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Book 1:The Lost Chapters by mechsrule


Story Notes:

This story is part of my series for a good reason. If you can't guess the reason by the end of the first chapter, read it again until you do! I'm trying out a first person perspective, a perspective I haven't written in for a while. I hope I can still do it well. The rating will go up as the story progresses and warnings will appear when necessary.General Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners; Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon inc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Guma's Adventures Chapter 1: A mystery revealed!

"Ah the sun! So warm. It can almost forget the troubles one faces in their everyday life!" Guam sighed. He was laying in the sun outside the Pokémon League building. Stomach down of course, no need letting anyone see...that... Mech had just one his third match and Guma had wandered off to relax a bit.
"Hi Guma!" A cheery voice called. He lazily opened an eye and saw Buoysel standing there smiling.
"Hey Buoysel." He said.
"Whatchya doing?" She asked.
"Just relaxing in the sun is all." He explained.
"Oh, well it's nicer when the sun's on your belly, not your back!" She said. She laid down beside him. "See?"
"I'm fine like this." Guma said a little sharper then he wanted too. He liked Buoysel a lot and he didn't want to ruin the minuscule relationship they had by revealing his secret to her, well not yet anyway.
"Come on!" Buoysel said, nudging him a bit.
"I'd rather not" Guma replied.
"Don't be silly. Over you go!" She said, pushing harder.
"No no no!" he protested. Despite that she managed to roll him over onto his back. She stepped back and gasped. Guma closed his eyes and waited for her reaction. To his surprise she started snickering. "What?" he asked confused.
"Is this the work of the sun or are you just a little too happy to see me?" Buoysel laughed and pointed. Guma saw the source of her amusement and chuckled awkwardly. He hadn't noticed earlier but Buoysel's presence had caused his member to slip out and make itself known.
"Er uh..." He stammered before rolling back over to hide it and his other shame.
"Oh don't worry, it's quite alright. A male sees a cute female walk up and what else can he think of? Unless he's noticed her extra tail, in which case he'd try to make a bad pun about getting tail three times with one girl." Buoysel joked.
"Uh, yeah. That's why I didn't want you to roll me over." Guma lied.
"You and I both know that's bull." Buoysel said more seriously.
"What do you mean?" Guma said nervously.
"If that had been the case, you would have rolled over when you saw me coming, but I saw you from the building. You've been on your belly the whole time. Now tell me, what is so bad that you can't lie on your back?"
"I can't tell you." Guma said.
"Come on, it can't be that bad!"
"It is."
"Look, the only way that anyone can help with a problem is if you tell them what it is!" Buoysel said.
"I don't have to tell you." Guma said. He hated sounding like that but it had to be done. Before he could react however, Buoysel flipped him over again and pinned him to the ground.
"You aren't going anywhere until you tell me what's the matter!" Buoysel said.
"I could just thunderbolt you off me and be on my way." Guma retorted.
"So do it." Buoysel dared. Guma looked away.
"I don't want to hurt you." He said quietly.
"Then tell me and I'll get off you!" Buoysel ordered.
"Fine but could you not rub against me like that?" Guma asked. "It's kind of making one of the two problems worse."
"Please tell me that's your tail between my legs." Buoysel said blushing. She promptly got off him. "You still have to tell me though!"
"Alright. But remember, what I tell you has to stay between us. Only two other pokemon know this and one of them is now dead." Guma said. Buoysel nodded. "Okay, well you know how Team Rocket messed with my genetics before I was born?"
"And that's why you're orange and can speak human, right?"
"Well that. See, I have a problem not unlike Farore's." Guma said trying to find the right words.
"I don't follow." Buoysel said confused.
"I guess there isn't a round about way of saying this, so I'll just show you." Guma sighed, turning towards her and leaning up.
"I don't see anything." Buoysel said a bit annoyed now.
"Good because that's how I've managed to hide this for so long." Guma explained. He reached down and grabbed his balls and pulled them up, revealing a-
"A slit!" Buoysel gasped. "You're a-"
"Herm. Yes." He or rather hi said (fuck normal pronouns. Guma's a male at heart so no 'shi's' in this story) "Just another gift from team rocket." He said sarcastically. "I don't want too many people knowing. They might think of me as different, but I'm still a guy deep down. Thankfully I can ignore it most of the time, except around spring time. Though I learned early on the right mix of berries to eat to cover the scent and help me stay focused."
"But-" Buoysel mumbled.
"Please don't be too afraid. I won't bit and I'm pretty sure it's not contagious." Guma said sadly.
"I don't believe it..." Buoysel said still shocked. "I never would have guessed. I'm sorry I was so pushy and made you tell me!"
"Buoysel, it had to happen eventually." Guma admitted.
"Well I'm still sorry I pressured you into doing it." Buoysel said. "And it hasn't changed my opinion of you at all! So, who else knows?"
"My mom did but she's gone now. And Saria."
"Gardie's Meganium?"
"Yeah. When I was in Pastoria, she wanted to have me help trick Gardie into touching a firestone on my belt. I didn't want to but she found out when she saw me eating the berries that suppress scent. She pieced it together and used it to blackmail me into helping."
"That's awful!"
"Well at least she promised not to tell anyone or to use it against me again." Guma said. "Oh, and to answer your earlier question, truthfully this time-"
"What question?"
"I believe it was 'is this the work of the sun or are you just a little too happy to see me.'"
"Oh yeah." Buoysel remembered.
"It was kind of you." Guma blushed.
"You told me that." Buoysel reminded him.
"What I didn't tell you was it was you specifically."
"What are you saying?" Buoysel asked slowly.
"I might as well say everything now." Guma said to himself "Buoysel I love you!" he shouted, closing his eyes. She didn't say anything so he opened one experimentally. He opened both eyes wide and what he saw nearly broke his heart. Buoysel was no where to be seen. "I shouldn't have said that." Hi said.
"Because-" Guma started. "Wait, who said that?"
"Me!" Buoysel sang, from behind him. "I know that was a little mean but you deserve if for keeping that a secret for so long!"
"What a secret?" Guma asked. Buoysel jumped on him again, smiling broadly.
"The one that would have made things awkward right now if you hadn't said anything!" She said happily. She laid down on his chest, causing him more discomfort with her soft belly fur rubbing against his painfully hard member. "You know, back with my tribe I was an outcast?"
"Why would that be? You're so beautiful; you should have males fighting day and night just to look at you." Guma said.
"You'd think that but they couldn't see past my deformity." Buoysel explained.
"I think it makes you look more attractive." Guma replied.
"That's sweet of you to say. If you keep this up we may have to take this somewhere else." Buoysel smiled.
"You don't want that." Guma said looking away. Buoysel looked confused. "This may not be contagious but I can't in good conscious pass this on to anyone."
"Look at me and do you think I care?"
"It's not the same. That's superficial. I can't do it." Guma said pushing her off him. "I'm sorry."
"Come back!" Buoysel called. Guma didn't look back.
Chapter End Notes:Oh sad ending. More to come in this story, though the next two are back stories and take place before this one. And to hell with the standard herm pronouns. I like my version, it shows he's more male then female. Oh and I'll bet none of you saw this coming
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