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Book 1:The Lost Chapters by mechsrule


Story Notes:

This story is part of my series for a good reason. If you can't guess the reason by the end of the first chapter, read it again until you do! I'm trying out a first person perspective, a perspective I haven't written in for a while. I hope I can still do it well. The rating will go up as the story progresses and warnings will appear when necessary.General Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners; Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures inc, and Pokemon inc. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Lost Chapter Ganty's beginning

"Bye mom!" a little girl said as she walked outside.
"Be careful out in Viridian Forest Ganty!" her mother called after her, but the warning was unnecessary.
The girl, eight at the time knew the forest well. Most of the inhabitants were harmless and if she ever got lost (which rarely happened) she could just ask a nearby Pidgey for directions. Few knew the forest better then her and even less could do what she did. Most people went through the forest because it was the only means of travel from Viridian City and Pewter City except by air or to catch a rare pokémon. Ganty the girl here went there to talk to the resident pokémon and make friends. There was very few pokémon in the forest she didn't know. She used to do it a school but the other kids teased her for it, even the two others who shared her gift.
So off she went every day she could into the forest. Following paths only she knew she wound her way through the sea of trees. First she checked the family of Pikachu and the infant Pichu. Then she hung out at the river to see if there were any new pokémon there. After a while she began wandering home. Taking a different route she found herself lost in a particularly thick area, but she knew the general direction of home and continued on. After a while she began getting a weird feeling. Usually the forest was filled with life, but this part seemed oddly empty. Nothing at all. For her this was very unusual. Soon enough she discovered the source.
As she rounded a very large oak tree, she heard a whimper.
"Life!" she thought as she looked around for the source. After a moments search she spotted a young Vulpix sitting beneath a tree, shuddering. "Are you okay?" she asked curious. The Vulpix whipped around wide-eyed and tore off into a hallow under the tree. Cautious Ganty walked over and peered inside.
The Vulpix hissed in the darkness.
"I'm not going to hurt you." Ganty said softly trying to calm the Vulpix.
"Go away! Leave me alone!" The Vulpix cried. A scratching sound made it apparent it was trying to find another way out.
"I just need help getting out of the forest." Ganty explained backing away. If this Vulpix was as afraid as it sounded, it might jump her and hurt her.
"Well go away! I won't help you!" the Vulpix said. It sounded terrified.
"What's wrong?" Ganty asked.
"Nothing! Now go away!" The Vulpix shouted. "What am I doing? This human can't understand me. Maybe if I growl some more it'll go away." The Vulpix said to herself.
"I can hear every word your saying and I'm not going away." Ganty said defiantly.
"You understand pokéspeak?" Vulpix asked confused.
"Sure. A few people around here can."
"Well I don't want to talk. Go away."
"Come on. I won't hurt you and even if I wanted to I don't think I can." Ganty said trying to calm the Vulpix.
"Fine. I'll talk but I'm not coming out!" Vulpix said after a minute.
"Okay." Ganty agreed, figuring she could eventually coax the fox out. "So my name is Ganty." She added trying to get the Vulpix talking.
"My name is Kyukon." Kyukon said from her hiding spot.
"So... why are you hiding in a hole?" Ganty asked.
"Because I don't want to be near you." Came the reply.
"Why don't you want to be near me?"
"Because you might hurt me. Or run away. Or something bad." Kyukon said quietly.
"Where can I run too? I'm lost. And I guess you'll just have to trust I won't hurt you."
"Everyone runs away. Or attacks me, or both." Kyukon repeated. Though it was hard to tell, she seemed to be crying.
"I promise I won't run or hurt you." Ganty said. Holding her hand out while kneeling down.
"Okay." Kyukon said after a while. Kyukon crept slowly out. Once she was half out, Ganty gasped. On Kyukon's back was a pair of Pidgey wings "I know." Kyukon said with tears in her eyes. "I'm a fr-"
"Can you fly?" Ganty asked.
"What?" Kyukon asked astonished and confused.
"I asked if you can fly." Ganty repeated.
"No ones ever asked me that. They mainly just freak out and run away." Kyukon said. "Does that mean you're not freaked out by these things?"
"No. It's a little weird and it surprised me, but I talk to pokémon so who am I to judge?"
"Thank you." Kyukon said looking away.
"What for?"
"For not running away. All my life others have seen my deformity and immediately run away. In fact I was thinking of ending it all. But now I have someone to just be with. Someone to be a friend." Kyukon said jumping into Ganty's lap.
"I've been looking for a friend too. Everyone at school makes fun of me because I talk to pokémon. Sure two other kids do but they don't like to. The pokémon in this forest are my only friends." Ganty said.
"But now we have each other!" Kyukon said happily. It may have been the happiest thing she had ever said. The pair sat there for a while. Kyukon curled up in Ganty's lap, Ganty gently petting Kyukon.
"You never answered my question." Ganty said after a while.
"Hmm?" Kyukon said yawning. It seemed she had even fallen asleep in that short time.
"I asked if you can fly."
"Oh. Well... no. I tried once but I think their too small." Kyukon explained. "At best I could slow a fall but not by much. Maybe if I evolve..."
"Maybe." Ganty trailed off. "Oh no! It's late, I'll bet mom has lunch!"
"Oh. So another one leaves. Thanks for staying around for a while. Visit I guess." Kyukon said leaping off and walking away.
"Where are you going?" Ganty called. "We're friends. I'm not going to let you stay here all alone. Come on, you can come home with me!"
"I'm going to school to be a trainer! Some of the other kids have pokémon already! You can be my first one!" Ganty said.
"You really want me on your team?" Kyukon asked.
"Sure! We're friends right? Come on, I need a pokéball!" Ganty waved.
"Coming!" Kyukon said cheerfully, bounding after Ganty.

