. The cops didn't have a hope of catching them. It's not a very exclusive list at the moment. The cops are still looking for them but I doubt they'll find them. Why were they running anyway?"
"There's a lot you missed going home." I said "Let's get into the center and talk there." We went to get a room but only one was left so we ended up sharing. Luckily there was two beds so while the nurse, the victim of an experimental cloning machine accident resulting in hundreds of copies running all the centers in all the towns in all the regions, checked our pokémon.
"So, you went to ask your mom, then what?" Ven asked. I began explaining what happened, a little unsure when I told him who my dad was, but I trusted Ven. Finally I got up to when I joined up with Saria when a Chansey knocked and returned our pokémon who were very happy to be let out and started chatting away.
"So we walked here and here we are." I finished.
"No kidding. So Arc was your dad all along. Who would have guessed?"
"Yeah. Thanks for taking this so well."
"Hey, nothings really changed just added a little back-story. Besides you kept Bashamo a secret. So, what now?" Ven asked.
"Well I had an idea and what's happened now makes it the only way. I'm going to become champion and change the law!" I said determinedly.
"Well that will certainly work though I don't see you winning many battles; you never were any good in school. But if I win, I'll do it."
"Thanks dude."
"No problem, you'd do the same for me."
"With the two of us both going for the league, there's no way we can lose!"
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