"Hi mom!" Ganty said returning home, Kyukon at her heels.
"Hello Ganty. Did you have fun in the woods?" her mom asked.
"Yup. Mom I need a pokéball." Ganty informed her. "I got my first pokémon!" Ganty added, picking up Kyukon. Kyukon did her best to look endearing.
"Oh my!" Her mother gasped, noticing Kyukon's, unique trait.
"Vulpix." Kyukon sighed.
"Don't you want a less, unusual pokémon?" Her mother asked carefully.
"Mom! She's my friend!" Ganty cried. "I'm weird and you don't what a different me!"
"Well... I-"
"I just want to make sure no one can take her away." Ganty said.
"You're right. Here." Her mother said pulling a pokéball out of a desk and handing it to her. "This was always meant for your first."
"Thanks!" Ganty said running upstairs with Kyukon.

"This is my room." Ganty explained.
"Nice." Kyukon sighed.
"What's wrong?"
"You'd think I'd be use to that by now." Kyukon sighed again.
"Don't worry. I'm sure everyone will be jealous tomorrow at school!" Ganty said. "This'll shut that stupid Courtney up!"

"Come on Kyukon! We're going to be late!" Ganty called but it was unnecessary. They were just entering the school yard but Kyukon was nervous and walked slowly.
"I'm just afraid someone will try to kick me or something."
"Then here, sit on my backpack!" Ganty said picking her up. Kyukon clambered on and sat there. "No one can kick you now!" The pair entered the yard and headed for a large group of kids surrounding one particular girl.
"So then mother agreed and got me Eevee." Courtney explained to the crowd. She was probably the richest and most popular kid for very related reasons and loved rubbing it in everyone else's face. Standing by her side were a Meowth and an Eevee, both with noses in the air, taking noble posses.
"Wow. You're so lucky." Said one girl.
"Lucky? If I were lucky I would have a Dratini. But father couldn't find one but Eevee is okay I suppose. At least it knows how to act." Courtney scoffed.
"Ha! You're not the only one with a pokémon anymore!" Ganty said. "And mine's better then yours!"
"Not very likely. Mine have pedigrees from the worlds best breeders. What's the best you could do? A Ratattata? A Caterpie?"
"I meet Kyukon. I didn't have to buy her." Ganty replied, turning to show off her Vupix.
"Ew!" Courtney spat.
"Look, I know she has wings, but its cool not gross!" Ganty shouted.
"Oh silly commoner. I wasn't referring to its deformity. I guess a freak is the best you can do. Anyway, I was commenting on its horrible fur. Have you ever sent its to the groomers? I suppose you can't afford you but you could have done it yourself. It's fur is in knots, it's probably covered in fleas and it absolutely reeks of poverty." Courtney said pinching her nose at the end.
"Don't make fun of my friend!" Ganty cried.
"Right. You're the degenerate who talks to these animals. Well I'm sure you and your 'friend' are use to this. Now excuse me, I have to get to class. After school, father is going to look for a Dratini again."
"I'm sick of how you treat pokémon! They aren't things you buy, like a purse or a shirt. They are smart and kind and deserve our friendship. You don't deserve any pokémon the way you treat them. The way you act, I'm surprised they haven't smashed their balls and run away! You jus assume they will always do what you say and they will, but you will never unlock their true strength or beat the Elite Four if you keep talking to them like that!" Ganty shouted.
"Foolish child, a pokémon will always obey me and they are too loyal to me to leave. And if I don't win, father will just get me stronger ones or sue the League."
"You're father? How about catching one yourself!"
"I'm not about to get my hands dirty."
"Then get out of here! You're not a trainer!" Ganty shouted.
"Of course I'm not yet, but I will be."
"I mean you won't be a trainer. Trainers must be willing to get dirty, to care for their pokémon and not to just have everything handed to them."
"Whatever. You can have fun wallowing around with the freaks while I will not degrade myself like that. Now I have class to attend." Courtney said walking off.
"I don't like her." Kyukon said finally.
"She's right." Ganty said quietly.
"I am going to hang out with the freaks. Some trainers have a goal for their team and this will be mine! I will gather all the freaks, misfits, and oddballs. I'll give them a home and prove they are just as good if not better then the rest!" Ganty declared.
"So we won't be all alone anymore." Kyukon said happily.
"Nope. I'll make sure of it."
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